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The Higher Truth About (and The REAL Cause of) What You Want, Don't Want and and How to Tap Into What You Truly Desire...Scientifically Speaking

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Chuck Danes Enlightened Journey Enterprises
Chuck Danes - Enlightened Journey Enterprises Founder/CEO

I think it's important to begin by clarifying the intended meaning of the subtitle above which states "the REAL cause" of what you want. In this context, I'm not referring to The Cause. I'm referring to "the cause" as it pertains to you and what you have control over specifically.

We'll be taking a closer look at the multiple "levels of cause" in a future edition. It's an important distinction, as will hopefully become clear as we move through the many things we'll be covering at some future point in time.

Before we delve fully into the subject matter of this months edition of Enlightened Journey I'm going to ask that you take a moment to think about something. More than just think about it actually. For just a moment, eliminate any outside distractions, clear your mind, focus and imagine that you could ask for and receive something that's REALLY important to you.

More than just ask, as you do, pretend if you must that you knew the person you were asking would say yes regardless. Ask without any doubts or apprehensions. Let go of any preconceived notions that it's too much, too big, too difficult, that it's impossible, or any other "reasons" that would keep you from thinking REALLY big.

NO limits, NO ceilings, NO borders, NO qualifications whatsoever. I'm talking about ANYTHING!

What would "you" ask for?

Now, take another moment and think about WHY it is that you imagined it. How would it impact your life?

What is taking place in your life that you don't have it. What do you believe is keeping you from having it?

In this week's edition of Enlightened Journey, we're going to lay the ground work and take the first simple, yet essential step toward building the kind of foundation that does one of 2 things...

  1. Provides you with the understanding that will enable you to get whatever you imagined.

  2. Assist you in seeing the importance of rethinking, getting really clear on and/or defining whatever it is in such a way and to the degree that it transforms from imaginary into something tangible and measurable.

If the thought that 1st popped into your mind is that you want more, the latter will apply. More definitely isn't defined and clear. More is a BIG word. If you were provided "more" as you asked, you wouldn't be able to handle it.

The reason why is because there is an infinite amount of "more" of everything, including but definitely not limited to the "good stuff."

If you immediately KNEW specifically what it is, if it's something that you often think about and you often imagine what it might be like to have it, what we'll be covering today may provide you with missing link that that enables you to transform that imagined "thing/s from a thought process, into an actual physical experience.

That may "seem" far fetched, illogical, mysterious or perhaps too difficult to believe based on what you think you know. The materialization of what you'd LOVE to have may be hard or impossible to imagine based on where you are.

If it does, it's only because you're not yet aware of the Infinite possibilities and potential that is available to you. Within the Infinite exists a powerful message of divine guidance, inspiration, and abundance. If you think back on your life and recall every thought that drew to you whatever the "outcome was, you'd be astounded.

However, you need to know that, great opportunities, great challenges.

Everything that has happened up until this point has served a purpose. It could be and CAN be the groundwork and the necessary preparation to enable you to move into something much, much greater.

1. Let Go of Your Old Life

During this transformational time, people, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams may all start to want to EXIT your life.

Notice what wants to go.

Notice what starts to feel like it doesn’t belong.

Notice contradictions as they arise in your awareness, and any beliefs and thoughts you are still holding onto, that don’t align with your rapidly upgrading reality.

So however hard it feels, give thanks to what once served you, and let those things go. If you’re being triggered, if you feel angry, scared or anxious by the truth of what’s left behind then see these fear-based emotions as a sign that you have inner work to do. This is a good thing! You are peeling back the layers, and this is your chance to embark on some deep inner healing.

2. Dream Big

Why imagine what you want, when you can have what’s over the top AWESOME?

Why would you just imagine that things might get a little better, when your idea of "heaven on earth" could be experienced?

Why would you limit yourself to dreaming of happiness, when bliss and ecstasy is possible?

The WHY is "simple." It's because of the limiting beliefs that you've acquired. The good news is they are beliefs that you have. Beliefs that you CHOOSE to hold onto.

It's BELIEFS that limit the "imagination" and have so many "believing" that what can be imagined is nothing more than "wishful" thinking.

But this kind of imagining takes work. This tangible world doesn’t encourage us to believe that anything beyond what MOST "imagine" to be rational, logical, feasible and practical is truly possible. Due to what we "humans" learn, it’s much easier to "get by", stay small and make due with what we have...what MOST have.

It's WHY so many "settle" for a tiny, tiny portion of the literally INFINITE variety of MORE that exists ALL around us.

As I hope you'll understand soon, transforming even the biggest desires into tangible results isn't nearly as far fetched, illogical, mysterious, difficult, or impossible as most imagine it to be.

The fact is that's why so many never get beyond "imagining" what having something might be like.

The reason it's not "impossible", is because, the imagination is a VERY powerful thing. Ironically, MUCH more powerful than MOST can even imagine. Therein lies the "problem." The "perceived" problem that is. It's not truly a "problem" at all because, what we imagine most always has, currently DOES and ALWAYS will take tangible form.

Since the imagination creates what is being imagined, the imagination isn't the "problem" at all. If there is such a thing as a "problem" (and in the bigger scheme there's not), the only real problem is what is being imagined.

So the "perceived problem" is something that underlies and feeds the imagination. If the results you're consistently seeing, getting and experiencing are much less than, or the polar opposite of what you desire most, the REAL problem is what you "believe" regarding what can and should not be imagined.

If that's too much of a stretch, if it sounds to airy fairy or woo woo, based on what you believe to be true, let that be your starting place. You're already well on your way to knowing why you're not experiencing what you "wish" you could.

If you're open minded and/or serious about getting whatever it is you "imagined", perhaps what one of the greatest minds in scientific history may be the starting place for changing, expanding and transforming your mind, to the degree that you can.

Here's what that scientist said...

"Imagination is the most powerful creative force in the universe." - Albert Einstein

The common factor that keeps so many from "experiencing" what they would LOVE to have and experience is what they imagine most.

If there's a "perceived problem" that you're experiencing, it's not the thing that you're experiencing that's the problem. The "perceived problem" stems from and finds it's root in your imagination.

Since it's the root cause of the "perceived problem", it can be transformed by changing the cause which is creating it.

If that's difficult to believe at this point, I get it. I get it because I understand WHY you might think that. The fact is, most do. That's why most don't have what they wish they could and often "imagine" as being to big, too hard, too difficult, too ________.

A LOT of people have been (and still are being) fooled into believing that HAVING their desires fulfilled requires uncovering some long ago buried, yet coveted "secret." Many have learned that it requires working really hard. Still others believe that they must acquire some high priced piece of paper called a diploma. Still others think they must and often DO spend years learning and/or engaging in any number of of thousands of processes and techniques, hoping, wishing and praying that DOING that will "get them there."

You CAN "try" that for sure. Many do. Yet as many who DO "think" some thing, process, technique or magical push button program will provide what they're looking for, only a small percentage actually receive what they initially "thought" these things will provide.

There are occasions when the opposite holds true. There are times when those who acquire and "try" some process, technique or approach, do get what they "thought" it would provide. It actually does provide it.

Sometimes it does "seem" to work. But it's a hit and miss way of doing things at BEST. Personally, if I'm going to DO something, I'd much prefer to KNOW that I was going to hit, rather than miss.

Wouldn't you?

Although it "seems" that some things that we do, do work on occasion (as small a percentage as those occasions are) it's oftentimes not the "doing" of the process or technique that created the change.

It was the "belief in" the process or technique that did.

It's called a placebo effect.

Although a placebo is often believed to be limited to various types of pharmaceutical drugs and/or sugar pills, it's not. It applies in every other area of life too.

What it boils down to is, if you "believe" in the "thing", the "thing" seems to provide the desired effect. But it's not the thing at all.

Put another way, it was YOUR belief in the "thing" that enabled and allowed the IMAGINATION to expand to the degree which brought about the desired change. So in reality it wasn't this process or technique that brought about the desired result. It was YOU and the power of your "imagination" that enabled it to work.

More specifically, it was the belief you held about the effectiveness of the "thing" that did the trick, which carried over and impacted the quality of the "imagining" that you did.

That's a key understanding to adopt if you're to ever become the kind of person that consistently transforms wants, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires into tangible form. The fact is, once you do that, wants, hopes, and wishes are no longer a factor. They disappear and are replaced with the tangible materialization of the dreams and desires, the things that "miracles" are made of.

That's why today, we're going to begin laying the groundwork to ensure that you have, and are building on, a solid foundation. A ROCK SOLID foundation. The indestructible kind that stands the test of time.

We're going to do so in a way that "seems" rational, logical, feasible and practical. A way that provides a clear, concise and comprehensive understanding of the hows and whys your imagination IS so powerful.

We're also going to do so in such a way that you can "believe" in.

That's the foundational place to begin in the attainment of anything. It's why we "attain" whatever it is we get. It's WHY we're experiencing whatever it is we are.

The reason WHY that's important is simply because it's the foundational beliefs you hold about any given topic that ALWAYS determines the quality of your "imagination" which always provides a structure (an end result) that

The quality of the foundation AND the structure ALWAYS mirrors the imagination which formed it.

It's an extremely powerful concept that applies equally to every area of life...regardless.

It's also one that you'll be able to build and build and build upon with zero concern that it can, or ever will, wash away.

It's a KNOWING which stands the rest of time.

That's a really important part of achieving and maintaining long term desired results. Prior to gathering and constructing the pieces that will complete the vision (the thing imagined) and lead to the materialization of whatever it was that you just imagined, the foundation that you build upon...a firm indestructable foundation is absolutely essential.

Many of the things that we do truly desire for our lives are often believed and perceived as being difficult to get. We "imagine" they are. There's a simple reason as to why. Sometimes we're told and taught that the desires we hold are impractical, illogical, or worse, impossible.

Regardless of what you might think, believe, do, or not do, one thing is certain. Life always provides to us, exactly what we ask and expect of it. We receive in life just as we believe and perceive we will. Making the shift, asking for, claiming and receiving what's already ours isn't a matter of learning, seeking and "trying to find" it.

It's doing what's truly necessary to GET it.

It's not as much about enhancing the intellect and doing what we've been taught must be done, as much as it is about unlearning some, much and in some cases most of the BULLSHIT that we've learned, believe and think "needs to be" done.

The receiving or not receiving of WHATEVER it is, is MUCH MORE about what we ourselves perceive to be real, right and true...or not.

That's the kind of foundation that we MUST construct and build upon.

I'm going to support Einstein's statement with another statement that another very brilliant man made many years ago. His name was Nicola Tesla. His work resulted in the creation of anything and everything that we use today in the way of energy, communication devices and much more.

The fact is, when Einstein was asked what it felt like to be considered the most brilliant man in the world his statement was..."I don't know. You need to ask Nicola Tesla."

Here's the statement Tesla made...

"If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

That's MUCH MORE than just another statement. It's a statement that once internalized, understood, and DONE, opens the FLOODGATES to what the IMAGINATION can provide limited only to and by what universe has to offer.

What is it "limited" to? An INFINITE amount of more the limits of which only become "seemingly limited" by how "limited" you choose to believe you are.

Once you integrate the power of your imagination with where all this energy, frequency and vibration comes from, you'll become the master of your life.

Because it's SOOOO Important, I'm going to ask that, as we progress that you repeat that statement in your mind as often as you think of it. I'm going to ask that you DO that until it becomes an automatic thing. Something that becomes a part of you in the deepest recesses of your mind.

For now, just memorize it and as soon as your able, do your very best to begin consistently thinking about WHY you're thinking what you're thinking, saying what you're saying, feeling as you're feeling and doing what you're doing.

and seeing things in that way. EVERYTHING.

The reason I ask that and say EVERYTHING, is because EVERYTHING is energy. ALL energy exists at varying frequencies and every frequency emits and projects in the way it does, due to a specific vibratory output.

Your "imaginings" are energy. Your thoughts are energy. What you think, what you feel, what you say and what you do and even what you get as a result are ALL forms of "energy."

Some are solid and observable and some are not. Whether they are or aren't they are ALL energy.

If you'll recall in the welcome and introduction edition of Enlightened Journey that you received last week, I mentioned the fact that we're ALL making a significant impact ALL the time.

I also mentioned that we all without exception are awesome, amazing and powerful beyond measure, AND that we ALL have various surface level wants as well as a sincere desire to be loved, accepted and appreciated so we can become and remain happy and fulfilled.

Do you recall that?

Well...That's true. We each do...without exception. What we each have a desire to be, do or have varies without question. But what doesn't vary, and is never going to change, is the fact that we all have "heartfelt desires" that we haven't experienced yet. There's always going to be something that we currently do, or will at some point in time, aspire to be, do and/or have more of.

It's a Universal Truth.

The more that we aspire toward individually and hope that we'll be able to see and experience in life at some point, is as vast and unique as the people who conceive, have and hold the various hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that they do.

The kind and quality of hopes, dreams and desires that may excite, invigorate and get you all "fired up", may have no appeal to (or the opposite affect on) someone else.

But that doesn't matter. What matters here is you, your individual desires and the simplest, quickest and most efficient way for you to receive them.

Which brings us into another very important point to make that will ease the burden a bit and perhaps "allow" what you desire for yourself to happen without the all too common resistance that we unknowingly and unintentionally create, due to and because of, the beliefs we hold.

It's a kind of belief that equates to allowing the opinions of others to dictate and determine what we should or shouldn't want, what we should or shouldn't do, or what we should or shouldn't truly desire.

As it pertains to YOU and your individual desires, it doesn't matter what others think. Nor does it matter what others do. In fact, unless it's aligned and harmonized with YOUR wants and desires, FORGET what others think or do.

You have whatever desires you do because they are "seeking expression" in tangible and measurable form.

We'll be covering more about that in future editions as well as exploring the depths of why we have whatever wants, needs and desires that we do. But because it's such a common thing, I thought it important to address and clearly convey here briefly that others wants, needs, desires, expectations, beliefs and perceptions are theirs...NOT YOURS.

YOURS are yours and theirs are theirs. Honoring both is going to be important. What's most important right now is that you grasp a hold of the idea that your desires are just as important and relevant as anyone else's REGARDLESS of what someone else might claim, believe, perceive or try to tell you about yours, REGARDLESS of WHAT they are or WHO that someone might be.

OK point made.

The reason that is an important point to make is simply due to the fact that there are, quite literally, an infinite number of hopes, dreams and desires to choose from. Those you have individually and the possibility as well as the probability of yours (as well as anyone else's) becoming a tangible and measurable reality is equally as infinite.

Tesla advised us to think in terms of energy frequency and vibration because this space/place where this energy, frequency and vibration exists, is the exact same place where our surface level wants and our heart felt desires come from.

Actually they exist there and here simultaneously. We won't delve deeply into the hows and whys of that quite yet. As we progress forward, we'll be looking more closely at HOW and WHY that's "true."

We'll also be looking at all the hows and whys which prove the fact, that we as a species, whether individually or collectively, CAN be, do and have whatever we choose...regardless.

The fact is, we have gotten, are getting and always will get EXACTLY what we choose. Always have, always will and we're always going to. Now it's simply a matter of understanding in a deeper than average kind of way, HOW the choosing is being done and WHY it can "seem as if" we're not choosing some things at all, when the FACT is we are.

We are choosing everything. We're ALWAYS choosing something. Most times we're choosing "unconsciously" and receive something less than we desire, we overlook and fail to realize what we are or have been conceiving, imagining and choosing as we do.

Whatever you can conceive, or imagine is in fact, already yours. It WILL become YOURS whether you LOVE it, like it, dislike it or hate it. It may not "seem" like it, so let's say for now, there are an INFINITE amount of things waiting for you to claim and they show up just as you ask and choose.

You can shift from the things you don't like into the kind that you absolutely LOVE. You CAN, should you make the choice to do so.

In other words, the potential and possibilities available to and for us ALL are infinite in nature. And so there is no margin for error or misunderstanding...Us includes YOU.

Nobody gets left out and no one gets left behind. EVERYBODY gets to win in fact, unless and until you choose to do otherwise.

So what is infinite? What does it really mean?

Infinite is a BIG word. Bigger than most understand and certainly MUCH BIGGER than most are able (or in many cases willing) to see. It's meaning is MUCH BIGGER and far more vast than the 8 letters which make it up and enable you to see and read it in tangible form.

In fact that's as far as many go in understanding what infinite is. They never give it much more thought than as being an 8 letter word. But it's SO MUCH BIGGER than that. It also has FAR MORE MEANING to and relevance for you than you may currently understand.

In fact, it's SO BIG, you can't possibly (and never will be able to) see or conceive it, regardless of how much formal education you might have, how smart you might think you are, or how hard you might try. It doesn't matter how spiritual or non-spiritual you are or think you might be.

The Infinite can never and will never be fully conceivable or comprehensible, period. It can never be fully experienced either. It's that BIG and VAST. In fact big and vast, regardless of how big or vastly expansive a thinker you might be, doesn't even scratch the surface as to what the word infinite entails.

The reason you can't and never will be able to describe it, think it, or experience it in a way the encompasses the vast expansiveness of it, is simply because The Infinite cannot be put in a box. It's TOO BIG. The Higher Truth is, the infinite encompasses the box itself. There are no borders, boundaries or ceilings on what's Infinite in nature. In fact within The Infinite nature of life, all things conceivable and non-conceivable exist within this infinite space.

Past, present and future aren't different time periods. They are all ONE and the same and all exist simultaneously within this Infinite space too.

What we can and must do to experience greater and more pleasing results in life, both the tangible as well as the intangible kind, is to expand our ability to conceive as far as we can so we might explore, learn, understand and experience a portion of the vast territory that is encompassed within The Infinite.

That's why it's important to understand what makes the Infinite as BIG as it is, where we fit into the picture and HOW we ourselves are a very important and integral part of what is Infinite.

What you have to choose from is only as limited or as vast as your willingness and ability to conceive and imagine whatever hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations you might have a desire to experience in your life.

That's the one and only thing that determines how much or how little you'll experience.

Yes, it requires more than an ability to conceive it, if you truly hope to make it real and measurable. But the starting place that so many "unconsciously choose" to skip over is laying the groundwork and developing the understanding of just how "true it is" that what is available to and for us IS quite literally infinite in nature.

And because it is, we can be, do and/or have whatever we choose in life.

So if the potential available to you, me and everyone else is infinite in nature, as both science and the mystics, sages and masters of the past "claim it is"...if the limits as to what we can be, do and have "truly are" infinite in nature, what do you suppose would be the one and only thing that would keep you from being, doing and having more of "whatsoever ye desire" to be, do and have, as one master so clearly put it?

It's ALL About BEING

A chosen way of "BEING." And to ensure that you don't overlook or misunderstand what that means...

As it pertains to YOU and whatever desires you might have individually, the having or NOT having, is only determined by what YOU are choosing to be.

As I've shared a number of times over the years and still do quite often...

"To do and have more of what we desire to see, it's necessary to change what we've chosen (and perhaps still are choosing) to BE.

Anything less is nothing more than wishful thinking"

That's the foundational place that determines what you're able, or perceive yourself as not being able to experience in your life...what YOU yourself are choosing to BE.

Here's How Your Choice to BE Whatever it Might Be That You Choose to BE Ties in With Nicola Tesla's SPOT ON Advice

Tesla stated if we want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration, right?

What does that have to do with YOU, what your choosing to BE and what you'll receive as a result?

It's simple. Profoundly so. Every belief you hold, every thought you think, every perception you project, every emotion you experience, every word you speak and every response or reaction you choose, just like EVERYTHING else in this "infinite space" is energy. ALL of the "things" that you conceive, imagine, see, not see, feel, touch, taste and smell are energy.

ALL energy emits and projects a specific frequency of energy. Each and every packet of energy not only exists and projects a specific frequency, the quality of the frequency is determined by the vibrational resonance of each and every energy packet.

The "frequency" is determined by the vibratory intensity of each energy packet.

Keep in mind in this infinite field, exists an equally infinite amount of energy packets, all of which emit an equally infinite number of frequencies, the vibrational output of which is equally infinite in nature.

As mind bending complex as that may "seem", the fact is, it's VERY simple. Profoundly so.

As true as that is, it may not "seem to be" to you at this point, so let's tie it in with how this "truth" applies to you, the responses or reactions that you're "choosing to make" in any given moment and why it's so vitally important to remain in a calm and responsive state, if you're to experience the most desirable kinds of tangible and measurable results.

Depending on HOW you respond or react to various things, whether inside or outside of yourself...meaning, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically, you're response or reaction also emits and projects a very specific "frequency" of energy consisting of various vibrational intensities.

The quality of the "frequency" determines the vibrational intensity of each and every energy packet.

What it's called is immaterial. What's important here is understanding that this "field" or "Kingdom" is quite literally infinite in nature.

At this level...what you might look at as the "unseen dimension" that is a part of this infinite fieldlatent with an infinite number of possibilities

To keep it as simple as possible let's look at this infinite field of probabilities, or the Kingdom as a literal infinite field of possibilities where every possibility exists.

What you call it really doesn't matter. What does matter is to take the advice of Nicola Tesla if you truly do want to understand the secrets of the universe so you can create (or if you prefer co-create) the greatest possible and most pleasing results.

To make greater sense of the significance of all that mind boggling stuff, let's take a closer look at why it's important in relation to what you're choosing to BE and why choosing consciously is so important.

Another master from another culture gave some very wise, profound and powerfully transformational advice as well. It's of vital importance to those who are seeking desirable change too.

He clearly, wisely and succinctly stated...

"BE the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

To put it in everyday language that anyone can understand, when you choose to BE the change...you WILL SEE the change that such a choice "allows." That's what "allows" it to unfold so you CAN see and experience it in tangible and measurable form.

Now that may sound like a bit of a stretch to you. You might even believe that it's impossible that little ole you can Be, Do and Have "whatsoever ye desire", by simply BEING the change you wish to see in the world.

You might even snicker, laugh, get pissed, stomp your feet and/or jump up and down "claiming" how utterly ridiculous and impossible that is. And you have that right. You were provided a "free will" to think and believe whatever you choose. You can choose to do that if you'd like. You certainly wouldn't be alone. In fact, you'd be part of the majority.

But if you're ever to HAVE what the majority never will, it's going to be necessary to "choose" to learn, understand, believe, think, see and/or do things that the majority won't.

That's a fact. That's WHY only a very small minority experience and receive what they truly aspire to be, do and have in life.

So, I'd ask that you at least consider if you find yourself in this mindset...if you find yourself choosing to BE resistant, doubtful, apprehensive or believe that it's just flat out ridiculous and/or impossible, what do you suppose you'll get by choosing that way of being?

What you have of course. And you will continue to unless and until you choose a new way of being.

Here's how that applies to you and what we're discussing here...

The boundless potential and possibility that we imagine and see ourselves entering into and moving through, is what more often than not limits what we do and will receive. It's due to limits that so we often place on ourselves. That's a way of BEING which, with certainty and mind boggling precision, determines what we draw from this Infinite Space. we've been talking about, which in turn determines what we believe that we're either able or unable to do and have.

But at the same time what we "perceive ourselves" as being able or unable to do and have are only limited to and by what we "allow" ourselves to think and believe regarding ourselves, our potential, what's possible or not possible, the kind, quality and quantity of which always provides a mirrored reflection of whatever it is that we become enabled (or feel unable) to be, do and have.

Put another way, the beliefs we choose to hold, the perceptions that stem from these beliefs and the predominant thought patterns that we entertain, are what determine the quality of emotions that we experience. The choices we make as a result of these factors, is what draws from this Infinite Space, the events, conditions and circumstances that show up and reveal themselves in each and every aspect of our lives.

and what we do or don't "know"

It doesn't matter if it's in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional or spiritual areas. All of it...every event, condition and circumstance in life, regardless of which area of life it might be, are ALL without exception derived and drawn from the very same place...from One Ultimate Cause...and the Ultimate Cause, regardless of how YOU perceive it, or what "label" you place on it, is Infinite in proportion.

Infinite possibility and potential are ALL made "possible" by the VERY SAME Cause.

Now I'll ask that you think about and ponder this...

The Infinite encompasses ALL of it. The desirable as well as the undesirable. The pleasing as well as the not so pleasing. The indescribably pleasant as well as horrifyingly horrific.

There is nothing that the Infinite is not and there's nothing that has happened, is happening or ever will happen that isn't an integral part of what's Infinite in nature.

In other words, the Infinite consists of the awesomely awesome, the fantastic, good, the bad, the ugly, the downright horrific and everything in between. There's nothing that this Infinite space doesn't contain and there's nothing that you could possibly conceive or imagine that it doesn't or won't allow.

You could say this Infinite space always says YES and ALLWAYS "allows" whatever you choose to become a tangible reality in your life...unconditionally and REGARDLESS.

So what determines what you unconditionally draw from this Infinite space...this One Cause?

What determines the kind, quality and quantity of what the Infinite "unconditionally allows" to become a real, tangible and measurable event, condition or circumstance in YOUR life?

You do.

And you do so through the choices that YOU make or think you're not making which are reflected in and through your chosen way of "BEING" in the world.

You with me here? I hope so because this is VITALLY important to grasp and understand IF you truly desire and hope to ever come anywhere close to "receiving" and experiencing in tangible and measurable form what you truly desire to be, do and/or have more of in your life.

Now, I'm going to ask that you think about why you're here. What brought you here? Why are you reading this? What do you really and truly desire more of in and for your life?

Now....as you think about what you desire, whatever that is, think about and become of aware of this...more than just aware...keenly aware.

  • Do you see yourself as being able to create and experience a quality of life that is abundant in every way without restriction?

  • Do you see yourself as being able to free yourself from the daily fears, doubts and worries that so many in today's world experience?

  • Do you see yourself as able, capable, smart and powerful enough to allow what you "truly desire" and "truly value" to become a way of life for you?

If the answers you came up with are NO, I would ask that you take just a minute RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW to STOP and think about WHY you're thinking and believing that.

I'm going to ask that you take the time to take a close objective look...make your way down through the layers of self doubt that would enable you to think and believe such a self limiting and dis-empowering thing.

Do you think you know more than some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world who are and have been clearly revealing the infinite nature of what they refer to as the field?

Do you think you're smarter, sharper and know more than the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity who refer to this same Infinite Space as "The Kingdom?"

Do you think that you can escape, hide from or avoid what's happening and unfolding all around you in nature?

Do you honestly believe that the Infinite amount of abundance that surrounds each of us and self replicates each and every second, of every minute, of every day is for everyone else but NOT you?

Or could it be that you simply don't know what you don't know?

If it's the latter, I can assist you with that. If it's the former I can't. You've got some more path walking and "figuring out" to do.

What I'll be sharing here and in future editions of Enlightened Journey will hold no meaning or purpose for you if you're adamant that you know all there is to know about life and how your life comes to be.

If that describes you, if you're unwilling to open yourself and embrace the idea that you may not be aware of some things that "might" be true and that you simply don't know what you don't know, no need to waste any more of your time.

I have nothing to share with you that will be beneficial.

If you're willing to at least consider that fact and you're open to discovering, exploring and understanding more about what you don't know, then let's continue on and take the next step that will enable and empower you to begin being, doing and having more of what you "truly desire" for yourself.

Take a little time out for yourself to begin examining why you believe such a thing. And once you get to the root of it, once you're clear and aware of where it came from, make a commitment to yourself to begin learning, understanding and consciously applying a "way of being" that will enable you to begin experiencing what you DO truly desire, highly value and would LOVE to have in your life.

Because doing that is what will enable you to begin seeing and understanding just how immaterial, untrue, self limiting and self sabotaging your past "unconscious choices" to accept such nonsense have been in comparison to the "Higher Truth" that enables ANYONE...and I do mean ANYONE to be, do and/or have whatsoever they desire.

The commonly held truth is that lack, limitation, discord and randomness are just the way things are.

The Higher Truth is that there is an Infinite amount of anything and everything that you could possibly choose for yourself. And this Infinite amount is not only available to you, you are receiving a portion of it already, whatever it is.

Be assured of this. The kind, quality and quantity of what you HAVE received, are currently receiving and will continue to receive is a mirrored reflection of, and in exact proportion to, what you're believing, thinking, perceiving and doing (or not doing) as a result of those choices.

Those things collectively merged are what determine your way of BEING in any given moment.

You'll begin to see just how unconscious and unintentional the choices you've made thus far have been as well as how and why they can never lead you to wherever it might be that you truly desire to go.

It will enable you to see and lead you to the "root cause" of why you're experiencing whatever it might be that you're experiencing. And at the same time, if you'll choose to look deeply enough and be honest with yourself, (perhaps even brutally honest) you'll enable yourself to see how you are using the power that's been freely provided to each of us already which was freely provided to ALL of us and is an inherent part of each of us without exception.

It doesn't matter what you currently believe or perceive as being true. What we've covered thus far, is based on a Higher Truth. You can't change Higher Truth regardless of how much you might want to. What you can change is what you currently believe, think and perceive. What you CAN do is make a commitment to yourself that you'll begin to make new and different choices...greater, wiser and more conscious choices, than the choices you've made until now.

I can tell you from trying it a number of ways over many decades that doing so would be a wise choice if you ever hope to begin creating and experiencing, in tangible and measurable form, whatever you might desire to be, do and/or have in life, yet haven't yet received.

Sure you can keep "trying" things the hard way. You can keep believing, thinking, speaking, acting, working, seeking, searching and trying various things. You can continue on navigating your life path just as you've learned to.

That choice will both enable and empower you to become conscious and keenly aware of what you've been choosing, what you'll begin choosing and show you in tangible and measurable form just how dead on target and powerfully creative your chosen way of being is.

That's the first step of many that will start you down the desired path and get you headed in the direction of where you truly desire to go.

But to do that, it's also going to require that you understand that you are powerful, that you are quite brilliant, and that the genius you "truly are" and already possess has already been freely provided to you. You don't have to find it, search for it, learn it or in some other way, acquire it. It's already yours. And once that's understood, then it's simply a matter of you choosing to stop using your inherent genius and literal brilliance unconsciously.

Because you are that (genius, brilliant and awesome)whether or not you currently understand it, believe it or not.

It's based on a Higher Truth.

It's only necessary that you see and believe just how "true" that is for yourself. And then once you've made the choice to see, believe and understand just how true and potentially transformational a choice that is, it's going to require a firm and unwavering commitment to begin doing what those who don't KNOW and may never KNOW that won't do.

It's going to require stretching as you begin enhancing, elevating and expanding your awareness beyond your current level of truth.

But just take it a step at a time. One simple step at a time will move you ever closer toward the Highest Level of truth that you're able and capable of reaching.

How high is that?

As high as you choose to go. You'll NEVER reach, complete, arrive, grasp or fully experience the vastness, limitless possibilities that the Infinite comprises. That's a FACT.

But you don't have to in order to experience a kind and quality of life that only a small minority do.

Since the Higher Truth is that truth is infinite, you'll never fully arrive or be able to comprehend the vastness and infinite nature of Higher Truth. But you can and will be able to enhance your chosen truth in such a way and to such a degree that aligns and harmonizes with whatever desire/s you hold. That's what enables what you truly desire and truly value to become a tangible, measurable and consistent reality for you.

But it's going to require understanding how and why things work as they do. It's going to be necessary that you grasp and understand that the way things work...the way they've always worked, are currently working and always will work with the same unwavering perfection and precision may be different than you currently understand. It's going to be necessary first of all to get to the place where you except the fact that you simply don't know what you don't know.

So let's begin here. Let's explore and take a closer look at the "seed level" from where all events, conditions and circumstances that encompass every aspect of our lives, both individually and collectively come from.

Maybe it will enable you to begin seeing and consciously utilizing your inherent and freely provided power and the inherent genius we all possess more consistently, purposefully and intentionally.

A profound and potentially transformational statement was made thousands of years ago by someone who understood just how true that is. Another master from yet another culture made the statement.

That statement was this...

"To see things in the seed, that is genius." - Lau Tzu

When you choose to look at and see things at this "seed level" you begin to see and understand the inherent genius and the brilliance you already do possess. You begin to understand the power that was freely provided to you, me and everyone else on this planet without exception.

You begin to see and understand the limitless abundance that is available to and for you.

You begin to see and recognize your True Value. Once you SEE that and begin USING it consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently you'll also SEE just how SIMPLE creating and experiencing in tangible and measurable form whatsoever ye desire to Be, Do and/or HAVE in life can be.

Because it is very very simple. So profoundly simple that most overlook it.

Living abundantly is not reserved for a privileged few. That phrase "living abundantly" holds different meanings for different individuals without question. But creating and living a life of abundance and prosperity regardless of what that means to you individually, is available to and achievable by you or anyone else who has a sincere desire coupled with a willingness to learn and understand how to begin consciously, intentionally and purposefully planting a kind and quality of "seed" that aligns and harmonizes with whatever desire you might have and truly value.

It is the next step toward making whatever that is for you a real, measurable and consistent reality.

It's not truly "making it" that way as in trying to make or force things to happen. It's more akin to consciously, intentionally and purposefully planting the "right seeds" and then simply "allowing" nature to take her course. It's ALL about "allowing" nature to do what she was designed and intended to do. Rest assured, she ALWAYS does and she NEVER misses the mark.

When it "seems like she is", it's only because the planted seeds are NOT the same in kind and quality as the desired harvest. It's of vital importance to choose and plant your seeds "consciously, intentionally and on purpose. When you choose to do that and simply allow nature to do what she was designed and intended to do, the harvest becomes all that it can and was designed to be.

That does NOT mean doing nothing once the seed is planted. The doing is necessary. Emotions are the nurturing of the "seed." The doing is the preparation of the soil

Learning how to DO that like a master horticulturist, is a simple as learning, understanding and recognizing what this seed level is, who and what you truly are, the power that you already hold, just how VALUABLE you are and just how perfect, precise, unwavering and unerring the process is that transmutes intangible thoughts, ideas and imaginings into tangible, measurable and real experiences.

That requires starting at the seed level. And once you recognize that, you begin to really see the awesome truth and power behind what science has discovered, what the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always spoken of as well as what is and always has been so obvious by simply choosing to observe how perfect, precise and effortless the process that sustains and consistently expands nature is.

Once you see and KNOW these things, then you can begin developing the inherent skills we each already possess to be, do and have what we choose..."whatsoever ye desire" without exception.

Learning how to develop these skills in the simplest, quickest and most fulfilling way possible requires an openness, a willingness and having the heart, the passion and the drive to begin first of all. And should you choose to begin continue choosing to keep moving forward until you become able to Be, Do and Have "whatsoever ye desire."

But first, it's necessary to become enabled to recognize, see, acknowledge, eliminate and move beyond the self limiting and often times self sabotaging blinders that we've acquired and have unknowingly allowed to be put in place in our minds throughout our lives.

Blinders that are responsible for so many remaining partially blind, being unable to see and recognize the "seed level" and YOUR VALUE for what it truly is.

And then once seen, recognized and understood, it also requires consistently moving forward consciously, intentionally and purposefully which is ignited, initiated, fueled, made real and sustained by a strong enough why for doing so.

Is the WHY you have strong enough to get you started. Is the emotion one of passion that can consistently move you toward whatever you aspire to be, do and have?

If so you've made IMMENSE progress already and we're barely getting started.

Once you have that, then it's simply a matter of planting the right kinds of seeds that will produce the harvest that yields whatever you aspire to be, do and/or have.

But doing so doesn't begin by or require making it happen, doing more or struggling harder. That's NOT the seed level that Lao Tzu was referring to. Many "think and believe" that DOING is the best and/or only way, but it's not. Doing is a level that proceeds BEING. BEING is the seed level where the harvest begins and where EVERYTHING produced comes from.

Would you hire a blind seed planter, point him toward a bin full of hundreds of thousands of different seeds of various kinds and qualities and tell him to get after it...start planting so I can have an apple orchard?

Of course not. But that's PRECISELY what most "unconsciously choose" to do when they set out to make what they aspire to be, do and/or have real, tangible and measurable in their lives.

They blindly plant seeds and are making choices...unconscious and unaware choices that can't anymore produce what they truly desire to be, do and/or have in life than can an apple seed produce an orange tree.

It doesn't matter how much they DO. The kind and quality of seed must be the same in kind and quality kind as the desired harvest.

In the same way, something else must be done first prior to the kinds of doing that most believe and as a result struggle and "try so hard" to do to create desirable, meaningful and significant change.

And doing so in the way that creates the greatest outcomes with zero resistance requires becoming more. But becoming more requires becoming more at a level that most choose to ignore, skip over and never engage in which in turn makes doing and having more so much more difficult than necessary and in some cases...most cases in fact, seemingly impossible to achieve.

But is it truly impossible or is it possible that it's only impossible due to the way that so many are "trying" to do it?

They are nothing more than "blind farmers" hoping, wishing and praying that maybe...just maybe they'll be lucky enough to grab just the right packet of seeds of which there are an infinite number so they can be, do and/or have what they desire to be, do and/or have.

Good luck with that approach. Your odds of winning the lottery are far greater than doing it this way.

Because it is going to remain "seemingly impossible" to create in tangible and measurable form whatsoever ye desire to create in tangible and measurable form.

And "seemingly impossible" is a key phrase to stop, look at, examine, grasp and truly understand.

Because a mindset held regarding a desire you might have as being impossible or even "seemingly impossible" to achieve is also a seed, the kind and quality of which always produces a harvest the same in kind and quality as the seeds you, I or anyone else chooses to plant.

As you sow you reap. It never misses. It never judges. It never condemns. It doesn't require luck, fate, chance and doesn't have 3 GAZZILION to 1 odds of being exactly what you desire for it to be.

It's how things work. It's how they were designed to work.

It's how they've always worked and it's how they're always going to work. You can't change how things work at this "seed level." But you can and MUST change yourself, take off the blinders and begin planting the right kinds of seeds if you find that things aren't working in the way that you consistently hope, wish and pray they would.

And because that's true, you can if you choose take an aware and conscious look at what you're consistently affirming to yourself, look at what you're receiving as a result and see that you are using this inherent genius and brilliance that we all possess already, but may be using it "unconsciously."

Perhaps you are using and have been using this power unconsciously and unintentionally, but you are and have been using it nonetheless. And you're going to continue using it whether you believe it, like it or not.

You can't not use it. You can continue using it as you have or you can make a few "inner shifts" and enhance how you're using it. But you can't not use or stop using it. Point being you are a genius, you are quite brilliant...awesome in fact without exception...even though you may not see yourself that way and because of that, an THAT alone, it may not "seem" like you are.

But you ARE. That's the Higher Truth.

Now it's simply a matter of YOU recognizing, acknowledging, internalizing and consciously utilizing what you already are and already have.

All that's necessary if you think you're not is to make the choice to look deeper and begin to use what you already are using anyway, make the paradigm shift and begin using it in a conscious and intentionally focused way to see just how much of a genius, how brilliant, how awesome and just how powerfully creative of an individual you are.

I'm quite aware of individuals...MANY individuals who honestly believe they are up against "impossible odds." They honestly believe that living a kind and quality of life that aligns with their heart based desires is just too difficult. In many cases, there are those who believe that it's impossible to achieve.

Granted, if you believe that it is, it will remain "seemingly impossible." But that's MUCH different than being "truly" impossible and it certainly doesn't make it "true", although it will provide you with PRECISELY that outcome based upon your choice.

Not because it is impossible but, rather because those who try and fail time and again to do things in this often times "seemingly impossible" and extremely limited way, are choosing, without even knowing they are, in FACT, choosing to do so. to make the attainment and materialization of what they hope to do and have extremely difficult or altogether impossible to achieve.

But it's THEY THEMSELVES who are choosing it for themselves.

They're choosing to plant seeds of a kind and quality that can never, has never, and never will, produce the kind and quality of harvest that they desire and value.

The inevitable outcome is, they never get to the place where they can be, do and/or have what they truly desire and value. They never see the "desired harvest."

Sadly, so many who choose and consistently experience this way of doing things, often judge, label and refer to that as failure. But it's not. It may be failure due to blindness and/or an unwillingness to see just how perfect, precise and unwavering the process that determines what we receive is. It may very well reveal itself as "failure" in a strictly physical sense due to the fact that so many are "blindly attempting" to make heartfelt desires real, tangible and measurable, but in the bigger scheme of things it's not a failure at all.

The process of creation NEVER is.

In fact, in the bigger scheme of things, failure is impossible. There is no such thing as failure. Even what's often judged, labeled, believed and perceived as being some form of failure in a physical sense, is actually and ALWAYS a successful creation unconsciously created by those who have and create such an experience in tangible and measurable form.

In other words, it's only a "perceived failure" due to the seeds they've "unconsciously chosen" to plant.

To receive a different harvest...to make failure obsolete and a thing of the past, it's only necessary to begin planting the seeds that are of the same kind and quality that you aspire to make real.

"Perceived failures" are only made real and possible due to how we view life and ourselves. Perceived failures become real due to what so many believe and perceive with regard to what's most important and what they choose to place their predominant attention and focus on as they engage in their own individual "becoming more" process.

Due to what most think they know, they set out to do, do, do so they can have more of what they think they want, all the while overlooking the "Main Thing."

And "The Main Thing" has nothing to do with doing or having more. It has everything to do with BEcoming more so they can begin consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently aligning themselves at the "the seed level"...the level of their being...which determines the kind, quality and quantity of seeds they're planting and what is is received once those seeds sprout and mature.

Most everybody WANTS the harvest, but they're unwilling (often perceived as "unable") to plant the quality of seeds that will enable them to see, enjoy and savor the desired harvest.

Doing and having always follow BEING. What we're being and the kind and quality of whatever we choose to BE determines the kind and quality of what we're able to do and have.

What we choose, enable, and allow ourselves to BE, always provides a mirrored reflection of what we do and what we receive as a result.

So are you serious about being, doing or having more of what you aspire to be, do or have? Or are you going to continue on "trying to do so" in the same insane way that you and so many others have?

How serious are you? How strong is your WHY? Do you truly aspire to create and experience more, or do you prefer continuing on hoping, wishing and praying that maybe...just maybe your ship will come in so you can have whatever it is?

You get to choose that for yourself. There are no right or wrong choices. Only your choices that produce a harvest that you'll judge, label, praise or condemn based on what you "believe and perceive to be true or untrue about the harvest you'll inevitably receive.

So here's what's going to be necessary FIRST IF you ARE serious...

To BE more requires eliminating the superficial strategies and push button short-term quick fixes that have proven time and again to provide short term and limited results at best.

When you choose to become aware of, recognize and develop the essence of who you are, you become enabled and empowered to consciously direct your power and ultimately transform your life. You do that by tapping into and accessing your highest creative potential which not only automatically elevates and enhances your way of BEING, but dramatically impacts what you do, how you do it and what you receive as a result.

When those who try to do and have more without first becoming more, although they often perceive, judge and label their outcomes and/or themselves as being failures, it's actually a successful outcome made real and tangible through unconsciously engaging in what they "know and believe" to be The Main Thing for making the desire real and tangible.

But what so many think and believe is the "main thing" in more cases than not isn't "truly" the Main Thing at all, even though many, think and believe it is.

The Main Thing is choosing to become more at the "seed level"...the level of your BEING.

Most choose a Have, Be, Do approach to life. In the process they overlook the immense transformational power that becomes evident by choosing the Be, Do, Have approach.

Be, do and have is an inside out approach.

Have, do, be is an outside in approach.

Once learned and understood, it requires doing something with it. It requires refining, practicing and consistently improving and building upon what was learned with regard to our BEING.

And equally as important, is the intention behind it. Intention too is defined, molded, shaped, formed and determined through and by our individually chosen way of being.

We each have unique talents, passions, attitudes and values. The most beneficial way of being that we can and must choose to become, to ensure that whatever we choose to project into the world, serves not only ourselves but provides significant value and service to those who are open, receptive and choose to receive and benefit from the value we provide.

When this value is consciously, intentionally and purposefully aligned and harmonized with our unique talents, passions, attitudes and values, we open doors of opportunity and potential that were never previously known, realized or recognized.

That's when Real Health, Real Wealth, Real Happiness, Real Harmony, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom becomes a way of life. There is no struggle in doing whatever it might be that we choose to do and the having flows.

The floodgates open. Your cup runneth over. You "want for nothing."

Experiencing the desirable benefit and shifting what you're being in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what we desire to do and have, sometimes requires both persistence and consistency. Sometimes the level of persistence necessary equates to a lot and sometimes not as much.

The amount of persistence, fortitude required is an individual thing and always requires a sincere and heartfelt desire to put it to good use.

Living and playing big is a skill you develop over time. Once developed, it's a gift that you share, spread and offer to the world. That choice enables you to receive more, which in turn enables you to live and play even bigger.

I know based on many years of personal experience, venturing down a number of desirable as well as a number of "less than desirable" paths and working with a very diverse group of people during my lifetime, that the majority of people in the world believe some things about themselves and life in general that are very self-limiting, extremely self sabotaging and in many cases just downright ludicrous regarding themselves and on a larger scale the world in which we live.

And the quality of these beliefs literally and dramatically limits and sabotages what so many "claim" they want out of life.

Let's take it one step at a time. Let's look at beliefs in a deeper way than most do. What we're choosing to be in any given moment finds it root in what we BElieve to be true or untrue.

Many believe that the various events, conditions, and circumstances that show up in life are brought about by fate, luck, chance or worse, for no apparent reason at all.

There is another group that also makes up a significant portion of this majority who believe that there’s someone or something (in many cases a very mad, judgmental someone or something) looking down on each of us, keeping tabs, making a list and checking it twice, saying yes to some, no to others, we’ll see to still others, completely ignoring still others, deciding if you’re in good standing and/or in a lot of trouble because you didn’t do this or that just right.

There are still others who make up this majority who just don’t think about what makes life what life is at all and others within this same group who just flat out don’t care.

And yes there is yet another group that have no idea at all about how or why life happens as it does yet truly desire to know and are open, willing and receptive to learn and understand more. They have a sincere desire to enhance the quality of their lives yet aren't quite sure where to begin or how to go about doing so.

Regardless of which group, aside from all the many possibilities we each without exception have a desire for more of something in life.

There are many possibilities. An infinite number of possibilities actually and we're each entitled to whatever possibility we choose for ourselves.

That's the real beauty of life. We get to choose and I personally respect and honor whatever choices you or anyone else might make for themselves.

But at the same time many choose their way of being simply because they don't understand that there's a better way...a more enriching and fulfilling way.

If that's where you find yourself, in this majority place and you currently believe that things in life just happen for no apparent reason, that life just is whatever life is or you simply don’t know currently how or why things happen as they do but you have an open mind and a sincere desire to, you are (or at least could be) in for a very enlightening and eye opening experience over the coming weeks and months.

You'll be provided the ability to choose that for yourself or not of course. But you will be provided with enough information regarding you, the world, the Universe and a number of other relevant topics to make an educated and informed decision for yourself as we move forward.

Even if you’ve been on the personal development/conscious creation path for some time, are quite aware and you already know that there is a cosmic order to all things in life, even you will find immense benefit in what we’ll be covering as we progress and move forward as well.

There’s something here for everyone who’s serious about and committed to creating desirable and meaningful change in their lives.

And you'll have access to it any time you choose. It’s not going to cost you one single penny to have access to it. Yes…It’s going to be accessible 24/7/365 and just as good if not even better than that, is the fact that it's going to be provided free of charge.

Why do I do that? It's my way of giving back. It's my contribution to the world and one way to give back for the kind and quality of life that I've had the good fortune to create for myself. It's my way of planting more seeds, a kind a quality of which always delivers the kind and quality of harvest that I desire for myself.

But I also understand something about people and the beliefs and perceptions many hold regarding the word FREE. Free in the minds of many means having little or no value. Since that’s for the most part true, I’ll ask that you do the best you’re able to stay with me just long enough to see for yourself that this assumption, although sometimes valid and true, it is not ALWAYS valid NOR is it always true.

I think you'll find that what I have to share and what I'll be providing to you for FREE has immense value that can and will transform the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life IF you'll choose to allow it to.

If you will, I’m quite certain that you’ll find as literally millions around the world have over the years, just how valuable and potentially transformational what you’ll be receiving for FREE over the coming months really is.

If you're apprehensive, suspicious, doubtful or even the negative, cynical or pessimistic type, no worries. Choose what you will. But before making any uninformed choices, check out what others have to say with regard to what I do, what I share and the perceived value of what I do share and what I'll be sharing with you as we move forward should you decide to allow me to.

You can read a number of expressions of Gratitude that we receive from individuals globally by clicking here.

Since this newsletter reaches so many around the world and different people are in different places in their understanding, we’re going to begin by covering the basics initially and as we progress move into a far more vast and far greater understanding.

So regardless of who you are, where you’re starting from or where you desire to go, you’ll find benefit should you choose to.

And that is why I offer the Enlightened Journey Newsletter freely to anyone who’s open and receptive to receiving it. It’s through this medium of teaching that enables me to reach out and connect with seekers from around the globe and share what I’ve found and believe to be true about ourselves, about life, what it all truly means and what's truly available to each of us as move through and experience our lives individually.

That’s my intention for you. To do the best I’m able at this point to show you in the simplest, quickest and most effective way I can, exactly how to leverage your unique and awesome inner power to transform your life.

And whether or not you personally think, know or believe you can or not, you can, if ever and whenever you choose to do so. You can KNOW not only about how this process works, but you can also know how to begin allowing it to work for you in a way that many can’t and don’t simply because of what they choose to know, believe, cling to and for whatever reason, refuse to change.

This process encompasses the entire Universe and beyond even. You could say it oversees and governs the entire cosmos. It goes beyond that even, but we’ll save that for another time. For now, we'll take it step by simple step.

What’s important to know and understand right now is that this system and these processes that are an integral part of this all encompassing and all pervasive system never fail, they never waver, they never err and are always working, operating and functioning just as they were designed to.

And the bottom line is, you are at cause.

This leads us into something else that’s important to become aware of and understand. We each have different views and opinions as to how and why it was designed as it is and how it came about. In other words we each have varying opinions and have established beliefs over time as to who and/or what made this all pervasive, never wavering and unerring system possible.

But that’s really immaterial in the bigger scheme of things as I hope you’ll discover and understand soon.

Because it’s this division in what people think, believe, do regarding this Ultimate Source, whatever you might choose to refer to He/She/It as, that creates so much division, hate, violence, disagreement and separation in the world. And it really and truly doesn’t matter.

All the meaningless debates, all the hatred, all the violence that stems from ignorance and the small minds of men is what keeps so many from fully experiencing the awe, magnificence, simplicity and perfection that drives and sustains it all, whatever you might choose to believe that is.

This is a vitally important thing to know and understand if you have a desire to make your life all that it can be. It truly doesn’t matter at this point how or why it came to be, what’s important is to simply accept the fact that it’s here and it is what it is. The systems that drive it and the processes within the system function perfectly, precisely, simply 100% of the time and they never ever fail or waver.

I personally refer to it as The Perfect Plan. And the reason I do is simply because it is just that; PERFECT, Simple and Precise whether you currently believe, see, understand, know or are aware of that or not.

Quite honestly I didn’t know how perfect it was at one point either but I’ve since discovered that it is. Absolutely perfect, profoundly simple and always precise too.

And because of this perfection and simplicity that’s interwoven into the system, these processes and how they function, there is a way to consciously, intentionally and purposely create those things that you sincerely and truly desire for your life which can, will and do allow living abundantly to become a consistent reality for you.

And regardless of who you are, what you’ve experienced in life thus far, what you’ve done or haven’t done, how old or young you are, what geographical location you live in, what you currently do for a living, how much formal education you do or don’t have, aside from your origin or the color of your skin, regardless of gender etc. etc. etc., the very same holds true for you.

The very same perfection and simplicity drives it all and this very same perfection and simplicity is available to and for you use consciously, intentionally and purposefully if ever and whenever you should choose to do so. And as I've already mentioned, it’s already working in your life regardless if you're aware of it or not.

Many just can’t see that and choose to remain unaware of just how true, significant and potentially transformational that is.

The bottom line is this. You can be, do and have whatever you choose in life once you know HOW to choose consciously, intentionally and purposefully. In other words, all things aside and I do mean ALL things aside, you can be, do and have "whatsoever ye desire" in life, as one of the ancient texts has so clearly and succinctly conveyed for thousands of years. And rest assured that whatsoever pertains to whatever that might be for you regardless of what it is, who you are or what that means to and for you individually.

You could say it’s an “unconditional promise.” That will suffice for now.

Depending on what you’ve been taught, learned throughout your own life and believe currently, that may sound bold, crazy and perhaps even impossible to you. So allow me to begin by saying that you’re entitled to think and believe whatever you like.

That’s the real beauty of life. You get to choose that. We ALL get to choose that for ourselves. And we are choosing it regardless of how it’s currently turning out, what we’ve experienced at some point in the past or what we will experience at some future point in time.

And it doesn’t matter whether you currently believe it or not. You are choosing it, you always have and you always will. And the reason it doesn’t matter if you believe it or disbelieve it personally is due to one very simple, very perfect and very profound truth.

And this truth is due to the simple, perfect, unwavering and unerring fact that it’s based on a Higher Truth.

What does that mean exactly?

Just this. Things that fall under the umbrella of Higher Truth can’t be changed, escaped from, manipulated or maneuvered regardless of what you believe. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your status is, what position you hold, how much stuff you have, how powerful you might believe yourself to be, that’s something you, nor I nor anyone else will ever be able to change.

That’s why I choose to refer to it as a Higher Truth. It’s infinite in nature and was established and put in place a long time before you, I or anyone else arrived here. And it’s always going to be here and it always operates and functions just as it was originally designed to. And it’s going to continue operating that way into infinity. Whether you personally choose to believe that or not doesn’t make it not true, yet at the same time it will make it not true for you simply because you choose to hold such a belief. Under the umbrella of The Perfect Plan, you always get to be right.

Now I don’t know about you, but I personally LOVE the idea of that. Hopefully, if you don’t already, you’ll become enabled to Love it too.

We’ll be getting more into the difference between perceptions of truth and Higher Truth as we progress.

I think it’s also important to clarify that had someone told me some of the things I’m sharing and will be sharing with you in the future, prior to personally experiencing, exploring, researching and working with as many people around the globe as I do now and have over the past several years, I would have thought that they were just flat out crazy, smoking too many of those funny looking little cigarettes that are twisted up on the ends, had ingested way too many hallucinogenic drugs, drank too much of the woo woo Kool-Aid, or had just simply lost their marbles.

Maybe even all of the above.

In fact, I know that’s true because that’s precisely what happened with me. I had that experience. One day many many years ago. And it all started as the result of someone telling me that we are all interconnected; that we are All One. After making what I believed at the time to be the most ridiculous and ludicrous thing I had ever heard, this person went on attempting to explain why that was true in the best way they knew how, which immediately led me to the conclusion that one or all of the above possibilities was true.

I was quite certain of that actually.

Over the next few years, many things happened. What I considered at the time to be very strange and very weird things that I’d never experienced before. They turned into very profound things eventually.

That’s a long story but for now I’ll just say that I came to the realization that this person who was attempting to tell me what they did that day, wasn’t as crazy, weird or drugged up as I assumed they were at the time.

The best, simplest, shortest and most succinct way for me to describe it is to say that when they attempted to explain these things to me, although I was quite certain they were flat out NUTS, I’ve since discovered that I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know. And what's equally important is the fact that I wasn’t ready or willing to change what I did know and swore to be true at the time. What I DO know now is that they were right.

I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I’ve walked a countless number of paths, had countless experiences and discovered many things since that have provided me with additional proof and experience that at one point I didn’t know I could. Life changing things that I know you can benefit from. To say that you’ll be able to benefit is an understatement. And it’s a gross understatement actually. What I’ve discovered can, and if you’ll allow it too, will transform every aspect of your life as it has mine and countless others just like me.

But I will say that it’s going to require openness on your part, willingness, a curiosity and a commitment to follow through to discover and understand that there are things, many things that you don’t know either regardless of how much you might currently think you know.

That’s going to require that you “allow” yourself to drop or at least disarm your current understanding of what you think you know just long enough to make an educated and informed decision for yourself if what I’ll be sharing is true or untrue for you. You’ll get to choose that for yourself in due time.

I’ll also say right up front that what I know based on the countless numbers of paths I’ve chosen to walk down, aside from the fact that I’ve spent many years, countless thousands of hours exploring researching and discovering, and irrespective of the many personal experiences I’ve had that most would label as miraculous, I know very little in comparison to what there is to know.

And the reason that’s true is for the simple, perfect and unwavering fact that regardless of how much you might come to know and understand, it’s infinitesimal in comparison to what there is to know and understand.

But what I do know has the power and the potential to transform every aspect of your life, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually should you choose to allow it too.

So consider this your personal invitation. I’m inviting and would Love for you to join our group of conscious creators, if that’s something that you feel good about and have a desire to do. If not, no worries. Keep doing what you have, believing what you have and thinking as you have. That is without question your choice and one of the most exciting and beautiful things about life. We get to choose it for ourselves regardless.

Just understand this. If you do keep doing the same things; if you keep thinking, believing and doing as you have you’ll continue getting the same kind of results that you have. If you’re good there; if you’re happy and content with that, then by all means keep doing that. Keep doing the same thing. Just do your best to understand that regardless of how grand or how good or how horrific or bad you might perceive and believe things to be, there’s always more. There are always greater experiences, more to know, more to experience and more to understand.

You get to choose how far you go as you walk whatever paths you choose to walk as you go through life.

It’s not my intention to change your beliefs, tell you that what you’re doing is right or wrong or flawed or anything else. It is my intention to enhance the lives of those who have a sincere desire to be, do and/or have more. In fact, it’s my sole purpose to write and share what I’ve learned and experienced over the years to enable and empower all who are ready, open, willing and accepting to experience the greatest possible quality of life that they desire to create (or if you prefer, co-create) for themselves.

That’s my only intention; my sole purpose and I might add that it’s also my “Soul Purpose.” It enables me to actively engage in my Soul Purpose.

Rest assured I’ll be putting my heart and soul into it and sharing what I’ve come to believe and know to be true so you might experience more of whatever it is that you desire to experience.

You do whatever you choose to do or not do with it. Fair?

We’ll be getting into and exploring this in the next edition of Enlightened Journey.

In the meantime, welcome, thank you for taking the time to read and congratulations on your choice to become a part of the Enlightened Journey Community. Do your best to keep an open mind as we walk down and explore the paths that we’ll be exploring together very soon.

It's my hope, intention and heartfelt desire that I might provide you with insight, understanding and direction that might enable and empower you to be, do and have whatever it might be that you desire to be, do and have in your life.

Till The Next Edition Be Well and Be Happy,

Chuck Danes




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