Meditation Music - Solace

The Higher Balance Solace Meditation CD
Melts Away Stress and Anxiety

Higher Balance Meditation CD - Solace

There are times, for each of us, that the world can become overwhelming and it feels like everything is closing in all around us. We experience feelings of anxiety, stress and fear which when left unattended can consume our every waking moment making it difficult to fully engage in our normal everyday activities.

This is when we most of all need time to relax and refocus our efforts. This is why we created this full length meditation CD, Solace. To allow you the chance to take time the much needed time for relieve yourself of the deep seeded stress that leads to feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Let yourself go into the calming place that the Solace meditation CD will carry you and release the stresses that have found themselves bound to you.

We all have those days where we need a little extra help in order to relieve the built up stress.The Solace meditation CD is specifically designed for those days, including specialized binaural technology, and comforting and relaxing orchestrated music that is directly targeted towards stress and anxiety relief.

Use the Solace meditation CD only as needed. Do not use the Solace meditation CD while operating a vehicle or in circumstances that may require quick responses of any type.

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The Solace Meditation music CD like all Higher Balance products
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