Who Are You?

Knowing Who You Truly Are Unleashes and Intensifies The Awesomely Creative Power That You Already Possess To Experience REAL and Sustainable Harmony, Joy, Peace, Fulfillment And Prosperity In EVERY Area Of Your Life

...in FAR GREATER proportion than most "believe" they can.

Who Are You? The Essence Of You Is Spirit Or Energy

Who are You? Choosing to buy into the commonly accepted myth of limitation
regarding the "physical" you is an unconscious choice which leads to a life of lack,
limitation, discord and at best...mediocrity. You have Infinite potential to Be, Do
and Have whatever you truly desire to be, do and have. Open your eyes. Awaken
to who and what you truly are. Then USE that to "Consciously BE" so you can do
and have what's truly available to and for you in life. - Chuck Danes

Who Are You REALLY?

Have You Ever Thought About...I Mean REALLY Thought About Who And What You "Truly" Are and What's Truly Available To You in Life?

I've found the best way to empower the most people is to ask questions. I'm going to be asking you questions as we move forward that I hope you'll take the time to ask yourself.

More than just asking them, I hope you'll thoughtfully consider each answer you come up with.

First questions...

Who are you?

What are you?

Perhaps a more pertinent question would be to ask "Who and what do you think you are?"

If you're answer to that question is of a similar kind and quality that most provide, I can assure you that your belief and perception regarding WHO and WHAT you are, is far less than who and what you "Really and Truly Are."

It's an equally limiting way of seeing and viewing yourself as it pertains to experiencing the greatest possible quality of life.

Which leads into 3 more important questions...

If that's true; and it is, then WHY?

Why would we limit ourselves?

What purpose does it or could it possibly serve?

The best answer that I can provide is...

Most people simply don't know what they don't know, especially when it comes to the "Who are You" question.

I've spent many years, venturing out in many "intellectually and spiritually focused" circles, looking for the answers to that and many other questions. I'm ecstatic to say, that after a very intensive and extensive search that spanned more than 3 decades, I've found the answers.

Allow me to "rephrase" that statement. I've found answers that I believe are "true." They're answers that not onlt "feel true" for me but have enabled and empowered me to experience a kind and quality of life that my old "beliefs and perceptions" wouldn't "allow nor enable me" to experience.

Through what I've discovered, I've since had the privilege of assisting and empowering many people from around the globe and nearly every walk of life through my personal empowerment programs, such as The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation as well as through my consulting/coaching/mentoring services.

Perhaps my discoveries and my "new set of beliefs" can assist you in some way, shape or form in answering the Who are YOU question.

Here's what I've discovered as a result of that intensive as well as extensive search...

Throughout our lives, we have each acquired, adopted, accepted and currently hold various beliefs and perceptions about ourselves. Through what we've learned, accepted and adopted, those beliefs and perceptions have formed into what we "think and believe" to be true.

We have beliefs and perceptions about ourselves, our capabilities, about others, about the world at large as well as what's possible and not possible in and for our lives.

Which leads to another question. A vitally important, yet seldom asked or thought about question...

Have you ever thought about (and given any thoughtful consideration to) the vital role those acquired beliefs and perceptions play in determining the kind and quality of life that you have experienced, are experiencing and will experience at some future point in time?

Those are ALL very important questions to ask yourself. The answers are of VITAL importance to become aware of as well for many obvious reasons. A few of the reasons WHY they are so important can be found in the ancient texts from EVERY culture, which without question, DO contain some profound wisdom and transformational insight regarding the beliefs and perceptions we hold.

For the sake of keeping this as short, succinct and on target as I possibly can, I'll refer to just a few references that clarify how your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions do determine and play the defining role in how our lives turns out...

  • "As you believe you receive" is one.

  • "As a man (place woman there if that pertains) thinketh in her heart so is she" is another.

  • "Ask and you shall receive" is yet another.

  • You will not be punished FOR your thoughts. You will be punished BY your thoughts is still another.

There are actually hundreds of references...thousands in fact, from every culture around the world, that support the importance of becoming "keenly aware" of what you think and believe as well as what you receive and experience in life.

Clearly those statements not only clarify, but clearly reveal how and why, as well as WHAT you DO and WILL receive in life.

Although most everyone is at least somewhat aware of WHAT they believe, few understand that it's equally if not MORE important to learn, know and understand WHY we believe what it is that we DO believe.

It's of VITAL importance, simply because...

...Just as you believe you will and DO receive.

So, have you ever really THOUGHT about WHAT you believe. More importantly, have you ever explored and discovered WHY you believe whatever it is that you do believe?

More questions...

  • Have you ever taken the time to tune into yourself, listen and become keenly aware of WHAT you think about most often?

  • Equally as important have you ever thought about WHY you think the kind and quality of thoughts that you do think?

  • More importantly if you have "thought about it" and paid really close attention, have you ever paid close attention to how your body responds or reacts?

  • Have you ever paid close attention to how you "feel" as you do think about whatever it is that you DO think about most often.

  • If you have, what have those thoughts revealed and what conclusions have you arrived at regarding how you feel?

  • What "clues" do they provide that might enable you to enhance the quality of your life in some way, shape or form?

  • Have you ever paid attention to THAT and given it any thoughtful consideration?

I can tell you after working directly with MANY people over the course of many years, MOST haven't given it much "thought" at all let alone and consideration.

But if you have, do the feelings that ignite, "feel" good? I mean really really good? Do they invigorate, inspire and motivate you or do they create the polar opposite and have you "feeling" fearful, anxious, worried, hopeless, helpless, useless, limited, powerless, meaningless and insignificant?

What emotions ignite and how do you feel as you think about what you DO believe and perceive to be true based on those acquired beliefs and perceptions that you currently hold regarding yourself and your life?

Perhaps the most important thing to become aware of as you ponder and think about these acquired and habitual "ways of being" that are defined and determined by the beliefs and perceptions you hold is this...

What do you believe and perceive to be true and/or untrue about yourself as a whole? Not just the "physical you" but the YOU that drives, sustains and enables the physical you to function and exist.

That leads us to the question...Who are you really?

That's a very important question to find the answer to. Yet it's a question that few give any real, significant and/or deeply meaningful contemplation, consideration and/or objective thought to.

All those questions I've had you ask yourself are important questions. Finding the "Real Answers" are equally important. They're clearly important...VITALLY important, yet most don't do that.

The question is WHY?

That's a very simple question and the answer is equally simple. Most don't understand; or at the least aren't "consciously aware of" the transformational IMPORTANCE nor the immense benefits that doing so CAN provide.

Who Are You...What Are You...What Are You Limited To and By...Why Do You Believe That and What Do You Really Think it Is That is Keeping You From Being, Doing and Having What Is, Always Has Been and Always Will Be Readily Available To You?

The Higher Truth is...

"You ARE The Light of The World"
- The Book of Matthew - Judeo Christian Bible

Whether you're currently aware of it or not, you are FAR more than a physical body existing in a physical and finite world. You are partly that, yet that's only a very small and often times self-limiting and self sabotaging part of the whole story.

You CAN become aware of how "real and true" that is. You CAN Awaken. You CAN Be, Do and Have more of whatever it might be that you truly desire in life. The only question that remains is..."Will You Choose To?" - Chuck Danes : Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

"Our central nervous system contains from 10 to 100 million cells, each one of which has a storage capacity equal to that of a large computer."
Alexander Rich : American Biologist and Biophysicist

So, I'm going to ask that you do yourself a HUGE favor, take a brief moment and do that right here, right now. Let's get you tuned in, focused and thinking about that.

Really thinking about it.

  • Do you truly think that your ability to think, feel, reason and rationalize as well as observe and be aware of what, how and why you're doing those things is limited to your brain?

  • Have you ever considered that there is something that exists outside of the physical brain tool that enables this "brain tool" to process and create the thoughts that it does?

  • Do you honestly believe that you are nothing more than a carefully constructed and complex set of cells, skin, muscles, bones and organs?

  • And if you are aware that the brain functions because of another tool; the mind, do think that your mind and what you can know and understand because of your mind is as expansive as it gets?

  • And if you do, WHY is it that you DO believe that?

Although on the surface, from a strictly physical perspective; let's call it a predominantly held "world view", you are that. You are physical, you do have a brain and you do have mental and emotional faculties that the brain plays a role in, which is necessary for functioning in the world.

But there's another "tool" we all have and use that extends beyond the "brain tool." It's a tool that uses the brain as it's "tool." That "tool" is the mind. We all do have a mind just as we all have a brain and a body.

But have you ever considered that there's much more to you...the "Real You." Have you ever considered that the true essence of you; the part of you that enables and allows the physical you and the mind to function and live and breath and walk and talk goes much deeper and extends FAR BEYOND the body, brain AND the mind?

Have you ever given any meaningful thought regarding yourself; the REAL YOU that is far more vast, is much more "profound", awesome, unique and FAR more powerful than the physical meat-suit you as well as the mind? Something that powers, enables you to function in and experience your physical, mental and emotional self in a physical and finite world?

If you hold the commonly held view that most in the world do, chances are great that your answer to those questions are no too. You haven't given that much "thought" either. It's quite possible that because of what you've been "taught and believe", you see no reason to give it much if any thought.

If that's the case, I'm going to share something that MAY enable and allow you to begin enhancing your "beliefs" and thinking more "Consciously Constructive" thoughts about yourself, about others, about your capabilities and about the world at large.

A kind and quality of "thoughts and beliefs" that will enable and empower you to begin experiencing FAR greater results than most "believe" they can.

And it's simply this...

You ARE a Spiritual, Mental, Emotional AND Physical Being With FAR Greater Capacity and Capability Than MOST Choose To Become Aware Of

Perhaps you've heard the term that you are mind/body/spirit. Nearly everyone has "heard that." But MOST have never REALLY given much thought or taken the time to contemplate...REALLY contemplate what all that really means and the transformational significance that holds for us in life.

The potential it holds for YOU is enormous if you'll enable and allow it to be.

Is it possible that there's MUCH MORE to you and as a result of this MORE of you that there is, that there is also far greater potential and possibility available to you in life than you've ever thought about or considered before?

Granted it is a part that most give very little, if ANY time and attention to and place little to NO focus on, but it doesn't mean that this "part of you" doesn't exist or isn't "real." It is VERY real and it's what you "believe or don't believe" about this part of you that determines how Grand or how "seemingly horrific" your life will be.

What Do You Believe and Think You Know About This "Part of You?

Perhaps you've heard about and perhaps are somewhat aware of what has recently been labeled as The Law of Attraction. And maybe you were initially excited by the possibilities presented, but you've found and now believe that this Law of Attraction stuff "doesn't seem to work for you" as I've heard so many around the world say in recent years.

Those that HAVE said that and believe that OBVIOUSLY don't know who and what they truly are...fully KNOW I mean.

Or maybe you've heard about what's now being called 'The Secret.', It's possible that due to what you've been taught in the past, you honestly believe and perceive that such things are just flat out irrational, illogical and impractical. If you do, you're not about to buy into such "airy fairy foo foo nonsense" that would imply that you have the capability to begin attracting and experiencing the life of your dreams.

Some people find themselves there as well.

So let's go beyond the labels, the claims, the secrets and do your very best to disarm any currently existing beliefs you might have regarding yourself and the possibilities you have in life just long enough to look at what modern day science has to say about all this.

Whether you're aware of, believe in and/or are ready to accept and acknowledge it or not, there is a science to and behind success. This same science applies equally as much even when you experience what so many "perceive as being failure."

But failure is the same as success reversed. There's no difference between success and failure with the exception of the thoughts and beliefs those who succeed and those who think they've failed. The labels are different for sure. The kind and quality of those thoughts and beliefs are without question different. The "perceived end result is different too.

Yet BOTH success ad failure reveal themselves as a tangible and measurable reality. They are both effects and only vary in kind and quality.

There BOTH success in a sense. They're just not looked at, believed and perceived that way by most. Usually those who don't give any thought to what they think about, remain oblivious to what they believe and don't understand who and what they TRULY are experience failure more often than those who DO otherwise.

What did one of the most brilliant scientific minds in history discover and have to say about what EVERYTHING in the tangible world of shape and form is made up of almost a hundred years ago?

And equally if not more importantly, what does that have to do with you, your capabilities, the potential that you already possess and your ability to be, do and have "Whatsoever" you truly desire in life as the ancient text also clearly conveys and makes VERY clear?

Well, it's a 2 part answer so let's take a closer look at that one question at a time. Doing that will enable you to more easily understand the significance of Who You Are. By breaking it down into simple bite sized chunks, do so in every day language and perhaps enable and allow you to be more willing and open to exploring the significance and the potential it holds for you and in turn dramatically enhance the quality of results that are truly available to and for you in life.

Maybe you think and believe that science is too complex and difficult for you to understand. I certainly used to think so.

If you do too, no worries, we'll be looking at things in a very simple, easy to grasp and understand kind of way that takes all the complexity, mind bending scientific equations, purported secrets and "perceived" weirdness out of the equation.

First let's examine what this brilliant scientific mind discovered and had to say about what everything in the tangible as well as the intangible world is made of.

The scientists name was Albert Einstein. His discovery and it's description in scientific lingo can be boiled down to 5 simple characters...


What does that mean? Quite simply, broken down into language that the novice can understand, it means that EVERYTHING is energy. And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING.

There is nothing...NO THING...whether seen or unseen that isn't comprised of energy. You could say that there's nothing energy is not.

What does that have to do with you and how could it possibly have anything at all to with the question, Who Are You or what you can be, do and have in life?

Well, not to sound redundant, but what it means in a very simple and succinct phrase is that it has EVERYTHING to do with you, WHO You truly Are, what's "truly possible" for you, the potential you ALREADY possess and beyond that, what becomes or doesn't become not only possible but real and true for you in physical life.

And it is because scientists also understand that this energy exists within a "field of energy" as they call it and this "field" is of "infinite proportion."

Put another way, this "field" is quite literally "Infinite in nature" and EVERYTHING is a part of this "field."

So in the same way that E=MC2 means that EVERYTHING is energy, (you, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and EVERY other tangible and measurable as well as INTANGIBLE thing) it has EVERYTHING to do with you, who you are as well as EVERYTHING that happens in your life.

And that's where it get's a bit more exciting...VERY exciting actually and perhaps even life changing.

That same scientist...who was a Nobel prize winning scientist who changed the entire course of history as a result of his many discoveries I might add, had this to say regarding energy, frequency and how YOU can begin using that understanding right here, right now, this very moment to begin being, doing and having more of what you "truly desire" in and for your life.

Put another way...

You can begin USING that to turn "perceived failures" into MASSIVE successes as LARGE or small as you choose.

The fact of the matter is, you, I and EVERYONE else already are using what this scientist discovered, but due to adopting and choosing to hold and live by the commonly held worldly view that so many have and ARE, you may not and perhaps don't realize that you actually are using it already.

The reason you wouldn't (and may not) realize that, is simply because MOST of us have NEVER been taught that we are in fact using it ALWAYS. And because of that FACT, MANY are using what HAS BEEN discovered unconsciously and unintentionally.

In fact you can't NOT use it. We ALL are ALL the time without exception every second of every minute of EVERY day. And that's REALLY REALLY cool when you use it in the way it CAN BE used and in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what you TRULY desire in and out of life.

When you use it the OTHER way, as MOST do, unconsciously and unintentionally, it's usually not all that cool or FUN either. But if that's the case, since we ALL are using it already, you can also use it in a REALLY cool and fun kind of way whenever you choose.

I think it's also important to note that this same scientist also played a major role in expanding and enhancing how other scientists; especially scientists who specialize in a specialized form of science known as Quantum Physics, view reality.

So you could say Albert Einstein was instrumental in enhancing and elevating the beliefs and perceptions of today's scientists in MANY fields dramatically. Perhaps a more accurate and fitting word would be to say that Albert changed the views of scientists "radically" in comparison to what "used to" be widely believed and perceived by science and scientists as being real, right and true regarding reality. His discovery also radically enhanced scientists views as to what drives, sustains and makes it all possible.

Here's Why What So Many Think They Know We

The reason you may not be aware of that specialized form of science is only because we were taught, as our kids, grand-kids, etc. are STILL being taught in our educational systems even today, an OLD, stale and outdated science that's more than 300 years old!!

Due to what the "new science" has discovered, knows and understands about life and HOW it works, that's sad. VERY sad.

So I recommend that you do your own exploration and become keenly aware of this specialized form of science if life isn't delivering to you the kind and quality of results that you "truly desire."

It can, and if understood and USED, enable YOUR life to become a LOT more cool and fun too.

It CERTAINLY assisted ME in thinking, believing and seeing my life and the world differently than I had been taught to. It most definitely enhanced my understanding as well as my BELIEFS about what's truly possible in life.

Maybe it will enable you to grasp, understand and enhance what YOU "believe, perceive and understand" to be true about your reality as well. It may very well provide you with a whole new perspective regarding what's real, right and true for you as it pertains to the potential and possibilities that are "truly available" to you in YOUR life.

It certainly CAN, but at the same time it requires choosing to do that. Back to science and what Albert Einstein discovered about our potential.

Here's what he had to say...

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” - Albert Einstein

If you've been made aware of what's often referred to today as The Law of Vibration, you already understand that EVERYTHING, both seen and unseen is energy and that this all encompassing and all pervasive energy consistently vibrates and emits a frequency. You're also aware that your thoughts and emotions emit a frequency of various vibrational intensities too and attract harmonious frequencies (energy) that transmute in form to create your TANGIBLE results.

Now that I've got your attention and perhaps thinking about and looking a bit below the surface of what "most think they are", how they view themselves and what they believe as being possible or not possible, allow me to ask again in a bit different way...

Have you ever considered or stopped to think about what you believe and what you're consistently and habitually "thinking about"...REALLY thinking about?

Have you ever "thought about" exploring, understanding and looking beyond the physical and finite you that "thinks and believes" that you are nothing more or less than a physical being functioning in a physical world and subject to all the seemingly random and often times perceived as chaotic physical events, conditions and circumstances unfolding all around you?

Or perhaps at best, you believe that you're a physical being with a spirit as so many think and believe?

Have you ever given much consideration to the underlying and unseen force that keeps your physical body operating and functioning as you go about doing whatever it is that you do in the physical world?

If you haven't, I'm going to ask that you think about this...

Do you have to plug yourself into a power outlet and carry around an extension cord as you move through and do whatever it is that you do in day to day life? Is it necessary to plug yourself into a receptacle at night when you go to bed so you have the juice and power to get up and function the next day?

Of course not. But many don't think about that unless and until some tragic or "seemingly horrific event" happens in their life, until they personally have what's often called a "Transcendental Experience or some deeper than average idea is presented to them and additional thought and contemplation is given to the subject. But even when that happens and people get to thinking about what they normally give no thought or consideration to, additional questions often begin to arise as to what drives and sustains the physical aspects of you.

So think about...REALLY think about it.

What is this underlying and unseen life force that enables this physical aspect of you to exist and function at all? The part of you which enables your mind to function, keeps your heart beating, the blood pumping through your veins, the electrical charges consistently igniting in your brain, sending signals throughout your body which enables your cells, skin, bones and organs to operate and function as they were designed to?

What is this unseen, not often "thought of" and All Pervasive Life Force which makes physical survival possible and enables you to experience physical life as a human being and what most "perceive" to be the limitations of a physical and finite reality based on the beliefs and perceptions they hold regarding what a human being is, isn't as well as what we're capable of achieving or not achieving in life?

If you're like many today, finding themselves fearful, anxious, stressed out, depleted, tired, sometimes hopeless and wondering "when in the hell things out there are going to change", chances are quite good that you haven't given it much thought at all.

And if you have thought about it, perhaps what you think and believe to be true really aren't your personal thoughts and beliefs at all. Perhaps there's much more to it than you've been taught, made aware of and have been led to believe.

Perhaps you think it's not important and doesn't pertain to you. If you DO think that let me assure you...

It DOES whether you think it does or believe it does or NOT.

Yet developing that understanding and making a conscious and intentional choice to expand your awareness with regard to this aspect of yourself…this "Real You" that transcends and at the same time drives the physical aspects that make the physical, mental and emotional you, you…and what this unseen and underlying Force is, could prove to be the most "enlightening", rewarding, powerful and life transforming knowledge you could ever discover.

It CERTAINLY helped ME and A LOT of other people I know too in PROFOUNDLY Immense ways and in EVERY aspect of our lives.

And perhaps for you, it could even mean the beginning of a whole new, enlightening and exciting journey through life that enhances the kind and quality of your life exponentially. Perhaps "knowing" about and understanding it could even result in a total transformation in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

At this point I'm not going to ask that you believe it, but I am going to ask that you at the very least consider it.

What if it COULD do that? What if it were really true? What if you found that by choosing to look above and beyond what you currently believe and perceive as being real, right and true about yourself and life resulted in you understanding and accepting the fact that you simply didn't know what you didn't know? What if you discovered that is what has SO MANY unconsciously and unintentionally creating so many "less than desirable results" in their lives? What if accepting that enabled and allowed YOU to dramatically transform YOUR life in EVERY way?

And what if through accepting that fact that you became enabled and empowered to start believing, perceiving and equally as important seeing and experiencing in tangible and measurable form, a greatly enhanced quality of life by simply choosing to expand upon, explore and understand just how real and true it is that you don't know what you don't know?

Can I make that promise to you? Can I say with certainty that you can expect, be certain and that I can guarantee that you'll experience that transformation for yourself and that every aspect of your life will transform into EVERYTHING that you "truly desire" for it to be.

Well, the answer is both yes and at the same time no. I can't guarantee it at all, yet at the same time have no reservations that you can. There's something that will determine whether you will or whether you won't which I have no personal say so or control over.

There are some determining factors that have absolutely nothing to do with ME, the science behind it or what the ancient texts convey regarding that. Because there's something else I've come to know and understand to be true that will determine how these long standing FACTS will impact and affect your individual results or not.

Here's the determining factors that will determine whether it becomes true or remains untrue for you...

Whether it will or whether it won't become "true for you" is up to you. And the only thing that will determine which of those perceptions of reality will remain "real and true" for you or not is your willingness to let go of or at the very least begin to become aware of, question, expand and enhance your currently held beliefs and perceptions about who and what you are.

Who and what you "truly" are.

The other determining factor that's every bit as important as the first is whether you will choose to apply what you discover consistently.

That's what we're going to be exploring and discovering here. The intention for what we'll be exploring is to get you thinking...REALLY thinking about who and what you TRULY are, what all this "physical stuff" that you see all around you "truly is" and what's truly available to and for you as a result of this "Higher Truth."

Here's exactly what we'll be covering...

  • Who are you REALLY?

  • What are you?

  • What drives you?

  • What limits you?

  • And equally if not even more important as it pertains to you, what are you "truly" capable of being, doing and having in life simply because you are WHO and WHAT you are?

Those are without a doubt some heavy questions. They may initially "seem" to be heavy questions anyway. But they're not as heavy or strange or weird or complex as you might currently think and believe they are.

In fact once you discover the answers, IF you do, you find that they are quite simple. Profoundly simple. More than just "simple" they are the very answers that can, will and often do change the kind and quality of tangible and measurable results in each and EVERY aspect of your life.

But make no mistake, they're also vitally important questions that require answers if you're to learn, know, understand, tap into, SEE and personally experience this simplicity for yourself. It's going to require an individual choice if you're ever to begin consciously utilizing the fulness of who and what you are if you're to ever experience the "heartfelt desires" and a quality of life that so many so often "claim" they have a sincere desire to experience…yet so few do.

Do you have to do this? NO. You only have to if you're serious about creating SIGNIFICANT and MEANINGFUL CHANGE in your life, have a heartfelt desire to, yet you're not currently receiving whatever it might be that you truly desire to.

Which leads into still another question...

How you ever thought about...REALLY thought about why it is that so few do experience the kind and quality of life that so many often hope, wish and pray they could?

More importantly have you ever taken the initiative and expended the little effort necessary to understand why the few who DO consistently experience extraordinary results in ALL areas of life are able to do so, yet seem to remain only the few and make up only a very small minority?

It's certainly no secret. It's not difficult to discover or hard to find either. All the knowledge and information you could possibly need to validate this "Higher Truth" for yourself is and always has been readily available to you or anyone else who is willing to begin making "conscious, intentional and purposeful choices" to venture outside of their "seemingly real" and self created illusions of lack, limitation and mediocrity due to what they've been taught and as a result "choose" to believe and perceive about themselves and life in general.

The ancient provide meaningful insight regarding how "true" that is as well. Simply stated it reads...

"Seek and you will find."

As clear and simple as that is, that's what the minority DO and what the vast majority choose NOT to do. And then once that choice is made to seek, discover, find, explore and understand, it's going to be necessary to begin consciously utilizing and consistently applying what you do discover in the tangible aspects of life.

And yes you DO have the capability to do so and you already have everything you could possibly need to make it real and true for you...regardless of what you might currently "think, believe and perceive to be true."

Yet the mass majority (perhaps even YOU) continue to choose to DO other things, remain "unconscious" of it's undeniable and verifiable existence and as a result consistently experience far less than desired outcomes than you're quite capable and able to make real in the various areas of your life.

Although that's an individual and very personal choice, many who claim that they sincerely desire to experience the harmony and fulfillment that is readily available to and easily accessible by all who choose to seek it out never do so, when all the time, the very information that would enable them to experience the desired outcomes, FAR GREATER and FAR more pleasing "tangible and measurable" outcomes that provide extraordinary results in each and every area of life is only a choice away.

Contrary to what many currently "believe" and "perceive" to be true…

To experience "Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Freedom and Real Fulfillment" in life; EVERY aspect of life, requires nothing more and nothing less than a choice just as experiencing a life of lack, limitation, hardship and discord is also nothing more or less than a choice.

Granted, the choices many make from moment to moment are "unconscious choices" which conflict with and sabotage rather than align and consciously harmonize themselves with whatever the individual desire(s) might be, but choices are being made nonetheless.

And the "how and why" behind the "unconscious choices" that we so often choose to make which is the one and only determining factor which so often keeps life from being the amazing journey that it can be, is revealed in a very insightful quote that you saw at the beginning of this article.

It too was made by a scientist and reveals what keeps so many from being, doing and having what they "claim they want", truly "desire to have", yet often give up because they believe and perceive that it's just too difficult to achieve.

Here it is again...

"Our central nervous system contains from 10 to 100 million cells, each one of which has a storage capacity equal to that of a large computer."

What does that mean exactly and what significance does it hold as it pertains to you being, doing and having more?

It has to do with YOUR beliefs and perceptions. More specifically the "memories" of the beliefs and perceptions you've acquired before developing the ability to analyze, question, explore and understand why you believe what you believe and if WHAT you've been taught, believe and perceive as being "real, right and true" is REALLY true at all.

Much of what we've learned throughout life regarding ourselves, what we are, what we're not and what's "truly available" to us is more times than not "FAR less than true" and stored as "memory" within the 10 to 100 million cells that make up our nervous system. This nervous system, which not only drives the physical tool we refer to as our body, also determines the choices we consistently make due to the quality of the beliefs and perceptions that we have learned and now "unconsciously choose" to store and hold which determines what we believe, perceive and WHY it can "seem so difficult" at times to change those beliefs.

To better understand the importance and relevance of that "fact" as it pertains to you and the tangible as well as the intangible outcomes that you experience or "believe that you can't experience in your life, you might find the article titled Cellular Memory to be quite illuminating and perhaps even enlightening. It provides a more tangible, logical and practical example regarding the science behind what cellular memory is as well as both why and how you choose what you choose, often times in direct contrast to what you "truly desire" without being "consciously aware" that any choice is being made.

Or perhaps a complimentary copy of my e-book, 'The Miracle of You and Your Cells' will clearly show you in vivid yet easy to understand detail not only why it's true, but what you can do immediately to change things.

Whether or not you choose to explore further and understand that or not is irrelevant. The jury is already in and concluded...

You not only get to choose but you ARE choosing the kind and quality of your life, EVERY aspect of it, whether you're ready to accept and acknowledge that "fact" or not.

But I think it's also important to acknowledge the fact that since you are here and reading this right now, there's something unique and different about you...something that sets you apart from the many.

The fact that you have chosen to be here now and explore a bit, proves that you are in a sense, different than the mass majority. Not different in the sense that you're more powerful or that you have or don't have anything that anyone else does or doesn't with the exception of one very important factor.

This one important factor and the difference between you and "most" is made real and evident due to the "choice" you have made by simply BEING HERE now. It proves that you are seeking answers…or at least have the slightest inkling of hope that there does exist an answer...a "Higher Truth" if you will, that will enable and empower you to experience a more pleasing, more productive and far more desirable quality of life.

And for that choice I commend you and and at the same time thank you for being who you are.

Without your willingness to explore beyond the self limiting boundaries that far too many find and "perceive" themselves to be trapped within in today's world, combined with your choice to venture out and discover what I have discovered to be and choose to refer to as a "Higher Truth", my purpose and passion wouldn't and couldn't be fulfilled. So that expression of gratitude for you and your willingness to discover more is sincere and heartfelt.

Now it's simply a matter of me doing my very best to simplify the Higher Truth in such a way that will enable you to "see and understand" just how true all this is. And in the process, hopefully provide a perspective that might enable you to not only see, grasp and understand who and what you "truly are" but what's truly available to and for because of who and what you are.

There are numerous avenues which can be explored to get to the heart of the matter and discover this true essence of you.

I've personally spent the better part of 3 decades exploring a number of these avenues. I guess you could say I've walked a lot of paths in my search for Higher Truth. That's what enabled the seemingly separate pieces of the seemingly complex life puzzle to become quite "simple" to understand and at the same time enables me to see the simplicity, perfection and unwavering nature that drives and sustains it all.

Whichever avenue of understanding that you personally choose, regardless of which it might be, ultimately, each piece has it's place and each leads to the same understanding…to the same undeniable conclusions.

Your preference may be to explore The Science of Success, or perhaps the Success Principles that you can enact to make your individual definition of success real and true for you or perhaps even through understanding the Universal Laws of Nature that oversee and govern every aspect of physical and non-physical life.

Regardless of which avenue that you may have a personal preference to explore, to discover this "True Essence" of you, whether through the latest in modern day scientific discoveries, by becoming more aware of the intricate functioning of the brain/mind through neuroscience, through the simple observation of nature or through the timeless wisdom that's existed for thousands of years that clearly conveys the teachings of the wisest and most insightful spiritual teachers in the history of the world, once explored, the ultimate and unwavering conclusion becomes clearly apparent...tangibly and undeniably apparent as well as evident that you, at your core…at the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical level...the "true essence" of you is spirit or "light" or if you prefer, energy.

No it cannot be observed, explored, studied, understood or experienced with the limitations of the five physical senses. It can be to a degree but the intellect can never enter into and experience the profound nature that this Light is.

This spirit or energy is often referred to as "light" in both spiritual as well as scientific circles so let's use that label.

And no…this is NOT some woo woo esoteric theory nor is it based merely on philosophy, speculation or new age nonsense. It IS substantiated fact…scientifically validated fact, which thanks to the advancement of technology over the years, has been validated and is being consistently expanded upon in scientific laboratories every day.

As science advances in it's understanding with regard to the deeper aspects of what makes up the "real you" as well as EVERYTHING else in the world, it becomes more and more clear as to what the most enlightened mystics, sages and masters of centuries past have ALWAYS taught and conveyed to their followers.

One of the wisest and greatest teachers of ALL time clearly stated that "YOU are the light of the world."

There's another text that can be used to provide a hint as to how "true" it is that EVERYTHING is light as well as you ability to use this "light" to mold and shape the various aspects of your life. It states...

Thou shall decree a thing and "the light" will shine upon your ways."

Do you doubt it? Does that sound too out there for you to acknowledge or accept? Do you choose to see yourself as a physical meat suit limited and constricted to the physical and finite choices and actions that you choose to take or not take? Do you judge and label yourself and your quality of life based only on the tangible and measurable outcomes that you receive or don't receive as you go through life?

If you do, you are choosing to overlook the infinite possibility and potential available to you simply because you are the "light" that you are. You are ALWAYS in all ways shining your "light" and that determines what you are decreeing.

Now you may "perceive" yourself as anything but "shining your light" due to the kind and quality of tangible and measurable results that you consistently receive. And if you find yourself "doing that" as so many do, let's turn the light switch on.

First and foremost...

You ARE the light of the world. And as 21st century science has discovered, so is EVERYTHING else. Far too many fail to take what the greatest and most enlightened masters in the history of the world shared literally, yet it is this understanding…this elevated awareness, as real and life transforming as it is, which many choose to ignore, dispel and perceive as being non applicable in their lives.

But the fact is…IT IS applicable and equally as important, absolutely, unequivocally and irrevocably true!!

Now based on what you currently "think you know to be true" about life and yourself, you may "claim" that's a bunch of airy fairy nonsense. Maybe that pertains to you and maybe not.

I bring up the possibility simply to make another point just in case you have doubts, apprehensions or just flat out refuse to accept or perhaps even deny what has been "proven" to be true.

As this same teacher communicated to those who he was attempting to reach and assist to understand through his teachings…

"You have eyes but you do not see. You have ears but you do not hear."

My personal take on those words is that although those who sought his wisdom, could see him and gathered to hear his words in hopes of gaining the transformational wisdom and insight he shared, due to the previously established and self limiting "beliefs" they held...they didn't nor could they clearly understand, identify with, absorb, internalize or consciously apply what it was that he was attempting to teach them.

And what exactly was that? That they each, and yes this pertains to YOU regardless of what you might "choose to believe", have "Infinite" power available to you. And your using it already. The way in which you're choosing to use it...meaning the kind and quality of "light" that you are projecting through your chosen beliefs and perceptions is what is unfolding into the "reality" that you are experiencing enabling you to see and verify the fact that the "Light is also shining upon YOUR ways."

You can, if you choose make it shine VERY BRIGHTLY in a pleasing and desirable kind of way if you'll only make the choice to discontinue looking at all the darkness that you "perceive" as being around you on the outside, look within yourself, discover it and learn to "consciously" utilize it.

You'll clearly see that the light DOES shine upon your ways.

Ok…back to YOU being "The Light."

Perhaps you don't take that literally either…oh but you should. Recent science has discovered that the photon, which exists as one of the most basic elements of an atom, which is what you and "everything" else in the world are made up of by the way, and I do mean EVERYTHING whether seen or unseen, is at it's core…light…pure light.

You can believe that ancient spiritual teachings are some mystical, outdated, woo woo esoteric nonsense if you choose, but as science advances and evolves in their understanding, and as the technological equipment they utilize to substantiate their findings evolves and becomes more sophisticated, scientists are discovering that what the most enlightened mystics, sages, teachers and masters of the past shared and taught is in an almost eery yet VERY exciting and profoundly empowering kind of way, very true.

Now you may be currently apprehensive to accept or adopt it as your truth based on what you've accepted and "know to be true" so it's necessary to differentiate between perceptions of truth and what I refer to as a "Higher Truth."

Higher Truth as I refer to it is an immutable and unwavering truth that individual "perceptions of truth" cannot sway, change or impact in any way, shape or form.

At the same time this Higher Truth enables you to choose what you'll believe or not believe and your experience...whether based on Higher Truth or not will become your truth in tangible and measurable ways.

That's why so many in the world "perceive" that the world as well as their lives are random and chaotic which blinds the to the harmony that exists and is unfolding all around us.

One of these Higher Truths is the fact that you at your core, the very essence of you broken down into your purest and most basic form, the very substance or "essence" that makes up the physical body which most perceive to be who they are, is "light" or energy.

So what does all this have to do with you...this physical you, and how can it, or more importantly how does it serve in allowing you to begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that you "truly desire", are quite capable of yet few are willing to awaken to?

This fact provides a very empowering and life transforming truth that could, should you choose to become keenly aware of it and discover how to align and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional aspects of you...what is often "perceived as being" the "physical and non-physical aspects of you" with the "Infinite" power which has been provided to the spiritual you, can and will enable you to experience a quality of life limited only by your willingness to "believe" and "conceive" it as being real, right and true and simply "allow" it to unfold.

For the sake of this article and the varying beliefs of those who will be exposed to it, we'll be referring to this "light" as both spirit and energy.

Since the essence of the "real you" is spirit and/or energy, as is EVERYTHING else in the world whether seen or unseen, the focus to improve and enhance the physical aspects of you, more specifically the events, conditions and circumstances you are experiencing in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, requires redirecting your attention and placing focus and emphasis on the unseen, spiritual or energy aspects of you which are responsible for your as well as EVERYTHING else in the physical worlds existence.

Regardless of your current level of awareness…how you "perceive" reality or yourself individually, their exists a "Higher Truth" that ALL things seen are derived from the unseen…all things physical are derived from the spiritual.

There are ZERO exceptions.

Doing so will enable you to become consciously aware of both the field as well as the "seed" from where everything which unfolds in your physical world…in your life...is derived.providing you with the ability to consciously, intentionally and purposefully choose which "seeds" you will sow to provide the "desired" harvest.

Although you might currently "perceive" the physical actions that you take or the external events, conditions and circumstances that are unfolding in the world around you to be the "Cause" of whatever your current experiences in life might be, the "True Cause" goes a bit deeper, extends well beyond and is more vast than the physical aspects of you.

Much deeper, far beyond and Infinitely MORE vast in fact.

To understand how to begin creating significant and meaningful change in the physical aspects of your life consciously, intentionally, purposefully and effectively, it's going to be necessary to shift your focus, explore a bit beyond the physical and develop an understanding of the "non-physical."

This non-physical "place" I refer to is Light or Energy. It's the "place" where no judgements or labels of good or bad, more or less, right or wrong exist yet at the same time where they all exist simultaneously.

This non physical exploration begins at the level of spirit or energy which is what you "truly" are. Doing so will enable you to see just how important it is to begin "doing" the necessary "internal work", making the internal shifts which will initiate and create the necessary inner change which in turn and without fail results in the materialization of far more pleasant external or "physical" experiences and produce the "tangible" results which so many desire yet never attain and currently "perceive" to be impossible or at best very difficult to make real and tangible in their physical reality.

Although these physical events, conditions and circumstances experienced moment by moment are in a sense your physical reality, your ability and willingness to explore beyond the physical will provide you with a depth of understanding, an expanded "awareness" and as a result a greatly enhanced ability to begin consciously molding, shaping, creating and experiencing far more pleasing "physical" results. Results that the majority might perceive, judge and label as miraculous in fact.

This inner change or expansion of awareness, also often referred to as spiritual growth has nothing to do with "man made religion" as so many "perceive." It is merely a choice to open your eyes, awaken and become conscious of the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical realm from where ALL things physical come from. Then and only then can you begin to "see" your connection with everything you desire as well as those things that you prefer not to experience and once seen and understood consciously and intentionally connecting with what you "desire to see" in the physical world of shape and form. And everything exists there including the "Real You." There is no separation in this space. Once you choose to enable yourself to see that and continue on developing a deeper understanding as to how and why the events conditions and circumstances in the physical world come into existence, you'll begin to see how and why you attract those things you desire as well as those things that you don't. It's an understanding that will better enable you to align and consciously harmonize with the unwavering and immutable "unseen flow" which determines every aspect of your life in physical form.

A deeper spiritual understanding...understanding things from the unseen, spiritual or metaphysical aspects, will enhance your belief with regard to the "real you" and the "infinite" creative power that has been provided "to you" which in turn automatically shifts and creates the necessary "inner change" making "desired" physical outcomes in your life far less effortless.

Through developing this understanding you will know and begin to exercise your power, your Real Power if you choose to do so, consciously, purposefully and intentionally and begin to understand how and why both the "pleasant" as well as the "unpleasant" experiences in each area of your life are based only on and due to your individual choices.

Developing this understanding will awaken you to the fact that rather than attempting to improve the physical events, conditions and circumstances in your life strictly through physical means as so many struggle so hard yet unsuccessfully attempt to do, will enable and empower you to begin experiencing the "desired" results without all the unnecessary physical strain and struggle that so many "perceive" as being necessary.

You'll discover that attempting to utilize strictly physical means to create the "desired" physical results which has proven time and again in our rapidly evolving world to only create in tangible and measurable form additional stress, fear, anxiety, worry, doubt and fatigue is a very shortsighted and limited way to accomplish it and can NEVER provide total harmony and fulfillment.

By becoming aware of and learning to see and deal with things at their core, at the level of Cause, which as we've discovered is pure energy or light and making the conscious choice to consciously align and harmonize with this energy intentionally and purposefully, we can then begin to attract, create and most importantly from a physical perspective begin to personally experience the life changing power that doing so can and will provide without all the unpleasant, excessive and life draining "doingness" that so many "perceive" to be necessary and unsuccessfully choose to engage in only due to a lack of awareness of a "Higher Truth."

At the same time this awakening...this enhanced awareness will enable you to begin developing a deeper understanding as to how to do it better…to begin attracting in fact your "desired" outcomes without all the stress, strain and struggle and with far more pleasing results. ..effortlessly in fact.

Physical "doingness", although a necessary aspect of creating and experiencing harmony in life, is not the cause in and of itself and is CERTAINLY NOT the answer to being, doing and having more of what you desire in and for your life. There is a deeper cause that determines the effect. What you choose to do is an effect and can only provide additional effects that we often choose to judge and label as average or mediocre tangible and measurable results at best.

That is much like attempting to plant healthy seeds that produce the desired harvest with "weed seeds" and expecting a desired, healthy and abundant harvest. If you plant weed seeds with healthy seeds, you're going to have to do some weed picking.

For some, especially those who consistently experience less than desired outcomes while wanting and attempting to consistently produce desired outcomes without expanding your awareness and developing a deeper understanding of the underlying process which ensures their growth, it is going to be necessary to do a LOT of weed removal...MUCH more than is necessary.

ALL things in your life begin and become physical as a result of your internal beingness, at the level of consciousness. Consciousness is the seed. Consciousness can be looked at as your "beingness. The Physical "doingness" that you engage in from day to day is a result or effect of your "beingness." When the internal beingness is in harmony and alignment with "desired" outcomes, the external doingness becomes extremely simple and even enjoyable…EXTREMELY enjoyable AND produces what most would consider to be "Profound" physical "tangible" results which are often referred to as "miracles."

Most are familiar with the scientific understanding of cause and effect…

Your internal beingness is the cause and your physical doingness is an effect of this cause. Beingness is unseen and non-physical in nature. It is what attracts to you the ways and means that allow your physical doingness to produce results without limitation. Doingness is physical in nature. It can be seen and experienced. When you "consciously" and intentionally harmonize your beingness with your doingness literal "miracles" occur.

Doingness without the necessary awareness and absent consciously and consistently focused beingness which is "internal harmony" produces seemingly disharmonious mediocre results at best and in many cases discord and discontent in life always leaving the "Want" of something more and leaves those who choose to DO things in this way, always experiencing a void. Put another way, until you develop an internal harmony with the externally desired outcome, which serves as the cause, there can be no external harmony in your life which reveals itself as "effects" without unnecessary difficulty, strain and struggle.

Attempting to create "desired" effects through your physical doingness alone without the essential internal beingness being in alignment is attempting to create effects with effects and as mentioned can and will provide mediocre results at best…hard earned results that require hard work, strain and struggle to achieve which fall far short of the BIG desires you may hold. Internal disharmony...a chosen way of being combined with "doing", regardless of how hard you might try can only create more fear, doubt and worry which only serve to make the struggle and strain intensify and grow.

It's a cycle that has to be broken if you expect to begin experiencing the desired outcomes.

Real results, life transforming results are realized and experienced with seemingly "effortless" ease, when the internal aspects of you…your beingness…is in alignment and harmony with those things that you "desire" to experience in the external or physical world.

Far too many NEVER experience these BIG desires because they simply don't "believe" they can and as long as they "believe" it...they are absolutely correct.

To experience the BIG dreams and desires you need only have a deeper understanding with regard to how, and the belief is automatically elevated which produces them...effortlessly it can seem.

So how can you begin to "consciously, purposefully and intentionally" harmonize and utilize this "beingness"...to begin experiencing these "desired" outcomes for yourself..."effortlessly?"

Let's look at that now...

This internal way of being is determined by your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and the emotions that follow. Like everything else these aspects of you, which you have the ability to become aware of, analyze, monitor and "consciously" control, create and project an energetic resonance (light) which is projected out into what scientists refer to as the "Unified Field", the place where ALL things already exist as a "probability of existence" which determines precisely and with unwavering certainty what you will draw from it and attract to you.

Make no mistake…

Whatever you personally choose to call this unseen, spiritual or metaphysical force is immaterial. What IS important is that you recognize and understand that there is "One"…an "Ultimate Source", where everything experienced in each and every area of your life comes from and then further expand your awareness to discover how to consciously, purposefully and intentionally harmonize with He/She/It's "Infinite", immutable and unwavering power to begin attracting, creating and experiencing everything that is and has been made available to you which as you'll soon discover and understand is Infinite in nature.

It is this "Infinince" (I made that up) which has been created and made available for you and which is your literal birthright to experience.

From a scientific perspective...

ALL things both seen and unseen are simply energy. You are energy…your body is energy…your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings are energy. Those things that you desire to experience are energy. Those things…the events,, conditions and circumstances which are either desired or undesired and experienced in your physical world are merely transmuted forms of energy meaning that you can see and experience them now in the various areas of your life. In the same way...once you understand you...the "Real You", the power provided to you and your intricate interconnection with this energy, you can begin to draw to you...attract...desired outcomes from this unseen place.

The first understanding that you MUST have is to understand that All that has, does or ever will exist is, when analyzed and studied in it's purest and most basic form is a continuously vibrating mass of energy or "light."

The quality of energy or light that you project, determines the kind and quality of energy or light that you'll attract.

ALL things regardless of what they are already exist at this unseen realm. As science states…"Our existence is determined by a vibrating mass of energy which is ever present in the "Field" and what we experience is only due to an attraction of additional energies which harmonize with the energy that we resonate and project. ALL things already exist in the "field"...this infinite field of energy or light as a probability of existence.

As the spiritual masters taught…"As you believe so shall you receive." "The kingdom of God is within you."

Let's look more closely…

From the perspective of science...

What does everything which exists consist of at it's core? Energy. What determines what is created? Projected energy frequency. What determines specifically what is attracted to you and created in tangible and measurable form? The vibrational output of the frequency that you choose to project. Where does every probability of existence exist? In the "Field."

From a spiritual perspective...

What is a belief? A projected energy frequency. What determines what is attracted and created? The kind and quality of the frequency projected as a result of that belief. What determines what can and will be experienced? Where is it derived from? The Kingdom of God.

Although in physical form, there are various kinds of energy, fuel, electricity, etc., at their core they consist of the same stuff as is everything else. This stuff is subatomic particles. In it's purest form ALL energy is the same...it's the same stuff.

As such energy is only distinguished and differentiated by it's frequency. A thought of Love is differentiated from a thought of hate only by it's vibrational intensity which differentiates it's frequency which determines what additional energies it harmonizes with and attracts which in turn determines the physical experience.

A belief of having is only differentiated from a belief of not having by it's frequency. The only difference between I AM or I am not is a difference of energy frequency.

A desired physical outcome is only differentiated from an undesired outcome due to the frequency of energy which was projected, transmuted and brought from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm which was created in physical form to become your experience.

To change the kind and quality of the outcome, we only need change the kind and quality of the frequency which serves as the our communication device. What we communicate through our chosen frequency serves as the cause…the reason that it was created and experienced. Your quality of consciousness…the thoughts that you choose…the beliefs that you hold…the intentions that you have are merely a projected energy frequency which are projected outward into the Kingdom or Infinite field of "light" and draw to themselves energies of a harmonious frequency which transmutes from "light" and/or unseen energy (the spiritual, metaphysical or unseen realm) and becomes seen and experienced in physical form which the 5 physical senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing can then experience.

Thoughts, intention and a focus of Love draw more of what you love. Thoughts, intention and a focus of fear draw more of what you fear. Thoughts, intention and a focus of lack and limitation draw more lack and limitation. Thoughts, intention and a focus of wealth draw wealth.

Thoughts, intention and a focus on being broke can only draw more of being broke. Fear, doubt and worry can only project a frequency which harmonizes with and draws to you more to have fear, doubt and worry about.

The process NEVER fails…EVER. It is perfectly constructed and unfolds perfectly just as YOU choose. There is no judgment or discernment as to what you will experience with the exception of your individual choice as to what you believe, perceive, think, judge and label the tangible and measurable events, conditions and circumstances which you choose to experience.

Point being...

Your choices are being determined by your energetic frequency at the unseen level. It serves as the communication device that is asking the unseen what to deliver to you and that is "precisely" what is received.

The essence of you is energy, light and/or spirit.

You are a "spiritual being" having a physical experience NOT a physical being having a spiritual experience.

If you find yourself experiencing less than desired outcomes in your life, you merely need to change the frequency which is drawing them to you. Change the frequency and you change the attraction of that which you choose NOT to experience and begin to create and experience that which you DO choose.

There is no limitation. There is no differentiation at the level of cause. The Source is Infinite. You receive just as you ask to receive. Source NEVER says no.

Your desired outcomes, although you may or may not be experiencing them in the present moment, and just because you can't see, feel, touch, taste and hear them in physical form with the limitations of the five physical human senses currently, certainly doesn't mean they don't exist or are unattainable. And the reason being is because THEY ALREADY DO EXIST AND THEY ARE ATTAINABLE just as the current experiences that you are currently having already existed prior to you calling them forth through your beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and the quality of the vibrational frequency that this choice creates.

Just because these "desired" outcomes are currently unseen and not currently being experienced in your life certainly doesn't mean they're unattainable, or don't exist. They do. EVERYTHING, including your "desired" or undesired outcomes in life are derived and created from the unseen and at their core, in their purest and most basic form consist of and exist as pure energy. Your choice as well as your willingness to learn and discover more about how to begin consciously, purposefully and intentionally attracting, creating and experiencing them can and will change the entire course of your life should you choose to become aware of this reality and begin to consciously and consistently apply what it is that you have discovered.

So where do you begin? Judge not by appearances.

You must only change your internal beingness which determines and changes the frequency which you are projecting which is drawing each and every event, condition, circumstance, person, and physical outcome that you experience in physical form to you.

To change the experience, you simply change the internal beingness...you change what you are asking for...you change your energy...you change what seeds you are planting...you change what you believe to be true.

Lack and limitation is NEVER the problem. It is a symptom of something deeper. Wealth and abundance is never random. It's a symptom of something deeper.

It doesn't matter which avenue of study you choose to discover this "true" essence of you whether science, spirituality, or through the simple observation of nature, ALL lead to the very same understanding and point to ONE unwavering conclusion...

You are spirit…you are light…you are energy...you are consistently planting the seeds that determine the kind, quality and quantity of your individual harvest. Consciously choosing what light you are projecting will be a conscious choice to consciously, purposefully, and intentionally create the events, conditions and circumstances in each and every area of your life without limitation of any form with the exception of you and what you allow or disallow.

Go shine your light, plant your seeds and create the life of your dreams.

You Deserve It...In Fact...It's Your Birthright.

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