Miracle in a Blink of an Eye!

by Brenda Gaudet
(Austin, Texas)

Chuck, thank you so much for your dedication. I admire and applaud your wisdom.

As most parents of four legged babies, I have a grand baby one that is the love of my life and at eight he became very ill and X-rays showed a large inoperable tumor in his lower body. A biopsy was performed with very sad results, and days in, he became so weak that the vet suggested putting him down.

I quickly jumped on a plane and flew from Texas to New York City to say my goodbyes. From a Thurs night to Sunday night, with only quick bathroom and quick snacks, I laid on the bed next to him practicing reiki, my love pouring into him from every fiber of my being.

I loved and surrendered. I flew back to Texas and Monday Morning my daughter took our baby to the vet for the last time.

With my daughter crying, she innocently told the vet how our little guy seemed hungry and how we'd felt guilty eating in front of him. The vet ordered another X-ray. The doctor and nurse brought him back into the little exam room, both crying, saying that the tumor was gone!

Literally not there anymore! YES, Love is all there is!

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