The Organic Brain Is Awesome and Necessary for Physical Endeavors But...

As Important as the Organic Brain Is, It Limits Where You Can Go, What You Can SEE, What You Can KNOW and the Literally Profound Nature of ALL That You Can Achieve...Dramatically

brain and mind

"The organic brain is a complex and marvelous tool necessary for survival. But is the organic brain necessary for what many scientists "believe?" The answer to that question could transform your life and your world in ways that you cannot currently conceive or imagine." - Chuck Danes

It's a widely held belief that the mind is a product of the brain. Surprisingly, a large number of the world's conventional scientists still believe that too. Because of that, a lot of Universities teach and conventionally educated people believe, that brain and mind work together as a machine of sorts.

Thankfully there are also a number of "outside the box" thinking scientists who KNOW better. They're not new in the scientific arena by any means. In fact, the theoretical sciences have been exploring the concept of "consciousness" for more than a century.

What used to be considered as being "theoretical" is proving to be more on target to providing facts than are the centuries old conventional sciences.

Unfortunately, the general population is kept from such transformational concepts for reasons that we'll be looking at in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

What have you learned?

More importantly what do you believe now as it pertains to the organic brain and the brain/mind connection?

While the organic brain does serve as a sort of mechanical tool that's necessary for functioning in the tangible world, there's more to it than that. MUCH more. Too SEE and understand this "more", it's necessary to take a deeper look at things. A MUCH deeper look in fact.

When I say "deeper look", I'm referring to looking beyond the seemingly real, tangible nature of things. When you do, it becomes quite easy to SEE, that many things which often "seem to be" one thing, are in fact much different than we've learned, believe and perceive them to be.

It's by taking this "deeper look", that we become able to SEE above and beyond the limitations of all this "seemingly real" tangible stuff. That's an important and necessary part of uncommon achievement. Once we "choose" to do that, we become MUCH better equipped and far more able to BE, do and have all that we can.

Not limited to what so many "think or believe" they can. But what we "truly" can.

If you think the organic brain and the mind are one and the same, (or even if you don't) perhaps this tangibly significant story that follows may change your mind. It's a true story that may and should change your mind about the brain/mind connection.

Beyond that, it could serve as the catalyst to exploring, understanding, SEEING, KNOWING and doing things that "allow" you to undergo a personal transformation that most traditionally educated folks, "believe" they can't make.

A deeper look at brain/mind, which follows this insightful story, may also prove to be of enormous benefit to you.

Let's set the stage...

The setting is a university campus. The time frame is 1979. The subject, a 26 year old college student attending the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

This "seemingly average" 26 year old student walked into the university doctor's office. He complained of a cold.

During a brief discussion, the doctor on staff became aware that the student held a first-class honors degree in mathematics.

He seemed like a normal student, except for one thing. During the examination, the Dr. noticed he had a slightly larger than average head.

Curious, the doctor referred the student to another doctor. His name was Dr. John Lorber. Dr Lorber was a neurologist who was then part of a world renown spinal surgery team at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Dr. John Lorber Sheffield Children's Hospital
Dr. John Lorber - British Neurologist Sheffield Children's Hospital

Dr. Lorber examined the young man and what he found was almost unbelievable.

The student, with a reported IQ of 126, seemed to function normally and had no signs of any mental deficiency. Yet, when Dr. Lorber X-rayed the student's head he discovered he had almost no brain tissue to speak of.

His head was filled with fluid. What little brain matter he did have, was crushed against his spinal cord, a measly few millimeters thick rather than the typical CENTI-meters.

This condition is called hydrocephalus. It results when cerebral spinal fluid expands and fills the brain causing the cortex to be squashed against the inside of the skull.

In this particular case Dr. Lorber calculated the young man's entire brain weighed about 100 grams compared to the average adult brain weighing 1500 grams. 100 grams is little more than the average weight of a dog's brain and this from an honors student in mathematics!

Let's pause and think about this for a moment. How many dogs do you know who have an honors degree in mathematics? Can't think of any? Neither can I. How was the student capable of functioning on the level that he was?

Dr Lorber asked himself that same question and he began to wonder if the brain was even necessary at all. On Dec. 12th 1980, the journal Science headlined his discovery with an article titled and the rest is history.

Dr John Lorber - is the organic brain really necessary?

A number of 21st century scientists, have since taken a closer look at the correlation between brain and mind and have built on Dr. Lorber's initial discovery.

There have been a number of reported cases since, where normal functioning people have been found to have virtually no brain matter.

The history lesson may go back farther than you think. To ancient spiritual yogi’s.

Many scientists have been quietly but steadily growing in suggesting the brain and mind are not "one machine" at all. While it's long been taught, scientifically speaking, that the brain is what stores and processes consciousness, new research suggests that it's not. What scientists are discovering is that the brain is more of a receiver than the total warehouse storing our consciousness.

This leads to another question. If the brain is a receiver what is it receiving? What is it that's sending the signals for the brain to receive?

The answer is one we have been hearing from theoretical sciences, as well as the mystics, sages and masters of the past for thousands of years...consciousness.

I'm no scientist and I'm certainly not a master, but one thing I KNOW, the theoretical sciences and the mystics from the past are FAR closer to the "true" answer than are the conventional sciences.

I didn't come to know that by reading books. I came to KNOW that based on EXPERIENCE.

As I discovered decades ago and have been sharing globally for a decade and a half, "consciousness" is all pervasive.

I've also been sharing that you are MUCH more than a body with bones, muscle, a brain and flesh. You're much more than a meat suit. Why do you suppose that it's unnecessary to plug yourself into an electrical plug to function? What is it that powers you?

The answer is something else I've been writing about for years. It's simple too. What powers your physical body is energy.

The fact is your body, your brain and everything else in the world is energy too.

You are an energy being using a physical body to interpret, explore and experience this world...what I've referred to over the years as this tangible reality that we call life.

But there's more going on beyond this tangible reality. MUCH MORE. The reason most have no idea or understanding of WHAT more there is or how important acquiring that understanding is, is simply because we are taught nothing about it.

You could say our "consciousness" is being suppressed and limited, so we have little to no awareness of what exists beyond this physical world.

By reflecting on that knowledge you have been given power because now you can work to affect your energy body. If you are not aware of it, how can you expand and do anything with it?

If you know nothing about it, how can you expand yourself...your mind...your energy or your physical brain/body to do more than you currently are?

Traditional modes of education don't teach you, so how can you help but NOT know?

When you begin to understand and truly grasp the power behind this next statement, you're well on your way to achieving what only a fortunate few do.

It's this...

Your are not a body with a soul. You ARE a soul with a body.

Let's look at your "soul" as the energy body. Let's look at your mind as the brain of this energy body. This energy body is what provides POWER to the physical body and the mind is what the brain depends on and uses to enable the physical body to function.

Like your physical body, your energy body and your mind needs nourishment.

It's a different form of nourishment than is required by the physical body though. The nourishment required of the energy body is "additional energy." A specific quality of energy.

Albert Einstein said that energy can never be created or destroyed; only transformed.

When you understand and make a choice to learn HOW to absorb the "right kind" of energy that feeds and expands the mind and the energy body, you SEE for yourself just how expansive and powerful the "YOU" can be.

but it's of vital importance that the nourishment the mind and energy body receives doesn't leave it malnourished. Mal-nourishment limits and restricts what the mind, brain and physical body can do.

The soul is not the mind. The mind is the "brain" that the soul uses. It's not physical in nature like the "organic brain." It's not limited as the organic brain is.

The brain processes data. The brain is limited to and by the data that that the mind acquires. The mind processes consciousness. Consciousness is infinite in nature. Your mind is only limited to and by how expansive or limited YOU choose to allow it to become.

When you feed, nourish, strengthen and allow your "energy mind" to expand, you awaken to, become aware of, and are able to SEE and DO what you never thought you could before.

When you "allow" the mind to expand, you reconnect with your soul (the energy you) that exists and dwells with "God." There is no separation of ANYTHING in this infinite space. There is no duality. There is no fear. There is no lack, limitation, or hardship.

I can assure you of this.

What there is to SEE and what you're able to DO is MUCH more than MOST understand. It's more than YOU understand unless you've EXPERIENCED it for yourself.

Perhaps you haven't, because you weren't aware that you could. You haven't "allowed" yourself to expand your mind and feed your energy body because you weren't "aware" that you had one, let alone that such a thing COULD BE done.

It's the one and only thing that keeps EVERYONE from doing it and SEEING just how "true" that is for themselves.

More than profound, it opens doors of understanding and a kind of awareness that is quite literally Infinite in nature.

Call the Infinite what you will. There are a number of "labels" people use. Labels don't matter. KNOWING what exists in this "God space" does.

So, the question is when you meditate, reflect, make decisions… which ‘mind’ would you prefer using to learn, explore, expand and make important life choices?

The more important question for you is, which are you going to use to do these tasks?

There are but one of 2 choices, each of which are up to and determined by you. You can choose...

1) The slow, organic brain

2) The energy mind?

If your answer is "#2...the energy mind", and you're ready to experience for yourself what the organic brain can never provide , I strongly recommend The Foundation Guided Meditation Systemlearning the art of meditation.

If you're interest has been tweaked and you'd like additional information on how you can do that, all of that can be found here.

The intellect and the organic brain alone can never take you there. Acquiring all the information in every book in the world will never allow you to EXPERIENCE and KNOW even a nano fraction of what there is to EXPERIENCE and KNOW.

It requires DOING what most don't, to KNOW and EXPERIENCE what so many never will.

If you're serious about going as far as you CAN go, transcending the organic brain and EXPERIENCING for yourself the infinite amount of what there is to KNOW, do yourself (and the world) an enormous favor.

Check out The Foundation Guided Meditation System. There's nothing on the planet like it.

20 minutes per day will enable you to KNOW, SEE and EXPERIENCE what everyone in the world is "truly" looking for, yet may not realize they are. It far surpasses what can be understood, SEEN, or KNOWN via the organic brain.

To a Profound, Expansive and Joy Filled Journey,

Chuck Danes

P.S. Remember, it's never what you expect. Forget what you think you know about something. Just because someone else might use the same vocabulary. God, as it's said, is in the details...

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