A Touching Healing Codes Testimonial

Mellisa Ryan, The Mother Of A Seven Year Old Cancer Patient, Christopher Ryan Provides A Powerful Healing Codes Testimonial

Although there are literally hundreds of testimonials available regarding how The Healing Codes are changing lives around the world, this particular testimonial touched us deeply. Dr. Loyd recently made this touching Healing Codes testimonial available and we felt obligated to share it.

It should give you a pretty good idea just how powerful and effective the Healing Codes are, regardless of the diagnosis.

Here it is....

Dear Friend,

This stuff is really incredible - we had to pass this on to you directly in it's original form ...

'My son Christopher was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of seven months. Now, as a young parent, I didn't know what leukemia was and I did not know that it was cancer. I was soon to find that out...

And Jennifer just got this twinkle in her eye like she was listening to the Holy Spirit and not really what I was saying. She said, 'I'm going to give you the number of a man who I think can help you. He was instrumental in my own healing. You call him.'

'I got his phone number. I called him the very next day, and it was Dr. Alex Loyd. That very day, he emailed me The Healing Codes package. I went over it that day. It sounded great to me, because when you are desperate, you will try anything. We had tried natural remedies on Christopher. We had done amino acids, vitamins, supplements, herbals.you name it, we had tried it. But he was still throwing up and the doctors were at a loss. So I read through The Healing Codes that night. The very next morning I started it on Christopher, and I started doing it on myself because I wanted to make sure I was good to do it on Chris.

'We had immediate results. Immediate results. From the very first time I did it on Christopher, he got up from our little session just happy, happier than I'd seen him in a long time. He was laughing, he was playing, he seemed to have a lot of energy that he hadn't had the past few months. He'd been very lethargic and very tired all of the time.

'We had exactly twelve days from the time we started The Healing Codes to the time we had to be in Memphis where they were going to do a whole battery of tests on him to find out why he was throwing up. Well, twelve days is the initial protocol for The Healing Codes. We did the twelve days, and we went back to St. Jude's. They did CT scans, MRIs, upper GI's, blood work. you name it, they did it. And the results of every single one of those tests was clear. There was not anything, and he had stopped throwing up at this point, so I was convinced.

'The other thing that happened with The Healing Codes during those twelve days was that Christopher grew a centimeter. Christopher has to take growth hormone shots every single night - he has since he was six years old. He grew a centimeter. Normal growth for him is 2-3 centimeters in one year. We've continued to do The Healing Codes, and in the past month, he has grown three shoe sizes. Your foot is the first part of your body to grow, so you know when your foot grows, you're getting ready to shoot up. Well, Christopher is getting ready to shoot up three shoe sizes worth in one month... '

'He is living and he's going to live. I have medical bills here totaling over a million dollars. What a million dollars in medical care could not do for Christopher, The Healing Codes has done for him.'

-Melissa Ryan

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