What you resist persists, accepting reality, wanting and having, should or could be, surrendering our conscious being.

by ravi chakravarthy ramaswamy
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Good commentary. I liked many terminologies you have explained by quoting with examples. I would like to read many more and adapt it in my life.

The powerful words like what is mentioned in the subject matter are thought provoking, simple to understand and learn but very very difficult to follow as we are bitten by our own selves because of selfishness, jealousy, greed, possessiveness of material things, objects, etc. Unless we give up all these possessions how can anybody make money or be financially rewarded.

Every things revolves and recycles in this world like the sun, moon, stars, planets, wind, trees, fauna and flora, water, air, ether, etc.

Unless we surrender to the powerful nature and have a belonging-ness with nature, we will never grow up into mentally mature individuals.

First and foremost is money must be replaced with knowledge and knowledge will show us the way to happiness and prosperity. The world belongs to everybody and we are unable to understand the reality or the relationship, bonding, give and take, etc.

We only live, see and don't accept what we believe and die as if it is nobody's business. We must learn to believe that every living thing on this planet belongs to somebody and also remote controlled by somebody. We are unaware that we are all byproducts of nature.

Ravi Chakravarthy

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Dec 15, 2014
Well Stated Ravi
by: Chuck

Hi Ravi,

VERY well and stated and very true form my perspective.

It would awesome in my opinion, if we could trade out those little green pieces of paper that most everyone stresses about, seeks out and works so hard for, with love.

Now THAT would be an AWESOME medium of exchange and oh what a different world this would be.

On the other hand, money was designed to serve humanity, not vice versa.

As a species, it seems as if, regardless of how good something "could be", mankind has a way of integrating darkness into it...although the world is waking up, becoming more aware of what's truly going on, both tangibly and intangibly and the light is intensifying more and more everyday.

Thank You again for sharing your thoughts.

The VERY Best for You,


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