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Not All Meditation Music Or
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The Higher Balance meditation music CDs are specifically designed for profound
and enlightening meditation experiences

Higher Balance Meditation Music CDs

There's an ever growing demand for natural yet effective modalities for reducing stress and anxiety in our day to day lives.

One of the most simple and fastest growing means for doing so is meditation.

Whether you're looking for specific type of meditation music or a highly effective meditation technique, The Higher Balance Institute is proving to be the front runner in providing both the understanding and powerfully effective tools to precipitate phenomenal growth in both the personal and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Each of Higher Balance's modules not only dramaticly decreases stress and anxiety levels but goes one step further providing seekers with everything required for enhanced spiritual development and experiencing what many might refer to as a spiritual awakening.

What makes the Higher Balance Meditation Music different than the many others offered today?

Plenty would be an understatement.

There are various types of meditation music and a countless number of meditation techniques available today.

But don't be fooled into thinking that they're all the same.

All of the Higher Balance meditation music CDs as well as each of Higher Balance's spiritual development products are all custom tailored and specifically created with one goal in mind...To provide you with "A Profound Meditation Experience."

Many meditation techniques and various forms of meditation music provide a form of relaxation and stress reduction but so does going to the park or playing a round of golf.

The Higher Balance meditation music CDs as well as Higher Balance's core product, The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System far exceeds simple relaxation, stress reduction techniques and provides profound results far more quickly than traditional forms of meditation can.

Higher Balance teaches a form of meditation technique specifically designed for dimensional states of consciousness through 6th sense enhancement and each of the Higher Balance meditation music CDs are tailored to build upon and enhance the technique they provide.

Don't confuse meditation techniques with brain synchronization programs.

There are a number of brain synchronization products that tout the name "meditation techniques" and although effective in balancing brain centers, they can't and don't provide the same meditation experience that Higher Balance's meditation technique OR the meditation music that Higher Balance offers can.

Each Higher Balance meditation music CD is specifically designed for enhancing sixth sense sensory which provides a number of benefits, not the least of which can, if the user desires, lead to intense spiritual experiences.

Higher Balance offers both a guided meditation CD system as well as various forms of meditation music CDs (displayed below) that are specifically designed for enabling those seeking an above average meditation technique with a profound meditation experience.

The Higher Balance Institute provides a meditation technique that is truly unique and not taught by any other, known as the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System. The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System serves as the foundational education for enhancing sixth sense sensory exponentially and provides those seeking an effective meditation technique with everything necessary to experience the profound benefits of choosing to do so for yourself.

In addition, Higher Balance provides those seeking profound spiritual experiences with an extensive line of meditation products that is quickly becoming recognized around the world as the leader in spiritual development.

If self mastery and enhanced spiritual development is a desire that you hold, Higher Balance provides the education, the meditation technique and the meditation music in the form of meditation CDs that will enable you to experience states of multi-dimensional consciousness that traditional meditation techniques simply can't provide.

Higher Balance Meditation Music CD Collection

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Ancient Passage Meditation CD

Ancient Passage Meditation Music CD A precise fusion of ancient and modern tones, combined alongside with mystical rhythms from various cultures, it is truly an album that will sing to your soul.

Ascension Meditation Music CD

Ascension Meditation Music CDAscension, has the ability to launch one into a mental state of enhance focus while allowing high levels of prana to stream in.

Aurora Skies Meditation Music CD

Aurora Skies Meditation Music CDA vivid journey of etheral empowerment and heart-felt elation that invokes a truly profound sense a being relaxed and at home in the universe.

Deep Resonating Aums Meditation Music CD

Deep Resonating Aums Meditation CDYou will enter a “deep zone” as you follow Eric’s vocal resonations. His energy or “middle pillar” will create this for you. And like a tuning fork, and without effort, your own middle pillar will pick up on these powerful vibrations, and resonate as ONE with them. It will literally pull your spiritual essence forward. Something you must experience!

Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD

Deep Sleep Meditation CDThis is a special request soundtrack that will make you fall into a deep, restful sleep. Embedded binaural technology is blended with beautiful classical music. The binaural technology synchronizes your brain hemispheres, lowering your brainwave frequencies and gently pulls you into the deepest state of delta you could possibly desire.

Elan Meditation Music CD

Elan Meditation CDIf you have ever found yourself distracted and needing help to regain the focus on the chakras, or you could use some help finding or feeling a particular chakra then here lies your answer.

Gentle Crossing Meditation Music CD

Gentle Crossing Meditation CDA walk into a beautiful forest painted with beams of golden sunshine and soft pine scented winds. A healing and emotionally uplifting album.

Mind Santuary Meditation Music CD

Mind Sanctuary Meditation CDThis soundtrack is designed to help with DEEP RELAXATION.

Phoenix Meditation Music CD

Phoenix Meditation CDInstruments: Progressive, Mind bending electronic music styles. Heavily influenced by modern hip hop, House and electronica dance beats. Active panning and retro drum samples.

Quickening Meditation Music CD

Quickenong Meditation CDAn epic journey through the fabric of your mind. It creates an accelerated focus that easily pushes past the babbler and intensifies energy flow and the circulation of prana.

Shangrila - Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD

Shangrila Meditation CDA journey between worlds and what lies in-between. Light and uplifting it delivers a sense of hopefulness with moments of heroic sensations and powerful energy movements throughout.

Solace Meditation Music CD

Solace Meditation CDThis album is specifically designed for times when you are feeling anxiety and stress. Specialized binaural technology, and orchestrated music that is directly targeted towards stress and anxiety relief.

Valley Of Light Meditation Music CD

Valley Of Light Meditation CDThis ablum creates soft and delicate ambience that gradually gives you a sense of floating gently through time and space. It has a unique futuristic touch that builds towards an overall feel of ascending.

The Foundation For Developing Dimensional Consciousness

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