Have You Ever Considered A Life Coaching Career?

Life Coaching Is One Of The Fastest Growing Home Based Business Models In North America Providing A Substantial Contribution To Others As Well As Personal Flexibility, Fulfillment And Substantial Monetary Rewards

Are you considering a lucrative and rewarding home based business idea contributing to others? A life coaching career may provide the flexibility as well as the financial rewards you're seeking.

Due to several factors, not the least of which is high client satisfaction levels, growing demand, and the ever increasing number of home based business entrepreneurs seeking out home based careers, life coaching has become one of the fastest growing home-based businesses in North America and is quickly spreading around the world.

If you enjoy people, and would like the flexibility that comes with running your own home-based business, life coaching may be a good career fit for you.

Thanks to recent technological advancements afforded through the internet and the ease of connecting with a worldwide audience, an extremely rewarding as well as lucrative home based business model which is quickly emerging and gaining recognition is in the field of life coaching.

Life Coaching has recently become recognized by clients and coaches alike as a valuable, much needed and sought after profession, not only for those who seek life coaches for support and guidance in fulfilling their various business and personal goals, but also provides a rewarding and extremely lucrative home based business model for those who enjoy working with and assisting others, and have an interest in the area of personal development.

Due to the latest in technological advancements such as web conferencing software, a life coaching career can be launched and operated 100% online and from the comfort of home while still enabling the coach to reach a worldwide audience of potential clients.

With the availability of technology today it has become quite easy to reach and provide your coaching services to clients worldwide greatly multiplying the ability to serve a greater number of clients in far less time, with far less effort AND for far less cost than ever before.

This new "technology era" is allowing today's life coaches to reap substantial monetary rewards as well as the personal satisfaction and fulfillment that come from contributing in a positive and meaningful way to the various individual needs of coaching clients around the world.

Is Coach Training Affordable?

Coach training unlike many conventional forms of higher education is extremely affordable and considering the potential monetary rewards which are being generated by those who have made the choice to enter into life coaching as a career, is minuscule in comparison to most higher levels of education. In addition Coach training can be done in your spare time and at your own pace making it possible to make a gradual transition and remain in another profession until the coach training is complete.

What is making life coaching an even more appealing choice to many home based business entrepreneurs is that the coach training curriculum can be completed from the comfort of home and for very nominal fees it is possible to become a certified life coach in under eight months while still being able to acquire and coach clients as you learn and progress through the coach training process.

Many who enter into the coach training process find that they possess the necessary skills to effectively begin coach others in as little as 3 months.

What Is The Average Income Of A Life Coach?

It is not uncommon that a life coach in today's economy can earn far in excess of $100,000.00 per year working as little as 20-30 hours per week.

According to a recent survey conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers which surveyed 4450 coaches from around the world, found that the average annual salary of a full time coach was just over $86,000. This same study found the average income of a part time coach was just over $26,000.

What you earn can earn as a life coach personally is dependent on many individual factors.

Life coaching provides an incredibly lucrative opportunity for anyone with an interest in helping others to achieve harmony in their lives, doesn't require tremendous amounts of up front financial capital, and is not limited to stringent qualifications. A coaching career is quite simple to launch and in many cases can actually provide immediate income even during the coach certification process.

There are many who are making the transition into life coaching careers coming from any number of various backgrounds.

This new "information age" is enabling and empowering a rapidly growing number of home based business entrepreneurs to escape and break free from the hustle, bustle and stress of the corporate scene and allowing them to begin successful home based businesses as life coaches and easily make the transition into a much more relaxed and more often than not far more financially rewarding career.

What Does A Life Coach Do Exactly?

Life Coaching is much different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling. The coaching process addresses and explores specific personal goals or projects, business successes, general conditions and desired transitions in the client's personal life, relationships and/or profession by examining what is going on in the clients life right now, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be currently holding them back, and choosing a definitive course of action that assists the client in making choices and taking action that harmonize with whichever desired outcomes that the client chooses.

Coaching is a caring, collaborative relationship between a coach and an individual which enables the client to expand their perspectives, become more fully aware of their potential for achievement, and as a result achieve extraordinary results that may have previously been "perceived" as unattainable through a process of raising the clients awareness as to possibility, promoting self discovery, assisting in goal setting, and taking meaningful action.

To be an effective life coach you need to be curious, willing to learn what gets results, willing to unlearn what doesn't and you must enjoy people. Life coaching is about assisting someone to get clear about what they want in specific areas of their life and then guiding them through the process as they achieve it.

A professional coach focuses on creating positive results in an individuals personal and/or professional life by building their self-awareness and continually supporting them toward taking positive action. Coaching facilitates a deepened understanding, awareness and potential shift in the clients perspectives which opens the door to new possibilities and new choices that they may have previously perceived to be outside of their ability to achieve.

For those who have a passion for contributing to others, Life coaching can prove to be an extremely rewarding career that serves both the clients who are being coached as well as the providing the life coaching professional themselves with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If you want a career that makes a difference, life coaching could be for you!

The possibilities as well as the potential for a coach in today's world are endless and with the ever increasing worldwide demand for coaches and mentors can prove to be a very lucrative and rewarding choice for those with an interest in advancing others perspectives as well as their personal and professional results.

If you’re looking for that an opportunity that can provide fulfillment and create a total breakthrough in your own overall quality of life as well as enable you to reach out to the world and contribute in a meaningful way to others while receiving substantial monetary rewards for your efforts, a coaching career may prove to be just what you are seeking.

If the idea of becoming a life coach and assisting others in achieving and becoming more in their lives sounds appealing to you or you are currently a life coach seeking additional training that includes a coaching curriculum, proven marketing strategies and guidance for marketing your coaching services, and a personal mentor to assist in fulfilling your vision of becoming a successful coach, check out what The Coaching Institute has to offer and investigate the limitless possibilities available to you as a certified life coach.

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