41st Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Becoming Clear On and Aligning With Your Core Values and Then Consciously Moving Through Your Comfort Zones Will Point You Toward The Short Path To Real Wealth and Real Freedom

ANY Conflict Between Your Core Values and What You DO Makes Conflict, Disharmony and Discord Seem Real and Inescapable In EVERY Area of Life

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. - Seneca

Although I "planned" on holding off writing any more editions of Enlightened Journey until my upcoming book was finished, something happened recently that changed my mind and my direction a bit....temporarily at least.

And WHAT happened can make an IMMENSE difference in the lives of EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this community...and I mean BIG TIME.

The reason it can is because it addresses 2 things we ALL have yet 95% of all people are "unconsciously" limited by and/or simply aren't aware of.

Namely, Comfort Zones AND Core Values.

Although on first glance you might not think that comfort zones and core values could be in any way related, they are.

In a very limiting and conflicting kind of way that is.

And they're both vitally important to be aware of because remaining unaware of one and "unconsciously" allowing the other to hold you back, creates a form of conflict which can and does show up in life as "less than desired" results.

And that happens when our core values become buried and overpowered by our self created comfort zones.

It BEGINS as internal conflict and leads to "less than desired" tangible results in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of our life.

That's what we're going to be covering in this edition.

Before delving into that...

I sent an e-mail out on Wednesday. In case you missed it, it provided you with a link to a very INSIGHTFUL and POWERFUL video, a PDF report and a powerful but simple tool that will enable you to identify and get clear on your core values, your loves, passions and purpose.

It's absolutely free and there's nothing to buy but what's there addresses in very meaningful and insightful way, a question that I get asked ALL the time. That question is...

"Where's the best place to start creating meaningful change in life?"

And regardless of who you are or what your unique situation might be, my answer is ALWAYS the same...

It starts by becoming aware of and aligning with your Core Values. That's one of the MAIN reasons why I recommend that you go see and USE what's being freely offered to you.

Unlike so many today, my friend Greg is inviting anyone who's willing to take the TIME to access some powerful information and tools. Information and tools that provide SIGNIFICANT meaning and value.

One of the tools assists you to get clear and understand what your Core Values are. We'll talk more about comfort zones in a few minutes.

I can't know if you will or won't use the tools made available to you. What I DO know is that you should if you're serious about creating significant positive change of any form in your life.

You'll want to hurry though and check it out before he takes it down later this week.

There's no monetary cost to you. The only cost is dropping your email address in to get the video and PDF links sent to you (but you can unsubscribe anytime).

I will say that initially, what Greg shares in the videos may "seem" to be addressing entrepreneurs and business people exclusively. But don't allow appearances to fool you. There's MUCH insight and value that Greg provides in those videos that you can use and personally benefit from...regardless.

There have been some new videos and content released since the release of the first video on Wednesday, so if you haven't yet, PLEASE go there and watch the updates.

They are PROFOUNDLY insightful and provide IMMENSE value...REGARDLESS of who you are, what you do or what you desire for yourself.

The last video he released on Sunday March 5th...

Your Biggest Questions video is HUGE.

Before deciding if it is or isn't for you, rest assured it IS if you're SERIOUS about creating some form of meaningful change in life.

If you haven't yet, I would strongly recommend that you go there now , FIRST before reading this edition. And if you haven't already, plug in your e-mail address so Greg can send you the links to access future content.

Yes, it's going to get better.

Doing so will provide you with a perspective of someone who has the knowledge and understanding to assist YOU in making your dreams and desires REAL and TANGIBLE.

My friend Greg is the guy you'll see and hear in the videos. His full name is Greg Habstritt. Although he presents things in a bit different way than I do, the core message and his intention is one and the same.

His passion, integrity, credibility and understanding comes through loud and clear. And his focus is on assisting individuals to become clear, focused, intentional and on purpose which is an essential part of being, doing and having the most you possibly can in life.

His underlying methodologies are one and the same as well and they produce PHENOMENAL tangible and INTANGIBLE results for those who are SERIOUS and willing to heed and follow the direction of the message.

In addition to the videos, Greg provides a couple PDFs and a piece of software that walks you through a very simple and quick 15 minute process for pinpointing and becoming clear on your CORE VALUES, what you're passionate about AND assists you in narrowing down and understanding your purpose for being here.

Your Soul Purpose.

That is something that more than 95% of ALL people in the world aren't aware and conscious of. Yet it's one of the most important for creating and extraordinary quality of life and a kind and quality of results that the 95% never will.

It's no wonder MOST people THINK and BELIEVE their dreams are unattainable. They simply skip one of the most essential and fundamental steps for making them real.

In case you're UNAWARE of that fact...that's where you begin. It's as simple as getting through all the layers of indoctrination that reveal your core values...what's MOST important to you in life and then once you're clear, you move forward and build upon that. You could say it lays a rock solid foundation to build upon. And doing so enables you to BE, DO and HAVE more in your life than the 95% will.

It's a step that MOST overlook, don't take the time to understand and in some cases simply REFUSE to take.

That's how and why our comfort zones can conflict with and often sabotage the fulfillment of our core values resulting in disharmony, discord and unnecessary struggle in various areas of life.

I know a lot of you watched the first video and some took the 15 minutes necessary to use the software when I sent out the original e-mail. But I also know that many of you either misunderstood or overlooked the message altogether. So, many didn't DO what it instructed or receive the benefit that it was designed and intended to PROVIDE.

Based on a few e-mails I received, I think the reason that some didn't is because that it "seems" on the surface that it was addressing entrepreneurs and business people exclusively.

It does address that, but it addresses SO MUCH MORE. It holds a VERY POWERFUL and very EFFECTIVE message that can benefit YOU immensely. The core values tool can change your ENTIRE perspective, focus and your life REGARDLESS of where you are or what you currently DO.

That is, if you choose to USE it and DO SOMETHING with it.

There are 3 videos on that page. Be sure to watch the videos in order. It will all come together for you if you'll do that.

You could say that Greg get's to "the heart" of the matter as it pertains to career, what we're ALL quite capable of and provides CRYSTAL CLEAR direction as to WHAT you should be DOING if WHAT you're currently DOING isn't providing the desired result of a size and scope that you TRULY DESIRE for yourself and others.

Which leads into why I decided to take a short break from the book long enough to write this edition, which I believe addresses something VERY important...

Our Comfort Zones

I'm going to stretch and hopefully expand at least a few Comfort Zones this month. :)

If you’ve been a part of the Enlightened Journey Community for any time at all, you’re more than likely familiar with me, my work, what I do and WHY I do it.

You’re probably also aware that when I feel it’s necessary and that I have something to share that I feel might provide benefit to those who are SERIOUS about creating change, I speak my mind quite candidly.

At times, because of that candid approach, I tend to ruffle some feathers. The reason being is because I don’t pull any punches. I don't and won't make any apologies for that. Beating around the bush isn’t effective and doesn’t benefit those who have a sincere desire to create positive change in their lives.

So, understand I don't do it to ruffle feathers. I do it so you might experience more of your "heartfelt desires."

I also know that the way I choose to do things assists SOME people (those who are SERIOUS about creating desirable change) to step outside of their comfort zones which in turn enables them to be, do and have more of what they "truly desire" in their lives.

And I think it's important to begin by clarifying that WANTING and TRULY DESIRING something are 2 VERY DIFFERENT things. EVERYBODY wants, but MOST aren't aware of and/or willing to DO what's necessary to GET what they want.

Those who TRULY DESIRE something and GET it are those who are willing to acknowledge, stretch and step outside of their comfort zones so they can GET IT.

And because it's SO important and to make sure you SEE IT, the key phrase in that paragraph is...


That's what it takes. That's when and where BIG Things begin to happen in life. That's when "heartfelt desires" begin to take tangible form for those who choose to do so.

Comfort zones come in many disguises. They often disguise themselves as "feelings" of fear, doubt, insecurity, pessimism, cynicism, low self esteem etc. There are WAY too many possibilities to list here.

ALL of those chosen ways of being though, when ignored and left unattended, often lead to self-sabotage or the same ole same ole results under the "disguise" of “keeping you safe” and in a space that's familiar and comfy.

Hence, how they got the name "comfort zones."

But ironically...or not...comfort zones aren't very comfy for most. In fact they're quite "un-comfy" in comparison to the comforts and quality of life available to us all. They're also VERY limiting and in some cases downright painful in fact.

And sadly, they can be Terrifyingly Painful in MANY cases.

Unfortunately that's the place where many find themselves before they get serious about creating change. And should that happen for you, you'll discover it's ALWAYS some form of comfort zone that reveals why pain becomes real.

But pain can be and is a good thing IF you choose to keep it in perspective. Pain often times makes people take notice and become honest with themselves. Pain CAN and often does make people see and understand that change is necessary if they're to ever experience the polar opposite of whatever kind of pain it might be that they're experiencing.

When pain becomes strong enough, even the most stubborn and cynical people often become "SERIOUS" about seeking solutions to ease the pain and they'll DO something that maybe they hadn't considered DOING in the past to make it "less painful."

Then there are those who "allow" the pain to remain their entire lives. They become numb and tolerate life rather than live life.

At first easing the pain in THE RIGHT KIND OF WAY can and more often than not DOES lead to fear. But believe it or not FEAR is a step up from pain if you choose to "see it for what it truly is" and keep moving forward long enough to move through it.

And I'll be the first to admit that when you begin exploring, stretching, moving beyond and leaving your comfort zone, it can and more often than not DOES initially feel really scary at first. Fear can and often does rear up it's ugly little head.

But it's quite normal and to be expected. Due to the way we're wired, that's a necessary part of the process for moving forward in more cases than not.

For some, desire is the motivator. That's what drives them. For others it takes some form of pain to ignite, reveal and create the desire. In other words their desire is to eliminate and move beyond the pain. Sometimes that's what it takes to move them forward.

But whether it's a strong enough desire or the pain, it drives you. Pain is the most common. When the desire to eliminate and move away from the pain becomes stronger than the fear, it CAN assist you in DOING some things that will both eliminate the pain, move you through the fear and the floodlights start coming on.

But at first...in many cases that CAN be really really scary.

That is until you begin to break through, explore and experience what's on the outside of your comfort zone. Then you get to the place that you want to "kick yourself" for not DOING something sooner. You begin to see that the stretch was well worth it.

That's when you realize that even pain, fear, discomfort and terror even, does serve a greater good as ALL things do. You realize that they were only signs designed to guide you, lead you and assist you in moving forward.

And that's what we're going to be covering here.

This edition of Enlightened Journey may not make you "feel" all comfy, warm and fuzzy...but it WILL provide value that COULD enable you to stretch outside your "comfort zone" a bit (maybe even a lot) if you'll choose to "allow" it to and DO something with it.

Since it's been a while since I've written and there are MANY new people who have joined the community, I think it's also important to address something else early on in this edition.

I write a lot about the Power of BEING, the role it plays and the power it has in molding and shaping the quality of your life.

I do so because that's THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can do. It's the foundational place to start. It's essential and enables and empowers you to begin moving in a desirable direction.

But as important as the Power of Being is, it's also something that many people never become clear, conscious and aware of. They often TRY to or "unknowingly" skip that step as they DO whatever they do.

And I can tell you from personal experience...It's NEVER productive for creating Real Harmony and Real Freedom in life.

Point being...becoming conscious and aware of what's going on "inside" is VERY important.

But I also know that DOING whatever you do consciously intentionally and purposefully is equally important if you truly expect to HAVE what you desire in your life.

And it REQUIRES aligning and harmonizing both BEING and DOING to HAVE whatever it might be that you "truly desire" and sustain it long term.

Anything less will leave you struggling and believing that the BIG dreams and desires you might have are reserved for the LUCKY and fortunate few. When what you're being, hoping, wishing, praying and doing conflicts with one another in any way, shape or form, you'll experience conflict, discord and "perceived" disharmony in some or all aspects of life.

There's ALWAYS a void that you just can't seem to pinpoint or fill. To do so requires consciously, intentionally and purposefully aligning and harmonizing what you're BEING and DOING.

Here's why I address and clarify that...

If you're somewhat new to the Enlightened Journey Community and you're looking for warm, fuzzy and "get whatever you want in life without having to DO anything to get it" nonsense, my philosophy and what I share won't be very "appealing" to you.

Warm and fuzzy has it's place but this isn't the time or the place for that.

Not this month anyway. Maybe next time.

Admittedly, warm and fuzzy "feels" really good. I LOVE getting into that place. It's awesome. I do it regularly. But I also know that what I gain when I go to that place has to be acted on and something DONE with it to produce "measurable" results that are necessary for experiencing desirable results in PHYSICAL life.

We are 3 part beings and giving attention to ALL 3 aspects of us that make US who we are is important.

So don't misunderstand. I'm not downing, downplaying or undermining the importance of entering into and consistently exploring the warm and fuzzy space. It's the most important place to start.

But in MANY cases, writing only about the spiritual, metaphysical, unseen space isn't enough to get people to take physical action and DO something in a way that aligns and harmonizes with what they desire for themselves. It doesn’t FULLY wake people up or provide them with what I believe is necessary to make their "heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires" real and tangible.

And I might add, since we're talking about comfort zones, those "things"...those desires exist outside of the "comfort zone" where you currently find yourself or you wouldn't be desiring them.

You'd already have them and wouldn't be wanting or desiring anything. It doesn't matter how far you've progressed, what you have or what you're experiencing currently, there's ALWAYS more to have and experience.

And although you CAN have them...WHATEVER they are, it's going to be necessary to consistently stretch and move outside of your comfort zone enough to GET THEM.

And to get them it's necessary to "consciously align and harmonize" BEING and DOING with your core values. Put another way, it's important to consciously harmonize the "warm and fuzzy" with the "tangible and practical."

For some that means BECOMING MORE first. They already DO plenty. But in most cases what they're BEING isn't consciously aligned and harmonized with what they DO and the results are always "less than desired."

For others it might mean DOING MORE in a way that aligns and harmonizes with their chosen way of BEING which is necessary for fulfilling desires in a tangible kind of way.

I learned a long time ago that I can't be all things to all people. I wish I could but that is nothing more than "wishful thinking." It's not going to happen. I accept that.

I also realize I'm going to ruffle some feathers on occasion as I share my philosophy and nudge those with a sincere desire to create change to the edge of and in some cases well outside of their chosen "comfort zone."

I understand that and I accept that too.

I don't do what I do because my "desire" is to win a popularity contest. That's not in ANY way, shape or form why I do what I do. The desire for popularity and being "accepted by and a part of the crowd" has many experiencing results that the crowd does.

They "unconsciously choose" to remain a part of the status quo. Nothing wrong with that if that's where you like hanging out.

I have no desire to hang there. Been there, done that too. I didn't much like it. My tangible and measurable results I mean.

So, whichever group you fall into...whether it be the "I got my feathers ruffled" group or the group that chooses to stretch a bit and go after what you "truly desire", the same holds true for both...

I'm not here to convince or sell you or change your beliefs about what's necessary for you to experience dramatic change in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspect of your life. I'm here to share what I've come to know through experience.

And the most exciting thing that experience has shown me is the FACT that you CAN enhance ALL these areas IF you choose to. But you have to CHOOSE to.

More specifically you have to CHOOSE CONSCIOUSLY.

I'm not here to MAKE you choose. I have NO desire to do that. I'm simply here to share a perspective based on many years of experience that I KNOW can shorten your path to wherever it might be that you have a desire to go as you move forward and create whatever change you aspire to create for yourself.

I'm here to share what I KNOW has worked for me and many like me. Sometimes, conveying that effectively and directly ruffles the feathers of some people, is a little painful for others and assists others to move outside of their comfort zones, start DOING some things differently and start receiving what they "truly desire."

That's who I'm most interested in helping. Those who are open, willing and ready to help themselves and DO something that will enable them to experience those desires in "tangible form."

With that in mind, bare with me for a few minutes. I’m going to go into "tough Love" mode for the sake of those who are "serious" about creating "desirable change" in their lives and are willing to DO something that will stretch the borders of their "comfort zones" a bit to ensure that the desired change happens.

If at this point you're not willing, that's OK too. You might still benefit from what I'll be sharing. It could save you a lot of pain and regret at some point in the future.

If what I share pertains to you, you’ll know. If it doesn’t you’ll know that too.

Put in a different way, I’m going to vent a bit because I’m "feeling" a little frustrated. The best way for me to "move through" that in the quickest way possible is to address it head on and get it off my chest.

I haven't done that for about a year, so I'm overdue. I'm going to stretch my own "comfort zone" a bit.

I haven't always done that. It felt "uncomfortable" at first to be candid and direct. It required me stretching outside of one of my own past comfort zones a bit. But as I continue to expand and stretch beyond those "self chosen" and "self created" boundaries, I've found it to be the most beneficial and effective approach for those who are open, receptive, willing to listen and SERIOUS about DOING something with what I have to share.

If you're not, you're probably not at the right place or reading the right material. There's no point in wasting your time. Reading and gaining insight, or consistently buying the latest and greatest self improvement program without following it up with focused, conscious, intentional and purposeful action is nothing more than a waste of time and money.

Enough about that.

Here's WHY I'm "feeling" a little frustrated...

It's frustrating for me to see so many people struggling in today's economy (or ANY economy for that matter)… when the answers for creating “desirable change” are ALL AROUND us.

Yea, the answers and solutions exist somewhere outside of your "comfort zone" for sure, but they ARE there and they are all around you.

What's more is that they present and reveal themselves every second of every minute of every day. For most, they're just hiding in plain sight. We can't see them in many cases because we choose to stay in the confines of our "comfort zones."

We just don't grow and stretch enough to see and recognize them. But they ARE there. They're EVERYWHERE in fact. They always have been and they'll continue showing up as long as we have desires.

To put in Law of Attraction speak...

We’re consistently ATTRACTING anything and EVERYTHING we could possibly need to make our “heartfelt desires” REAL and TANGIBLE. But in more cases than not most people don’t recognize how "true" that is or if they do realize that, they don't take any action or DO anything with the answers and solutions as they "show up."

Why? Usually because of fear, cynicism, pessimism, doubt, worry, procrastination or any other number of "dis-empowering ways of being" that we choose to engage in. But even these ways of being CAN be empowering and beneficial if you choose to recognize them and move through them, but MOST don't.

But make no mistake...the ways and means for making "heartfelt desires" real and tangible are ALWAYS showing up!!

The proof of that and the reasoning behind it is quite "simple." It's as "simple" as understanding that of all the choices made available to us, of all the ways of being that we have the ability to engage in and reflect in the world...there's a principle that always holds true. And that principle is...the greatest of these is Love.

Yes that might "sound" all warm and fuzzy but looking more deeply at what it means...what it TRULY means and HOW you can benefit from USING it consciously and intentionally by aligning and harmonizing with it in ALL areas of your life, can, does and will transform EVERY aspect of your life.

But that can only happen in a way that we recognize, by choosing to align and harmonize what you think, feel, say and do with Love which will show you in tangible and measurable as well as intangible and none measurable ways just how POWERFUL, TRUE, FULFILLING and TRANSFORMATIONAL choosing to do so is.

Because LOVE is ALWAYS at work. It's what drives, sustains and consistently expands the entire cosmos.

But a lot of people can't see and experience that constant Love and expansion. They often "perceive" the opposite in fact. They "perceive" fear and digression in many cases. And in doing so, they overlook the power of the promise that is ALWAYS in operation that makes it SO crystal clear and simple.

There are a number of "promises in fact...

"Whatsoever ye desire, believe and you'll receive."

"Ask and it shall be given."

"Seek and you will find."

"Knock and the door will open"...

...just name a few.

Those are promises. They NEVER change or waver. We only "think" they do because we unconsciously think, speak and act in "unconscious ways."

We never get to the core of what we believe or why we believe it. We choose to remain "unconscious" of what we're asking for. We "unconsciously" seek the polar opposite of what we want. And we knock on all the wrong doors. And we get just as we CHOOSE to get however "unconscious" those choices might be.

The promise never fails or wavers. The Laws that drive and sustain the Universe NEVER fail or waver.

But MOST people BELIEVE and allow fear, doubt, cynicism, pessimism and short sighted perceptions to blind them to and keep the Love from working in their lives in a desirable kind of way.

But the Love is there and it is delivering what we BELIEVE it will. Most just BELIEVE in the polar opposite of what they "truly desire." But their asking...their chosen ways of "BEING" and their actions are IMPLYING that they desire something else and Love says YES and ALWAYS delivers it.

But the polar opposite of the "less than desired" is already there too. They can't see it because of what they're "choosing and believing." But it's there every bit as much as the undesirable.

And it's comfort zones that often keep us blinded, unaware and from SEEING how real and true that is.

The most common reason why is simply because most people don't follow their heart. They choose to "use their head." The reason for that is quite simple as well.

How many times have you heard or been told at some point in your life..."Use your head!!"

We do that because that's what we've been told and taught to do for the most part. We've been conditioned and programmed to DO so.

But more often than not, what's been programmed in The Head can't possibly produce what we LOVE. We've been for the most part "conditioned and wired to RUN AWAY from what we fear rather than move toward what we Love.

So we use our head just as we're taught and it get's us precisely what we're asking for. But we "perceive" that something's wrong or broken or flawed.

Those who "choose" to stay limited by that form of programming, consistently attempt to figure things out and continue to DO the very same things over and over again that never have and never will work. And as they continue with that form of "insanity" all the while hoping, wishing, praying but never seeing or RECEIVING different results, the reality of how hard and difficult life is becomes solidified.

Our belief in lack, struggle, discord and less than desired results molds and shapes our self created comfort zones.

And without even realizing it, we keep what we Love and "truly desire" from becoming real and tangible. But the LOVE is always working and ALWAYS delivers precisely what we choose.

That's how Love works. That's how it always has worked. It never fails, wavers, discerns, condemns or rejects what we ask. It only delivers. It ALWAYS says yes.

When we start receiving a more desirable form of YES is when we choose to do away with the "Use your head" logic, stretch outside the confines of our comfort zones and make the shift to opening and following the direction of our hearts.

That's where an untainted and unlimited form of Love resides. It's the soul level. It's infinite in nature. Head based junk is physical and finite. Heart based desires, wisdom, insight and direction is non-physical, vast and Infinite.

Some are just "blindly choosing" a kind and quality of life based on what's been programmed into their head and "perceiving that Love isn't working or that they're in some way, shape or form separated from the Love.

But they never are...NONE of us EVER are...NEVER.

One of the wisest and most quoted masters of the past made it Crystal Clear” as to why that's "true" and why most "allow" themselves to think, believe and perceive that Love isn't working in their lives…

"You have eyes but you do not see. You have ears but do not hear."

So I'm going to ask that you do yourself a favor and open your eyes, your ears and more importantly your HEART and DO something with what you discover and learn. I'm going to ask that you DO yourself a favor and make a choice and an unwavering commitment to step outside of your comfort zone.

Our "uncomfy" comfort zones keep us from seeing and hearing and DOING anything that stretches us and moves us into the space that is much more "comfy", fulfilling and YES...tangibly rewarding even.

A space that's INFINITE in nature.

Due to any number of "perceptions" that individuals hold, when they "ATTRACT" and are introduced to tools, techniques, philosophies or methodologies that would enable and empower them to get clear, focused and start MOVING in the direction of where they "truly desire" to go, they often times don't SEE them or listen long enough to KNOW that what's being presented is PRECISELY what they've been looking for.

They allow their pessimistic, judgmental, cynical and restrictive comfort zones to keep them from moving forward.

As a result, they continue to "perceive" that getting what you want is hard, difficult, impossible, beyond logic and reason or some pie in the sky airy fairy nonsense.

So they continue settling, struggling and getting by all the while "perceiving" that's just how life was designed to be. They're "unconsciously" staying within the confines and "safety" of their "perceived" comfort zones.

Don’t misunderstand. I’ve been there and done that. I know what struggling, settling and barely getting by is like. I've visited and experienced both ends of the spectrum. And I'm still stretching beyond my own "comfort zones."

That’s why I do what I do now. What I do helps me to stretch. It helps me to grow. It enables me to serve and do my best to show others who “truly desire” to move forward, who have a desire to experience the awe, fulfillment, magnificence and excitement of what lies outside of their comfort zones, the unfailing and unwavering insight and wisdom I've gained over the years to convey that they don’t have to “stay stuck” there.

Being stuck, settling and “getting by” in life isn’t fun. That I know. I was "stuck there" for a lot longer than I desired to be for sure. So believe me when I tell you, I KNOW what it's like.

In my "past life" as I engaged in the corporate world, I was stuck. You could say I was Stuck like Chuck...literally. :)

But my previous stuckness wasn't in any way, shape or form financially related. In the eyes of most, my financial situation was quite healthy. In fact I allowed the money I made to create and define my "comfort zone" and I did what I did for all the wrong reasons. I did it for the money. But I HATED every minute of it. That's not a very abundant place to be regardless of how much money you might make or have.

I wasn't passionate about it. I didn't love it and I didn't see that the value was fair and balanced for those who exchanged value to receive what the company I worked for provided.

I also had to sacrifice in many areas that were FAR more important to me than money.

There was some conflict going on. Internal conflict and my life reflected it. I made money but I most definitely wasn't abundant and I surely wasn't HAPPY.

But I allowed the money to keep me trapped for awhile. I "perceived" myself as needing the money to fulfill my obligations so I perceived myself as stuck. I perceived myself as helpless to DO anything about it.

But I've since found that staying there..."perceiving" myself as stuck there and helpless to DO anything about it, was the very thing that kept me stuck there. The answers were ALL around me. I just couldn't SEE them due to my self created "comfort zone."

Then through a series of events, I realized that all I had to DO was CHOOSE and DO something different to eliminate my "perceived" stuckness.

I had to expand and break through my "comfort zone."

It was a little "uncomfortable" to think about initially until I decided to get out of my head and into my heart. And when I did, it melted away my "perceived" comfort zone in a profound kind of way.

Doing so opened up, pointed me toward showed me the path. All I had to do was CHOOSE to walk down it.

I've since found that using my head as I was so often "instructed and taught to do" is the one and only thing that kept me "seemingly stuck." The reason being is because what I learned and stored in my head was a very limited and shortsighted way to view and see life.

My "perception" of abundance and happiness at that time was FAR less than what was truly available. And I couldn't SEE anything else until I chose to melt away my comfort zone. And so I was "stuck" until I decided I wouldn't be anymore.

And that's precisely what the vast majority does. I'm certainly not unique in that way. I may be a bit unique in the fact that I chose something different that aligns and harmonizes with my core values and my "soul purpose." But MOST people are and remain stuck where I was. They "perceive" themselves that way at least.

And it's those "perceptions" and self limiting beliefs that keep them "stuck there" within the confines of their own self created comfort zones.

Here’s what else I KNOW…

EVERYBODY has wants, dreams, hopes and desires but FEW ever DO what’s necessary to make them real and tangible. Not because they can’t. It’s because they CHOOSE not to. Everybody wants. But you don’t get what you WANT in life. You GET what you’re “choosing” to get.

And whatever you choose LOVE says yes.

Our comfort zones often keep us from venturing out and "choosing" to do what's necessary to make our heartfelt desires "real and tangible." To GET what you LOVE and experience Real Fulfillment in life, you have to align, harmonize and DO what you love.

And then you keep stretching and growing and moving the comfort zone borders a little further and a little further and a little further. And as you do things get better and better and better.

Those who DON'T GET what they desire simply choose to stay stuck within the confines of the "comfy" which as we've covered already, isn't very "comfy" at all.

Here’s why so many DREAMS don’t happen for those who "claim" they WANT them...

The dream is much bigger than the dreamer. The "desired dream" covers a much more vast and unexplored territory than the DREAMER is willing to explore. If you “truly desire” to DO and HAVE more…if you ever expect to make your dreams “real and tangible” you MUST either BECOME more or use what you already have but aren’t or haven't been USING in a way that you love to assist others in getting more of what they love.

When you're outbound VALUE reflects Love the inbound value that you receive aligns and harmonizes with Love and you receive what you love.

Most people think they're expanding their comfy borders by venturing and looking outside of themselves for their answers to be, do and have more of the STUFF that's out there. But they do so with their eye on what they'll have...what they'll get...what's in it for ME and skip the most important steps that "allow" what they TRULY WANT to have to become automatic.

Any of those choices will show you in very graphic detail just how necessary it is to expand your "comfort zone."

Becoming more doesn’t mean BLINDLY and/or begrudgingly doing more of the familiar. It doesn’t mean putting more time and effort in DOING what you "think" needs to be done if what you “perceive” that what “needs to be done” is something that you dislike, hate or doesn’t "feel" good to you.

Breaking habitual patterns of DOING things in a certain way can and often does ignite fear, doubt, worry, cynicism, pessimism, anxiety, etc. etc. etc.

Breaking free from the familiar that has provided results that are less than truly desired is more than likely going to "feel" a bit uncomfy initially. But the LOVE and passion and purpose gets you through those times. It keeps you focused, on target and moving forward.

But it's ONLY fear of the unfamiliar. Once you face the fear and begin moving forward in a way that you Love, you find the fear melts away.

It means BECOMING more INSIDE first and foremost. It means becoming clear on what you TRULY LOVE, what you TRULY value, what you TRULY desire and then using what you find in tangible and measurable ways on the outside to enable and empower others to get more of what they Love.

When you're truly focused on what you Love, doing what you love, receiving what you love and serving others with that, you attract the ways, means, people, methodologies, techniques, training or WHATEVER to make what you Love real and tangible.

You create a cycle that sustains itself just as the fear based cycles that keep you "seemingly trapped" in your "comfort zones" sustain themselves unless and until YOU choose to stretch and break through them.

Sometimes…most times in fact…that requires acknowledging and moving through the fear, doubt, worry, pessimism and cynicism barriers that hold us back. It requires recognizing and eliminating the BLINDERS that keep us from “seeing” what’s right in front of our eyes.

It requires moving forward through the "Fog of Fear" and into the “Light of Love” to RECEIVE what we "claim" we want.

It’s NOT about DOING in and of itself. That's a part of it without question.

That MUST happen on ALL 3 levels (mental, emotional and physical) to make the BIG DREAMS real and tangible. All of these MUST BE aligned and harmonized with LOVE to create extraordinary results that YOU Love.

ALL of them!!

Overlook one and the results will "seem" to be hard earned or non-existent.

When the dreamer chooses to become more in a way that aligns and harmonizes with the tangible creation of the dream, (the outcome desired and/or Loved) BIG dreams that are often referred to as miracles become automatic and commonplace.

It can "seem" like magic.

The ways, means, people, events, conditions, circumstances, ideas and methodologies start APPEARING all around us. But, we have to stay tuned into our heart to recognize them. We have to stop "Using our head" and transcend what MOST "perceive" as being logical, rational and feasible.

What logical, rational and feasible MEAN for most people is nothing more than fear, doubt and worry disguising itself as something that MOST EVERYONE accepts as being the right and only "sensible" way to do things.

Common logic, rationale and reason is NOT the right way that will lead you to the REALLY BIG desires!!

Or should I say, it won't lead you down the "short path."

Heart based direction, in more cases than not will lead you down ANYTHING but the logical, rational and feasible path that most "perceive" as being the right path. In most cases when you move beyond your comfort zone and really begin to stretch you begin to see that what most "perceive" as being logical, rational and feasible is quite the opposite. You begin to see that the path of the crowd is quite irrational, illogical and NOT feasible for making heartfelt desires REAL and TANGIBLE.

Most people in the crowd can't even conceive choosing, focusing and consciously taking action aligned with LOVE on all levels due to comfort zones.

It begins at the soul level or the "heart level." Then it moves into the mental level. It transmutes and takes form at the emotional level. Then it requires ACTION at the physical level to transmute the Love from intangible to tangible form.

It transmutes from a mental picture, into emotion, into action and into a "tangible reality."

Anything less is nothing more than wishful and/or hopeful thinking. If ANY of these levels conflict with one another “disharmony and conflict” will consistently appear as a real and "seemingly inescapable" series of events, conditions and circumstances in your life.

Internal conflict takes form and Everything on the outside will "seem" hard earned, difficult and in may cases impossible.

Internal conflict creates “perceived” disharmony in the world…in YOUR world. It’s how and why so many self-sabotage and give up on their hopes, dreams and desires without even realizing that they are.

They do and do and do without looking deeper at how they feel about what they're DOING or WHY they're DOING it.

Big Dreamers who “see” their BIG dreams take “tangible and measurable form” don’t hope or wish or cross their fingers hoping, wishing, praying, visualizing, meditating and thinking something MIGHT happen. They also don't depend on "blindly doing." They don’t wait for their desires to magically drop in their lap.

First and foremost they KNOW something will happen. They "choose" to remain open, receptive and recognize when the ways and means reveal themselves. Then they move forward and DO something with what they know and what they attract which results in the tangible creation of what they receive.

But they also DO something else. They begin at the foundation where ALL their BEING and DOING comes from. They construct the foundation based on LOVE. They DO what they can to the best of their ability in the best way they know how to reach and serve others and they DO it NOW in the best way they KNOW how.

Source meets us where we are…WHEREVER that might be. Wherever we "choose" to begin we're met there. Some choose the long path and some choose the short path. But we're always met where we are. Source always meets us there.

My 6 year old granddaughter has a very simple but powerful saying that MANY adults could benefit from…

“I can do it, I am smart, all I have to do is start.”

Action and progress is the builder of confidence. Inaction is the builder of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety.

Most people have an “idea” of what they’re desired quality of life might "look like" but they won’t MOVE to make it real. They never start. They “allow” fear of the unfamiliar to block the path. They hope, wish and pray and make all these excuses as to why they CAN’T start.

And they get to be right... they never do.

And what “shows up” in their life is always a mirrored reflection of whatever that choice or choices might be.

There are no WRONG choices. There are no BAD choices. Only choices that consistently produce “tangible and measurable” results that are ALWAYS in ALL WAYS a mirrored reflection of what we choose for ourselves.

Sometimes they're desirable and sometimes they're anything but.

Love ALWAYS says YES.

The harmony, simplicity and perfection ALWAYS reveals itself whether we choose consciously or unconsciously. Whether we choose to start or don't the perfection ALWAYS reveals itself in tangible form.

If you’re tangible and measurable results are “less than” desired, the choices you’re making, have made or are going to make HAVE TO change if you “truly desire” and EXPECT to receive greater and more desirable “tangible results.”

Which takes us full circle and leads back into HOW to learn and begin building a firm and properly constructed foundation that will support whatever hopes dreams and desires you might have for yourself.

Getting clear, focused and INTENTIONAL and "purposefully" aligning with your Core Values.

A number of you TOTALLY MISSED the reason why I sent out the link that I did on Wednesday. Many wrote “perceiving” that it would only benefit those who have their own business. They couldn’t SEE beyond the FILTERS that blinded them to SEE the deeper meaning or the immense benefit that CHOOSING to DO a 15 minute exercise would provide.

Yes, at the beginning of the 1st video, it “sounded as if” Greg was addressing entrepreneurs and business owners exclusively.

The REAL message was...

Sharing your personal message, passion, and experiences through a business that you LOVE will give you both fulfillment and financial stability, a kind and quality that harmonizes with what you LOVE.

In video #1 Greg uses Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and Matt Mullenweg (the founder of Wordpress) as examples of the power we ALL hold to create and experience an extraordinary quality of life. They didn’t and don’t possess ANYTHING that you don’t. They “started out” with MUCH LESS than most have in fact.

What they DID have was a passion...a burning and "sincere desire"...a vision…a goal…AND a willingness to START and DO something to make their LOVES, PASSIONS and DESIRES real and tangible.

But what they HAD began INSIDE and they made it real OUTSIDE because of what was going on INSIDE. It didn't matter what was going on OUTSIDE. They aligned and harmonized the LOVE that was inside with what they chose to DO on the outside.

Then they DID something with it. They made a choice to START.

Know this...

Tangible and measurable results are always unfolding ALL around you ALL the time. The kind, quality and quantity are a mirrored reflection of what’s going on INSIDE. What you think, what you feel and what you DO or DON’T DO is always based on that choice and that choice alone. Everything that follows...the thoughts, emotions words and actions become real because of and due to that choice.

Who chooses what’s going on INSIDE as well as what you do or don’t do on the OUTSIDE?


There’s NOTHING, NO THING and NO ONE OUT THERE that makes your choices for you unless and until YOU choose to allow them to.

And that's what MOST people DO today. They "allow" others to dictate and define what's real, right and true for them. They engage in un-fulfilling careers, "allow" others to dictate how much money they'll make, how they'll spend their time, what they can do and when they can do it.

A growing number of people today are waking up and DOING the “inner work.” They are beginning to see and recognize the value and necessity of doing so. They sense and “feel” the power. That’s a GREAT start.

But many of them are "stuck there" too. It "feels REALLY good" when you first begin to explore and discover your "true power." It feels incredible in fact.

That doesn’t mean you don’t DO something. That doesn’t mean you get comfy in your recliner to VISUALIZE and MEDITATE your DREAM LIFE into being.

Those are great techniques no doubt. Necessary and powerful techniques that enable you to use the tool that we all have in powerful ways. That tool is the mind. Those methodologies enable you to enhance and elevate the programming in the mind to that of "Heart Based" direction and guidance.

They enable you to see through the fog of illusion. They enable you to see and know that’s what’s going on “out there” can’t and won’t impact you unless YOU allow it to.

They also serve to enable and empower you to get clear and CLEARLY SEE the picture of the desired outcome in your mind’s eye. They enable you to break through all the dis-empowering noise and “perceived” chaos in the world just long enough to see what’s truly available to and possible for you.

They enable you to see that what you LOVE…whatever that might be already exists and is readily available to you. They enable you to make choices…conscious, intentional and purposeful choices that point out and lead you down the “short path” to wherever it might be that you “truly desire” to go.

But once you SEE that…once you break through the comfort zones...once you get a taste of that…once you KNOW…then you have to take the steps and move down the path toward wherever it might be that you would LOVE to be. You HAVE to start walking the LOVE path.

You MUST MOVE when LOVE speaks and reveals itself. As simply, plainly and directly as it can be put...You HAVE to DO something.

Faith without works is dead.

What my friend Greg Habsritt shared in video #1 was “perceived” by many as only pertaining to business owners and entrepreneurs. It DOESN’T. It pertains to EVERY person who's serious about creating more of what they desire in life.

You have to slow down a bit, take the time, listen and look below the surface. But the message and the path is loud and clear.

I must confess. Part of the reason I've gone off on this rant is because I received an e-mail from a lady that wrote...

I love your site and what you teach. It's wonderful and helpful but you seem to be moving more toward business people, MONEY and BUSINESS...money, money, money.

So I just HAVE TO address that as well as "lovingly" but directly as I can. What I teach and what I write about pertains to the business of LIFE. Money IS a part of life. An IMPORTANT part for many people. Not important for some. And WAY TOO important for others.

I provided the community access to what Greg shares in the videos he's created because it applies and pertains to EVERY aspect of your life. What Greg shared and the tool he provided you access to goes FAR BEYOND business and money and business people.

It wasn't even TRULY about business and money or ANY particular class of people. It was about SERVING and CONTRIBUTING to the world in a way that you LOVE.

And he provides a tool that takes 15 MINUTES to DO that enables you to dig down beneath the layers and comfort zones which reveals the LOVE within you and what's most important to YOU.

It enables you to get to "The Heart" of things. It enables you to uncover, see and understand what your CORE VALUES are. That's HEART stuff. That's where YOUR power lies.

And I think it's important to also say this...

Money and business is what drives and sustains the entire world in a "tangible and measurable" kind of way.

What's more, MONEY and BUSINESS is EVERY bit as SPIRITUAL as anything else. There's NOTHING...NO THING that is NOT spiritual.

Greg Habstritt understands and clearly conveys in video #1 that experiencing a harmonious and fulfilling quality of life isn’t about money and business and stuff.

He clearly states that's NOT what the focus should be.

Those are nothing more than EFFECTS. He understands it’s about identifying your core values...what you LOVE and DOING something with those in a way that serves others.

Once you’ve DONE that, it’s necessary to HARMONIZE those core values and start engaging in your loves and passions in tangible and measurable ways and start serving others through those channels.

If YOURS isn't about MONEY then DO whatever your CORE VALUES lead you to.

But I will say this with regard to MONEY and BUSINESS.

You can't effectively reach and help other people if you don't have your own situation handled first. You can't give if you have nothing to give. Good thoughts, prayers and intentions, in and of themselves don't FEED and cloth people in a "physical kind of way." If receiving MONEY is an issue for you, if you in some way "perceive" money as bad or evil or WHATEVER, but serving and helping people is truly a "heart based" desire you have...then make as much MONEY as you can and give it away.

Whether you SEE IT or not, the world operates on a MONEY standard. It's what we USE as an exchange of value. It's necessary for PHYSICAL survival.

Forgive the "bluntness" but I'm sick of hearing from so called "spiritually minded people" who judge and/or see MONEY or anything else for that matter as anything but what it TRULY IS, and in the process avoid it, despise it, judge it as evil and in the process unconsciously "ALLOW" MILLIONS of people to STARVE every single day.

FOOD costs MONEY. Medical care costs MONEY. To get those "things" in the needed amounts, it requires an EXCHANGE of value.

When hungry children quit dying, when disease is snuffed out and children quit suffering and dying needlessly, when the hungry and homeless aren't hungry and homeless any longer, then maybe I'll be more apt to listen to those short sighted and narrow minded views about money and business.

Know this...

MONEY can be used to show and give LOVE whether you SEE that or not.

If you're unable to SEE that, I would "lovingly encourage you" to WAKE UP and move beyond such a limiting "comfort zone."

Perhaps the world would become a MUCH "better place" and far fewer people would have to suffer if those who SEE money as anything but what it TRULY is would MAKE SOME and give it those who it could help to simply SURVIVE.

Granted, Money is nothing more or less than an exchange of value and that's all. But you have to have some to EXCHANGE to fulfill WHATEVER your individual desires might be or the desires and NEEDS of others.

The entire creative process is designed around GIVING and RECEIVING. Block one of those and life can SEEM out of balance.

That's why the world is "perceived" as being so disharmonious and out of balance. Because the people of the world "unconsciously block" one or the other.

The process is profoundly simple and it never wavers. Value sent out determines the value received. If you’re “receiving less” MONEY or anything else than you desire or “think” you should be, it’s going to be necessary to become honest with yourself (in many cases BRUTALLY honest) and become "clear" on the value you’re giving.

If you ARE providing IMMENSE value but receiving little, then chances are GREAT that you only need OPEN yourself to RECEIVE which would enable you to which in turn would both enable and empower you to GIVE even more.

You MUST give value to receive and YOU must be open to RECEIVE to HAVE SOMETHING significant and meaningful to GIVE.

Choose to BLOCK one and the world CAN seem random, chaotic and out of harmony.

Bit it NEVER is. The creative process is ALWAYS harmonious, fair and balanced. That's how LOVE designed it.

Back on track with Core Values and Comfort Zones.

How do you open the flow to GIVING and RECEIVING?

The first and most important question to ask yourself is...

Is what you do and the VALUE you provide aligned and harmonized with your “core values?”

If it is keep doing what you're doing. But if you're doing something that isn't providing the level of VALUE that contributes and enables you to RECEIVE in a way that harmonizes with your HEARTFELT DESIRES, you'd better start DOING something differently IF you "truly" want to experience Real Harmony, Real Freedom and REAL Success in life.

Why do so many struggle and get by and/or settle for FAR LESS than what’s “truly available” to them? Because the value they GIVE is only of a kind and quality that “allows” struggling and getting by to become a way of life. It's a self sustaining cycle.

And the BIGGEST reason WHY is because what they choose to DO conflicts with their “core values.”

And it’s THAT simple.

The value that MOST provide isn’t aligned and harmonized with their CORE VALUES. They don’t DO what they LOVE. They “allow” what they love to be placed on the back burner because they’re too busy doing what they “think” they MUST DO to survive and get by. They don’t have time to DO what they LOVE because they’re too focused on “the fear” of not surviving and getting by if they don’t DO what they’ve been conditioned and indoctrinated to believe is necessary to DO.

They're using their heads instead of following their hearts which is the very thing necessary to eliminate and melt away the fear, doubt worry, struggle and GETTING BY mentality.

In essence, their priorities are all messed up and their results reflect that. There's an internal conflict...a raging internal battle that is reflected in EVERY aspect of their lives.

So they “perceive” themselves as “hopelessly stuck.” And guess what? They “get to be RIGHT.”

They DO what they do because they THINK they must, NOT because it’s what they LOVE and/or Value. They DO what they DO to survive and get by and they struggle simply because they don’t KNOW there’s a BETTER way. They focus on struggling, getting by, surviving and that’s what they GET to experience. It’s a fear based mindset that can never and WILL NEVER deliver the desired result.

Source doesn’t operate on what you want or think you’re “entitled to.” An Entitlement mentality will keep you in the place of “feeling entitled” but NOT receiving. To become “entitled” to receive extraordinary results you MUST GIVE FIRST and provide extraordinary value to others. The way to give and convey TREMENDOUS value is to engage in what you love.

And there lies the BIGGEST PROBLEM.

The value that most “perceive” themselves as being able to give or NOT give.

Rest assured, WE ALL HAVE something extraordinary to contribute. ALL of us. You might not “THINK SO.” You might not “perceive” that you have any significant value to give, but it’s that and ONLY that that will keep you from introducing and contributing YOUR extraordinary value to those who are open, ready and willing to receive it.

The creative process works on 4 levels. Spiritual, Mental, Emotional AND Physical. You can’t "control" the spiritual or the “soul level.” It’s unchanging and unwavering.

That's where DESIRE to EXPERIENCE comes from. Desire is a "heart based" thing. But you CAN'T make the desires of the heart "real and tangible" by staying in the spiritual heart based place.

But you can change the mental, emotional and physical levels to align and harmonize with the HEART LEVEL. Consciously align and harmonize those 3 levels with what you LOVE and you’ll receive what you LOVE. It activates and communicates with the Soul Level level which is Infinite in nature. When you communicate at this level “consciously, intentionally and purposefully you begin to consciously, consistently, intentionally and purposefully attract and “receive” what you’re asking for.

The same holds true should you choose to do so “unconsciously, unintentionally and without any conscious of definitive purpose.”

There’s nothing broken. The system isn’t flawed, random, chaotic, prejudice or anything else. It’s perfect and precise. It ALWAYS provides a mirrored reflection of what you’re choosing for yourself.

The cycles never end. The quality of the cycles can be changed should you CHOOSE to change them and get SERIOUS about doing so.

If you “truly desire” to see and experience the perfection for yourself in a desirable kind of way, it’s going to be necessary to understand how and why it works as it does and DO something that aligns and harmonizes with HOW things work.

You can't change how it works but you CAN change yourself.

For those who are still looking for THE SECRET to creating a fulfilling and harmonious quality of life…

There are no SECRETS to discover. Only become aware of what’s within you...eliminate the "filters"...break through the comfort zones so you can clearly SEE what's all around you. Choose to identify the BS filters that are keeping you from seeing and taking action on what’s in your HEART and consistently revealing itself through ways and means that are, always have been and always will be right in front of your eyes.

Doing that requires DOING something that serves and provides VALUE to enough others. The GREATEST value you can provide is identifying what you LOVE....what's MOST important to you and then DOING what you LOVE to do.

There are no magic wands. It can SEEM like magic when you DO THINGS the right way, in the right order and for the right intentions. And you can and MUST LOVE what you do to make that real and tangible.

But the close your eyes and Abba Cadabra your dream life into existence isn’t going to happen.

If you’ve tried it you already know how “true” that is.

That's all I've got this month.

If you haven't been to the site I recommended above

Take the TIME and DO IT!! There's no cost and nothing to buy. If you missed video one, you’ll have to opt-in so they can send the links to you, but I guarantee you'll benefit and perhaps even be blown away.

Above all, use the Core Values software, move beyond your Comfort Zones and you'll be, do and HAVE much more of what you "truly desire" for yourself.

The point of this edition is HOPEFULLY clear. Follow your heart, engage in your passions, do what's necessary and you'll "get" what you desire...WHATEVER that might be.

And what you’ll find is one unwavering fact. WHATEVER you choose and WHATEVER you get ALWAYS…ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS points back to you.

Thanks for allowing me to vent. Now, it's only a matter of asking yourself..."Are you going to DO something with it or not?"

I hope you'll choose to. The world NEEDS what you have to contribute.


Chuck Danes




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