What Is The Abundance and Happiness
Personal Empowerment Portal and How
Can It Assist You To Be, Do and Have
More of What You Desire In Life?

Let's Take A Closer Look at What the Abundance and Happiness Personal Empowerment Portal IS and IS NOT

If you've found your way here via the Abundance and Happiness homepage, I acknowledge and commend you for taking the initiative as well as the necessary time for yourself to learn more about abundance-and-happiness.com and how it might assist you in being, doing and having more.

It's an often overlooked yet vital part of "consciously" moving forward toward being, doing and having more of whatever it might be that you desire in life.

Rest assured...I'm confident you'll find it to be "time" well spent.

If you didn't find your way here via the homepage, and have arrived here in some other way, I recommend going to the homepage first, reviewing the information shared there and get the big picture view of how abundance-and-happiness.com can, if you'll choose to allow it to, dramatically enhance the physical, financial, relational and/or spiritual aspects of your life.

Let's continue on by briefly exploring exactly what you can expect to gain as well as how and why, by choosing to take the "additional time" necessary to fully explore the Abundance and Happiness portal in it's entirety as well as learn to "consciously apply" what you discover along the way which can, does and will make Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom a tangible reality for you.

Knowing those things will enable you to choose for yourself right up front, if taking any more of your "time" to invest in yourself will benefit or be necessary for you.

Although I "know" it can, it's what you know and do or "don't do" that really matters as it pertains to you.

Here's what the Abundance and Happiness portal is not...

  • It's NOT magic or hyped up airy fairy nonsense - Yet the information contained within it can provide a steady and consistent flow of desired MIRACLES in every aspect of your life.

  • It's NOT a "Secret" or "Quick Fix" that will drop torrents of cash in your lap - Yet it's based on timeless wisdom and backed up with substantiated, well documented and cutting edge scientific "fact" that will enable you to attract and experience a kind and quality of life that you may have previously "perceived" to be reserved for the lucky and fortunate few.

  • It's NOT "fast food easy" - Yet it's SO utterly profound and incredibly simple that once you "get it". you'll be dumbfounded, in awe, totally amazed, perhaps even "awestruck" wondering how you could have possibly missed it, and why you didn't "get it" before now.

  • It's NOT what the vast majority have been taught and developed beliefs about with regard to how to achieve "Real and Lasting" Abundance and Happiness in their lives - Yet it will both enable and empower you to begin attracting and experiencing a kind and quality of life that the vast majority only hope, dream and wish for.

Depending on what you've personally experienced in your life thus far, you might be thinking to yourself that those are some pretty big claims and you'd be right...at least partially right.

If that IS what you were thinking, let's clear the air about something.

Those aren't claims...those are promises. Yet they'll only prove to hold true for you, if you're willing to remain focused, attentive and are open and willing to do your part...to spend the time and "apply" what you spend that time discovering.

Your part won't be difficult but it will require both your attention and your active participation in the process...more specifically "conscious" participation.

Now that we're clear on what the Abundance and Happiness site is not, let's move on to discover what it is as well as how and why it can impact your life significantly IF you'll do your part.

Here's what the Abundance and Happiness portal is...

  • What it IS, is an extensive, clearly defined and incredibly insightful road map providing an uncommon depth of understanding combined with specific direction that will enable you to both achieve and experience an indescribable sense of assurance, harmony and fulfillment in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of your life.

  • It IS a predominantly free yet profoundly transformational resource that will enable you to identify, recognize and break through the seemingly insurmountable ("perceived") blocks and/or barriers that have limited and kept you from experiencing what you "truly" desire to be, do and have in whatever aspect of your life that you choose.

  • It IS everything you could possibly need to begin "consciously and consistently" harmonizing yourself and your future actions with a VERY REAL, never failing, wavering or faltering process for attracting, creating and experiencing a quality of life that FAR exceeds what the vast majority "perceive" to be logical, rational, realistic, feasible or even possible for that matter.

  • It WILL provide everything required to rise above and break free from a predominantly held "creature of circumstance mentality"...elevate your awareness and awaken you to a "Higher Truth" regarding your individual ability to know, in a very personal way, what it is to become a conscious, intentional and purposeful "creator of circumstance" in every aspect of your life.

Those are some big claims as well. Such claims and statements may leave you asking yourself...

Is it realistic to think that you can consistently attract and experience abundance, happiness, prosperity, well being and wholesome rewarding relationships?

Is it really and truly possible to know and personally experience what it means to be "fulfilled" and experience Abundance, Happiness and Harmony in EVERY aspect of life?

Is it even reasonable to think that you can transcend all fear, doubt, worry and anxiety regardless of what might be going on in the world around you?

And perhaps the most frequently asked question of them all is...

Is it logical to think that YOU can create and experience that kind and quality of life for YOURSELF?

The one word answer is...


...when YOU make the decision and a "conscious choice" to do so.

Once YOU choose to...Once you're armed with the Understanding, the Guidance and the Tools that clearly and quite simply show you how...once you've made the choice to do so and are committed to doing your part...YES!

...And, should you make that choice everything required to begin experiencing Abundance and Happiness for yourself is contained within the Abundance and Happiness portal with the exception of your willingness to choose, commit and "consciously" participate.

Everything necessary for you to create and experience a life of Abundance and Happiness for yourself is here for you. It's only going to cost you some of your time.

Now it's simply a matter of choice. Yours. The choice being presented to you now is whether you will use what has been freely available to and for you...or not.

That's an extremely important and potentially life changing choice that only you can make for yourself.

Regardless of what you choose, and regardless of what you may currently "perceive" to be possible or not possible for yourself, make no mistake my friend...

Experiencing Abundance and Happiness in life...in YOUR life is far more than just "hopeful or wishful thinking." It's not merely a pipe dream and it's MUCH more simple to attain than most understand or in a number of cases can even conceive.

Yet as "true" as that is, there's a "logical and practical" answer as to WHY the vast majority aren't experiencing it for themselves...

What is that answer?

Quite simply because the vast majority are choosing NOT to. It's an "unintentional and unconscious choice" in more cases than not for sure...yet it's still a choice nonetheless.

How and Why could or would such choices be made?

It's simply because the vast majority have been inundated, conditioned and programmed throughout their lives to believe that abundance, happiness, success, fulfillment, inner peace and prosperity, if attainable for them at all, can only happen as a result of being "Lucky", working harder and longer at displeasing jobs that are unfulfilling and "a grind" at best.

The vast majority listen and follow the same paths that the vast majority does and as a result create and experience the same limiting outcomes that the vast majority will continue to unless and until new choices are made.

The vast majority have "bought in" to the idea that struggling, settling and "Clawing their way to the top" is just the way things are...that life is just "designed" to be that way.

Basically, they perceive Abundance and Happiness as being beyond their grasp.

They have been told, taught and accepted what is "practical, possible and logical" with regard to achieving harmony and fulfillment in life and led to believe that success, wealth, and fulfillment is only attained and achieved by the lucky and fortunate few. That it is only possible to achieve any significant "tangible results" through hard work, competition, struggle, compromising what you value most and and as a result sacrificing in other important areas of life.

They've bought in to the idea that their "heartfelt passions" should be reserved as "hobbies" rather than vocations limiting the kind and quality of results that they're more than capable of achieving by simply choosing and "doing" what they "love" and are "passionate about" doing.

They've adopted a habitual and self limiting way of being...more specifically an unconscious, habitual and predominant pattern of thinking that creates precisely the opposite of what they "claim" that they want.

They have been conditioned and programmed to believe that rationalizing and analyzing with their heads is the logical approach to life, rather than learning to tune into and listen to their hearts.

Sound Familiar?

If you're like most, it's all too familiar, BUT....

....regardless of what you may have been taught and led to believe I've got what so many call and believe to be a "Secret" to share with you...although it's not really a "Secret" at all

"You are a limitless being who exists in an infinite and limitless Universe with limitless potential to achieve ANYTHING that you choose for yourself"...It's simply a matter of "waking up" and choosing "consciously."

That's a bold statement for sure. A statement that you might even "perceive" to be irrational and/or illogical due to what you have been "told" is right or "true" and as a result have developed deeply ingrained "beliefs" about. Yet it's that very "perception" that so many hold that keeps so many from experiencing the heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires that so many "wish" they could.

It's the widely held perception that keeps so many from experiencing Abundance and Happiness for themselves. A perception that blocks the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual outcomes that so many desire.

The ONLY Thing!!

Here's an extremely simple yet "profound and potentially transformational truth" and something that most overlook...fail to understand...perceive to be too simple...which is precisely what leads to so many experiencing such "limited" and "mediocre" results...

Regardless of what you or ANYONE might "perceive" to be true or untrue with regard to yourselves, your potential and your life...REGARDLESS of which aspect of life that might be...

...You ALWAYS get to be right...Always in ALL Ways.

An individuals "perception" of truth is the very thing that makes what they "perceive and believe" to be true about life, "true" and real for them in life.

It NEVER fails or wavers.

An individuals choice to "wake up" and develop the understanding regarding their "true potential"...to develop an unshakable belief that a life of Abundance and Happiness is available to and for them without exception, will enable them to experience an infinite and boundless supply of Abundance and Happiness for themselves.

It's as simple and as complex as that.

At the same time, the opposite is also "true."

Lack, struggle, disharmony and discord are too already existing probabilities that you have the free will to choose and experience as well.

Should you make the unfortunate choice to "perceive" your life and your outcomes as such...as disharmonious, lacking, discordant and that "struggle is just the way things are, and refuse to elevate the quality of belief and lack of understanding that is creating the outcome, your life will and must harmonize with your choice.

THAT my friend, REGARDLESS of what you might currently believe or "perceive" to be true, is based on an immutable and unwavering "Higher Truth."

This "Higher Truth" enables us to "fully experience" the simplicity, the beauty and also the complexities of life. It also allows us to be, do and have a kind and quality of life limited only by our individually chosen way of "being."

We have the right and the ability to choose Abundance and Happiness as a way of life as well as the right to choose disharmony, struggle and discord.

Our individual experience is only limited by and dependent on our individual choice or choices providing us with an inalienable right to consciously...or unconsciously utilize a most precious gift we've each received and have ALL been provided the freedom to use as we will...as WE ourselves choose.

What is this "gift?"

An inalienable right of free will to choose our individual life paths for ourselves. A choice to determine and chart our own course as we progress through life. Some choose the "long path" and some choose the "short path."

We have been provided the irrevocable gift to choose individually which path we'll follow. We each have the choice to determine for ourselves what is "true or not true" for ourselves and about ourselves and our individual potential. We each choose individually what our "truth" is and it's that truth and that truth alone that WE choose which determines how our lives unfold individually...EACH and EVERY aspect of our lives.

Whatever we choose determines our individually chosen paths...unconditionally.

That's the ONLY thing that enables or keeps ANYONE from fully experiencing the Abundance and Happiness that is readily available to you, me or ANYONE who chooses to awaken and claim it for themselves.

If Abundance and Happiness is something that you're truly seeking to experience...if harmony and fulfillment in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of your life is something that you "truly desire" yet you're not fully experiencing it for yourself, know this...

  • It's NOT because you can't!

  • It's NOT because you lack the ability to do so!

  • It's NOT because you need anything that you don't ALREADY have to make it real and "true" for you!

  • It's NOT because it isn't available to you!

  • It's NOT due to ANY external event, condition, circumstance, person, system or institution in your physical environment!

So if it's NOT any of these things what in the world is it then?

Here's precisely what it is....

It IS quite simply because you haven't as of yet made the "conscious choice" to do so. And unless and until you make that choice, nothing is going to change for you...period.

So...how do we make the shift and begin this "conscious choosing" process?

You only need to be open and willing to become "Aware". Aware of a "Higher Truth" than you may currently be aware of.

It's simply a matter of remaining open, recognizing and accepting the fact that what you "Know" regarding both yourself as well as your abilities and potential, may be the very "knowing" that is keeping you from experiencing the quality of life...a life of Abundance and Happiness that is and always has been available to you...in fact it's already yours. You just haven't made the choice to accept it as such and opened yourself to receive it.

It's by coming to understand that whatever your individually held desires might consist of, they are MUCH more than "pipe dreams" or "wishful thinking"...that they CAN BE and WILL BE experienced when YOU choose for them to be...when YOU decide that enough's enough and make a "conscious choice" to elevate what you currently "know" to a higher level...to quit chasing and struggling for what you want and learn to "allow" these desired outcomes to "flow" to you.

It begins by choosing to become conscious of and keenly aware of your "currently held truths" while remaining open and receptive to exploring, considering and perhaps adopting a "Higher Truth" than you currently hold and "perceive" to be so real, right and "true."

It begins when you make the choice to "Awaken" yourself to the Timeless, Verifiable and Indisputable Facts concerning yourself...your "true self" and your unlimited potential to experience Abundance and Happiness that is, always has been and always will be readily available and easily accessible to you or anyone choosing to venture outside of their self limiting and often times self sabotaging "belief borders" a bit and find them.

That's where the journey down the path toward Abundance and Happiness begins. And that path is far more exciting, fulfilling and abundant than most are able to "perceive" or even conceive which results in choices that keep them from discovering and walking down it.

But it certainly doesn't mean that the path doesn't exist. It most certainly does. It's simply a matter of choosing to discover and explore it.

Once those "choices" are made it becomes "clearly evident" just how "real, true and possible experiencing a life of Abundance and Happiness is for yourself. By simply "awakening"...becoming "conscious" and choosing a different path than you have walked in the past which enables you to see and experience an incredibly magnificent panoramic view of what's "truly available" to and for you.

Consciously choosing your path for yourself will enable you to begin seeing and personally experiencing both the "Realness" as well as the "limitless abundance" of the "Flow of Life" for yourself.

You'll begin personally experiencing the infinite nature of the flow and the transformational power that the flow brings to you once you're able to conceive and perceive it as being "real and true" for yourself.

Perhaps, based on where you are and the experiences you've encountered in the past, you're thinking and "perceiving" that you can't get there from here...that the path is just too far away and/or too long to walk.

That is EXACTLY the purpose and intention of Enlightened Journey Enterprises and Abundance-and-Happiness.com.

To show you that you can. To both show you and provide everything required to point it out and awaken you to your "true power."

To show you, beyond the shadow of a doubt that Abundance and Happiness are yours if ever and whenever you choose them for yourself.

Our mission, passion and purpose is to provide you with a wealth of Life Transforming Knowledge, wisdom, insights, time tested proven strategies, and transformational tools that will restore, enhance and/or elevate your belief in yourself as well as your individual ability to be, do and have a kind and quality of life limited only by the choices that you make for yourself.

A choice to embrace, absorb and "apply" what you discover will...without fail allow and enable you to create for yourself, the life that you deserve, were created to experience and that the vast majority only dream about.

We do that by offering you the "Best of the Best" in Self Improvement and Personal Empowerment resources, revealing timeless wisdom, transformational insights, scientifically validated "proof" and practical application techniques all designed to enhance your belief in yourself and your potential designed to quickly propel you toward the Abundance and Happiness that you deserve and were created to experience.

We will help you to discover and UNLOCK whatever it is that you are seeking in every area of your life.

  • You will become keenly aware as countless others before you, of the universal laws and principles that determine precisely how and why your day to day experiences in life unfold as they do.

  • You will discover how to quickly overcome and break through "perceived obstacles, roadblocks and barriers" with your finances, to create vibrant and radiant health and dramatically enhance your personal as well as business relationships.

  • You'll be introduced to proven, credible, no nonsense, true to life tangible wealth creation systems enabling you to experience the "peace of mind" that financial well being can assist in providing.

  • You will benefit by applying these principles and resources to your everyday life and finally begin to experience the Joy, Peace, Fulfillment, Abundance and Happiness that is all too often "perceived" as being unattainable yet is, always has been and always will be your literal birthright.

  • You'll come to understand and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you were created to prosper in EVERY area of your life and that NO ONE was ever intended to struggle or accept less than what was always intended for you.

  • You will discover that the Abundance and Happiness that you may currently find lacking in your life is only a result of what you yourself have allowed, most times unconsciously.

It's Simply A Matter Of Expanding Your "Awareness" and "Consciously Choosing" What You "Desire" To Experience...WHATEVER You Desire!!

Through enhancing your awareness and learning to "consciously apply" what you discover in the Abundance and Happiness portal, you will know what it means to personally experience the indescribable joy, fulfillment and satisfaction of realizing your most cherished, treasured and sought after hopes, dreams, and desires.

Through this awakening you will rekindle and ignite an indescribably profound "inner knowing" regarding yourself and your individual abilities that will enable and empower you to experience what it means to really live...to fully experience a kind and quality of life that far too few in today's world know or understand is, always has been and always will be theirs to experience.

You'll clearly understand that you already have everything required to personally experience a life overflowing with deep, lasting and unlimited Abundance and Happiness.

Transformation Begins With A Simple Choice
and A Personal Commitment That Opens The Flow

"The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decisions, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Experiencing a life uncommon is as simple as making the choice to do so and the commitment that will enable you to experience it's "realness" for yourself.

The fact of the matter is, whatever you are currently experiencing is due to the choices you've made thus far. If those choices have led you to anything less than complete Abundance and Happiness, and you truly desire to walk that path, it's simply a matter of choosing a different path. It's simply a matter of choosing something other than you have been.

It "truly is" that simple.

One thing is absolute and certain...

If nothing changes...nothing changes. Change in your outer world requires change in your inner world.

You can if you choose, as the vast majority does, continue to wait for the world to change or you can choose to create the desired changes for yourself....choose to enhance your awareness, awaken and discover the indescribably empowering "Higher Truth" concerning where your "True Power" lies.

If you feel you're ready to make that choice, are ready to make the necessary changes and your willing to commit to the process, we'll provide what's needed to guide you the rest of the way.

In fact...we'll be walking the path together. We'll be with you every step along the way.

As you'll soon discover, ALL outcomes in your life are simply a matter of choice...and that choice is no one else's except yours.

You Are Soon To Embark On A Profoundly Empowering Journey Enabling You To Rediscover and Awaken A Deep "Inner Knowing" Within Yourself That........

"Abundance and Happiness TRULY ARE Your Birthright" and You Can Both Claim It and Experience It Anytime That YOU Choose.

If you have some additional time, I think you'll find benefit in using a bit of it to allow Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder, Chuck Danes (a.k.a. the Abundance and Happiness Guy) to extend a personal welcome to you.

He's the man that created abundance-and-happiness.com, created The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation and has reached out to and assisted millions of people globally to be, do and have more of what they desired for themselves since founding Enlightened Journey Enterprises.

If you possess a "sincere and heartfelt desire" to be, do and have more in your life, what he shares and contributes freely to the world can and perhaps will do the same for you.

You can get there by clicking here.

He'll be sharing some very important next steps with you with regard to what he calls "The Short Path" to creating Abundance and Happiness for yourself as well as provide you with some important direction to ensure that your visit today as well as all future visits to abundance-and-happiness.com are the most productive, rewarding and transformational as they can possibly be.

Once again...Welcome to the Abundance and Happiness website. Enjoy but more importantly apply what you'll learn and discover as a result of your current and/or future visits and you'll begin to see and experience for yourself just how simple creating Abundance, Happiness, Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom can be.

I think you'll find that should you make that choice, you'll be extremely pleased that you did.

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