Life's A Dance - What Tune Are You Dancing To?

43rd Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Life's A Dance - What Tune Do You Find Yourself Consistently Dancing To?

Choosing to Align and Harmonize the "Under The Radar" Song You're ALWAYS Singing with Love, Acceptance, Allowing and Surrender..."Unconditionally", Will Enable You to See and Experience the Unerring, Never Wavering and Miracle
Creating Song and Dance of Life.

Are you really and truly ready to begin "consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently" dancing a joyous, exciting and fulfilling kind of dance? Rest assured,
you CAN IF ever and whenever you choose to.

Individually, we are initiating, nurturing and supporting the growth of love and/or fear in the world. And collectively that choice leads to the tangible expression of the events, conditions and circumstances in the world on a global scale that both Love and fear create. Yet each choice made and every step taken individually, regardless of how "perceived" is one step closer to where you truly desire to be. - Chuck Danes

Have you ever considered or perhaps maybe, just maybe, you are one of the few who has already made the choice to slow down and tune in just long enough to grasp...I mean really and truly grasp, personally see and experience the unfailing, unwavering, immutable, all pervasive and unconditional dance that makes life what it is?

Whether you have or whether you haven't, be assured of this...

Life "truly is" a dance.

Call me is what it is. :) I must admit that when I first heard such concepts as I share and teach today, more than 35 years ago, initially I thought and honestly believed that those who introduced me to this information were BEYOND CRAZY. In fact I thought they were REALLY REALLY crazy or at the least "out there" well beyond what was real, right and true regarding "life and reality in general."

REALLY...I did. So it's understandable if it's a bit difficult for you to accept and embrace the fact that life is a dance initially. But at the same time, it's my hope that if you find yourself "thinking and perceiving" the same, that you'll continue on and stay with me just long enough to see, or at least entertain the idea of just how true, real and powerfully transformational this information is when it's applied.

Life itself as well as how it unfolds into the events, conditions, and circumstances that make up your life is a persistent and unerring dance.

Granted the kind and quality of the dance you're choosing (and experiencing) may be quite different than that of another, but the fact that life is a dance, remains...regardless.

The fact also remains that YOU are choosing your dance, whatever it might be. If you find your current dance to be "less than desirable" and are serious about changing the quality of it, it's going to be necessary to take some dance lessons.

Although the dance itself doesn't stop, rest or change, the kind and quality of the dance that you personally experience does. At least it CAN if and when you choose to "allow it" to.

Whether you choose to do that or not, the dance is going to continue.

Perhaps the most important and potentially transformational question to ask yourself and become keenly aware of, is "Are you enjoying, savoring and relishing the dance that you are and have been dancing?" EVERY aspect of it?

If you're like 98% of the people in the world, the answer to that question is no. The reason for that has nothing to do with what's available to and possible for you, but rather what you believe and perceive as being possible for and available to you.

Because it is your perceptions that are determining the kind and quality of the dance that you find yourself consistently engaging in.

And if you're "perceiving" that life is anything but a magnificent, harmonious, fun filled and absolutely amazing dance with infinite possibilities and potential for being, doing and having "whatsoever you desire" to experience in your life, the dance is going to be far less fun and not nearly exciting as it can be.

And whether you're ready to accept the Higher Truth regarding yourself, your abilities and your life in general...or not, You get to choose that for yourself or not.

A choice is ALWAYS being made. Your dance is a reflection of that choice/choices.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask as you go through this material that you do the best you're able to eliminate words and judgments such as bad, wrong, unfair, discordant, chaotic, horrific or any other "label" that doesn't enable and empower you to feel excited, invigorated, inspired and move you ever closer toward whatever it might be that you "truly desire" to be, do and have in life.

The reason being is simply because those things we label and judge as being "less than desired" are in actuality unfolding in exact correlation to what we are and/or have been choosing for ourselves.

What does that mean exactly?

It's those very judgments and the labels we consistently choose to attach to and place on any given event, moment, person, place or thing, combined with the emotional response that we trigger and experience based on that choice that determines, creates (or recreates) and sustains the very event that we often claim we have no desire to experience.

Yet many do experience the same "less than desired" outcomes over and over again, feeling helpless to change the quality of the dance they're dancing and fully believing that's how life was designed to be.

To experience a kind and quality of dance that we desire, it's going to be necessary to become aware of and tune into a different kind of song, if the song that we're consistently playing, listening and dancing to has us believing and perceiving that the dance is anything but perfect and harmonious.

It's really just a matter of perspective and the paradigms our individually held and chosen perspectives create in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives which determines the quality of our dance.

Once you grasp the fact and seize the moment to look at and understand that those things often judged and labeled as anything other the simplicity, perfection, magnificence and perfectly orchestrated dance of life, which at it's core is perfection, flow and ease revealing and reproducing itself based on the choices that YOU are making, you've made a quantum leap into the "space" where miracles and magic become a consistent reality in YOUR life.

Now THAT is where we all want to be isn't it? can be if and when you choose to be. But it's YOU that must choose it for yourself.

And to get and BE there is as simple and complex as understanding the importance of NOT judging, resisting and consistently attempting to "make things happen", but rather observing, flowing with and allowing whatever might be going on in your life to BE as it is...unconditionally.

But to do that effectively requires a shift. It's necessary to understand how and why the dance is unfolding as it is. It's necessary to become keenly aware of the song you're always singing and discerning for yourself if it's of a kind and quality that aligns and harmonizes with the kind and quality of dance that you'd LOVE to be dancing.

Doing so is as simple or as difficult as becoming still and consciously observing. We get to choose that or not too. Admittedly, that's not a path that most choose.

Choosing to do so is a choice that can transform your life...literally.

We not only begin to see and clearly understand the unerring and continuous flow that makes the consistently harmonious dance of creation what it is, we become enabled and empowered in such a way that melts away and dissipates our individually acquired "belief filters", eliminate and move beyond self sabotaging judgments, labels and perceptions that are the very thing that keep the dance of so many laborious, "seemingly random, chaotic and discordant."

But, regardless of what you're choosing and aside from the fact that many are choosing "unconsciously", it's all a dance. The music that we choose to consistently run through our minds determines the quality of our dance. That choice provides a mirrored reflection of that same dance which reveals itself in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Of your life.

Let's Discuss How The Dance of Life Is a Constant and The Often "Perceived as Being True" Myth That Beginnings and Endings are a Part of Life Can Keep You Seemingly Stuck In a "Seemingly" Disharmonious Dance

Although on the surface we "perceive" that beginnings and endings are real, the dance of life and the events, conditions and circumstances that show up and reveal themselves in life are a constant.

There are no beginnings or endings to what's constant. Constant is a never ending, always unfolding and self sustaining cycle that self replicates and unfolds in exact proportion to the kind and quality of cause that initiates, creates and makes the cycle possible to begin with.

The entire cosmos is made real, possible and is self sustaining because of cycles.

The only thing that differentiates between the various qualities of "cycles" are the kind and quality of cause that makes the cycle itself possible. Although the kind and quality of cycle can and does change, cycles themselves never change. They're a constant.

Look at a circle. Where does it begin and where does it end? It doesn't. It's a consistent and never ending flow that has no beginning or end point. We do have the ability as well as the choice to use whatever color we choose to draw the circle and the color we use determines and differentiates the quality and appearance of any given cycle from that of another.

To change the quality of that make it more desirable and pleasing for us individually...we must do something to change it's appearance.

So, how do we DO that?

Well...ff we don't love the color of our circle or the quality of the cycle that it consistently provides, we have the right and the ability to change it.

That changes the quality as well as the appearance of the cycle based on our preferences, choices and individual perceptions, yet the cycle remains a constant.

You can't change the fact that cycles are real and constant. It's a part of the dance. You CAN change the kind and quality of cycle (self replicating events, conditions and circumstances) that many "perceive themselves" as being "seemingly trapped within" based on the "appearance of things" which is based only on individual perception which IS the underlying and all too often overlooked cause of the kind and quality of cycle being experienced whether it be desirable or otherwise.

It's the very same in the dance of life. It's a constant. The dance is always going on. We have the ability to paint our picture on the canvas of life anyway we choose. If we don't like what's happening currently we can paint a new picture.

We've been provided an inalienable right of Free Will to paint our picture however we choose. Yet most choose the paint by numbers version.

The quality of the cycles don't create themselves but they do sustain and self replicate our choices. To experience new scenery we must paint a new picture. Painting that new picture creates and sustains a different quality of cycle.

In other words, there are no endings. Each and every moment is...or at least CAN BE a whole new beginning which brings with it unlimited and infinite potential to do with it as you choose in this moment and each moment that follows into infinity.

Some choose to enter into each moment "unconsciously", others choose to do so "consciously." It's that choice which determines the kind and quality of cycle which unfolds into the dance that we each experience individually.

The creative process NEVER changes. The kind and quality of the creative process...what YOU experience individually, does or at least it can. And YOU get to choose that.

And here's the REALLY great news about that...

Engaging in your dance consciously and intentionally can both enable and empower you to experience the dance of Unfailing Grace, Hope, Harmony, Promise, Assurance, Joy, Peace and Tranquility that the cosmos ALWAYS plays, is ALWAYS engaged in and ALWAYS encouraging you to move toward and into...Unconditionally.

And you ARE choosing the kind and quality of whatever dance it is that you're dancing which is unfolding into and showing up all around you as the events, conditions and circumstances being experienced in YOUR life.

Here's what I mean by that...

Regardless of what you may currently be experiencing and "perceive" as being true regarding your current or past life experiences...aside from the fact that there are those in the world who view life as anything but a "really and truly is" just that as I hope the paragraphs following will enable you to grasp, internalize and clearly see for yourself.

At the very least, if you're not currently experiencing life as the unerring, magnificent and miracle creating dance that it is, it's my hope that what follows might assist you in seeing and experiencing for yourself, that life, change and the tangible expression of events, conditions and circumstances unfolding all around you for what (and AS) they truly are, if not now, at some point in the future.

Admittedly, some are ready to "see that" and others aren't. That too is a choice which determines the kind and quality of dance that we experience individually.

And if you're just not at the point that you're ready to see and accept just how "true" that is right now, perhaps what I'll be sharing as we move forward will enable and empower you to see it at some point... in some way, shape, or form, as the magnificent and never erring dance that life is and was intentionally designed to be.

Because life can and will be magnificent...or not, when you decide it's your time to experience it that way...or not. But it's you that must make that choice and "allow it to be." But at the same time you can and many are choosing the "polar opposite." They're allowing the polar opposite of what they "truly desire" to BE as well, although they may not be "aware" that they are.

Before we get into all that, I think it's important to make a point...a very important point...

In life...Shift happens and shit happens.

Which of those you experience personally is a matter of choice based on individual perspective.

What does that mean exactly?

Just this...

Some see, enable and "allow" positive and beneficial "shift to happen" as the dance unfolds "out there" while others choose to look at, see and perceive change in the world and their lives as a bunch of random and uncontrollable "shit happening."

And in many, if not most's often viewed as some very scary, often stressful and really BAD shit happening.

But guess what?

That's just one of the many really great and exciting things about life. No...not that "bad and scary things happen" but that we have the right, the ability and the choice to enter into and make each moment whatever we choose. That choice determines what and how we experience life individually.

It determines the kind and quality of our dance.

We can consciously and intentionally choose to make the shift or continue to look at and see the really scary and bad shit that we "perceive" as always showing up.

And that choice determines what we'll see and experience in that moment which determines the kind and quality of future moments as we dance whatever dance we choose.

We get to choose how we view it individually and it's that choice that determines what we see and experience, whether it be through consciously choosing a positive and beneficial shift or as consistently seeing and experiencing some really scary, seemingly random, unchangeable and bad shit.

I've personally tried it both ways. Over the years I've made both choices. You could say that in my lifetime, I've walked and explored both paths. I've looked at, seen it and experienced it "both ways." And because of that "fact", I can, with absolute certainty and unshakable confidence state the following as fact.

Rest assured and find personal comfort (or not) in the fact that...

Life is...YOUR life is...a continual, never ending, always evolving and perfectly orchestrated dance that never stops.

Many simply choose to NOT slow down long look more deeply than all the surface level "shit" that they're "perceiving" as being so real and scary, which is a necessary and vital part of personally SEEING the perfection, awe, magnificence and the perfectly orchestrated harmony that precipitates the shift and makes life and the consistently unfolding process of creation the miracle creating dance that it is.

Those who don't see it that way (those who CHOOSE not to see it that way) simply don't experience the shift that enables them to rise above all the shit to see the simplicity, awe, magnificence and unwavering perfection behind it all.

And the scary, less than desirable and seemingly inescapable cycles "seem to be" sustaining and self-replicating themselves.

They keep recreating and stepping in the same "doo doo" piles and spend more time fearing, regretting, focusing on, cleaning up and attempting to avoid their messes than they do learning and understanding how to begin making conscious and intentional choices that eliminate or at the least minimize their life messes to begin with.

But guess what? Even the ugliest and stinkiest messes can be used for growth and positive change. That's why they exist. That's why they show up. If it weren't for the ability to choose between 2 seemingly opposing outcomes we'd be unable to fully experience life.

Free will would become obsolete. There would be nothing to "choose" from.

Point being...polarity/duality is a necessary. You could say "it's good"

And it's because the dance that drives and sustains it all

One reason...perhaps one of the main reasons that these "seemingly unavoidable" messes become real, "true" and tangible in people's lives is due to change. More specifically their chosen responses and/or reactions to the kind and quality of changes that are currently underway globally.

This is a really important point, so do your best to grasp the importance of and the power behind this next statement...

It's not as much the change that's taking place in the world that's important as it is how so many are "perceiving" the current changes that are underway. It's those individually chosen perceptions, judgements and labels that YOU place on them which determines the impact that change has on the kind and quality of our lives and outcomes...YOUR life and YOUR outcomes...on an individual scale.

That's why it's also important to understand the wisdom of and the transformational power behind "choosing to BE in the world but not OF the world.

You, I and everyone else are HERE in the world. No arguments or qualms about that. We can't change that fact. But what we're BEING while we're here, we can change. And we begin creating that change by choosing to do so.

The most beneficial choice we can make for creating desirable results and making the dance of life BE as awesome and magnificent as it can be, is revealed in the ancient text that states...

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Most in the world today aren't fully aware of and/or simply don't understand the power we've ALL been provided to create our lives as we choose.

An important first choice in this "mind transformation" process is to make a conscious and intentional choice to enhance and expand your awareness. Not on the "outside of you." You do so by "going within" and tuning into your heart. You enhance head based indoctrination with heart based guidance. That requires some tuning initially. But this tuning process isn't nearly as difficult as most believe. It's simply a matter of becoming "consciously aware" of the difference between Love and fear and the impact each have on your life.

Everything we think...everything we say...every action we take and the tangible and measurable results that reveal themselves in our dance is a reflection of which of these ways of "BEING" we are choosing.

The most beneficial choice we can make to yield the greatest possible result is this...

You move when Love speaks and you make the shift to Love when fear speaks.

That keeps a lot of unnecessary and displeasing "shit" from happening.

Once that choice is made, it's simply a matter of following through and DOING what you've committed to long after the commitment is made, however long that might be for you individually.

That choice enables and empowers you to see things as they "truly are." It enables you to quit looking at and seeing things as most in the world do which is as a seemingly random, chaotic and uncontrollable series of tangible and seemingly real events that are happening TO THEM.

We'll delve more deeply into that in a bit, but rest assured, life IS NOT happening to you, me or anyone else as you'll hopefully understand soon.

It's YOU that's allowing it to be whatever it is showing up as.

Maybe you do "know that" already but just need a reminder.

Some are consistently avoiding the potholes and "doo doo" piles as they walk down their chosen path while others have learned to remain calm, observe, expand, consciously move forward and as a result both enjoy and savor the journey as they walk their chosen paths.

They've learned to Love life rather than fear life.

And that's what determines your individual journey and the scenery you view as well. It also determines what happens to you as you walk your chosen path. You could say it's "unconditionally determined" and "unconditionally provided" to you based on your choices.

The how and why that ALWAYS holds "true" should and perhaps will become crystal clear soon if it's not already.

First let's look at all this change that's currently underway on a very broad scale...on a global scale.

Let's imagine for a moment that the changes happening in the world are the individual moves that make up the dance of life.

The current dance unfolding and going on "out there" is a result of perceptions and choices that have been made over time. Perceptions and choices made on a much more broad scale than our individual choices.

This broader scale of events is due to choices being made on a collective scale. And this broad range of collective choices made by the collective over time have been and are being revealed in tangible form globally as the many changes that have taken and are taking place around the world.

There's no point in denying that change is underway. It's quite evident and obvious. There are A LOT of things going on in the world and a lot of change is taking place currently. MANY MANY changes are underway and the individual responses and reactions to these inevitable changes vary greatly to say the least.

And that's a key point to look at more deeply and perhaps reflect on a bit.

Change is ALWAYS in ALL WAYS underway. It always has been and it ALWAYS will be.

Whether you're choosing to respond or react to these current global collective changes individually is the choice that's going to determine your individual dance as these as well as the quality of future changes ahead as they continue to unfold and reveal themselves.

It's really just a matter of individual perspective as to whether you'll move and respond consciously or freeze up and react in such a way that makes your current as well as your future dance "seem" random, discordant, chaotic and somehow less than desirable.

Because let's clarify and get really clear on something...something very important to understand if you ever hope to dance the harmonious, joyful and fulfilling dance that everyone "claims" they want to dance...

It's not the change going on "out there" that determines the kind and quality of your life or your dance. It's your beliefs and perceptions about these changes which determines your response or reaction to change. And it's that and that alone which also determines the kind and quality of both the "tangible and intangible results" that you'll personally experience as you dance your chosen dance.

And it's that dance that determines the kind and quality of change as it pertains to you and the tangible results you experience (or not) which are always unfolding and revealing themselves in your life individually.

And I do mean ALL aspects of your life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Change isn't just happening in the tangible world of shape and form. It's happening at a level that many choose not to become aware of. It all begins under the radar, in the unseen/metaphysical/spiritual space.

Lets' look at all these current global changes in the financial sector, the area of relationships and as it relates to the health and well being of societies and cultures globally and at an individual level as it pertains to you specifically.

Those 3, health and relationships...encompass and make up EVERY area of our lives individually and collectively.

There are many "subcategories" if you will, but regardless of what they are or how many of these "subcategories" there might be, they ALL without exception fall under one of those 3, health and/or relationships.

We're going to be looking at, analyzing and addressing how and why "shift happens" as well as why "shit happens" in each of those areas as we progress.

More specifically we're going to be looking at how you can clean up any "perceived messes" you are or have been been experiencing personally and make your life hum in EVERY area if you should choose to.

Choosing and personally experiencing this "hum of life" is a 2 part process. The first part is choosing to look at and approach life consciously and intentionally. Doing so is made possible by exploring and understanding the seed level that enables and allows the dance of life to BE at all.

The second part is making a firm and unwavering commitment to remain on that path, consciously and intentionally planting as well as nurturing the seeds that you plant and DOING things in such a way that "allows" your dance to be of a kind and quality that so many are hoping, wishing and praying that it could be, yet aren't experiencing.

Don't misunderstand...You don't have to. It's optional. It's only going to be necessary if you truly want to experience the "hum" and the dance that life can and does provide which ALWAYS follows and and ALWAYS shows up in a desirable and in many cases "seemingly miraculous, seemingly coincidental and in many cases in seemingly illogical, irrational yet seemingly magical ways based on what most "believe and perceive" as being possible, logical and rational.

Because that's what is going to determine your future experiences just as it has your past experiences. What you choose and what you do or don't do once your choices are made.

Point being, regardless of where you might be in life currently, aside from what you might be experiencing in the areas of money, health or relationships personally, and irrespective of how you might currently "perceive things", there's something here for you. There's a very personal, insightful and beneficial message here in this edition of Enlightened Journey that was written and intended specifically for you.

You may need to read between the lines a bit to find what that is for you and how it pertains to you and your situation specifically, but there's something significant here for you that's going to be addressed and covered in depth as we proceed.

Something that CAN transform your entire life...EVERY aspect of it. So, I'd ask that you stay focused and zoned in on what we'll be covering and do the best you can to disarm any "less than desirable perceptions" you might have as to why life CAN'T BE the amazing and fulfilling dance that it was designed and intended to be.

Because it was "designed that way", yet at the same time you have been provided "the gift" as well as the ability to make it something else.

THAT my friend is YOUR choice.

As it relates to the title of this months edition specifically, what we'll be exploring, can and will enhance the dance that you're dancing in some way shape or form if you'll only "allow it" to.

Like everything else in the dance of life, whether you currently see, believe or perceive that as being true or untrue, that too is a choice that only you can make for yourself.

Let's Look at the Many Current "Concerns" Regarding Life Experiences That I Consistently Receive So Many Contacts About

With so many changes happening in the economy not only in the U.S. where I call home, but all around the world, it's no wonder that questions, comments and concerns about money issues and finances appear to be the most popular these days.

In fact, concerns in the "financial sector" are number one on the list.

The next most popular area of "concern" on the list which comes in at a close second place, has to do with relationships both intimate and otherwise. These relational concerns entail work relationships, spiritual relationship, etc. etc. etc.

And surprisingly, (or not) health it seems takes a back seat to both. It does at least until a health challenge is experienced by someone and the importance as well as the gift of health is fully realized and appreciated.

So let's address, not only each of those areas as it pertains to you individually, but collectively as well. Since the massive changes underway are impacting individual lives globally and DO often impact and effect each and every one of these areas.

And they CAN and DO impact our lives adversely as well as in a more positive light. How they affect and impact us individually is only determined by what we ourselves allow them to be.

But I highlight the phrase CAN adversely impact you. That in no way implies that it HAS to impact you adversely.

Again, it's a matter of individual choice as we'll cover more in depth soon.

There's certainly nothing new about change. But what CAN BE new is how YOU choose to look at and deal with (or not) the current changes that are taking place. It's also that very same choice which is also going to determine if you're going to begin dancing an entirely new dance that enables material, relational and physiological wealth to become a consistent tangible reality for you or not.

Because, whether you believe it and are willing to accept it or not, you do have that choice.

We ALL do. It's a part of the Dance.

Yet many are choosing to remain seemingly stuck in the same ole, same ole stale and outdated dance that so many on a global scale are unknowingly and unconsciously dancing to as they tune into the same "seemingly distorted and discordant" song that makes the seemingly unending dance of disharmony, discord, struggle and far less than desirable results a consistent reality.

And sadly, in far too many cases, some will continue and as a result consistently experience the same limited and restrictive dance they have been dancing due to what they are and always have been focusing on, tuning into and essentially choosing for themselves.

The fact that you're here now reading this reveals something unique about you. You've taken a huge step forward that many don't. A very important step. It's a step that, at the least implies you may be open to learning, knowing and understanding what you don't currently know or understand.

That's what makes life seem like anything but the dance that it is for so many. They simply don't know what they don't know. What's more is that they "think" what they do know is "true" which often keeps them from seeking out and finding a Higher Truth that enables life to become the awesome and pleasant dance that it CAN BE.

What's more is the fact that making conscious choices starting right now holds great promise for you with regard to the many possibilities and potential that is available to all of us as it relates to the YOUR future individually as well as OUR future as a species collectively.

The kind and quality of that possibility and potential really boils down to how you choose to view life...YOUR life and the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in life on a collective scale.

It doesn’t require looking very far to see that significant and rapid change is taking place in the world. It's always been that way. That's not ever going to change.

I'm good with that. I've learned to accept that. An important question to ask yourself and become aware of is...

"Are You good with that and are YOU ready to accept it?

It's important because the answer to that question determines whether you'll choose to respond or react to the inevitable and consistent changes that are unfolding individually.

That's another key element of allowing change to work for you rather than "perceiving and believing" that it's working against you.

Change is going to continue whether you're ready to accept it or not. You can settle, fret, moan, groan, worry, grit your teeth, sweat bullets and bare it or you can consciously and intentionally merge and flow with the inevitable changes in a relaxed, intentional and allowing sort of way that creates desired progress for you.

Miraculous progress in fact. A kind and quality of progress that will transform every aspect of your life.

The fact of the matter is, change IS a miracle as EVERY aspect of creation is. You may not currently choose to look at and see things that way, but it is.

It is, that is IF you choose to look at and see things that way which also determines whether you respond or react to the inevitable changes that are and always will take place.

Let's address the responses and/or reactions to change based on where you are...

Some are finding all these current changes to be quite unsettling and frightening even. There are others, as few as they might be, who know and clearly understand that change is not only constant, but a necessary and inevitable part of life.

Some thrive on change while others "suffer" through it. But the only determining factor as to whether you'll suffer or thrive in these seemingly different situations is only dependent on which is chosen...which YOU choose.

Why do some thrive and some suffer?

Perspective. It's what you believe and perceive as being true about the change being experienced.

Same change, only a different perspective. Life couldn't exist without change. It also wouldn't and couldn't fully be experienced if we were unable to choose our responses and reactions to it and receive the various outcomes that those choices provide.

It's those 3 factors...our choices, responses and/or reactions as they relate to what's going on "out there" that determines our individual way of BEING which unfolds into the dance that we dance.

Regardless of which state of BEING you're choosing, one thing I can absolutely 100% guarantee to be fact is this. Whatever you're looking at...however you're choosing to see and perceive things that is, whether it be change or something else, you're going to find and experience EXACTLY that in your life.

Just as you're choosing to look at it, whether it's in a responsive or reactive way.

Since "reaction" is what most choose, let's look at it first. More specifically unconscious and uncontrolled reaction.

You CAN choose that way of being for sure, but the game of life and the dance that is, is going to "seem" like anything but a game and the dance is going to "seem" a bit 9or perhaps even A LOT) chaotic and clumsy.

Unconscious reaction makes the dance a bump and grind that many "perceive" and as a result experience. And it's that way of BEING and the quality of DOING that always follows "unconscious reaction" which is going to keep the "unconsciously reactive types" from experiencing the flow, grace, awe, magnificence and unfailing harmony that makes life the dance that it truly is...or at least, that it CAN BE.

Reaction has it's place, no doubt. If I'm in a place of eminent physical danger, reacting is healthy. It enables me and you to get out of harms way and keeps our body safe.

But most reacting is done at the mental and emotional level where no "real danger" exists. It only exists as imagined danger. It's "perceived" as being dangerous or threatening although there is no immediate physical danger or threat.

Hopefully I have something to share in this edition of Enlightened Journey that will assist you in seeing and experiencing the magnificence, awe and perfection of the dance that life is. It's what I like to think of and refer to as a game changer.

Hopefully it will assist you in seeing life...your life for the game and the dance that it is.

Ready for the creme de la creme Granddaddy of ALL game changers?

Align and harmonize what you're looking at and for with what you'd "truly desire" to see and experience in your life...unconditionally, and you'll begin to "see and experience things" in an entirely new way. You'll begin to see how simple, perfect and free flowing it can be to make change work for you rather than against you.

And I mean that literally...both TANGIBLY and INTANGIBLY.

But first and foremost it requires looking at and seeing things at the Source Level...the seed level from where they all are derived from. That comes from gaining insight, understanding, enhancing awareness and making a conscious, intentional and consistent choice to shift to and keep focus on this newly acquired foundational perspective.

As it pertains to getting what you want...

Creating desirable "tangible results", requires the intangible expression of seeing things in a certain way...what you are choosing, expressing and projecting through your chosen way of BEING FIRST...BEFORE you'll SEE them in tangible form.

And you always do get something. You always have, you always are and you always will. It's your chosen way of BEING that determines the kind and quality of what you get. And that same "truth"...combined with the choice you make (or not) is going to determine what your future holds and the quality of your dance.

Those who truly understand the importance, inevitable and ever evolving nature of change also understand that for desired progress to be made, for healing to occur, for desirable results to become and remain a consistent reality, for conscious growth and expansion to happen, changes are not only necessary but should be and must be understood, embraced and accepted as the greater good that they are.

That is MUST BE if you're ever to SEE the positive "tangible results" that change can and always does bring.

You only have to "tune in", take a bit deeper look sometimes to know and see that all changes...regardless of how you might "perceive" them as they're taking place, are good.

That’s difficult to see sometimes for those who choose to look at, place focus on and fear the raging storm rather than envision, trust and know that there’s great hope and promise above and beyond the looming "dark clouds" that we often look for and as a result see unfolding all around us with our physical eyes.

Yet the fact that "All things work together for a greater good" has always been true and will always hold true into eternity.

That's nothing NEW either just as change is nothing new.

It's a timeless truth that if accepted, embraced, understood and then consciously and consistently acted upon, enables the moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, week by week and year by year tangible and intangible proof to reveal itself in far more pleasing and desirable ways than many actually see.

And that's an important distinction to make. Seeing it and having it "show up" in tangible form FIRST is what MOST require before they'll choose to "make the shift" which is precisely what keeps so many from personally experiencing just how true, unfailing and powerful a truth that is.

It's no secret that everybody without exception WANTS something, but far fewer actually get what they want than those who do.

The reason is quite simple. It requires looking at and seeing things in a specific way. A "conscious" way. A grateful way...unconditionally.

You could say it's necessary to SEE, understand and be grateful for the good that change ALWAYS brings before you'll SEE the goods.

Put in a more common, feasible, logical, practical and for some a more acceptable phrase based on how the majority choose to look at and see things...a phrase that's been around since I can remember and which most are familiar with...

"Every cloud has a silver lining."

There's profound depth and truth in that statement. Transformational truth for those who choose to adopt it as their own and align their "beliefs and perceptions" with it.

The same holds true today as it always has. The "silver lining" is ALWAYS there. It's a fact that's never going to change.

And the reason it's NOT going to change is because, it’s based on and supported by what I refer to as a Higher Truth.

What is Higher Truth?

Higher Truth is an infinite and eternal form of truth that transcends the tangible appearance of things, regardless of what they are, what we choose to believe, how we perceive and choose to look at them individually.

It's what enables what we "perceive" as being true to become true for us. Higher Truth encompasses EVERY possibility. It enables you to see, envision and experience the storm clouds or the silver lining that's within them.

But to see this silver lining, to know it's there and fully experience the "realness" and promise of it, requires first looking above and beyond the inevitable storms that sometimes...and for many...most times show up in life.

Yes, the occasional storms are real. They are a tangible reality. That's part of the dance of life regardless of how conscious or unconscious you might be.

But how we choose to look at them individually, whatever notions we might have or labels that we place on them as they appear, is what determines our individual experience. It's those individually held perceptions and beliefs regarding the kind and quality of change that we're looking at, seeing, perceiving, judging, labeling and experiencing in the various ways that we do, based on the paradigm that we choose to exist in that consistently unfold just as we choose for them to.

That's what determines the quality of our Dance.

Put in another way...

We each see life and the events, conditions and circumstances in life through our own unique lens. We each have our own unique filters that limit, restrict and/or keep us from being, doing and having whatever it might be that we aspire to be, do and have.

Some have more filters than others. Filters that block out the good.

It's those filters that determine and create our chosen paradigms. It's those same filters that determine the kind and quality of our tangible realities.

But, at the same time, as "true" as that is...aside from what you "perceive" as being true or untrue...there's ALWAYS a Higher Truth. There's ALWAYS more to experience. There's always the polar opposite of what we're experiencing. There's ALWAYS more for us to learn, discover, explore and understand which ALWAYS determines what we'll be, do and have in the various areas of our lives.

Our individually chosen paradigms can't impact the fact that there's a Higher Truth. It does enable and allow you to mold and shape your individual paradigms and your experiences, yet Higher Truth can't be influenced nor changed.

It’s an unwavering, unerring, unshakable and immutable truth that has stood the test of time. And it will continue to just as it was designed to do and has done since the beginning of time itself REGARDLESS of what you choose for yourself.

You could say it's an often overlooked and/or misunderstood form of truth that transcends time and space as well as individual or collective belief. The length of as well as the quality of scenery we view as we walk the various paths that we choose to venture down in life, determine our individual beliefs and perceptions which in turn determines the paths we choose to walk individually and collectively as a result of our individual beliefs.

And those factors determine the quality of scenery we'll view as we walk our chosen paths and go through life. Some see the awe and beauty and some see the ugliness.

And the Higher Truth as it relates to what we're covering here, is that change is a constant and it's going to remain that way regardless if we "like it or not."

As we progress, move through, learn and grow from these current as well as future changes...or not, it’s not a matter of WHEN will the changes end but rather WHERE will these current and future changes lead us?

And the answers to that question my friend depend on you individually and at the same time on all of us as a species collectively.

Because change is never going to end. It's enmeshed and woven into the very fabric of the creative process. It IS the creative process and it's ALWAYS moving forward, always expanding, always advancing and progressing which is what creates and shows up in the world as the tangible expression of events, conditions and circumstances that change always brings.

Yet it ALWAYS perfect and precise. It always aligns and harmonizes with the cause that we have control over...

...OURSELVES and how WE choose to perceive and see things.

And where this change leads and the tangible outcomes that reveal themselves in the world around us, all begin with our individual choices.

Because in the always perfect, always precise, always harmonious and always graceful dance that the cosmos is always dancing, their is no individual or collective, meaning there is no US and THEM.

There's only YOU. Everything...EVERY THING else is based on YOU perceiving and believing that there's more than you...that there's something or someone outside of you that is determining the quality of change that YOU will experience.

That will keep you "seemingly trapped" and consistently feeling powerless to change things.

Us and them is an illusion (literally and figuratively) which is only made possible through the beliefs we choose to hold, the perceptions that follow which determine the paradigm created as a result.

It's the choices we make and the dance that we choose to dance individually.

So there's no margin for misunderstanding...that means it begins and ends with you. ALL of it. The "Someone else will take care of things" attitude isn't one that's going to yield the kind and quality of desirable results that so many consistently hope, wish and pray for, yet never SEE nor experience, simply because they refuse to DO anything individually to create these "desirable changes."

DOING is an important part of getting.

The kind of DOING I'm referring to isn't a blind form of doing. It's a form of DOING engaged in in a conscious, intentional, purposeful and consistent way which makes wants, hopes, wishes and YES even desires obsolete.

It's a form of doing that enables you to heed and consistently merge with the advice of and experience the power behind the ancient text which clearly states..."Want for nothing."

Not because we don't or shouldn't have desires. Not because we shouldn't have aspirations for greater experiences, although this text is often "misused and twisted" to mean that desiring is somehow selfish, self centered, un-spiritual or yadda, yadda, yadda.

There are without question a number of people in the world who DO things, but it's NOT a form of DOING that can or ever will create the desired result.

We're always DOING something. You can't NOT do. If you're thinking you're doing. Many are just unconsciously doing which leads to want and consistently unfulfilled desires.

That's where we've been collectively. That's what far too many have been doing and that's how and why so many "perceived as" unsettling and undesirable changes have taken form as they have.

Yet what we perceive as being unsettling and undesirable is evidence that the cosmos is always dancing the harmonious dance that aligns, harmonizes with and honors our individual and collective choices...unconditionally.

In other words, we get and see what we ourselves are choosing to get and see.

But since most are unable to conceive such a notion, it's important to state and address it in a way that conveys the realness of polarity/duality in "physical life."

In the tangible world of shape and form polarity/duality is a very real and ever unfolding reality. It's a fact of life that enables life as we know it to BE at all. And the kind and quality of what unfolds in our lives individually is determined by how we perceive the series of events, conditions and circumstances that make our tangible reality what it is at both an individual and collective level.

It's also very necessary for these polar opposites to exist so we might become enabled to know, fully experience and dance whatever dance we choose for ourselves. Without the ability to choose our dance, free will would become obsolete.

Everyone would be dancing the very same dance.

As a collective population globally, we've "unconsciously allowed" what surrounds us to take form as it has. It's happened over time. It didn't just show up in the past year, two years, five years or the past several decades. And the reason it has shown up in the way it has today is because we, both individually and collectively have allowed it to.

And when I say WE, it is ALL of US. You, me, your neighbor, your friend, your family members, your pastor, your government, your religious institutions, the corporations we choose to trade and do business with, etc. etc.

As true as that is, there's something equally important to understand regarding what has happened, what is happening and being experienced currently and what will unfold at some point in the future.

What HAS happened isn't important. What's going to happen isn't important. The only importance that what's happened in the past or what might happen in the future has or ever will have is the importance that YOU choose to give it.

All that's truly important is now.

What IS important is what are YOU going to do or NOT DO about it NOW? What's even more important than that is what form of DOING are you going to choose to engage in which has the greatest impact in creating the kinds of desirable change that you'd like to see and experience as you engage in your dance?

It's certainly not focusing on the past, pondering on the shortcomings, judging, blaming, pointing fingers, condemning and consistently looking at the "less than desired" events, conditions and circumstances that are here now.

That's what we as individuals as well as a collective population have chosen in the past. It's that choice that has shown up as the tangible expression of the Dance that's here now.

And it's equally "true" that looking at, fearing, dodging, avoiding, ignoring and/or attempting to run away from the changes we're seeing now isn't going to create the kind and quality of change that we desire to see in the future.

It is the individual choices we make as individuals RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW that create the tangible results that reveal themselves tomorrow. Those results that we create are looked at, perceived and determine the collective response or reaction due to and based on whatever that creation might be.

Some will see it as good. Others will see it as bad. Some will perceive it as significant and others as insignificant. Still others will have no opinion at all.

The possible scenarios are infinite in nature. The countless judgments, perceptions and beliefs to choose from can't possibly be addressed regardless of how many volumes may be written in an attempt to describe and address them all.

And the reason that's true is because the possibilities, probabilities and potential responses or reactions that we have to choose from both individually and collectively, are Infinite in nature just as the tangible expression of events, conditions and circumstances are infinite in nature.

What's infinite in nature can't possibly be fully conveyed nor accurately described. Nor can it be placed in any number of books regardless of how many or how vast a collection it might be. Nor can it be placed in ANY box....nor contained in any individuals mind.


Yet that's precisely what has transpired. Many have "allowed" themselves to become trapped in and limited by "inside the box thinking" which has enabled the current events, conditions and circumstances in the world to be what they now are. They are of a kind and quality that reflects the choices of a global population which is drawn from this Infinite supply to provide a mirrored reflection of the quality of consciousness that has given it life here and now in tangible and measurable form.

That's what has led to and will continue forward as it unfolds and reveals itself based on as well as aligned and harmonized with the quality of "consciousness" that's creating it.

And CONSCIOUSNESS is the key here that so many give so little attention to.

That's what and why everything that is currently transpiring in the world is "showing up" as it is. It's a quality of consciousness that begins at the individual level and due to the kind and quality of the tangible creation created individually, due to any number of possibilities that others have to choose from individually, this ONE creation often impacts and snowballs into the beliefs, perceptions, action and/or inaction of the global population.

Your quality of consciousness is not separate from Universal Consciousness. It impacts and molds the Infinite potential and probabilities that exist within Universal Consciousness. Your individually chosen quality of consciousness is reflected into this Infinite Field of All Pervasive Consciousness and reflects back tangible outcomes aligned and harmonized with the kind and quality of consciousness that created it.

It spreads like a highly contagious virus simply because we choose to look at, judge and label things that show up as anything but what they "truly are" which is a miracle derived from consciousness.

It does that is, IF those who look at and see what is being created by the collective "allow" what they see to impact their individually chosen mental and emotional response or reaction.

And the dance of life continues. Your dance continues. The collective dance continues.

Are you beginning to grasp the power and influence YOU have individually on the world? Do you "truly understand" the significance of every choice you make, every thing you do and every tangible result that you create in each and every area of your life?

Those choices...YOUR choices...each and every one without exception impact and change the entire course of history.

Ponder that...reflect on that...allow yourself to move into the mindset and enhance your quality of consciousness just enough to recognize the awesome power that you've been provided...that WE ALL have been make a significant difference in the world.

Because you do and you ARE every second of every minute of EVERY day making a difference. You can't NOT make a difference. It's impossible.

The Dance would have to stop for any other possibility to become possible. You can't stop the dance individually and we can't stop the dance collectively.

What you CAN do is determine the kind and quality of the difference that YOU are choosing to make, will make and are making.

Here's the really great and exciting news...

It's those same individual choices we choose to make or NOT make that hold the answer to what, when, how and why all these changes are happening, where they'll lead, and what will show up at some future point in time as a result of YOUR choices.

You get to choose that. You have been choosing that. You're going to continue choosing that even if you're choosing "unconsciously, totally unaware of and oblivious to the power you've been freely provided to mold and shape the kind and quality of your life.

Whether you see and believe that or not, the fact remains that each of your choices is making a significant difference in the world. Some will judge and label that as good and others will judge and label that as bad. None of that "truly matters."

What "truly matters" is what YOU think and believe.

You were provided the gift and the power to do that. Do you see it? Do you grasp the significance of that? Are you able to conceive, believe and "know" that your choices individually impact not only your own life, the lives of those in your immediate circle of influence, within your city, your county, your state, your country and continue on to influence, dictate, mold, shape and change the entire history of the world on a global, universal and cosmic scale?

What it really boils down to is our individual choice to dance the dance of Love or the dance of fear.

Far too many in the world today overlook, fail to grasp and are unable to see the power they've been provided individually to make a significant, meaningful and positive difference in the world. They simply don't understand, are unable to conceive and as a result dramatically underestimate the power they hold individually to create positive, significant and meaningful change on a global scale... EVERY level.

And to insure there's no misunderstanding or margin for error, EVERY level means just that. At the personal, physiological, psychological levels AND at the corporate, governmental, economic, sociological, and ecological level as well.

And ALL of these Tangible Levels are determined by what's happening at the mental and emotional levels. The levels that most refuse to tune into, become aware of, recognize or acknowledge as being The Cause for whatever happens in the tangible world of shape and form.

Whether you choose to buy into and accept that as being "true" or not is immaterial. And I mean that literally. What you're thinking, believing and perceiving now IS immaterial in the sense that it's a non-tangible. It's a conceptualization...a train of thought...a quality of consciousness that is going to become material and tangible at some point.

And the kind and quality of this material form...this tangible expression of your choices is and always has been determined by what you yourself are choosing for yourself.

To put it as succinctly and directly as possible...

It all begins and ends with you. ALL of it.

I'm going to step out on a limb here a bit and share something that actually describes you, what you are, what you're not, what you're capable of and HOW to consciously activate the power you hold to create your life by design.

Are YOU Ready For That? I mean are you really and truly ready?

You ARE The Light of The World - Become OK With and Learn To Love You Unconditionally and You’ll Become OK With and Even LOVE, Be Grateful For, Embrace and Accept Everything Going On Within You AND “Out There”…Unconditionally.

That is what is going to "allow" the events, conditions and circumstances to show up and reflect a kind and quality of life that YOU love.

Get this because it is SO important...

"To live a life you love, you MUST understand the importance of and learn to Love the life you live."

If that makes no sense to you...if you perceive it as being a bit "out there"...if it's just too much for you to grasp, fathom and conceive, I'm going to share something else with you before you choose to tune out and "allow" the power behind that statement to slip away and keep you from dancing the joyous and fulfilling dance you're quite able and capable of dancing.

It's simply a matter of you "Remembering" how real and true it is that YOU ARE the light of the world. You don't have to learn anything. It's a matter of unlearning and letting go of much of the garbage and poison that's dimmed your light due to what you have learned about yourself and the infinite possibilities available to and for you. It's through you "allowing" yourself to forget this "Higher Truth" which is the cause of what most are "perceiving" as being a disharmonious and discordant dance.

Then and only then will the dance of life...YOUR dance...become all that it CAN BE and was intended and designed to be.

We're going to be covering more about that as we progress. For now I wanted to share it with you, plant the seed so you might know where we're headed and HOW what we'll be covering more about as we move forward will enable you to begin consciously engaging in your dance in such a way that "allows" you to love, appreciate, accept, savor and fully enjoy all that life has to offer...unconditionally.

Let's switch gears and look at life as a dance for a bit. We're all dancing a dance. Some are loving it and others aren't "loving it" nearly enough.

But those who aren't loving it, accepting it and allowing it, only need to change the music in their minds that's creating it.

I’ve always had a deep appreciation as well as a love and a passion for music. No, I don’t mean I like music, I absolutely LOVE and am PROFOUNDLY passionate about it.

As true as that is, I’m also quite conscious of, selective about and limit the kinds of music I listen to. What I mean specifically is that I’m very selective and only listen to music that either soothes and relaxes, conveys a message of love, hope, promise, caring, sharing or happiness or has me chomping at the bit to get up, kick up my heals (or whatever else I feel like kicking up) which invigorates me and recharges my batteries.

Yes...I LOVE to dance too.

So both music and dancing are things I love, and when engaged in consciously and intentionally can be very helpful and positive avenues for creating desired change.

I’m especially passionate about music with lyrics that teach, enlighten, enable and empower you to experience a greater quality of life.

And I think that’s a good place to stop for just a moment, take a closer look at, think about and become aware of what we do as individuals that both empowers and invigorates us as well as sabotages and drains the life out of the hopes, dreams and desires we each have for our lives.

It's an important point to make as it relates to the music we choose individually and the dance we each dance as we go through life.

We can, and many do, blindly and thoughtlessly expose themselves to and actively engage in all kinds of self-limiting and less than empowering scenarios in life. We can choose to remain unaware, oblivious to and remain unconscious of what we are choosing for and exposing ourselves to, or we can choose the opposite.

We can also choose to deny, ignore, pay no mind to and even honestly believe that what we allow ourselves to be exposed to has no influence or impact on our life.

But it does. It always has and it always will and it's going to continue to as long as we're here on this planet. That's one of those things that isn't changed by what we believe or perceive as being true or untrue.

It's based on what I often refer to as a Higher Truth. Higher Truth NEVER changes.

Maybe you're not at the place where you're ready to buy into and accept that.

Let me ask you this. If you consistently expose yourself to excessive amounts of radiation, do you think it might have an impact on your health?

Of course it would. It doesn't matter if you "believe it" or not. You're going to be adversely affected if you choose to do that whether you do so knowingly or not.

If you got up tomorrow morning and your significant other greeted you with a big hug, a warm, caring and gentle smile and told you that your nice warm heaping bowl of strychnine was ready, would you eat it?

Of course not!!

Yet through mindless acts, many surround and immerse themselves in data as well as daily activities that weaken, deter and fill their minds with ALL the reasons why they can't be, do and have what they desire in life.

And although many choose to remain "unaware and unconscious" of the many harmful and self sabotaging things that they engage in each and every day, they are in essence doing the very same thing.

They're poisoning themselves at a level that matters most. And it's impacting EVERY area of their lives, physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Granted they're doing so at a different level yet this form of poisoning always reveals itself in the various areas of our lives as broken and troubled relationships, always short of money, failing and/or less than pristine physical health, anxiety, depression, etc. etc etc.

The very same principles apply. It's the very same concept as physical poisoning and the very same rules apply. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not.

Yet at this level, it's a form of poison that many don't give much thought or attention to which, due to their eyes wide open yet still asleep state, are "perceiving themselves as "kept from" being, doing and having what they truly desire.

Yet they're not being kept from it at all. They're choosing it.

If I have a desire to be healthy, wealthy and happy (which most people do) yet I surround myself with information and data that claims and provides me with all the seemingly justifiable reasons why I can't become this, why I can't do that or why having some heartfelt desire fulfilled is irrational, illogical or impossible, and I consistently choose to expose myself to it, do you think it might have an impact?

Of course it would and it DOES just as exposing yourself to unhealthy levels of radiation or eating a bowl of strychnine would.

Although these things we surround ourselves with and choose to engage ourselves in may have a different label than "radiation" or "strychnine", they can and do impact your health and well being on ALL levels...mentally, emotionally and physically.

And as it pertains to you, me and anyone else individually, ANY and EVERY event, condition or circumstance that we experience in life, ALL begins at the mental level.

This mental level is molded, shaped and constantly being influenced by what we choose to consistently immerse ourselves in and surround ourselves by.

And many are choosing to consistently surround themselves and in many cases, immerse themselves in poison without even realizing that they are.

And we do have the right to DO things that way if we choose. Yet those who choose to do so, regardless of how "unaware" they might be of the impact it has, are those who claim, honestly believe and perceive that life and the events, conditions and circumstances in their life, whether desirable or undesirable are happening TO them and that the kind, quality and quantity of results they're receiving are somehow beyond their control.

They get to be right. We have the free will and the ability to do that if we choose or we can make a different decision.

We can also consciously choose and consciously engage ourselves by accepting responsibility for ourselves and everything that happens in our lives, or at the very least how we choose to respond or react to various things that are outside of our control and very quickly we'd realize that life doesn’t happen to us but rather through us.

Because what is happening TO US in every area of life without exception is a direct reflection of what we are currently choosing and/or have chosen to BE at some point in the past.

And no, I’m not implying that things don’t happen in the outside world that are beyond our control. They're everywhere. But our responses and/or reactions to these “things” WE choose to respond or react to them individually IS within our control.

What someone else may be choosing, I can't and have no desire to control. What I can control is what I think about it, how I perceive it and what I believe to be true about it.

That determines my individual response or reaction.

And it’s that choice…how we choose to respond or react to them which points to and reveals what we ourselves are choosing and allowing to happen within us.

And THAT my friend, whether you're at the place that you're ready to accept it or not, is what determines the KIND and QUALITY of YOUR life…EVERY aspect of your life with ZERO exceptions.

It doesn't matter whether you believe it, are willing to accept it or not. It is what it is.

Because what we see, observe, and experience going on around our our material and monetary matters, in the area of mental, physical and emotional health and every other area of our lives, is a mirrored reflection of what's happening within us.

It's been validated scientifically and the truth regarding it's "realness" has been taught for thousands of years by some of the most insightful mystics, sages and masters in history.

You can choose NOT to believe it for sure, yet that's a choice that will keep you "believing" and experiencing a world full of random, chaotic and seemingly inescapable events, conditions and circumstances that you believe and perceive as happening TO YOU.

Ok…point made…back to my love and passion for music and how consciously engaging yourself in ways that you Love and are passionate about can enhance and even transform EVERY aspect of your life.

There are many kinds of music that I Love and listen to. Although the genre might vary, the specific types of songs I personally choose to listen to in the various genres, are what I like to refer to as music to live by.

More specifically, I choose to listen to music and lyrics that align and harmonize with the kind and quality of life that I envision and aspire to create for myself. A kind and quality of results that I know are available to and for me and that supports in moving me toward and even beyond whatever I desire to experience.

There are MANY songs and MANY types of music that do that for me.

One song that immediately comes to mind regarding life, which is a perfect example of music to live by is a country and western song titled Life’s A Dance.

In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a song that was written and performed by John Michael Montgomery. It has some profound truth to it and there's a very insightful and meaningful message behind it that if adhered to and followed to the letter, can make your life the fun, enjoyable, harmonious and fulfilling dance that it was intended to be.

It conveys the importance of making choices that align and harmonize with the "desired outcome" as well as taking the action necessary to see and experience that outcome, whatever it might be, in tangible form.

It also provides some insight as to the necessary state of mind to remain in to most effectively move toward the desired outcome.

In case you haven’t heard it, here are the lyrics that make up the chorus…

"Life’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don’t worry about what you don’t know, life’s a dance you learn as you go."

Maybe you see and "get" the message and maybe you don't.

Those lyrics provide some very helpful and on target insight with regard to life. There's some deep and profound meaning behind them. It hits the mark in a very succinct yet powerful kind of way, describing not only what life is and how it works, but how, as we as individuals can go through life, learn from our past experiences, fine tune and make adjustments when necessary and dramatically enhance the tangible results that we all without exception are always creating and inevitably, receive.

Let's face facts. There have been times and are going to be times in life when life can "seem to be" anything but a dance. We've ALL experienced "less than desired" results in life and are going to experience additional challenges as we move forward.

That's life. Again, that's a part of the dance.

And I say "challenges" simply because that's how most choose to look at, see and choose to judge and label "less than desired" results.

Yet it's our attitudes, beliefs and perceptions about what we experience and our judgments of the experience which determines if life becomes the joyful dance it CAN be, or remain a grind as well as a consistent challenge.

We can choose to look at many or all of the things that surround as as "problems" or as lessons and an opportunity to learn, grow from and adjust as necessary to move us toward what we originally intended and desired to experience.

Yet most are making the adjustments in a fear based way due to the fact that they don't understand how both the desirable as well as the less than desirable results we each experience in life, happen.

How they "truly happen" I mean.

And as mentioned, they happen as a result of what's going on within us. It's what's happening within us that determines the quality of experiences that move through us and show up as tangible expressions, the kind and quality of which reveal what we are choosing or have chosen to BE. And, they're ALL without exception a mirrored reflection of what we're choosing to BE which always reveals itself in our lives and determines what we see and experience in each and every area of our life at some point.

The things "out there", the events, conditions, circumstances, people...WHATEVER we encounter and experience in our lives is a direct, perfect, precise and mirrored reflection of what's taking place within ourselves and it ALL begins at the mental and emotional level.

When this is the case and an undesirable event, condition or circumstance has been experienced, due to the fact that we often fear repeating the same experience, we tend to run away from, fail to engage in and never take the kind and quality of action that would move us toward rather than away from whatever the originally intended desire might be.

Put another way, rather than moving toward what we Love, we more often than not choose to dodge, avoid and run away from what we fear. That's what causes so many to quit and give up on their dreams.

Many consistently run interference, dodging, avoiding, fearing, doubting and worrying that because they've had this experience or that experience in the past, although they MAY make the "physical adjustments", they never make the adjustments at the level that determines where EVERY experience we have individually, including what we DO or Don't Do comes from.

Where is that?

The mental and emotional level.

It's the seed level from where our individual harvest is determined. It contains the good, the joyous, the wonderful, the miraculous and what we so often tend to judge and label as bad, depressing, horrific and seemingly random and chaotic.

And it's at that LEVEL...the mental and emotional level, which because you're unable to SEE IT is the level that's so often overlooked. It's the level that most pay no mind to, are unaware of and as a result "believe and perceive" that life is going to deliver what it will without ever realizing that it's THEIR WILL that is delivering whatever it might be that they're receiving.

That's the very reason why so many DO so much and receive so little, while others seem to do very little yet receive much. Those who receive and have much yet DO little have mastered the art of becoming aware of and consciously directing their mental and emotional states.

And you or anyone else can do the very same thing any time you choose to. But you DO have to choose it. Consciously and intentionally choose it.

Here's one thing I've come to know with regard to life that can and will enhance yours dramatically IF you'll choose to know and apply it...

Emotional Mastery Leads to Life Mastery

That's a very simple and succinct statement and one that can change the entire course of your life. It can, will and does make the dance of life the joyous, fulfilling and harmonious dance that it CAN be.

But it’s a choice. And it’s an individual choice that no one or nothing (NO thing) “out there” can entice, deter, stop you or keep you from making. They CAN, but only if YOU allow them to.

Yet you don’t have to look very far or talk to very many people to know and understand that few are able to see life as and for the dance that it is. In fact many…most in fact see and perceive life as being a continual bump and grind.

And we can see it and perceive it that way if we choose. But it’s a choice that keeps those who do choose to view life that way, consistently moving, repeating the very same steps, dancing their dance in a less than desirable and less than pleasing kind of way and always "perceiving and believing" that they're coming up short of receiving what they "truly desire" and what’s truly possible for them.

They continue on in the same less than desirable bump and grind dance.

They may be settling or even experiencing OK results in one, 2 or perhaps even 3 areas of life, yet they’re not creating and experiencing the full scope of harmony, joy and fulfillment that life can and DOES provide should we become aware and choose it for ourselves.

And when I say the “full scope” of harmony, joy and fulfillment, I’m referring to Real Wealth, Real Success and Real Freedom which entails physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony.

A key aspect and some on target direction conveyed in the chorus of Life’s A Dance that can transform EVERY aspect of your life is “Don’t worry about what you don’t know.”

Those are words that convey profound, timeless wisdom and insight that few heed or follow as they go through life and dance their chosen dance. Yet it’s wisdom and insight that if heeded and followed to the letter would enable and allow ANYONE’S life to be all they could ever hope or wish for.

But at the same time it's necessary to become aware and conscious of what you DO know. It's necessary to examine, scrutinize and adjust if your dance is less than harmonious.

One of the ancient Judeo Christian texts clearly conveys just how "on target" those words are...

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

At the same time in the majority of cases, although most aren’t at all “worried” about what they don’t know, they ARE consistently focused on and worried about the kind and quality of results that they’re receiving, have received or “fearing and worrying” about receiving at some future point in time.

In other words, they’re not willing, concerned about nor interested in exploring beyond and enhancing what they “claim” they DO know, and as a result keep seeing, looking at, judging, labeling and consistently receiving the very same quality and quantity of results that they themselves are choosing.

never grasp and fully understand why they’re consistently receiving the same consistent flow of less than desired results they are as they dance the dance that we call life.

And that’s precisely what keeps so many “seemingly stuck and trapped” in the consistent flow of both poor and mediocre results that they consistently “worry” so much about and struggle so hard to get.

And as a result of that choice, they never fully understand why they’re consistently worried about what they’re getting and consistently fearing what might or could happen at some point in the future.

Most are creating and as a result experiencing a form of self sabotage and perceive themselves as "seemingly trapped." But this seemingly trapped place is nothing more or less than a “self-created dichotomy.”

They choose to focus on, fear, doubt and worry about what they’re getting, not getting or fearing that they might get at some point in the future, yet at the same time, hoping for, wishing for, praying for and really and truly desiring something better.

And many give up. Many quit "perceiving" failure. But failure is impossible. The creative process NEVER fails. Not ever.

They trap themselves in a seemingly inescapable cycle all the while WANTING something different.

But they never DO anything different than they’ve chosen to do in the past to make greater future results possible. Not at the level where it all begins. The level that matters MOST.

They overlook the fact that the most essential and powerful form of DOING they could choose to engage in and DO is to focus on and develop emotional mastery skills.

And their experiences as they dance this chosen dance is a reflection of their fear based mindsets due to the fact that they’re consistently focused on and worried about what now and the future holds. Yet at the same time not worried about, seldom and in some cases NEVER think about and as a result never explore, stretch, or expand to discover and understand what they don’t know which is the missing ingredient to change what’s creating all their “internal fear, doubt, worry and anxiety.”

So they never take any “conscious action” to enhance and expand upon what they do know in a way that would make now and the future all that it can and has the potential to be.

We've Adopted and Attempt To Follow and Adhere To a Magic Wand Mentality

Most everyone in today's world is looking for the quick fix. They want the magic wand. They don’t want to do much if anything to get what they “truly want.” They want the magic pill to alleviate all their pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety and tune out what’s unfolding and showing up all around them.

And guess what? What's often "perceived" as being "The Magic Pill" exists. Yet it's NOT magic and as has been proven in countless studies and through experiences far greater in number than we'll ever know to provide a polar opposite effect than the desired and intended outcome that this "treatment" claims to provide.

And in case you’re not aware, psychotropic drugs ARE the single most prescribed pharmaceutical drug in the world today. Yet they don’t FIX anything. In fact, they KILL 141,000 plus people per year…in numerous documented cases they intensify the adverse effects of anxiety and depression that so many are “trying” and hoping to eliminate.

The pharmaceutical and conventional medical industry has created a mega trillion dollar industry around the "Magic Quick Fix." There's a Magic Pill for depression, anxiety, add, adhd, sexual name it, there's a Magic Pill for it.

That's what many believe and perceive anyway but the statistics show otherwise.

That’s a whole other topic.

But the reason that’s true is simply because those who choose that dance don’t know what they don’t know and are either unaware or simply refuse to wake up and enhance what they "think" and claim to know in a way that would make fear, doubt, worry and dependency on some potentially harmful pharmaceutical drug obsolete.

They’re dancing a dance as we all are, yet for many it’s a bump and grind at best. And I’m NOT referring to the good kind. :)

That’s why we’re going to be covering what we’ll be covering next. Maybe it will provide you with some insight and a deeper understanding about what you don’t know which if applied will enable you to get more of what you’re not getting which is creating so much unnecessary fear, doubt worry and dependency on “external stuff.”

There are some things I’d like to share with you regarding life and the dance that it is, that I know as a result of many years of seeking, searching, personal experience and dancing many different kinds of dances along the way, ranging from the pitiful and extremely frightening to the awesome and graceful that can and will transform every aspect of your life if you’ll allow it to.

But it is going to require that you remain open, receptive and willing to learn a new and different dance than the one so many in the world…perhaps even you have been dancing.

Yes it’s going to require that you DO something, but here’s a promise that I know based on personal experience will enable you to begin dancing a harmonious and joyful dance.

Should you choose to remain open, receptive and learn to enhance the dance that YOU and ALL of us are already dancing anyway, transformation will take place in each and every aspect of your life or in whatever area of life that you choose to experience transformation in.

Like music though, you have to choose to tune in, listen to and understand the lyrics first if you truly hope and expect to gain the insights and benefits that those lyrics can and in many cases do provide. But you DO have to tune in, tune out all the external noise and distractions and listen attentively to ensure that you hear and see the power of the underlying message that it conveys.

So I’m going to ask that you follow along and remain attentive, open and receptive to what I’ll be conveying here. I fact "I KNOW" it can and will assist you in seeing that life truly is a dance and the kind and quality of yours is, always has been and always will be determined by the quality of the music as well as the lyrics that you choose to tune in and listen to.

Because it’s those factors and those factors alone that determine your individual song and the quality of your dance. And it’s that dance that YOU are choosing for yourself which is, always has been and always be reflected in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. It’s one of the single most important and influential factors which ALWAYS determine the kind and quality of the events, conditions and circumstances that you encounter and experience as you dance your chosen dance.

The kind of dance we’ll be learning about though, goes beyond music and lyrics limited to the entertainment industry. It’s the dance of life. It’s the dance that determines the kind and quality of life. Learning to consciously align and harmonize with it will enhance your life, and the events conditions and circumstances that you experience as you go through life as you venture down and explore the various paths that we all do.

The first thing I believe is most important to convey is this…

It’s not your dance that’s most important. Your individual dance, regardless of how bad or horrific you might “perceive it” to be, doesn’t need to be adjusted or fixed.

Your current as well as your past dance, regardless of how you might “perceive it” currently is perfect and has been perfect just as it is.

If you don’t see, believe and understand that, it’s going to be necessary to tune in, listen to and become keenly and consciously aware of the music and the song that’s consistently running through your mind. This music and your chosen song is always playing within you. The quality of the music and the song consistently playing in your mind is going to determine the quality of your dance.

Because it’s the quality of that music that determines the quality of dance that you’ll dance as you go through life.

It’s precisely the same in the dance of life. Less than desired external effects aren’t the problem as most perceive but are symptoms of a deeper cause which most choose to judge and label as being a problem. Due to our individual beliefs and perceptions regarding the kind and quality of these effects, we tend to label these effects as problems when they don’t align and harmonize with what WE THINK they should be or because they don’t happen in the timeframe that WE THINK they should. So, as so many have been taught and learned to do, we label and judge them as being problems when they’re less than desirable or in any way, shape or form, different than we’d like for them to be.

But they’re not really a problem at all. I use the word “problem” simply because that’s how most “perceive” and as a result judge, label and condemn the less than desired effects they experience in their lives. They are in fact “miracles” which are always derived from and point to a cause that most never take the time to discover, tune into nor accept responsibility for.

The "miracles" we're seeing unfolding all around us are a reflection of our chosen ways of BEING.

My point is, external transformation isn’t necessary. What’s happening externally…meaning the kind and quality of your dance that you and others “perceive”, judge and label as good, bad, right, wrong, awesome or horrendous is nothing more than an effect. A miraculous effect showing up in tangible form.

Nothing on the “outside” has to change.

And that’s where most people are missing the boat and consistently as well as “unconsciously” producing additional undesirable effects without even realizing it. Because nothing…NO THING needs fixed. And the reason NO THING needs fixed is because nothing IS broken.

The "Miracle Machine" is always working. It's NEVER broken.

It’s simply a matter of recognizing the cause that’s creating the “less than desired” miracles that so many judge, condemn, fear and label as being something other than they are.

And it’s that choice that enables and empowers you…or not to begin dancing a whole new dance…or not. It enables you to know and recognize in a very insightful and eye opening kind of way just how powerful you are which in turn enables you to begin utilizing the power that you already have and HAVE BEEN using in an “unconscious kind of way” to begin re-writing your song, re-creating your music and dancing whatever dance you choose to dance.

That's when the "miracle of life" aligns and harmonizes with your heartfelt desires.

You already possess and are utilizing this power already. But if you’re like most you don’t understand or are unaware that you even have it, let alone are using it to determine your song and the quality of dance that you consistently dance as you go through life.

But you do already have it and you are using it right here, right now. You always have been using it and you always will be. You can’t NOT use it.

If you’re new to the idea or you’re doubtful that this power is already yours and that it’s been freely provided to you, simply take a look around you at your bank account, the condition of your health, your relationships and every other area of your life and either pat yourself on the back and celebrate or be prepared to become brutally honest with yourself.

Because it’s those effects that you’re seeing and experiencing, regardless of how you might “perceive, judge and label them” that clearly reveals your power at work. That’s the tangible expression that pinpoints the song you’ve been singing and the quality of the dance that you’ve been dancing. And it always aligns and harmonizes with the song that’s consistently and habitually running through your mind.

Contrary to what most have been taught regarding life and the seemingly unending, random, and often perceived as chaotic “problems” that we all encounter from time to time, there is no randomness, chaos, fate, luck, or chance in the world.

There are no coincidences, only synchronicity that many choose to judge and label as coincidences.

There is a cosmic order to all things. The entire cosmos…both seen and unseen are ALWAYS perfectly ordered, always harmonious, always in tune, always perfect, always precise, always evolving, always expanding, always moving forward, and always revealing itself in tangible form in its unerring and perfectly ordered way.

You could say the Universe and on a larger scale the entire cosmos, is always dancing the dance of harmony. That harmony and the miracles that are always showing up due to its always perfect, always precise, always perfect and unerring fashion is always being revealed and expressed in measurable and tangible form, in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

As true as that is, the vast majority are unable and/or unwilling to conceive, believe and see the order, perfection, simplicity and unerring nature that the cosmos is governed by, always creating and always operates within, simply because they refuse to seek out the Higher Truth and find the answers that reveal just how true that is.

This order which is always unfolding, being expressed and unfailingly being revealed in your life as well as on a Universal scale always shows up as the tangible expression of the events, conditions and circumstances that become your experience as well as the experience of everyone else who is dancing the dance called the physical experience in the Newtonian world of shape and form.

And you don’t have to look very far or talk to too many people to understand that “perceived” lack, limitation, discord and less than desired results of some form are what most experience as they journey through life as they dance their chosen dance.

Since that’s true in the vast majority of people’s lives, let’s take a practical, logical and scientifically validated look as to why that is. Let’s also take a look at what the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always taught, always conveyed and More importantly, let’s explore why it doesn’t have to be that way. Even more importantly, let’s focus on how to change what is and begin experiencing more of what everyone desires yet all too often believes to be unattainable. It’s very simple, always perfect, always precise and profoundly easy to grasp and understand if only you’ll choose to.

Here’s how simple it is…

For every effect there exists a cause. The effect is always aligned and harmonized perfectly and precisely with the cause. The effects that reveal themselves in the world of shape and form are always aligned and always harmonized perfectly, precisely and without fail due to this cause that enables all effects to become real and tangible.

Where the confusion and perceived complexity comes into play as well as the less than desired results that always follow confusion and complexity is only made real and possible due to what many “perceive” the cause as being.

When you get clear and understand what the cause is, you’ll always know, see and understand the harmony that drives, governs and sustains all the effects unfolding around you and at the same time enable and empower yourself to fully move into, become keenly aware of and personally experience the awe, magnificence, simplicity and perfection that drives, governs and sustains it.

Should you choose to see that, internalize it and apply it in every aspect of your life, you’ll know and experience for yourself that Unconditional Happiness, Harmony and Fulfillment can and will become a way of life for you.

Maybe you’ve heard that “song and dance” before. Perhaps you’ve heard of and viewed The Secret. Maybe you’ve purchased some personal development program (or many) that guaranteed you would “get what you want” in 7 days or less. Maybe you’ve read a book that gave you the “can’t fail” step by step approach, complete with action plan, techniques and processes to engage in for the next 15, 21, 30 or 45 days, claiming that all of your heartfelt desires will begin falling into your lap.

Many have heard and fallen into that same “song and dance.” I was one who did and I personally danced that dance for many years. I also know of many others who have as well. Perhaps you have to.

And because of that…because so many recently have been exposed to and attempted to follow some “one size fits all cookie cutter approach" for being, doing and having more based on the same ole song and dance that so many are choosing to sing and dance to, let’s look at life as a song and dance.

The “good kind” though. The kind that clearly reveals that you are writing your own song, orchestrating your own music and dancing whatever dance you are and have been because of that.

Pick Your Music and Dance Your Dance

As we've covered, Harmony is the one and only song that consistently plays in the cosmos and further expression and expansion is the only dance that the cosmos knows.

The only decision necessary on your part to personally experience the fullness of this consistent and perfectly ordered expression and expansion that the cosmos is always creating in a way that you “desire” individually is through learning to tune into, listen, hear and harmonize yourself…your thoughts, words and actions…with the song that the cosmos is always playing.

Then once heard, choose to consciously align, harmonize and consistently engage in and dance the same dance that the cosmos always does.

Then and only then will you be able to see, hear and become enabled and empowered to dance the same dance in a conscious and intentional kind of way that the cosmos is always engaged in and experience more of the desired miracles so many hope for but few “consciously create.”

The challenge for many seems to be getting beyond and seeing above, through and getting around what they choose to look at and consistently see (or not see) in the world around them. We often “perceive” blocks and barriers that we honestly believe to be insurmountable. We consistently look at what we want yet don’t have. We’re consistently judging, labeling, fearing and condemning what is, all the while hoping, wishing and praying that somehow…someday things might change and be different than they are.

Yet it’s that very choice…it’s that very perception that keeps these “things” that we believe we need to get around, see above, get through and fix which keeps them showing up in tangible form as something needed to get around, see above, get through and/or fix.

Although they too are a miracle, they are of a kind and quality of miracle that shows up as the polar opposite of what we claim we want and hope to get...someday.

We create a self-repeating and self-replicating cycle. We get seemingly stuck playing and consistently listening to and habitually playing the very same song that ALWAYS determines the quality of music we’re tuned into which ALWAYS determines the quality of our chosen dance. And without even being aware of what’s taking place we are unconsciously engaging in the very same song and dance over and over again.

That leaves us always "wanting and desiring" something more.

And the cosmos in its perfection, simplicity and awe that always reveals itself in exact correlation to what we are choosing for ourselves, provides us with the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual experiences in our lives just as we choose.

More want...more desire becomes the tangible reality.

And although many are unaware of it or choose not to see it, the simplicity, harmony and perfection is revealed in tangible form. Changing the quality of the tangible result…the effect…requires nothing more and nothing less than choosing to sing a different song which enhances the quality of the music which enables, empowers and “allows” us to dance a different kind of dance.

The song that most choose to tune in and listen to is a song of lack, limitation, disharmony and discord. The lyrics go something like, I need more, more more. And their dance is a reflection of that. They choose to tune in and listen to a kind and quality of music that drowns out and conflicts with the harmonious, empowering and powerfully creative melody that the cosmos always plays. As a result of that choice, the majority dance a dance which has them running away from what they fear, consistently avoiding what they don’t want and anxiously seeking and trying to get what they don’t have.

But they only “perceive” themselves as not having it due to the song they’re choosing, the music they’re creating and orchestrating and the dance they’re dancing.

So they blindly and consistently do, do, do, more and more and more thinking that’s the dance that’s going to fulfill what they “perceive themselves as not having and needing to get more of. This too is a dance, that the cosmos in its simplicity, perfection and unerring manner always responds to and always provides, yet it’s a dance that can never provide the desired result.

We are dancing the dance although we are doing so in a less than desirable way. It’s due to the quality of the thoughts, words and deeds that our perceptions and beliefs have us consistently engaging in which effortlessly and consistently creates the polar opposite of what is claimed as desired. And that choice is being revealed as the dance of further expression and expansion that the cosmos is always engaged in, yet showing up in tangible form in your life as hard earned, less than desired results that always require struggle.

But we’re dancing a dance based on a self-limiting and discordant kind of music which has many consistently dancing the dance of limitation, discord, self-sabotage and self-replicating tangible results.

The reason for this is due to the fact that we focus and place emphasis on what is seen and experienced or what is not currently being seen and experienced in the tangible world of shape and form. This emphasis creates and ignites fear based emotions which are counterproductive and can only lead to the tangible creation of more of what so many are claiming they don’t want.

That’s why the ancient text so clearly and wisely conveys…”Judge not by appearances.” It’s the judging and labeling of appearances that keep us dancing the very same dance. It’s that very choice that keeps the appearances as they are and will continue to unless and until different choices are made. We only need to change the focus which changes our song which enhances the quality of the music and both enables and empowers us to automatically, consciously, intentionally and purposefully choose to dance a new dance.

A dance that we LOVE.

The music is everywhere in the cosmos. There’s nowhere that it’s not. In the same way everyone is dancing the dance based on the kind and quality of music they are tuning into and allowing to fill their minds. Some are dancing consciously and intentionally and some are “perceiving themselves” as “poor dancers”, clumsy dancers, or unable to dance at all.

Some are consistently finding themselves doing and perceiving themselves to be unable to move beyond the bump and grind.

If you find yourself there, understand this…

This tangible world of shape and form, the Universe, the entire cosmos is your dance floor and the dance you are choosing to engage yourself in, is taking place on 4 levels.

Those 4 levels are spiritual/metaphysical, mental, emotional and physical.

Most place the majority, if not all of their focus and attention on the physical yet overlook the importance and significance of the spiritual, mental and emotional. And that’s where their song is coming from. That’s what is determining the kind and quality of the music which is being tuned into and expressed through their dance.

Make no mistake. You simply can’t NOT dance and whatever dance you are choosing to dance is going to reveal the simplicity, perfection, magnificence, awe and perfectly ordered events, conditions and circumstances that the unfailing and unwavering creative process always provides due to the dance that the cosmos is always engaged in. Some are dancing to the tune of harmony, fulfillment, joy and plenty and others are dancing to the tune of disharmony, lack, anxiousness, fear, doubt, worry, sadness and poverty.

We often dance what “appears on the surface” to be different dances as we observe each other and the tangible results that we all receive, yet we’re all dancing…always. And the dance we’re choosing as well as how we “perceive the quality of our individual dance is determining the quality of music we choose to tune into, listen to, enjoy or reject which also determines the dance we’ll continue to dance and the effects that making that choice always provides.

Let’s turn down and quiet the music for a bit. Do the best you’re able to tune out of your current song, temporarily halt your chosen dance and look at things from a different perspective.

Let's Shed Some "Light" on the Matter

Let’s look at the music and the dance as Light. It is, as you’ll soon understand but I didn’t want you to think that I was going too far “out there” and lose you before you “got” the transformational power behind what we’ll be covering next.

The reason many overlook the power that exists within this Light is because they can’t see it. When you start talking about and teaching based on things that can’t be seen yet “claim” it’s where ALL things come from, those who “think” they know otherwise become skeptical. They think that those who talk about such things are “out there” or have lost their minds. But the reason they often “think that” is simply because they don’t know what they don’t know.

I used to “think” the same thing. I used to believe that those who shared such things must be out of their mind. I’ve since discovered I was right. They were “out of their minds.” The reason they were is because they chose to transcend the same ole song and dance that so many consistently engage in at the “mind level” and chose instead to get into their hearts.

I’m going to ask for just a brief time that you do the best you can do to do the same. I’m going to ask that you get out of your head and get into your heart. I’m going to ask that you suspend hat you “think you know” so you might tune in to a different song, begin dancing a different dance and begin experiencing the kind and quality of life that those who choose to remain in their minds seldom experience.

I’m going to ask that you enter into a realm that few ever explore which is precisely why they continue to dance the same dance, continue to receive the same results and go through life believing that what they're getting is as good as it gets for them.

If you’ll do that, you’ll soon understand that not only is The Light scientifically validated, it’s the very message that the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity have always conveyed yet why so many, even though they had eyes couldn’t see, why so many, even though they had ears couldn’t hear and as a result were missing.

It’s going to require that you get out of your mind for just a bit.

Let’s move into The Light shall we?

The light has no form. It is all there is. It is an infinite wave field of probability. The light is all that is. It is the Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The All in All, The I Am. It is also described as The Omniscient, The Omnipresent, The Omnipotent that exists and is very real in time/space yet at the same time, transcends time and space. It is the seen and the unseen. It is past, present and future all rolled into One. It is the Infinite that is Infinite in nature.

Some see the light and some choose not to see it. There are no wrong choices, only choices that determine the quality of our individual experiences and the kind of dance that we choose to and will continue to dance.

But choosing to see the light or not doesn’t and can’t change the fact that Light is all there is.

The Light is infused into what was, what is here and now and will be at some point in the future. You can believe and perceive that it’s not if you choose or you can expand beyond what you “think you know.” You can earnestly believe what others have told and taught you regarding this Light and take what they’ve taught you at face value and never personally experience the indescribable nature that this Light truly is.

This Light has been given and assigned many labels, each of which is determined by the individual beliefs and perceptions of those who are doing the labeling.

For the sake of simplicity and to describe this “Light” in such a way that doesn’t alienate anyone based on their individually chosen beliefs and perceptions, we’ll refer to He/She/It as Light.

The Light permeates the entire cosmos ranging from the microscopic, the macroscopic and beyond. Light IS the microscopic the macroscopic and beyond. It’s Infinite in proportion. It’s EVERYTHING, makes EVERY THING possible and is inherent in ALL THINGS. EVERYTHING without exception, both seen and unseen exists within the Light.

There is nothing that the light is not. This includes YOU, ME everyone and everything in the world of shape and form. The ancient texts validate the All Pervasive nature of this Light. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Yet the guidance that the text provided in that instance was based on a worldly, physical and finite view of the cosmos. It was written and conveyed in the way it was to meet people where they were. And if you’re not aware of it already, and personally experienced the awe, magnificence and grandeur that The Light is, it was written and conveyed in that way to meet YOU where YOU are. It was addressing and attempting to convey to those who “perceived” a here and there, that all places were one and the same projection which were all derived from a cause.

It was stated in the way it was due to our learned ways of seeing, believing and perceiving separation in the tangible world of shape and form as we view, listen to, touch, smell and taste all the tangible outcomes that this Light makes real and possible.

The Higher Truth is, there is no above or below in this All Pervasive Light, because the Light is all there is. There is no within or without in the Light because the Light is all there is. It is the One and Only “thing” there is. There is no inner and outer. There is no here and there. There is no above or below. There is no good, bad, right, wrong, up, down, left or right in the Light because the Light is all there is. The Light transcends space/time yet also allows space/time to exist.

It dwells within you and outside of you. It is what makes you, YOU. It is what makes EVERYTHING what it is.

And the reason it does…the reason that’s “true” is simply because it IS all there is. Wrap your mind around that. Better yet allow your “heart” to feel it.

It is what encompasses and permeates EVERYTHING both seen and unseen. There is no separation of any kind. There is no time, space or distance in the light. It is infinite in proportion.

But the mind “perceives” itself and all other things as separate from this All That Is…this Light, simply because it is unable to “see the Oneness” due to how it’s been programmed and chooses to look at and perceive the Light. Due to this programming, we’ve created and moved through this Light in such a way that has created and resulted in “less than desirable tangible experiences” and because of these experiences it has learned how to fear, resist what could be, runs away from the darkness it sees and perceives and creates the illusion of “perceived separation” rather than seeing, moving into and consciously aligning, harmonizing , utilizing, allowing and surrendering to the One All Encompassing Thing that the Light is.

Here is what many overlook and as a result “perceive” as being true. Due to their “perceived” failures of the past, they solidify and substantiate in their own minds that there must exist something other than The Light. They develop beliefs and perceptions that the polar opposite of “Light” MUST exist. As a result they give all attention and focus to this polar opposite which creates fear, doubt, worry, anxiousness, lack, limitation and perceived as discordant tangible outcomes in the various areas of their lives.

They see, perceive, judge, label and condemn the darkness that becomes real due to their “perceived separation” from this All Encompassing Light.

And "The Light" takes form as they choose.

Yet darkness and separation is only an illusion which exists as a probability and it too is an integral part of the Light.

Within this light exists what we want as well as what we don’t want. It is everything. There is nothing…NO THING that it is not. The polar opposite only becomes possible, real, tangible and true in our lives individually because of the judgments and labels that we choose to place on the Light that always takes form and reveals itself in everything that is, has been or ever will be.

Our individually chosen conceptualizations, perceptions, judgments and labels determine our paradigms which mold and shape the Light into what we see, hear, taste touch and smell in our physical reality. As we believe we receive. Whatsoever we ask for we get. The Light transmutes from belief and focus to tangible reality.

When we see these things…when we smell these things…when we touch, taste and hear these things that reveal themselves as tangible things, a kind and quality of which are the polar opposite of what we consciously desire for ourselves, our very perceptions and beliefs which the mind processes and transmutes into additional judgments and labels creates and sustains the very outcomes that we judge and label which consistently reveal themselves in our “tangible reality” as the polar opposite of what we consciously desire for ourselves.

And it's The Light taking form as we're choosing.

We unconsciously create a seemingly inescapable, self-repeating cycle that always evolves, always expands, is always changing and always recreating and taking form just as we believe it will.

We perceive these things…these undesirable events as never changing. But they’re ALWAYS changing. Nothing EVER stays the same. We perceive it as staying the same only due to a lack of understanding regarding our freely provided creative power and what this Light is.

And due to this lack of understanding combined with our unconscious choices, we create and sustain the very cycles that we hope, wish and pray we could “escape” from and wish we didn’t have to experience. It's simply reproducing itself although we perceive that it's not changing.

But it is. Yet it’s us and our choices to judge, label and condemn what we have believed in the past which has created what we SEE now which we in turn continue to judge, label, condemn and claim we don’t want. And we each have that choice yet it’s a choice which sustains the very cycles that insures that the same will self-replicate, show up and remain our reality in the future.

There are many in the world who profess and claim that they “know” this Light. And at some level they do. They “know it” intellectually. Yet they DON’T “know it”, they know OF IT. It’s really nothing more than an intellectual understanding of some form, yet due to the limitations that intellectual understanding is limited by, they’re unable to grasp, understand and clearly see that this Light is truly EVERYTHING…that they have been created in its image and likeness and it’s this same Light that has provided them with a choice as well as the creative power to mold and shape their lives as they choose. They fail to see, know and understand that this light is unconditional and being what It is, enables them to create a kind, quality and quantity of life limited only by what they believe, perceive and “know” the light to be.

I can claim and honestly believe that I know of this Light…I can fully believe that the Light is all there is…I can consistently imagine how everything that is, was or ever will be is an integral part of this Light. Yet if I look at my tangible reality and see something as broken…as something that needs fixing…as something missing…as something that I don’t have already…as something lacking in my life, that very belief and perception clearly reveals that I don’t “know and understand what this Light TRULY is. It’s only a very limited and in most cases, a self-sabotaging perception that doesn’t “know” the fullness, awe, magnificence, and continually evolving unconditional expression and continual expansion that the Light truly is.

And it’s that perception that can, does and will consistently, perfectly, precisely, harmoniously and miraculously reveal itself as further unconditional expression and expansion revealing itself as the tangible expression of something broken… something that needs fixing…something missing…something wrong…something flawed…as something I don’t have…as something lacking in my life.

Because of the perfect order, perfection, simplicity and unwavering nature of the cosmos and the creative process that drives and sustains it all, I always get to be right. YOU always get to be right. The harmony of the music doesn’t change at this All Encompassing and All Pervasive Light Realm that created and enables the cosmos to exist. The harmony never fails, wavers, takes a break and never errs. The dance never ends. It’s only your individually chosen beliefs and perceptions that determine the quality of music that you hear individually which in turn determines the kind and quality of the dance that you choose to dance and consistently engage in.

And the cosmos as well as the unerring, unfailing and never wavering laws that govern it always support, always create and always sustain whatever dance you choose. And the processes that govern the Light create the cycles which always sustain and repeat themselves unless and until the underlying and often times overlooked cause is acknowledged, recognized and adjusted. The ONLY thing that determines the quality of your dance is the quality of the song and music that you consistently “allow” to run through YOUR mind. Put in terms of the Light that you are, the quality of Light you choose to project determines the quality and intensity of the reflection of Light you’ll see and experience in your life.

Those who experience extraordinary qualities of life, those who are happy, fulfilled and always attracting harmonious conditions have only chosen to dance the dance in a more conscious, consistent and well-ordered fashion than those who don’t. They have created more pleasing and desirable results that they look at, see, perceive and label as good which sustains that cycle and consistently creates more of the good that they see, perceive and are experiencing.

Both the music and the dance, like EVERYTHING else, whether desirable or undesirable is nothing more or less than Light expressing itself.

And here is the single most important thing you can understand, grasp, internalize, accept and consistently apply in your life if you ever truly hope to know the boundless nature of Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control that the Light exists as in its purest and most magnificent form prior to us believing and perceiving that it’s something less.

You were created in the image and likeness of this Light. You are an integral part of it as everything conceivable is. You being an integral part of the All, which is Light, are too an essential and powerfully creative part of the light. You are an aspect of this light that has been provided with a mind and the ability to think, rationalize, reason and choose. How you choose to use the mind, which is the tool freely provided to you, me and everyone else is the one determining factor which projects, directs, focuses and forms this all pervasive and all-encompassing Light as you choose.

You being an integral part of this Light and also having been created in the image and likeness of the light that is All, were provided the gift and have the ability to choose how you’ll direct, focus, mold and shape this light.

You are Light, you are always projecting Light and you are ALWAYS molding and shaping this Light into the events, conditions and circumstances in your life, ALL of which are Light as well.

You are the light of the world and the kind and quality of light you choose to project from within yourself determines the kind and quality of light that you’ll see, touch, taste, smell and hear in your “tangible reality.” The light is unconditional. It has no reasoning or rationalizing capability. You are the only one who reasons, rationalizes, judges, labels and molds the Light into what you see and experience.

And it’s YOU that makes these determinations in your mind. It’s this chosen way of DOING things…this chosen way of BEING that determines your experience.

And what you mold, shape and see is only determined by how you choose to use the tool that we as human beings refer to and have labeled as mind. But the mind is nothing more or less than a tool. The mind processes consciousness. The quality of your consciousness which is processed by the mind tool, is the Light.

If you “perceive” something as “less than light” you are in essence creating more of the same. You’ll see and experience “less than light” or what you might “perceive”, judge and label as being “darkness” due to and based on what you perceive…just as you perceive.

The Light, being unconditional and All Pervasive, takes form just as you choose.

If you perceive the absence of whatever it might be that you desire for yourself, you are “Unconsciously Asking For and CHOOSING the absence of the desire due to your CHOSEN perception and the “perceived absence” of the desire which is being unconsciously asked for will show up for the simple fact that the cosmos is perfectly ordered, precise and delivers in your tangible reality just as you ask, believe and perceive.

The Light makes no distinctions, judgments, rationalizations or determinations for you. It’s due to its unfailing, unerring and unconditional nature that it provides WHATEVER you choose, just as you choose.

Which brings us into why and how we experience the polarity and duality that we perceive as being real in the Newtonian world of shape and form.

There is no such thing as polarity and duality within the Light. The Light is Love. And since Light is ALL there is, GUESS WHAT? Polarity and duality only become possible and real when the Light is perceived and believed as being something other than IT is. That’s when we FEEL and perceive ourselves as BEING separated. That’s when we “perceive” darkness or “less than Light.” That’s when we begin judging, labeling, condemning and FEARING due to what we experience that the Light has cut us off. But the separation only happens as we think, perceive and believe that this Light is or has in some way, shape or form become separate from itself and that we are somehow separate from it.

But what's ONE can't be separated.

You CAN’T BE separate any more than you CAN’T dance your chosen dance. You CAN perceive yourself as separate. You CAN believe that you are separate and the Light will form itself just as you are choosing. You’ll EXPERIENCE the separation just as you choose. Your chosen truth becomes and remains your tangible reality.

But that chosen truth isn’t the Higher Truth. The Higher Truth is Infinite in nature. The Higher Truth is that the Light delivers and provides the events, conditions and circumstances in your life just as you choose. You can’t “out believe or under believe The Light because The Light is all there is.

And what you “believe” the Light provides...unconditionally.

Moving into, consistently remaining aware of and immersing yourself in this “Light” in a conscious, intentional and purposeful manner, really requires nothing more than enhancing and elevating what you “know to be true.” If what you currently believe and “know to be true is delivering “less than” you truly desire, it’s going to be necessary that you elevate and enhance…YOUR truth… what you know by exploring and developing a deeper understanding of the infinite supply of empowering information and data that, like EVERYTHING else, already exists within the Light.

And it does exist there just as the Infinite supply of information and data, a kind and quality of which exists as and creates the polar opposite does. If you’re consistently focused on, immersing yourself in and consistently looking for this “polar opposite” information and data, it too will reveal itself in tangible and measurable form just as you choose.

And the cycle will continue and sustain itself due to your choice/choices.

You can and do seek out and choose your truth. And the truth you seek out and choose you will find and as a result experience.

As you ask and what you ask for, you receive. As you seek and what you seek after, you find. As you knock on the various doors that you choose to knock on, they DO open.

Regardless of what you ask…regardless of what you seek…regardless of what doors you choose to knock on you will and DO receive.

There is no good asking or bad asking. There is no good seeking or bad seeking. There are no good or bad doors. There are only an infinite amount of probabilities and possibilities that ALL exist within The Light and the Light “allows” you to choose from this Infinite number of probabilities and possibilities and provides precisely what you ask, seek and opens the doors that you knock on, just as you choose.

Your light…the quality, quantity and intensity that you choose to project determines the quality, quantity and intensity of the projection of Light that you’ll receive which is projected in your tangible results.

And if you’re currently unwilling, unable and/or simply refuse to expand what you know to see and perceive just how TRUE that is, you haven’t yet been exposed to, have not yet fully accepted or perhaps have written it off as just too “simple, far-fetched and/or out there” for it to be true.

It's certainly your right to choose that.

It’s a choice not to explore and understand a Higher Truth and The Light always in ALL WAYS honors that choice.

You simply haven’t chosen to open and expose yourself to a kind and quality of information and data that enables you to see, perceive and believe that you ARE the Light of the world, that you ARE worthy, and that your fondest hopes, dreams and desires can and will become real and tangible if ever and whenever you choose to consciously and intentionally project the quality of Light which makes them that.

The Scientific Explanation of The Light

The fact of the matter is, even science has proven in a tangible kind of way that “Light” is the One true reality. It’s The Ultimate reality. It’s The One and Only True Reality in fact. It exists as what scientists refer to as photons which are vibrating energy packets which permeate make up and comprise the infinite wave field of probability as waves of light ready, willing, capable and without fail and unwavering certainty, take form just as you choose. It’s what takes form and shows up as every event, condition, circumstance, thing, person that can possibly be conceived by you in the world of shape and form.

Modern day science has made it VERY clear that we live in a subjective reality, NOT an objective reality.

What does that mean exactly?

What reveals itself in what so many “perceive” as being an objective reality is determined by and subject to the quality of consciousness that molds and shapes this Light…these energy packets referred to as photons into tangible and measurable form. They take form to create the “illusion of” an objective reality that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell in the Newtonian world of shape and form that so many “perceive and believe” is so real.

What is conceived believed and perceived as being “true” shows up just as you believe and perceive it will. The kind and quality of what shows up is a mirrored reflection of what you believe and perceive which transmutes from a wave of probability into a particle of matter which can be and is seen as a perfect, precise tangible expression of your choice. And that choice always reveals itself in your tangible reality which is always aligned and harmonious with that choice. The further expression and expansion that the cosmos is ALWAYS engaged in, repeats and self-replicates what was into what is currently.

Although, due to various conceptualizations, beliefs, perceptions and a choice to allow the mind to dominate, dictate, judge, label and more times than not, CONDEMN what’s real, right and true, there exists a Higher Truth. To move into this Higher Truth requires the understanding to stop allowing the tools of the mind, namely the physical eyes and other senses to judge, label and dictate what’s real, right and true based on sight and the tangible expression the light molds into all that you see, hear, touch, taste and smell in your physical reality. It’s probabilities of Light taking form as tangible stuff of a physical nature.

The eyes “perceive” darkness. The mind “perceives” darkness, doom and gloom when we fear and are receiving something less that we desire for ourselves. Fear is “perceived” as darkness. Lack, limitation, discord and the absence of the thing or things desired is “perceived” as darkness. Yet darkness is an illusion. It is nothing more or less than YOU allowing fear to impact the quality and intensity of the Light which can only dim the light in your own mind.

The Light is all pervasive. The only thing that can dim the light are your beliefs and perceptions. The only thing that can separate you from this Light are your beliefs and perceptions. The only thing that can cut you off from this Light, which is ALL that is, has been or ever will be are your beliefs and perceptions.

But at the same time, this Light is never truly dimmed. You can never be and never are separate or cut off and you’re never truly in the dark.

When it "seems that way", you are choosing to be.

There can be no such thing as darkness simply because everything…EVERYTHING observed in the world of shape and form is nothing more or less than a projection of light. As we look at observe and judge the seemingly real things in our world and in our lives individually, we are simply observing photons of light. How we observe and what we “perceive” this light as being takes form as we choose for it to…PRECISELY and with unerring and unwavering perfection just as we are choosing for it to. It is our chosen beliefs and perceptions regarding what it is which is giving this light the shape and form that it takes based on our observation of it.

Anything that seems to be, and as a result is judged and labeled as something less than light is nothing but a belief filter creating a perception of something less than the “light that it is” desire which the Light in it’s perfectly ordered and structured way, takes form as just as you choose.

Judge not and you will not be judged. Judging the Light as anything less than it TRULY IS will create events, conditions and circumstances in your life just as you choose.

The light always shines on your chosen path and reveals itself perfectly, precisely and without fail based only on your chosen way of being. What you are being through your beliefs, perceptions and conceptualizations of reality defines and determines what you are “being” at any given moment.

BE judgmental and you will experience the judgment you are choosing. BE fearful and you will experience the fear just as you are choosing. BE Love and you will experience the Love that you are choosing.

Choosing to look at the infinite number of shapes and forms that the light is taking form as, as we observe it in the “physical realm”, we are often tempted and choose to judge, label and in many cases “condemn it” because it isn’t of a shape and form that we think it should be. We judge, label, and often condemn it because it is something less or altogether different than we “consciously desire” for ourselves. Yet that choice to see it as “less than here” or “not here yet” consistently molds and shapes the light into “less than here” or not here yet.”

If your focus is on the lack of or the absence of what you desire the light will take form and reflect the lack of and the absence of the desire just as you are choosing to direct, focus, mold and shape the light that you project through your chosen quality of consciousness, which takes form as light which always does simply because of the light that you are.

Mind is the orchestrator of the light as it pertains to your life. Mind is also programmed, conditioned, indoctrinated and due to the way it has been programmed to habitually look at, see and judge what it observes, it often “perceives itself” as needing something more than it already has. Yet at the same time, in more cases than not the mind has no conceptualization of or believes it’s unworthy to receive and have the desires of the heart fulfilled.

And so the Light takes form and “allows” those beliefs to take tangible form. The Light ALWAYS follows suit. The Light ALWAYS honors your request. The Light ALWAYS creates in tangible form what the mind conceives as being “real, right and true.”

That’s why it’s so important to recognize, acknowledge, rise above and transcend the limitations of the mind. That's why it's SO IMPORTANT to get out of your head and into your heart and let the light shine through.

The way the vast majority has been conditioned and as a result habitually perceives and creates, we often think and believe that we need what we don’t already have and see in physical form. We often think about and see ourselves as needing to escape adversity and what we fear based on the programming and indoctrination that is all the mind knows and can conceive as being true.

You don’t need to snap back from adversity, you need to move into the Light so you can know in an experiential kind of way, the fullest expression of Love that you are. A chosen belief and perception that leads to a focus of the need to snap back from adversity molds and shapes the light in such a way that needing to snap back from adversity becomes the tangible reality that the light takes form as. You’ll consistently, perfectly and precisely find yourself in the “needing to snap back from adversity” situation that you yourself are choosing for yourself as a result of what you are conceiving, believing and focusing on.

The mind consistently believes, perceives and focuses on needing more money, needing better health, needing more harmonious and fulfilling relationships.

You don’t need more money, better health, more fulfilling relationships. They all exist within the Light already. They already exist as a probability. You only need shift the focus from the need of or the lack of whatever the desire might be to the fulfillment of, the knowing of, the ALREADY having of, which leads to the tangible expression of and the materialization of the desire. Choosing to do so is a choice that dissolves the “perceived lack” which is nothing more or less than an illusion created and made real by the limitation of mind which is the orchestrator of the Light.

But doing so first requires “knowing” that all of this is already and has always been available to you. It requires “knowing” that you are worthy to receive it. Establishing this “knowing” is made possible by understanding in a very personal way what this Light truly is which only requires opening your eyes, disarming your self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and immersing yourself in this Light.

It’s necessary to “Seek ye first the kingdom and all its glory and ALL these things will be added unto you.”

The Kingdom is ALL LIGHT.

Don’t worry or be anxious. There’s nothing to worry or be anxious about. The Light ALWAYS meets you where you are. If where you currently are is in some place other than you desire to be, it’s going to be necessary to enhance the quality of your consciousness. It’s going to be necessary to rethink your position and become willing to enhance and expand what you think you know about The Light, about yourself, about your experiences, about what you “perceive” yourself as having or not having. It’s going to be necessary to enhance your understanding to a level that provides the fulfillment and tangible expression of whatever your individual desire might be.

How or IF you do that is up to you.

Only you know what’s necessary. Only you know what you need to do to become all you can BE.

We’re each unique and each have various levels of understanding. Some require the basic, fundamental and foundational understanding that provides a solid foundation to build upon. A kind and quality of foundation that enhances and elevates the “faith” and provides the how’s and why’s of life that always reveal themselves as events, conditions, circumstances that are always unfolding and always revealing themselves in tangible form.

Others understand the fundamentals intellectually yet can’t seem to transcend what the mind perceives, believes and holds onto as real, right and true.

Each path is unique. Each is starting from a different place in their own mind and as such there is no “cookie cutter approach or “one size fits all” answer for you.

Meditation may be what you require to learn to master and transcend the limitation of mind and step fully into the Light.

Only you can know. Here’s what I know as a result of my own experiences. It’s going to be necessary to get out of your head and into your heart if you ever hope to reawaken, merge and rejoin with, move into, remember and learn to recognize, acknowledge and accept the All Pervasive Light as the All that it is.

Tune out of the lack, limitation and self-sabotaging programming and conditioning stored in your head. Learn to tune in, listen to and follow your heart and you’ll be guided to the short path that leads to wherever and whatever it might be that you’re “truly seeking” and desiring for yourself.

Whatever you choose, whichever path you decide to follow…or not follow, I wish you Real Health, Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Joy, Real Freedom and Real Happiness...unconditionally.

What I personally know, believe, perceive and choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Till Next Time,

Chuck Danes

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