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Seeing Beyond The Illusion of Limitation Financially and Otherwise

When You Know Where To Begin and Choose To Do The Right Things In The Right Order, Financial Freedom and/or EVERY Other "Heartfelt Desire" Becomes a Tangible Reality

Part 1 of 2

Whatever it costs to move forward and be successful, it costs FAR MORE to stay stuck in a life of mediocrity and frustration. And moving forward isn't nearly as difficult or complex as most "perceive." The only difficulty lies in the "perceived" complexity of those who desire and seek success yet never attain it. - Chuck Danes

Since you've, at some point become aware of and arrived here at abundance-and-happiness.com, chances are good that you're seeking some form of positive change in your life.

Since you're viewing and reading this page specifically, it's quite possible...highly probable in fact, that the positive results you'd like to see materialize are of a financial or material nature.

Maybe you are and maybe you're not. One thing is certain. We all have individual desires to experience more.

If that is the case...if experiencing financial abundance and plenty is on your your list of individual desires, you’re certainly not alone. Far from it in fact. Creating greater financial abundance is a BIGGY in today’s world. Millions of people (perhaps billions) are seeking ways to do the same.

Whether that pertains to you or not at this point is immaterial. You have arrived here and are reading this right now for a reason, whether or not you're currently "aware" of what your individual reason might be. It may be due to a "desire" to create (or if you prefer co-create) greater financial abundance or something else all together.

One thing I learned and came to "know" a long long time ago is the fact that nothing happens by chance. Everything serves a purpose...a "Greater Good" I like to refer to it as.

The fact that you're here right now is no exception.

Another thing I've come to "know" is the fact that whatever it might be that you "sincerely desire" for yourself, you CAN have it. You may not believe it at this point, which is one of the main reasons (if not the ONLY reason) that you don't have whatever it might be.

But again, you CAN whenever you choose to.

As true as that is, most claim that they don’t know how or “perceive” themselves as unable, unworthy, incapable, lack the resources or any other infinite number of “less than true excuses” so many choose to hold onto which without fail determines what they create and experience in their lives.

And although we are ALWAYS creating something, unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases it's far less than and in some cases the polar opposite of what so many "claim" they want.

The reason why is quite simple. More than simple, it’s quite rational, logical and easy to see once you’ve become “aware” of what to look for and you begin to consciously observe why those who claim they “want” something, (which is everyone) whether financial freedom or something else, in far more cases than necessary don’t receive it.

Here’s just a few of those “reasons”….

Most place all their focus on and provide all the reasons as to why they can’t be, do and have more in life, rather than choosing to place focus on and come up with all the reasons why they can.

There are just as many who define and attempt to create (or co-create) what they want by unconsciously placing their predominant focus and emphasis on what they "don't want."

Those who "do" go for what they want often skip over the most vital and fundamental step which makes the materialization and manifestation of the "thing or things desired" seemingly effortless to acquire should they become "aware" of it and choose to take it.

This "all too common choice" is in essence, "unconsciously choosing" a way of "being" that keeps the vast majority from "doing" what's necessary to make heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires "real."

It keeps them consistently looking, in many cases frantically, in "Finding The Secret" mode. Once they come across this so called "Secret", (as so many millions have) then they began to seek out the Secret Behind The Secret.

Let me share something with you that COULD transform your entire life IF you'll allow it to.

The SECRET can be summed up in 3 very simple yet powerfully creative words.


That’s the ONLY SECRET that so many claim to have the rights and insider access to. It’s often times “labeled” and marketed as being The Secret or sometimes The Secret Behind The Secret. And although “profoundly powerful, amazingly creative in a "desirable" kind of way, unbelievably rewarding and profoundly fulfilling should you choose it as your way of being and begin DOING things in a way that harmonizes with it, it’s without question NO SECRET!!

It never has been and never will be, yet many...MOST in fact...look for it their entire lives and NEVER find it.

Well...they find it...in fact they already have it, they just don't know where to look, never REALLY see it and as a result, never use it in a conscious and intentional way.

So they keep looking and looking and looking rather than adjusting and elevating their "mindsight" in such a way that enables them to see that they DO already have unlimited access to it and those who "arrive" at that conclusion ALWAYS find that it was right before their eyes the entire time.

In fact it's within each of us without exception. What's better is that it is a "freely provided" gift that we have the ability and the potential to open anytime we choose to do so.

So what is this “So Called Secret” to Real Wealth, Real Abundance and Real Prosperity that makes Real Freedom real?

What is this Secret Behind The Secret that "allows" WHATEVER it might be that YOU desire individually to become a real, tangible and experiencable part of YOUR life?

The quick one sentence answer is... Engage yourself in such a way that you Love...in such a way that enables and empowers both you and others to "feel good" and become successful and just "allow" nature and the laws that govern the process that's clearly evident in nature, to take her course.

You can't possibly be in a state of "consciously being" and consciously creating if you're choosing to engage in doing something that doesn't "feel right" nor align and harmonize with what your deepest desires dictate and are screaming out to experience.

This is what I refer to as "unconscious creation."

When your chosen way of "being" is misaligned and un-harmonized with Love in a way that desired results manifest in tangible form and provide what you Love, you simply can't be "consciously creating." This happens due to a focus of fear. When any level is aligned, harmonized and focused on fear, doubt and/or worry, it can, does and will without fail limit your results in a way that "fear, doubt and worry" always does.

In the same way, DOING in and of itself, regardless of how much intensity and skill you might possess in "doing whatever it might be that you do"...if what you're BEING is disharmonious and conflicts with the tangible creation of your desires, what you are choosing to DO will always provide far less in the form of "desired results" than what you're quite able, well equipped and more than capable of achieving.

So let's look deeper at the "reasons" why that's true and why things happen as they do. More specifically why those who get what they want seem to be in some way, shape or form, separate from those who don't.

It's not nearly as complex or difficult as most have been conditioned to "believe."

Intention, Attention, Focus and Perceptions

First and foremost, let's address "focus" and our "perceptions" regarding our ability or "perceived" inability" to receive whatever it might be that we "truly desire" for ourselves.

It's a very subtle, often overlooked yet profoundly powerful difference that determines the kind and quality of our individual experiences.

Here it is...

Conscious creators, successful entrepreneurs, and thriving businesses look for and find solutions that harmonize with the "tangible creation" of their desires.

And it's KEY to grasp and internalize the importance of that. They seek SOLUTIONS and REASONS why they CAN...not consistently look for and find all the EXCUSES as to why they can't. They keep the end result...the "desired result" in their "minds eye" and are consistently moving toward what they desire (love) rather than placing focus on and moving away from what they "fear" and/or "don't want."

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s financial freedom, time freedom, greater and more fulfilling relationships, greater health or ANYTHING else.

And once you "get that"....once you really understand, believe, internalize and begin to "consciously utilize and apply" the transformational power behind it, doors begin to open where you may have never "previously believed" that any doors existed.

That's where the potential and possibility that YOU have to be, do and have more reveals itself and becomes quite simple, pleasurable and if you choose to "do things" in a conscious and intentional way, "profoundly" fulfilling as well as rewarding beyond description.

How so? Well, it's quite simple really.

Due to the fact that EVERYONE is seeking something more in their lives, there’s immense potential for you, me and anyone else who are ready, open and willing to recognize and see the potential and possibility that this “obvious truth” reveals. And this potential and possibility stretches far beyond what you, I or anyone else could possibly conceive individually.

Once you're able to clearly see and utilize the potential you have in doing what you "love"...contributing to and serving others through the "love" that you engage in...you begin, in seemingly miraculous ways begin "receiving" what you love.

The reason why is due to the fact that once YOU are personally aware of how self-defeating and self-limiting these various “excuses” are, you can assist those who choose them as their excuses with ways and means to show them first hand just how “true” that is.

And what’s better is that you can and will be doing so based on your unique and awesome gifts and talents that contribute to and provide incredible value to those who are “seeking” what it is that you have to offer...WHATEVER it is.

But the first step is recognizing and understanding what wealth, success, financial freedom and/or greater material wealth is...what it "truly is"...and once understood finding and choosing to take that first step. And once taken, continue walking down "The Short Path" for making the manifestation of your individual desire or desires real and tangible.

Since this edition is titled "Seeing Beyond The Illusion of Limitation Financially and Otherwise" let’s use money, financial freedom and "stuff" as a specific example.

Of the many people who I’ve assisted in being, doing and having more over the years, it seems that money and/or material "stuff" is the #1 thing that most “perceive” they need to make them happier and more fulfilled in life.

And based on the many people that I connect and interact with who honestly “believe” that, combined with the many diverse “excuses” many have with regard to NOT creating whatever levels of material and monetary abundance they desire, it’s quite obvious and quite easy to see that most are “unconsciously choosing” unhappiness, lack, struggle, discord and fear as their chosen way of being for the most part.

Their "perceptions regarding the "lack of" what they desire keeps their Attention "unconsciously fixated" on what they "don't have" which in turn is "unconsciously stating" their Intention which without fail "attracts" more of the same into their lives.

They are in essence keeping their predominant focus on the polar opposite of whatever is desired.

But it’s a very dis-empowering approach that can and will only lead to more of the same. A choice to “allow” what’s going on “out there” whether it be money or “stuff” or anything else of a tangible nature to control how you "feel", ESPECIALLY if you currently "perceive it" as being in short supply, is a choice to “allow” the suppression of happiness and in some cases the very “reason” so many unnecessarily delay their happiness and in some cases even, commit “happiness suicide.”

It’s the very choice that keeps Real Happiness, Real Harmony, Real Freedom and the “tangible" manifestation of “desired results” from becoming REAL.

The fact that most “perceive” that money is a problem or in short supply or any other “infinite number” of “less than empowering” ways of being that we have the ability to choose from is quite obvious.

You don't have to look far to see just how "true" that is. But is it "really true?" Let me rephrase that. Is it based on a Higher Truth?

I'm here today and it's my hope to convey and clearly show you, in the clearest way I'm able, just how "untrue" "perceiving and believing in anything less than "infinite amounts" of abundance, prosperity, happiness and "peace of mind" is.

The fact of the matter is that the world (and far beyond) is infinitely abundant. The "truth" of that is quite evident in nature whether you choose to look at it on a microscopic or macroscopic scale.

The process of creation is ALWAYS producing an abundance of something. The Universe was created in such a way that is always producing and showing up in tangible form more and more of "something." It is based on an unfailing, unwavering and never resting principle which is consistently "allowing" further expression and expansion to become a "tangible reality."

Here's why many are "unable" and in many cases "unwilling" to see just how "true" that is for themselves.

The kind and quality of our individual expression and expansion is only determined by the choices we make or don’t make. These choices are being made and the obvious expression and expansion that ALWAYS follows is happening as a result of both our individual as well as collective choices.

Our chosen focus...what we give our ATTENTION to, communicates our INTENTION and Source...whatever you might choose to call SOURCE individually, without exception provides it just as we ask.

We’ll be covering more about that as we progress in such a way that will not only enable you to “see” just how “true” that is but to assist you in making the necessary shifts and begin "doing things" in such a way that will enable and empower you to experience more of the desired forms of abundance that so many hope, wish and pray for and “claim” they want.

First it's necessary to understand and recognize the difference between "problems and symptoms."

Let’s relate it to money and financial freedom specifically.

In a world where abundance and plenty are "infinite" in nature, there is no such thing as “money problems” but rather “money symptoms” that ALWAYS manifest and show up in “tangible form” as the result of the “real problem” which always finds it's root in the "stories" we choose to hold individually with regard to money... (or anything else for that matter) and our worthiness or "perceived" unworthiness to receive it.

When we become "conscious" of what our individual story is...which in the vast majority of cases is focused on our "unworthiness" and/or inability to receive what we want, it becomes blatantly obvious why we're getting whatever it might be that we're getting.

If you currently “perceive and believe” the same...that you're "unable or unworthy" of "consciously creating" what you "truly desire", rest assured, I can help you with that. I’ve helped a lot of people all over the world with that. In fact I can assist you in making and having more money and/or material stuff (or anything else for that matter) than you might be able to conceive or believe is available to and for you currently.

If having A LOT of money and material stuff is too big a stretch for you at this point and your desire is to simply get out of debt and be able to afford some of the simple pleasures in life, I can assist you with that as well.

That is IF you’re willing to help yourself.

I nor anyone else can do it for you. But YOU most certainly can once you know how.

The fact of the matter is...the "Higher Truth" I like to refer to it as...is that we all know already. Sadly most of us have simply forgotten. We’ve forgotten only because of the fact that since birth we’ve been indoctrinated and conditioned to buy into the "less than true" beliefs and perceptions of others.

We've adopted and bought into the self limiting and self sabotaging "beliefs" and perceptions of the vast majority.

These beliefs and perceptions, in more cases than not conflict with The Real Secret (Love, allow, and surrender) and have us consistently engaging in the polar opposite which consists of Fear, doubt, worry, denial and resistance.

These acquired “beliefs and perceptions”, as limiting as they are, form our individual beliefs and perceptions regarding what’s rational, logical, feasible, realistic and necessary to create what we want. If and When we choose to "wake up"...become more "aware" and begin to question and challenge those self-limiting “perceptions” we’re often told that common sense states that these things must be true based on the kind and quality of the experiences those who taught us what they have, have personally experienced.

Our individual choice to buy into and follow this "common sense" and/or "common logic" approach leads to our current as well as the past experiences we've had individually due to following and believing what we've been told.

So we begin to rationalize and accept the fact that it must be "true" which solidifies the self limiting "beliefs" we've adopted which in turn creates and sustains the very cycles that we hope, wish and pray we can at some point change.

Yet it's only become true and will remain "true" for YOU IF you choose to remain stuck within the very perceptions that made it "true" to begin with.

So let’s begin by making a very crucial and potentially transformational point.

"Experience doesn't dictate and determine the kind and quality of our individually chosen "beliefs and perceptions." Beliefs and Perceptions dictate and determine the kind and quality of our individual experiences."

Let's clarify so there's no misunderstanding regarding your individually held beliefs and perceptions...

They CAN limit your outcomes, but they ONLY CAN if you choose to allow them too. The "Higher Truth" is that we choose our individually held "beliefs and perceptions" regarding our lives...what we can have and not have...and it's those perceptions that mold and shape the various aspects of our lives whether whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and /or spiritually.

My point?

Steer clear of common sense...choose to become an independent thinker and seek out the Higher Truth. "Awaken" to the fact that "common sense" is what keeps our experiences quite "common." Common sense is what keeps the vast majority from achieving uncommon results. It’s necessary to transcend “common sense” and tap into what I often refer to as Higher Truth to experience a kind and quality of result that understanding and applying Higher Truth "always" provides.

Rest assured "Higher Truth" is not based on COMMON sense but rather infinite potential and possibility which common sense states is quite irrational and/or altogether impossible.

Higher Truth enables "uncommon results" to become "real and tangible" in a scope and variety that “common sense” can never hope to provide.

Want to know the really great thing about choosing to do so? You and anyone else who makes this “conscious choice” can and will make quantum leaps in achievement.

Let me ALSO clarify so there is NO misunderstanding...

There are ZERO exceptions. If you have the “desire”, the vision, a strong enough WHY and a sincere willingness to create change, you can experience a “quantum leap” in whatever area of life that you aspire to create change in...INCLUDING more money and “stuff” than most choose to "conceive or believe is available to them which is the very thing that keeps it from them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a wild-at-heart 20 year old ready to conquer the world, or a meek, mild and kindly grandparent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graduate of the school of hard knocks… or have the most expensive education at the most prestigious university on the planet with the documentation to back it up. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, your religious preference, what geographical location you call home, if you are fat, thin, bald, short, tall, or just flew in from Neptune for that matter.

Your life can and will change dramatically… almost magically, no matter what...when YOU decide that it's time to create whatever change you desire to create for yourself, are willing to engage in changing a few things that are well within your control, stay the course and follow through once the choice is made.

Again, it doesn’t matter where you are currently, what levels of success you may have reached to this point, how grand or bleak you might currently “perceive” your life as being. If you’re breathing and reading this you can do the same…regardless.

It’s simply a matter of choosing and doing things in a conscious and intentional way. That’s what I assist people to do.

But to make and create quantum leaps in “results”, it’s necessary to make “quantum shifts” at a level that most overlook and quite frankly are "unaware of" and/or don’t understand the power behind.

It's a level that precedes "doing." It's an often overlooked level that those who "truly do" aspire to be, do and have more often overlook which is precisely why so many DO so much, get so little and as a result "believe and perceive" that's just how things are and how life was designed to work.

It's the very thing...often times the ONLY thing...that keeps those who CHOOSE to do things in that way, from experiencing quantum leaps and/or "seemingly miraculous results."

It's my passion, purpose and desire to assist you with that if you're open and receptive. Not all are quite frankly. Not all are ready. If you're not, no reason to read further. If you are, choosing to continue will assist you in doing so.

The key phrase is assist you. I can’t do it for you but you most certainly can once you have the understanding, the tools, the know how, and are ready to become “aware” of the creative power that you’ve been "freely provided" to be, do and have whatever you choose in life. And once aware, it's simply a matter of using it..."consciously using" what you're already using anyway. We're all using it already, many are just using it in an unconscious way and "unconsciously creating" more of what they don't want.

And it’s NOT in any way shape or form limited to money and material “stuff.”

My job (as well as my passion and purpose) is to show you the door and point you toward the path that “I know” from personal experience reveals some incredibly desirable and at times breathtaking scenery. Your job is to recognize it and step through the door and once you do that, make a conscious and intentional choice to begin by taking that first step and continue walking the path that will lead you there.

The path already exists. It's not necessary to frantically look for and seek it out. It's simply a matter of enhancing your awareness...expanding what you "perceive and believe" as being "true" and the path reveals itself.

Then, once you've accepted the fact that the path "truly exists" and you make the choice to begin venturing down it, then it’s simply a matter of remaining open, willing and receptive to "applying" the ways and means that “show up” which enable you to progress even further down this "more desirable path" and experience some unexplored scenery. Ways and means that enable and empower you to “know” how to do the right things in the right order and as they “show up” make a conscious and consistent choice to DO them when they do.

If you’re like “most people” you don’t “know” how to do that. In fact if you’re in the same place as the vast majority find themselves, which is following the “common sense” and “common logic” of the vast majority, choosing “common sense” as your approach to having more, what you “know” currently may be and more than likely IS, the very “knowing” that is keeping you from doing it and “getting” whatever it might be that you love and desire for yourself.

It's that very knowing that may have you walking what I refer to as the long hard path. There are no "right or wrong" paths in the bigger scheme of things. Only paths that determine our individual experience.

Neither is good or bad really. That is only made "real and tangible" based on your individual beliefs, perceptions and willingness to DO or not do what's necessary...what's "truly" necessary.

I’m going to show you how to do both. At the conclusion of this edition you’ll know. What you do or don’t do with it will determine what you’ll experience as you move forward “doing” whatever it is you decide to do.

But I’ll also say right up front that I don’t “DO that” in such a way that most do. In fact, I can say, as I've already mentioned, that I do things in a way that most overlook, are unaware of, don’t initially understand or grasp the power behind.

The fact of the matter is, many overlook and simply don’t “DO” things in this way, which is why the minority who achieve the levels of financial freedom and/or security and an extraordinary quality of life to go with it, (whatever that means for you) that so many hope, wish and pray they could is only a small minority.

But it’s not for the reasons that most “perceive and believe” as being factual and true. More specifically it’s NOT because it has to be that way or because that's simply how life is, although MANY buy into and believe just that. The majority does in fact.

The reason they DO though is simply because the vast majority do what the vast majority does and as a result receive the very same mediocre and/or hard earned results that the vast majority always will unless and until they “choose” to DO something differently.

Those who have simply choose to DO things in a way that those who don’t have, don’t and/or won’t DO for any infinite number of reasons.

It’s not because it’s hard, requires excessive effort, mega thousand dollar educations or anything else for that matter although most “perceive” that it does which is precisely why it remains “true” for the vast majority and why more aren’t experiencing the kind and quality of life that they “claim” they would like to experience.

That's why I Love and am so passionate about my "job." I "Love" my job.

It’s my “job” to assist those who are ready, willing and serious to transcend hoping, wishing, and trying so hard only to make small, incremental gains (and in many cases create "perceived digression") into the “space” of quantum leaps and experience "seemingly miraculous" results.

In fact DOING things in the way I teach has proven time and again that the doing that follows is always fun, enjoyable, fulfilling beyond description and at the same time, profoundly rewarding.

And just in case you overlooked it...The fact of the matter is, it’s not so much about DOING and LEARNING as it is about NOT DOING and UNLEARNING all the disempowering and “less than effective” ways that so many have been taught to DO things. What’s more is the fact that it’s much more about “allowing” things to happen rather than attempting to “Make things happen.”

It's much more about relinquishing control than it is taking control and "attempting to force" things to be as you desire them to be.

And doing so is so profoundly simple yet powerful...it's so utterly life changing that it transcends "common" understanding.

So how do you initiate this "simplicity" and transformational way of "being" into your life?

It simply requires a “paradigm shift” that enables and empowers you to tap into and utilize your “true power.” It's a form of power provided to each of us without exception. Tapping into and "consciously utilizing" this "freely provided" power requires an openness and willingness to expand what you “think you know” regarding possibility and potential. It requires transcending, enhancing and elevating your understanding as it relates to the physical and finite power that most “perceive” themselves as being limited by and choosing to move into the place where infinite possibility and potential resides.

A more accurate statement would be that we’re already there. Infinite possibility and potential is all around us. It’s only necessary to expand what we “know and believe” which enables us to "see" just how "true" it is that what we "choose" to know and believe is the very thing that's creating whatever it might be that we're experiencing.

That requires overwriting and replacing much of what we’ve been indoctrinated to know and believe to become enabled and empowered to create and experience more of what is right before our eyes which our current states of “knowing and believing” blinds us to.

The reason we’re “blinded” to it is only because of the “belief filters” that common teaching, indoctrination and “common sense” have created in our "minds" and which we ourselves have “allowed” to form.

It doesn’t mean infinite potential and possibility isn’t there because it is. It ALWAYS has been and ALWAYS will be. It simply requires a choice to “allow” yourself to see it and once accomplished continue walking the path that will enable, empower and “allow” you to experience it for yourself.

Let me just say my chosen way of doing things is not a common approach which is precisely why I believe most “perceive” themselves as unable to create a kind and quality of result that they “truly desire” and do so in such a way that aligns, harmonizes with fulfilling “heartfelt desires” for themselves and at the same time enables them to engage in what they Love and are passionate about as they make their individually held hopes, dreams, desires, visions and aspirations real and tangible.

As I touched on briefly, doing so is really as simple as making a "conscious and intentional choice" to open yourself, move toward and accept what you Love rather than consistently focusing on, dreading, running away from, resisting and avoiding what you "fear."

Make no mistake...this is about So Much More than financial freedom and the acquisition of "stuff."

Although the “words” financial freedom may have drawn you here and kept you reading this far, this is about much more than acquiring some predefined amount of money and stuff. This is about creating a wholesome and fulfilling quality of life. It’s about experiencing physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

All of these aspects of life…harmonizing the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual are a necessary part of experiencing what I refer to as Real Wealth, Real Freedom, Real Harmony, Real Joy, and REAL Abundance and Happiness in life.

And rest assured YOU can experience just that whenever YOU choose to do so. Let’s explore just a bit why “I know” it’s true personally and how you can, should you choose to, come to know and experience just how “true” it is for yourself.

The Quality of Your Life Is Always Aligned and Harmonious With Your Chosen Philosophy About Life

Let’s talk about philosophy for a minute. We all have one. But not all are aware of how important and powerful their individual philosophy is. In fact, most aren't "consciously aware" of what their philosophy is.

So let’s “begin” there.

Your individual philosophy will always align and harmonize with whatever results you’re experiencing.

It’s quite simple. Your philosophy determines what you think about most. What you think about and focus on most ignites and is reflected in the emotional responses or reactions that happen as a result. The quality of those emotional responses and/or reactions determines how you "feel." How you feel determines the kind, quality and quantity of “DOING” that you engage in which results in the kind and quality of “tangible results” that you ALWAYS receive.

And it's ALWAYS...ALWAYS...ALWAYS...without exception, a direct reflection of your individual choices.

How you “feel” plays a MUCH BIGGER role in what you “get” than most understand. Many “perceive” themselves a NOT GETTING yet that’s an impossibility. You can’t NOT get. You CAN GET the polar opposite of what you desire yet you’re ALWAYS getting something. Something is always being created and is showing up in tangible form which determines the kind, quality and quantity of your individual experience.

There’s something else about emotions that many don’t understand. Something that is SO vital to understand and learn to consciously direct should you recognize that your consistently chosen way of "being" is in direct opposition to what you "desire" to see.

All emotions fall under one of two headings...

Love or Fear.

If your current philosophy isn’t providing the kind and quality of results you “truly desire” and would Love to see, perhaps it’s time to choose or at the least be open and receptive to adopting a new philosophy.

A philosophy that will enable and empower you to make the shift from “fear” to Love. It’s a way of “doing things” that without fail enables you to "feel" much better which in turn attracts and provides much more of what you Love.

My personal philosophy has enabled me to create a kind and quality of life that “most perceive” as being reserved for the “lucky and fortunate” few. It’s a philosophy combined with a way of doing things that can and will do the same for you should you choose it as your philosophy and then simply follow through with "action" that harmonizes with that philosophy.

My current philosophy hasn’t always been of a kind and quality that it now is. In fact I used to hold…for the most part a “fear based” philosophy as so many today do. What I discovered as a result of choosing that way of "being" and making the shift to my current philosophy of “love” and then expressing this way of “being” by contributing and providing service that’s aligned and harmonized with a form of “doing” what I love, with the INTENTION of serving others in a way that enables and empowers them to experience results that they "Love", my tangible results shifted and are of a much more “pleasing and desirable” quality AND quantity.

Much more pleasing and desirable than I previously “thought” they could be when my choices had me “doing” something else. Something that I didn't "feel" very good about for a number of reasons.

It used to be my philosophy that you must work hard and do whatever it took, regardless, to create desired change. And as long as I chose to hold that philosophy, that’s what I got to experience.

Love is like that. It allows you to choose. It “allows” you to experience whatever you choose whether you “like it” or not. It’s always been that way and always will be.

When you "choose consciously" you get more of what you like.

When you choose to align and harmonize with what you want and you acquire the knowledge of how to “consciously create” things in your life, you clearly see that you must do so from a place of love, never from a place of fear. Fear is a form of resistance which pushes what you want away from you. Love draws it in. Love enables you to move toward what you Love and fear has you avoiding what you fear which Love can and often does provide when the "fear" overpowers and dominates the "love."

That in and of itself could take a literal volume of books to accurately convey. Not because it's difficult or complex but rather because of the shear simplicity. In order to sort through and "undo" all the perceived difficulty and complexity that our teachings and indoctrination have created in our minds which is reflected in our ways of being and what we do as a result.

In the simplest way I can put it for the sake of time, it's only necessary to get out of our heads and into our hearts. That's where a form of "untainted love" resides. It provides the roadmap which enables you to arrive at your "desired destination" in the quickest, simplest and most pleasing way possible.

So Love is an important philosophy to adopt if you “truly desire” to begin “consciously creating” a life of physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

If Love is a bit too warm and fuzzy for you, let’s relate it to science. Namely what scientists refer to as Cause and Effect.

It's quite "simple" as well...

For every “cause” there’s an effect. The effect always aligns and harmonizes perfectly and precisely with the cause.

It’s an understanding that has enabled and empowered me to make the shift from a “perception” of fear, weakness, lack, limitation, discord and "perceived complexity" (the cause) to a perception of Love, strength, abundance, plenty, harmony and simplicity.

When I made a "conscious choice" to shift, enhance and elevate the underlying "cause", the effects became much more enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling and pleasing.

It's a way of “doing things” that has made me quite “aware and awake” to my Real Power. It can and will do the same for you should you choose it as your path.

It's simply a matter of understanding, internalizing and "consciously applying" the power and direction that resides within your heart.

That's a level of "cause" that you DO have control over should you choose to exercise it. Everything else that follows are effects of that choice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated it VERY well.

“Shallow men believe in luck, believe in circumstances….Strong men believe in cause and effect.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are no coincidences, chance occurrences or random "effects" that so many "perceive" as happening in life for no apparent reason.

When you choose to become “conscious of” how real, true and powerful that is, and once aware choosing to align and harmonize the cause with Love and caring in everything you “think”, say and do, getting what you want becomes quite simple. It’s often perceived as being effortless and in many cases the quality and quantity of what is "received" is often "perceived" as being miraculous even.

From a more scientific perspective...It's a choice that "allows" quantum leaps to happen.

It’s a philosophy that enables and empowers you (or anyone else for that matter) to see and always approach challenges as opportunities, to see the good in EVERYTHING, to be “truly grateful” in EVERY situation and to live every moment of every hour of every day of your life to its fullest - for you, those you love, for those you assist in creating the same quality of life you desire and at the same time enables you to experience the satisfaction and the freedom that engaging in the business of life with this “mindset” creates without struggle, stress, anxiety and fear.

But again, I think it’s vitally important to emphasize…the reward, satisfaction and fulfillment extends far beyond money and material stuff. Those are nothing more or less than "effects" just as the "lack of" or "absence of" these "more desirable" things are nothing more or less than effects created and determined by the "underlying cause" which is YOUR chosen way of "being."

Money and stuff can NEVER create happiness, harmony and fulfillment in life in and of themselves. The business of life has many departments. Harmonizing each of them is necessary to experience what I often refer to as Real Wealth, Real Freedom and REAL Abundance and Happiness.

And ALL of them, without exception are made "real and tangible" based on and due to our individually chosen way of "being." Become conscious, focused and intentional of what you're choosing to "be" and you'll begin getting more of what you love.

I’ve personally found this way of “doing things” to be the short path to real happiness and fulfillment and pointed me toward the “short path” for creating and experiencing a stress free and wholesome lifestyle that I often refer to as Real Wealth and Real Success.

I’ve also “personally discovered” since choosing to assist those with the desire to be, do and have more of what they desire in their lives, that many “perceive” themselves as unable to create and experience the same for themselves.

The reason that’s “true” is due to the fact that where most “choose” to begin creating significant results, whether it be finding and walking the financial freedom path or something else altogether, combined with what most “believe” to be necessary to make heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires “real and tangible” whether materially, monetarily or otherwise, is in 99% of the cases, not where it begins. They unknowingly and “unconsciously” begin at the “effect” level rather than “consciously and consistently engaging” themselves at the “cause level.”

They’ve been told and taught that what and how they DO things is the "cause level"…they really and truly “believe” it, yet they’ve never taken the initiative to investigate and determine for themselves if what they’ve been told, taught and developed beliefs about is actually based on the Highest Truth.

So they do, do and do consistently attempting to create "desired effects" with effects and consistently come up short of where they "truly desire" to be.

There are also those who due to their individually chosen “perceptions” regarding what’s necessary to create “desired change” never begin at all. The biggest reason though is due to the fact that they’ve been taught and “believe” that creating significant change is hard, requires excessive effort and takes “time” to make real.

There are those who do begin and based on what they “know” to be true, DO, DO and DO with such intensity and perseverance that they are able to create and experience results, but the results are always "finite." And although this way of “doing things” does “sometimes” produce results, the results made real and tangible are incremental, the kind and quality of which are based on and due to the kind and quality of the “doing.”

And based on what they “know” and their chosen way of doing things, they often “perceive” that Doing things” in this way and creating the quality of result they receive as a result is the best and only way to do things. They often “perceive and believe” that the results they receive regardless of how grand or bleak they might be is all that’s possible for and available to them.

And we certainly have the right and the ability to DO that if we choose, yet it’s a path that can and does only produce limited, mediocre and finite results at best. Results that align and harmonize with what the vast majority perceives to be and labels as “common sense.”

They unknowingly attempt to create and manipulate “effects” with additional effects. It’s an approach that defies simple physics and can NEVER provide the REALLY BIG desired results long term REGARDLESS of how much you might DO or how hard you might try.

In fact it’s more times than not that “trying so hard” and attempting to DO so much that keeps the vast majority from getting what it is that they “claim” they want.

To clarify most “perceive” that to get something more, whether it be financial freedom, greater and more fulfilling relationships and/or vibrant and radiant health that they must DO more regardless of how they “feel” about what they’re choosing to DO more of.

And not surprisingly, due to the effort and struggle that so many “perceive” as being necessary to make these “desires” real and tangible, many never try at all.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you're like most people, that you're busy. I’m also going to assume that you have a limited amount of time and want answers as quickly as you can get them.

More than just answers, you want results…measurable results.

Well, first of all you must acquire the answers. That’s a very important part of the process that most overlook. You do that by asking the right questions. Once you’ve asked the right questions, received the “answers” that “feel good" and resonate with you, you take action.

The ways and means in which these answers start showing up is as infinite as the potential questions that can be asked. Often times they "show up" in ways that we hadn't previously perceived they could so it's vital to remain open, alert and receptive as they do.

And as we've already touched on, that’s also another aspect of “getting what you want” that so many fail to become aware and conscious of.

How they “feel.”

Most people don't feel very good about what they DO as they scurry around in anxious, fearful and stressed out mode as so many do the majority of the time.

So, assuming that is "true", let's cut to the chase and eliminate all the hype, fluff and fillers with regard to how to create a level of material and monetary wealth for yourself that aligns and harmonizes with whatever individual desires you may have.

And as mentioned a number of times due to it's importance, although it is a powerfully effective and unfailing approach for getting what you want, it extends FAR BEYOND financial freedom and/or material wealth.

But since this edition is intended to assist you in creating financial and material wealth, for now, let’s focus on that specifically.

Would you “truly” like to know how to create financial and material wealth for yourself? More importantly, are you willing to do what I and many like me have found that produces it in the simplest and fastest way possible?

Most importantly are you open and willing to DO things in a way that those who merely hope, wish and pray that they “might” achieve some level of financial freedom in their lifetime someday won’t and/or don’t do?

It’s as “simple” as this…

Adopt a mindset and a philosophy that harmonizes with "Love" and simply "allow" Love to lead.

To take the warm, fuzzy, and seemingly esoteric "perceptions" you might have with regard to that statement, "Get in the “mindset” of serving and helping enough other people get what it is that you want in a way that YOU Love and once you’ve done this “MOST IMPORTANT” thing, simply start doing it and keep doing it from now on."

When you do what you Love it doesn't require strain, stress and struggle.

You know a lot of people have ideas, conceptualizations, perceptions and beliefs about their JOB and/or career. But the “philosophy most hold with regard to creating significant “desirable change” in this area of life is for the most part “flawed and limited.”

In essence it’s a “fear based” philosophy. It’s a philosophy that “assumes” you must “DO” what it takes to survive. That’s why most do what they do in the way they do it. They do what they do because they “feel” they must. They do what they do because they “fear” they won’t survive and/or get by if they don’t. They “fear” they won’t be able to pay the bills, the mortgage, the rent, etc. etc.

They've been conditioned and indoctrinated to "believe" that's how things MUST BE done!!

So they choose to stay stuck in the familiar. They never make a choice to venture outside of their “comfort borders” which are made real and seemingly impassable through layer upon layer of “fear bricks” which create the "seemingly impenetrable walls" that that keep them from moving through them which consistently creates the “discomfort” they hope, wish and pray they could move beyond.

It's a self created dichotomy. It creates "internal conflict"...a form of "internal disharmony" that results in "tangible outcomes" that are less than desired.

It’s the very philosophy that keeps so many “seemingly trapped” in less than desired circumstances and consistently repeating the same old habitual patterns that without fail produce the same “less than desired” results.

Survival and getting by become a way of life. The self-created walls they’ve built based on "fear of venturing out" keep them “seemingly trapped” in less than desired events, conditions and circumstances.

Would you like to know the Higher Truth regarding you and your job or business that will produce “seemingly miraculous" results? Adopt the mindset and engage yourself in such a way that your job and/or your business provides incredible value that contributes and assists as many other people in getting what they want. It’s about contributing and providing value to others. Giving and contributing in such a way that enables and empowers others to receive what you Love creating so they might use your contribution to have their hopes, dreams and desires fulfilled.

There are no limits to how you can do this. There are as many passions and desires as there are ways to fulfill them.

In essence it’s about meeting people where they are, giving them what they believe they need to “feel good” and providing them with the best possible solution you can to give them what makes them “feel good” about themselves.

In essence it’s a choice to give people back to themselves. But it’s just as important that YOU feel good about what you’re doing to create whatever it is that you create to contribute, serve and assist others in “feeling good” too. When EVERYBODY “feels good" about what they give and what they receive as a result of that giving not only does everyone “feel good”, everyone WINS.

You AND Them.

EVERYBODY gets what they want. That’s when harmony, fulfillment and plenty become real and tangible. That’s when you begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that most perceive as being nearly everything other than it “truly is” which is a choice to do things in such a way...a conscious and intentional way...that those who never achieve Real Freedom simply choose NOT to do.

You can do this every day if you choose to. The ways and means for doing so are infinite in nature. If you’re not currently doing things in this way…if you’re like the large percentage of people in the world who “do whatever they do” out of fear and obligation, doing what they do to get by and survive and dislike or in some cases even “hate” their jobs, it’s going to be necessary to take a hard look at that and be willing to “DO” something else altogether or make some adjustments in what you currently DO so it “feels” better for you.

That’s where MANY people get stuck. At least they “perceive themselves” as stuck. But the Higher Truth is, they’re not. They simply “allow” fear, doubt and worry in some shape or form to dominate and control their lives. This "unconscious choice" reveals itself in "perceptions" of stuckness which in turn manifests in "tangible form" and shows up in the various aspects of life as less than desired events, conditions and circumstances.

To make it “doable”, digestible and as productive as it can be for you individually is as simple as becoming very clear and defined on what it is that you desire. Once you’re clear and “aware” of that, it’s simply a matter of remaining open, willing and ready to take action on the ways and means that reveal themselves which “feel good” and right to you.

It's really as simple as aligning and harmonizing your "core values" with what you DO.

Then, once you know, you take the first step and begin doing it with the next person you encounter. In fact, how about beginning this chosen way of being and doing things with the very next person you encounter? Once this first “vital step is taken, extend it to the next three, five, ten, twenty, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand people you encounter?

The more you assist others in feeling good and getting what they want, the more you feel good and the more you get what you want.

The unerring, unwavering, immutable and never ending Flow takes over and delivers it.

It is really a very simple and yes even easy thing to do. But it can and does affect and precipitate “desired change” in a very positive and pleasing way and does so in exponential proportion. All you have to do is look for the best way to serve that person or people in a way that you Love, and then start doing it right then and there.

The first thing necessary to DO that is to make a “conscious choice”, commit to it, follow your heart and begin DOING it right now before all the negative and self-limiting data stored in your head provides you with all the “excuses” masquerading themselves as “justifiable reasons” as to why you can’t.

And although I've mentioned this before it's SO vitally important, I'll say it again. A KEY point that so many overlook is choosing to tune into and follow your heart.

How do you differentiate between the two? Fear, doubt and worry comes from the head. They're "conditioned reactions." And Love comes from the heart. Heart based direction ALWAYS "feels good" initially. It doesn't ignite nor "allow" fear, doubt and worry reactions initially. Inspired ideas and actions are heart based. Consistent chatter as to why you can’t, why you shouldn’t or fear that things may not work out are derived by pondering on and thinking about moving forward on heart based direction.

But the limitation and the avoidance of taking "heart based" direction based on Love ALWAYS comes from the head.

It's an intellectual approach that keeps so many from following heart based direction, taking "heart based action" and experiencing the inevitable success, harmony and fulfillment that follows.

So, when you "feel inspired" to DO something that aligns and harmonizes with "Love"...Just DO IT!! Stop THINKING about it and coming up with ALL the "excuses" as to why you can't.

Do this for three people every day and watch how your whole life can change. If you’ve ever had any doubts about what your purpose is for being here, it will soon become blatantly obvious. Not only will you clearly understand why you’re here, all the stuff that so many “try” so hard to chase and gather will begin showing up in ways that “most” would “perceive” as being irrational, illogical and in some cases just flat out impossible.

But it’s not. It’s just widely perceived that way which is the very thing that keeps so many from “DOING” things in such a way that produces extraordinary results. It defies “common sense” and produces uncommon results that “common sense” never has and never will be able to provide.

Results that make Real Freedom, Real Success and Real Harmony a way of life.

Clearly Define and Keep Your Focus on the Desired Things and the Desired Things Start Showing Up

Far too many people delay or in some cases sabotage their own success by becoming too wrapped up in the how and the when their “desired results” will show up. It’s the biggest and only reason that it never does for those who choose this way of “doing things.”

How and when isn’t important. Let me rephrase that. It’s important but it’s not your job. It’s the very thing that keeps so many from taking action and DOING something now which makes how and when an impossibility all together.

Your job…your ONLY job is to become clear and focused on your what and your WHY and once you’ve DONE this MOST VITAL action step, begin taking action immediately in the best way you know how with the “heartfelt intention” of contributing to and serving others.

The when and the how will reveal themselves. For the time being just remain focused on the “best way” you know how right now, take action “right now” on whatever way that is, remain open and receptive to signs, and ways and means that you “feel” might take you closer to your “desired” outcome and if there is a “better how” than the way or place where you begin, (and in a LARGE percentage of cases there is) rest assured it will reveal itself.

And when it does, you move.

It’s not necessary to “figure it out” and have every step clearly laid out and preplanned as so many “believe.” In fact, doing that is precisely what keeps so many from “starting” at all. They get caught up in the “perfectionism” of planning and doing things in such and such a way fearing that the steps they take might be the wrong way to do things and never begin taking the action steps that are necessary.

“Figuring things out” is the very thing that keeps quantum leaps from happening at all. Why? Simply because our figuring out is limited to what we already intellectually understand (data stored in the head) which is VERY limited regardless of who you are or how much you’ve studied and explored human potential and possibility.

Figuring things out is limited to past experience which in the vast majority of cases has produced “less than desired” results which is the very reason that most are attempting to “figure out” a better way.

Bottom line…“figuring out” the how and choosing to remain focused, attached, “fearful” and anxious as to when we’re going to receive what we want isn’t our job. Although most “perceive” it’s necessary, it’s counterproductive. It literally sabotages the manifestation of the desired result.

The ways and means to make heartfelt dreams and desires “real and tangible” are literally “Infinite” in nature and attempting to use our own rationale and logic is limiting ourselves and our results to what we already know which is minuscule in comparison to what there is to know on a grander scale.

Case in point…

I’ve been searching and exploring nearly every path that relates to human potential for more than 3 decades and the greatest and most profound understanding I’ve come to is the fact that regardless of how much I’ve come to know and understand, aside from the progress I’ve made in those 3 decades and the sometimes “seemingly miraculous” effects I’ve experienced, they are minuscule in comparison to what there is to know, understand and experience.

What’s more exciting than that though is the fact that the more you dig, the more you seek and the more you experience, the more you find how “profoundly simple” it is to make abundance, happiness, harmony, fulfillment and Real Freedom a real and tangible thing in your life.

What we “know” to be true is the very “Knowing” that often blinds us to “seeing” the very ways and means that “allow” us to make quantum leaps that most who follow the “common sense” path “know and believe” to be impossible.

Due to our “knowing” and past experiences that creating abundance and plenty in our lives is “hard and complex” we block out the simplicity. It becomes and remains “hard and complex” just as we choose for it to be.

Our perceptions of truth make it “true” for us in our lives. To change the “reality” of what we’re getting based on our more times than not, unaware and asleep choices, it’s only necessary to discover, adopt and utilize a “Higher Truth.”

Here’s the Higher Truth that will make “getting what you want” quite simple…

There are but 2 things that you must “know” and figure out prior to “doing” something. Those 2 things are, becoming clear, focused and intentional on your WHAT and your WHY.

You see and envision the WHAT in your minds eye and then fuel and intensify its manifestation with a strong and emotionally charged WHY that harmonizes with Love.

When your WHY is harmonized with Love on ALL levels, you "do" what you love, what you produce serves others by providing what they love and you get what you love. (desire)

The WHAT is the end result that you'd LOVE to see. The WHY is aligned and harmonized with LOVE which intensifies the LOVE vibes that attract and create in material form what you LOVE.

WHAT you do MUST be aligned and harmonized with Love just as your WHY is to create and experience “uncommon results” of a “desirable” nature.

It truly is as simple as that.

Then, often times in ways that can “seem” like magic…followed by the manifestation of heartfelt desires in ways that are often “perceived” as being miraculous, you start attracting the ways and means that “allow” getting what you want to be made “real and tangible” in the fastest and easiest ways possible.

And often times (most times in fact) it starts showing up and happening in ways that extend well beyond your limited perspective which you may have “previously believed and perceived” that it couldn’t.

Sound too simple?

Although NOT a common understanding based on “common sense” nor a way that most “choose” to do things, it’s PROFOUNDLY simple, IMMENSELY powerful (not to mention EXTREMELY fulfilling) and WILL without fail insure that your “heartfelt hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations” are fulfilled whether monetarily or otherwise.

And it NEVER fails…not EVER. It never has and never will. In fact, it CAN’T. Every Law of Nature would have to be violated. In other words, it’s never going to happen.

There’s plenty of “evidence” to support and substantiate how and why things work this way.

For the sake of time and since creating financial freedom is our focus here, I’m not going to get into all the scientific nor the spiritual reasons as to how or why it works the way it does.

But rest assured it works. But to make it work requires choosing to begin to “allow it” to work. A choice to begin is just as necessary to ensure that it works for you in the way you desire.

The most important place to begin receiving what you want...the place that most overlook is choosing to begin. That’s something that happens within yourself. You can overlook the importance and significance in that if you choose as so many do, yet it’s that choice that will enable and “allow” the hard earned and “less than desired” outcomes that so many “unnecessarily experience” to continue as they have.

To eliminate the esoteric nature of the statement “Going Within”, getting what you want requires thinking, feeling and acting (doing things) differently than most do…perhaps differently than you have.

Doing that begins by becoming willing to open your mind and your heart in such a way that enables you to open yourself to receive and “allowing” yourself to make a paradigm shift.

The most powerful kind of thinking you can have and the most powerfully transformational thing you can DO is to shift your mindset, suspend the self-limiting beliefs that keep you from having your desires fulfilled, open your heart and focus your attention and your actions in such a way that enables and empowers others to create and receive “desired results” for themselves.

Yet it does require a way of thinking and perceiving the world, yourself, others and the events, conditions and circumstances that reveal themselves in tangible form that most overlook.

But to create different results…uncommon results…it’s necessary to shift the quality of thinking that created the results that we don’t want.

Einstein said it best...

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Most people “think” that getting more requires doing more. They honestly “believe” that what they DO is the “cause” and the results that follow are the effects. Chances are good since you’re reading this that you are and have been “doing” the same thing.

I mean let’s face it, that’s “common sense” right?

That’s why so many DO so much yet at some point find that regardless of how much they DO, they just can’t seem to get ahead and/or take their results to the next level. So, they DO more all the while “thinking” that doing so is going to get them what they want. It doesn’t take long for those who choose to DO things in this way to develop “unfounded beliefs” that creating significant change in life is for the “lucky and fortunate few, extremely difficult, complex or altogether impossible.

But it’s not. It’s simply a flawed, limited and self-sabotaging approach that most take which creates outcomes that support, substantiate and solidify in their own minds that these “unfounded beliefs and perceptions” MUST BE “true.”

This is PRECISELY why so many “perceive” themselves as “hopelessly stuck” and spend their entire lives settling and getting by all the while “believing that’s “just how life is.”

The result is that they become “seemingly trapped” within the same self-repeating and self-created cycles that make the hard earned and mediocre results a consistent reality. The reality unfolds just as they choose yet most remain “unaware and asleep” to the fact that any choice is being made.

Their “perceived truth” becomes “true” in their lives just as they “believe” it will.

But here’s the “Higher Truth”…

The physical body being physical and finite can only DO so much. Attempting to get the body to DO more and more and more only serves to create overwhelm, exhaustion, emotional and mental fatigue resulting in more fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and “seemingly hopeless” conditions.

Choosing this way of “doing things” only serves to keep focus on the fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and what you “perceive” as being “hopeless” which only feeds the energy that ensures that your choice will manifest itself just as you are choosing.

To create a different outcome…to experience greater results, new and expanded choices are going to have to be made.

Einstein also made another statement that has proven to be quite profound and transformational advice for those who choose to recognize the wisdom and power behind it and apply it in their lives...

"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity."

I learned a long time ago after much trial and error, that there are no such things as coincidences, chance occurrences and/or accidents. Nothing happens by mere chance alone.

And it’s certainly no coincidence or accident that you've arrived here.

Here’s why I say that…

I believe something deeper brought you here. Something more than the desire that's inherent in all of us to be, do and have more whether it be money or something else. Something that extends well beyond a desire to do more… the desire to have more and experience more than what you’ve been in your life up to now!

Yet to make these desires "real and tangible" requires a willingness to DO something that far too many overlook as VITALLY important as it is...it's a willingness followed by a commitment to BEcome more.

The most important way to DO that is to make a “conscious choice” and a commitment to yourself to “consciously harmonize” what’s going on within yourself at the heart level with what you DO.

Although many aren’t “consciously aware” of this fact when you shift what’s going on “inside” you shift and move the energy that determines everything that follows. The thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions that are necessary for creating “measurable results” whether those results are “desirable or undesirable.”

Einstein made another profound discovery…

“Nothing happens until something moves”. - Albert Einstein

Due to the limited perspectives most hold regarding where movement begins or what the most effective movements are, it’s often “perceived” that moving requires a “physical form” of movement relating strictly to “physical activity.” We’ve been taught for the most part that the more “physical” you become…the greater the intensity of your physical doingness, the greater the result.

And that’s “partially true” as it relates to physical activity and the finite results that this way of “doing things” produces. But again the physical body is limited as to what it can do. There’s something that precedes “physical movement” that makes even the slightest physical movement possible.

Most people relate their physical activity to the brain level. But it goes deeper than that. MUCH DEEPER.

Because movement “begins” at a level that most overlook. But it’s only overlooked because they can’t “see it.” Most choose not to see it. They CAN”T see it with their physical eyes so they “assume” it isn’t real. But this self-limiting and short sighted “judgment” is only made due to the fact that no one has shown them or they simply refuse to look for it if they are shown simply because of a lack of understanding and awareness of just how important, powerful and transformational DOING things in this way is.

It’s this “unseen and often overlooked” thing that is creating results that so many claim they DON’T WANT, yet their refusal to explore and discover how to begin “using” this same thing…this same process “consciously and intentionally” is the very choice that keeps them from receiving what they claim they DO want.

And it’s NOT doing. It’s BEING.

That's where all external results begin. It’s the level of cause. As a way of being. If you're not "seeing" what you'd like to see no matter what you DO, it's important (and the thing that most don't and/or won’t do) to become keenly and consciously aware of what you’re choosing to be. Once you’ve taken this most vital action step, it’s just as important to remain open and receptive to the ways and means that are revealed to you that “feel” good and right for you and be willing to take a form of action that most simply choose not to take.

It’s a form of action that you Love and that “feels” good to you.

That’s what I assist people to see. It’s what I assist people to do. When you make the shift from “unconsciously doing” to “consciously being”, you begin seeing for yourself how powerful “doing things” in this way is. It’s a way of “doing things” that “allows” getting what you want, whether money, material wealth or anything else to become child’s play. It becomes enjoyable, fun and fulfilling.

Why? Because it’s aligned and harmonized with Love rather than fear.

And in Part 2 we'll be covering in detail precisely why doing things in this "conscious and intentional" way can and will provide more material wealth, financial freedom or anything else that your heart desires.

If you "feel" led to do so, Go there right now while what I've shared is still fresh in your mind.

I think you'll Love what you'll discover.

See You There,

Chuck Danes




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The "Secrets"
and Truly Ready To Be, Do and Have More of What You Love?

The 7 Hidden Keys
To Conscious Creation

by Chuck Danes

There are NO SECRETS to creating a life by design and EXPERIENCING the Life You Love...

'The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation'

"Discover the overlooked but
NOT So Secret Keys
to Consciously Activate the
Laws of Nature...every time"

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A Profound Spiritual Journey, the Evolution of Your Soul, Answers, Solutions and the "Completion" You Seek, Is All Right Here in One Place...

HBI's Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Series
Core I thru VII

(Click on the appropriate Link Below to learn details about each individual Higher Balance Advanced Spiritual Development Module, Core I thru VII)

Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Higher Balance Institute Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core II - The Secret Key

Higher Balance Institute Core II The Secret Key
Core II - The Secret Key

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Higher Balance Institute Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Higher Balance Institute Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core V - The Unknown Door

Higher Balance Institute Core V - Unknown Door
Core V - The Unknown Door

Core VI - The Navigator

Higher Balance Institute Core VI - The Navigator

Core VI - The Navigator

Core VII - Circle of Masters

Higher Balance Institute Core VII - Circle of Masters

Core VII - Circle of Masters

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More Dr. Robert Anthony Personal Empowerment Resources Courtesy of Enlightened Journey Enterprises

Conscious Creation
is as Simple as
"Conscious Alignment"

Move beyond what "you think you know" about the Law of Attraction so you can Really KNOW...Certify your results

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Your Level of Self Confidence Is Directly Related to Your Level of Success

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Reveals How to Measure your Self-Confidence with
100% Accuracy!

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