Higher Balance Core VI
The Navigator – Revealing the Master

Within Each Of Us Exists A Master...Asleep and Just Waiting
For Us To Awaken It. That Time Has Come

It's Time To Discover, Explore and Embrace
Ever More Profound and Empowering Levels

Core VI : The Navigator : Revealing The Master

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Please note you MUST own all the previous Core’s before the one you are ordering. For example, prior to ordering Core VI, you must own the Core I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System and Core modules II through V. If you order a Core you aren’t ready for your order will not be shipped out, or downloaded, and your payment will be refunded.

Higher Balance Core VI
The Navigator : Revealing The Master

Many spiritual masters, sages and yogi's of the past have talked about the crucial and essential nature of balance and establishing harmony between the physical and spirituality.

To do so most effectively and efficiently, there's a razors edge to master and navigate to be sure. Yet doing so leads to harmony and and a sense of completion.

In essence this harmony is simply having one foot in the spiritual world and one foot here in this one.

Rather than describing a basis or the means to attain mere ‘peaceful or abundant living’, the masters of the past were attempting to describe the ‘place’ of their dimensional mind. Having gone beyond the brain and achieved a state of expanded awareness within the dimensional mind, they effectively merged the two. You could say it is in essence, a merging between body, mind and spirit.

It is in this place that the "conscious creation" of what many refer to as ‘miracles’ begin.

In Core VI : The Navigator – Revealing the Master, you'll finally understand how to put your newly acquired skills to work as you learn to start directly affecting The Matrix! You learn how to effectively and consistently “walk between worlds” and use your will to reap immediate results. You'll understand how to become one with the Gaia mind and quite literally alter the fabric of your physical reality. Take all that you have learned from moving beyond this place, this time and reality, and bring it back.

It's a little understood fact that we are each masters of our individual destiny. It is time to reveal the master within you.

Higher Balance's Core VI : The Navigator : Revealing The Master will enable and empower you to achieve what you know in your heart is possible. You'll begin by learning techniques to manipulate the weather with your mind. Once you see for yourself what you can achieve, it’s time to move beyond weather and explore the possibilities of altering reality. Learn the secret to enhancing your ability to program the Matrix. Hear incredible stories about what others have accomplished to further your own vision of what you can do.

Rather than simply moving into other dimensions, it is time to take that knowledge, and bring it here, now and begin using what you have learned to impact the physical world.

Nobody can do it for you. As with everything in your life, the choice is essentially yours. Will you awaken to that reality, begin to exercise your "true power" and become the master you were destined to be?

The world needs more leaders. It needs more teachers to lead those who "perceive" life to be far less than what's "truly" possible and experience it in it's fulness just as it was intended to be.

What Are You Waiting For?

Higher Balance Core VI - What Are You Waiting For

What Are You Waiting For - $149.00

"Imagine if you were paid One Dollar for Every Minute you Meditated!"

After discovering that his students had slacked off on an assignment, Eric guides them into the realization of their stagnation and lack of desire. This is not a class for the meek and you may be surprised, even shocked, at what Eric has to say to his students. This is about priorities and commitments to the Universe.

"You came into this world to do a job, I expect that you finish it." -Eric Pepin

Feel the Hair-Raising energy and real emotion in this highly talked about course as Eric asks the question, "What if you were paid to Meditate?"

For those who have experienced a slow down or dead stop in your spiritual path, or have been caught up in day to day life - Get ready for some boot camp! This is all about you baby! Get ready as Eric lights a fire under your arse!

What’s really keeping you from regular meditations? What are you putting first in your life? Do you really not have enough time? Let’s put it to the test! When are you going to make ‘The decision’? Are you really dedicated to serving The Force? Prove it!

This Raw, Unedited and Intimate moment between Higher Balance founder, Eric Pepin and his students will cast pillars of light on your own personal and spiritual journey.

You’ll Get...

  • A Remarkable and Powerful wakeup call!

  • Inspiration & Motivation in your path to Awakening!

  • New strategies for plowing through your tough barriers

  • Pitfalls and traps to avoid!

  • Real Contemplation into Your Journey

  • A Secret Benefit to Meditation...

"If you were drowning, you would fight to live. Well this is a fight for your life and it’s not just yours, its Gods!" -Eric Pepin

"This course has enlivened my soul. Bringing my apprenticeship back to par. I had been neglecting that inner voice and then I came to realize I no longer questioned nor pondered about life. Frightened I set out in search, this is when I came across What are You Waiting For? This course filled me with much insight by revealing my own barriers." -Isabel M

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the gems that await you as Eric unearths the biggest hindrance to development – You. How you view your priorities in a very physical world while struggling to realize your true priorities and commitment to the universe "Force" can be the one thing that sets you free!

P.S. Be warned, this class features Raw, Real, and Original teachings, so don’t take it personal!

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Mind Storm

Higher Balance Core VI - Mind Storm

Mind Storm - $149.00

Warning: Only participants who have been pre-qualified may obtain this material. If you would like to know if you are qualified please call or email and request access. Thank you.

For thousands of years there have been stories handed down about mystical masters who were able to actually manipulate the reality around them. These fantastic stories, while rich in detail and history, seem unreal to our modern minds. But what if there was some truth to these stories? What if there was a forgotten knowledge that once existed but was buried waiting to be brought back in a modern age? What if there were those who could learn such a knowledge and release it from deep within their being? Eric has said in the past that many white cells feel such an ability within them. They have an inner knowing of its existence, they simply do not know how to release it.

This provocative, advanced series material is such a knowledge. It is going to profoundly change your world and empower your beliefs. What you are about to learn is spectacular and, according to Eric, it's time that this knowledge was shared with advanced students.

You are about to unleash a hidden force within you that is able to commune with the Gaia mind and literally manipulate reality as you know it!

You are going to enter the controlling thoughts of the greater organism we are bound within known as the Gaia mind (The real Matrix). The fabric of the Gaia Mind hides many secrets and doorways. Learn to enter the Gaia Mind and move through it, then apply your will within it and observe reality become it!

Look around where you are right now. See the objects of the reality you interact with. This is the reality of human consciousness. Solid and present, it is the level of Gaia we exist in most often. It is hard to perceive the reality of the very real energy of the Gaia Mind compared to the solidness of what our hands can touch.

Learn to match your minds frequency with the Gaia Mind frequency, allowing you to move through it and effect reality around you and others. Enough said!

"It is the defining moment that you change reality and perform a true miracle."

"I was already blown away with Eric's material, but after this... well, it is indescribable right now for me."

Eric teaches for the first time how you can actually affect reality. People experiencing this material report success within minutes of listening to this material!

Anyone who has experienced Eric’s material first-hand will attest the superior quality of information and techniques given in this material is an entirely new level, offering extraordinary breakthroughs.

Mind Storm is a three CD course with an illustrative booklet that teaches you how to affect and alter reality. It is an excellent addition to the Direct Manifestation set taking things to a more effective level. There are 4 techniques you will be trained in effectively empowering you.

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Dimensions - Walk With Me

Higher Balance Core VI - Walk With Me

Dimensions - Walk With Me - $149.00

"Attain the skill to wander between separate realities..."

With stupefying simplicity you will learn to cross over this dimension and step into other fantastic hidden realities!

Perceive and encounter the unimaginable...

-luminescent objects floating through the air

-swirling dimensional vortexes

-curious and intelligent energy beings

-dazzling, visual electrical storms sparkling in the wind

-remarkable displays of dimensional light flashing everywhere

-sincere bonding and communication with non-vocal organic life

-and other moments you’ve never conceived

These spectacular occurrences will dissolve your mental limitations, inspire your spiritual journey to soar into new heights and literally make you a walking avatar, one who transcends human boundaries of perception and existence!

Astonishing new experiences! Take advantage of our Risk-Free 30 day trial.

"As I was walking at nighttime in the park practicing the technique I caught off guard suddenly when I saw a red square in the air? Everything started to have a slight illumination and it was becoming more pronounced slowly. There were soft sparks everywhere. I felt that the trees were acknowledging me and all of them had different personalities. Everything came more alive in a way."

All this is just the beginning when you are practicing this simple yet profound technique.

"As I walked outdoors I was able to interpret through my dimensional body, it was like a dual awareness. At first I became intensely aware of vegetation, plants, shrubs, tree’s all of that sort. For example, each leaf on a tree captivated me as it was a shimmering living frequency dancing before my eyes. It was an extraordinary experience that lasted for the entire day and will require much reflection. I am speechless once again, thank you Eric."

Eric’s method of dimension walking is so dynamic that anyone with a little effort is able to achieve it! Train your senses to tap into other dimensions that exist all around you, in this moment, at the same time. Remove the curtains that divide you from these other realities.

With minimal practice you will be able to actually hold this particular state of consciousness and share it with others by actually bringing them into it with you!

Shift your perspective as every moment of your day reveals the hidden wonders within your waking life. Catapult yourself to a multi-dimensional awareness few have experienced or mastered.

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The Hidden Key

Higher Balance Institute - Hidden Key

The Hidden Key - $149.00

Eric has recently begun a new movement of teaching. As the world changes and moves forward Eric is sensing that it is time to reveal a next level of teaching. And like he says, “if you heard this information too soon you would be sure to fail.”

This class is easy to understand and acts as a decoder or Rosetta stone for the other knowledge that you have been working with. If you are ready it will unlock brand new depths of experience.

After a candid discussion with the Higher Balance staff one day at lunch, Eric felt compelled to prepare everyone for something that will be essential to their survival as a white cell. This is the Key that everyone has been waiting for since that discussion. With the door flying open and the gift of immense knowledge being presented, your mind will be opened to the secret language of the Masters.

Eric gives such a pointed explanation as to how he is able to communicate with the Force and teaches you how to do what he does. Your heart will be singing with gratitude for the simplicity of his delivery.

You will learn in this course:

• How to learn and interpret the language of the Universe.

• How to use that language to create miracles for yourself.

• How to use your frequency to develop dimensional “recipes” for desired outcomes.

• How to keep yourself in the moment using thought invocations.

• Learn how thought will affect the outcome of everything that you do spiritually.

• How to spread your intention most effectively.

• How to affect the micro to gain a macro effect.

• How you can specialize as a white cell and participate in the greater whole.

• And learn to move deeper than ever imagined

You instinctively know that it is time to really get your nose to the grindstone and deepen your commitment to your practice. It is time to awaken to your truest potential. This is the key that you need to have the communication skills necessary to do so.

It is time to go far beyond merely intellectualizing the material and intensify your Experience-Driven Approach to a new level; this is the one missing piece that brings it all together. Apply what you learn from this course to your mental Mandela and prepare yourself for a grand awakening in its truest form.

Simple enough so a beginner can understand, but profound enough to leave an advanced student with their jaw dropped for days. This is by far the most potent presentation of technique and knowledge that allows you access to what once was thought to be forbidden.

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Bending Reality

Higher Balance Institute - Bending Reality

Bending Reality - $149.00

If you ever enable and allow yourself to SEE reality for the illusion that it is, a virtual world that "seems as if" it's all very real, you'll be one step closer to using that understanding to quite literally bend reality.

In mainstream thinking, this sounds preposterous, impossible and crazy and goes against EVERYTHING we've been programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated to believe.

Think and Believe as you will, but in Bending Reality you'll hear 1st hand accounts from real students who have personally witnessed what MOST would perceive and label as something outside the realm of possibility.

Unless and until you acknowledge and let go of the long held beliefs that keep you from it, Bending Reality will remain nothing more than a hope, wish or passing fancy.

Bending Reality will reveal that it's not only possible, it's your birthright to use the power that's been freely provided to each of us to use as we deem necessary and appropriate. Bending Reality will not only show you why that's true but how to enter into the space where Bending Reality is commonplace.

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Cycles of the Soul

Higher Balance Institute - Cycles of the Soul

Cycles of the Soul - $149.00

You've no doubt heard of reincarnation. But has what you've heard ring true?

There are countless myths and what seem like fairy tales that are widespread in all cultures of the world, yet a Higher Truth exists which far surpasses the "commonly held beliefs" of the majority.

The promise of an eternal existence is enticing and although reincarnation is a very real thing, the process of reincarnation is as misunderstood as it is controversial.

Cycles of the Soul provide in depth detailed answers about everything to do with reincarnation which most simply don;t have the understanding of nor the answers to.

At the conclusion of Cycles of the Soul, HBI founder Eric Pepin walks you through a past life regression scenario, enabling you to go beyond listening and into the experience of what past life regression might be like.

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Higher Balance Institute - Sex

Sex - $149.00

While it's true that sex is often viewed as somewhat of a taboo subject, and it's equally true that many feel discomfort and a sense of uneasiness discussing it, although not widely acknowledged or understood, the Higher Truth is that sex is a vital part of expanding your mind and attaining enlightenment.

Unlearning some (and in many cases much) of the knowledge you've acquired through various forms of programming and indoctrination and making a conscious choice to discard the less than accurate information that minimizes and limits the understanding of sex to that of a physical action, when you get to the core of what sex truly is and understand the true nature of it, liberation is a given.

Gaining the knowledge that comes in this module, will liberate your mind at a level that many never achieve. In the sex module, Higher Balance Institute founder Eric Pepin shares little understood knowledge that many spiritual teachers are either unaware of or afraid to teach.

In this module you'll learn the many faces of sex, how it's used as a means of energy exchange as well as utilized to control and manipulate entire populations. Upon completion you'll possess an uncommon understanding of the real benefits, the downsides as well as how it can be used to expand the deepest recesses of your mind as you navigate the awakened path and develop your spirituality.

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