Unconditional Love The Law of Attraction
and YOU - Part 1 of 2

38th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Unconditional Love
The Law of Attraction and YOU - Part 1 of 2

Unconditional Love Doesn't Have To Be Earned, Looked For, Sought Out, Chased After or Found. It Only Requires A Subtle Shift...A Paradigm Shift...To See That It Always Has, Always Is, And Always Will Be A Very Real Part of Your Life.

Sometimes...Most Times In Fact, It's Simply a Matter of Opening Our Eyes and Awakening To What's Always Been Hiding In Plain Sight

This month we're going to be talking about Love. More specifically Unconditional Love. My individual perception of what Unconditional Love is at least.

You can call it whatever you'd like. There are in fact an Infinite number of labels that we can place on it based on our individual perspectives and the perceptions that form them.

Which is something else we're going to be addressing...perception.

Both are really important subjects that pertain to all of us without exclusion.

With regard to our main focus...what I'll be referring to as Unconditional Love, as you'll soon see, you "might" relate to it as Unconditional Love or "The Light" or you might even relate to it personally as something completely different based on what you currently "perceive." Because of the Infinite number of possibilities you might "perceive" it as being completely unrelated to what we'll be addressing.

And that's OK. Because one thing about Unconditional Love is that it never fails or wavers and you absolutely, positively CAN'T get it wrong regardless of what you choose to call it or whether you choose to become conscious of it's inevitable impact on your life, or choose to remain "unconscious."

With Unconditional Love, it REALLY doesn't matter what you choose, but rest assured whatever you choose Unconditional Love ALWAYS provides.

That's how "unconditional" Unconditional Love is.

It's my hope though, at the conclusion of this edition of Enlightened Journey that you'll clearly see that Unconditional Love or whatever "label" you might choose to give it, encompasses EVERYTHING and EVERY aspect of your life regardless of the individual perception you might currently hold.

It's also this same "power"...Unconditional Love, that enables you to be, do and have whatever you choose as well as provides those things that you "don't consciously choose" but ARE in fact choosing and receiving, even though you may not be "consciously aware" of it...including what you DON'T want.

It's also my hope and intention that as a result of sharing my individual perception of what Unconditional Love is, that you might not only become conscious of, but begin consciously "harmonizing with" and utilizing the infinite and seemingly incomprehensible power that Unconditional Love has provided to you, me and everyone else on this planet if you're not already, to begin producing FAR more of what you DO want and FAR LESS of what you DON'T want.

And because Unconditional Love is so...well..."unconditional", you can...whenever and IF ever you choose to do so. It's simply a matter of learning to "choose consciously and intentionally."

Because the bottom line is, WHATEVER we choose whether desired or undesired, Unconditional Love IS providing just as we choose.

Although most have heard the words "Unconditional Love", I've discovered as a result of communicating with a number of people over the years, that few "truly get" the vastness that Unconditional Love is let alone make the correlation between Unconditional Love, what's recently been labeled The Law of Attraction and how they fit into the bigger scheme of things which, as I hope you'll grasp, encompasses and interconnects all of them.

In fact it's because of Unconditional Love that any of them exist at all. Without Unconditional Love, they couldn't and wouldn't exist. They couldn't and wouldn't happen.

Before we begin discussing and exploring Unconditional Love or the Law of Attraction at any depth, I think it's important to lay the foundation that we'll be building on. It will set the stage and enable you to get the most benefit from this edition of Enlightened Journey.

If you currently find yourself unable to make the connection or even "believe" there is none based on what you "know" to be true, no worries. For just a bit though, I'd ask that you disarm any doubts, apprehensions or judgments of any kind you might have just long enough to at least consider a different way of looking at and "seeing things." A way that I and many like me have found can transform every aspect of your life.

Quite honestly, at one point, I didn't make the correlation either. And I most definitely couldn't for the life of me see how Unconditional Love was operating in my life.

In fact, the vast majority don't. And it's because we don't that we "perceive" that it isn't which Unconditional Love responds to just as we "perceive." There is no discernment, judgment or "questioning." Only outcomes that harmonize with our "Individual choice" which is reflected in our lives JUST AS we choose.

That's the really, really great thing about Unconditional Love...it "allows" us to choose.

But rest assured regardless of your individual "perception", it is operating and determining EVERYTHING in your life, in everybody else's life and on a larger scale, in The Entire Universe as a whole. And making the choice to clearly see just how true that is, can provide some tremendous benefits. Miraculous benefits in fact that can and will enhance EVERY aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and /or spiritually whenever and/or if ever you make the choice to do so.

It can also assist in breaking through and melting away our fears, insecurities, doubts, apprehensions and seemingly impenetrable walls that each of us face at times.

And all of these benefits can be clearly seen and become real when we simply make "the shift."

And that's the key. Making the shift. A "paradigm shift." I hope I can assist you in doing that although inevitably, doing so is a choice you and only you can make. It's up to you.

Life "truly is" about the choices YOU make. Every aspect of it without exception.

The really exciting thing is, when we begin to make those choices "consciously and intentionally" we can begin experiencing an extraordinary quality of life regardless of where we might be starting from.

But it's us individually who must choose to make the "shift" to enable that to happen.

You know it use to really amaze me, prior to spending so many years venturing down and exploring various paths in my search for deeper meaning and understanding, that we can make the most subtle shifts in consciousness...shifts in the way we think...the most subtle and what are often "perceived" as the "seemingly" insignificant shifts in how we view ourselves, our world, each other and our experiences and create such profound results by choosing to do so.

More specifically "desired" and "seemingly" miraculous results.

But at the same time it's Unconditional Love that honors that choice and provides us JUST AS we choose.

And it "truly is" as simple as that. Choosing to make a paradigm shift can and does change our views about what life is, what miracles are and choosing to do so enables and empowers us to begin creating...or if you prefer co-creating and experiencing many more of the "desirable kind" of miracles that so many hope, wish and pray they could but never do.

Results that transcend what's commonly "perceived" as being logical, realistic, rational and/or possible.

Because in the bigger scheme of things, regardless of what "perception" you currently hold, life and everything that happens in life is a miracle as I hope you'll "get" soon.

The entire process of creation is a miracle. The only thing that differentiates the kind and quality of miracles that we want from those we don't want is us. We may not "perceive" an outcome as a miracles based on our judgment of an outcome yet it is and it's us who created it as unconscious as that might have been.

I suppose to some extent, regardless of how far I progress, I always will be amazed by that. But even as amazed as I always am and probably always will be, I'm no longer surprised.

Reason being?

I discovered the awesomeness, simplicity, perfection and unwavering nature of what I now like to call Unconditional Love. When I explored further and first discovered what has just recently been labeled as, and what many today are calling The Law of Attraction, (long before it was called that) the "bridge" between what can sometimes "seem" as being nothing more than "feel good stuff" which so many "perceive" as having no significant meaning or purpose in our everyday lives...what most call the "real world" or "reality"... became even more "real" in my own mind which elevated my amazement even further as I watched more of the desired and seemingly miraculous things unfold in my own life.

It can do the same for you, if you'll allow it to. It's simply a matter of becoming aware of it.

Another thing that I used to find quite amazing is the fact that as I've explored these various paths that I have, looking for answers...sometimes frantically...the most profound insights and direction have shown up when I quit "trying so hard" to find them and simply held the intention...the "conscious desire"...in an "unattached sort of way" which always enabled me to find them.

And you know what's really cool?

They just seemed to show up out of nowhere when I "chose" to do that. You could say, to put it in Law of Attraction lingo...I attracted them. Yet when I would be so anxious and attached..."needing" to find them, "anxiously and sometimes "frantically" seeking them, they seemed to elude me.

But as I would discover later, they were ALWAYS there. It was my attachment and anxious need to find them, which blinded me to them.

I've since discovered that it was MY own choices, as unconscious as they were that were blinding me to what was right before my eyes all along.

That experience isn't unique to me. I find that to be the case with a lot of people...the majority in fact.

I also used to be amazed by the fact that we as individuals can have an identical experience or view the same body of knowledge and come up with 2 seemingly opposing views or "perceptions" with regard to what the data or experience means and how it impacts or doesn't impact us individually.

That is until I explored the depths of how our beliefs are formed, why we come to believe certain things, the physiological and neurological reasons how and why those beliefs have such an impact on our lives.

As a specific example what we'll be covering today...Unconditional Love...will no doubt hold a different meaning for you than it might for another.

Point being...As amazed and surprised as these things used to make me, due to the many paths I've explored, and discovering how unique we each are, now I accept each of them as facts of life and more importantly, as a result of being made aware of them, apply them in my life whenever I "remember" to, in the best way I can.

And they're all facts of life. Facts that many are unaware of granted, but facts nonetheless. What I've come to understand and believe to be immutable and unwavering facts.

Although the amazement will probably never leave me simply because of the awe I feel as I witness the simplicity and perfection of the process as new "miracles" show up, the surprise has left simply because I've come to know how simple and perfect the process is and how it is that miracles become miracles.

And regardless of your individual perception, from my perspective, it's because of Unconditional Love.

And the REALLY...REALLY exciting thing about Unconditional Love and the process is...It NEVER fails and it NEVER wavers. It can't in fact.

We only "perceive" it that way sometimes, simply because we "choose to." Yet ironically, in the vast majority of cases, we're not aware that we are choosing at all and as a result create something "less than we want"...in fact the complete opposite of what we want in a number of cases and "perceive" the process as somehow being "flawed", hit and miss or broken.

Although I haven't fully mastered it yet...more specifically fully mastered myself to consciously harmonize with the simplicity and perfection of the process 100% of the time, I've experienced it and the "tangible outcomes" enough to know and understand at the deepest levels just how "real" and profoundly powerful it is.

I "know" that it exists and equally as important, when it seems to "not be working" I only need to take a close and honest look within myself to see why.

And that choice ALWAYS reveals the answer. Admittedly it takes some "brutal honesty" at times. It takes a willingness to become really really honest with myself. A willingness to dig deeply below all the layers to examine my intention for doing what I do and the deeply embedded beliefs that sometimes conflict with what I want.

Maybe you "get that" already and maybe you don't.

Depending on where you currently are, it's quite possible that you "perceive" things differently right now. It's quite possible...highly probable in fact that you perceive Unconditional Love, yourself and the Law of Attraction as having no correlation.

Perhaps you don't currently "perceive" the simplicity and perfection of the process as being real or even feasible for that matter. It's even possible that you "perceive" it's "realness" as being a bunch of "feel good" foo foo nonsense.

I know I did at one point until I had a number of "personal encounters" that would eventually lead me down a number of paths to dig deeper in an attempt to "figure out" why. That "choice enabled me to see how "real and true" it all is.

You might also "perceive" miracles as being a very rare thing that happen for only a select few or even, that they don't happen at all. It's possible, if you're anything like me that you've been taught that miracles happened in the past, but they don't happen in today's world.

And although you have that right...although you do have the ability to hang on to whatever perceptions and beliefs you might choose to hold, a chosen perception of anything less than simplicity, perfection and a constant flow of miracles of infinite proportion limited only by our choices thanks to Unconditional Love, will inevitably impact the various aspects of your life in ways that you "don't want" and keep a consistent flow of "desired miracles" from becoming "real and tangible" for you.

As long as you "choose" to hold that mindset, the simplicity, perfection and miracle creating power of Unconditional Love will elude you...you'll remain "blinded to it" just as you choose for it to.

That's the really cool thing about Unconditional Love. It let's us choose.

But if you're not experiencing it personally, it's not because it isn't there...it's because YOU are choosing to block it out at some level...whether consciously or unconsciously and being "the Unconditional Love" that it is, it honors your choice.

Before taking that stance, I hope you'll read this edition of Enlightened Journey in it's entirety. It's my hope that it might assist you in seeing that Unconditional Love is something that is, always has been and always will be the driving force...the immutable and unwavering power behind EVERYTHING and ALWAYS without fail or exception is ALWAYS present and ALWAYS honors your individual choices.

And it does so without limitation. ZERO limitation with the exception of the limitation that we choose for ourselves.

It's what enables and empowers you to personally exercise and experience for yourself your "true power" or unconsciously utilize that power and "perceive" that you have none.

Whichever perception we choose individually, Unconditional Love honors.

But the fact is, most develop and hold VERY limiting perceptions without "truly and fully" understanding the power that we've each been provided and without realizing that it's the very perceptions that we develop, hold and choose for ourselves which define each and every aspect of our lives.

A kind and quality of which Unconditional Love provides...unconditionally.

In other words the vast majority use the power that's been provided to each of us without exception or conditions of ANY form..."unconsciously." As a result, they "perceive" themselves as having no power.

And Unconditional Love provides it to us just as we choose...unconditionally. Without judgment...without discerning if what we're asking for is right or wrong, good or bad or whatever other judgments you might personally choose to make. Unconditional Love simply, perfectly and without fail makes it real...whatever it is and provides it to us in EVERY aspect of our lives just as we choose.

And it doesn't matter whether you "believe" that to be true or not. It's one of those "immutable and unwavering facts" that transcends belief. In fact it's a law. A law that Unconditional Love put in place. An immutable, unwavering and never changing law that's existed since time itself began and will exist into infinity.

You can resist it or harmonize with it and Unconditional Love will provide outcomes based on your choice.

And once you "get that"...once you really really get that...the simplicity and perfection reveals itself...the consistent flow of miracles becomes blatantly obvious and the limiting "perceptions" change.

And so do the quality of "the miracles."

Although we won't be delving into this law or any other in this edition at any depth, if you haven't already and you have any doubts or apprehensions about how "true" that is, you might find benefit in developing a basic understanding of Universal Law and quantum physics prior to reading this edition.

Universal Laws are the very laws that I believe Unconditional Love has put in place. Immutable, unwavering Laws that govern our entire existence and assure that your perceptions...whatever they might be...are transmuted into "physical form" just as you perceive they will be. And quantum physics is the science that shows you how and why.

If you're "unaware" of them, and are "truly desiring" to enhance your results in any aspect of your life...to become enabled and empowered to begin consciously creating "miracles" consistently... I highly recommend developing at least a basic understanding.

Doing that certainly helped me personally in grasping in an "intellectual and analytical kind of way" the vastness of Unconditional Love. But that, like all things is a choice that only you can make for yourself.

But for now let's talk about "perceptions" specifically and how "I perceive" that Unconditional Love provides you with outcomes that ALWAYS harmonize with whatever "perceptions" you choose....unconditionally.

Since your individually held perceptions play such a vital role in your life, let's take a look at what "perceptions" are...a deeper look than most do and how Unconditional Love harmonizes with and honors yours whatever they might be.

The fact that we hold various perceptions...individual perceptions that are unique to each of us is widely understood by most on the surface.

But the impact these individually held perceptions have on our lives and why they hold such power isn't understood at any depth. The vast majority don't grasp the significance that our individually chosen perceptions have in determining how their lives unfold.

And I personally believe one of the biggest reasons they don't is simply because they haven't EXPERIENCED Unconditional Love for themselves. But the reason they haven't is ONLY because they haven't made the choice...whether it be a conscious or subconscious choice to do so.

The BIGGEST reason I believe that choice is being made...whether at a conscious or subconscious level is because most hold "perceptions" that they can't.

And the reasons for that are unique to each of us. Inevitably though, at the core of why many don't is simply because we get in our own way. We blind ourselves to it and remain in "the dark" for the most part.

We lack the understanding about the vital nature that "perceptions" play in our lives.

But a lack of understanding doesn't change the fact that the perceptions we hold individually...the perceptions YOU hold, DO mold and shape every aspect of your life. The quality of the perception determines our thoughts and emotions which in turn defines our realities individually.

Although we won't get into the science or biological reasons behind that, that's what happens.

Collectively these chosen "ways of being"...our perceptions...the thoughts conceived and the emotions experienced as a result, provide a mirrored reflection of our choices in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives based on that choice or choices...whatever we choose.

And Unconditional Love provides it.

You could say our world on the outside...the world of shape and form that so many "perceive" as being so real, is a direct reflection of what's going on in our inner world.

In essence it's how we perceive what's going on "out there" in the physical world that impacts and determines what's going on within ourselves.

That's why one of the masters instructed..."Judge not by appearances."

But we don't listen and that's exactly what we do. We overlook and "ignore the wisdom and we judge based on what's going on "out there."

Should we come to the place that we "truly desire" to change things that we experience in our outside world and we choose to wake up, become conscious of how dead on target that wisdom was and make the shift "inside"...things on the "outside" change.

It really is as "simple" as that. Consciously created "miracles" become a way of life which Unconditional Love always provides.

We've all heard a gazillion times...maybe even 3 gazillion..."Go within" but the vast majority have NO CLUE what that means or how to go about it. It sounds too "esoteric" and is often "perceived" as having no relevance in the hustle and bustle, always in a hurry "reality" of the physical world.

But regardless of how "perceived" what's going on "inside" has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING you create and experience in the outside world. It's what molds and shapes your outside world. EVERY aspect of it.

Science has "proven it" and the masters of the passed have always talked about it.

The way science presents it in some cases, you might "perceive" Unconditional Love as being an impartial and uncaring field of energy. The way the masters present it, you might "perceive it" as being what we're discussing here...The Kingdom or Unconditional Love.

Amazingly, when you explore either at any depth, they both call it "Light."

It doesn't matter which you choose to explore and understand, both point to the fact that it's VITAL that we "go within." That we discover and become "conscious" of what's happening "inside."

Going within...becoming quiet, conscious and keenly aware of what's going on INSIDE reveals without fail what's going on all around you. In laymens terms it's your perceptions...that are nothing more than internal ways of "being" that we each have the ability to become conscious of and adjust should we choose to, that are determining our outcomes.

Without fail.

It's really quite simple and logical which is why so many overlook it and are unable to "see and perceive" things that way due to the fact that we're taught for the most part how things come to be in life as well as how complicated, hard and complex life is.

And although quite simple and logical when you explore the depths of science and spirituality, the never erring or wavering cycles of nature, the workings of our neurological and physiological functions and how they all tie in together to make life what it is, most never discover the simplicity and perfection or the miracle creating power that we all possess.

And before you start "thinking" that doing all that "searching and exploring" is necessary, It's not really necessary to do all that exploring and discovering in every case, although depending on your unique situation, it can prove helpful.

Because really, deeply within ourselves...although in the vast majority of cases it's become buried beneath layers of "perceived complexity" we all "know" this stuff already.

We're "unconsciously aware" of the simplicity and the perfection. We already know it. Due to what we've "learned" and come to "know" through what we've learned, we've simply forgotten.

It's become buried through years of indoctrination based on others beliefs and perceptions with regard to the "right, realistic and logical way" to do things.

Most people, at some point along their individual journey, due to this indoctrination, forget and lose sight of the simplicity and perfection that drives and sustains it for themselves which is the foundational reason that so much "perceived" difficulty, hardship and complexity is experienced in life.

We're "taught" how complex and "hard" everything is. We develop beliefs and perceptions that it's "true." And Unconditional Love being what it is, provides outcomes that harmonize with our choice.

And from a strictly "physical perspective" it is true.

But there's a "Higher Truth" that exists which can be discovered should we choose to do so. This Higher Truth is simply making "conscious choices" that elevate and enhance our beliefs and perceptions which precipitates an awakening...becoming conscious...remembering.

Because we're so "busy" keeping our eyes fixated on everything that's broken...attempting to "fix" the hardships that we create and striving so hard in our attempts to sort through all the "perceived complexity", we lose sight of the importance of that. As a result we're "unconsciously creating" more layers resulting in a greater sense of "forgetfulness."

As a result of never becoming conscious of (choosing not to remember) how and why things work that way, a large number of people don't "see and perceive" things that way which results in "unconsciously creating" events, conditions and circumstances which unfold in their lives just as we perceive.

Let's face it...

The vast majority perceive their lives to be chaotic, random, out of control, the result of fate, luck or chance and due to their chosen way of viewing things, consistently experience far less than desired outcomes as a result all the while "perceiving" themselves as victims and/or creatures of circumstance.

They "perceive life as hard...as a struggle...or that things they desire can't "really" come true.

And they "get to be right."

But rest assured...take it from someone who USE TO perceive things the same way...it's only a perception. A very limiting perception that Unconditional Love honors. But it is a perception that can be changed if ever and whenever YOU choose to change it.

And should you choose to make that choice...to make the shift from limitation to unbounded potential and possibility...Unconditional Love will provide you with results...tangible results that harmonize with your choice.

That's what I hope to do today. To show you...or reintroduce you to and re-mind you of the simplicity, perfection and the unerring nature of the process without having to spend years as I did, rediscovering it for yourself.

It's my hope that you'll become keenly and consciously aware of the fact that you can't "out believe" or "under believe" Unconditional Love. The greater and more profound the belief and perception...the greater the miracle.

Although there are a vast number of different reasons how we acquire and why we hold these varying perceptions, it boils down to belief. Our beliefs and perceptions define our lives yet as important as they are, most people are quite "unconscious" of many beliefs they hold and as a result don't ever see the importance of getting to the core of discovering why they believe what they believe.

They never venture out to discover a "Higher Truth" than the one the hold...that they "choose" to hold.

One of the masters...the same master mentioned earlier made it VERY...VERY...VERY clear. "As you believe you receive."

But most choose to remain "unconscious" of how "true" that is and never begin "consciously utilizing" the power provided to them.

They never examine at any depth where the beliefs they hold came from, why it is they respond or react to certain events, conditions and circumstances in the way they do and never truly become "conscious of" nor understand the power their individually chosen "perceptions" and beliefs have in molding and shaping in their lives.

And it's a really important thing to become aware of if we "truly do" expect to make "desired shifts" in our lives which bring us more of what we want.

Let's use a specific example to bring some clarity to this "perception thing."

You and I are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in separate vehicles. We're at a dead stand still. I look over at you and see, based on your outward actions...laying on the horn, cursing and "allowing" your blood pressure to skyrocket, that you "perceive" this traffic jam as being a "bad thing."

But I'm chillin. I'm relaxed. I'm enjoying the song on the radio. I'm enjoying the few moments of inactivity. It's giving me a moment to think about and address some things I've had on my mind. I choose to see it as a "good thing." A break. A time for some self reflection.

We're both in the same identical "physical situation." The ONLY difference is that you see it as "bad" and I see it as "good."

You "perceive" it differently than I do but it's only a "perception."

Does that make you right and me wrong? Does that make your "chosen" reaction right and mine wrong? I've come to believe and understand that the answer is no.

It's just how we choose to look at and "perceive" things individually. The traffic jam just is what it is. It's not right or wrong, good or bad. It's only meaning is the meaning that we ourselves choose to give to it individually.

Our individual choices...how we choose to "perceive" this situation individually provides quite different "physical outcomes" though, agreed?

It's no different in any aspect of life.

We can if we choose as many do, allow our individual perceptions to divide us. We can, in our "need to win" and "prove we're right" judge someone's "perception" as wrong and create whatever conflict we choose. We can, if we choose, allow our individual perceptions and the actions we take as a result to create a disconnect and build a gap between us.

And due to that perception...because of the paradigm that those chosen perceptions place us in, we get to be right. We always get to be right. The world takes form and our lives unfold just as we are choosing for them to.

Unconditional Love provides outcomes that harmonize with our choice.

We can if we choose just learn to "accept things" as they are. We can learn to accept others "perceptions" as just that. We can learn to honor and accept their view of the world and accept the fact that they have acquired different "beliefs" than we have about something.

We can, if we choose learn to accept and even love everything just as it is.

We can if we choose learn to love and accept OURSELVES as we are which is one of the first steps that's vital in learning to love and accept others as well as the events, conditions and circumstances that we encounter each and every day.

That is a choice to harmonize ourselves with Unconditional Love.

And...We can...and if we choose WILL experience the benefits of choosing to do so.

But it's not limited to traffic jams, relationships with people or anything else for that matter. It pertains to EVERY aspect of your life.

In the same way, we can hold a perception that money, love, health, vitality, harmony and fulfillment or whatever else we might desire individually is separate from us as well.

We can choose to keep our focus on the lack of...what's wrong...how little we have and judge how "bad" things are. We can choose to perceive how separate and far away what we want is from us.

And in the same way we get to be right. Our lives will mirror and reflect that "perception."

But they never are separate...not really. Although when we choose to "perceive" things in that way they can, always do and always will "seem like" they are. In fact in life...in our physical lives that is...we will experience a direct reflection that ALWAYS harmonizes without fail with how we choose to perceive things.

Our perceptions without fail determine how we respond or react to everything.

Put another way if we choose to perceive the separation between ourselves and the money, the health, the relationships that we desire as being real and true, life will deliver that just as we choose and we will continue to experience the separation just as we choose.

And life always does deliver what we choose. It provides us with precisely what we "expect" it will.

But we don't HAVE to be separate from ANY of these "desires" if we'd simply develop a deeper understanding as to what has transpired to create this "perceived" separation which without fail makes it "real" in life.

And that's the really "simple part." It's all due to the same Force...Unconditional Love. It provides what WE choose.

It's the same incredibly simple and perfect FORCE that enables us to choose and remain separate from or empowers us to join with and experience what we desire. It's one and the same FORCE that enables us to "choose" to operate in harmony with each other or to "choose" to remain in constant conflict with each other. It's the EXACT same force that enables us to "choose" to experience Unity and/or separateness.

It's the ONE and ONLY force that enables us to be unique, to "perceive" things as we choose, express ourselves as we choose and as a result of whatever we choose, be provided outcomes that harmonize without fail just as we choose.

And the Force is Unconditional Love.

We only have to become conscious of what that Force is, how perfect, simple and UNCONDITIONAL it is, discover our crucial role in the process and make a commitment to harmonize what we desire with it.

Then...once we choose to do that, the simplicity and perfection shows itself. We begin "attracting it." Unconditional Love provides it just as we ask.

It's one and the same Force that binds us together yet at the same time can "seem" to push us apart? It's the same FORCE that makes us all one and the same yet at the same time allows us to choose what defines our uniqueness and provides us the ability to express it as we choose?

And if you haven't "gotten it" already, due to it's importance, I'm going to cover it in a bit different way...

Here's what makes us unique, determines our individual perceptions and often times leads to an individually held "perception" of separation from that keeps us from what we want...

Our individual and inalienable right of free will.

And Unconditional Love provided each and every one of us with that "gift."

We've each been provided the ability to choose whatever we ourselves decide to choose. We can think as we choose...perceive things as we choose...believe as we choose...and do as we choose.

Our "doing" based on what we choose, always reflects what we think, believe and perceive and determines our "having" or "not having."

It's an inalienable right that can never be taken away. An incredible gift freely provided to all of us. A gift that each and every one of us was provided which NO ONE can EVER take away.

We use it each and every second of every day. But due to the fact that we're "unconscious" of the gift that it is as well as "unconscious" of how we are using it in the vast majority of cases, we often "perceive" life and the gift that we've been provided to choose the quality of our lives as we will, as being anything but a gift.

In fact due to the fact that so many "use it unconsciously" many "perceive" life as being difficult, hard and a constant struggle. In some cases a curse even. And for those that choose to hold that "perception", it remains that. They get to be right.

It unfolds just as they choose and the difficulty, hardness, struggle and "the curse" is made "real" over and over again. It becomes a way of life. A seemingly inescapable cycle that we "perceive" ourselves as having no control over.

But we're always in control. Unconditional Love provided each of us with the control. We just attempt to express that control in a way that is providing the polar opposite of "getting what we want." It's not wrong really. It just provides the opposite outcome from what we "consciously desire."

We've been conditioned for the most part to attempt to change and control others. To change and control what's going on "out there" rather than seeing the gift we were all provided which is a choice to learn to control ourselves...what's going on "inside" rather than outside.

And as a result of attempting to take control in the way we've been taught, we react out of fear, anger, resentment, and unsuccessfully continue in our habitual ways of "needing to fix things" in a way that consistently provides us with more of the same. More of what we DON'T WANT!!

Our chosen way of "being" communicates our intention to Unconditional Love and Unconditional Love provides it just as we ask. We "attract" more of the same based on our choices.

Put another way, as a result of our "resistance to what is" rather than an "acceptance of what is" we unconsciously ask for and create more of the same.

The process is perfect and precise. The harmony is always there. We ALWAYS attract what we ask for. We just don't "perceive it" that way and as a result of our chosen way of "looking at and perceiving things", Unconditional Love says YES...here you go.

And that's what brings us together or pushes and keeps us apart from events, conditions, circumstances, people or whatever we desire based on our choices. Our choices create our realities simply, perfectly and harmoniously each and every time without fail based on those choices...whichever choices we ourselves choose to make.

And it's called Unconditional Love that provides it to us and there's nothing...NO THING that it's not.

That's "my personal perception" at least. It's what I personally "choose" to call it.

Some might "perceive" and choose to refer to it as the uncaring, cold and impartial field of energy. Some may choose to "perceive" it as "The Light." Some may choose to call it evil or the devil. Some may choose to perceive it as a being that we go to meet at some point in the future if we're "good enough."

What we choose to "perceive" it to be individually doesn't matter to Unconditional Love. It's everything. There's nothing that it's not...It's whatever we choose for it to be and our realities unfold just as we choose.

We can choose Love or we can choose fear. We can "perceive" the simplicity and perfection or the hardship, chaos and discord.

And Unconditional Love says..."YES...here you go."

Whichever you choose to "perceive" it as individually really doesn't matter. It ALL exists within the Infinite unseen web of infinite proportion that connects everything and determines what we receive. It's the essence that makes me a part of you, you a part of me as well as interconnects what we see and don't see, what we want and don't want, what we get and don't get in our everyday lives.

We are each an integral part of it. You, me, and everyone else as well as EVERYTHING else. We are ALL a part of Unconditional Love. It's Infinite in nature.

There is nothing...NO THING that doesn't exist within what's "infinite" in nature.

Science refers to this infinite web of interconnectedness as "the field" and spiritual circles refer to it as "The Kingdom." There are even a growing number of scientists who refer to it as the Mind of God...the Unified Field...etc. etc.

And guess what? They're ALL right.

They might each have a different "perception" as to what it is and place different labels on it. They might each call it something different based on their unique "perception", but it's one and the same Force.

It's the Omniscient, Omnipresent Force that consists of everything. It's the Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End. As above so below. As within so without.

Whichever definition you choose for yourself, whatever "perception" you might choose individually, it's an all pervasive, all encompassing force that permeates the entire cosmos. It drives everything and is everything.

Everything exists within it.

It's what makes life "seem real" in a physical kind of way and delivers our individual experiences and encounters as we journey through life just as we choose...just as we "perceive" that it will.

You can even venture outside of what the spiritual masters spoke of and what 21st century science reveals.

You can choose to call it and "perceive" it as randomness and chaos...as good or evil or you can choose to call it and "perceive" it as simplicity and perfection and you get to be right.

Because that's how "unconditionally loving" Unconditional Love is. It let's you choose what your individual experience will consist of and delivers to you an experience just as you choose.

There are no limitations. You get to experience it...whatever IT might be, in whatever way you choose.

So it's important...VITALLY important...for you...for me...and on a larger scale it's important to everyone who currently exists or will at some point in the future exist here on this planet to become conscious of it's existence and see how real and true that is.

That's why I decided to write about it today...because it's SOOOO important to understand.

And again, you don't have to call it Unconditional Love. Not everyone is in the place where they see that. You can call it whatever you like. It doesn't matter what you call it but it's vital that you know it exists and that at some level that you understand it and it's you that's choosing whatever it is that Unconditional Love provides...

...That is if you "truly want" to begin consciously and consistently creating desired miracles in your life.

Because you certainly can't harmonize with it if you don't know what it is. And you MOST CERTAINLY can't harmonize with it if you're unaware that it exists for you to harmonize with!!

And whatever it is that you might choose to call it, I'm OK with that. I've learned to accept and honor the various perceptions and beliefs people hold. I've learned the importance of accepting people, events, conditions and circumstances as they are. I've learned the importance of accepting and expressing gratitude for all of it.

I've learned to choose a "perception" that provides me with what I've discovered and personally "believe" provides me with the greatest results. "Tangible and intangible results."

And MOST importantly...when we "choose" that way of being for ourselves...EVERYBODY wins. EVERYBODY. NOBODY has to lose.

When you choose to explore a bit, to expand your awareness and look at things from a broader perspective, at the core neither is "wrong", they're only based on different perceptions which are derived from and formed based on our various individual experiences throughout life. It's those same perceptions...what we perceive as being true or untrue...right or wrong...good or bad that determines how our lives unfold individually.

Unconditional Love provides it.

Think about this...

We all come from the same place and regardless of which paths we choose individually once we arrive here in "physical form", which by the way are quite literally Infinite in nature, inevitably we all end up back in the same place...where we all began.

You could say that we all begin our individual journeys starting from one Unified Path. We separate at some point and start doing our own thing during the years that we're here having our individual Human Experience. And then, when it's over we all rejoin at the same path...the very same path where we all came from.

And that's how most "learn" to perceive life as we journey through it. And that's precisely why so many "experience" the separation. The separation from what we want...the separation from others...the separation from whatever the Source of your understanding might be, etc.

It's what we're taught for the most part. We're "taught" that once we get here, we're separate. We must "look out for ourselves. It is after all, as we're "told and taught" a dog eat dog world. We're told and taught how "evil" and cold it is "out there." We're told and taught that we must look out for ourselves because no one else will. We're taught that we must do things in a certain way or God will "punish us." We're taught how unworthy we are.

And due to the way we're taught, we believe and perceive it as being true.

We're indoctrinated throughout our lives to "forget" the Higher Truth.

And as a result of that acquired "belief" and how we "perceive" life, ourselves, others and what's possible or not possible as a result, we create the "reality" of separation and experience separation in life just as we "perceive" that we will.

And to an extent, from a strictly physical perspective, it is "true" with the exception of one very important factor...

We're never truly separate. We never "truly" un-join. We never separate. We only "perceive" things that way because of how we're taught to view the world, ourselves, the events, conditions and circumstances that we encounter, and our individual relationship with whatever The Source of our understanding might be that drives it all.

But the Higher Truth is, we all exist within the same field...the same kingdom and we're NEVER EVER EVER separate.

The ONLY thing that makes it seem that way and the only thing that makes us "unique" and if we choose..."separate from" everything else is our inalienable right of free will. The gift we've ALL been provided to "perceive" things that way if we choose to.

We just have to remember where we came from and that Unconditional Love drives it all...ALL of it.

That's a lot to ponder on. It's a lot to consider and for today it's enough.

In Part 2 of Unconditional Love, we'll bring it all together.

It's my hope that what I've shared and what we'll be covering in Part 2 might re-mind you...enable you to remember and once again experience Unconditional Love for yourself.

Should you choose to do so, it will transform your world.

Till Next Time,

Chuck Danes




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