Detachment, Surrender and Love
Personal Accounts and Experiences

-By Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes

Chuck Danes is the Founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises


The Creator of The Widely Acclaimed 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

Detachment, Surrender and Love
Personal Accounts and Experiences

By Chuck Danes

In this article I'm going to convey what I've personally discovered as it pertains to the Indescribable Power of Detachment, Surrender, Allowing and Love.

Based on a number of personal accounts and experiences over the years, one thing I've come to KNOW and understand is the fact that when Detachment, Surrender, Allowing and Love Combine...expect and be prepared for some really desirable miracles to happen!!

I haven't always known that.

Throughout my life I've had many experiences that, in years past I would have categorized and labeled as either "Good" or "Bad."

I've learned to change that perspective dramatically over time.


Simply because I've learned that regardless of what the experience might be, regardless of how unsettling or unpleasant you might "perceive" ANY event, condition or circumstance to be as you're experiencing it, there is always good to be found in it. It always leads to a greater experience if ever and whenever we allow it to.

Really, you don't even have to allow it to. It does regardless. Some just never make the choice to look at it or themselves closely or deeply enough to see just how true that is. So they don't fully experience it or learn and grow from it but it's only because they choose not to look and see.

If you haven't already and have a desire to learn more about how to begin choosing more consciously and intentionally so you can ALWAYS see the gift...the "Greater Good" might find benefit in reading what I've written regarding Universal Laws, exploring the various resources contained in The Science of Success and checking out the Abundance Principles right after you're finished here.

Part of what you'll discover by choosing to do that is...

Expansion, growth and experiences are a constant. The process of creation is always in motion. It's ALWAYS perfect and mirrors your choices as it pertains to you. And YOU always choose whatever that is for yourself without exception.

We won't be delving into the deeper reasons why that's so "true" here, but rest assured the old cliche..."Every cloud has a silver lining" is a lot more on target than most comprehend or understand.

Granted it can take time, in some cases maybe even years before you discover what "good" could possibly come from some undesirable event, condition or circumstance that you would rather not have encountered, yet in each and every case there's always...and I do mean ALWAYS without exception something to be gained.

A greater good is always achieved you could say.

No need to dig deeply at this point as to how or why that's true either. We're going to keep it real simple, logical and practical here.

So...back to life experiences and my once chosen "perceptions" regarding them being good and/or bad.

The bottom line is that now, based on the many experiences I've had and after personally witnessing the inevitable and at times eventual benefit unfold at some point, I've since learned and consider them ALL to be good.

Actually on countless occasions "good" would be a gross understatement and a better and more accurate description would be to define them in 2 simple words...absolutely profound.

We won't be delving into the profound either, but if you've ever had one of those "Twilight Zone" experiences, you know what I'm talking about. Those kinds of experiences that make you really open your eyes, wake up and take notice. The kind that transcend what's considered to be logical or practical which so many of us have been conditioned to believe and perceive to be quite irrational, illogical and/or just flat out impossible.

Take it from someone who's "been there, done that and bought the t-shirt" and used to believe the same thing...rationale, logic and possibility is limited only by what we choose for ourselves REGARDLESS of what you might currently "perceive and believe" to be true.

And the biggest and most profound experiences happen for the most simple and although seemingly illogical reasons they are quite logical once you understand how and why it works that way.

Although I'm well aware that there are people who think that the attainment of any significant outcomes in life requires analyzing, figuring things out or require some form of excessive physical effort, many of my experiences since walking that path myself, tell me otherwise.

Yes, that means as I've ventured down the many paths I have, I've lived and experienced them personally and witnessed the simplicity.

Although I won't be talking specifically about all of these "profound incidences" here, you can read about one of them.

It's an article I wrote some years ago called The Greatest of These Is Love.

It shares the account of what most would call a HUGE miracle I personally witnessed as I watched my son at the age of a few weeks old heal before my eyes in a hospital emergency room just prior to having what I was told was a necessary emergency surgery.

It's because of this particular occurrence (combined with a few unrelated yet just as profound experiences years earlier) that set me on an intensive search and eventually led me to the realization that the the simplicity and perfection is quite "real...logical and practical."

The biggest, most amazing and life changing outcomes in life...what most would consider to be miraculous in fact, can and do happen in ways that most perceive and believe to be far too simple to yield such profound results and initiate such an awesome creative power that can and often does transcend time and space.

And in the case I referred to above, it most certainly transcended time and space.

The real fact of the matter is, as I've personally discovered and experienced for myself, it's the most simple concepts that we discover and engage in personally, IF we do so consciously and intentionally, that can and do yield the greatest results.

As I've walked down a number of paths since and sought deeper understanding over the years in relation to these "profound" outcomes, answers have been provided as to how and why they happened as they did.

It's amazing to me how we can look back on those previous experiences and find that what we may have been doing at the time, or in this case NOT doing, which is precisely what "allowed" them to unfold, can seem so obvious and become so crystal clear.

How could NOT doing anything possibly produce ANY type of result let alone such significant and seemingly miraculous ones?

That's why I believe you're here. Because at some level, whether consciously or unconsciously, you've chosen to find the answer.

Good news...GREAT news in fact...

At the conclusion of this article I believe you'll have a deeper understanding and even more importantly an extremely simple yet powerful process that you can use personally to begin experiencing these profound results for yourself if ever and whenever you choose to do so.

It's not even a process really, it's simply a mindset in a sense. It's about shifting your paradigms and unlearning some (or in some cases A LOT) of what you may have been taught and have been led to believe to be necessary to achieve any significant results in your life.

It's Really More About NOT Doing Than It Is "Doing"

I think a better way to put it would be to say that "Being" far surpasses the power of doing. In this case being "detached and allowing."

As I think back and ponder on what transpired during those times when I've personally experienced them, I am continually reminded how crucial detachment or "allowing" was in resolving them. I've since learned just how important this detachment/allowing/surrender thing is in resolving ANY life issue, regardless of how small and irrespective of it's "perceived" enormity.

Surrender...when applied, and mixed with another essential ingredient that I'll be sharing with you soon, initiates a creative force so powerful that no "perceived" problem, regardless of how big it might "appear" to be can withstand it.

It's a form of pure and non-forceful power yet at the same time so utterly immense and awesome that human words are unable to accurately describe it and common intellect due to how and what we're taught can't grasp or conceive it.

Anyway, in this article I thought I'd share some of what I've come to understand based on personal experiences in my own life in the hope that it might assist you in better understanding and more importantly, develop the understanding as well as the ability to begin "allowing" more of the desired outcomes that you may aspire to experience in your own life.

It's really as simple as choosing to, yet for any number of reasons many don't. No need to get into that here either.

Here's how a just few of my very practical and common experiences led to understanding the power behind "allowing"...

Looking back many years when I was just a young boy living with my Grandparents in Houghton Lake Michigan, I recall just how much I LOVED to go fishing. Northern Pike fishing in particular was something that I always looked forward to. In fact I LOVED it.

I come from a long line of outdoorsmen who lived for fishing, boating, skiing and generally enjoying the miracle of nature, and that love carried over into my generation as well as into the next generation, namely my sons.

Now you might be asking yourself..."What could Pike fishing and loving nature possibly have to do with detachment and allowing?"

Here's how it ties in for me...

I remember like it was yesterday the constant anticipation I felt always hoping that one of my relatives (I didn't care which one) would make the JOYOUS announcement that we were going fishing the following morning.

At that point in my life I don't think even a Million Dollars (or anything else for that matter) could have made me any happier or more excited than spending several hours out on Houghton Lake in anxious anticipation of catching that trophy Pike.

Being out in the boat with my Dad, Grandfather and/or one of my Uncles was literally what I lived and breathed for at the time. In fact, for a young boy with the love I had for the outdoors It was quite literally what I considered to be "Heaven on Earth."

When this JOYOUS event was announced it would be difficult for me to get to sleep that night and I'd be awake by no later than 5:00 am the next morning ready and waiting to head to the lake, many times having to wake everybody else up.

Anyway once I did manage to stir whoever was taking me, we'd get all the fishing gear loaded up, go to the bait store and "finally" make it out on the water. MY own personal little "heaven."

We'd get our fishing poles baited up, cast them out as far we could and the anticipation began. I remember sitting there in the boat, my eager eyes glued in hopeful anticipation, watching the "Humungous" bobber sitting on top of the water just waiting for that Granddaddy Pike to take an interest in the giant minnow that I was using for bait.

I recall sitting there, eyes fixated and chomping at the bit, anxiously anticipating and maybe even at times hoping, "wishing" and praying all at the same time that my bobber would be the first to take off skimming across the surface of the water and eventually disappear.

Now THAT'S the part I lived for!!

Being only six or seven at the time, although I did enjoy being out on the water, I "loved" the catching fish part FAR more, and I wasn't nearly as excited or patient about the waiting in between. Actually at that age, waiting and patience just wasn't my style in any way shape or form.

With that being "true", after keeping my eyes fixated on that bobber for awhile, attempting to hope and wish and pray it under the water, many times for an hour or two without any action, my attention would sometimes sway and I'd become involved focusing on or doing something else, taking my attention completely away from fishing and the bobber altogether.

Amazingly enough, it seemed that almost without fail when I did, whoever was in the boat with me in no time would be yelling, "Chuck, your bobbers gone!! Grab your fishing pole, grab your pole!!"

Oh THIS was REALLY the part I lived for!! I'd grab the fishing pole, count to ten before I attempted set the hook (that's what they taught me to do) and most times if I did it just right, I'd have my desire fulfilled once we netted the fish. Then, I'd re-bait the hook with a minnow, cast it back out as far as I could and the cycle continued.

Now obviously at the time I didn't know ANYTHING about The Law of Attraction, allowing, surrender, detachment, Universal Law or anything of the sort and being that young didn't have even an inkling of a clue as to why it always seemed to happen that way.

It never really dawned on me. I just remember that being how it always seem to happen.

It wouldn't be until many years later, plenty more experiences, and exploring a lot of various paths that I finally discovered the answer.

Ok, fast forward from "lake heaven" to my teen years...

Entering into my teen years in the early 70's, like any red blooded young American boy, my primary focus started shifting to girls. Actually that interest began at a much earlier age but up until this stage in my life it wasn't THE most important thing...

Well, NOW it was!

Although I still really enjoyed the fishing, boating and all the other outdoor nature type stuff, I'll have to say that hunting became my primary focus...girl hunting that is. In fact, girls became my MAIN focus. Thank God for creating such an awesome, intriguing and literally "Wonderful Creature." :)

I recall becoming really infatuated with several of these "wondrous creatures" and spent the majority of my time trying to impress as many of them as I could in the hopes that one of the many that I had developed "the hots" for might take even an inkling of interest in me as I had developed for some of them.

It's funny to me now that as I look back, I recall the harder I tried to gain there admiration...the more I looked and chased and attempted to "catch" me one, it seemed that, way more times than I care to admit, as I would find and get to know what I considered to be a "really special" one, and put my best Casanova moves on them, to my dismay I would often hear the dreaded, "Well, I really like you Chuck, but can't we just be friends."

AAAHHHHHGGGGG!!! I grew to REALLY despise and even fear that phrase!!! (You guys don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about either.)

Ironically, (at least I thought it was ironic at the time) the ones that I had NO interest in or desire to "catch" many times would take an interest in and want to catch me.

I'm not certain how many times I would have to use those same words that I had come to dread hearing. (You know the "Can't we just be friends" thing.)

For some reason, just like my many Pike fishing experiences, it would take me years to "figure out" why, but with the little understanding I had at the time, I continued to anxiously seek out and work really hard at landing the "Love of my life" and to my dismay, with numerous failed attempts along the way.

Whenever I would meet one those "beauties" that gave me those butterflies, rocket ships, fireworks and all that, (You know what I'm talking about) and I'd develop that deep yearning to be desired by the one that made my heart go "pitter patter" and WOO HOO the loudest, it seemed like they would already either be interested in someone else or "just want to be friends."

I think it goes without saying that too much of that can be tough on a young male teens ego!!

Yet as much as I didn't like it at the time, like everything in life, it eventually provided me with some priceless information, based on those personal experiences that would, many years later provide me with a reference point that would eventually lead and enable me to better understand how and why even that, at times not so pleasant turn of events happened the way it did.

And This Is "The Greater Good" That Came From Those Anxious, Impatient, Attached and What I "Perceived" At The Time To Be "Far Less Than Great" Experiences

Looking back and pondering on that period, after years of wondering how that situation could possibly be "good", eventually it dawned on me that when I would let the anxious anticipation settle, temporarily shift my focus from anxiously seeking out, wanting, needing and hopefully finding this "Love of my life", (many times due to a deflated ego) and I'd become involved in something other than "Love Hunting" for awhile, before I knew it one of those "special creatures" would happen along, express interest and "Puppy Love" would ignite.

Ahhhhh.....I LOVED it when that happened!!

But here's the thing...

Just like Pike fishing, It ALWAYS seemed to happen when I was least expecting it and not "working so hard" struggling, anxious, wanting, needing and "trying so hard" attempting to "make" things happen.

It doesn't only apply to me.

Since those times I've observed in many peoples lives, whether it be in the area of relationships or otherwise, that when they are frantically searching for "just the right one" and "needing to be loved", anxiously placing all their focus on finding love or a special relationship, many times although on occasion they might rush into a temporary relationship that they later find short lived, unfulfilling, or "disharmonious in some way, it's not until they are "least expecting" or "not looking" for it to happen that it so often does.

There's a very specific reason for that. A profound reason actually.

Would you like to know what it is?

Here's what I've concluded based on my search and experiences thus far...

First of all there's a key element that I haven't really mentioned yet. That key element is Love. Love and Surrender initiates a force so powerful, there is absolutely NOTHING that can contain it...and I do mean NOTHING.

As simple as that sounds...please believe me when I tell you, it's beyond profound and what most "perceive" as being miracles can and do happen.

Here's Why I've Come To Believe...Actually "Know" In fact Why That ALWAYS Holds True

When we express a desire regarding the attainment of something...anything essence we are expressing and projecting love. Desire in this case can be equated to love. The "love" being projected is created through our "desire" to get and have that thing.

You with me?

It doesn't necessarily have to be in a relationship. A desire for anything is in a sense expressing and projecting love.

When we express a desire and then place our anxious anticipation or "needy focus" on "wanting" and "needing" and longing and aching to have it, whether it be a fish, an incredible girl, a million dollars or whatever else you'd like to fill in the blank with, we are in essence delaying whatever it might be by keeping our predominant focus on the "lack of" and as a result receive just that.

Although we may have a sincere desire to attain whatever it might be, at the same time the "not having" or the "lack of having" and the anxiousness created as a result somehow blends with the desire and changes the frequency that only serves to delay the desired outcome and attract to us what we "perceive" to be the opposite.

You go through enough of that without being awake and aware of what's REALLY happening you can...and many often do develop the mindset that you just simply can't get what you want.

Wake up call time.

If you're familiar with The Law of Attraction you already know what I mean by frequency.

If not, in a nutshell, based on the Law of Vibration, our thoughts and emotions, like EVERYTHING else in existence are comprised of energy which emits a consistent vibrational resonance that is projected out into the Universe, and we attract outcomes that harmonize with that frequency.

To make it easy to grasp and understand, let's use a metaphor and relate it to the growing a plant...

The kind of seed you plant determines the kind and quality of the harvest received right?

When you plant a seed you make sure it's planted in fertile soil, has plenty of water and nutrients to ensure that it grows.

You don't put a pre-emergent on a "desired harvest" do you?

You don't in the case of plants but we often do in the case of "getting our desire fulfilled."

Here's why and how...

Desire combined with "clingyness" is much like planting a seed and applying pre-emergent on top of it. Although I believe once planted something "must" grow, until the pre-emergent wears off it can't and won't.

Although the desire seed has been planted, many times through our own "clingy focus" and anxious anticipation, we keep the outcome from happening as quickly as it could and would if we would just learn to nurture the initial "thought" seed with the proper nutrients and "allow" it to grow.

Just like in the case of "planting physical seeds", when we learn to focus our thought seeds on the "desire" and simply allow nature to take her course, we literally attract the desired outcome to us.

We allow the seed to grow and mature.

This "allowing" is in essence a form of surrender or detachment that keeps us from having to figure out the how and when it will show up and with seemingly magical certainty it always does. In fact, it has to. Every law of nature would be violated if it didn't so the chances for it NOT happening are literally ZERO.

And I DO mean that literally..ZERO.

I've also come to believe that when this happens (this planting of a desire seed) and we attempt to force it, whatever it is, and it doesn't happen in the time frame that WE think it should or HOW we think it should, many times we go about doing something else and forget about those seeds which we previously planted and through our own "unconscious doing" kept from sprouting, only to return later once we've "forgotten" that we planted those seeds initially and find a fully mature plant failing to remember that it was the initial desire seed that we planted which created it.

Then we think to ourselves, "Wow, cool...where did that come from?"

One thing is absolutely certain...

We don't need to stay fixated on the bobber anxiously anticipating when it might go down, or attempt to impress or force ourselves on nature for literal miracles to occur. Just as we can't force the bud of a flower open without messing it all up, we can't force the things that we desire in our lives to happen either, although many times we sure try.

The beauty of it is that we don't have to. The Plan (what I like to call The Perfect Plan) was created so simply, so magnificently, so precisely and is SO perfect, that all we have to do is establish in our own minds the what (desire) and the why, place our attention on the LOVE of having it, un-attach from the outcome...more specifically the when and the how...and "allow" nature to take her course.

You know what happens? It shows up!! The person, people, events, conditions and/or circumstances come to us to make the "desire" (love) real.

When we can learn to plant the seeds of desire and through the deeper understanding that we've each had the good fortune to be exposed to, "Know" or have the "Faith" that the harvest will be forthcoming, detaching from the how and when, enabling us to go about our daily activities, doing the best we know how, open and receptive to the signs, willing and ready to take the inspired actions that "feel good" and that we feel directed to take, without "trying" to make it happen or "forcing" it, the most miraculous and perfect results will be attracted to us MUCH FASTER and in ways that seem effortless.

Just like the flower, the bud will open up and blossom all on it's own, with seemingly magical certainty and before you know it, the beauty and splendor will be revealed and experienced just by allowing nature to take it's natural, unwavering and perfectly constructed course.

As it relates to you and your outcomes in life, you only need to plant the "desire" seeds in the soil of infinite potential, nurture them, fully trusting and "knowing" that they "must" grow, continue joyfully doing the things that are necessary in each area of your life, remaining open and attentive (but not clingy) to the inevitable means that will show themselves, acting on those that "feel" right and in no time your harvest will be ripe and ready for reaping.

You get what you want plain and simple.

All you have to do is learn to "allow" nature to take her course without analyzing, fretting, trying to "figure it out" and remaining focused on how and when YOU think the plan should unfold.

The Universe is ALWAYS 100% of the time absolutely perfect in it's timing. It's more than capable of providing the means for your desires to unfold regardless of how BIG they might be. Your "worrying", "fretting" and anxious expectation about the how or when will only serve to delay the inevitable outcome or at the least cause you to overlook the ways and means that ALWAYS...ALWAYS...ALWAYS show up when it "do it" consciously.

Right now, at this very moment as I write, the process is VERY clear to me. In fact...It is SO simple.

Next week or next month it's possible that I'll allow externals to temporarily take my focus to other areas causing me to forget how simple it all really is temporarily. But right now I'm feeling invincible...ten feet tall and bulletproof and during these times I feel it's important to share what is going on in my little corner of the world and in my mind, hoping that it might lift someone up who needs it or provide just a bit of insight that may help them to see the sheer simplicity as well.

And it is simple and it's perfect. We only have to choose to recognize that and do our part.

As many times as I've experienced the power behind this, the literally "profound outcomes" I've personally witnessed where this "power" was initiated, believe it or not occasionally I still to this day sometimes need a little encouragement sometimes due to "forgetting" myself.

It's a process. Not a learning process an UNLEARNING process.

Occasionally I need someone to remind me or something to happen that assists in "slapping me upside the head" and bringing me back to the path that I currently "Know" based on "countless experiences and walking a number of paths is so profoundly powerful and "illogically creative" based on "common logic" to bring me back, keep me on track and heading down the Love and Surrender path.

Rest assured REALLY BIG and desirable miracles happen when you choose it as your path. This my friend...I Know and so will you if you'll simply choose to do it.

I am grateful and humbled beyond words to be enabled and empowered to share with you and contribute to you in such a way that will, if you'll allow it to, provide benefit in your life.

I am also extremely grateful and honored that I have been provided the ability to do so in a way that harmonizes with and fulfills my own passion and purpose which is also "tangible proof" of the power behind focusing, envisioning and staying "fixated" on what I love and allowing nature to take her course.

Thank you for dropping by and it is my hope that you will benefit in some way from the information and personal experiences that I've had such a pleasure of writing for and sharing with you.

Here's some timeless words of wisdom that may assist you in solidifying in your own mind just how true and powerful what I've shared is and how it can and will provide whatever desires you may hold for yourself if you'll simply develop an understanding of the power of detachment/allowing/surrender and choose to consciously apply and focus Love in your life...unconditionally.

There's Real Power there. That I'll assure you.

"And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

Chuck Danes is the founder of Enlightened Journey Enterprises as well as an author, coach, personal performance trainer and the creator of The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation. For more than 3 decades Chuck has been assisting individuals around the world from all walks of life, in bridging the gap between where they are and where they truly desire to be in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives. Chuck's monthly personal empowerment ezine, Enlightened Journey is freely distributed to tens of thousands in 194 countries around the world.

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