The Law Of Vibration

Discover And Understand The Law Of Vibration
It Could Transform Your ENTIRE Life
If You'll "Allow" It To

Discovering The Wonder Of The Law Of Vibration

The Law Of Vibration
Just as a pebble creates vibrations that appear as ripples,
which travel outward in a body of water, your thoughts create
vibrations that travel outward into the Universe, and attract
similar vibrations that manifest as circumstances in your life.

The Law of Vibration is perceived by many as something that is beyond simple comprehension, and entirely too complicated for the average person to understand.

If you were to read a scientific report or journal containing all the equations and formulas that bring science to the conclusions of their findings, then I'd have to agree and I would be as in the dark as anyone.

The reality is, the Law of Vibration, like anything in creation is actually a very simple concept and due to the many scientific terms and analogies used to describe it by scientists, it's often "perceived" as being complicated by the novice.

The intent of this article is to simplify the explanation of this awesome and creative force that is known as the law of vibration, in an effort to allow even the novice to become "conscious" of, develop an understanding in, and validate for yourself the life changing power that it holds for you.

We will be examining the workings of the law of vibration from two aspects, the scientific and the spiritual, each of which, as more scientific studies are done and our technology increases, appear to be joining together as one understanding.

From a scientific perspective, simply put, everything that exists, both seen and unseen, emits a vibrational resonance.

The various vibrations emitted by any given thing is also referred to as resonance which you can learn more about at The Law of Resonance article.

At the conclusion of this article, it will be up to the individual to choose to accept or deny it's reality. It will then become the choice of the observer to purposely and consciously put this knowledge to use to create a life that defies logical, sensory (or physical) thinking processes or deny the reality of it's presence and continue to unconsciously produce the same results experienced to this point.

Either choice, to believe or not, will not change the fact that the Law of Vibration exists and is always present, and that due to it's unwavering power you are creating the conditions you call your life, whether you believe it to be so or choose to deny it's verifiable and easily substantiated existence.

A thorough and correct understanding of this principle called the Law of Vibration will allow you to see that it is possible to attract the unlimited supply of abundance that is and always has been available to you. Becoming aware of it's immutable, unwavering and flawless operation will provide you with a renewed sense of hope and crystal clarity with regard to how to align your thoughts, emotions and actions with it's never failing or wavering operation to begin intentionally, purposefully and consistently attracting the desired events, conditions, and circumstances into your life, that to this point, may have seemed to elude you. Developing an understanding of and combining that knowledge with the magnetic force of the Law Of Attraction and reviewing the law of Cause and Effect will allow you to conclude that you are able to attract to yourself, life experiences that to this point you may have considered and "perceived" to be wishful thinking.

This knowledge will allow, and empower you (if you choose) to become conscious of and free yourself from the negative thoughts and emotions which serve as the "unseen" cause and attract with unwavering certainty and precision, the VERY things that you fear, creating anxiety, unpleasant circumstances in your physical reality, and begin to replace them with thoughts and emotions that harmonize and are consistent with attracting and creating a life of Abundance, Happiness, Fulfillment, and Joy, above and beyond your wildest expectations.

To fully understand how this law can change, and positively effect the course of your life, you must first have a basic understanding and awareness of it's operation.

Let's Get Started With The Law of Vibration
From A Scientific Viewpoint

The first thing that is important to understand is that all that exists, whether seen or unseen, broken down into it's simplest and most basic form, consists of a form of, or rate of vibration.

Let's begin by looking at something as simple as a piece of paper. As you pick it up and look at it, it appears to be a solid object that you can sense with all of the five basic human senses of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

If you were to tear off a small piece of the corner, and place it under a microscope, you would find that it now appears to transform into a different form than when you held it in your hand or as it laid on the table.

As you observe it closely you will find that there appears to be movement within it. Not only does it appear to be so, but there really is! The movement that you see is millions of individual forms of microscopic matter that make up the piece of paper, which are called molecules. Everything in our world that you can sense with the five basic human senses are made up of these tiny wonders. Actually billions and trillions of them. Are you still with me? Great, let's look further.

Now let's take one of those molecules and place it under a much more powerful microscope and as you look through the lens you will find that there appears to be movement from within the molecule. Not only does there appear to be, there is!

This movement is created by something known to the scientific community as atoms, which broken down and analyzed further consist of a proton, which is at the center and an electron which constantly orbits the proton, creating a vibratory pattern. (energy)

We could continue this process until we get down to the smallest known discovery by the scientific community to this point which was just recently discovered on July 4th 2012. It's a profoundly exciting discovery too because science has become so advanced they are now able to measure and observe the UNSEEN aspects of life and are making huge breakthroughs with regard to how "physical stuff" becomes physical stuff.

No need to get into depth about that here. This recent discovery is known as a Higgs Boson aka The God Particle. (For the really analytical types you can get a simplified description of what the Higgs Boson is here )

Without getting into all the mathematical equations and specifics of the scientific discoveries of this reality and without getting "too deeply" into what science has discovered in the "unseen realm", everything that exists, either physical (seen) or non-physical (unseen), contains some variation of atoms and subatomic particles. The varying amounts of each of these put together, form various shapes or energies which determine form, or rates of vibration.

Depending on the specific amounts of each of these subatomic ingredients, all physical phenomenon that can be seen, whether tangible and measurable experiences or in the case of objects, these subatomic structures determine if the thing being observed is solid, liquid, or gas. The specific amounts of these subatomic particles combined with their rate of vibration also determines whether it can be sensed with the 5 human senses or not.

Regardless of it's form, broken down into it's most basic structure, everything that exists, seen and unseen, consists of a rate of vibration. In other words, what you see in physical life is not solid as it appears to be. It's ALL a vibrating mass of energy.

A good example of this that everyone is familiar with would be the wind. Although it can be felt, at a certain vibration it cannot be seen with the human eye or heard with our ears. When the rate of vibration changes to the point that it causes the rate of the wind to increase and became strong enough to pick up dirt or debris, it would then be at a level (vibration) that would allow all 5 of the human senses to experience it.

Now that we've looked into some aspects of vibration that can be experienced with the five basic human senses, let's look at rates of vibration that are above or below our ability to comprehend in the physical world.

Consider oxygen. It is something that we use everyday, and each of us realize how crucial it is to our survival, yet we aren't able to experience it with touch, taste, smell, hearing or feelings. The fact that we can't experience it with these senses certainly doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We know it does. The reason that we are unable to sense it with our physical sensory perception is because it's rate of vibration is outside of our physical ability to do so.

Another example is a dog whistle. Although as humans, we are unable to hear the sound that comes from it, there is no doubt that it releases a noise that mans best friend can clearly hear. Again, the rate of vibration is beyond our human capacity to sense and experience, but it surely exists.

Another unseen example of the Law of Vibration that far fewer are "aware" of, or put another way, "unconscious to" is consciousness itself .

An experiment done many years ago, shows us the law of vibration at work. Although I don't necessarily agree with the methods utilized, the experiment proves that vibration in the form of consciousness does exist in all things, seen and unseen, and most certainly validates the Law of Vibration.

A mother rabbit was taken down into a submarine and one of it's babies was kept in a laboratory thousands of miles away. The mother rabbit was hooked up to sophisticated equipment that measured the brain waves (brains rate of vibration measured in Hertz Hz) to determine her reaction to the upcoming experiment.

The scientists in the laboratory then killed the baby rabbit and observed the brain waves (Hz) of the mother rabbit which went absolutely haywire at precisely the same time even though they were thousands of miles apart!

The conclusion being that consciousness (vibration) consists of, and is interconnected, providing a distinct vibratory pattern and is immediately received, with no concept of space or time when released into the universe, and doesn't require time to travel even thousands of miles. It was a step in proving that vibration exists as an ever present consciousness that exists in the entire universe!

Everything in our universe consists of vibration. If the rate of that vibration falls below or rises above a certain intensity, it becomes unmeasurable or invisible to the human senses. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, as we've proven in the examples above that it does.

Now that we've established the fact that Everything that exists in our Universe is, in it's purest form, a vibration, let's determine where this vibration comes from and exactly what it is.

Looking At The Law Of Vibration
From A Spiritual Perspective

Since anything and everything that exists must come from somewhere or something (a Source) we must assume that vibration comes from a Higher Force or Higher Power. The Source of the vibration.

This Higher Power or Source is known as many names amongst the people in our world. For the sake of everyone involved, and to simplify this explanation, Let's refer to this Source as a Universal Consciousness also often referred to as The Super Conscious Mind .

This Universal Consciousness is THE Source of all that is, was or ever will be. Although He/She/It is referred to in many ways, regardless of the names attached to it by man, it exists and is always present everywhere. It is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, all knowing, all seeing, the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning, and the end etc.

This Source exists as a spirit being or thought consciousness.(vibration) We, like this spirit being, broken down into our purest, most basic form, (like we did with the piece of paper above) consist of vibration (spiritual) as well.

Each of us, as an individual being, are an integral yet individual part of this Universal Consciousness, and collectively make up the whole of the Universal Consciousness, much like a drop of water is a part of and makes up the body of water referred to as a lake.

We, like the Source (and everything else within our universe), in our most basic form, exist as a vibration.

You could say that we, although individual are an integral part of the whole. Everything is...EVERYTHING.

The smallest particles known to man are vibrations. Thoughts are vibrations. Words are vibrations. Sounds are vibrations. Light is a vibration. Our planet is a vibration. Our entire universe and everything within it (seen and unseen) is a vibrating mass of atoms and subatomic particles.

When you truly grasp this "Higher Truth"

By learning to become consciously aware of this truth, and learning to control what vibrations we are creating and emanating within ourselves and projecting into the field as scientists call it or "The Kingdom" as spiritual circles refer to it, in the way of thoughts and emotions, it is possible to align and harmonize those vibrations with, and to consistently attract the things we desire to experience in our lives.

By learning to master a conscious, intentional and harmonious vibration in your day to day existence, and through developing the ability to focus your thoughts on that which you have a desire to see manifest, you will have mastered the creative power of the Law of Vibration and the ability to attract the life of Abundance and Happiness that is, always has been and always will be available to and for you which you were created and exist here in "physical form" to enjoy.

For an in depth understanding of this phenomenon that we call the law of vibration, as well as all other Universal Laws which determine your outcomes in the physical world, I've created a program called The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation which provides an in depth view of Universal Law and your key role in the immutable and unwavering process of creation.

The 7 Hidden Keys will enable and empower you to become keenly aware of the importance of YOUR individual quality of consciousness and the crucial role it plays in molding and shaping your life.

The wisdom and knowledge acquired from The 7 Hidden Keys will open your eyes to exciting new possibilities, awaken you to your limitless potential, and heighten your awareness of an entirely new world that most aren't consciously aware that's available to them.

The insight gained in The 7 Hidden Keys will enable and empower you to begin consciously and purposefully creating desired outcomes in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually utilizing the limitless and creative potential that you already possess.

The 7 Hidden Keys provides not only a deep and profound understanding of the Law of Vibration, but explains in a simple to comprehend and implement fashion, EVERYTHING that you need to know and do to become a purposeful and conscious creator of your life, enabling you to begin experiencing what Enlightened Journey founder, Chuck Danes refers to as Real Wealth and Harmony for yourself.

Unlike traditional self improvement / personal development programs The 7 Hidden Keys gets to and explains in a profound yet simple to comprehend fashion, the very core of where creation begins which is consciousness, providing an in depth understanding as to how you can begin creating a life by design rather than by default as the mass majority choose to do.

The 7 Hidden Keys will satisfy the most analytical mind as well as enable and empower the new seeker to comprehend and easily initiate the timeless wisdom, profound knowledge and life transforming power that it provides.

As in all things, you have the freedom to choose. You, I and everyone else has been provided an inalienable right of free will to choose our own paths in life.

Choose to become fully aware of the Law of Vibration and it's ability to dramatically improve your life. Learn how to align and harmonize your thoughts, feelings and actions with it to unleash it's limitless creative potential in your day to day life and you will discover how to purposefully and consciously attract to you, a life, that until now you would have considered a dream.

The Law of Vibration, once understood and consciously utilized can and will ensure with unwavering certainty that YOUR life can and will become one of Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace and Limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Now, let's move on to discover how to combine the Law Of Vibration with the other Universal Laws ( Law Of Attraction and the Law Of Cause and Effect ) that will provide an overview and a deeper understanding of how you can begin to consciously, intentionally and purposefully attract, produce and personally experience the results that you desire for yourself and those you love whatever they might be.

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