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The Completion You Seek Is and Always Has Been Available To You. Now You'll Finally Know Where To Look To Find It

We exist in an extremely exciting and rapidly evolving age you and I.

The world is undergoing a transformation, the likes of which we as a people, from every culture around the world have never seen or experienced before.

It's safe to say that what we're experiencing is a transformation of unprecedented proportion.

We're experiencing a global shift of elevation of awareness on an ever increasing "Awakening" of profound proportion such as the world and many of it's inhabitants remain "unaware" that they can become a part of. Yet this "enhanced awareness" is attainable and achievable for anyone who "chooses" to acquire it.

Unbeknownst to most, doing so is of vital importance.

Awareness is Everything. Not Part of It...Not Some Small Aspect of It. Awareness is Everything.

More and more in ever increasing numbers, the world is awakening to the undeniable and substantiated fact that there is something deeper, more vast and far more profound than physical life.

It's where everything "physical" comes unseen, often unrecognized an overlooked mechanism of sorts that consistently expands, flawlessly drives the process and keeps it all flowing perfectly.

Answers to seemingly unanswerable questions are being sought out and discovered by those who recognize that there is much more going on than what "seems or appears" to be real at a surface level.

On an ever increasing scale the people of the world are becoming increasingly aware and discovering that the key to finding the answers they seek...what once was "perceived" to be "seemingly elusive solutions" as well as answers to the "seemingly unanswerable" questions, was simply a matter of consciously choosing to seek them out.

In a phrase..."The world is awakening."

A Spiritual Awakening Of Profound Proportion Is Currently Underway...The Transformation Revolution Has Begun

"The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Modules (Core I through Core VII) Will Enable You To Discover, Explore and Personally Experience This Transformation For Yourself"

We live in a world of quick, cheap, easy and convenient. More than ever before we seek answers, solutions and a "surface level quick fix" in our attempts to feel and experience a sense of wholeness, happiness and completion.

Yet most look where these sought after ways of being can never be found.

Spiritual Awakening is a process. It requires a choice. A conscious, intentional and purposeful choice to acquire the understanding so you might realize the "importance" of unlearning many of the teachings that have kept, are keeping and will continue to keep you from fully experiencing the true nature of who and what you are. Teachings that have prevented you from fully experiencing physical life and all it has to offer in such a way that brings you to a place of "Completion."

The Path exists, yet journeying down it is a process.

There is far more to you and your existence than the physical aspects of life. Often times a lack of deeper understanding that transcends the physical, can and often does keep those who desire greater understanding and the physical experiences which unfold as a result, from ever fully experiencing the fulness, harmony and awesome nature of life for themselves.

Yet a lack of awareness and understanding doesn't mean that something greater doesn't exist. It doesn't mean that there isn't far more available to and for you than you might currently perceive. It simply requires a choice to open yourself to it to discover it.

There is far more available than you, I or anyone else who makes a conscious choice to find it could ever know. The possibilities are quite literally infinite in nature. Although we'll never be able to understand or experience it all, we can and are discovering and experiencing far more than we ever have. But it does require a choice. A choice that can, will and does change the entire course of your life.

Awakening and the path to deeper understanding is "Infinite" in nature. The frontier is vast. We can never arrive. BUT...The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Expansion Modules enhance awareness exponentially and open doors of understanding that lead far beyond where most choose to go.

The fact is, The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Expansion Modules take you further than ANY other can. Profound Spiritual Experiences...Awakening...Remote Viewing...Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and SO MUCH MORE!!

Spiritual Awakening extends far beyond where the worlds various traditional religious cultures, dogmas and doctrines end. True spiritual awakening consists of transcending the intellect, acquiring an EXPERIENTIAL understanding of The Infinite and developing an "inner knowing" of sorts, with regard to the non-physical aspects of your existence.

A deep inner sense of assurance and KNOWING provides much more than some "feel good" concept. True spiritual awakening consists of a "profound inner shift", a lasting paradigm shift of sorts of an indescribable nature that provides benefits...tangible as well as intangible benefits that are experienced and extend well beyond every aspect of "physical life."

It's simply a matter of choosing a path that will enable and empower you to tap into and experience it's fullness for yourself.

The Higher Balance Institute's Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Modules open doors and points you toward the path where "Completion" exists.

The Journey Begins with The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core 1 : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Guided Meditation System

Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Click Here To Explore CORE I : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System. The Foundation For Enhanced Awareness and Rapid Spiritual Development

CORE 1 : Awakening Dimensional Consciousness provides seekers with a rock solid foundation for discovering and experiencing for themselves, with a hunger and yearning for exploring and experiencing realms that exist and transcend the physical world.

The Higher Balance Core I Guided Meditation System, Awakening Dimensional Consciousness provides both an uncommon depth of knowledge as well as an incredibly powerful guided meditation technique unlike any other currently available.

Awakening Dimensional Consciousness provides the true seeker with a profound depth of insight, understanding and an unshakable sense of "Inner Knowing" and Spiritual Awareness that transcends common logic.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System ignites, awakens and dramatically enhances sixth sense sensory and perception.

The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Core I System provides intense spiritual experiences unlike any traditional meditation technique offered anywhere in the world. It far exceeds traditional meditation methods and techniques enabling you to KNOW in a totally immersive and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, what "spiritual awakening" truly is by enhancing 6th sense awareness that cannot be grasped or achieved through "physical" venues.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System is the only meditation system of it's kind and is leading the way for those who are sincere, serious and committed to stop seeking and start EXPERIENCING spiritual enlightenment.

It's opening new doors and forging new pathways for the Spiritual Revolution, enabling seekers of deeper understanding to explore and experience the vast frontier that is and always has been available to any who possess a sincere desire to discover, explore and experience it for themselves.

It's enabling people from around the world, from every walk of life to KNOW, experientially what completion truly means.

Could there possibly be more?

The path to the secrets and mysteries of the Universe, to awakening, is a very Personal one. In the end, it is your journey. Only your choices and your steps can determine what paths you will take that lead you there.

But for every journey there are guides, maps and tools to overcome obstacles in your way. To guide you as you travel to reach your intended destination.

You have just discovered the greatest secret in the world. Mystical Knowledge, Specialized tools without equal, and cutting-edge techniques not found anywhere else on earth.

So profoundly powerful yet simple to do, there is only one thing to ask yourself…

Are You "Truly Ready" To AWAKEN?

If you're ready to take the first step, discover more about the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System and get started today.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System provides profound wisdom and insight harmonized with clear and concise direction that enables you to easily grasp and understand why the limitations of the physical brain cannot take you where it is you desire to go.

You'll finally understand what is necessary to transcend the limitation of the "physical" and tap into the vast and infinite storehouse of the non-physical, enabling greater and more desirable experiences of a tangible, measurable and physical nature.

You'll clearly understand the difference between brain and mind and how to consciously, intentionally and consistently utilize your mind to enter into the place where the physical brain cannot take you.

You'll discover why the brain is limited and how the mind enables you to tap into and experience a "reality" far greater and much more profound than the brain has the capability to grasp and experience on it's own.

You'll finally understand and fully grasp, in an intellectual way initially, leading to an EXPERIENTIAL understanding, the fact that the five physical senses were provided to enable you to experience the physical world, yet there is another often overlooked and all but forgotten sense that will enable you to reach and explore far beyond where the physical senses can take you. A sense that will enable and empower you to tap into and SEE the simplicity, the perfection and experience for yourself the Love and profound nature of the Infinite.

A sense that many currently "believe" to be reserved for a select few and "perceive" to be inaccessible and unavailable to them...oh but it's not. It's simply been suppressed, overlooked and for many, forgotten.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will enable you to reactivate this sense. To see and experience for yourself just how real and simple it is.

It will provide you with a level of awareness and understanding that enables you to stir, ignite and reactivate this sense...The Sixth Sense...that enables you to both understand and personally experience the "Completion" that so many seek yet few are aware of, although it is and always has been ours to KNOW and experience.

It's Time To Awaken

Click Here to Learn More about and/or acquire the Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System.

Higher Balance Institute Core II - VII Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Modules

Eric Pepin and The Higher Balance Institute Provide EVERYTHING You'll Need
To Tap Into and Experience This "Completion" For Yourself!!

The Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Core Modules I through VII will enable and empower you to explore and personally experience an uncommon sense of "knowing"...a sense of assurance...a profound and indescribable awakening far beyond where traditional teachings can take you.

It enables you to explore and experience for yourself a vast and infinite frontier where far too few choose to go and leads you, step by step down the "seemingly elusive path" to self mastery.

Due to the nature of each of The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Modules, prerequisites must be set and adhered to.

Because of the depth and profound nature of the material that Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin shares, it's necessary to progress through the Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Modules one step at a time.

In other words, Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System must be acquired and utilized before you will be able to engage in the Core II material. Core II must be acquired before acquiring and gaining access to Core III etc.

The only exception to this rule is if you should choose to invest in the entire Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Big Deal package where all Higher Balance Core I through VII modules are purchased at once.

There is no other teacher, curriculum nor institution currently known that shares the depth of information nor teaches the techniques that the Higher Balance Institute does and therefore it's imperative to establish distinct boundaries.

Attempting to acquire and advance through The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Core Modules, prior to finishing the prior Core will result in the order not being fulfilled and your money refunded.

Thank You in advance for understanding this one important and necessary guideline. It is established for both your best interest and benefit as well as protecting the integrity of the Higher Balance Institute.

Core I Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation serves as The Foundation for all of the Higher Balance expansion modules and is required prior to advancing into the Core II through VII material.

Higher Balance Institute Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Advanced Spiritual Development Expansion Modules - Core II through VII For Graduates Of The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Each of the Higher Balance Awakening Dimensional Consciousness expansion modules (Core I through Core VII) are specifically designed to take you to even deeper levels of understanding, an even greater sense of awareness and ultimately "Completion."

They'll provide everything required to enable you to experience a place beyond where the Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System has carried you thus far.

As any serious "true seeker" knows...regardless of how deeply you explore and begin to understand, the journey toward enlightenment continues forever. Infinity is an unreachable destination. You NEVER arrive.

The Higher Balance expansion Awakening Dimensional Consciousness expansion modules provide an uncommon and "profound" depth of understanding and an even deeper "inner knowing" that will lead you to the next level of understanding and exploration.

Core II : The Secret Key - Igniting The Sixth Sense

Water of Life
Thought Reflection
The Optimist
Prana Mindfulness
Mind Touch
Deep Resonating
Akashic Records

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE II: The Secret Key

The Sixth Sense: a forgotten, hidden key lying dormant within every human. This missing sense is the bridge from the organic brain to the dimensional mind. Pursuing its use is discouraged by traditional practices yet evident from the account of every yogi who ever showed signs of awakening. Far from being about mysterious, paranormal abilities, the activation of the Sixth Sense is the sense that you will use to navigate into awakening. A place beyond what you can touch with your hands or see with your eyes.

The information and techniques offered in this Core are designed to deepen your understanding and experience of energy, the dimensional mind and, most importantly, the Sixth Sense. You will learn what role the organic brain plays in the Sixth Sense and how the Sixth Sense can be used in a waking “shifted” state outside of meditation. You’ll gain effective methods to start overcoming your “governor” by learning the subtle art of mindfulness through thought reflection, and navigating through your thoughts, or “Inner Matrix”.

You will experience and be able to identify many levels of energy and know how they relate to your levels of consciousness. You’ll discover new applications of the Sixth Sense including accessing a larger memory beyond your own, the Akashic Records.

The Water of Life - Click Here to Learn More

Re-Mastered, Added Material and Even More Powerful! The Water Of Life was developed and used by Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin for years. Water of Life is a specialized method of collecting the life-giving energy known as the force or Prana and infusing yourself with its life giving powers.

Thought Reflection - Click Here for a Full Description

This will be a journey you will never forget!

Thought Reflection will clearly show you that you are not who you think you are! And if you really want to know who you really are you will have to defy all logic. You will have to peel away the layers of who you think you are! Then, when you have nothing left of the 'self' and have been trained to believe and accept as who you 'really are,' you will awaken!

Prana Mindfulness - Full Description

Prana Mindfulness will awaken you to the the vast potential available to you that often goes unnoticed by those who choose not to seek it out.

"All masters at some point in awakening realized that there were vast oceans of energies all around us. They learned to harness this power and very carefully project it into this reality as miracles!" -Eric Pepin

Mind Touch - Full Description

More than twenty years of experience goes into this short and very enlightening course. It covers the method of psychometry used by Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin in a first time exclusive release.

Akashic Records, A Dummy and You - Full Description

Ever received information and didn’t know where it came from? Answered a question without thinking and found yourself dumbstruck by your own answer?

The Optimist, Navigation and Children - Full Description

From an unfinished topic from Thought Reflection, He relates the difference between an optimistic and pessimistic person and how each viewpoint directly affects the outcome of their advances. Do you find yourself in either camp? Eric will show you how to correct your thinking with practical tools that empower you for real change.

Deep Resonating Aums - Full Description

You will enter a “deep zone” as you follow Eric’s vocal resonations. His energy or “middle pillar” will create this for you. And like a tuning fork, and without effort, your own middle pillar will pick up on these powerful vibrations, and resonate as ONE with them. It will literally pull your spiritual essence forward. Something you must experience!

Core III : Phoenix Rising - Living In Fluidity

Higher Balance Institute - Unveiled
Higher Balance Institute - Unbound
Time Stepping
Higher Balance Institute - Time Stepping
Struggle To Awaken
Higher Balance Institute - Struggle To Awaken
Power of Surrender
Higher Balance Institute - Power Of Surrender
Dreamscape Fantasy
Higher Balance Institute - Dreamscape Fantasy
Art of Healing - Whitefire
Higher Balance Institute - Art Of Healing - Whitefire

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE III: Phoenix Rising

The legend of the Phoenix is well known. The mythical bird returns to the place of its origin to die, only to rise again from its ashes, resurrected, stronger than before. When you approach this Core, like the great Phoenix, you will discover that sometimes what feels like death, is instead rebirth, forged anew, stronger than before. This Core will introduce you to The Power of Surrender, showing you to peel away the layers of identity that have been preventing you from experiencing higher levels of awareness. The concept of Surrender takes many forms. It is a letting-go, a will to release parts within you that hold and bind you in place. It will re-illuminate everything that you have learned so far as well as set the stage for even grander heights to come!

The Phoenix also highlights the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and the fluidic state of mind necessary to stand in both worlds. Like the classic eastern saying, bend like a reed in the wind, you begin to master being fluidic thought. Your mind, all your being, must begin to move like water. Solid, yet translucent. Soft, yet strong. It is the ability to be in this world now, yet maintain another part in the spiritual. You will learn how seasonal shifts affect you and how you can work with them to maximize your development throughout the entire year.

It takes you through the process of awakening, the struggle, and eventual triumph that takes place. Such work can be demanding yet is ultimately freeing. To accelerate that process you are given techniques for deep healing, both physical and mental. Finally, you will learn beginning techniques on how to shift time and introduced to the world beyond the veil of this immediate reality. The place all of your work is leading you towards.

Unveiled - Click Here For Full Description

The overall topic centers on the discovery and acknowledgment of a False Reality (The Matrix) versus what is real. It emphasizes the need to maintain consciousness to see past falseness and not be consumed by the larger collective of thought. By maintaining individualism one surfaces to a higher state of being.

Unbound - Click Here For Full Description

This is an inspiring and liberating course. It will demonstrate how intricate and elaborate the planet's consciousness is as it affects you and others on a daily basis. You will discover the techniques to effectively enhance the quality of your life and empower others to do the same.

Power of Surrender - Click Here For Full Description

Surrender is perhaps the most powerful tool ever to be understood or reflected upon by mankind and the most highly overlooked. According to Eric, if you are properly able to conceive this information, it will directly open the doorways to God, aka: the Universe and if truly internalized, it has the power to make you enlightened instantaneously!

The Struggle to Awaken - Click Here For Full Description

In this Expansion Module, Eric gives crucial insight into the struggles you will encounter during your process of awakening. He reveals a wide array of these areas using explanations that will give you much needed foresight of these struggles.

Dreamscape: Fantasy - Click Here For Full Description

Fantasy has within it dark undertones that are designed to pull deeper emotional issues to the surface with positive experiences to reinforce healing. The Higher Balance Dreamscape series is designed to empower and assist the release of difficult issues and should not be used for pure entertainment purposes. ‘Fantasy’ should also be applied by those with previous dreamscape experience.

The Art of Healing: White Fire - Click Here For Full Description

In this powerful course, Eric gives detailed explanations of psychic healing based upon his techniques of energy projection and reprogramming cellular structure.

Time Stepping - Click Here For Full Description

Have you ever thought about the possibility of Time Travel? How would one go about it without messing up the current timeline? Are you ready now to meet your future self? In this module Eric offers up a deep discussion on Time Travel, its plausibility, and what it means to the spiritually minded.

Core IV : Mind Mechanix - Beyond The Brain

The Source Realized
Higher Balance Institute - The Source Realized
Reverse Engineering The Self
Higher Balance Institute - Reverse Engineering The Self
Dissecting The Matrix
Higher Balance Institute - Dissecting The Matrix
Mastering The Mechanism
Higher Balance Institute - Mastering The Mechanism
The First Sunrise
Higher Balance Institute - The First Sunrise
Discovering The One
Higher Balance Institute - Discovering The One
Babbler Beater
Higher Balance Institute - Babbler Beater

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE IV: Mind Mechanix

It is time to discover you who truly are. Free your mind. Free it from the confines and limitations of your physical body. You are locked in a struggle for control. Who is your master? Are you governed by your brain, an automated organic structure separate from you? Or are you ready to take the reins and let your true self, your mind, the dimensional consciousness, step forward into this reality?

If you are ready to move beyond the brain, beyond the binds of the flesh, free yourself from this ‘Matrix’, then you are ready for Mind Mechanix – Beyond the Brain. This Core strips away the veil that has kept you limited for so long. It introduces an advanced meditation technique ‘The Tone’, that allows you to meditate anytime, anywhere, without music or sound. The technique is designed to take everything you have learned so far to the next level. Merge your mind into other dimensions, with your eyes open. As a baby learns to walk, this meditation teaches you to begin to ‘move’ your dimensional body that you have built through all the previous Cores.

The walls of your reality become more clearly defined. First, your inner reality, as you begin to truly learn what makes thought. What creates the personality you believe is you? As well as your external reality by examining in detail the makeup of the Matrix. The Matrix is the hologram, the illusion of reality talked about by all the ancient yogis. The hologram used by your brain to tell you everything you feel and touch is all there is! It is time to break away from it. A powerful combination of modules, focused on one intent. One goal. It is time for you to awaken!

The Source Realized - Click Here For Full Description

Is it even possible for the human being to perceive the possibility and the implications to understanding such an incredible concept? Considered one of the boldest explanations in metaphysical history Eric will explain in simple but logical terms how God came into existence and how it processes thought!

Reverse Engineering The Self - Click Here For Full Description

Reverse Engineering the Self starts off with an explanation of the four degrees of human experience, the three degrees of thought and consciousness, the three degrees of dimensional experience, and how to access a fourth level of existence: Hyper-dimensional Consciousness!

Dissecting the Matrix - Click Here For Full Description

Layer by layer Eric will teach you how the matrix works and creates reality as we know it. As you reflect on these teachings, minute by minute your own frequency will begin to resonate at a higher vibration rising above the thick fog of illusion. You will experience a greater understanding of the reality you reside in and potentially achieve the ability to manipulate it!

Mastering the Mechanism - Click Here For Full Description

  • How much potential would you have if you could truly Master Yourself?

  • Do you have Automated Behaviors that seem robot-like?

  • How deep must you dig to unearth the Real You?

  • Ever made a Big Mistake because you didn’t really think about it?

  • Often treat your Machine as the Real You?

The First Sunrise - Click Here For Full Description

If you ever get a chance to ask an enlightened person how they become enlightened, they will tell you it’s a choice: You can walk past these windows of occurrence, or Step Through Them! Unearth the Secrets of Dimensional Growth, and take advantage of the Millions of Opportunities given in Everyday Life that you’ve always missed!

Discovering the One - Click Here For Full Description

Grasp with phenomenal clarity a mysterious, highly advanced, meditation technique. Compelling in its simplicity, Breathtaking in its fathomless use and application, it requires no technology, no tools, mantras or any limitations of the brain.

Babbler Beater - Click Here For Full Description

The Babbler Beater soundtrack is an effective tool specialized to quiet brain chatter, the monkey-mind as the Hindu's would call it, or what we at Higher Balance commonly refer to as 'the babbler'.

Core V : The Unknown Door - Exploring Dimensional Consciousness

Origins Explored
Higher Balance Institute - Origins Explored
Other Ordinary Beings
Higher Balance Institute - Other Ordinary Beings
Journey Into The Cosmos
Higher Balance Institute - Journey Into The Cosmos
Higher Balance Institute - Energy-Beings
Echoes of Consciousness
Higher Balance Institute - Echoes of Consciousness
Dream Gate
Higher Balance Institute - Dream Gate
Hawaii Crossroads of Awakening (Audio Version)
Higher Balance Institute - Hawaii Crossroads of Awakening (Audio Version)
Hawaii 2007 3 DVDs
Higher Balance Institute - Hawaii 2007 3 DVDs
Simple Complexity
Higher Balance Institute - Simple Complexity

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE V: The Unknown Door

We are not alone. The Unknown Door will make that very clear in your mind and open you up to a whole new realm of experience. Once you have accepted and begun to experience realities beyond the brain, it is time to reveal deeper levels of the mysterious and beautiful phenomenon that is our Universe! This Core will provide you with techniques to find and interact with dimensional beings. It also explores the many facets of reality. Every perception a person has is a bubble. That bubble is their reality. A separate world to themselves. What you are searching for lies between these ‘bubbles’. A place without concept or construct. By observing the bubbles of others, you discover your bubble. It is then you can begin to move ‘between’ them.

Life outside the physical body, as an energy being, as a consciousness, is ready to be explored. It is the dream of dreams. All the different kinds of energy beings, how to find and communicate with them, will be discussed. You’ll also learn about travelling into the dreams of others, or how people travel into your dreams. Learn the truth and don’t be afraid… if you are not the body, you are not male or female, you are dimensional consciousness, then what reality does that consciousness exist within and how do you explore it? The answer lies through The Unknown Door.

Origins Explored - Click Here For Full Description

Follow, as Eric leads you from the dawning of modern civilization through mankind's cultural evolution and explore how we, as an inquisitive species, found creative ways to describe powerful influencing beings and forces that many still strive to understand to this day.

Other Ordinary Beings - Click Here For Full Description

How did we as a race get here? Where did we come from? Were there others like us? What’s going to happen as we evolve? Is there something beyond what we are? We all have pondered on the possibilities of life outside of our known world. Was there life on Mars? Are aliens real? What other life forms are out in the Universe?

Journey into the Cosmos - Click Here For Full Description

-Breathtaking concepts for Understanding Purpose -New equipment to Aid your Journey -Newly revealed Methods of reflective Awakening -Layers peeled away from hidden Energy Movements -Retain Higher Energy through a new approach -Use the Awareness of the Body to Expand Beyond It

Energy Beings - Click Here For Full Description

Explore the hidden world of Energy Beings! In this expansion module I teach methods you can safely utilize to explore their environments. With these methods, you will learn how to protect yourself from negative encounters, understand how these beings think, and discover why they do what they do. Learn about Spirits, Ghost, Entities, Shadow Beings & More

Echoes of Consciousness - Click Here For Full Description

Learn how mindsets of others differ greatly and why it is important for you as a White Cell to be flexible enough to transverse between these unique ways of thinking and move beyond them. See how it is necessary to step out of your own point-of-view and walk in the shoes of another. Eric gives realistic methods you follow to breach your awareness into different realms. Apply these methods and go into new areas of growth and astonishment!

Dream Gate - Click Here For Full Description

"Only a select few dreams are truly more than a dream. They can be in a form of communication that your brain is dressing up as symbols and random images. You need to learn to minimize your brain’s interference with poor interpretations etc. Other dreams are literally alternate realities that you are visiting or were brought to. Its all very complex, but lets make some sense of it all." -Eric Pepin

Hawaii: Crossroads of Awakening Audio and/or DVD Version - Click Here For Full Description

If you missed the 2007 Hawaii Retreat that Everyone is talking about now, its OK, we video recorded it! Crossroads of Awakening features all of Eric’s main Lectures and Sessions!

Available in both Audio or DVD format. See Higher Balance Institute founder, Eric Pepin In-Person, Candid, and Very Raw.

This is a MUST HAVE!!

Simple Complexity - Click Here For Full Description

Late 2006 Eric Pepin had a very important conversation with one of the Instructors at the Higher Balance Institute. In this conversation, the instructor asked some very important questions that many individuals he was working with were asking him. Questions about Eric’s abilities, what Enlightenment really is, how psychic dreams work, and how Eric feels about other teachers in the spiritual circuit. But little did he know the extent of which Eric would answer him and the clarity that would be captured on audio forever.

Core VI : The Navigator

What Are You Waiting For
Higher Balance Institute - What Are You Waiting For
Mind Storm
Higher Balance Institute - Mind Storm
Dimensions Walk With Me
Higher Balance Institute - Dimensions Walk With Me
Hidden Key
Higher Balance Institute - Hidden Key
Cycles of the Soul
Higher Balance Institute - Cycles of the Soul
Bending Reality
Higher Balance Institute - Bending Reality
Higher Balance Institute - Sex

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE VI: The Navigator

Many spiritual masters of the past have talked about the balance in spirituality. Having one foot in the spiritual world, one foot here in this one. Rather than describing a basis for mere ‘peaceful living’, they were trying to describe the ‘place’ of their dimensional mind. Having gone beyond the brain and achieved a state of awareness within the dimensional mind, they merged the two. It is in this place that ‘miracles’ begin. The Navigator – Revealing the Master puts your skills to work as you learn to start directly affecting The Matrix! You learn how to “walk between worlds” and use your will to reap immediate results. Become one with the Gaia mind and alter the fabric of your reality.

Take all that you have learned from moving beyond this place, this time and reality, and bring it back. It is time to reveal the master within you. Achieve what you know in your heart is possible. Begin by learning techniques to manipulate the weather with your mind. Once you see for yourself what you can achieve, it’s time to move beyond weather and explore the possibilities of altering reality. Learn the secret to enhancing your ability to program the Matrix. Hear incredible stories about what others have accomplished to further your own vision of what you can do. Rather than moving into other dimensions, it is time to take that knowledge, and bring it here, now. Nobody can do it for you. The choice is yours. Will you become the master you were destined to be?

What Are You Waiting For? -Click Here For Full Description

After discovering that his students had slacked off on an assignment, Eric guides them into the realization of their stagnation and lack of desire. This is not a class for the meek and you may be surprised, even shocked, at what Eric has to say to his students. This is about priorities and commitments to the Universe.

Mind Storm - Click Here For Full Description

Mind Storm is a three CD course with an illustrative booklet that teaches you how to affect and alter reality. It is an excellent addition to the Direct Manifestation set taking things to a more effective level. There are 4 techniques you will be trained in effectively empowering you.

Prerequisites Mandatory – Contact Enlightened Journey Enterprises for details

Dimensions Walk With Me - Click Here For Full Description

Higher Balance founder, Eric Pepin's method of dimension walking is so dynamic that anyone with a little effort is able to achieve it! Train your senses to tap into other dimensions that exist all around you, in this moment, at the same time. Remove the curtains that divide you from these other realities.

The Hidden Key - Click Here For Full Description

After a candid discussion with the Higher Balance staff one day at lunch, Higher Balance founder Eric Pepin felt compelled to prepare everyone for something that will be essential to their survival as a white cell. This is the Key that everyone has been waiting for since that discussion. With the door flying open and the gift of immense knowledge being presented, your mind will be opened to the secret language of the Masters.

Core VII : Circle Of Masters

Direct Manifestation
Higher Balance Institute - Direct Manifestation
In Between
Higher Balance Institute - In Between
Mayan Storm
Higher Balance Institute - Mayan Storm
Discussions with Eric - Manifestation
Higher Balance Institute - Discussions with Eric - Manifestation

Click Here for a Full Description of CORE VII: Circle Of Masters

A Circle of Masters moves you into the most advanced material that Higher Balance offers in the Core program. You will access the most profound states of consciousness as you learn how to perform Direct Manifestation, programming the mind of Gaia, and the In-Between, as elusive as it is powerful. If you have moved into this Core then your decision is made. You are truly becoming a master, and it is time to enter into a place where precious few have ever gone. It will take skill, dedication, and heart. We can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it.

The rest is between you and the Universe.

The journey to completion begins with a moment. A single step. Take the first step now.

Direct Manifestation - Click Here For Full Description

Be careful what you ask for, because using this incredible easy but powerful technique you are going to get it. It takes just minutes a day for a few times each week. You can even manifest your own desired personality traits into reality, as well as enhance your spiritual development and experiences.

Prerequisites Mandatory – Contact Enlightened Journey Enterprises for details

In-Between - Click Here For Full Description

It is time for you to become a Master. Allow yourself to pass over the threshold of this reality and into the realm that lies between our physical world and the spiritual. Walk through the veil that has kept these ancient places secret from you. You know they exist, you can feel it, and now it is time for you to experience it.

Prerequisites Mandatory – Contact Enlightened Journey Enterprises for details

Mayan Storm - Click Here For Full Description

As you've progressed in your journey, you've become aware of the realization of dark and light, what Higher Balance Institute founder, Eric Pepin refers to as The Force and the dark side.

Mayan Storm provides an in depth scientific understanding of what is often viewed and perceived as being esoteric. It's time to move beyond blind faith and provide your organic brain with the intellectual understanding of what "light and dark" truly is, presented in a very rational, logical and real world kind of way. A necessary step for removing self sabotaging belief filters and the self limitation that the physical you finds itself to be "seemingly trapped" within.

It's not and now is the time to break free...for good.

Discussions with Eric - Manifestation - Click Here For Full Description

We all have things that we'd love to bring into our lives. Sometimes it's financial, other times greater health and still others, it's a yearning for experiencing greater and more meaningful relational connections.

Discussions with Eric expands upon the teachings in Direct Manifestation and provides an in depth, laser focused understanding of the minute details necessary for manifesting the desires of the heart.

You'll learn the step by step process for effectively asking the Universe for whatever your desires might be in such a way that enables the Universe to both understand and provide them.

Once you've completed Discussions with Eric - Manifestation, you'll have everything you could possibly need to experience and achieve amazing results every time.

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Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Higher Balance Institute Core I - Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Core I - The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System

Core II - The Secret Key

Higher Balance Institute Core II The Secret Key
Core II - The Secret Key

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Higher Balance Institute Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core III - Phoenix Rising

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Higher Balance Institute Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core IV - Mind Mechanix

Core V - The Unknown Door

Higher Balance Institute Core V - Unknown Door
Core V - The Unknown Door

Core VI - The Navigator

Higher Balance Institute Core VI - The Navigator

Core VI - The Navigator

Core VII - Circle of Masters

Higher Balance Institute Core VII - Circle of Masters

Core VII - Circle of Masters

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