The Facts Concerning DelfinWorld and The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy

Delfin The Facts : Discover The TRUE To Life Verifiable Facts Concerning The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy, The DelfinWorld Opportunity And Delfins Unmatched Wealth Creation System

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The Delfin Product - FACTS

Product Fact #1

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy Is An All Inclusive "Total Transformation System" Which Provides Unprecedented Life Long Value To Those Who Choose To Utilize It, Unlike Any Other Transformational Product Of It's Kind

Product Fact #2

Your Physical Brain Is Only 2% Responsible For What You Accomplish In Life. The Behind The Scenes Subconscious Functions Are Responsible For 98% Of Those Accomplishments AND Failures. The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy Assists And Empowers You To Re-pattern The Subconscious For Maximum And Consistent Results.

Product Fact #3

Leslie Fieger, The Founder Of DelfinWorld, Has Assisted Average People From ALL Walks Of Life From All Around The Globe To Create The Necessary "Internal Harmony" or "Wealth Mindset" And As A Result The External Or "Physical Wealth" In EVERY Area Of Their Lives

Product Fact #4

"Until You Shift Your Paradigms Concerning What Is Possible For You, At A Subconscious Level Your Possibilities Will Not Change Regardless Of How Hard You Try At A Conscious Level. Delfin Provides The Knowledge, Tools, Technology and Step By Step Plan Necessary To Make That Transition Effortless.

Product Fact #5

Until You Recognize And Replace The "False or Self Limiting Beliefs" Which Are Creating Your Current Conditions, Your External Results Will Not Change REGARDLESS Of How HARD You May Try. Delfin Provides EVERYTHING You'll Need To Achieve It.

Product Fact #6

You Can Continue To Collect Useless Or Limited Data And Information Through Conventional Motivational and Personal Development Programs And Continue To Fail Or Learn The Proper Way To Apply "Correct Knowledge" And Begin To Fulfill Your Most Cherished And Sought After Hopes, Dreams, and Desires

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy Is At The University Level Compared To Most Personal Empowerment Resources And Is The LAST System You Should EVER Need.

The Delfin Opportunity - FACTS

Opportunity Fact #1

The DelfinWorld Wealth Creation System Provides An Unparalleled, True To Life Home Business Opportunity For You To Create Monetary Wealth For Yourself Unlike Any Other System Available

Opportunity Fact #2

DelfinWorld Provides You With An Unparalleled And Unprecedented Opportunity To Reach A Virtually Untapped And Growing Worldwide Market From The Comfort Of Home Who Are Hungry And Seeking The Answers That The Delfin Knowledge System Provides

Opportunity Fact #3

According to Internet World Stats, there are 1,093,529,692 Internet users in the world as of January 11, 2007.

Opportunity Fact #4

Total online consumer spending for 2005 reached $143.2 billion, a whopping 22% percent increase over 2004. In fact, that amount has increased annually 20%+ each year for the last 4 years - with no end in sight! (Source: comScore Networks)

Opportunity Fact #4

Rich consumers are more likely to shop online. Overall, 34 percent of respondents said they made an online purchase during the past year while 50 percent of mass affluent respondents and 57 percent of the highly affluent used e-commerce. (Source: Package Facts)

Opportunity Fact #5

According To New York Times Best Selling Author and World Renown Economist Paul Zane Pilzer There Will Be A MINIMUM Of 10,000,000 New Online Millionaires Created In The Next Decade Due To The Upcoming Boom Of Direct Marketing Combined With The Ease And Simplicity Of The Internet. Pilzer Claims In His Latest Book, "The Next Millionaires" That The Internet Is Just Getting Started And Those Who Are Or Become Internet Entrepreneurs Will Reap The Rewards. OVER 2700 New Millionaires Created PER DAY In The U.S ALONE Averaged Over The Next Decade

Opportunity Fact #6

The Personal Development Industry Is An $8,000,000,000.00 (8 Billion) Per Year Industry Which Is Expected To Top $10,000,000,000.00 (10 Billion) In The Next Few Years

Opportunity Fact #7

You DO Have The Ability To Experience Fulfillment And Harmony In YOUR Life Regardless Of Where You Currently Find Yourself In Relation To Your Financial Relational, Physical, and Spiritual Outcomes. As Tens Of Thousands Around The Globe Have Already Discovered, DelfinWorld Enables and Empowers You To Experience Just That

Opportunity Fact #8

If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Continue To Get What You've Always Gotten

The Delfin Remarketing System - FACTS

The System Fact #1

Delfin provides you with your very own personalized ready built website complete with a state of the art back office for effectively managing your Delfin business.

The System Fact #2

The DelfinWorld system is NOT MLM. It is a direct marketing company that enables you to build long term passive and residual income and create MULTIPLE wealth lines that continue to pay you over and over again for efforts performed once.

The System Fact #3

The DelfinWorld System enables you to run your business from home or wherever in the world you may be where you have an internet connection.

The System Fact #4

The DelfinWorld System does all the telling and selling for you. Just provide your visitors with the link to your personalized DelfinWorld portal and let it do what it is designed to do so you don't have to.

The System Fact #5

The DelfinWorld System puts you and your visitors in personal contact with the founder, Leslie Fieger himself as well as others from around the world who have successfully utilized the Delfin Knowledge System, utilizing state of the art online conferencing software with audio / video capability that enables you and your perspective customers to hear first hand how The Delfin Knowledge System as well as the Delfin opportunity is transforming lives.

The System Fact #6

The DelfinWorld System produced in excess of 60 million dollars in affiliate income in under 6 years OFFLINE and since it's online launch is projected to skyrocket. NOT 60 Million in SALES...60 Million in AFFILIATE INCOME!!

The System Fact #7

The DelfinWorld System provides ongoing support to assist you in making certain that your business and monetary goals are reached or exceeded.

The System Fact #8

The DelfinWorld System has the HIGHEST payout percentages than any other system of it's kind paid directly to you.

The System Fact #9

The DelfinWorld System has NO ongoing monthly obligations or sales quotas. Once qualified, (1 sale) you are qualified for life!!

Those are the true to life verifiable facts. Based on these facts you will become enabled and empowered to make the best and the right choice for you.

There is absolutely NO QUESTION that The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy as well as the DelfinWorld opportunity are transforming lives on a massive scale.

You only need decide if The Delfin Total Transformation System is the vehicle that will enable and empower you to achieve what you desire.

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