Higher Balance Core VII
Circle Of The Masters

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Core VII : The Circle Of Masters

Higher Balance Core VII - Direct ManifestationHigher Balance Core VII - In Between

Prerequisites Apply To The Higher Balance Core VII Modules

Please note you MUST own all the previous Core’s before the one you are ordering. For example, prior to ordering Core VII, you must own the Core I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System and all proceeding Higher Balance Cores. If you order a Core you aren’t ready for your order will not be shipped out, or downloaded, and your payment will be refunded.

Core VII : The Circle Of Masters

A Circle of Masters moves you into the most advanced material that the Higher Balance Institute offers in the entire Core program.

You will access the most profound states of consciousness as you learn how to perform Direct Manifestation, programming the mind of Gaia, and the In-Between, as elusive as it is powerful.

If you have moved into Core VII - The Circle Of Masters, then your decision is made. You are truly becoming a master, and it is time to enter into a place where precious few have ever gone.

It will take skill, dedication, and heart as you progress. You have come far yet there is still more to explore, experience and master.

Core VII will carry you the rest of the way to the door that awaits you...The "final door."

We can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it. The rest is between you and the Universe. The journey to completion begins with a moment. A single step. Take the first step now.

The Circle Of Masters awaits you. Step through the door and experience for yourself the magnificence and pure untainted power that awaits you on the other side.

Direct Manifestation

Warning: Due to the nature of the Core VII Circle Of The Masters expansion modules, only participants who have been pre-qualified may obtain this material. If you would like to know if you are qualified please call or email and request access. Thank you.

Higher Balance Core VII - Direct Manifestation

Direct Manifestation - $299.00

Materialize your desires into reality

Direct Manifestation is a three CD course that contains all the knowledge, philosophy, and techniques required for you to easily create anything you want into your life.

Direct Manifestation is a simple but powerful and broad ranging technique that has countless uses. You'll be amazed at the mysterious ease in which this technique directly delivers into your life.

Learn how you can manifest money, love, a new job, friendship, self improvement, understanding, and more. Your imagination and the sincerity of your desire is the limit!

Why is it that some people seem to easily manifest in life while others struggle? In this course Eric explains what makes all the difference in people and how you can effectively change your circumstances and begin manifesting a new life right now. This isn't a vague, uncertain outcome but something very specific.

Have you been looking for a new job for years but the opportunity hasn't arisen? What if two weeks after applying this technique the perfect job, one you always dreamed of but didn't consider possible, suddenly fell in your lap? Would it just be coincidence after years of looking? What if two weeks after applying this technique you met someone you felt an instant bond and attraction towards and they felt the same for you? What if you even manifested specific traits and this person matched them all? Coincidence again?

Be careful what you ask for, because using this incredible easy but powerful technique you are going to get it. It takes just minutes a day for a few times each week.

You can even manifest your own desired personality traits into reality, as well as enhance your spiritual development and experiences.

It gives you the power to change aspects of yourself that you always wanted to improve but may have felt powerless to do so.

This easy to follow course will lead you from basic philosophy to in-depth descriptions of exactly how to begin manifesting whatever you desire directly into your life now. All that is left for you to decide is what you want to create!

Also included are step by step techniques that allow you to put everything you've learned into practice. The material in this course is indeed, cutting-edge spiritual information, however the techniques are remarkably easy to use.

You will be amazed at the effectiveness of this technique as you discover your true potential.

"I have had serious concerns regarding the release of this information and techniques for many years but I feel that it is now time to share this sacred knowledge for the good of all." -- Eric Pepin

You will learn how to manifest real Finances, Security, Health, Success, Personal Breakthrough's and much more. Discover the details that other teachers have left out. You will discover the secrets that change reality as we know it. Understand how spiritual masters created miracles and how extraordinary change will take place in your life!

Notice: Limited Release. Eric has requested that this material be limited in release so that we may monitor the applications of this powerful technique. We reserve the right to withhold the sale of this material to any individuals or organizations based solely upon Higher Balance Institute's discretion. If you obtain a copy we only ask that you forward your personal experiences to be recorded and posted as testimonials certifying its effectiveness. We will withhold identity if requested.


"The universe is truly amazing and compassionate when you know how to ask for some help"

"I now have created the finances I needed and can focus on my personal growth, thank you!"

"It transcends traditional thinking and makes perfect sense!"

"The possibilities are endless!"

The Secret that truly Delivers Anything You Want!

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Own The Entire Higher Balance Core I thru VII Package and Save

In Between

Warning: Due to the nature of the Core VII Circle Of The Masters expansion modules, only participants who have been pre-qualified may obtain this material. If you would like to know if you are qualified please call or email and request access. Thank you.

Higher Balance Core VII - In Between

In Between - $299.00

What if you could enter into a state so powerful that you could literally manipulate the reality around you on a molecular level?

There is a place where the masters have entered in ordered to perform miracles that went beyond all human comprehension. In this place the answers to the universe lie before your eyes and the veil of mystery is parted.

The seekers that have been beckoned and have followed into this place have experienced life altering events, leaving them forever changed. Once you find the entrance to this place you may go back and explore the never-ending depth and wealth of knowledge. It is acquired by making the choice to embark upon this unbelievable journey into unraveling our reality as we know it.

Quantum theory, physics, and philosophy all try to grasp and understand our reality by intellectualizing all that surrounds us. But, by no means do they come close to even shedding a pin prick sized hole into the scope of grandness and oneness that you will experience in five minutes in the In-Between.

In the In-Between state of consciousness you are residing in a dimensional state of being. Your physical body remains as your dimensional bodies become clearer and more pronounced, as does the dimensionality of our reality. You are able to interact with several dimensions at once. The properties and “laws” that once governed you and held you in this place are loosened as you are able to free yourself and shed the conventional knowledge of the world.

You are entering into a whole new arena that will leave you forever changed from the wisdom and purpose gained from residing in such a place. It is as if you are tapping into the soul of the Universe and melding with it. This enables you to experience the world around you in a way that once was thought to be only fiction or accomplished by the masters.

It is time for you to become a Master. Allow yourself to pass over the threshold of this reality and into the realm that lies between our physical world and the spiritual. Walk through the veil that has kept these ancient places secret from you. You know they exist, you can feel it, and now it is time for you to experience it.

While In –Between you will learn:A place of consciousness so amazing, that you will be forever changedTo understand the perfection of the UniverseTo clearly view the structure of the MatrixTo understand the purpose of realityTo step out of the human experience and touch, see, feel, smell like an Energy Being

In the recording of this class we personally witnessed Eric take three individuals into this powerful state of mind. The method he used to do this was preserved for generations to come. Now you can take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and learn the secrets for yourself.

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