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Discover The Key To Attracting, Establishing And Maintaining Loving, Lasting, Fulfilling, and Healthy Long Term Relationships Into YOUR Life

Healthy Relationships Make Life Fulfilled

Healthy, Fulfilling, and Rewarding Relationships Allow Us To
Fully Experience The Beauty And Grandeur Of Life

Healthy Relationships Play An Essential Role In Experiencing
A Life Filled With Abundance, Happiness, and Fulfillment.

This could prove to be the most powerful and helpful free relationship advice you've ever received!

Healthy relationships are an extremely important part of our lives and are a necessary and essential key in experiencing a life of Abundance and Happiness that each of us seek, desire, and deserve.

We each have been provided the blessing of having and experiencing many various types of relationships in our lives. There are marriage relationships, relationships with children, working relationships, relationships with cherished friends, extended family relationships, etc etc.

Sadly, for ..various reasons, many of these aren't healthy relationships.

Some of these existing relationships are perceived as positive, loving, fun, and enjoyable while others are perceived as negative, abusive, and at times can seem just plain displeasing.

What many don’t realize is that there is a way, a very precise, specific, and powerful way to begin attracting and maintaining only those healthy relationships that we desire to experience.

To many this may sound far fetched or even impossible, but I can tell you from personal experience that it is absolutely TRUE. I used to be one of those that believed that, or rather didn’t believe that this sort of thing was possible. I too, like so many in our world wrongly believed that the relationships that you encounter and experience in your life happened only by chance and that you must take that which is given to you. I operated under this belief for quite some time (and not very well I might add) before I discovered the unwavering and undeniable truth that I am about to share with you now.

Read it, absorb it, develop the awareness of it’s power and above all implement it and I can tell you with absolute certainty that your relationships as well as your life will change in a dramatic and pleasing way.

Ready? Let’s get started……

In This Section We Will Cover…..

* Understanding How and Why The Relationships We Encounter Happen

* How To Attract Fulfilling and Healthy Relationships Into Your Life

* How To Restore and Maintain The Spark In Your Existing Relationships

* Specific Steps To Provide The Results That You Desire, Deserve, And Were Created To Enjoy

We'll begin by answering the following question......

How Is It That The Relationships That We Encounter Come About?

There is a very precise and powerful process working behind the scenes that determines without fail how and why each of the relationships that we encounter in life happen. This process is in operation 24/7, operates unfailingly and with precise and methodical certainty.

The fact that you are aware or unaware of this process has no bearing on whether it affects you and your experiences individually whether in relationships or any other area of your life. It is ALWAYS at work and is THE determining factor as to how each and every event, condition and circumstance in your life unfolds.

Regardless if it's in the area of healthy relationships, creating material wealth, or in the attainment of optimal health there are specific laws that have existed since the beginning of time itself, referred to as Universal Laws also referred to as Laws of Nature that govern and determine with unwavering certainty just how your life will unfold whether in the area of relationships or any other area of your life.

Some of you will be ready to grasp and absorb this information while others will shun it as being, “Out There” or “Far Fetched,” just as I myself USED to believe. For still others it will become the first step in the awareness enhancement process of how to REALLY begin to consciously, purposefully and intentionally begin to attract, create, and maintain healthy relationships into their lives, although just a tinge of doubt may exist.

Some will believe, absorb and get excited regarding this information but will never take the action required to prove to themselves it's undeniable truth. Still others will not only absorb and grasp this “Truth” but will begin acting on it’s inevitable accuracy and will begin to experience loving, lasting, and healthy relationships that at one time may have seemed inconceivable or impossible.

I understand that may sound like a BIG claim, and it is. But after years of extensive research ranging from recent scientific discoveries, studying the human physiology, exploring the ancient spiritual texts, through the simple observation of nature, countless personal experience as well as the testimonials derived from countless thousands of others I can tell you that it is far more than just a claim, it is an ABSOLUTE, INDISPUTABLE and UNSHAKABLE FACT.

Are You Ready?

OK, Here it is…….

Healthy relationships, just as ANY of the three main areas of your life, happen as a result of and are due to what YOU are experiencing on the inside.

What does that mean exactly?

Quite simply it means that EVERYTHING in your life happens as the result of the quality of your consciousness .

As with any area of life, you are quite literally attracting to you those relationships that you are currently, have been, or are going to be involved in at some point in the future, REGARDLESS if they are perceived as good or bad, friendly or unfriendly, harmonious or discordant, and each happens as a direct result of YOUR internal vibrational frequency and the resonance that you project as a result which is determined by the quality of consciousness that you choose for yourself.

Although that may sound a bit esoteric, the fact that

For those that continually experience unfulfilling and unhealthy relationships, the first step in learning to shift and correct what is happening and discovering the key to turn them into healthy, fulfilling, and rewarding relationships is becoming consciously aware of exactly how this process is happening and begin accepting PERSONAL responsibility for attracting the relationships that you find aren’t bringing about the results that you consciously claim that you desire to experience in your life.

So how is this possible? How is it that you can be attracting relationships that are unpleasant, harmful or seem to go against everything that you consciously believe that you want out of your relationships?

In some cases it is due to conscious thoughts that you have, resulting in the way that you act, talk about, or treat those that you are in relationships with.

Many times it is due to unrealized subconscious processes going on deep within you that you aren’t even consciously aware of. These subconscious processes can be derived through various channels. The most prevalent is due to allowing yourself to become exposed to and accepting over time, subconsciously held false beliefs.

How is this possible? It is due to one VERY SIMPLE, immutable and Unwavering Universal Law called, depending on your personal preference, the Law Of Attraction, Cause and Effect, or Sowing and Reaping . It doesn’t matter which of these that you may choose to refer to it as, they are each one and the same and although they may be referred to differently in various circles, at their core, each of these foundational truths is absolutely correct, and contain the same immense creative power. Although they are often "perceived" as being individual and independent of one another they are in effect ONE law with different labels.

For those that are not yet familiar with any of these, you will best benefit by reviewing them first to better grasp what will be covered here. (The Law Of Attraction, The Law Of Cause and Effect, Sowing and Reaping.)

While it is possible and many do attain desirable results in specific areas of life such as a given amount of monetary wealth and/or achieve and maintain a level of good physical health, each and every human being on this earth, regardless of who they might be, how much financial wealth they may have acquired, and regardless of how healthy their physicals show them to be, requires some form of fulfilling and healthy relationship in order to FULLY experience happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Building and maintaining fulfilling and healthy relationships is an absolute necessity in achieving true fulfillment regardless of monetary status, and has even been proven to effect the level of physical health that a person can attain.

So how do we go about attracting and experiencing these relationships? Is it really possible to surround ourselves with only those relationships that are fulfilling and exist only to help us more enjoy this experience that we refer to as life? Can it really be that we "truly" do possess the ability to attract and experience the kinds of relationships that make life more fulfilling and enjoyable?

The answer to those questions is an absolute, No ifs ands or buts, regardless of whether you believe it or not, YES!!!


You are willing to take the time and make the internal adjustments that will allow you to do so. Yes it is going to take some effort on your part but the effort necessary will seem minuscule in comparison to the immense benefits that are realized and derived from it. If you will take the time necessary to discover, absorb, and IMPLEMENT a few simple yet powerful steps, you will experience dramatic and profound differences in your existing relationships and replace those which may now appear less than desirable with wholesome, fulfilling and healthy relationships.

How exactly do you do that? That is what we will cover next…..

Steps For Attracting and Experiencing Fulfilling and Healthy Relationships

So many times people will write off as frivolous those things which appear "too easy" or don't have a complicated formula behind them. Regardless of what it is, it is the nature of the majority to believe that in order to receive anything of value that you must "work hard" or "struggle" in some way to experience any level of benefit from it. Although it's true that any outcome requires action on your part, many times the action that you believe and perceive to be necessary can and often will only take you further away from your intended outcome.

The following actions which are based on my personal perspective with regard to how to begin experiencing the healthy relationships that you desire are simplicity in themselves. As I have discovered in my walk toward discovering what I refer to as "Higher Truth", it is the simple things that can and will make the most profound differences in your life.

It's my hope that you'll not allow the simplicity of these steps to sway you or keep you from acting on them. They have the power to change your life, and if you'll choose to follow them, will consistently produce lasting, fulfilling, and healthy relationships in your own life.

Step 1 : Familiarize yourself with how the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every area of your life are coming about. In this case specifically the relationships that you are attracting and experiencing by familiarizing yourself with the Law Of Vibration .

Step 2 : Become aware of the fact that we each as individuals, depending on a number of individually experienced factors, broadcast a specific vibratory frequency and how this vibratory output attracts to you those relationships (or any other life experience) that you experience by developing an understanding of and becoming familiar with the Law Of Attraction .

Step 3 : Become more consciously aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have regarding those relationships, and begin changing your current thought process with thoughts that are in alignment and harmony with attracting the "desired" outcome.

Step 4 : Develop the ability to do it consistently!!

That's It. Do this and you will soon discover and understand that the events, conditions and circumstances in your life will change...including relationships.

I can almost hear some of you saying WHAT? Have you lost your mind!!!!! There is NO WAY that it can be that simple. How could something so simple produce such BIG results in the area of the relationships in my life???

The answer to that would be, every thought that you think, every emotion that you feel, every physical action that you take is PRECISELY what is drawing those relationships to you. Each of these actions, regardless of which one it is creates and broadcasts a specific frequency of energy which emits a wave form that is projected into the Universe (Super Conscious Mind) and attracts to it additional energies of the same vibratory frequency which join together and create in your physical world those relationships (or ANY life area) that you are currently experiencing. Change the internal energies that you are projecting and that are responsible for attracting them to you and your external circumstances will change.

Harmony and Fulfillment in life, whether it's healthy relationships or whatever, happens as a result of harmonizing your internal beingness WITH your external doingness. Get the "beingness right and the doingness becomes joyful and will produce outcomes that many would consider to be miracles.

So how do you change this internal beingness?

You do so by changing the quality of your consciousness. Consciousness is the seed of ALL creation. The kind and quality of your consciousness determines the kind and quality of your life whether it be in the attainment of healthy relationships or any other area of your life.


Simple yes...easy...No...Unless and until you become conscious of your consciousness, develop the understanding of how to reprogram the subconscious aspects of mind and as a result you'll begin harmonizing with and attracting desired outcomes.

Our physical world, our Universe...the ENTIRE COSMOS, more specifically the Laws that oversee and govern ALL of them, are not as complicated as many perceive them to be. In fact many don’t even realize that ANY of these laws do actually exist. The reason that it APPEARS to be complicated is due to either a lack of awareness, Previously Established False Beliefs that you have absorbed and refuse to acknowledge and change, the endless unconscious mind chatter that is going on within your mind, and the emotions that you experience as a result of them on a day to day basis. (or a combination of these) The combination of these create, emit, and broadcast a specific vibratory frequency which attracts to it additional energies of the same vibratory frequency and the outcome is manifest (showing up) as what many "perceive" to be and choose to call reality in your physical world.

No you can’t change or manipulate these Universal Laws any more than you can change the fact that gravity works as it does. They were created and set long before you or I arrived. But you can change yourself...your internal beingness to come into harmonious alignment with the outcomes that you "desire" to experience and DRAMATICALLY improve the results that you have been experiencing relationally and otherwise.

I don’t care what your previous religious background is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one. I don’t care what the color of your skin is, what country you live in, what your age is, or any other of the countless excuses that may come to mind. These Universal Laws ARE real and are working each and every second of each and every day without fail, and are attracting to you your day to day experiences, whatever they might be, and are doing so regardless of whether you believe it to be true or not.

So Simple, Yet So Powerful!!!

It really is that simple. Absorb it, become aware of it’s inevitable truth, implement it, and your relationships, and every other area of your life that YOU CHOOSE to change will do so in an incredible and seemingly magical way.

You have been given the power to choose which relationships to experience. You have been provided the opportunity to draw to you only those relationships that you wish to experience. You have been given the promise of a fulfilling and rewarding life experience if you’ll only develop the awareness and discover and implement the formula that will draw it to you and ALLOW you to experience it.

You have been introduced to the awareness that can and will transform your entire world if you'll allow it to...You now possess that formula. It is not new, it is no secret, and it is not at all complicated once you become aware of how to do it. The plan has been created and laid out to be extremely simple. What you choose to do with what you have discovered is up to you. You can choose to continue to live a life of want, lack, limitations and discord or you can just as easily and with much more pleasurable and rewarding outcomes, learn to accept and utilize the limitless power that has been provided to you and begin experiencing a life that only a small percentage have discovered the key to.

You now hold that same key. You can exercise your inalienable right of free will and turn the key which opens a door to an entirely new existence, or write it off as "nonsense" and throw it away. That is YOUR choice.

Whichever choices you choose to make, it is our sincere hope that they might lead you one step closer to living and experiencing a life filled with Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and Unlimited Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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