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YOUR Inner Truth...What You "Believe" To Be True Will Be Manifest And Experienced In Your External Results

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You now possess the knowledge as well as the vehicle that will enable you to break free from struggle, lack, and undesirable conditions in your life.

You are now armed with the awareness of a powerful life transforming system that will enable and empower you to create whatever you desire to experience in your life. You have been introduced to the DelfinWorld "Pay It Forward and Srpead The Good News" Affiliate Program that will provide the monetary aspects of wealth, as well as the Delfin "Total Transformation System" known as The Trilogy that will enable and empower you to develop the "Wealth Mindset" which is "absolutely essential" for making your financial, physical, relational, emotional and spiritual goals a reality. You now have access to EVERYTHING you'll require to help you to break through the barriers that have blocked your path and have kept you from achieving and experiencing your most heartfelt dreams and desires.

You Only Need To Decide If You're Finally Ready...BUT Before you Do Understand This.... contrary to majority belief...

Knowledge In And Of Itself Is NOT Power!!

Yes, it is the absolute truth that the Delfin Knowledge System is, in my opinion the most complete, powerful, life transforming "Total Transformation System" available ANYWHERE in the world. BUT...

It's VERY important that you realize and understand that knowledge in and of itself is NOT power, but only APPLIED knowledge that will take you wherever it is that you desire to go. If it were true that knowledge in and of itself were power, librarians, university professors, and teachers would all be multi-millionaires and even billionaires.

Knowledge in and of itself does NOT equate to power. But "correct knowledge" combined with imagination and a willingness to take action, DESIRED and INSPIRED ACTION will enable you to experience a life uncommon. Without these two vital factors, knowledge, regardless of how credible or how powerful it may be, is and will remain only useless information UNLESS and UNTIL you act upon it.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides you with not only the correct knowledge necessary, but also the transformational tools and simple step by step plan that will empower you to take the necessary action to become a conscious creator of the events, conditions, and circumstances which make up your life.

Regardless of what you may currently perceive as truth, you DO have the ability as well as the potential to begin experiencing a life of harmony, purpose, and unbridled passion. You also possess the ability as well as the free will to choose NOT to believe it.

One thing is certain...

YOUR Inner Truth...What you "Believe" To Be True Will Be Manifest And Experienced In Your External Results

An extremely important factor to understand is that whatever you "believe" to be true will determine your outcomes in life. These truths or beliefs that you hold need not be based on "Real Truth" but only what YOU perceive truth to be for you.

Many times these truths are based on inaccurate information and are the very truths that will keep you from fulfilling your desires. Regardless of their validity, your perceptions regarding them, what you perceive to be true in ANY aspect of your life will shape your external reality. If you have conscious dreams and desires that are not being experienced in your life it is due to beliefs that you hold at some level regarding their manifestation either consciously or unconsciously.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy will provide and introduce you to the "Real Truth" concerning yourself and your ability to become a conscious and purposeful creator of "Whatever" you may have a desire to experience in your life AND provide the means to undo the subconscious limitations that you may not even be aware of.

I know that you have dreams and desires. I also know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the dreams and desires that you have for yourself CAN and WILL come true IF you "believe" they can...But NOT Until.

This belief MUST be deeper than just a conscious "wanting" or "believing" to make it happen. It MUST be a belief at a subconscious level.

Have you ever really thought about and asked yourself WHY you have these dreams and desires that you do? Do you honestly believe that you have them just to torture yourself? Do you think that they were placed in you to remain unfulfilled without any hope of seeing them manifest in your life? Absolutely NOT!! Your Higher Self installed those dreams and desires in you to lead and inspire you to take focused ACTION.

That action is a choice that only you can make....No one can or will make it for you

Many people struggle with taking the action necessary to fulfill their dreams and desires. More times than not this failure to act is due to fear. Fear is the greatest deterrent of success. Fear only serves to hold in bondage those who make the choice to remain in it's clutches. Fear only serves to keep you from realizing and reaching your true potential.

There are many types of fear. Fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of making the wrong choices, fear of success etc. It is due to this type of fear that keep the masses from achieving what they are more than capable of achieving in their lives. Fear only serves to destroy the hopes, dreams, and desires of those who choose to remain in it's grasp. Fear is based only on inaccurate information... "False Evidence Appearing Real."

The Delfin Knowledge System will enable you to overcome that fear by developing the understanding of what fear really is.....An Illusion.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that... "Imagination is the greatest creative force in the Universe." The important words here are 'Greatest Creative Force'. He claims that it's imagination! Not education! Not money! Not luck!

What are YOU currently imagining for yourself? Your results today, what you find yourself experiencing right now holds the answer to that question.

You may find that what you consciously imagine and desire to experience in your life may be contrary to what it is that you are currently experiencing. If this describes you, it is due to the subconscious processes or "hidden beliefs" that you hold which you may not be currently aware that are creating those results. Until those subconscious processes are eliminated and replaced, you will continue to experience the same results.

Your tomorrows will take form in exact proportion to your predominant thoughts, beliefs, ideas, visions and dreams today which are in harmony with your subconscious creative imaginings just as thoughts and beliefs of the past have shaped your experiences in life today.

What you imagine for yourself at the subconscious level, regardless of what these imaginings may be, whether fear, lack, limitation, struggle or their opposites, these are the prophecies of what you shall one day become and achieve. You can predict your outer life tomorrow with exact certainty by looking at your inner self today. If you find that what is being reflected from this inner self is not in alignment with fulfilling your desires, you can also choose to mold, reshape and as a result change those tomorrows by changing your inner self today.

How exactly do you do that? By developing the awareness of who and what you TRULY are.

The Delfin Knowledge System reveals that truth

I'm not certain where you find yourself today with respect to your outcomes in your life. What I do know is that the majority are experiencing far less that they have the potential to experience based on traditionally established false beliefs. They have been programmed and conditioned and as a result established beliefs which keep them from fully experiencing all that life has to offer.

If you are not experiencing and living your desires it will be necessary for you to discover truth for yourself if you TRULY wish to experience them at some point.

"Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true." - Buddha

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy Will Awaken You To Truth

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides EVERYTHING you need to create the "inner change" necessary to make your hopes, dreams, visions and goals a reality in the external world. It will enlighten and awaken you to your "True" potential. It will provide you with the "Correct Knowledge" which will expose the subconscious imaginings that are responsible for your current results as well as provide the means to replace them. It will awaken you to the fact of who and what you truly are and the limitless potential that you already possess to mold and experience the life of your dreams. It will provide you with the correct actions necessary to carry you where it is that you consciously desire to go. It will convey to you in crystal clear detail that you are NOT a victim of circumstance but rather a creator of your circumstances. It will provide you with the knowledge and action steps needed which will empower you to finally become a "conscious and purposeful creator" of your life experience.

The DelfinWorld Opportunity

The DelfinWorld Affiliate Program provides EVERYTHING you'll need to make your financial monetary goals a reality. It will provide you with a proven wealth creation system that is already in place, It will provide you with your very own personalized website which has already been built for you. It will provide you with your very own virtual back office to effectively manage your business. It will provide almost everything required to make your physical desires a reality in your life. There are but two important and crucial ingredients that are missing. You and your willingness to take the action necessary.

The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides you with the intellectual understanding of your ability to consciously create what you desire to experience as well as the steps that empower you to make it a reality in your life. The DelfinWorld Opportunity provides the vehicle as well as the tools necessary that can make your most cherished and sought after external goals a reality.

It is only your free will, your choice , that could keep you from putting into focused action, the knowledge that you now possess.

What you choose today are the very choices that will determine your tomorrows. If you are satisfied with the external results that you are currently experiencing in each area of your life, keep doing what you have. If you're not, then it is necessary to change those actions if you truly expect and desire to receive different results.

You have the ability to experience harmony and fulfillment in your life. Not only monetarily, but relationally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You have the ability to make your most heartfelt dreams and desires a physical reality. It is only your choices today that will determine precisely what your experience will be tomorrow.

The 3 Steps To Life / Self Mastery

The first necessary step is imagining. The second step is believing. The third necessary step is action. Even if that action consists of one tiny first step repeated over time, you will have made tremendous progress in reaching your desired destination. Until that first step is taken you will remain where you are and continue to experience precisely what you have in the past.

For many the first step which is necessary is accumulating more knowledge. For others it is only a matter of putting the knowledge that they already possess into focused action. DelfinWorld provides you with both the necessary knowledge as well as the plan and tools that will enable and empower you to fulfill your dreams and to become a "conscious creator" of your circumstances.

That is real truth. Now you only need decide if it is going to be YOUR truth. It is that decision which you make right now that will determine and which could make all the difference in your life experiences tomorrow.

Experiencing a life of joy and fulfillment isn't as difficult as so many "believe" it to be. In fact it is MUCH easier than most believe and can conceive. That is why most never experience it.

You have been presented with EVERYTHING you need to make it a reality in your life. You only need make the choice to take action.

That my friend is truth.

Whatever your choices, it is our sincere and heartfelt hope for you, that they might lead you one step closer to a life experience of Fulfillment Joy, Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

DelfinWorld and the Delfin Knowledge System are the Real Deal. Leslie Fieger is a True Leader who not only talks the talk, but has walked the walk. The DelfinWorld products are most definitely needed by almost everyone in the world. Between these three key factors the potential exists for you to catapult yourself into living a life beyond your wildest imagination.

I've done my part, now it's your turn to decide.

You deserve success. It is literally your birthright to live a life of abundance and plenty. Are You?

You Can Be. It's YOUR Choice.

DelfinWorld And The Delfin Knowledge System Will Show You How Simple It Can Be To Achieve It.

DelfinWorld and The Delfin Knowledge System Trilogy provides you with Everything you'll need for True and Sustainable Wealth In Every area of your life. The knowledge and tools to create inner harmony, the marketing plan to create monetary wealth, and the opportunity to contribute and give back to the world in a powerful and meaningful way.

The Delfin Knowledge System will provide all the evidence you'll need through it's proven in depth scientific and spiritual evidence, powerful transformation tools, and the step by step how-to information that will turn YOU into a powerful, joyful and Conscious Creator of your physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual world just as it has for tens of thousands of others.

DelfinWorld Is Changing Lives
On A Global and MASSIVE Scale

Whether or not you decide that DelfinWorld is the vehicle that can assist you in achieving those things that you most desire for your life, it is my sincere hope that you do find whatever it is that you are seeking and that it might lead you one step closer to living and enjoying the kind of life you were intended to and have the potential to experience regardless of where you may currently find yourself in life.

A life full of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, and Deep Inner Peace is yours for the taking. Finally, through the transformational power that the education which makes up the Delfin Knowledge System provides, you'll understand not only why this is true, but you'll also possess the knowledge, the belief and the transformational tools that will empower you to achieve it.

DelfinWorld IS Transforming Lives Around The Planet

It Is Simple : It Is Affordable : It Is Real

It Is The TRUTH!

"And It WILL Transform EVERY Aspect Of YOUR Life IF You'll Allow It To"

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