Perception Is Reality

Perception IS Reality and Does Determine the Kind and Quality of Your Reality. But in Actuality There Does Exist A "Higher Truth" That CAN Enhance, Expand and Transform EVERY Aspect Of Your Life
and Your Current Perceptions of Reality...Regardless

"Choose Consciously, Discover, Explore, Become Aware of and Awaken To
the Infinite, All Encompassing and All Pervasive Nature of Actuality"

Perception is Reality

Perception is reality in the tangible world of shape and form. But there's more far beyond of infinite
proportion to ensure that life is what we choose and perceive it to be. It's all about perspective.

We're going to be exploring in uncommon depth, some things; some very profound, little known yet transformational things that play a HUGE role in determining the kind and quality of your life.

These same things we'll be exploring are also the VERY things that will enable and allow you to enhance ANY aspect of your life that you choose to SHOULD you CHOOSE to use and apply what follows.

Lets begin at the level of reality.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Perception is reality?"

A LOT of people have heard it, but have you ever thought about it? I mean really thought about it?

What comes to mind for you as you read the words perception is reality? Think about it for a minute and pay attention to what thoughts pop up as you do.

Now, ask yourself and carefully consider what YOUR reality is like? What are you experiencing in your reality?

  • What kind of quality of relationships are you engaged in?

  • What's the state of your bank account and financial portfolio?

  • What is the quality of your health?

  • Are you truly happy and fulfilled in life?

Really think about that for a moment and be honest with yourself.

Now let's come back to the statement "Perception is reality" and as you think about the various perceptions you hold regarding YOUR reality and what you perceive the various aspects of your life to be like, think about and become aware of this.

Are your perceptions of reality aligned and harmonized with what you're experiencing in your life?

I can assure you that they are even though chances are better than good that we've never met. Chances are equally good that I have no idea of the kind and quality of life you're experiencing.

I know the ONE and ONLY thing I need to KNOW which is that perception is reality in the tangible world of shape and form and that YOUR perceptions are determining YOUR reality with stunning accuracy and pinpoint precision.

Should you choose to delve beneath the habitual thought processes that run through our minds; the seemingly endless stream of random thoughts that we consistently process and get to the core of what you believe and perceive at the deepest levels, you'll clearly see for yourself that perception is reality.

Your perceived reality is providing you with a mirrored image of those perceptions.

Now, ask yourself another question. An equally important question...

  • Why do you perceive what you perceive?

  • Where do your perceptions of reality stem from?

  • Where did they come from?

  • What can the acquisition of those perceptions be traced to?

That's not a commonly asked question.

If you're like most, even though you may be asking yourself that now, that can seem to be a complex question to find an answer to. And for almost as many it's an answer that they can't provide.

But the reason is simple. They've never given any thought to it.

So what is the answer?

Your Perceptions Were Learned and Have Been Acquired and Inherited From a Variety of Others Since Birth

Your perceptions stem from the perceptions of others. The perceptions that you hold today were molded and shaped by your parents, siblings, friends, spouse, school, the media, governments, institutions and a LONG LIST of others.

And since perception IS reality and the perceptions you hold determine the kind and quality of your reality combined with the fact that most of our perceptions regarding reality were acquired from others, might it be a good idea to explore, discover, understand and come to the rational and logical conclusion that much of what we "perceive" as being real, right and true isn't; or at the least MAY NOT BE, REALLY and TRULY as real, right and true as we "perceive it to be?

If you're ready and willing to accept the fact that perception is reality, then wouldn't you agree it would not only be a good idea but a GREAT idea to take a closer and more conscious look at the beliefs and perceptions you hold regarding reality?

Of course it would. But as GREAT an idea as that is, MOST CHOOSE NOT TO DO SO.

Perception Is Reality. No secrets there. We each have and hold our own unique "perceptions" of what the world and on a larger scale what the universe is and isn't.

Our unique views and perceptions of the world no doubt determine what we can and cannot have, what we will and will not achieve and determine what is possible or not possible for us in EVERY area of our lives.

There is NO aspect of life that is immune to the fact that perception is reality and does determine the kind and quality of our reality individually.

That's the REALITY of how things work in the tangible world of shape and form. The realm that we call reality. So to a degree you can say and state with certainty that perception is reality.

But is there more that exists beyond your perception of reality? Is there something more that exists beyond the reality that we perceive individually as being so real?

The one word answer is...Absolutely.

Although perception is reality and does determine the kind and quality of your reality, there are an infinite number of other perceptions that individuals hold when perceiving any given event, condition or circumstance in life who arrive at a different conclusion than you.

Have you ever thought about or considered WHY that's true?

That's an important question to ask yourself as well. It's of vital importance to discover the answer to, if moving beyond your current reality is a sincere and heartfelt desire that you hold for yourself.

And it's vitally important for the simple fact that perception is reality; it DOES determine the kind and quality OF your reality and the answer to that question CAN transform EVERY aspect of your life if you choose to "allow it" to.

But it's just as true that perception is reality. And if that's "true" (and it is); if perception is reality and our individual perceptions determine the kind and quality of our realities, what possibilities might exist for you if you were to make a choice to enhance and expand your currently held perceptions of reality?

Put another way, if perception is reality and you clearly understood that you could transform your current reality by simply expanding your perceptions of reality, would you?

Have you ever considered the implications and the possibilities that exist for you beyond your current perception of reality?

The fact that perception is reality isn't some airy fairy, foo foo, new age concept. It's a scientific fact. A long understood fact dating back many many years.

Modern day science has proven that perception determines reality but at the same time your "perception" of reality does not mean that it is an all encompassing reality...only yours.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, if perception is reality, and someone holds a different perception than you regarding anything in the tangible world of shape and form, as many DO, is it possible that your perception of reality is only that? YOUR Perception.

Point being, perception IS reality yet it's only your perceptions that enable and allow YOUR reality to become whatever it might and does become.

I think we can all agree that perception is reality. Based on our experiences in the physical world, the many opinions people hold and the very ways of viewing and describing the VERY SAME things, it's only rational, logical and feasible to conclude that perception is in fact reality.

Now I'm going to throw you a curve ball of sorts.

I'm going to in a sense support as well as debunk the myth that perception is reality.

HUH!?!?! What does that mean exactly?

Simply this...

Reality is an illusion. And if reality is an illusion, the perceptions you hold regarding reality are nothing more than illusions as well.

Don't take my word for it. Let's look at what of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world had to say about that...

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

So, does that mean that perception IS reality or that it isn't reality?

The solid matter that your brain perceives which determines your many perceptions regarding life is no more “real or true” than a dream. And that dream is being constructed by you. So your dream is yours.

It's your perception of reality that creates and sustains the illusion that so many believe and perceive themselves to be so limited by and BELIEVE they must conform to in the tangible world of shape and form.

Those very perceptions create the reality of limitation in their lives.

And since perception is reality as MOST see and perceive things, being "seemingly stuck" in any aspect of your reality is nothing more or less than an illusion that you are choosing to hold in your mind and create in your life.

From a physical perspective, what you perceive to be reality determines the kind and quality of events, conditions, circumstances and the vast number of experiences that you'll personally encounter and experience in your reality.

And since perception IS reality (although reality IS an illusion) your perceptions determine the kind and quality of your imaginary reality in EVERY aspect of your life whether it be in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual areas of life.

These experiences, regardless of which area of life it is provide each of us with the ability to choose whether we will respond or react to events, conditions and circumstances in our reality based on the the kind and quality of the perceptions that we hold.

Who chooses to hold these perceptions of reality?


And since perception is reality; or at least the perceptions that we hold determine the kind and quality of "illusion" that we believe, perceive and call reality, once we fully grasp and understand in an uncommon kind of way that perception is reality, we CAN if we choose shift the responses and reactions that we choose to engage in which determine the kind and quality our individual reality's.

Because it's those responses and reactions that we choose for ourselves which also determine the many experiences we perceive in our own unique way throughout life. They provide us with both the ability as well as a choice to see and perceive these physical happenings as "good or bad" blessings or curses.

The beauty of it is, we have each been freely provided an inalienable right; a precious gift called free will. This gift enables us to make each of our life choices for ourselves...unconditionally.

Perhaps the most overlooked and underutilized aspect of this amazing gift is our ability to consciously or unconsciously choose what we believe, perceive and as a result experience in every aspect of our lives. How we use this gift individually determines what is "real, right and true" for us as well as what we believe and perceive as being unreal, wrong and untrue.

As we believe and perceive, our world; more specifically our individual world unfolds, reveals itself and takes form in exact proportion to whatever we believe and perceive it to be.

This is common knowledge and understood to some extent by most. Yet it's not understood or considered at a depth that enables and empowers you consciously and intentionally mold, shape and if you desire change your world in such a way that is more pleasing and desirable.

There is something more to consider though that many aren't aware of...the vast and overwhelming majority in fact.

That is understanding that although perception is reality; meaning the individual beliefs and perceptions that you choose to hold regarding reality it is more times than not, based on a number of factors a very limited and in many cases a self sabotaging reality that MOST believe they have no power to change.

And it's that belief combined with the perceptions that stem from such a belief that keeps so many from fully expressing, consciously creating and experiencing in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life, the deepest and most heartfelt desires that that we ALL have.

They fail to understand that their individual choice to perceive an outcome can and often does limit the kind and quality of any given outcome to be experienced in the future.

How so?

By creating an emotional reaction to what is being "perceived" as real such as fear, doubt and worry which as can be discovered by understanding The Law of Vibration as well as The Law of Resonance which emits and projects a "resonance" that serves as the communication device to Source and determines what you are asking to receive in the future which the Law of Attraction draws to you.

To break out of this "self created prison" it becomes necessary to shed the perception is reality mentality, to look beyond what "appears" to be happening in the "physical world" based on a very limited "perception" and begin to explore and understand "Actuality."

What is Actuality?

Actuality is an all encompassing, all pervasive realm from where EVERYTHING in our reality is drawn from.

You could say that Actuality is an infinite space of infinite proportion where everything already exists. All things conceivable and not yet conceivable. All things physical as well as all things not yet made physical. Every thought already thought as well as those yet to be thought exist as a probability in Actuality.

It's an all encompassing and all pervasive space where EVERYTHING is.

Stated in a more scientific kind of way...

In Actuality, ALL probabilities already exist.

What we currently see and perceive as being real was drawn from Actuality. What we will see and perceive as being real will be drawn from Actuality. EVERYTHING that was, is and will be ALL come and came form the same place. This all encompassing, all pervasive space.

That's a tough one to wrap your mind for sure. In fact due to the infinite nature of Actuality, you can't possibly wrap your mind around it fully. What's Infinite in Nature cannot possibly be conceived or imagined regardless of who you are. It's too's too small and it's too much to possibly conceive or imagine with the limitations of the mind.

But that's OK. It's not necessary to be able to fully conceive or imagine this infinite space to enable and allow your life to be all that you hope, dream and desire for it to be.

It's a matter of choice. YOUR choice.

What is possible and drawn from Actuality for you individually is only limited by your individual perceptions and beliefs. It doesn't matter how expansive or limited they might be, the probability already exists.

In Actuality, regardless of your individually chosen beliefs and perceptions with regard to who and what you are, you are a limitless and infinite being existing in an infinite and limitless Universe.

In other words, YOU are an integral part of Actuality as EVERYTHING is.

The difference between YOU and all other probabilities that exist within this Infinite Space is the fact that you have been provided a mind.

Any perception held that equates to less with regard to yourself and your "true worth" creates outcomes in your "physical life" that are limited to and at the same time BY that perception that YOU choose to hold regarding yourself.

Perceptions of reality can be and are formed by what we've come to believe to be "true" and possible for us. Sometimes these perceptions are formed based on the most admirable of intentions by those who teach us whatever it might be that we're taught as we're growing up. Their intention is to teach us in the best way they know, to keep us safe.

Yet there are also a kind and quality of beliefs and perceptions that we are constantly programmed and conditioned to believe and perceive as being "true" by those with "less than admirable" intentions.

who choose to remain in control or places of power and exercise their infinite power in finite ways at the physical level in an attempt to gain and keep control over us.

In actuality, where infinite power exists, there is no ONE power...there is no ONE person, group or system in power. In Actuality all collectively joined are the power. There exists no up there and down here. There exists no such thing as destiny resulting in lack and limitation in the lives of some while others are chosen and predestined to experience lavish and extraordinary lives.

Destiny is determined as the result of individual choice.

The only thing that enables such conditions as lack and limitation to exist in the "physical world" is the choice of those who allow themselves to be influenced and controlled by the programming and conditioning that we are ALL constantly bombarded with...who choose to "perceive" it as their reality.

Although perception is reality in a physical light, this place of Actuality can, if one chooses to do so, be discovered, explored and understood in such a way; a profoundly expansive kind of way that most simply choose NOT to.

Yet it's this very choice and the process of discovery and understanding that follows which CAN expand and dramatically enhance the beliefs and perceptions of those who are experiencing less than the desired outcomes. And as a result of developing this expanded perception of reality, begin to mold, shape, design and experience in tangible and measurable form, a kind and quality of life limited only by the level of expansion that they choose to allow or disallow.

In "perceived" reality there is logical, practical and possible which is often defined by the way the vast majority "perceives." In Actuality, ALL probabilities already exist and what can be experienced is limited only by ones "perception" as to what is or isn't real, right, true or possible.

There is nothing that has existed, currently exists or ever will exist in "physical form" that doesn't already exist in Actuality.

It's simply a individual choice to expand your "perceptions" just enough to conceive it as possible, to discover it for yourself and personally experience the infinite power available to you.

You have Infinite potential and possibility available to you. In fact, it's already yours. It's already been freely provided to you. To ALL of us without exception. To enhance and expand the kind and quality of your life, all that''s necessary is a conscious and intentional CHOICE to enhance and expand your awareness to the degree that enables you to believe, perceive, accept and experience the fact that expansion and enhancement in every aspect of YOUR life is only limited to and by what YOU choose for yourself.

There exists no such thing as lack and limitation...disharmony and discord except to the extent that you choose to believe, perceive and allow yourself to experience it.

Perceived reality is finite and limited...Actuality is infinite without limitation of ANY form.

To tap into and experience this place of actuality, it's necessary to transcend the logic and practical mindsets of the mass majority. To understand, believe, perceive, conceive and move forward to claim the opportunities and the limitless potential available to you.

This happens by choosing to personally experience and come to know the Source from where all possibilities and probabilities exist and experience it for yourself.

Reality is a matrix of illusion molded, shaped and formed precisely as you choose to believe and perceive.

Transcend the Matrix. Experience Actuality by making a conscious, intentional and informed choice to tap into and see; REALLY SEE the infinite nature of Actuality.

Meditation holds the key and opens doors of understanding and awareness that you may have previously believed and perceived to be inaccessible for you.

There NOT and never have been. Make the choice to discover it for yourself and you will.

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness Guided Meditation System will show you how. It enables you to transcend "common logic" and provides experiences that none other can.

Meditation enables you to transcend the self limiting matrix of mind. It enables you to rise above the illusion of reality, tap into, understand, conceive, believe and perceive Actuality as and for what it TRULY IS; an infinite field of probabilities yourself which is Infinite in nature.

The bottom line is that in this "reality"; this world that you believe and perceive as being your reality is only a VERY SMALL and very limited portion of what's "truly available" to and for you.

In Actuality you can achieve and experience the grandest and most expansive as well as the most limited and "seemingly horrific" reality as you choose and decide to allow yourself to experience.

Reality is based on YOUR truth. Actuality extends well beyond "perceptions of truth", reveals and enables you to KNOW, understand and experience a much "Higher Truth" than most choose.

The point and the conclusion is this...

It's your perceptions that are determining, have determined and will continue to determine the kind and quality of reality you're experiencing. And should you ever make the choice to stop placing all your emphasis on what you DO and cease from depending and judging and labeling what you SEE in reality, your reality will change.

It's a truth beyond what MOST can or ever will choose to conceive or imagine.

Tap into and discover Actuality, allow it to be expressed through you, STOP perceiving that life is HAPPENING TO YOU and you'll come to understand in a very profound, meaningful and REAL kind of way, what it means to really live.

There IS A Way To Discover, Explore and "Know" Higher Truth For Yourself

Go Straight To The Source

The Awakening Dimensional Consciousness
Guided Meditation System

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