The Power of a Reality Check

In a World of Duality, Perceived Complexity and Constant Change, a Reality Check Is Important and Can Work Wonders in Your Life, Should You DO What MOST Won't...Take an Uncommon Look Below the Surface (and a Conscious Look at Yourself), So You Might SEE Reality As (and For) What it Truly Is

There's beauty in the ugliness of polarity
The Power of a Reality Check reveals that there's elegance, simplicity, perfection and real beauty in life, even amid the darkest of storms. SEEING this beauty as, and for what it truly is, isn't mandatory. It's optional. You choose it or your don't. We each have a choice to valiantly face and move through the storms of life, or freeze in the face of adversity. Facing and conquering fear, overcoming and eliminating the many doubts and worries, is only a matter of learning, understanding and becoming keenly aware of who and what you truly are. Discovering the miracle creating power you hold to consciously, intentionally and purposefully create a life of meaning and purpose, or unconsciously and unintentionally, enable and allow one of stark contrast which conflicts with, steals, kills, destroys and ultimately sabotages what you "truly desire" in and out of life. The greatest fear is you have no power. The reality is you are powerful beyond measure and you ARE at cause...regardless and unconditionally. - Chuck Danes

"To see things in the seed, that is genius." - Lau Tzu

The Power of a Reality Check could be viewed as a tool. Not just any tool with a single objective or purpose, but a potentially transformational multifaceted tool, that if used in the way intended, will provide you with a reality and quality of life that far exceeds what MOST think is possible. The kind that many seek, yet which few ever find.

Not because everyone couldn't, but rather because not everyone will. Which leads to an IMPORTANT point...

If you're willing to USE this tool and keep using it, you WILL too.

First and foremost, the Power of a Reality Check could be viewed as a tool of understanding. More specifically, the understanding that reality as we know it has many facets, some of which can be seen while others remain unseen, each of which can be sub-categorized under one of 3 headings...

  1. Desired Reality

  2. Perceived Reality

  3. Ultimate Reality

Let's take a look at Ultimate Reality first...

Depending on how you see life, Ultimate Reality could mean something totally different to you than it does to another. To ensure we're all on the same page and headed in the right direction, I'll define Ultimate Reality in the context that it NEEDS to be viewed as.

My personal preference for describing Ultimate Reality is Actuality, but due to the fact that MOST see their current reality as actuality, as in what's actually happening in the here and now in this "perceived reality", for the sake of simplicity and clarity, we'll refer to it as Ultimate Reality as we proceed.

Ultimate Reality is a space of infinite capability. Modern day scientists refer to Ultimate Reality as an infinite field of probability and potential. Those in the religious community often refer to it as The Kingdom. Spiritualists have many labels to describe Ultimate Reality, such as Universal Consciousness, Source Energy, God Consciousness, etc. etc.

Although the lingo and labels vary to describe Ultimate Reality, what they're really saying is, anything and everything is possible.

Then there's perceived reality...

Perceived reality is the way we see life individually. It's the reality that our physical body's are experiencing here and now. Unlike Ultimate Reality where an infinite number of probabilities exist, in our individually "perceived reality", it's our perceptions of this tangible reality that determine what's possible or remains impossible for us. Those perceptions are too, of an infinite variety.

Regardless of how we "see it" and perceive it individually, Ultimate Reality provides it...just as we see it. It doesn't matter how we see life individually, we get to experience it in precisely that way, simply because there are an infinite number of probabilities that exist there.

Then there's desired reality.

The label, desired reality is self explanatory. It's the kind of life we all desire to experience whether individually or collectively. Like our perceived reality, our desired reality consists of an infinite number of potential desires that are unique to us as individuals.

The desired reality that so many want, could be viewed as a bunch of puzzle pieces scattered here and there. We're aware that there are many pieces, and although we do our best based on where we are to make this reality a tangible thing in just the way we desire it, in the vast majority of cases we don't know how to fit the pieces together to create the kind and quality of picture that we most desire to see. The kind we truly desire that is.

That takes some doing. We'll cover and delve deeply into the specific kind of doing that's necessary later.

The point I want to drive home early on is that, whether it's perceived reality or desired reality, both exist within and come from Ultimate Reality. In fact, it's where everything from our past, in the here and now and what lies ahead in the future comes nothing.

Although we place a great deal of emphasis, thought and focus on our perceived and desired reality, it's due to little to no understanding about Ultimate Reality that enables and allows our perceived reality to become and remain less than we do desire.

The kind and quality of thought and the way we focus is what creates this "less than" we desire experience. That's one BIG reason why I've decided to create the Power of a Reality Check. To get you thinking and focusing in such a way that provides WAY more than you desire, rather than "less than."

Aside from how you see, perceive, view, judge or label reality personally, it's safe to say that we ALL desire to experience a reality that aligns and harmonizes with our deepest and most heartfelt desires. It's also safe to say that, in the vast majority of cases, something keeps the vast majority of humanity from experiencing the kind of reality that we ALL want. It's something that we can't seem to identify, pinpoint, or put our finger on, let alone correct. But in spite of that, that something does exist which keeps us from it and it "seems" very real. Because it "seems so real", NOT experiencing the reality that we do want, becomes and often remains "real."

Let's relate it to success in life.

Although we each have our own views, perspectives and definitions of what life success is, and what it would look, feel and be like for us as individuals, it's a given that nearly everyone WANTS to succeed.

Yet MOST don't in the way, the time frame, or to the degree that they claim to want. The question is why?

There are many clues, insights and in a fact a resolution to this perceived quandary which can be found within that sentence. Until you're aware of and do something with those clues, the WHY will continue to "seem" illusive or impossible to understand.

Those clues are...

  • The "way" we think success needs to show up.

  • The "time frame" which we believe we "need" it show up in and/or is necessary for that kind of success to happen

  • The "degree" of success that can be experienced.

  • The fact that we're thinking about, focusing on and in a state of WANT as we anxiously await the arrival of success, all the while hoping, wishing, praying and in most cases fretting that it's not happening quickly enough, or is never going to happen at all.

That's how MOST are choosing to go about creating the success they want. That's also why so many go through life "wanting it" rather than EXPERIENCING it.

Although it all seems as if that's how we reach and achieve our personal definition of success, there's something even deeper going on that we're unaware of which is WHY it isn't "showing up."

We'll cover the deeper whys behind it in a moment. Before we do, allow me to clarify what I mean by success in the way I'm using it here.

I'm not referring to success as merely making a lot of money, excelling in your chosen career field, being the kind of person that others love being around, or having life go just the way you think it should.

I'm talking about Real Success. The kind of success that provides an indescribable sense of fulfillment, synchronicity and ultimately a sense of "completion."

This quality of life stems from an uncommon form of understanding that enables you to hold and project an attitude of gratitude for everything that shows up in your life. It's a form of unconditional acceptance really.

You could call it Ultimate Success, or if you prefer, as reaching the pinnacle of success, not limited to, yet at the same time including whatever your idea of material success might be.

If you haven't yet reached the pinnacle of success, you WANT it too don't you?

How badly do you WANT it? I mean REALLY. How sincere and serious are you?

Here's the reality of it. WANTING isn't going to get you there. In fact, WANTING it CAN and often does keep you from it.

Most everybody WANTS success, but wanting it isn't a strong enough "commitment" to reach this success place.

The question that must be asked is...

Do you have a "burning desire" AND the WILL to succeed?

That's what it's going to take. The reason why is because in roughly 99% of the cases, to reach Ultimate Success, it's going to require unlearning some, much or perhaps ALL of what we've been told and taught is necessary to reach the pinnacle of success.

A LOT of people think they're "learning" what's needed to achieve success through ALL KINDS of self help/personal development resources. Oftentimes it's these resources that are more effective at creating bigger problems than they are at providing a solution.

Take it from a recovered personal development junkie. The journey toward success has been romanticized to such a degree that most never learn (let alone actually DO) what's "truly necessary" to reach this place where Real Success becomes a moment by moment experience.

The reason why is because Ultimate Success isn't a thing. It doesn't require getting some predefined amount of money, nor does it require getting any specific new and shiny thing or any number of things to experience it.

The reason WHY is because success is a mindset.

In the same way, failure doesn't require the lack of money or the lack of material things. The reason WHY is the same.

Failure is nothing more than a mindset.

Mediocrity is no exception. Like success and failure, it too is nothing more or less than a product of mind.

I'm going to throw you a bit of a curve ball here. Not because I want you to miss it or strike out, but rather because I hope you'll hit it out of the park.

Here it is...

There is no such thing as "failure", simply because it IS nothing more than a perception. It's a perception that could inhibit (and in some cases even sabotage) your journey toward Ultimate Success.

Regardless if it's Ultimate Success, worldly success, perceived failure or mediocrity, all of it stems from YOUR perceptions and comes from Ultimate Reality.

There are countless self help/personal development products, techniques, and processes that claim they can (and many even PROMISE to provide you with) the "Secret to Success."

This next statement may provide you with an enormous sense of relief. Or, if you're currently in the process of learning about or searching for this "secret" through one of these types of programs, fully believing that you've FINALLY discovered what you NEED to achieve what you define as success, sorry to bust your bubble, but it's a FACT.

There are no secrets to success or anything else for that matter.

Many are led to believe there are. In fact, it's mega million dollar a year industry, which is why many so called "gurus" convince people that it's a secret. In fact there are a large number of people who spend countless thousands of dollars and their entire lives searching for this one ultimate secret.

There are many secrets in the world, but the how to for living life the way many are trying to and achieving success in the various ways that we define as being "successful" isn't a secret at all. The fact of the matter is, there's a deep dark secret in the personal development self help world that many of the so called teachers, gurus and personal development "experts" don't WANT you to know.

95% of ALL personal development/self help programs who claim that they HAVE and hold the secret to your success, FAIL to provide what they "claim" and/or guarantee they will.

Although there ARE some very wise, insightful and knowledgeable individuals who have dedicated their lives to teaching others how to achieve their definition of success, much of the so called success literature circulating today is describe it lightly.

Many of the very same folks that refer to themselves as masters, gurus, teachers and experts, who "claim" to hold the keys to the Kingdom, haven't come anywhere close to creating worldly success themselves, let alone Ultimate Success. Their hope and intention is to become materially successful by telling those who are uninformed enough to buy into the garbage they teach, what they WANT to hear. They are the very people who misinform, manipulate and lead sincere success seekers on a wild goose chase. In far too many cases than I care to think about, there are those "slick marketers" who "claim" to have the secret, who actually lead MANY into lives of quiet desperation.

They do because they "claim" they can eliminate every concern, challenge, obstacle, any competition, etc. etc., via their "Simple, Quick, Easy, Can't Fail, 3 Step, Push Button, 100% Unconditionally Guaranteed" approach.

I'm not ashamed to admit that years ago I personally bought into some of that nonsense. It seemed logical at the time that there must be a secret, since everyone in my circle of influence often stated that they wanted to be successful, yet not one of them ever reached the place that they quit looking for it, seeking it out, or trying to get it. They wanted it and never got beyond that.

I wanted it too. Not just wanted it. I really wanted it and I decided I was going to get it. I was REALLY excited when I discovered (or thought I discovered) just how quick, simple and easy it was going to be.

During that stage of my "seeking" period, I came across a quote by someone who I now consider to be one of the most influential motivational speakers of our time. This quote rubbed me the wrong way then, and at the time I wrote off the statement as "negativity."

This is the quote I'm referring to...

"Living your dream and changing your life is hard. Easy is not an option. But no matter how hard it gets, or how long it takes, I'm going to make it."

I wholeheartedly agreed with the last part that of that statement. The "I'm going to make it" part. I did because I decided I was going to make it REGARDLESS. But the rest I wrote off as him being either shortsighted, uninformed, or negative.

After all, nearly everything I came across and "tried", claimed how quick, simple and easy it "truly" was. Surely this guy was missing something. At the time I'd decided that maybe he hadn't yet discovered "the secret" and because of that, he hadn't come to the realization of just how easy it is.

Little did I realize at the time, just how right he was. It took a number of years, thousands of dollars and a lot of pain before I figured that out. Yet the time came when I realized the importance of accepting it as fact. I stuck with it through the "hard stuff" though, because as I said, I had a burning desire and the will to do so. You could say I had made an unwavering commitment years prior, that I was going to do whatever it took to find this "secret" that so many claimed was necessary.

What I discovered through it all is that there are no secrets. The truth is, quick, cheap and easy isn't part of the Ultimate Success equation.

My personal journey revealed that this guy knew what he was talking about. For me, it was hard. It was challenging, difficult, frustrating and on more than one occasion I quit temporarily and went back to living life the way I had, prior to embarking on that journey.

I did, until the pain of doing that became greater than the pain I experienced by doing the hard stuff.

I've since discovered that it doesn't have to be as hard for everyone as it was for me. It CAN be, but it doesn't have to be. Whether it's hard or easy is only dependent on a number of factors that we'll be covering as we progress.

Here's what I do know though, as a result of working my way through the hard stuff and enduring the pain, perceived failure, frustration and disappointment along the way.

Once you choose to get through the hard stuff, life CAN, does and/or will become easy. But it certainly doesn't mean that you'll NEVER experience stress, fear or challenges in your life.

No matter what, our lessons don’t go away; they’ll keep showing up until we face, acknowledge and move through them. And even when we do overcome the initial ones, more "show up" to keep you on your toes. Ignore the initial ones and they’ll not only return, but each time they do, they'll do so with greater intensity and create greater pain until you recognize, acknowledge and DO something about them.

Since the dialogue that follows is called The Power of a Reality Check, let's cut straight to the chase and begin by being Very Real. Not that we haven't been being "real." I'm talking about getting really real.

Polarity and duality are a very real part of life. They always have been, they currently are and they're always going to be...regardless. It's how things were designed.

As such, you exist within and ARE going to encounter your share of that in your life. It's a very real and very necessary part of life.

Contrary to the many hyped up, airy fairy and flat out FALSE claims regarding living a life without fear, stress or challenges of ANY's simply NOT true.

That's one of the big lies that keeps so many searching for the secret. You know, the one that doesn't exist.

Sure, you can rise above and learn to respond to the less than desired encounters differently than most do. The impact that those encounters have on you can be of far less intensity and have little to no adverse impact on you, but REGARDLESS of how conscious, aware, efficient or "enlightened" you might become, the FACT remains...

  • Things are still going to happen that you prefer not to see.

  • People are still going to do things that you wish they wouldn't.

  • Your future is still going to remain somewhat unpredictable.

  • Many of the same events, conditions and circumstances in the world are going to continue unfolding as they have.

That's life and no amount of literature, program or seminar is ever going to change that timeless fact. It's a realization that must be accepted if you're ever to to reach the pinnacle of success and experience the kind of life that we can experience.

Although sad, it's a FACT that most people in the world are living an illusion. It's a painful one too. We become numb to the pain over time, yet it's still pain nonetheless.

The pain stems from WANTING.

Many of these people honestly believe they're on the path to a life of ease, flow and plenty absent any chance of disharmony, stress, sadness, or discord.

They're living a lie.

Others believe that life just happens as it will, so they might just as well learn to grin and bear it.

They've bought into and are living a lie as well.

What CAN BE done is learning to respond to the "flow of life" in such a way that the many "less than desired" things don't freeze you up and take you off your game.

But you have to play the game. To play it better than MOST, you must know the rules. Once you know the rules you have to develop YOUR OWN unique strategy.

But you can.

There's an infinite amount of potential within you. The reality is, you are powerful beyond measure.

It's because of that "power" that we experience either pain or pleasure. It's this same power that enables us to achieve Ultimate Success, worldly success, or remain "seemingly trapped" in the confines of lack, limitation, disharmony, discord and consistently experiencing "perceived failure" which MANY in the world enable and allow themselves to become "adversely impacted" by.

There is no "failure" really, simply because, something is always being created. Some are creating Ultimate Success while others are creating pain and perceived failure. Still others are making their way through life, struggling, surviving and getting by as most do, because they've bought into the lie that "that's just how life is."

The thing that most overlook is the fact that it's the same power that creates them all. We're ALL successful at creating something, although what we create isn't often seen as a successful creation. But it is. Whether you see an outcome as "good or bad", the fact is it's a creation that you perceive however you "choose" to perceive it. Regardless of what you choose, it is a successful creation which reveals itself in tangible form...unconditionally.

What's more, it all comes from one and the same place. Each possibility exists within you and comes from Ultimate Reality.

The only difference in the "experiences" we go through, whether perceived failure, mediocrity or achieving Ultimate Success, is one of degree.

What's happening in your life now doesn't matter. What's happened in the past doesn't matter. What you do now and the future moments that become now at some point in time DO matter and will ultimately determine where you end up.

What's happening in the world doesn't matter either.

There's no denying the fact that there are a lot of dark and shadowy things taking place globally. You CAN deny, but it won't serve you.

From natural disasters, social inequality, to people, social and corporate structures who are self serving, extremely opportunistic and DOING whatever they can to benefit themselves at the cost of the many.

If you think and believe as most do, your "claim" for not BEING, DOING and Having whatever it might be that you "truly desire" to have in life, is the result of something happening, or not happening in the world.

In spite of the short sighted, power-driven and twisted approach that many choose, aside from the dark and shadowy life paths that many take, you CAN rise above it all.

The fact is, there's much underway that is creating the opposite of what we all desire to see. There's a lot of darkness and shadows in the world. It's not an appealing or welcomed part of our world in the eyes of most...but it is and always will be a part of reality."

By the same token, there's much unfolding in the world that most would describe as magical, miraculous and awe inspiring. It is quite appealing, extremely desirable and often considered to be miraculous and profound.

In many cases, we think and honestly believe that due to any number of things happening in the world "out there", that we're stuck and have no chance of changing anything in our own lives, let alone the lives of others, unless and until someone or something out there changes.

It's a common and widespread mindset that keeps much of humanity "seemingly trapped" in a perceived failure loop, doing the same thing over and over, consistently receiving the same or similar results, leading to the less than empowering conclusion that creating desirable change is difficult at best and in some cases, impossible.

A LOT of people in today's world "think" just that. That's the game they're "choosing" to play over and over and over again and they see themselves as NOT winning.

Nonetheless, we're constantly "winning" in precisely the way we're choosing to. Look, you, everybody else and the world in general are always undergoing and experiencing transformation. The quality of that transformation may seem less than you desire, to be sure. But transformation is always underway and consistently reveals itself in your life, even though it may not "seem or look like it" on the surface.

If it seems as if you aren't getting anywhere, or if the changes you see and are consistently experiencing fall short of where you truly desire to be, some changes are going to be necessary.

The First Step Toward Experiencing Desired and Lasting Change in Life, is Coming to the Realization That If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes.

The Power of a Reality Check is designed to assist you in seeing reality as and for what it truly is. Doing so will assist you in creating the kind of change that provides significant and lasting results.

Not through merely DOING more as most define the word. In fact, as you'll discover soon, one vitally important piece of the puzzle is not doing. Not doing has it's place, just as doing does.

The most effective kinds of doing that provide the greatest possible results, both tangibly and intangibly, comes from expanding your perspective, developing greater levels of understanding and emotional stability. It's a choice that leads to experiencing a greater degree of what can best be described as Intentional Transformation through a powerfully effective 3 stage process.

  • Awareness

  • Realization

  • Integration

All aspects of this 3 part process are necessary for creating real world results. What many success seekers overlook is that we're ALL engaged in and consistently DOING these 3 things ALL the time.

We're ALL aware of something. Our realization of what's possible or not possible reveals just how aware, or less than aware we are. When you choose to expand your awareness beyond it's current levels, remove the blinders that keep you from seeing what many in the world refuse to look at, what's possible automatically expands which leads you to a "choice" to begin taking ACTION and DOING (or not) what was previously believed to be impossible.

Before we get into the specifics of how to do that, let's take a look at some foundational and fundamental concepts that keep us from DOING what's necessary to create the kind of change and transformation that we "truly desire" to see.

Once you're keenly aware of what kind of doing that entails, why things work the way they do and how you can begin DOING things in the most effective and efficient ways possible, you'll KNOW in an experiential kind of way what it truly means to reach Ultimate Success.

On the surface, the fast paced, ever changing and rapidly expanding 21st century reality we exist within "seems" really complex. Let's be real. It's a BUSY world out there. Because of that, life can become EXTREMELY challenging, frustrating and overwhelmingly stressful at times.

The key word is CAN. Although it CAN, it doesn't have to. Whether it does or whether it doesn't is up to you.

The reason why it "seems like it" at times, is because we limit our views of life and our search for meaning, understanding, answers and solutions to external resources. Whether it be personal development products, self help resources of various kinds, the doom and gloom message of the 6:00 news, or insight and direction from those in our tight knit circles of influence, we have learned to seek out what it is we're looking for somewhere outside of ourselves.

We also place a great degree of focus, attention and emphasis on what's taking place from a strictly surface level view.

In doing so, we essentially blind ourselves and become unable to see, let alone find, both the short and long term answers we're looking for.

We "think" we've found them, yet in the majority of cases, the desired effects only remain temporarily if they happen at all, putting us back on the very same path of seeking out new answers, searching for yet another magical solution touted as being the latest and greatest, or learning some new process or technique that we honestly believe will "fix" things once and for all.

In our short sighted attempts to fix things, we see ourselves as needing fixed. You don't NEED to be fixed, changed or improved. All that's truly missing is your understanding about the power you already HAVE, but may be using (and chances are great ARE using) in such a way that provides less than (and in many cases the polar opposite of) what it is that you desire most.

Point being, in the majority of cases, we limit ourselves to looking for, seeking out, and are consistently trying different things that we believe will provide us with greater forms of physical and finite power and control.

Yet the process is a never ending one. The reason why, is because the heights that CAN BE reached or the depths of desperation that CAN BE experienced, are both reflections of the power YOU hold to create.

Nothing needs "fixed" and you already have anything and everything you could possibly need to create a life aligned with whatever it is that you love and value most.

You've no doubt heard the often stated term, "The sky's the limit." It can be and will be if you choose to place those kinds of limits on yourself. In a perceived reality, the sky may very well be your limit. But in Ultimate Reality, there are no limits...whatsoever. Ultimate Reality is infinite in nature. That can be difficult to conceive or imagine. The reason why is because something that is infinite in nature cannot be conceived or imagined. It's too big, too vast, too much to conceive or imagine.

The FIRST thing that's "needed" is to realize just how "true" that is. Then you can begin DOING what truly "needs" to be done to create a life that you big and expansive as you can "imagine it to be" without limits.

MOST have it backwards. They're DOING with the "hope" of HAVING what they "hope" to create through their DOING. Some are consistently hoping, wishing and praying, but aren't DOING anything, other than "hoping, wishing and praying."

We have all kinds of excuses and "seemingly justifiable" reasons why we aren't where we "claim" we WANT to be. Due to the hustle, bustle and "perceived complexity" of life, busy schedules and the many less than desired things unfolding all around us, it's quite easy and common to overlook the simplicity and perfection of it all.

Life is (or at least CAN BE) profoundly simple. The HOW of life IS simple, yet we choose to make it and keep it "seemingly" complex. In choosing that, we limit and block out the infinite number of things that we COULD otherwise experience.

Ironically, the reason WHY we do that is simple as well. We do things the way we do, because of what we "think we know." In our short sighted attempts to make things happen via DOING things in the way that we've been told and taught are necessary, we've forgotten and overlook a deeper and unseen form of DOING that we're ALWAYS engaged in, which drives, sustains and consistently expands the world around us.

If it's happening around us, it CAN happen FOR US, can't it?

The Universe is constantly expanding and the world itself has existed and been here for some 14 BILLION years. Abundance is, always has been and is always going to be the nature of the cosmos.

Something drives it. Something sustains it. Something enables and allows it to change and expand all the time. It isn't happening because someone is out there DOING this, DOING that, pulling strings and "making it happen."

What is that something?

There are many varying beliefs, perceptions and labels as to WHAT that is. The labels don't matter really. The beliefs and perceptions as to how this "something" operates and why it operates the way it does, DOES matter.

In the bigger scheme, there are unseen forces...Laws of nature, sometimes referred to as Universal Laws that never err, never waver and are always at work to ensure that something is always created and change is a never ending process.

Let's narrow it down to you.

What determines the quality of your life?

That depends on what you believe and where you choose to look. When you choose to look below the surface, get to the "seed level" and see things as they "truly are", you discover the Real Cause of ALL of it. For the sake of simplicity and brevity let's refer to this Real Cause as Ultimate Cause.

As it pertains to YOU specifically...

Any lack, limitation, struggle or discord in life is the result of a lack of acceptance, empathy, compassion, and love for yourself or others...period.

I say PERIOD because there are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

The reason why is because you are the one who chooses how you live your life. It's you who chooses what to believe or not believe. It's you who chooses what to think and not think. You decide what you'll do and how you do it. Each of those factors determine what you'll have or not have as you make your way through life. Since that's true, it's also you who determines the kind and quality of your reality.

Your action or inaction stems from and is a direct reflection of what you believe to be true about yourself. Where we seem to get into trouble and experience the many perceived problems that we do, is the result of enabling and allowing others to convince us that we're less than we truly are.

If there's but one thing that I hope that the Power of a Reality Check enables you to SEE and provides to you, it's this.

The immutable, unwavering and unerring FACT that...

  • You are MORE than enough already

  • You ARE more than worthy to HAVE a life you love

  • You don't "need" anything more than you already have to be, do and have what you truly desire in life

  • You ARE a powerful agent of change who can contribute to the world in such a way that provides the happiness, joy and fulfillment that so many seek, yet which only an "aware few" ever experience

I can assure you, based on personal experience and working with many people over the years that most feel "less than" in some way shape or form. When you make the choice to unlearn and undo that self limiting mindset, seemingly miraculous things begin to take form. Moving from fear, doubt, worry and unworthiness into a place of self love, self-approval and self-acceptance, desired change begins to happen immediately.

But there's something else that must be understood and done FIRST. What you contribute and the value you project into the world is a very important part of the process.

A lot of people don't realize the importance of that or see things that way.

The process for DOING what's truly necessary to HAVE a life that you define as awesome, begins by understanding that things are seldom as they seem to be, yet they ARE, always have been and will continue to be, precisely what and how we perceive them to be.

Although you already ARE far more than "enough" and already possess everything you could possibly need to create a life that anyone would die for, to fully express the power that you are using in such a way that enables and allows you to EXPERIENCE the awesomeness, fullness and awe of life for yourself, it's vitally important to understand what allows or disallows that.

To find that, is going to require nothing more and nothing less than looking in the mirror. Once you've accepted the FACT that your life is your responsibility, you can break out the microscope and discover what's within you that's causing less than desired results.

Our perceptions are vitally important and our personal reality can never be greater than what we enable and allow for one simple reason, which a very brilliant scientist discovered long ago.

Imagination IS the Greatest Creative Force
in the Universe. Your Imagination is Your Preview of Life’s Coming Attractions. ~ Albert Einstein

We're all quite aware that we have an imagination. What we're not aware of is just how powerful our imagination is. The reason why we're not is because of what we've learned and believe to be true about it.

I'm going to ask that you disarm any limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, your imagination, your abilities and reality for that matter, just long enough to SEE, that it's your beliefs about yourself, others and reality in general, which either limits the flow of what you desire in life, or opens the floodgates to the kind and quality of life that CAN be.

Beyond those gates, there are an infinite amount of potential outcomes ranging from the awe inspiring and miraculous to the "seemingly horrific."

Nothing is truly horrific because it ALL serves a greater good. SEEING and KNOWING that, is the key to turning adversity, regardless of how horrific it may "seem", into awe and splendor.

How "good" can it get?

As good as you can IMAGINE and KEEP imagining until it becomes a "tangible reality."

Although we think we're aware of and understand how the tangible and measurable aspects of reality become real, the majority of the perspectives we hold, lead to very limiting conclusions at best, each of which is based on what we've learned to be true.

These "learned truths" are what lead to our "chosen way" of doing things.

I've found that's where it's quite easy to get confused. Our definition of DOING. We see, and as a result limit our understanding and way of "doing things" to physical activity.

Physical activity certainly has it's place. Contrary to much of the airy fairy metaphysical nonsense circulating today, it's a MUST in reality. It plays a very important role in the how of life. But there are other things which we constantly do, most of which we're unaware of, each of which precede and ultimately determine the effectiveness (or perceived ineffectiveness) of the physical activities and type of DOING we engage in.

The fact of the matter is, you cannot NOT do. You're ALWAYS DOING something. We ALL are ALL the time.

As it pertains to life here in the tangible world, there are 3 kinds of doing that we're ALWAYS engaged in...

Mental - Emotional - Physical

At the mental level, is where it ALL begins. This mental space is where our beliefs reside. It's the quality of the beliefs we hold which determines the quality of our mental processes which are ALWAYS active. The quality of that process determines the quality of our imagination and WHAT we imagine most.

In the vast majority of cases, due to the quality of beliefs we've acquired, our perceptions (each of which are determined by the quality of our beliefs) have us making limited, short sighted judgements and essentially labeling the many effects we experience as bad, wrong, horrific.

The quality of those judgements determines our emotional response to whatever it might be that we're experiencing.

Everything we experience emotionally stems from what we DO "mentally." The mental activity that we engage in, has some form of impact as to what and how we feel physically. The kind, quality and quantity of mental activity we consistently engage in, determines the quality of our emotional state.

You can't control your emotions. What you CAN control is the mental activity which stirs and ignites them. The quality of the emotion takes care of itself.

The HOW that drives it all is "simple."

Our mental processes ignite an electro-chemical response in the brain, releases naturally produced chemicals throughout our bodies, which trigger either feelings of euphoria or place us in a fight or flight response. The mental activity we engage in, "triggers" various emotions, some of which have us feeling awesome, others horrific, and still others somewhere in between.

The ultimate goal that everyone "claims to want" is awesome. Yet because of HOW we choose to "do things" at this mental level, we perceive, and as a result find ourselves lifelong participants on the roller coaster ride of life.

The quality of our mental activity determines that.

At the physical level, the quality of all that mental and emotional DOING determines the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of what we do physically. It determines the kind, quality and quantity of what we do and how we engage in the day to day activities of life.

Although we've learned to place the greatest emphasis on what we do, it's the quality of our mental activity and the emotional response or reaction that follows, which is MOST important initially. It is because it determines the kind, quality and quantity of everything else we DO, which in turn determines and provides everything we have.

We tend to look at the tangible reality around us and think, "There it is, it must be real", when the Higher Truth is, it's our beliefs about what is real or unreal that makes it (and keeps it) "seemingly" real. It enables and allows the thing thought of to become REAL, or remain as some unfulfilled desire that we WANT to be real, yet "perceive" as being too big, too hard, too good to be true, etc. etc.

That kind of thinking and the feelings that stem from it, keep us from DOING what we CAN DO to change things.

We "imagine" that's how things are and how they're going to be, so that's how things become and remain...just as WE ourselves "imagine."

We place a LOT of emphasis on DOING, but little to no understanding is acquired (nor attention given) to the underlying causes that determine the kind, quality or quantity of the DOING we engage in, which determine the multitude of effects that show up and impact our lives.

It really doesn't matter if it's in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of life. The same ALWAYS holds true.

Although it may seem esoteric, it's all quite simple as to HOW and WHY things in our lives happen as they do and become what they do.

Every Effect, Regardless of How Awesome, Painful, or Average Can Be Traced to a Cause.

If you were to ask MOST people in the world, what is the cause of your success or failure, they would quickly tell you it's because they (or someone else) DID (or didn't do) this or that.

They believe and see DOING as the cause. Doing is a "level of cause", but there's something deeper going on. This deeper thing is often thought of as complex, or in some cases a complete mystery which can never be discovered or understood, but it's neither really.

In fact is, it's quite discover-able and it's not complex at all. Discovering it, or not is only a matter of choice. Since you've chosen to be here, I'll spare you the many years of DOING what I personally engaged in, which was necessary to change my previously held (and very limited) beliefs and perspectives about life, before discovering first hand, just how SIMPLE it all really is.

NOT having what we desire in life is nothing more or less than a misalignment between the mental and emotional activity that we engage in, which keeps us from DOING the things that provide what we desire.

Any misalignment between these 3 aspects of our BEING creates disharmony and discord in life. Since we have the ability to "choose" what we think, how we feel and what we DO, we CAN choose to align and harmonize these aspects of ourselves to create whatever it might be that we desire most.

Choosing NOT to DO that is nothing more than self sabotage

We see life as disharmonious and discordant, but any perceived conflict is a reflection of ourselves...more specifically our mental and emotional state.

That "cause", as we're referring to it here, is what you "imagine" most. What you imagine becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and it never fails, wavers, or misses the mark.

If it doesn't "seem" practical, rational, logical, or feasible that YOU or YOUR imagination have that kind of power, it's going to be necessary (and extremely important) to begin the "change your life process by enhancing, elevating and expanding your beliefs, perceptions and ideas about what is practical, rational, logical and feasible.

Although we "learn and believe" that what we're taught regarding life and reality is practical, rational, logical and feasible, oftentimes (in the vast majority of cases actually) it's anything but.

Our beliefs and perceptions make it seem that way, yet they aren't aligned and harmonized with how awesome and amazing life and reality "truly" can be.

Those beliefs and perceptions are the determining factor as to what comes to be.

That's what enables and allows disharmony, discord and chaos to "seem as if" it's a normal and natural part of life.

It's the extraordinary and invisible aspects of reality that determine the quality of the tangible and measurable reality we experience.

It's these parts of ourselves and reality that we CANNOT see, hear, taste, touch or smell. It's the functions of and parts within ourselves which we're unaware of, have lost sight of and as a result, give little to no attention to.

Because of that, we look at the many "effects" unfolding all around us, have ZERO awareness of how they "truly showed up" and come to the less than true conclusion that life just happens and is determined by a random roll of the dice.

The reason why is simple. We've been taught to see things that way. As a result, we look at, judge, label and, depending on many factors, respond or react to the countless number of tangible effects unfolding all around us. Rather than becoming aware of, learning more about and realizing the importance of looking at and "consciously dealing" with things at the level of cause, we've learned to look at and see the tangible effects that we experience, as the determining factor; the gauge if you will, as to how well or poorly we're doing.

That's why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It seems as if the rich have more power and control than than the poor do, but the same power creates the FACT, whether the FACT reveals itself as poverty or plenty.

The FACT becomes whatever we believe it will.

We're ALL doing AMAZINGLY well in creating tangible results. Where we aren't "doing so well" is in realizing how powerfully creative we are and that what we DO create is a mirrored reflection of what's happening within ourselves.

When things go our way, we respond. When they don't we react, which creates and places us in a seemingly inescapable cycle that disallows any positive response, thereby triggering additional thoughts and emotions that conflict with what we desire. The tangible results that happen as a result, have us consistently "imagining" how hard, complex, and/or unfair life is.

The consistent imagining creates the fact and sustains the very cycle that we "claim" we want no part of.

There's another unseen process taking place that has nothing to do with our individual or collective beliefs, imaginings, thoughts or actions, yet it molds them into the reality we experience.

So what is this "unseen" thing?

You could call these unseen and intangible aspects of reality, electricity and magnetism. Together they create what scientists refer to as electromagnetism. Because of this phenomenon called electromagnetism, we are surrounded by as well as an integral part of an electromagnetic field.

While we each have our own ideas about what reality is, how things come to be, and the role we play (or don't play) in determining the quality of those things that show up in our lives, the Higher Truth is, life is an ever changing and evolving landscape, the quality of which is a mirrored reflection of what is consistently conceived and imagined in mind.

That means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you see, taste, touch, smell, hear and/or FEEL, begins in YOUR mind.

That's the starting place which determines the kind, quality and quantity of everything that follows...period.

Although it all begins at the thought and feeling level, there's more to desired transformation than positive thinking.

Those beliefs, ideas, and conceptualizations are constructed and made real in tangible and measurable form, through action (or inaction) that mirrors what we conceive, imagine and DO the most.

If you think and believe as 99% of the human population does, you're under the impression that the world you exist within is determined by luck, fate, chance, or the choices and actions of others.

That's why so many success "seekers" are waiting for their ship to come in.

Our ways of dealing with and making the best of reality, is oftentimes limited because we adhere to and remain fixed and guided by some hypothetical list of do's and dont's, can's and cannots, shoulds and shouldn'ts which stem from what the masses have learned and consider to be socially and culturally acceptable.

We've learned, and as a result continually judge and point fingers at others based on our "learned ideas" of who or what is good or bad, right or wrong, each of which we honestly believe and "perceive as being" valid and justifiable.

We honestly believe that through all our fretting, worrying, planning, thinking, goal setting and doing whatever we can to AVOID what we "don't want", that we're making progress and moving ever closer toward what we DO WANT.

But the reality is, through imagining that we're some other place than where we truly WANT to be, we're consistently wanting, trying and striving to get there. We trap ourselves within a cycle of WANTING to be in some "better" place. The result of our "wanting" keeps wanting a tangible fact.

Although we believe that DOING things in this way might provide the desired result "someday", we're actually misaligned with and moving away from what actually provides what it is that we desire and are truly looking for.

In far more cases than not, "someday" never comes.

Before we can reasonably expect to change what we don't want into what we DO want, something MUST change.

What is that something?

YOU. Unless and until YOU decide to enable and allow the changes to happen, the same mental and emotional drama, followed by less than effective ways of DOING things, is going to continue.

Whether you know it or not, you’re hardwired for greatness and mastery. Whether you're ready, willing and able to accept it or not, you CAN never and will never be truly satisfied, let alone fulfilled, until you achieve what I like to refer to as "Conscious Mastery."

Achieving "conscious mastery" requires DISCIPLINE. More specifically it requires an uncommon degree of SELF DISCIPLINE. The reason why is because, although we're already "masters" of our realities, we have unknowingly enabled and allowed ourselves, and are for the most part, hard wired in such a way that has us utilizing those mastery skills unconsciously.

We've learned to DO things that way, which has us consistently thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that can only provide us with a "seemingly endless flow of events, conditions and circumstances which seem to signify that the world dictates and determines our results and consistently "imagining" that we are anything but masters of our own fate.

This "self fulfilling prophecy becomes and remains "real."

You already ARE a "master" as we'll discuss in greater detail soon. For now, let's tune into YOUR idea of what "mastery" is or isn't.

Mastery means different things to different people. It does, simply because we each have our own unique views and definitions about what that means to and is for us. The reason why is because we each have our own unique gifts, talents, interests and passions.

Life Mastery is achieved through identifying, engaging in and mastering those...EXCLUSIVELY. You have enormous value to contribute to the world, yet the careers and occupations that many engage in and "claim" to have mastered, has nothing to do with those.

The common "excuse" as to why is, "Well, I have to pay the bills."

We've learned and been programmed to become bill payers rather than value creators. That's also WHY the vast majority live paycheck to paycheck. Living paycheck to paycheck is NOT living. It's surviving and getting by.

The journey toward Ultimate Success comes from engaging in and utilizing your innate abilities. It happens through becoming aware of your unique gifts and talents, stirring and awakening your inherent genius, in such a way and to the degree that you fulfill your unique purpose. You'll know when you've achieved Ultimate Success when your living every moment of your life being who you choose to be, doing what you love to do and you have whatever it might be that you "truly desire" to have.

To arrive at this highly sought after destination it's going to require becoming who you most desire to become FIRST.

There's another piece of the puzzle that UNITES us in spite of our uniqueness and the many things that define us as individuals.

The Power of a Reality Check is intended to provide a comprehensive look at reality, including but not limited to the "seed level" from where EVERY aspect of reality can be traced to.

It also reveals a number of things regarding the human condition and WHY we as individuals and a species are more prone to DOING what conflicts with, rather than aligns and harmonizes with whatever desires we have.

We're going to be looking at and covering A LOT of things. The purpose behind doing so, is to stir and awaken your inherent genius, so you might SEE, in an uncommon kind of way, HOW and WHY your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions are the fuel that leads to EXPERIENCING a life limited only to and by what you yourself "allow or disallow."

There is MUCH happening in the world out there, yet what's unfolding "out there" need not sway or deter you from consciously directing and ultimately controlling what's happening within yourself.

There is no lack of ANYTHING, but rather a lack of awareness, understanding and the kind of direction that enables us to reach wherever it is that we desire to be.

The ONLY way to REACH this "desired place" is to enable and allow yourself to BE there before you ARE there.

How can you possibly DO that?

Through your IMAGINATION initially.

The Power of a Reality Check fills the void between a lack of understanding and an uncommonly comprehensive awareness of ALL aspects of reality.

This uncommonly comprehensive look includes an illuminating and empowering look at the macroscopic, the microscopic, as well as aspects of reality which are predominantly unknown, where much of humanity chooses to remain blind or fears to tread.

That is perhaps one of the most beneficial things The Power of a Reality Check will assist you with; discovering, acknowledging, facing and moving courageously through the mind boggling and seemingly incomprehensible maze of effects that we witness and experience as we journey through life.

The dark, shadowy and scary unknowns, each of which play a role in igniting the countless fears and "fear based REACTIONS" that hold so many back.

It's really only a matter of enabling and allowing the "unknowns" to become KNOWN.

That is perhaps the greatest fear we have as a people...

A FEAR of the unknown.

That's what the Power of a Reality Check is all about. Revealing and exposing the "unknowns", so any fear that stems from these "unknowns" is faced, acknowledged, accepted and resolved.

It also addresses many awesome as well as dark and shadowy issues that are each quite prevalent and real in the world, as well as serves as an introduction to many multidimensional concepts and methodologies, each of which can assist you in creating the necessary "inner changes", breaking through the fog of illusion and the fear that stems from it, so you might begin seeing life and the HOW of reality as and for what it truly is.

That's when you can begin DOING what's truly necessary to create and experience what you "truly desire" in life, the kind, quality and quantity of which is only limited to and by what YOU choose for yourself.

Yes we're ALL choosing ALL of the time, but the Power of a Reality Check will show you the importance of as well as the HOW TO of choosing consciously.

ALL of it is shared with the purpose and intention of enhancing quality of life as we know it...not only for you but the world at large.

We all have our own preference and unique way of coming to any number of "conclusions" about what is real or not real and HOW our realities become what they do.

Hopefully what we've covered so far, provides you with a greater understanding about how YOUR reality comes to be.

We also hold our own unique beliefs about how our collective reality unfolds.

Ultimately though, reality is nothing more and nothing less than a complex, intricately intertwined web of infinite possibility and potential, the kind and quality of which can be traced back to you as an individual and/or US as a collective people.

That CAN BE difficult to see on a larger scale, let alone accept. The reason WHY is simply because there are nearly 7 BILLION individual threads of consciousness that merge and collectively join to create what can be best described as the collective tapestry that we call life.

Each of us as individuals play a VERY IMPORTANT role in determining how this "collective tapestry" turns out.

You are an integral part of this collective tapestry and your life, your results, your beliefs and perceptions which determine the difference between AWESOME and horrific is one of consciousness as well.

AWESOME is the way of life, although we've learned to identify, judge and label those things which we fear, don't want and don't understand, as horrific.

Nothing is truly horrific. Our beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and the way we respond or react to things in our lives, based on those factors, determines how the various aspects of reality impact us individually.

The first step toward transforming what you "perceive to be" horrific into what you "perceive to be" awesome is changing your mind about what you're seeing.

The Higher Truth is, everything is a miracle. What we call "miracles" as well as those things we call "horrific" have something in common. They're "effects" and like all things...and I do mean EVERYTHING, they all come from one and the same place...a seed.

The seed of each and every outcome that we see as being a miracle, as well as every event, condition, circumstance we call "horrific" is the result of a specific quality of "consciousness."

Life and the reality we're currently experiencing is nothing more or less than threads of consciousness, each with their own unique set of characteristics and properties, which set them apart and distinguish the appearance of each individual thread from the multitude, which collectively join to determine the big picture reality we experience.

To say that consciousness is what determines the reality you experience could be considered as premature at this point. Not because it isn't "true", but rather because humanity hasn't quite gotten to the place where they KNOW that it is.

The ONLY reason most "don't KNOW" is due to what we've learned, believe and "think we know." We think we know that some things are awesome and others are horrific. The consequences that stem from this widespread fact, leads us to believe, "perceive" and see ourselves as "less than" we truly are.

That doesn't mean we CAN'T, because we can. What it does mean is that the vast majority has no idea as to HOW our lives and the reality we exist within, DOES take the many forms it does.

As a result, we simply don't DO what "truly needs to be done" to transform the less than desired events, conditions and circumstances we experience, into the awe inspiring.

One thing is certain. The reality that EVERYONE I've ever encountered claims to WANT, is one of stark contrast to the one that most everyone is experiencing.

Have you ever thought about WHY?

The big picture answer could be broken down, written about and take up MANY libraries full of books. But ultimately, it's all very simple. Whether you like it or not, are ready to hear it or not, or are ready to accept it or not, it all points back to you.

We don't often see life or the whole of reality in such a personal context. We have a difficult time accepting complete and total responsibility for our own lives, let alone stretching and looking outside of our own mundane existence just enough to KNOW that we as individuals most certainly DO impact the universe as a whole.

But we do. YOU do. It doesn't matter if you believe it, are aware of it or choose to remain oblivious as the vast majority does...your world and everything that happens in it, is a mirrored reflection of you. This "reflection" of you and ALL you undergo is projected into the tangible world around you.

Although it may all seem very complex at this point, the simplicity of it all is beyond profound.

Yet in spite of that, we believe, think and see it all as enormously complex. We've learned to see things that way, which blinds us, confuses us and keeps us from SEEING things as they truly are.

That in turn keeps us from BEING who and what we CAN be, which determines what we do and end up having (or not having) as we make our way through life.

Here's HOW profoundly simple it is. The impact we make, the role we play and the quality of experiences we go through during the various stages of our lives, are determined by and can be summed up in 3 simple words...

Intention - Attention - Focus

That's the starting place that determines EVERYTHING that we DO, see, hear, taste, touch and smell in reality.

The HOW behind the individual as well as collective events, conditions and circumstances that we witness and experience in life...including what we DO or don't do, ALL stem from these 3 powerfully creative and all pervasive choices.

How do INTENTION, ATTENTION, and FOCUS play a role in this tangible and measurable reality?

It's SO simple!! We are taught to judge and label everything as either "good or bad." We learn to FEAR what's bad and love what's good. This puts us in a constant search for what is good, and we’re always fearing and in doing so, trying to avoid what is bad.

Our INTENTION is too - but from an infinite being’s point of view, is anything really good or bad?

I'm going to encourage and challenge you to take on an infinite being’s point of view, and ask, “Would an infinite being truly choose this?”

Remember this – YOU are an "infinite being" who is consistently choosing from an infinite number of potential outcomes and you already ARE extraordinary – You are NOT defined by the moments in your life. You define yourself, every moment and everything that shows up in your life by your beliefs, judgements and perceptions which determine your love or fear of them as well as your level of attachment to them.

Yet there are many other aspects of reality that we give little to no attention to, have virtually zero understanding of and as such, never use the power of our intention, attention and focus in such a way that provides the infinite number of "good things" that are, always have been and always will be available to us.

The Key to an Extraordinary and Miracle Filled Life Becomes Child's Play When You Learn to Consciously Align and Harmonize Attention, Intention and Focus with ACTION

When you consciously align these 3 powerfully creative attributes and take the kinds of "tangible action" that bring them from the space of non-form into the tangible and measurable space that we call reality, harmony becomes automatic and life becomes whole, fulfilling and amazing.

The people, ideas, resources and opportunities necessary for creating "desired results" begin showing up.

It applies to you as an individual and it applies equally to US as a global people.

Anything and everything that we experience in life isn't determined by what we WANT. It IS rather, determined by and stems from what we intend, the amount of attention we give to that "intention" and our primary point of focus, the quality of which mirrors our beliefs and perceptions about and what we do or don't do within the reality that we eventually experience.

The mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell. The way in which we use our minds determines the reality that we exist within.

Each of those "actions" are aspects of consciousness and when they're "consciously aligned and harmonized with the "tangible creation" of the desired effect, that desire becomes REAL, oftentimes in ways that MOST would consider magical, miraculous or effortlessly.

Learning to tune in and listen to the quality of your consciousness, enables and allows you to become keenly aware of your intention, where you place your attention most and what you remain focused on as you eneter into and move through the many experiences that life provides.

As true as that is, it seems as if we experience far less of the awesome and extraordinary than we have the potential and the capability to achieve in life.

The potentially transformational question is Why?

The answer is simple and can be summed up in one word...


In the tangible reality we exist within, polarity/duality is quite real.

Resistance is the polar opposite of alignment and harmony. Fretting, worrying about and FEARING what shows up in our lives equates to resisting. Resisting what we see only serves to place attention and focus on what we don't want, which creates precisely that...MORE of what we DON'T WANT.

The bottom line is, as humans, because we've "learned" to fear, avoid and resist what's "bad", we refuse to acknowledge and/or accept the reality of the "miracles" we've created. Rather than being "grateful for" the FACT that we ARE powerfully creative individuals, we "choose" to judge, blame, condemn, point fingers and find fault as to WHY we're not where we desire to be.

At the same time, we avoid and sabotage any chance of "consciously directing" the quality of our OWN consciousness in such a way that enables, empowers and ALLOWS us to begin DOING what's necessary to make the changes that would eliminate whatever it might be that we dislike about what continuously shows up and keeps showing up, REGARDLESS of what we DO or how hard we work.

In fact, based on many "surface level" factors that we witness from day to day, we have a greater tendency to do the exact OPPOSITE, which keeps us "seemingly trapped" in a state of resistance rather than flow.

The Power of a Reality Check is designed to provide you with an "uncommon form" of understanding so we might move into the place of acceptance, so we might experience the reality that so many hope, wish and pray for, all the while resisting and refusing to do things in such a way that could and would provide it.

It's really only a matter of understanding, acknowledging and accepting who we are and once achieved, meeting ourselves where we are.

Where is that?

In a tangible reality kind of way, we are for the most part, Divided. As a people we've become disconnected from each other. We see life as us against the world. We've also become disconnected from our desires, from our hopes, our dreams and equally as important, each other.

But in an Ultimate Reality kind of way, we're quite "united", although the tangible appearance of things clearly reveals that we're anywhere and anything but unified in our attempts to create the life and the world that we'd ALL love to see.

The extent of our knowledge and understanding regarding our unified existence, seldom stretches beyond those in our immediate circle of influence.

The division we're experiencing hasn't come about by fate, chance, or mere happenstance. Like everything else in life, there's an underlying "cause."

Division is made real through fear which equates to resistance and disharmony. Unity is made real through Love and equates to flow and harmony.

We're divided as a people and because of that, without ever realizing it, we cause, create and sustain the illusion of division, not only among ourselves as a people, but within ourselves as individuals.

A combination of these "choices", keeps us divided from what we "truly desire" in and out of life.

Yet we refuse to acknowledge the sad reality of it so we might once again reunite, align and harmonize in such a way and to such a degree that AWESOME becomes the new normal and the same ole less than desired stream of seemingly endless and inescapable outcomes, cannot continue.

Any regrets, disappointments or tangible results that leave us feeling less than "outstanding" is really nothing more or less than a lack of understanding of ourselves. Not the self that we've learned about, believe to be and see as limited, but rather our "True Selves", the power we hold to effectuate change, the nature of reality herself and how we (both the human and the sacred self) fit into the bigger scheme of things.

Although our unique beliefs, perceptions, conclusions and actions vary greatly in scope and intensity, the HOW of reality never varies.

Yet we continue on in the very same ways we have, due to our learned ways of doing things, combined with our "resistance" to change what we think is true.

Therein lies the "problem." Anything less than choosing to understand, align and harmonize with this unerring, unfailing and miracle creating machine that determines the kind, quality and quantity of the harvest that encompasses EVERYTHING we experience in reality, (whether good, bad or in between) leaves margin for error and misunderstanding.

Reality works one way and we as a people work in many ways that conflict with and resist the reality that we all "claim" that we would LOVE to see.

The inevitable result is that we hold differing views, perspectives and opinions as to what must be done to "change" things. Our beliefs often conflict with how the past, current and future reality that we currently do, or will exist within, takes form and becomes a tangible and measurable experience.

What Form of Data and Information Do You Depend On to Discern How Life and Reality Comes to Be?

Some prefer the esoteric approach. Some science. Some depend totally on philosophy, while others utilize the ancient texts to decipher what's true and untrue. Still others believe that we're nothing more than victims of chance and that the cards will fall wherever they do, so what's the point in learning anything.

The Higher Truth is, there's simplicity, perfection and perfect order in how EVERYTHING becomes a tangible and measurable experience.

That's where discernment enters the picture.

  • What if you could bypass all the conjecture, hype, misinformation and intellectually acquired data that we're so often exposed to, dependent on and influenced by?

  • What if you had the knowledge, understanding AND the ways and means to go directly to The Source where Higher Truth is shown and becomes KNOWN rather than wondered about or "guessed at?"

  • What if I told you that creating a life that fulfills any and every desire you've ever had, currently do have, or ever will have, is as simple or complex as "unlearning" some, much or in some cases ALL of what you've learned and believe to be true about reality?

If the reality you're currently experiencing is everything you could ever hope for, dream or imagine, then unlearning or changing your beliefs about it wouldn't be very wise or practical.

But the sad FACT is, MOST aren't anywhere remotely close to living a kind and quality of life that we humans often describe as "magical and miraculous" in an "all level" kind of way.

But we CAN...we ALL can. It's simply a matter of "choosing to."

The Power of a Reality Check is a work designed to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and kind of "awareness" that CAN change all that.

The Power of a Reality Check reveals many "truths", some of which are self evident and many of which humanity has lost sight of.

The Biggest Thing that We HAVE Lost Sight of, is the Importance of Keeping our Attention, Intention, Focus and ACTION on What We Truly Value

As we engage in the day to day aspects of life, undergoing the many activities that we've learned and believe are necessary for survival, it's easy to overlook and eventually lose sight of what we truly value.

We've learned to value many things that are temporary and fleeting. But what we truly value is infinite and eternal. We've learned to value money, success, achievement and how much "stuff" we can acquire as we go through life.

What we haven't learned, have forgotten, or are aware of but simply don't USE in the way it can be used, is what I call the Main Thing.

When the Main Thing is understood and utilized in a conscious, intentional and focused kind of way consistently, we automatically become aligned and harmonized with ALL of the other "stuff."

More than "stuff", setting the INTENTION and keeping your ATTENTION laser FOCUSED on the "Main Thing" aligns and harmonizes with uniting US as a people.

Money can be used to become more like the world, just as easily as it can be used to break the shackles and limiting grip that the world "seems to" have on us...a suffocating, limiting and blinding grip that we ourselves enable and allow to become and remain real.

It's also quite common to overlook key and vitally important issues that have always, currently are and will continue impacting us, not only as as individuals, but on a much larger scale as a human species.

The Power of a Reality Check reveals many vitally important issues, each of which impact every aspect of life as we know it. It also provides the ways and means to conceive and imagine a world that is more aligned and harmonized with what it "truly is", how it "truly works" and how to transform this understanding into a quality of life that equates to ease, flow, peace, harmony and serenity, which is a way of being that enables and allows any wants and desires you might currently have to become obsolete.

You DO have that kind of power.

The question isn't "can it be?" The real question is what are you willing to do (or not do) that will enable and allow yourself to BE the kind of person that enables and allows you to EXPERIENCE all that you "claim" to want?

As you do your best to imagine that, pay attention to the resistance that ignites in your mind. Any that might surface can be overcome with knowledge.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is revealing and bringing attention to, what most in the world have no concept or idea of.

There's much more to reality than meets the eye, which is the single biggest reason why the vast majority on this planet, are experiencing a quality of life, which consistently yields far less than what's truly available to each of us individually, yet is quite attainable by EVERYONE should we ever make the choice to unite "collectively."

Uniting collectively isn't dependent on the choices or actions of others. It's all up to YOU.

Perhaps the biggest reason why we don't, stems from our understanding of it. More specifically our "lack of understanding." Ironically our lack of understanding stems from the knowledge we receive in our education systems which limits, suppresses and perhaps even intentionally controls our level of awareness as to what we believe is available to us and what we "think" is not.

In 99.9% of the cases there's more...MUCH more than most enable themselves to conceive, imagine or see, let alone have.

That's the single biggest objective I hope to achieve via The Power of a Reality provide you with a very specialized form of knowledge that CAN empower and enable you to SEE...really SEE, who you are, what you're capable of, what is truly available to you and what keeps so many from being the kind of person that enables you to do and have what you truly desire in life.

One thing is certain. There are most definitely many shadows and much darkness in the world. There's much more "good" than MOST enable and allow themselves to SEE

But to get to the "good stuff", it's necessary and equally important to become keenly aware of and learn how to deal with what we often judge, label and perceive as being the "bad stuff."

Becoming aware of the "bad stuff" doesn't require giving ATTENTION and FOCUS to it. Acknowledging it for what it is need not affect, undermine, or shift our INTENTION of creating a reality that aligns and harmonizes with what we love.

Our heartfelt desires are a form of love. The absence of these "desires"...our beliefs which make them "seem" impossible to have are grounded in fear.

Fear cannot and will not carry us into what we love. It's a polar opposite and both cannot and do not exist simultaneously. The probability of both do, yet the one you choose is the one you get in any given moment.

There's no point in trying to arrive at a given place if we're unwilling to acknowledge where we are. If where you currently ARE, is seeing life as hopeless, difficult, or a time of struggle and hardship, if you ever hope to move into a better place, it's going to require changing your views.

The Power of a Reality Check takes a comprehensive yet easy to grasp and potentially transformational look at ALL of it.

Perhaps most importantly, it reveals what YOU can DO starting right here, right now to tap into, understand and SEE the nature of Ultimate Reality so you might create and experience the kind of reality that you most desire (love) to see.

Unless you've isolated yourself in a cave for the past several years, it's quite easy to see that many troubling things are unfolding.

These "results" in and of themselves reveal that a large scale awakening is not only necessary, but long overdue in this world.

Beyond awakening, ACTION is necessary.

If you tune in and believe the hoards of propaganda and misinformation continually broadcast on the airwaves of mainstream media, you may be inclined to think that in some ways, the world is going to hell in a hand basket while other things (the economy, state of the union, etc.) are getting better and all is well.

Reality paints a VERY different picture and SEEING things as and for what they truly are, is of vital importance, more so now than ever before in recorded history.

While we're persuaded (and often inclined) to fear aspects of life where there is truly nothing to fear, and encouraged to ignore and blindly accept what should be feared,

If The Power of a Reality Check could be condensed and summed up in one single sentence, it would look something like this...

The Power of a Reality Check is designed, intended and WILL enable and empower those who are "sincere and serious" about transformation, to create for themselves (and the whole of humanity) a joyful, fulfilling, prosperous and sustainable reality that most consider to be extraordinary, if not miraculous.

Heaven on earth is possible.

That may "seem" far fetched or perhaps impossible, based on what you're aware of and "think you know." Yet aside from any less than empowering beliefs you might currently hold, that's precisely what the Power of a Reality Check CAN do. Assist you in first SEEING that for yourself so you might master your ability to consciously direct your "imagination" and create more of the "good stuff" in tangible and measurable form.

Irrespective of any limiting beliefs and perceptions you might currently hold, embrace and accept as being "true", you CAN create that kind of life for yourself.

That doesn't mean that simply reading and becoming aware of what follows in the Power of a Reality Check WILL do that for you. Whether it WILL or whether it WON'T depends on how willing YOU are to DO your part in "consciously, intentionally and purposefully" fulfilling the vitally important role that you play in the process.

What role is that?

It's far bigger than you realize if you limit yourself to the kinds of education and knowledge that humanity is limited by and inundated with.

To bring it into a perspective that might be conceivable, believable and "imaginable", let's start where you are...

You already ARE playing a role...we ALL are. The role you're currently playing is a very important one, although, whether you're doing so consciously or unconsciously is the determining factor as to the kind, quality and quantity of the results you have received, are receiving and will receive at some point in the future.

If those results are anything "less than you truly desire", it's a given that something must change. The results don't change themselves. Information and a hoard of intellectual data won't change them either. Nor will some process, technique or newfound "secret."

The kind, quality or quantity of the role you do play, must change or you must get to the place where you accept what is, IF you're ever to experience the kind of life that MOST only hope, wish and pray for.

Consciously we all "claim to want" the "good life." Yet unconsciously we resist and ultimately sabotage the very thing we "claim to want."

Although the excuses are many, the one and only thing that enables and allows WANTING to exist at all is either a lack of belief, will and/or action, or misalignment and disharmony created by our beliefs, our will and our actions conflicting with one another.

For reasons that will become blatantly obvious soon, the role you DO play individually is much more significant than most (perhaps even you) believe it is.

Most look at and reflect on their past and at varying degrees FEAR that more of the same will reveal itself in the future.

The past doesn't matter really. In fact, things experienced in the past CAN BE amazingly insightful gifts. Each past event has brought you where you are today. Any pain of the past contributed to the inevitable transformation you've already experienced and has led you to where you are today.

Where you ARE right here and right now could prove to be the pivotal point and the catalyst that leads to where you truly desire to be.

HOW you play that role from this moment forward, will determine WHAT you experience as you go through the remainder of your life.

There’s only one small, yet key difference between those who spend their lives struggling, stressing, surviving and getting by and those who thrive. There’s one key difference between those who spend their lives simply managing their suffering and those who consistently experience contentment, peace and joy.

It's really no more complex than discovering, understanding and consistently applying what I refer to as The Answer of ALL Answers in a "conscious, aligned and harmonious" kind of way.

The fact is, we're ALL applying this answer already. You cannot escape it's grasp nor avoid the inevitable outcomes that it ALWAYS provides 24/7/365. What CAN be done, is transforming the outcomes it consistently provides from bad to AWESOME, once you're keenly aware of what this Answer is and choose to apply it in a more conscious, consistent and perhaps a more "widespread" kind of way.

When you grasp and begin to APPLY this essential life-altering truth, you’ll wake up, look at yourself, others and life in a whole new way, and see everything, including but not limited to EVERY aspect of your life, in a completely different light.

Based on what you "think is true", it may "seem as if" there couldn't possibly be ONE SINGLE ANSWER that can transform your life, let alone our world. In fact, if you think and believe as most do, such an idea might immediately stir suspicion, set of the B.S. buzzer and trigger a response that equates to "Yea right, that's too good to be true."

You certainly have the right to think that. The fact of the matter is, MOST do. Ironically, that's WHY most never experience a quality of life that others believe and define as "too good to be true."

But does it make it true? Is it possible that thinking, feeling and even wholeheartedly believing that ANYTHING is "too good to be true" is nothing more or less than a learned way of being that keeps many "potential realities" from becoming "true" for you?

That's precisely WHY most experience "less" than they claim to WANT to in life.

More about this Answer, the individual role you play and whether it WILL or WON'T enable and empower YOU to thrive (or not) soon enough.

For now I'll just say, all you really and truly need to know is that you are far more powerful than MOST realize. You may not yet be aware of this power, but it's there. If you're not yet aware of that FACT, chances are great that you're also "unaware" that there is inherent genius within you, that the possibilities available to you are infinite in scope, that the future is wide open and every minute of every day, you are creating your future based on what you yourself choose to do or not do on a moment to moment basis.

Most are sleeping, yet aren't aware that they are.

The Power of a Reality Check is a timely, yet long overdue reminder, designed and intended to wake up the sleepers,(aka the unconscious, complacent, unaware and oblivious) as well as those who claim to be "spiritually aware", yet who, at the same time are waiting for some external force or power to "magically fix things" for them.

While many "truth seekers" honestly believe that they're somehow more in tune, connected, enlightened or entitled than others, the FACT is, they're no more so than those who are struggling, settling, getting by and "waiting for the world to change."

The playing field was leveled long ago at the time it was created, in spite of the widespread "belief" that some are more, while others are somehow less than someone else.

Yet one of many tangible examples that clearly reveals how a unified people have come to the place where division is the norm and a sense of separateness has become commonplace.

Yet many in the world see themselves as spiritually superior, more in favor, more gifted, blessed, yadda, yadda, yadda.

And what's "truly sad" (and equally detrimental) is that many of today's "religious and spiritually minded" people are waiting for God to fix things for us.

The fact of the matter is, in the U.S. alone, recent research reveals that 40% of the population believes that some outside force or power will somehow magically fix what mankind has mindlessly and unconsciously enabled and allowed to happen.

They overlook the FACT that since we as a people have enabled and allowed the current landscape to become what it is today, we can make new choices and take new actions which "undo" the damage created.

Forgive me if this hits a nerve, but hoping, wishing and praying that God (or whatever the Source of your understanding might be) is going to magically intervene and violate the "free will" clause that was freely provided to YOU, me and everyone else who exists on this planet, is really nothing more than spiritual sensationalism.

It "seems" rational, logical, practical and highly feasible, yet it only seems that way because, via a lifetime of indoctrination through a number of venues, not the least of which are many various forms of "Man Made Religion", we've learned to look at and see things that way.

Because we've learned and BELIEVE that, that's what MANY do.

Both groups are asleep and an awakening is sorely needed, especially in an age where spirituality has become romanticized to the degree where God is often thought of and believed to be the "conditional genie in a bottle" who says yes to some, no to others and we'll see to still others.

We've become a people who honestly believes that God will do things TO us if we don't play by the rules, rather than discovering and SEEING the Higher Truth that He/She/It works through us and provides a mirrored reflection of whatever it is that we choose.

Those who claim and honestly believe that something...anything isn't in "God's Will", have missed and ARE missing the mark. They haven't yet EXPERIENCED the God of Love that unconditionally provides whatsoever we "choose", whether those choices provide what we desire or the polar opposite.

The choices we often make conflict with the desire, providing effects that "seem to" support the myth that some dark mythical entity named Satan is winning the war and reaping havoc to the degree that conflicts with the tangible creation of that "thing", whatever it might be.

The sad fact is, the God that MOST perceive, has led to creating a world of fearful, helpless victims who are "waiting" to be rescued from what they themselves, or we as a people, have created. Many esoteric teachings, including but not limited to the many doctrines and dogmas that modern day religion "claims" to be the One and Only way, communicated with in such a way

Then there are those who have bought into some spiritual/metaphysical mumbo jumbo who honestly believe that action of a tangible and measurable kind equates to nothing more than a series of imaginative thoughts, followed up with a series of random babblings, often labeled "affirmations" will provide the desires of their heart "effortlessly.".

Thoughts are powerful to be sure. The right kind of thinking is of vital importance and sorely needed in today's world. It most certainly plays a roll in where the world is headed as well as in determining the kind and quality of tangible and measurable results we experience, both as individuals and as a species.

But consciousness, in and of itself, regardless of how well intentioned or focused, never has, isn't currently and is never going to get the job done in and of itself.

It's a vitally important first step to be sure. In fact, it is THE first and single most important step that must be taken.

Consciousness is where it ALL begins to be sure. Without "consciousness", we couldn't think, reason, rationalize or DO anything. Nothing could or would be.

But once the kind and quality of "consciousness" is acquired, tangible ACTION must follow to provide the desired effect.

It's not a tangible step initially, but rather an intangible one that requires nothing more or less than undergoing a fundamental shift in consciousness.

This "shift" I'm referring to can be best described as enhancing, elevating and expanding the quality of your consciousness well beyond that which has led to where the world is and what it's currently undergoing by way of "tangible and measurable results.

The results we're experiencing currently are scary.

But is it any wonder?

Over the years, countless studies have proven that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative. The underlying reasons are many, each leading to an inevitable conclusion.

A transcendent shift in global consciousness is necessary.

That "shift" can only happen by replacing the consciousness that creates "negative thoughts", with the kind and quality that replaces them with empowering ones.

That's what creates EVERY event, condition and circumstance that we experience in life. It's also what shifts (or not) what we see in the world unfolding around us.

No we cannot single handedly CHANGE what's happening in the world. What we can and MUST change, if we're to experience harmony and fulfillment in our own lives personally, is our beliefs, views and perspectives about what IS happening in the world.

What we see, hear, taste, touch and smell plays a defining role in what we believe, how we think, what we "perceive" as being true and ultimately determines what we DO or don't do in life.

Each of those factors determine what we see and experience.

Much of it we FEAR.

We exist within and have created a cycle that consists of tangible and measurable results that can be best described as shadowy and dark.

Unless and until the underlying cause changes, the cycle will continue, self replicate and provide the very same results.

That's the single biggest problem we face as individuals and as a unwillingness to "look and SEE" beyond the "appearance" of what "seems to be" certain and inevitable.

There's a Very Real and Very Dark Battle Raging and it's Way Past Time to Become Aware, Get Real and DO Something Differently Than We Have.

The current battle underway, is not a battle that calls for force, violence, nor a call to arms. Quite the contrary.

It is rather, a battle that can be dealt with and won via a conscious and aware people getting to the heart of the matter. Getting to the heart of the matter requires becoming keenly aware of the "Real Cause" of EVERY effect we see and experience in life. Once SEEN, it's simply a matter of uniting, banding together, remaining focused on and working toward a common goal.

Fear never has and never will get the job done. Not in a desirable way at least. Fear only serves to create the polar opposite.

That's not the desired "goal" is it?

The ultimate goal is to achieve and experience a life of harmony, and inspiring others to enter into and actively participate in the most desired form of transformation through love.

Yet to achieve harmony, first requires exploring, understanding and learning how to most effectively deal with what is truly causing the tangible forms of disharmony that we see all around us.

It ALL begins by DOING what most aren't...becoming aware of, facing and accepting the cold hard facts that have become so tangibly evident on a global scale.

It all BEGINS at the level of consciousness to be sure, yet there's more "work" to be done.

This current battle we're facing is nothing new, although it's dark and shadowy effects have intensified greatly in the 21st century. The past decade alone has birthed many changes, resulting in a number of dark and shadowy outcomes which the people of the world can change.

If we're to EXPERIENCE the kind, quality and quantity of change that so many "sleepers" are hoping, wishing and anxiously praying for, it's going to require a literal army of conscious and aware "warriors" to deal with and alleviate it once and for all.

That's the bad news. The good news is, changing your own life, while at the same time contributing to the kinds of "desired change" that the world would Love to see, is something that you CAN do...regardless.

It ALL begins with AWARENESS of an uncommon kind.

The Power of a Reality Check introduces the ready, willing, sincere and serious seeker to an elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered look at the reality we live in today. It's an "uncommon" look at both the light and the dark side of life. It's going to require squarely facing the tangible reality that we're currently facing, followed up with action.

It's not a form of action that places focus or emphasis on eliminating, crushing or destroying the dark forces of the world, but rather a kind that illuminates the darkness and shadows that these forces create.

It's also going to require coming to the realization that darkness is a very real, yet every bit as important part of life as the light is.

The first thing that must be done though, is to acknowledge that this darkness exists, which many either fear, ignore, are complacent in doing anything about, have no concept of, and in fact, are entirely oblivious to.

That's a big part of why the global landscape has become as dark and shadowy as it has, and remained that way for so long.

As a people we have enabled and allowed it to unfold. This enabling and allowing has happened for many reasons, not the least of which is turning a blind eye, ignoring it, remaining unaware of it, or refusing to DO anything about it.

A rebirth is at hand, yet it's going to require more conscious, aware and "active participants" than there currently are, to direct the change via consciously engaging and initiating what CAN be achieved.

It begins with YOU, yet at the same time, it requires collective participation to transform the widespread "ugliness" of today's world. But it only requires individual participation to begin to see and experience a reality and a quality of life that aligns with your most fervent desires.

That conflicts with what we "think is true", or the way in which we've been instructed to DO that. The sad fact is, HOW we've been taught to get things DONE, actually undermines and conflicts with providing the greatest possible result, in the quickest possible time with the least amount of effort.

Humanity as a whole has been duped into believing many things about life that are simply NOT true. We've enabled and allowed ourselves to become and see ourselves as victims of change rather than the creators of life that we truly are.

In the process we have forgotten that we as individuals and a people have the power to direct and control the changes that lie ahead.

The inevitable result is, few give any thought or credence to what's been done, what's underway and what must be done (and quickly) to turn it all around.

Yet, tangibly speaking, it's very real and extremely important to become keenly aware of, if we're to thrive (and in fact survive) as a people.

The reason/s WHY will become clearly evident, should you "choose" to take the time to read The Power of a Reality Check in it's entirety.

Doing so will be more than worth the investment of your time, because you'll learn the many concepts, strategies, methodologies and ideas that make "life" whatever it becomes.

Once you're "aware" of that, you can more effectively create yours in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with the world you desire to see.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll understand that your way of being determines your reality, whether that choice has you focusing on fear, darkness and suffering, or real freedom, liberty, prosperity and ultimately happiness.

In today's fast paced, often times stressful and rapidly evolving world, it seems as if the masses have lost touch with reality. We think we understand it and we do the best we can based on that understanding. Most people in the world are doing plenty. Some are doing way MORE than enough. But what many overlook and remain "unaware of" is the FACT that it's WHAT we believe, think we understand and consistently DO that creates the "problems" we experience.

We've "learned" many things about reality, but it's only one side of the coin.

Few are keenly aware of what's taking place in the world, resulting in a number of less than desirable things which we look at and call "bad."

As a result, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and suffering are widespread and actually increasing in scope. As a consequence, confidence, assurance, trust, authenticity and transparency are rapidly diminishing factors that are adversely impacting, not only humanity in general, but all facets of life for individuals and entire social structures on a global scale.

It doesn't matter where in the world you call home, due to the many rapid shifts which have opened doors and connected us all to a global marketplace, the same applies both individually and collectively.

It's a way of being and doing things that divides and separates, rather than unifies and unites. Not only does it divide and separate people, it's separates you from whatever it might be that you aspire toward in life as it pertains to having whatever it might be that you desire to have.

Although DOING things in that way is, will continue to and can adversely impact the majority, it doesn't have to impact yours.

The world is evolving at an ever increasing pace and due to the scope and intensity of the many changes underway, most have been caught off guard.


The two word answer is enormous and unprecedented change. Change is nothing new for sure. Neither is the fact that, as is quite common among humans, MOST fear and resist change, regardless if it's for good or something less.

For many reasons, we as a species resist change, in spite of it's inevitability.

Like everything in life, change has 2 faces. One we call "good" and the other we call "bad." We've learned to call them that, although, from a broader perspective, they're neither really.

For the sake of simplicity, let's look at "the good" as light and the bad as darkness.

Both good (the light) and bad (the dark and shadowy) revealing themselves in our reality, are nothing more than the process of creation doing the job that it was designed and intended to do. It's not "good or bad" but rather life revealing itself in whatever way we enable and allow it to.

On the surface, as we engage in whatever activities that we undergo on a daily basis, it "seems as if" we are resisting many changes, although at a level that can't be seen, which VERY FEW have even a morsel of understanding of, we are enabling and allowing them to happen.

They are what we believe, perceive and see them as being.

To SEE and understand them for what they "truly are" and reclaim the power that is YOURS to change them in such a way that you call 'good", new choices must be made...beginning at the place where YOUR power begins.

Where is that?

In your ability to believe, think, reason and rationalize. That's where EVERYTHING begins. We think of our beliefs, our thoughts, our reasoning ability and our rationalizations as some human function limited to and by the education we receive.

We've gotten to the place where the masses honestly believe that our intelligence is determined by our curriculum, that our intellectual capacities are limited to what some IQ test "claims" to be the limits of our intelligence.

The Higher Truth is, we are ALL "infinitely intelligent." We "truly are" geniuses, without exception, yet we USE that "intelligence" unconsciously and tap into an aspect of the Infinite that has us experiencing "less than" we truly desire.

We do because we've learned to think, believe and SEE ourselves as "less than" we truly are. That quality of "consciousness" delivers to us, in the various areas of our lives, "less than" what is readily available.

In the words of Nicola Tesla...

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency."

Although things look and seem to be either good or bad, based on how you view life, HOW they seem and how you define them individually, is based on the quality of beliefs you hold.

If you view them as bad, unavoidable, unchangeable, and beyond your control, you become dis-empowered. Fear guides your choices and your actions.

If you view them as as and for what they truly are; as events that mirror a cause which aligns and harmonizes perfectly and precisely with whatever the "effect" might be, you begin to see that YOU are (or at the very least, can BECOME) a powerful agent of change...the really AWESOME and desirable kind.

Science proved long ago that EVERY event, EVERY condition and EVERY circumstance that we humans "perceive to be" REAL, is derived from a cause. We have all kinds of ideas what this "cause" is, yet seldom do we understand enough to get to the "Real Cause."

I'm not referring to this "Real Cause" as God, Infinite Intelligence" the Unified Field, etc, but rather as a level of cause that we have complete say so and control over.

Scientifically speaking, this "cause" is nothing more or less than wave forms of energy, transmuting into "particles of matter" which converge and join together to give tangible events, conditions, circumstances and ANYTHING else you see and witness in life, the "appearance" of being real.

This isn't new age nonsense or based on some wild and crazy spiritual philosophy. It's documented and proven science.

As quantum physicists discovered nearly a century ago, the kind and quality of this transmutation from wave forms of probability into particles of matter, is determined by and dependent on the quality of consciousness which is observing it.

While we often view and see ourselves as individuals with families to raise, work to do, and jobs to go to, there's something deeper going on that is FAR MORE important than ANY of that.

This "important thing" is realizing that it's because of "consciousness" that enables and allows you to see yourself as you are as well as DO everything that you do.

Consciousness is the underlying thing that enables and allows ALL of it.

YOU are that consciousness. We, as a people ARE that consciousness. Anything and everything that we see, experience and witness in "tangible and measurable form" is a mirrored reflection of the "consciousness" that brought it into this world.

Yes, there are MANY changes underway that are perceived as being bad. But what they are...what they "truly are", is change brought on by choice. The world is consistently evolving and changing. Your life is consistently evolving and changing.

The type of change ALWAYS mirrors the choice.

In today's world though, since the pace in which many changes are unfolding all around us is greater than ever before, it can prove to be overwhelming. The rapid pace of the enormous changes in the 21st century, is certainly unfolding much faster and with far greater intensity than it has at any other time in documented history. Certainly much more so than any previous century in recorded history.

The past 2 decades alone have revealed enormous change of far greater proportion than in any previous century in the world's history.

Many of these changes seem, are viewed and are labeled as "good" without question. Yet many of them are disheartening, dis-empowering, destructive and leading us (both individually and collectively) in the exact opposite direction of where we as a people, "truly aspire" to be.

The BIG question is, "What is "causing" the good and the bad?"

It goes back to 3 vitally important factors that we've already covered...

  1. Intention

  2. Attention

  3. FOCUS

What we've "intended" and given attention and focus to, is revealing itself in today's reality.

We're at a crossroads, yet in spite of the infinite number of choices we have available to us, as individuals and a global people, this vast number of choices can be condensed down and sub-categorized under one of 2 ultimate headings.

They are...

  • Love

  • Fear

While MOST are "unaware" and overlook the importance of Love and Fear as being the creative forces that they are, they, like everything else emit and project energy of varying vibrations and frequencies.

The frequency and vibration of Love could be viewed as the polar opposite (a much different intensity) than that of fear.

Both Love and fear could best be viewed as "all pervasive" headings.

That may not be readily apparent to you at this point, but every thought, every choice, every action taken, every word spoken, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we think, say or do, falls under one of these headings.

Depending on which we choose, whether individually or collectively, we experience, in tangible and measurable form, the effects of that choice.

Although neither is good or bad in a literal sense, 1 has us moving toward destruction and the other enlightenment.

Care to guess which does what?

I'm not referring to enlightenment as many spiritual seekers define it, but rather as developing a greater, more expansive sense of awareness with regard to how to EXPERIENCE a quality of life that's both tangibly and intangibly pleasant, contributory, uncommonly fulfilling and profoundly rewarding.

We'll cover more about this expansive and all pervasive form of enlightenment in greater detail soon.

Due to the many unsettling changes taking place on a global scale, more and more people are finding themselves frozen, paralyzed, afraid, wondering what to do, or simply ignoring altogether, what's taking place.

Very few are flowing with and benefiting from the many changes that are, always have been and will continue to be inevitable.

The reason WHY is not only simple, it's quite obvious...

How can you possibly align and "flow with" something that you're unaware of?

Most are looking for answers and solutions to resolve the many "problems" we face on an individual and collective scale.

That places us in a "problem oriented", rather than a "solution focused" mindset. The difference may "seem" insignificant and/or unimportant, which is the single biggest "problem" we face.

Problem oriented is fear based and leads to various forms of even greater destruction. Some of these changes are subtle, while some are enormous. Becoming and remaining Solution Focused on the other hand, is more aligned with love, the outcomes of which are too, either subtle or enormous.

A mix of the 2 leads to and provides "mediocre", or average results, some of which "seem" good and others which "seem" bad.

The why behind it may not be obvious, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's start out in a very rational, logical and practical kind of way, as MOST define those words.

The Power of a Reality Check reveals in a very logical, practical, workable, yet profoundly empowering kind of way, that YOU as an individual and US as a collective species ARE the answer, solution and the problem, all rolled into one.

We as individuals and a human species are the answer we've been waiting for.

Whatever we experience most is the result of which we use most. Those experiences are often times, polar opposites.

But, as different as these "polar opposites" might seem on the surface, they all have something in common. They all stem from a power that we ALL possess.

That power comes from our CHOICE and ability to direct our "consciousness" in whatever way we choose.

Our ability to believe, think, reason, rationalize and act independently, or a "choice" to enable and allow others to infiltrate our minds, mold our beliefs, control our thoughts, determine what's rational, logical, feasible, practical and reasonable for us, ultimately guides, directs and determines our rationale based on what others think or believe, which in turn, has us "doing" what others would have us do.

There are very real and very powerful individuals who DO in fact, understand the power that we DO hold, who use this "knowledge" to direct and manipulate the consciousness of the planet for their own dark and self serving purposes.

The Power of a Reality Check could be viewed as a very unique and powerful tool that has, (whether you're aware of it or not) come your way at the perfect time.

As real and true as that is, it's equally true (and quite possible) that you may not see or recognize the transformational power of this tool, or see the here and now as being the perfect time for you.

It's also possible and perhaps even highly probable that, based on what you've learned throughout life and "believe" to be true, you'll be tempted to write such things off as nonsense.

Only you can determine that for yourself. But know this. You ARE the power and depending on how YOU choose to direct and use this power that is YOURS, you are choosing to become and remain either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

Although The Power of a Reality Check can prove (and in the lives of MANY has proven) to be a game changer, it's the choices that YOU make or choose NOT to make which will determine how much benefit you'll realize, or not realize individually, as we move through the inevitable changes that are underway.

One thing is certain. These many changes will continue to unfold and escalate, whether you're ready for and/or aware of them, or not.

You can play an active role in creating the kind and quality of change that enhances, elevates and sustains life or, continue on as MOST have (and which many will continue to) or choose the opposite.

Your choices have, are and will continue to provide a mirrored reflection of whatever it might be that YOU choose, whether awesome and miraculous or horrific and terrifying.

The point is, whether The Power of a Reality Check turns out to be the perfect tool at the just the "perfect time" for you, (or not) is entirely up to you.

Since we're going to be talking primarily about the tangible world of shape and form, in this first segment, and how YOU can transform your reality in a very real, yet extremely uncommon kind of way, let's address the single biggest reason why MOST don't.

The why behind it is very simple, yet most are unaware of, or choose not to stretch beyond their common existence to learn just simple it is.

That's why so many view what's "truly possible" as being impossible.

The Only Person, that Enables and Allows the Possible to Remain Impossible is YOU

The sad fact is, most view life as a random series of events, conditions and circumstances which are often believed as being unchangeable and unavoidable.

Most described their less than desired existences as "That's just how life is."

Life is, will become, and will remain in perfect alignment with whatever it might be that we choose to enable and allow it to become. That is determined by what we choose to become aware of. By the same token it can seem random and chaotic depending on what we ourselves choose to remain oblivious to.

That brings us to a key FACT.

You Can Never Create and Experience a Quality of Life that You Choose to Remain Unaware Of, View as Impossible or See as "Too Good To Be True."

Life has an infinite number of potential outcomes. The kind, quality and quantity of those outcomes are quite diverse...infinitely so, in fact.

On one end of this vast spectrum of infinite potential, the outcomes are dark, shadowy and ugly. On the other, fully illuminated, light, life enhancing and good.

The infinite number of "possibilities" which fall somewhere in between, are quite "diverse."

The kind, quality and quantity of that diversity is a matter of choice. That choice is ours (meaning yours) to make. We are ALL choosing something.

You can experience lack and limitation or abundance and plenty.

You might (and more than likely do) have all kinds of ideas, beliefs and perceptions as to why you can't, aren't and perhaps never will experience a quality of life that's aligned with your most heartfelt desires. But I'll assure you, if you think and believe as MOST do, those ideas, beliefs and perceptions are unfounded...unless you yourself give them credence and power.

As unfounded as they are, at the same time, our unwillingness to make the necessary changes, can and does provide us with tangible results, in all facets of our lives, that align, harmonize and provide us with whatever we choose.

Those changes have little to nothing to do with anything outside of ourselves.

While it seems obvious to MOST, that our ability or inability to reach and experience what we see as being an awesome and amazing quality of life is due to social, cultural, ecological, economic and political issues of an infinite variety, none of these outside influences actually provide us with (or keep us from) being, doing or having what we truly desire in life.

They can. Based on the status quo thinking that MOST engage in and remain limited by, they are keeping us from where we truly desire to be.

But they don't HAVE to.

We can choose the opposite, but something keeps most from it. The potentially transformational question that few ask, let alone find the answer to is...

...What is that something?

It's really nothing more or less than the "stories" that we ourselves entertain. The only REAL problem/s that we face, is a mirrored reflection of the "quality" and content of those "stories."

On one hand, it's we ourselves who do that. But on the other hand, it's not US at all, really. It's US, but it doesn't reflect who we "truly are" and what we're truly capable of achieving.

In the vast majority of cases, we've learned and believe that we're "only human", yet it's this limited view of ourselves that enables and allows human suffering to continue.

This "less than true" belief has become so deeply ingrained in our psyche, that we never venture beyond the programming and indoctrination we've received, believe, adhere to and base our actions on.

It's an internal dichotomy that reveals itself in the world as disharmony, just as we choose. This dichotomous way of BEING which creates the disharmony in our reality is NOT an inherent thing but rather a learned thing.

This learned and inherited view of ourselves, acquired via our education systems, various media venues, etc., has us "thinking and believing" it's us.

Here's an EXTREMELY powerful and potentially transformational realization to come to.

When you believe, feel and think that something is true, it often BECOMES true for you and reveals itself just as you believe, think and feel that it will.

It's NOT the beliefs, thoughts and feelings in and of themselves, but rather, how those "things" influence our ability to BE (or not) the kind of person we CAN be. Our choice to align and harmonize what we CAN BE with what we desire to be, determines what we do or don't do as a result.

As true as that is, it's something "within us", that enables and allows that, oftentimes, without US even being "aware" of what has, is, and will continue taking place, unless "new choices are made".

The single most important choice that MUST be made, is to enhance and expand our awareness.

That's what The Power of a Reality Check is all about really...becoming AWARE...keenly aware that there IS much more to life (and you) than meets the eye.

The many "less than desired" tangible events revealing themselves today, are the result of a lack of attention.

This lack of attention leads to misguided intentions and a form of focus that can never provide the desired outcome.

At this "unseen level", 2 things are taking place which we as individuals have ultimate control over. Depending on which of these 2 things we choose, is what determines the quality of our life experience. It's that choice and that choice alone that determines anything and everything that we experience in life.

You could say, just as there's a "dark and light side" to life, there's also a dark and light side to us. That applies on an individual and a collective scale.

YES, that means that you have a dark and shadowy side too. We ALL do. But no worries. That's how things were designed. It's what enables and allows the creative process to consistently operate in the flawless, perfect, precise, unerring, unwavering and unchangeable way that it does.

There's a polar opposite to EVERYTHING. It's what's necessary to enable and allow ANYTHING to exist. So please don't misunderstand. I'm not implying that this dark side of you or us is "evil" or anything like it, although it CAN be.

In fact, it's quite natural. Beyond natural, it's also an inherent part of us. The problems we face in life, stem from using what is both inherent and natural in an "unconscious", unnatural and/or imbalanced kind of way. We do that because we've learned to, although, in the vast majority of cases, what we've learned, believe and adhere to throughout life, is NOT the "best way" to do things.

While we wholeheartedly believe that what we've learned is the way to go through life, MUCH of what we've learned isn't necessarily "true" at all.

We just think and believe that it is.

It's true for us, it determines our way of being, how we do things and ultimately what we experience in our reality. But at the same time, in the vast majority of cases, what we've learned, believe and think is true, is not definitively true at all.

Yet what we believe to be true (even though it may not be aligned and harmonized with what we desire) makes it "seem as if" it IS definitively true.

It ALL begins in the mind and plays out in the way of stories that reveal our "deepest" beliefs.

Like the tangible reality we exist within, our belief systems are quite complex, diverse and multi-faceted.

Those "beliefs" determine the kind and quality of our stories.

Those "stories" are supported and substantiated through that little voice inside of us - the one that generates excuse after excuse for not living up to our full potential. Due to patterns learned, supported and substantiated via tangible results throughout our lives, that little voice, loves, adheres to, sticks by and lives out these stories.

Yet consciously we have ZERO desire to allow that voice to dictate or determine our realities. But it does.

The Power of a Reality Check Will Assist You in Moving Beyond and Through the Dark and Limiting Stories and Into Those that Expand and Enhance

The Power of a Reality Check is for those who are "truly willing" to become aware of, question and even silence that dark inner voice, that keeps us from BEING, DOING and HAVING what most everyone "claims" to want.

Let's be clear. The Power of a Reality Check is NOT for the halfhearted seeker looking for a quick fix. It's for those who are ready and "truly willing" to take the time to do the "uncommon" thing.

This "uncommon thing" entails making an uncommon choice to acquire the kind of knowledge that's Truly NECESSARY for HAVING what most in the world will only hope, wish, pray for and spend MUCH time, (some their entire lives) trying to find.

The right kind of "knowledge" provides an expansive and far reaching type of "awareness" which is uncommon in today's world.

It's a kind and quality of awareness that reveals the futility of "seeking" where MOST are choosing to.

Many are seeking for sure. I think most everyone in the world is a "seeker" in fact. But, I've found that MOST are armed with data and information which has them seeking more information, data, answers, solutions and things, which are outside of themselves.

Most enable and allow themselves to be programmed and indoctrinated with what they've "learned and believe" to be valuable knowledge, yet it's of a kind and quality which can never provide them with WHAT they're "truly looking" for.

This "flawed" information has nearly everyone, looking in the wrong areas, focusing on the wrong thing, and consistently engaging themselves in such a way that can never provide what it is they're hoping, wishing and praying they might find.

What's more, I KNOW that unless they choose a different approach, and expand beyond the "common way" of doing things, they're going to remain hoping, wishing and praying in spite of how much they seek, "hope" or do, in their short sighted attempts to find the answers and solutions they're "seeking."

The sad fact is, that applies to MOST. As we move through The Power of a Reality Check, we'll be referring to this "less than fulfilled group" as the 99%ers.

The 99%ers are always seeking what the 1%ers have already found.

With that being "true", for the sake of potentially saving you some "precious time", a few pre-qualifying questions might assist you in deciding, if what follows in The Power of a Reality Check is relevant for and important to you, or not.

Actually it's relevant and important for EVERYONE, although the 99%ers, never come to that realization. The only reason WHY though, is due to what they've learned and believe to be relevant and important. That's what keeps MOST from DOING what's "truly relevant and important and provides us with the kind and quality of life that falls short of fulfillment, experiencing happiness.

How can you KNOW if that applies to you or not?

Consider these questions and look around you as you do...

  1. Is every aspect of your life unfolding just as you would love for it to?

  2. Are you tired of "seeking", trying so hard, perhaps struggling and ready to finally have what "seems" so elusive?

  3. If so, what are you willing (and going) to do differently than you have, so it can reveal itself?

  4. Are you sincere and serious about FINDING the answers and solutions that enable and allow you to HAVE and EXPERIENCE what most never will?

  5. If you KNEW that you KNEW that you KNEW, that The Power of a Reality Check could provide you with the knowledge (a very specialized form of knowledge) which, once understood, internalized and applied, would provide you with anything and everything that you have ever hoped, wished, prayed for, (and perhaps even, have spent many years "seeking", with little to nothing to show for it) how much "time" would you be willing to spend to learn, internalize and actually DO what MUST BE done to EXPERIENCE it?

time is infinite

What's YOUR answer?...

  • 5 minutes?

  • An hour?

  • A day?

  • A week?

  • A year?

  • Whatever it takes?

Those are VERY important questions to consider, if you're ever to reach the heights that you can and experience the quality of life that IS your birthright.

The reason WHY most DON'T is profoundly simple.

We've spent years learning to respond and react in the many ways that we do. It's ALL learned. Through repetition, it's become a deeply ingrained habitual pattern. It's the quality of our responses or reactions that determine every thought, feeling, emotion and tangible experience that follows. If we're not pleased with what we've experienced to this point, learning to respond or react differently is what's needed and necessary.

A new way of responding or reacting is necessary.

Therein lies the problem. Our beliefs and perceptions regarding what needs to be done or not done.

To change the habitual responses and reactions, it's necessary to have new information and data that has us responding and reacting in ways that are more aligned and harmonized with what we desire to see.

Acquiring the right kind of information and data that aligns and harmonizes with the tangible materialization of these "desired changes" requires an uncommon degree of focus, discipline and persistence.

How Committed are You to Transforming What Seems "Bad" Into What Most Would Refer to as Miraculous?

In an age where watching 3 minute videos, reading the quote of the day, skimming over a few short 3, 4 and 5 paragraph articles, or a warm and fuzzy statement claiming how awesome you are, are the extent of what the majority does, all the while "claiming" to WANT greater results, these "preferred" methods of learning, can not, DO NOT and never will provide the understanding, nor the whole picture as to what MUST be understood, known or done.

Attempting to shift habitual patterns by spending little to no time doing what is truly necessary to achieve that, keeps us seemingly trapped in the same patterns.

Transformation is serious business. Because it is, real, meaningful and lasting transformation only occurs for those who are sincere and serious about DOING what most won't.

While most everyone "claims to WANT" transformation, they never move beyond "choosing" to dabble in acquiring the knowledge that can and DOES provide the kind of transformation they're seeking.

The question is WHY?

In the vast majority of cases, it's only due to the "lack of time" EXCUSE that so many lean and depend on. There is no lack or shortage of "time." What there is, is a lack of KNOWING how to arrange and prioritize your time, in such a way that "provides" a kind and quality of life that we ALL claim to want.

So, with that in mind...

  • ...are you willing to DO what's "uncommon" and slow down long enough to LEARN what's truly necessary to HAVE and EXPERIENCE a life that you Love?

  • ...Are you willing to spend whatever time it takes to move you from where you are to wherever it might be that you "truly desire" to go?

  • Equally and perhaps MOST importantly; are you ready to see beyond yourself and begin DOING things in such a way that serves and benefits the whole of humanity?

If the answer is NO, there's no point in spending any more of your precious time here. It would only prove to be a waste of the "little time" that you "believe, think and claim" you have so little of.

Before deciding one way or the other, consider this. The 1%ers have the very same amount of time that the 99%ers do, don't they?

So what makes the difference?

On the surface, it "seems like" there's MUCH difference, but really and truly, the ONLY difference is what we choose to spend the majority of our "time" on.

The Power of a Reality Check is Limited To and Designed Specifically For, Those Who are Sincere and Serious About Transformation.

The Power of a Reality Check provides "the earnest and sincere seeker" with the knowledge, the insight, the direction and the tools to move from the "seeking place" where so many remain "seemingly stuck", to the place where they SEE and KNOW what's truly necessary to BE, DO and/or HAVE whatever they feel their "limited forms of seeking" will provide.

It's Way Past Time to Stop Seeking and Start Being, Doing and Having What You Already Know to Be True in the Deepest Parts of Yourself

Few realize that until you STOP seeking and start DOING what's truly necessary to have and experience whatever it might be that's being desired and sought, you'll remain in a "seeking cycle" that never yields the kind, quality or quantity of tangible results that MOST in the world are "seeking and wanting."

To do so, it's necessary to cover the broad, big picture view of many facets of reality, that the "less than sincere" seekers refuse to slow down long enough to even think about, let alone become aware of, face, acknowledge and DO something about.

That's what The Power of a Reality Check does. It addresses many topics, all of which are intended to reveal One Thing and One Thing only.

The immutable and unwavering FACT that you CAN both experience and EXPERIENCE a life of joy fulfillment, meaning, purpose, Real Freedom and "uncommon" prosperity, in spite of what anyone else "claims" or chooses.

We'll address the difference between experience and EXPERIENCE in just a moment, because, for those who are sincere, serious and earnest about breaking the "seeking cycle", and actually HAVING what most spend their entire lives "seeking", it's REALLY important.

But first, let's address the statement I've made regarding YOU having a life that provides YOU with joy, a sense of fulfillment, profoundly deep meaning, doing things in such a way that fulfills your life purpose and HAVING whatever "prosperity" means to you.

To actually DO that, it's of vital importance to understand the difference between "Wanting to" and having a "Sincere Desire" to.

And the difference is HUGE. It's what separates the "hopers, wanters, wishers and seekers" from those who already have what MOST are looking for and trying so hard to make real.

If you WANT to, or even if you're at the place where you "sincerely desire" to, but you're dead set on listening to and buying into all the nonsense about how quick, cheap and easy it is, you're at the wrong website.

Sure, I could tell you how EASY it all is, and even get you to "believe it", as many do. But to be quite upfront, honest and frank, (which you can bet your bottom dollar I ALWAYS do and ALWAYS will) the quick, cheap, easy and free nonsense that MOST "seekers" seek out, find, often believe in, and do their best to apply, is bullshit.

Like it or not, this world that we call "reality" is FULL of bullshit. It's nothing "new." It always has been. But in the internet age, it "seems as if" this "bullshit" has become much more prevalent.

It's not. It only "seems" that way because it's more readily available and easily accessible than it's EVER been.

In a world filled with deception, lies, bullshit and nonsense, those statements regarding YOU experiencing the "life of your dreams", have, for the most part, become nothing more than a cliche.

That's very, very sad to me.

The reason WHY it is sad, is simply because it's the VERY "bullshit" that many believe, buy into, do their best to learn and follow, only to experience more pain, difficulty and disappointment than they did, when they began looking, seeking, and trying to find the quick, easy, cheap and sometimes "free" answers and solutions which they "hoped" would resolve whatever their "problem/s" might be.

Many wanters, and in many cases, even those who have a sincere desire to change something, often learn about and TRY this quick, simple, easy, cheap (and sometimes free) "bullshit" process, faithfully engage in some airy fairy technique, and adhere to every word of some "self professed guru", many of which "claim" how quick, simple, cheap and easy it is, to HAVE the life of your dreams.

The end result though, only becomes the quality of end result it does, because so many WANT to believe that it's quick, cheap and easy to HAVE the "life of your dreams", and ultimately end up believing and buying into all the bullshit.

But it CAN become more than a cliche once you move beyond all the lies, hype, deceit, partial truths and empty promises. It CAN become a way of life, should you "choose" to do that.

And it CAN for YOU...regardless of where you are, where you've been or where you "truly desire" to go.

Here's the thing though. If you "think it can't" it won't. If you KNOW it can, it will. That's the determining factor as to whether the kind and quality of life I'm describing, remains a "cliche" or becomes a very real part of your life.

Be assured it CAN...IF you're willing to DO what's "truly necessary.

Sadly, for MOST, it will remain nothing more than a cliche. The BIGGEST reason WHY is because MOST will continue to seek out the quick, cheap, easy and effortless path.

That, combined with an "unwillingness" to learn and understand the "importance" of "unlearning" the "worldly bullshit" which shifts the many "perceived meanings" of what we're seeing and how we're viewing the world, is the ONLY thing that keeps so many from such an EXPERIENCE.

But KNOW this. We as individuals and as a human species, can transcend what are often seen as the cold, hard, facts of life, eliminate many of the dark and shadowy events, conditions and circumstances in the world AND experience "heaven on earth."...literally.

That's no cliche and it MOST CERTAINLY is not "bullshit", simply because it's based on a Higher Truth.

What's more, YOU as an individual CAN do that, aside from and irrespective of, what the collective "chooses to do", or not do.

Put simply, you CAN become the "Master" of your life...literally AND regardless.

Before we get into the HOW you can do that, and WHY, let's set the stage.

The fact of the matter is, you already are the Master of your life. We ALL are. If it doesn't "seem" that way, (and in 99% of the cases, it doesn't) it's only because we fail to SEE how we have unconsciously and unintentionally chosen to enable and allow life (and others) to Master us.

It doesn't master us at all really. We just think it does in MANY it does. It's not known and certainly not widely accepted as being "true" that we ourselves have any say so, let alone determine that. But it is true. Profoundly "true" in fact.

Yet because of what we "believe" to be true, combined with what we DO and HOW we do it, we essentially enslave ourselves, which keeps us from SEEING and BEING the "Conscious Masters" that we CAN be.

We CERTAINLY don't do it on purpose, but we ARE doing it in 99% of the cases.

As The Power of a Reality Check will clearly convey, we DO that to ourselves and/or allow others to do so, without realizing that we are, in fact, "allowing" that.

Regardless of whether you're ready, willing or able to accept that at this point in your life is irrelevant. Because REGARDLESS of what you currently think, believe, or "think you know", YOU are...we are as a people, "allowing" that.

IF you're experiencing anything less than you "truly desire" in ANY area of your life, YOU ARE, like it or not, "allowing" that too.

So you could say, we are "Life Masters" who unconsciously enslave ourselves at varying degrees, all the while "wanting" to become completely, totally and unconditionally, free and liberated.

When I say, totally and unconditionally liberated, I'm talking about in ALL aspects of your life, physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But in order to BEcome the "Conscious Master of Life", so we might DO what's "truly necessary to HAVE and EXPERIENCE that kind of life consistently, you must first become aware of how you unknowingly enable and allow Life to Master and enslave you.

Once you're able to SEE how you do it individually, it becomes much more obvious and quite easy to SEE how we do it collectively.

Life can and DOES seem to enslave MOST, even though it's equally true that most have no awareness that they are enslaved, in far greater ways and to a far greater degree, than MOST ever become aware of.

If you "choose" NOT to become aware, how can you ever see?

As true as that is, it's only because MOST "choose" NOT to see it and at the same time, enable and allow it to happen, without realizing that they are.

Contrary to widespread opinion, we EACH have a choice in the matter...meaning YOU do too.

As the Power of a Reality Check will make crystal clear, rather than unconsciously and unknowingly "enabling and allowing" yourself to become or remain a "slave" to life, if you "truly desire" to become free and liberated in the way you can be, you MUST "consciously" enable and allow the opposite to happen.

And you CAN, if ever and whenever YOU decide it's time.

Perhaps for you, the time is now. Maybe not. That's entirely up to you.

Everything in Life Has a Polar Opposite and an Infinite Number of Probabilities (Both AWESOME and Horrific) are Accessible By and Open To Us at any Given Moment in Time

Let's face facts. Polarity/duality is a fact of life. Physical life that is. But you can transcend the dark and shadowy sides of this tangible reality, should you choose to.

To DO that, uncommon actions must be taken...first

The first "uncommon action" that MUST be taken, is Accepting Responsibility for everything that comes into your reality. And I do mean ALL of it...regardless.

For reasons we'll be covering soon, that's a difficult (if not a "seemingly impossible) undertaking for most. Perhaps the biggest reason WHY is because most have no idea of how life comes to it truly comes to be.

Let's look at that briefly.

Science has clearly proven that EVERYTHING...and I do mean EVERYTHING that exists, is really nothing more or less than energy (aka Light) which vibrates at varying frequencies.

If you learned to and view life and yourself as MOST do, that can be a stretch to believe, let alone fathom. But it's FACT.

While MOST humans see themselves as "meat suits" and define themselves as "human beings", although partially "true", what makes the "meat suit" that you inhabit possible and able to function, is energy or "light." The thoughts you think, the emotions you experience, the beliefs you hold are also ALL energy or "light."

As such, we consistently emit and project our own unique energy or "light" consistently. Because we are "individuals", we've each acquired our own beliefs, think varying thoughts, do different things and experience a vast array of different results. These "individual factors" are determined by the kind and quality of "frequency" that we emit and project.

Those frequencies that YOU project as an individual, make you unique. You are unique and there's no one EXACTLY like you. What makes you unique is the frequency that you constantly emit and project, via your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

No 2 individuals DO that in EXACTLY the same way. There is ALWAYS a "difference" although the degree in which it's different than another can be hard to "see or witness" initially.

The point is you ARE unique in some way, shape or form.

Just as you have your own unique personal frequency, the same holds true for us as a collective people. Collectively, we consistently emit and project a frequency that consists of the sum total of the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and action of the whole of humanity.

That frequency, whether individually or collectively, determines the events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in our lives and the world at large.

Everything taking place in your life or the world, ranging from the seemingly miraculous to the "tangibly horrific", is nothing more than a matter of individual and/or collective choice.

Since it is a matter of "choice", it's also a matter of individual and collective responsibility to change and transform whatever we see as dark and shadowy, into what we desire to see.

We don't HAVE to, but we CAN. We have that ability. ALL of us do.

The FACT is, our realities reveal, in tangible and measurable form, what we as individuals, and as a collective species of "humans", are choosing to BE, do, or NOT do.

NOT doing is actually impossible. You can't possibly not do any more than you can NOT BE. We're ALL BEING and DOING something, ALWAYS. Yet what MOST are BEING and DOING goes against, conflicts with, and oftentimes sabotages the very things we hope, wish, pray for and "claim to WANT", all the while "claiming" that we don't want to see, do, or experience that.

Yet as much as we "don't want to", we continue DOING it anyway and remain where most "choose" to remain..."seeking, hoping, wishing and praying, all the while, WANTING better results.

The Power of a Reality Check can eliminate any want from your life. It can in fact, ensure that you NEVER want for anything, EVER again.

But it's also going to reveal the importance of becoming "keenly aware" of the FACT, that, there are things that MUST BE done; things that YOU MUST do to create the desired changes, which, ironically or not, MOST "choose" to remain unaware of and as a result, never get done.

One of the biggest and most fundamental things, is realizing the FACT, that there's more to reality than meets the eye.

That holds true in the tangible and measurable reality we call life. There's much going on in this world we exist within and the "intangible reality" that few are aware of, misunderstand and/or misinterpret.

First let's take an "uncommon look" at what's taking place and relate it to the "tangible reality" that we call life.

The immutable, unwavering and never erring FACT is, when it comes to this tangible and measurable world that we call reality, as we move through life, polarity/duality is everywhere.

There are awesome, amazing and life enhancing things unfolding all around us, just as there are horrific, dark and ugly things that degrade, suppress and even destroy life.

That's life and that's NEVER going to change, regardless of how much you, I or anyone else might "want it to." We simply cannot and NEVER will be able to change the fact that polarity/duality is, always has been and always will be a very real part of life.

There are 1 of 2 choices we can make though, which DOES eliminate duality from our own lives. We'll be looking at, learning about and discovering more about these 2 choices and HOW to consistently "choose" the best way for HAVING a life that MOST are wanting, hoping for, wishing they could have and are always seeking.

It's VERY IMPORTANT to take it a step at a time, but be assured, if you'll "choose" to DO that, you'll become a "master" at DOING what "truly needs to be done" and the order in which it MUST be done in, as we progress through The Power of a Reality Check.

Before we do, let's take a look at what we'll be referring to as the "intangible reality".

There's another side to reality that MOST don't see as being "real." It isn't tangible and measurable at all, yet that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that it isn't every bit as real as this tangible and measurable reality we exist within.

You can't SEE your breath, can you? But it's "real" though right? You can't SEE your thoughts and beliefs, but they're real aren't they? You can't SEE cold or hot air, but you CAN experience the difference can't you?

The same applies to life. There is an "unseen realm" that determines how your life and life as we know it as a collective people becomes real. There are many labels that we use to define that. HOWEVER you "choose" to define it is immaterial and not nearly as important as many "think" it is. Regardless of the many beliefs we hold or the labels we use, this "unseen realm" is very real. You can't see, hear, feel, taste or touch this "unseen" space with your 5 physical human senses, but it's there. The fact is, it's all around you.

More than around you, it's within you, it's outside of you and it exists far beyond where or what any "human" can possibly conceive or imagine.

It's VERY real and SEEING it as and for what it "truly is" is a VITAL part of becoming a "Conscious Master of Life."

It's this "very real" intangible place, where it all begins. In this "place", polarity/duality doesn't form that is.

It doesn't, only because in this unseen, non-observable state, it's all energy or "light."

The potential FOR IT to take form exists, but polarity/duality of size, shape and form that we experience as humans, doesn't.

Yet it's because of what we're choosing to BE and DO, as "humans", on both an individual and collective scale, which enables and allows a host of "dark, shadowy, ugly, less than desired things" to become and continue to remain real in our reality....even though we resist, avoid, run away from it and consistently "claim" we don't WANT it in our lives.

That applies in our individual lives, just as it it applies to ALL of us, as a global people, on a collective scale.

The potential for BOTH, the awesome and horrific, exists there in this "intangible" place. In fact, the non-conceivable, unimaginable and incomprehensible number of things which ARE there in this intangible place; what scientists often refer to as "an Infinite number of probabilities", DO actually reside in what they refer to as "the field." This "infinite number of things exist as "potential outcomes"...but on this intangible side of reality, nothing reveals itself, or becomes anything, (whether AWESOME or horrific) unless and until it's "conceived, imagined and thought" into being.

It's then that, whatever we choose to conceive, imagine, think of and focus on most, transmutes from non-form, takes form and becomes "the mirrored image" of whatever we ourselves "choose" to conceive, imagine, think of and focus on.

It ALL begins in our mind's eye, yet contrary to much airy fairy "New Age" nonsense, it doesn't end's a very IMPORTANT part of a bigger process to become aware of, but it isn't, never has been and is never going to be the Whole Process.

The choice of us as individuals and as a collective people determines the "form" it takes whether awesome and life enhancing or horrific and life depleting.

But it all BEGINS there in this "intangible place." Since it ALL begins there, doesn't it make rational and logical sense that, learning and understanding more about this "unseen" place is (or at least should be) our starting point, if we're sincere and serious about changing our tangible reality for the better?

Then, what we DO (or don't do) with that, by way of ACTION, determines the kind, quality and quantity of whatever it might be that we experience in this "tangible reality."

The Power of a Reality Check takes the big picture view that it does, so it might enable and allow you to become "keenly aware" of and SEE both realities (the tangible and the intangible) as and for what they "truly are."

Here's the thing though. In actuality, the word "both" misrepresents these "seemingly separate" places.

It misrepresents them, because they are, in fact, one and the same place.

Since MOST are "unable" to conceive, let alone SEE that, we'll look at and refer to them as "separate" for a time. We'll explore, look at, dissect and address them "separately as well. Doing that will enable and allow you to SEE just how "together they are", and HOW both determine what we experience in life...the profound, the AWESOME, the ugly, the "seemingly horrific" and EVERYTHING in between.

Since the dialogue that follows, in this 1st segment begins with the tangible and measurable aspects of reality, looking at and becoming more "conscious and aware" about this tangible side of reality, where good, bad, right, wrong, awesome, horrific and an infinite number of "opposites" exists, let's begin by being very upfront, honest, forthright and real.

To HAVE What's Awesome and Good, You Must Face, Become Aware of, Acknowledge, Accept and at the Same Time KNOW How to MOST Effectively Eliminate What's Not, So You Can Actually
DO Something About It in a "Conscious" Kind of Way

Due to a literally infinite number of perspectives we "humans" hold about life, success, ourselves and how to best navigate our life paths, what follows in the Power of a Reality Check definitely isn't going to "resonate" with everyone.

But, aside from the literally infinite number of "individual beliefs and perspectives we "humans" hold onto and support, it IS for everyone who's sincere and serious about transformation of an uncommon kind.

When I say "uncommon kind", I'm referring to the kind that provides tangible and measurable results, a kind, quality and quantity of which, far exceeds what most can possibly conceive or imagine.

The ONLY reason WHY though, is because MOST are conceiving and imagining "less."...although for very good reason, which we'll be taking a very close look at soon.

Well be looking at this tangible side of reality in an individual and collective kind of way, meaning how and why we can each experience either common or uncommon results in our own lives individually, as well as experience the same, as a collective people, on a global scale.

Let's begin with the "uncommon" kind.

We'll be referring to these "uncommon results" as All Level Success.

To experience this form of "All Level Success" individually, it's going to require an "uncommon degree" of sincerity and seriousness on your part.

The sincere and serious part is important, because it requires you, DOING 5 things.

These 5 things are...

  1. Becoming "keenly aware" of what's happening and how it happens

  2. Facing and SEEING reality as and for what it truly is

  3. Acknowledging and Accepting it just as it is (just for now)

  4. Making the necessary inner changes to experience "uncommon" external results that you prefer to see.

  5. Doing it ALL in a way that is EXTREMELY pleasurable, yet which MOST believe to be illogical, irrational, impossible and/or have no idea that they can actually do such a thing

Knowing about these 5 things isn't enough. Doing these 5 things enables and allows us as individuals to BE "Conscious Masters of Life", so we can begin DOING and HAVING a kind and quality of life, that's more aligned and harmonized with what EVERYONE "claims" to WANT...whatever that is.

The same "probability" (or if you prefer, possibility) exists for us as a "collective people." The fact is, it WILL happen, should we ever become unified and begin working toward a common goal which requires DOING these VERY SAME 5 things on a collective scale.

Those who DO it will and those who choose NOT to do it won't...period.

That may sound crazy, but it IS that simple and you CAN become a "Conscious Master of Life" and experience All Level precisely that way...once you KNOW how.

It all begins by being willing to become aware of, understand and see reality differently than most do, which ironically, is what most "Unconscious Masters", won't "slow down" long enough to get done.

Although nearly everyone "claims" to WANT to experience a better, more wholesome, healthier, wealthier and more fulfilling reality, as individuals and as a collective species, we believe, think and do MANY things that "conflict with", rather than align and harmonize with the tangible creation of that.

Kind of "crazy" don't you think? More than "crazy"'s's insanity actually.

As "true as that is, it's what most EVERYONE is doing and continues to do, which keeps them from SEEING, understanding and DOING what NEEDS TO BE done to transform things.

There's a reason why most don't do it though, even though we ALL want to. This reason escapes "common logic and reason", which is where the whole crazy problem of being, doing and having "less than we desire" begins.

Let's look at the surface level "ineffective stuff", that MOST see as important, so we can move to the "deeper, more effective and transformationally significant "stuff" which MOST think is not.

In today's world, we hear A LOT about positivity, opportunity, making it happen, etc. etc. But, as positive as we may feel at times, as much as we "seek out" opportunity and as much as we'd LOVE to "make it happen", for very good reason, it's more often than not, nothing more than a "fleeting" thing.

In many cases, we've learned about the importance of BEING these "things" and because we've learned that, we often try to "fake it." We pretend that we're positive, that we're ALL about seeking out and tackling opportunities, that we're "make it happens" folks, yet we're only pretending.

We talk the talk, but we don't walk the walk.

An insight, inspiration, thought or idea enters the minds of many one moment, hour, or day, only to be gone the next...till next time.

The cycle repeats itself over and over and over again...for MANY, their entire lives.

We end up going back to thinking and DOING the same ole, same ole and find ourselves right back where we started...hoping, wishing, praying and WANTING greater results.

The WHY behind it, isn't as mysterious or complex as you might think. In fact, it's profoundly simple. There's also a very logical reason as to WHY that happens.

It's a form of "invisible resistance" that causes that and MOST never discover what that resistance is, where it resides, let alone where it truly comes from.

The Power of a Reality Check not only reveals what it is, it will assist you in eliminating it from your life...for good.

Although The Power of a Reality Check may not resonate with and be for everyone, it is for those who are willing to FULLY COMMIT and "GET SERIOUS" about transformation.

GETTING SERIOUS entails having a "sincere desire" to play a bigger game than MOST do. This "bigger game" entails a "sincere willingness" to serve the world and yourself, and do so in such a way that you might experience and EXPERIENCE an All Level form of Success, which only a small percentage do and perhaps ever will.

What's the difference between "experience" and "EXPERIENCE?"

The difference is BIG. Infinitely BIG in fact.

To experience means going through life, limited to seeing and experiencing the reality that surrounds us as most a very limited physical and finite kind of way...meaning, not able to see beyond the tangible and measurable events, conditions and circumstances unfolding all around us.

To EXPERIENCE life, on the other hand, means to SEE, Understand and KNOW in an indescribable kind of way, what's truly possible and available, what our "human life experience" is truly about, KNOWING what our individual purpose is, and how to "best" choose and "masterfully navigate" the infinite number of tangible paths we have to choose from, in the most effective and efficient way, with the greatest possible outcome, in the allotted time that we have.

That may sound "crazy" or "seem" unclear right now. If it does, hang with me and "hopefully" you'll SEE for yourself, that it's not as "crazy" as you (and many others) might think.

I don't mind telling you, it all sounded VERY crazy to me until I discovered and EXPERIENCED just how rational, logical and AWESOMELY transformational it is.

The fact is, more and more everyday, people from around the globe are discovering first hand, just how REAL, possible, powerful, and ALL Level Transformational, moving from experience to EXPERIENCE is.

What they're discovering is HOW to transform from BEING an "Unconscious Master of Life" to "Conscious, On Purpose Masters."

The same is possible for you and I'll reveal why and how it is soon. But first, allow me to tell you how I KNOW it's more than just possible, but highly probable...and in fact CERTAIN for those who will "GET SERIOUS" and actually DO what's necessary.

No worries. It's all quite simple. But before I reveal how simple it is, I'll share how I came to KNOW that.

The Power of a Reality Check is based on more than 4 decades of intense research and study, nearly 6 decades of "been there done that" experience, with results ranging from those which "seemed" horrific, terrifying and maddening, to those which were Infinitely Grand, awe inspiring, unforgettable and profoundly illuminating...well beyond what human words can describe.

Put another way, I've personally experienced what's often labeled as horrific, as well as what's viewed and labeled as the divinely miraculous

To say it's been quite a ride is an understatement.

The most recent years of that ride, became AMAZING, once I discovered the "invisible resistance" I've mentioned, and DID what's necessary to eliminate it, once and for all.

It existed in 2 forms and required becoming "aware of" and dealing with BOTH, before the Awesomely Grand EXPERIENCES could happen consistently.

Those 2 forms of resistance I became aware of are...

  1. The "dark and self limiting resistance" within myself

  2. The "dark and self limiting resistance" in the world which kept me looking at, focusing on, judging and labeling all the ugliness and less than desired things, which created, yet at the same time, "blinded me" to the resistance that I eventually found "within myself."

Becoming "aware of", acknowledging and DOING something about this "internal form of resistance" is what enabled and allowed things (really AWESOME things) to transform and escalate from the mundane, average and seemingly horrific, to the divinely miraculous, "crazy fast."

Before this ride became AWESOME and AMAZING though, I discovered and decided to learn more about the difference between experiencing life as MOST do and EXPERIENCING it in the way it CAN be EXPERIENCED, which sadly, MOST are unaware of HOW to do and as a result, don't believe they can.

It took me a LOT of years to "figure that out."

Through it all, what I've discovered, is the fact that, in my own life, the less than desired outcomes happened as a result of BEING in a place of extreme fear, sadness and perceived destitution and MOST of the "Infinitely Grand" experiences stemmed from BEING in a state of joy, profound assurance and KNOWING that "all is well"...regardless.

You could say the diversity in my own life stemmed from my choice to pretend, hide and wear a mask, which could be considered, to a degree, embracing a "fear based", poverty mindset.

The Infinitely Grand EXPERIENCES happened as the result of moving into a place of total transparency and authenticity, which can, to the same degree, be viewed as a prosperity mindset.

But it takes courage to DO uncommon amount for reasons we'll be looking closely at soon.

What's quite amazing though, equally miraculous and hopefully reassuring to you, is the FACT that even our "lowest and darkest points" in life, where despair and a sense of hopelessness exists, those "less than pleasant" times, can serve as the catalyst which moves us into a place where, even the "most seemingly horrific" times, can quickly transform into what we call Infinitely Grand...sometimes in the "blink of an eye."

I mean that both literally and figuratively. That will become clearer and clearer should you "choose" to read The Power of a Reality Check in it's entirety.

In hindsight, it's so clear as to how and why ALL of that happened. When the BIG things happened...I was by myself. I had no one present to "pretend" to and any positivity, make it happen and all is well masks I wore when someone was present, came off.

In spite of the "appearance of things", that combined with something else I'll be sharing, enabled and allowed BIG things to happen...what many call "miraculous" things.

The same CAN happen for you. The FACT is, the same can happen for anyone who chooses to face reality, remove all the masks and allow it to happen.

That's when Infinitely Grand things begin taking place and showing up in "seemingly miraculous" ways...consistently.

That's what The Power of a Reality Check is all about...transformation of the most desirable, pleasing and seemingly miraculous spite of the ugliness and many dark events that we have witnessed, are witnessing or may witness at some point in the future.

The same applies in our lives just as it does in the world at large.

But to experience that "transformation" in the way most want to, it requires facing the dark, shadowy, ugly and sometimes "scary" truth. The truth is, here in this tangible and measurable reality we call life, polarity is a force that MUST be acknowledged. We MUST also "accept the FACT" that there are many dark, shadowy and sinister things happening, all over the world, that MOST refuse to become aware of, let alone face.

In much the same way, there is a dark and shadowy side that exists within OURSELVES...each and every one of us. It's equally true that MOST won't face, or acknowledge that either.

And that's a BIG PART of why we see and experience so many events, conditions and circumstances that we call "problems."

Becoming aware of, acknowledging and doing something about these "less than pleasant things" that MOST won't face, must be dealt with FIRST.

The Power of a Reality Check covers that a way and a depth, that MOST hide from, refuse to look at, or become aware of.

That's where COURAGE comes in and plays a MAJOR role in our individual, as well as collective, transformation process.

But unless and until we discover the "importance" of it, we simply don't and won't DO what's necessary to SEE just how important it is, or how transformational it can be.

The Power of a Reality Check will reveal that.

More importantly, (or at least equally important) The Power of a Reality Check will provide those seeking answers to life's most complex questions, with the no nonsense reasons (and answers) as to how and why "hard knocks", mediocrity and even "seemingly horrific" outcomes, are needed and necessary to BECOME what we're more than capable of becoming.

Point being, even the "seemingly horrific" outcomes, serve a Higher Purpose and can be completely transformed into a Grand Lesson that moves us ever closer toward a profoundly fulfilling quality of life...regardless.

It doesn't stop there. The Power of a Reality Check also addresses and answers a question (a number of them actually) that MANY in today's world have either asked themselves or others, yet are still "seeking" an answer to.

One of the most common questions I'm personally asked by those who are, and/or have been seeking an "All Level Form of Success", (with little to no "success") is...

"How is it possible to DO what's necessary to attain success, juggle the "must do's" in life, remain in a place of peace, assurance and certainty, serve others in a way that's meaningful and fulfilling, while coming up against obstacle after obstacle?"

As I always say...

That's a GREAT question...and the answer isn't as "difficult or complex" as MANY think...although it CAN (and often does) require much pain and a number of "hard knocks" before we choose to SEE that.

It doesn't HAVE to come to that, but it often does.

But the ONLY reason WHY it does, is because, although we've learned how hard and complex life is, the ANSWER which CAN turn it all around, is VERY VERY simple.

By the same token, the answer isn't what most WANT to hear. But it's what EVERYONE who isn't already aware of it, NEEDS to not only hear, but DO something with, IF they're serious about experiencing and EXPERIENCING the kind of All Level Success that we ALL can.

It's also something EVERYONE must accept and DO too, if they ever hope to reach the "uncommon and extraordinary levels of success" that so many "claim" they want to experience.

But the "invisible resistance" I mentioned earlier MUST BE dealt with FIRST...PERIOD...NO short cuts allowed. They ARE "allowed", but attempting to "short cut" the process, will never enable and allow you to reach and experience the amazing quality of life that we can ALL EXPERIENCE.

Back to the "how is it possible" question, I'm often asked...

The 2 word answer to this often asked question, or any other, is education and knowledge...a very specialized kind, that addresses a number of topics, faces a number of "real life issues" head on, deals with the "invisible resistance" that we ALL possess, yet isn't taught in any of today's government funded (and controlled) educational systems.

The Power of A Reality Check Condenses the Best of the Best Education and Knowledge for Achieving Real, All Level and Lasting Success (Tangible and Intangible) into One Handy, Easy to Understand Resource

The Power of a Reality Check isn't the be all, end all answer to providing EVERYTHING you WANT in life.

But it DOES provide THE Answer that CAN. The education and knowledge that leads you to this Answer, will prove to be a game changer for those who are "sincere and serious" about getting and applying the education and knowledge that I personally KNOW to be necessary.

Whether you know it and feel the same...or up to you...entirely.

The Education and Knowledge That Follows Isn't Mine, It Isn't New and It MOST DEFINITELY Isn't a Secret, Yet MOST Spend Their Entire Lives Seeking it Out and Trying to Find It

It's ironic in a sense, that so many "seek it" and find it difficult to find.

This education and knowledge is EVERYWHERE and what's more, it's timeless.

Since it is "timeless", it's been EVERYWHERE for a VERY LONG time, even prior to the "wise ones" since antiquity who taught it.

Chuck Danes - Wisdom vs Knowledge

Yet many spend their entire lives "looking for it", in the hopes of putting the pieces of the life puzzle together in a way that works for them.

There are "some" very loving, caring, compassionate and "uncommonly wise" people in the world who are keenly aware of this education and knowledge. And they use it.

Some "claim" to know it, say they understand it, and maybe they really do. But they don't do anything with it.

There are MANY who want to know it, but claim they don't have the time to acquire it.

Then there are many who simply don't believe that such knowledge exists.

There are also MANY very wise, caring, empathetic and compassionate "teachers" who KNOW, first hand, the kind of Real Power this form of education and knowledge yields. And it's this "uncommon breed" who DO their best to provide the "Real Answers" to those who are "seeking" what MOST believe to be "unanswerable questions", yet who are still seeking and earnest even, about finding these answers.

Yet sadly, they're far fewer in number than those who teach what can be best described as a very limited "worldly approach", or on the other end of the spectrum, an airy fairy approach to life and success.

One doesn't "work" at all. The other provides "limited forms" of temporary "worldly success." But the bottom line is, neither works in providing an All Level form of Real Success which many hope, wish and pray for.

What's the difference between "worldly success" and Real Success?

The education and knowledge which follows, will answer that question in graphic detail and in a very uncommon, comprehensive kind of way.

It's very specialized and not commonly acquired, for many reasons, not the least of which, is because it's different than, and in some ways, flies in the face of the common, one size fits all, forms of education that most everyone receives.

That "common form" of education isn't "timeless" and has only been in place for a very short time, (100 years or so) yet many in today's world blindly place a "much higher value" on it than they do the "timeless" kind.

Because of that, we live in a world that, for the most part, seeks out and celebrates tangible, finite forms of power and prestige; yet most overlook the importance (or are unwilling to learn about and apply) the kind of "knowledge and education that enables us to reach and EXPERIENCE true mastery.

So, to say it's not just any commonly accepted form of education and knowledge, but rather the kind that's "truly needed" for achieving and EXPERIENCING Real Success in life, is more "true" than MOST are aware of, or are willing to see and accept.

The best and most on target education for achieving Real Mastery and attaining Real Success, is called "Self Education."

This form of "Self Education" has 4 facets, the kind and quality of which are MUCH different than MOST are receiving, all the while "believing" that WHAT they're receiving is all that's necessary.

These 4 facets I'm referring to are...

  1. Educating yourself about WHO you "truly are", the inherent gifts that you already have and what you're "truly" capable of achieving in life

  2. Understanding the "true nature" of Source (however you label and define That) and how this One Source provides" the desires of the heart (or the opposite) to you, me and everyone else...unconditionally

  3. Understanding the importance of serving the world, while at the same time choosing and doing it in such a way that serves yourself and then actually DOING something about it, in precisely that way to ensure that it get's done

  4. Unlearning what limits us, keeps us "blinded to" and from DOING all of the above, which needlessly keeps us from "true mastery" and from EXPERIENCING "All Level Success."

It all begins by becoming self aware, recognizing and not depending solely on the limited forms of education that our social, political and a number of "man made" religious structures have the masses "believing" to be the needed, necessary and often "thought of" as, valuable forms of education that are necessary.

It's not limited to these institutions and venues though.

By the same token there are MANY "skilled marketers" out there in the self help/personal development world, disguised as "gurus" and "law of attraction teachers" who are really nothing more than masterful, yet manipulative "copywriters."

They're quite easy to spot, because what they "write about" and convey is limited to what they know people WANT to hear.

They come off as, and claim to be "experts", yet they're doing nothing more than capitalizing on those in less than desirable situations.

Those who honestly and sincerely desire to become "truly" successful, yet who have learned to seek and get their "knowledge and education" in the way that "most do", via depending on people and things in the world "out there", are those who pay the high price, via struggle, pain, discouragement and disappointment.

There IS a way to bypass all the lies, deceit, deceptive practices and "wrong advice" that many in the world have us believing is "the way" to achieve at the levels that everyone "desires" to.

Although we'll be addressing and covering A LOT of "outside stuff", ultimately The Power of a Reality Check will reveal the importance of going inside and connecting DIRECTLY with Source...which we ALL can.

That's what The Power of a Reality Check is and extremely valuable and uncommon form of education derived from a very "specialized" form of knowledge that took walking this planet for 58 plus years to acquire and share.

This "knowledge" is referred to by many who KNOW and have personally EXPERIENCED it's power, as a "Higher Truth."

That's my "personal choice" of labels. You call it whatever feels best to you. Labels don't matter. Desired results do...both the intangible AND the tangible and measurable kind.

Higher Truth Addresses and Applies to ALL Facets of Life...Physical, Financial, Relational, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

The Power of a Reality Check takes a multi-level and uncommonly comprehensive look at life, the human condition, success and what's often viewed as failure, on a number of "levels."

It deals with the polarity/duality that is, like it or not, a very real part of "physical life" and how to keep it's effects at a minimum in YOUR life.

More than that, it provides the answer to ANY question you've ever had...if you're willing to remain open, attentive, listen, learn, SEE, HEAR and DO what's necessary.

After personally "trying" many processes, techniques, methodologies and resources, far too great in number to list here, I can assure you, it's a very important and highly effective approach to life that's extremely uncommon.

Yet, taken seriously and consistently applied, it's an approach that will enable and allow YOU (or anyone else for that matter) to experience a quality of life that you can call All Level AWESOME.

We'll be looking at and exploring what many call the rational, logical and practical aspects of life that are tangible and measurable in nature, as well as the spiritual/metaphysical aspects, which are seldom seen or understood as the "Unified facets of Life" that they truly are.

I personally believe, that's why "All level success is so uncommon" in today's world, even though we exist in an age where a "truly liberating and totally freeing" form of success is not only POSSIBLE for, but readily available to exceptions.

Since I've chosen The Power of a Reality Check as the title for the dialogue that follows, let's begin by being VERY "down to earth", grounded and REAL.

As you'll quickly discover, should you decide to go through this, as well as future segments of The Power of a Reality Check, my personal approach to enhancing quality of life, doing what I can to elevate the human condition and moving through the process that must be undergone to achieve Real Success, is unique.

Very much so.

You'll learn more about and perhaps SEE just how true that is, soon enough.

One of many factors that make my approach unique, is that I'm very direct and candid. That's a vitally important part of the process and because of that, I'll be especially direct and candid as we move through what follows.

You could say, and will clearly see as we move forward, I pull no punches

It's a MUST that I do that, simply because there are so many diverse perspectives regarding life, success as well as the reality we exist within.

Doing anything less than being direct and candid, leaves margin for error and misunderstanding. To reach the heights that CAN BE reached by understanding and applying what The Power of a Reality Check reveals, some (and often many) of the less than effective perspectives we humans have regarding ourselves, life, others, and whatever The Source of our understanding might be, must be shifted, enhanced and elevated to an "uncommon" level.

You may discover that, much of what you currently "think you know" must be discarded altogether. That's a discovery, a choice and a decision only you can determine the need and importance of.

While occasional errors are a given in life, and missteps are almost certain, any misunderstanding about what enables and allows life to become "All Level Awesome"...even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant, MUST BE eliminated from the minds of those who are truly seeking the answers and solutions that enable them to Fully EXPERIENCE the kind of Real, All Level Success that we all CAN.

There's one exception to that "rule", which we'll cover in a future segment. I call it The Answer of All Answers. I do because, as I discovered first hand, regardless of how chaotic life can seem, aside from how scrambled and busy someone's mind might be, and regardless of what beliefs someone might hold, this Answer of All Answers transforms things.

I'm very committed to those who are "sincere and serious" about creating change, as those who have chosen to read, enjoy and benefit from my "work" for any time at all, already know.

In fact, I'm so committed and passionate about what I do, I have what many see as a flaw. I'm not ashamed to reveal and am actually quite grateful for what many "perceive to be" a flaw.

As flawed and crazy as it may seem to many, it's this...

I do the best I'm able to be all things to all people.

You'll learn more about why I do that and why it's often perceived as a "flaw" in a future segment. You'll also better understand why I'm extremely grateful for having this "flaw", even though, many see it as a flaw or not the best way to approach my desire to serve.

I don't see it that way personally. I see it as giving EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt who has a sincere desire to create meaningful and lasting change in their life, yet may not be aware of HOW to DO that, or in many cases, that they actually can.

The reason WHY most don't, is simply because they are unaware and oblivious to the FACT that their IS an answer to EVERY question and a solution to EVERY "perceived problem", DOES exist.

And most can't SEE that, which on the one hand isn't their fault, yet on the other is their responsibility to see, accept and change.

They cannot find or see the solution, of course, simply because they're convinced it's not there.

But it's a lie masked and disguised as truth. But it's a "learned truth", which can be and MUST be "unlearned"

That's also WHY it's very important that I'm very direct and candid. Because MANY people show up here, with varying views, beliefs and perspectives, that conflict with the attainment of Real Success, which only serves to keep them from it.

I'm NOT here to "change" anyone or FIX the world. I am here to educate and EMPOWER those who "truly desire" to BE empowered and EXPERIENCE an All Level Form of Success.

In many cases though, these same "people" who I desire that for, feel the need to debate, argue and sometimes get extremely angry, because their views and perspectives don't align and harmonize with mine.

I don't engage in such dialogue simply because of a reason I've mentioned. I LOVE and care about all people to the degree that I accept, enable and allow everyone to think, believe and do whatever they choose.

I'm not here to convince, flatter, debate, impress, stir dissension, or argue with ANYONE and I DON'T do that, because it only detracts from remaining "laser focused" on fulfilling my purpose.

Yet nonetheless, that's what some "want" and feel the need to do...regardless.

Attempting to be all things to those who "choose" to do that, would be self sabotaging. To do so would go against and slow the process of fulfilling what I'm so committed to and passionate about and I WILL NOT do that..."EVER."

Point being, a very upfront, direct and candid approach about EVERYTHING is VERY important for some, although it MAY NOT be necessary for you. If that's the case, please forgive my candidness, and do your best to understand, what I convey, share and DO, in the Power of a Reality Check as well as ALL my work, goes WAY beyond you.

You may find that to be very is, and for VERY good reason.

It's not because I'm mean, angry, short tempered or anything of the sort. In fact, if we met face to face, you'd quickly see, I love a good laugh, totally enjoy and appreciate all facets of life and I absolutely LOVE having fun...and a LOT of it.

I also love people...ALL people, although there are those who I encounter from time to time, who, after a time, I MUST choose to move away from and love from a distance.

Unfortunately, due to the numbers of people I reach, I have to do that all the time.

I utilize the approach I do in my "work" because I care and I KNOW it's powerfully effective. When I SAY I care, I mean it. I deeply care about our world, you, your success and doing everything in my power to ensure that you achieve whatever your idea of success might be.

Ultimately though, aside from how much I care or what I provide in the way of answers and solutions, only YOU can choose that for yourself.

I take what I do very seriously. I also hold myself to a very high standard and accept nothing less from those who I reach, teach, serve, associate and work with.

As much as I love people, at the same time, I understand the importance and power of "loving myself enough to love myself enough."

Because I "choose to DO that"...regardless, I have little patience or tolerance for whiners, moaners, complainers or those with entitlement mentalities. I choose not to work or surround myself with those who need coddled, nurtured, babied, are looking for sympathy, handouts, are always making "excuses", or feel they are victims of the choices or actions of others.

That would only keep me from "connecting with and assisting" the MANY people in today's world who are "sincere and serious" about creating change and I quickly disconnect from those who choose such an approach.

I refer to those kinds of people as "energy vampires."

I especially have no tolerance for those who write to me when I offer "fee based" tools and resources that I KNOW are beneficial, which DO and always will require an "exchange of value" to acquire, just because someone with a VERY LIMITED viewpoint, "expects" everything to be FREE and "given" to them.

That's what I describe as an entitlement mentality and I have ZERO...absolutely ZERO tolerance for that.

The reason I do, has to do with me and those who choose such an approach...and MANY...ESPECIALLY those who "call themselves" spiritually minded people DO THAT ALL the time.

Let's clear the air in a very direct, candid and empowering way...

I understand that many need a "hand up" which is why I give and contribute MUCH to this world in the way I do. Yet because I do, there are those who fail to "see beyond themselves" and/or their "learned and limited views" enough, to understand that this is my "work" and because I spend most of my waking hours doing this "work", it's also necessary to "receive" the necessary TANGIBLE resources to live and continue to provide what I FREELY give via my "chosen work."

At the conclusion of the Power of A Reality Check, you'll be provided the "opportunity" to decide or not, to acquire some of these "fee based" tools and resources I'm referring to.

Those who feel entitled, have a "what's in it for me" mentality and/or believe I, someone else, the world, the universe, or God, owes them something, have a difficult time seeing and accepting why I do that.

What they often overlook is the fact that their "choice" to believe, think, say, or do something, that aligns and harmonizes with "You OWE me something"...ANYTHING at all...sets them up for future disappointment.

If you have any notion that I or anyone else OWES you something, then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF, to unlearn and shed the entitlement mentality that will keep whatever it is you feel "entitled to", from you.

You most definitely owe to yourself to RELEARN that abundance, prosperity and All Level Success is a birthright and how vitally important it is to RELEARN that IF you're ever to draw to yourself the infinite amounts of abundance and prosperity that are available to you.

It's more than a "spiritual concept", it has a scientifically validated "reason" behind WHY it ALWAYS works that way.

Those who "choose" to go through life with the idea and intention of GETTING without GIVING, sabotage any possibility of GETTING what's "truly important."

One BIG reason is because unless an "exchange of value" is required of those who receive it, little to no value is placed on it, in the minds of those are always getting "free stuff."

Nothing in life is FREE and there's a price to be paid for everything in one way or another. The price that MUST be paid to achieve and EXPERIENCE an All Level Form of Success, includes, but isn't limited to, learning, understanding and taking the necessary "time" to learn and DO what's "truly necessary" to receive what EVERYONE is looking for.

By the same token, I understand that everyone has to start somewhere, so I do what I'm able to provide a VERY LARGE number of "complimentary resources" which took more than 10 years of my own time to provide and I am "tolerant" of a few of those other "less than desirable" attributes I've mentioned for a time...a short time.

In another segment, we'll cover a bit more about all of that and WHY it's important to me, you and everyone else in this world to GIVE and/or Contribute first, so you might actually "receive" whatever it might be that you "truly desire" in life.

The one sentence reason and explanation for the dialogue above is this...

Due to the fact that many years ago, I realized the importance of surrounding myself with ONLY those that elevate and empower, and avoid like the plague, those who choose to bitch, whine, moan, complain, have self righteous attitudes and/or expect the world to GIVE them something without seeing the need and importance of "giving" and/or contributing first, I "choose" to love those folks from a distance.

Like it or not, there are many people in today's world (most actually) who do just that at varying degrees. It's an approach that can only and does only, limit them from receiving the kind of desired results that they and so many others "claim" to WANT.

So there you have it...those are the boundaries I've established and that's what I DO...regardless and unconditionally. If you're sincere and serious about EXPERIENCING All Level Success, you might want to "carefully consider" establishing some similar boundaries for yourself.

That provides the big picture view about me, how I see things, WHY I do things the way I do, and what you CAN "expect" as we move forward through The Power of a Reality Check.

Whether and How The Power of a Reality Check Will Benefit You or Not is ENTIRELY Up To You and Only Dependent On, What You Do or Don't Do with the Education and Tools That Follow

Next let's take a brief look at WHO the Power of a Reality Check will benefit most and who, more than likely won't see or gain benefit.

As I said early on, The Power of a Reality Check is NOT for everyone.

It's not that EVERYONE can't, couldn't or won't gain enormous benefit, because at some point and to some degree, whether it be immediate, or at some point in the future, I believe that everyone that chooses to go through the material will benefit...even though, there are those that may not realize it.

Some won't ever realize the benefit, due to choices they have made, are making, or will make, which they refuse to acknowledge, accept responsibility for, see the limitation of and/or change. But the potential benefit exists...for EVERYONE.

To see and experience the benefit though, is going to require both DOING what's uncommon and STOP doing what MOST everyone else "chooses" to do, when things aren't going or don't go the way they "think" they should.

To HAVE What So Many WANT You Must DO What Few Will...and KEEP DOING That Until it Shows Up

There's a very simple and good reason why success is SO uncommon in today's world and according to many statistics, those who reach and experience what I refer to as an "All Level Form of Real Success, only applies to 1% (or less) of the human population.

What is that reason?

The 1% do what the other estimated 99% won't. What's more, they KEEP doing that, until they reach this "uncommon" place. I'm referring to doing what's truly necessary, which goes beyond being a "good person", going to church once or twice a week, dabbling in spiritual concepts, reading the quote of the day, thinking good thoughts and working hard.

That's as far as the majority of "seekers" go in their understanding and their actions. It's common and understandable though, because that's what we're "taught to do." But in spite of what many "think" is necessary, reaching the greatest heights and achievements, both materially and spiritually, requires a multi-level, multi-dimensional approach to and understanding of life, God, ourselves, others, which in turn, opens the floodgates, providing more than most people in the world can even conceive or imagine.

Yes, it's an uncommon, yet profoundly fulfilling approach to life...on ALL levels.

It requires doing the necessary "inner work" and the "outer work" too. Yet many "get stuck" via spending years on the "inner work" alone, although doing so is not "truly" necessary.

What IS necessary to shorten that time frame dramatically, is doing the "right kind" of "inner work" which The Power of a Reality Check will show you HOW to do.

As far as the "outer work", when it's done in a conscious, intentional and on purpose kind of way, even it doesn't feel like, or seem like work because, an important part of the process that I strongly encourage EVERYONE to engage in, entails working at what you love.

The fact is, when you engage in and DO what you truly love, it's never work. At least it doesn't "feel like" it.

Since There are MANY Varying Beliefs, Perspectives and Philosophies Regarding What "Works" and What Doesn't Work, Let's Address That Next

I KNOW based on "experience", that my unique approach works amazingly well.

I don't merely "teach" this approach. I live it, breathe it, walk it, talk it, share it with those who "truly desire to hear" and experience the benefits each and every day. There are MANY in the world who will (and often do) disagree with, or become offended by HOW I do things, some in whole and some in part, so let's get that out in the open, right upfront too.

Just in case I haven't made it "crystal clear" already, I'm not here to offend, only empower.

So, with that being "true", before we get started into all the Whos, HOWs, WHYs, Whats and Whens, that The Power of a Reality Check covers, allow me to disclose who "might" not appreciate what follows and/or might become offended, unless they're open, willing and receptive to change how they view things.

  1. If you have really thin skin, are extremely sensitive and easily offended when presented with constructive, caring, yet a very direct approach to achieving a highly sought after form of All Level Success, I'm probably not your guy.

  2. If you're looking for the 3 step magical process to transform your life, or you honestly believe that some "Lightening Fast, Push Button, 2 Step Process to Ease, Prosperity and Simplicity" is going to provide you with tangible and measurable results that so many in today's world WANT, The Power of a Reality Check isn't going to appeal to you.

  3. By the same token, if you consider yourself to be "spiritually wise" and uncommonly knowledgeable as it pertains to life, success, the human condition and/or holistic/metaphysical/spiritual concepts and principles, yet your fixated and stand firm on the idea that taking action and DOING what needs to be done to create tangible and measurable results, is limited to giving hugs and spreading "love and light", it's going to require, at the very least, a willingness on your part to reconsider.

  4. By the same token if you hold the notion that money and material resources aren't every bit as "spiritual" as your most awe inspiring encounters and experiences, or you honestly believe that material resources are "worldly evils" and/or not "needed or necessary" in life, although you CAN, and perhaps WILL find enormous benefit from The Power of a Reality Check, doing so is going to require a willingness to expand and stretch beyond your currently held, yet very limited, world view.

  5. If you honestly believe that simply "praying to God" is going to open the floodgates and shower you with everything your heart desires and you think that the "lack of receiving those things" when you do that, is because "It wasn't in God's will," you might want to strongly reconsider going forward...although doing so MIGHT transform your mind and your life.

  6. If you have the belief and intention that "money and stuff" is the Main Thing and is the be all, do all key to experiencing an extraordinary quality of life, on all levels, what follows "may not" be for you either.

If on the other hand you're open, willing, receptive and "truly ready" to create and experience an uncommon quality of life that "truly fulfills" you in both material and non-material ways, enabling and allowing you to SERVE the WORLD in a way that MOST can't, only because of HOW they see and DO things, you're going to LOVE and gain MUCH benefit from what follows.

The Power of a Reality Check Provides a Comprehensive View of What I KNOW to be Truly Necessary (Not Optional) to Create and Experience a Quality of Life That I Like to Call "All Level Overflowing on ALL Levels."

In other words, it applies to ALL aspects of life, both the tangible and the intangible and CAN provide an extremely "uncommon form" of abundance, prosperity and an indescribable sense of fulfillment for the serious student.

The benefits CAN also extend well beyond the "serious student" who it resonates with, via serving and enhancing quality of life for those that the "serious student" who uses and benefits from what follows, desires to reach, contribute to and serve.

The reason WHY I use this comprehensive approach, is simply because thoughts, beliefs and ideas, regardless of how loving and well intention-ed they might be, don't, in and of themselves provide tangible and measurable results that are a VERY REAL part of and MOST CERTAINLY "needed" in life.

Although I KNOW how important and powerful intention, attention and focus is, in creating extraordinary results, there's more to the "All Level Success" equation.

Let's use my "work" and company (Enlightened Journey Enterprises) as an example...

Enlightened Journey Enterprises became a "reality" in May of 2005 and soon after, the 1st edition of the Enlightened Journey Newsletter was sent out.

But it DIDN'T just "show up" in a beautiful little package, topped off with a fancy little bow and fall from the sky into my lap.

It began as an inspiration, developed into an idea, required some planning and preparation and DOING something with those preceding "thoughts and actions" followed. That's what enables and allows you and the millions of others it has served since, to see, learn and benefit from it...should you "choose" to.

Although there was MUCH Love, light and thought that formed the intention and the foundation of this endeavor, it required laser focused ACTION, consciously aligned and harmonized with that "intention", to make it a reality.

I did ALL of that for one very specific purpose, none of which has ANYTHING to do with hurting feelings, stepping on toes, or supporting any beliefs and perceptions that I KNOW fall short of achieving Real, ALL Level Success.

I can assure you it requires more than thinking good thoughts, spreading love and light, holding the right intention and creating a dream board, believing that is, in and of itself, enough to create a quality of life that is "all level" AWESOME.

It also requires more than asking (or pleading) with God to "get things handled.

What I've undertaken here in The Power of a Reality Check is being written to provide those who are seeking real, true and no nonsense answers and solutions, with what I personally KNOW to be, and like to refer to as, a Higher Truth.

Higher Truth applies equally to the physical realm as it does the unseen/metaphysical/spiritual realm.

I've discovered after enduring MANY YEARS of trial and error, hit and miss approaches and MUCH pain, that when you "consciously align" your "heartfelt desires" with Higher Truth via your "beliefs, thoughts, words and actions"....consistently, doing so provides extraordinary real world results, as well as the kind that make you feel all warm, fuzzy and sometimes even, giddy, on the inside.

That's the kind of Real Success that I hope to assist you in creating and EXPERIENCING, which I personally consider to be AWESOME.

To "get there" though, requires a willingness to DO what MOST won't. In fact it requires NOT DOING what MOST do.

It ALL begins with an "uncommonly comprehensive understanding" of how life works and WHY it works in the way it does.

That includes the warm, fuzzy and feel good stuff, as well as acknowledging the dark and shadowy aspects of life which are quite real, causing much pain, harming A LOT of people and doing MUCH destruction in this world.

The sad fact is, MOST people in this world are either unaware of the power of BOTH the real and the ethereal, completely misunderstand it, and/or "choose" to ignore one or the other.

I "get" HOW that can happen because I did JUST THAT personally for a very long time until I experienced unbearable pain and realized the importance of "changing my approach."

More about that in a future segment.

It was (and still is) my hope and intention that those who are "sincere and serious" about creating meaningful and lasting change in their own life, might learn, gain enormous benefit from and use my personal insights and the diverse range of life experiences which I freely share and write about, to illuminate their chosen paths through life.

That's why my "chosen title" for the company I founded and the newsletter both incorporate the name "Enlightened Journey."

While I don't personally believe that anyone "needs to be" Enlightened, as MOST perceive and define the word, for reasons we'll be covering in great detail soon, many are seeking a Higher Truth that provides a greater quality of life, both tangibly and intangibly speaking.

I'm also "keenly aware" that countless millions have "tried" one, some, or MANY techniques, processes and methodologies, only to be let down and disappointed time and time again.

I'm not here to disappoint, but rather empower you...and I'm DEAD SERIOUS about DOING all I can to get that done.

I am here to fulfill a VERY specific purpose (what I call my Soul Purpose) and provide those who are "TRULY sincere and serious" about creating meaningful and lasting change, with what I KNOW to be an AWESOME, illuminating and transformational form of education, that provides a kind and quality of Real, ALL Level Success that very few in this world will ever enjoy.

It's most definitely not my intention nor my purpose to "enlighten" you, in the way many use and "perceive" the word.

The Power of a Reality Check can and very well MAY prove to be "enlightening" to and for you, but that has nothing to do with you "becoming enlightened."

Here's why "seeking enlightenment" or "becoming enlightened" is NOT necessary in my opinion...

Since modern day science, the masters of the past as well as the ancient texts ALL agree that we are "already "light", why would there be any need to become "En-light-ened" when, the irrefutable, long ago substantiated and easily verifiable fact is, we already are?

There isn't any need to DO that whatsoever. All we really and truly "need" is to become more aware of what's going on "below the radar", learn more about the "seed level", become "keenly aware" of what's happening within ourselves, awaken and allow your "inner genius" to come forth, which the quote at the top of this page conveys.

Really and truly, that's ALL that's necessary. When you DO that, something magical happens.

You become enabled to SEE and better understand the "seed level" and move into the KNOWING that you ARE already enlightened.

When you EXPERIENCE this seed level, your genius ignites.

Doing that provides you with an intellectual understanding of WHO you are, assists you in remembering WHY you are here and once again realize that you (and everything else in the world for that matter) is "light."

It always has been, it currently is and it always will be.

Our only job and requirement is to enable and allow ourselves to SEE that and once we do, BE that in the "best way" we can and then, allow the chips to fall where they may.

But, due to many factors that we'll be addressing as we move through The Power of a Reality Check, MOST of humanity has lost sight of the FACT that we ARE "light", that we each DO have "inherent genius" and as a result, have forgotten the importance of "enabling and allowing" ourselves to BE what we already are...consciously, intentionally and on purpose.

As a result we have a tendency to resist, struggle, fear, hide from and avoid IMPORTANT things and experience the limitation that doing so provides.

To remember and once again KNOW and EXPERIENCE that for ourselves, in a way that "truly benefits" us and humanity in the greatest possible way, (and in both tangible and intangible ways) more often than not, requires understanding how real and true that is in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, rather than just "thinking and believing" we understand it intellectually.

In fact, regardless of how noble and well intention-ed it might "seem", "wanting to become "enlightened" will only slow your progress, keep you on a less than productive path for FAR longer than necessary and in many cases, will provide nothing more than MORE of the same...

"Wanting to be enlightened."

To SEE the light, it's only necessary to "relearn" how to BE what you already are on the inside so you might begin doing what's necessary on the outside to reach where so many WANT to arrive at.

Take it from someone who has "tried" countless processes, methodologies and ridiculous techniques over the course of many years, doing that, in precisely that order, will "light up your entire life."

The Power of a Reality Check Utilizes and Incorporates Both an Intellectual and EXPERIENTIAL Understanding About Many Facets of Life, Which Enables and Allows Real Success to Become a Certainty

The Power of a Reality Check incorporates both an "intellectual" as well as an "EXPERIENTIAL" process which enables and allows an All Level Form of Success to become REAL.

At the conclusion of The Power of a Reality Check, you'll have the "necessary" intellectual understanding to make an educated and informed choice to engage further or not, in the process that follows the "intellectually focused" one.

You'll be provided the opportunity to choose to engage (or not), in what I KNOW to be a VERY effective process to acquire this EXPERIENTIAL understanding I'm referring to, in the quickest way that I'm personally aware of, as well as acquire some additional resources that will support you further as you move forward, applying what you'll learn and understand "intellectually."

Should you choose to participate in that, once you've done BOTH, you'll be ready and FULLY equipped to "consciously integrate" and put that intellectual and EXPERIENTIAL understanding to use in tangible and measurable ways, which benefit both you and others on a very broad and uncommonly vast scale and in an enormously beneficial kind of way.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we have some "intellectual paths" to walk first.

Let's begin this part of the process with what may seem blatantly obvious to some, yet not so obvious to others.

It's quite common and often repeated in the personal development world, that to have your desires fulfilled, requires becoming aware of and directing your thoughts.

That is most definitely PART of the process, yet something else MUST BE done FIRST.

BEING who you "truly are" already, so you might DO and HAVE in the fullest and most desirable kind of way, in the greatest possible capacity that you CAN, can only become real, when you learn to become keenly aware of and take conscious control of your YOURSELF.

Becoming aware of and carefully guiding your thoughts isn't enough in nearly EVERY case for one simple reason.

The kind and quality of the thoughts that you think, (an estimated 60,000 per day) are determined by the kind and quality of your beliefs.

Less than "factual" beliefs can only lead to thinking discordant thoughts. These discordant thoughts and imaginings aren't and cannot be aligned and harmonized with your desires, unless and until you become aware of, acknowledge and enhance the beliefs which nearly EVERY thought you think, stems from.

When your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions are aligned and harmonized with the "desired result", what many label as "miracles" happen...consistently.

That leads to a few very important questions that VERY few consider, fewer ask themselves and even fewer think deeply enough about, and as a result, never find the answer to...

Can you honestly and without any doubt, reservation, or apprehension, state that your current beliefs, which do determine the kind and quality of your thoughts, words, actions and results, are truly your own?

Can you say with absolute certainty that those beliefs are not just adopted from others, and you've simply "inherited" the notion and ideas that you we're told, taught and "believe" are socially acceptable, politically correct, approved and in 99% of the cases, blindly accepted by the masses?

If you CAN'T say that, there is some "unlearning and relearning" to DO before you can reasonably "expect" to begin "thinking the KIND of thoughts" which enable and allow you to reach and achieve the heights that so many WANT to, yet only a very uncommon few, actually do.

NOT because everyone can't, but rather because MOST don't "choose to" DO what's necessary to "get there."

So let's quickly address the belief topic to ensure we're on the same page as to how these many beliefs are established, where they come from and why MANY of these "inherited and blindly accepted" beliefs keep us from getting to where so many "want to get to."

This "getting there" begins by understanding in an uncommon kind of way, that there is a HUGE difference between "beliefs" which are only perceived as being "true" and those which are based on a Higher Truth.

Perceptions of Truth Provide Limited Results and Higher Truth Provides an Extremely Uncommon Form of All Level Success.

While not often considered, ALL beliefs align and harmonize with (and provide) something, although in 99% of the cases, some perception of truth aligns and harmonizes (and provides) something less than desired, rather than what is "truly desired."

What's perceived as being rational, logical, practical and feasible based on the "common world view" and what's "truly" possible and available to each of us, are quite "different."

Infinitely different in fact

The fact is, once you KNOW and are AWARE of a Higher Truth, common and "learned" rationale, logic and practicality get's turned upside down.

It's this same Higher Truth which, when consciously aligned with", separates those who hope, wish and pray for a "good life" from those who EXPERIENCE an "All Level AWESOME Life."

And it's through EXPERIENCING this Higher Truth which enables and allows you to integrate a Higher Truth than most "choose" into a way of BEING, SEEING and DOING things, resulting in an "uncommon form" of "worldly ACTION" which ALWAYS provides this "uncommon" quality of life.

Yet few ever "choose" to DO what's necessary to discover and KNOW that.

The reason WHY though is simple and it is being done, unbeknownst to MOST, on a very broad scale. But the fact that it's being DONE means that it can also be undone.

In fact, it MUST be undone first.

What is it?

Becoming keenly aware of, identifying and unlearning the many "less than true" socially and culturally accepted "beliefs" that so MANY hold, never get to the core of and/or REFUSE to let go of.

Contrary to the highly commercialized "Law of Attraction" nonsense, or believing that once you've heard about and have a basic understanding of The Secret, creating and EXPERIENCING your "dream life" requires undergoing a process.

Part of this process is becoming keenly aware of what FEW are willing to accept, which is learning about, understanding and accepting the FACT, that there are very powerful "opposing forces" in this world.

On one side there are "forces" who have very "good and beneficial" intentions for humanity and on the other side there are those that don't.

Those who DON'T, could be considered those of "the dark side." They are bent on and do everything in their power to keep humanity down for their own self serving intents and purposes.

Many of these "dark minded" forces are masterfully disguised as the opposite, which keep good, loving, well intentioned and hard working people from reaching the heights and "all level forms of success" that they COULD reach if they "chose" to become "aware" of them.

But most DON'T and won't for any infinite number of reasons, which is WHY most settle for far less than they have to.

That's a hard one to swallow. It certainly was for me. It actually took me many years of research, study and a LOT of choking and chewing before I could swallow it, or did clearly SEE that.

It's a difficult thing to accept initially, but it MUST be accepted and understood, if you're ever to reach the heights that you CAN reach.

Prior to being able to SEE that, I wasn't willing to accept it. That's where MANY (most in fact) still are today.

Understanding the "Seed Level" is Important, yet So is Looking At and Acknowledging the Worldly Harvest That Thought and Intention Seeds Create

Unbeknownst to MOST, prior to doing what I do now, I spent many years studying and developing an "uncommon form" of understanding of our political system, our financial system, our large corporate structures and a number of other institutions, including but not limited to our healthcare and education systems.

That's when I discovered first hand that things aren't always as they "seem" to be. In fact they CAN BE quite the opposite.

I was shocked, saddened and angered by what I found. In fact I became quite angry initially...VERY, VERY angry in fact.

I remained in that state until I discovered that DOING that and "choosing" to remain in this "less than empowering" state, couldn't "serve" anyone, including myself...especially myself actually.

Discovering the importance of "emotional mastery" soon followed.

What I discovered through it all though, is that becoming an "independent thinker", via developing and using my "critical thinking skills"...regardless, is VITALLY important in this world, if you're to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible results.

And therein lies the "problem." MOST in today's world depend on their "learned beliefs" to navigate through life, which create a kind and quality of thinking that leads to anything BUT "emotional mastery", which is why developing "critical thinking skills" is SO vitally important.

Becoming an independent thinker CAN BE a very difficult (and in some cases a grueling) process for many reasons, ranging from the psychology of your being to the mass attempts by many of the institutions I've studied, learned about and have already mentioned, who have (and for many years have had) an agenda to mold and shape your beliefs, manipulate the kind and quality of your thinking and keep the masses in check, for the betterment and convenience of themselves.

No point in sugar coating it. Mind control is a very REAL and very prevalent thing in this world and MOST have no idea that it's happening, let alone HOW it's being done.

There are MANY ways in which humanity is being programmed, conditioned, controlled and manipulated, all the while, being unaware of and oblivious to it.

It's not necessarily these institutions I've mentioned or the individuals who work within them, but rather the masterfully planned and created systems which were put in place that drive and sustain them.

The creators of these intricately interconnected systems have a vast array of "self serving" intentions, none of which are for the good of...or at the least are "best for" you, me or humanity as a whole.

That's a "BIG and VERY IMPORTANT part" of what we'll be looking at and exploring as we move through the Power of a Reality Check.

What follows is definitely NOT going to be or seem all "warm and fuzzy" initially. And it's a given that it's not what MOST want to hear.

But I'll assure you, if you're ever to EXPERIENCE the All Level Form of Success we've discussed, in the greatest capacity that YOU CAN, hearing and DOING something about it, is CRUCIAL.

The great news is, something CAN BE done and YOU can do it, once you KNOW how.

Once you KNOW how and choose to DO it, you create what can be best described as a "safety bubble" around impenetrable one.

That's another thing that you'll know how to do at the conclusion of The Power of a Reality Check.

Many years ago, I made an unwavering commitment to myself and those I would eventually reach and serve at some point, to play a bigger game than most do. One of the biggest and most important parts of that commitment was NOT to convey what MOST want to hear, but rather convey what truly needs to heard, shared and "clearly understood" to reach the heights that everyone on this planet is capable of reaching.

I'm ALL about love, light and hugs, but as you'll see soon, if you're not aware already, the "less than warm and fuzzy stuff" must be faced, acknowledged and addressed too, if we're to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible quality of life that we ALL can.

That's perhaps the SINGLE BIGGEST reason why MOST don't. They "choose" to take what they've "learned" at face value, go through life as "programmed robots", blindly follow the "crowd" and do what the crowd does, all the while remaining unaware and oblivious to what's "truly happening" in our world.

There are also those, many in fact, who are "aware" at varying degrees, yet choose to ignore it and bury their head in the sand.

But you can't possibly face, address and acknowledge it; and you CERTAINLY can't DO anything about it if you're unaware of, oblivious to, or "choose" to ignore it.

And I'll assure you that MOST are quite blind and oblivious to what is and has been happening for many years. There are also those who are quite "aware", yet choose to remain apathetic and complacent.

Maybe you are aware and maybe you're not. MOST aren't so we'll be addressing that to the degree that it NEEDS to be addressed for those who are, at this point, unaware.

Our World is Sorely in NEED of MORE Conscious, Aware and Loving ACTION Takers

Our world is at a critical juncture, humanity is at a crossroad and a number of "conscious choices" must be made on a broad scale, if we're to transform what "seems to be" a tsunami of dark and shadowy outcomes we're currently witnessing into those that we call "good."

To transform the dark and shadowy events, conditions and circumstances into those that CAN provide what we ALL desire to see and experience individually and as a collective people, becoming aware of them individually and DOING something about it "collectively" cannot be overlooked.

To do so though, a new way of thinking must emerge, an entirely new set of empowering ideas must be accepted, new choices must be made and a different form of action must be taken. It's a given that if we continue on with the same kinds of beliefs, thoughts, ideas and actions which have led to where we are now, we'll only get more of the same in the future.

That applies to YOU on an individual scale, just as it applies to ALL of us as a collective people.

While we exist in an age of rapid expansion and enormous potential, it seems as if the confidence of the world's inhabitants is at an all time low.

Possibility thinking as well as the use of our critical thinking skills is on a rapid decline, in spite of the enormous potential that we ALL possess to create and experience a life that we define as filled with meaning, purpose, joy, prosperity and ultimately fulfillment.

Although the potential is, always has been and always will be readily available to ALL of us without exception, understanding and learning that we DO already have, not only the potential, but the inherent ability, the tools and the POWER to reach our FULL potential and effectuate AWESOME change, comes first.

Learning HOW to tap into and USE those inherent attributes to reach our potential in the most efficient, effective and beneficial way, comes next.

It really all begins and ends with AWARENESS and a willingness to enable and allow yourself to let go of your long held perceptions of truth which you've been programmed, indoctrinated and become "hard wired" to believe and adhere to.

To shift the paradigm from "less than desired" to "Over the Top AWESOME" we MUST replace our learned and inherited "perceptions of truth" with a Higher Truth.

DOING anything less will only serve to keep us "seemingly stuck" in this same "limited paradigm" that so many, "believe" that they're hopelessly trapped within.

Really and truly, that requires nothing more or less than learning more about yourself; your TRUE Self and what you're truly capable of Being, Doing, and Having in life.

Once done, the rest "seems to" unfold naturally.

A BIG part of DOING and achieving that individually, has MUCH to do with how MUCH you're willing to GIVE and CONTRIBUTE to humanity.

We'll address that head on and in much greater depth and detail in the next segment titled The Power of a Reality Check - Part 2.

To Experience the Simplicity, Perfection, Awe and Grandeur of Life Efficiently, Effectively and With Ease, We Must Acknowledge and DO What's HARD First

Unlike much of what I've written about for years regarding the peace, awe, serenity, simplicity, bliss and perfection that is quite "real" at "the spiritual/metaphysical level"; which, for simplicity's sake, we'll refer to as the ethereal, The Power of a Reality Check will be addressing the polarity that we all face and experience as it pertains to what's taking place on this planet and how MUCH of what is taking place, is adversely impacting our physical lives.

More specifically, we'll be looking at and addressing what can be best described as the darkness and shadows that are very real, very common and quite widespread in "physical life", which are adversely impacting mankind and our planet as a whole.

We'll also be looking at how to deal with it, in such a way that "enables and allows" those who "choose" to SEE beyond and rise above it, to not only SEE it for what it truly is, but learn more about the answers, solutions and kinds of ACTIONS that can resolve it.

That can only and WILL only happen, by learning to see polarity that surrounds us, and responding to it, differently than MOST do.

One thing is certain. The darkness and shadows in the world are very real, yet they also serve a purpose. A "very good" one in fact, REGARDLESS of how YOU might see and perceive them and irrespective of what you "believe to be true" or "untrue" about them.

Embracing and accepting that FACT, is KEY to creating success for ourselves. That's also an important part of the process we'll be going through, which is WHY we'll be going through it as we progress through The Power of a Reality Check.

The Only Thing There is to Fear About the Polarity We Face is the Choice to Ignore It and Allow it To Grow

Polarity is quite normal and in fact, a natural phenomenon. It was "intentionally" infused into the fabric of life. It was designed and created that way for very good reason, although from a human perspective, it can be quite unnerving, scary and unsettling at times, as we encounter, experience and move through it.

As I've conveyed via The Law of Polarity article, which I wrote many years ago, polarity/duality is a very real, yet necessary part of life, although it's adverse and far reaching effects can prove disheartening, if not devastating, without the proper awareness.

Yet WITH the proper awareness, combined with the "the right kind" of ACTION, the darkness can be quickly and easily "illuminated."

Once this awareness is acquired, applied and "consciously utilized", this polarity can be transcended on an individual scale and dramatically reduced on a global scale.

Our inherent ability to transcend it applies equally to you, me and everyone else as individuals, regardless of what the collective population of the planet thinks, believes, "chooses" to do or not do.

After covering some VERY basic concepts and laying a firm foundation, you'll have all you could possibly need available to you to DO just that...for yourself and humanity as a whole.

It's all simply a matter of individual and collective CHOICE

The choices being made which are followed up with the ACTION, on many more levels than MOST are aware of, including but not limited to cultures and societies globally, are what cause the duality we experience in life.

Some choices and actions reveal "light" while some choices reveal "shadows and darkness."

Since that is a very real part of life, it must be faced, recognized, acknowledged and understood if we're to learn to utilize this Higher Truth in such a way that it enhances quality of life, rather than hinders and downgrades our ability to achieve what we're truly capable of achieving.

On the other hand, ignored, left unattended, misunderstood, or pretending it isn't there, the same polarity/duality, which reveals itself in MANY ways, can cause great pain and hardship, for you as an individual and the whole of humanity, humanly speaking.

That IS being seen, witnessed and experienced in many ways right here, right now.

With all of that said, I think the best way to continue through The Power of a Reality Check and set the stage for what follows in future segments, is to share a Facebook post that I wrote some time ago, immediately after I read an article that stated that 1/3rd of the adult U.S. population was considering (or had considered) leaving the U.S.A. for reasons we'll be addressing in greater detail in a future segment.

Let's set the stage and begin with that post that I shared with my Facebook friends and acquaintances...

Dear Facebook Friends and Acquaintances,

There's something on my heart and I feel led and compelled...obligated actually, to share it here.

This, more than likely won't be a "popular post" and perhaps not even get a single like, with the exception of those who SEE, are willing to accept the "truth" behind it, and/or ARE truly ready and willing (or already "doing something") to change it.

You know what? Who cares? I certainly don't. My purpose in life isn't to win a popularity contest or compete to see how many Facebook likes I can get.

What I DO care about and have been DOING something about for many years, is DOING everything in my power to WAKE people up to what's "truly necessary" to experience a life of "collective harmony"...tangibly and intangibly.

This particular post has to do with some "unsettling things" that are and have been taking place in this country...the U.S.A.

The sad fact is, what I address below stretches well beyond the U.S. and applies globally, yet for the sake of simplicity and brevity, we'll save that "bigger picture" reality that adversely impacts the whole of humanity for another time.

It's both sad and frustrating to me, that, according to the article I've placed below, 1 out of 3 Americans are considering or have considered disowning and moving out of what has proven in times passed, to be an AWESOME and AMAZING country, where we could be genuinely proud of where we live, where truth and honesty meant something, where REAL liberty and freedom was assured, the voice of the people heard, the letter of law upheld and prosperity limited only to and by the "choice" of each and every citizen.

In today's world it "seems as if" these things which made our country great, are a thing of the past and perhaps forever gone.

It only "seems as if" it's forever gone, due to a small handful of dark and sinister crooks, cowards and sociopaths with self serving intentions, who have for a number of years been infiltrating our social structure and masterfully programming, conditioning and manipulating nearly 400,000,000 U.S. citizens.

The biggest "problem" "seems to be in our government and financial system, with repercussions that extend WELL beyond and adversely impact many threads within our society, far too great in number to fully cover here, each of which make up the very fabric of our culture.

My question is this...

How could nearly 400,000,000 people possibly allow a handful of self serving sociopaths to DO that?!?!

The "Real Problem" isn't this country, the programming and conditioning or the crooks, cowards and sociopaths who have hijacked this nation. The "Real Problem" is the complacent and apathetic citizens who have sat idly by, watched and "allowed it."

The "truth" can be (and often is) painful. But it's the masses who have chosen, and continue to "choose", to remain unaware of and oblivious to what's happening in our government, our education system, our financial system, our "so called" health care system, each of which COULD be quickly and easily resolved via a "united" people coming together for a "common cause."

Sadly that's become VERY "uncommon" which is why we're seeing and EXPERIENCING what we are today.

What if these same 1 in 3 Americans which the article below claims are "thinking about leaving", were to slow down long enough to identify what they would LOVE changed, (aka identifying what they hate or don't like) join and support just 1 of MANY grass roots movements who ARE doing their VERY BEST to get something done, actually LEARN what's "truly causing" these "problems", reunite as a people and actually DO something about it, rather than pissing, moaning, complaining, pointing fingers and "waiting" for God, the angels, some alien race, or some other group of humans to DO something, which WE ourselves, individually and as a "United People", "could be" and SHOULD be doing something about?

Change BEGINS with the individual realizing and "consciously utilizing" their power, moves into the place of "collective power" and creates real, lasting and meaningful changes that so many in our once AWESOME country only WANT, hope, wish and anxiously pray for today.

Wake up people, become aware and DO something. Your country (our country) HAS been hijacked, IS quickly falling apart at an ever increasing pace and that's both sad and sickening to me.

Each of us as "individuals" is either part of the solution or the problem. There is no "in between."

Like it or not, that's the sad, yet "tangible truth" of things.

Here's the link to the article that I'm referring to in my "justifiable rant", titled '1 in 3 Americans Considering Moving Abroad. Would You?'

Like it or not, that IS the "current reality" of things.

It doesn't have to remain that way, and it can MOST CERTAINLY be changed VERY quickly. But it's going to require the ACTION of a collective group of conscious, aware and loving "critical thinkers" to ensure that it gets done.

It ALL begins with awareness and knowledge.

We'll Conclude this Segment of The Power of a Reality Check with These Thoughts

We live in a time where knowledge is everywhere. Any kind of "knowledge" on any topic that you can imagine, is more readily available and easily accessible than any other time in history.

Many "believe" and are quick to tell you that "knowledge is power." You may even "believe that" yourself.

But it's not. In fact MUCH of what we think and believe to be "accurate and on target knowledge", is nothing more than flawed and short sighted data that leads us away rather than closer to where we desire to be.

Much of the data that we "think is knowledge" is really nothing more than masterfully disguised programming, conditioning and indoctrination designed to mold, shape and manipulate the masses into "servitude."

Much of the "knowledge" that we receive from those we love, in our tight knit circles of influence is the same kind of knowledge, accepted, believed, shared and handed down through the generations. Although done with all the best intentions, MUCH of what we learn from our parents, grandparents, clergy and countless other "well intentioned" venues isn't accurate knowledge either.

It's an inherited form of knowledge passed down through the generations, taken at face value and blindly accepted as being "true."

Yet much of it isn't "definitively "true" at all and it most certainly isn't aligned and harmonized with a Higher Truth.

There is MUCH knowledge available that CAN, IS and WILL continue to limit the masses.

There is, on the other side of the coin much knowledge that can assist you in discovering and unleashing your power, as well.

Yet knowledge in and of itself CANNOT, will not and never has been able to do what most everyone "claims" to want done.

The Acquisition and Consistent Application of Correct Knowledge is What Creates Real Power

The Higher Truth is, "applied knowledge" creates power. The kind of knowledge I'm referring to is a very specialized form of knowledge.

And it IS "very specialized and VERY powerful.

It's certainly not "common knowledge" by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it's a type of knowledge that isn't widely understood, nor commonly accepted, let alone embraced and acted upon.

Even those who have been around long enough to have gained what they believe to be accurate "knowledge", prior to the widespread corruption which has infiltrated our financial system and long before the existence of government funded and controlled education systems, the emergence of a corporate owned and controlled media, etc, have acquired, at varying degrees MUCH "so called knowledge", which is widely believed to be "true, accurate and life enhancing", yet it actually stagnates, limits and/or downgrades quality of life, rather than enhances it.

Yet we still honestly "believe" that it's helpful and useful knowledge.

Horse Sense

That's why "critical thinking skills" are SO vitally important to develop and adopt.

Do you know what's truly ironic?

Much of what we learn, accept, think of, believe to be and label as "dark and shadowy", keeps us from SEEING the light. By the same token, much of what we've been taught, think and believe to be right, just and good is, (in MANY cases actually) very limiting, diminishes quality of life and keeps us in the dark.

By the same token there's much knowledge available today that "seems good and true" on the surface, yet it's quite dark and sinister, which, in turn, keeps us from EXPERIENCING the "good" we all seek.

That's one of many things that I hope The Power of a Reality Check will reveal and enable you to SEE...REALLY and CLEARLY SEE, in an uncommon kind of way.

Not for the sake of just SEEING and becoming aware of it, but with the hope and intention that you and WE as a collective people might become stirred enough to DO something about it.

The doing begins and ends with you, although should you choose to address and DO that, the rest takes care of itself.

The bottom line is this. Many people are seeking solutions, cures, answers and enlightenment.

The Higher Truth is, the Solution is you. The cure is you. The answer is you.

By the same token, if you're unwilling to accept, acknowledge and DO what's "truly necessary" to SEE and KNOW that, it's equally "true" that the problem is you.


We'll explore further and address WHY each of those statements are equally true in greater detail, in the next segment titled The Power of a Reality Check - Part 2.


That's when you SEE and EXPERIENCE for yourself that the Light ALWAYS illuminates the darkness...regardless of how dark things might "seem."

There is a polar opposite to everything. That includes you, me and everyone else in this world. We each as individuals, also have a "dark and shadowy side, although, only those who are "truly honest" with themselves and others, will actually acknowledge that.

Although the degree, scope and intensity of our dark/shadowy side varies from individual to individual, it's something that is inherent within all of us and something we all possess.

The purpose and intention of The Power of a Reality Check is not only to reveal and acknowledge this side of us, but assist you in becoming aware of it. But rather than ignore, bury or pretend it isn't there, which only serves to increase it's scope, impact and inevitably the pain it creates, it's my hope that you'll learn to accept, embrace and learn to USE it for "good."

And yes, it can be used for ENORMOUS good once it's understood, consciously directed and "properly" utilized.

During my 4 decade search of seeking a Higher Truth, and since spending more than a decade DOING what I currently do, I've discovered the majority of people in the world have become far more adept at "making excuses" than they have at making a life.

It's not their fault really. They have been unknowingly programmed and conditioned in such a way that making excuses has become more the rule than the exception.

The sad fact is, that applies to an estimated 97% of the global population, which is why perhaps, most view basic survival and "getting by" as normal and natural.

Although "very common" and quite widespread, it is neither normal nor natural.

Our learned and inherited beliefs and the resulting perspectives and actions that follow, only make it "seem as if" it is normal and natural.

We have many learned and inherited beliefs and limiting perspectives that provide us with any infinite number of "seemingly justifiable "reasons" why we don't do what we're well equipped and more than able to get done, to experience what we "truly desire" in life. But really and truly, these "seemingly justifiable reasons" are really nothing more than excuses in disguise.

Case in point...

EVERYONE "claims" they would love to have an awesome life, yet sadly, those who are actually willing to learn and DO what's necessary to experience that, are few...VERY few in fact.

The BIG and potentially liberating question that MUST be asked and answered is WHY?

Let's face facts. We ALL have a desire to experience good things in life and as such, we each have our own ideas about what that is, what that would look like, what it means and how to go about getting that done. We also have any number of beliefs and perspectives, which provide us with 2 ultimate choices, each of which provides 2 entirely different outcomes.

These 2 ultimate choices are...

  1. The reasons why we can and do have what we "truly desire."

  2. Any number of "seemingly justifiable reasons" as to why we can't, don't or shouldn't (which are REALLY and TRULY nothing more than excuses in disguise which stem from "ignorance" - translated IGNORE-ance) of a Higher Truth

The happy, fulfilled and prosperous 3% depend on, understand and consciously USE the power that the number 1 choice provides.

The 97% believe and use number 2.

The beliefs and perspectives that have this same 3% focusing on why they CAN achieve what's uncommon, enable and allow them to think, speak, act and do what's necessary to fully enjoy and experience the "good life" that EVERYONE desires.

On the other hand, the 97% who focus on why they can't, shouldn't and probably never will, and ultimately don't and won't do what's necessary, inevitably provides the opposite outcome.

Although that's a choice that the 97% make, it's one that NEVER does (and never CAN) provide what everyone (with the exception of the 3%) "claims to WANT."...and so they do and continue to

Which brings us full circle and back to the topic of polarity.

WANTING is the polar opposite of HAVING. Wanting implies and inevitably leads to NOT having.

This wanting combined with the many excuses about why we can't HAVE our desires fulfilled, can be viewed as our "dark and shadowy" side, while the reasons that enable us to KNOW why we CAN, can be viewed as our "light and good" side.

We all WANT to be in the place where we do HAVE, yet we "unconsciously and unknowingly" continue on, thinking, speaking, acting and/or DOING things that keeps us in the place where we don't, can't and never will, unless we do something differently than we have.

So, we continue WANTING, perhaps doing enough to "get a few shiny things" here and there, only to find ourselves WANTING something more.

In many cases, we even pretend and want to believe we can reach our "desired destination" someday, although in the deepest recesses of our minds, we have a dialogue consistently running that is screaming at us, why we don't, can't, shouldn't and more than likely never will "get to" this desired place.

The 97%ers choose NOT to become aware of, understand, let alone face and address WHY that's true.

Through doing enough of that, we get to the place of habitually pretending that our "seemingly justifiable reasons" are logical, practical, realistic and ultimately, acceptable.

Many are very good pretenders too, for reasons that we'll be covering as we progress through the Power of a Reality Check.

Even though we humans have a strong tendency to "pretend" that we're something we're not in MANY cases, we never experience the "good life" that we WANT.

Humanity Has Become, For the Most Part, a Species of Pretentious Pretenders

Beneath all the layers of illusion and fantasy and underneath the many masks that we "humans" wear, if you're really and truly honest with yourself, you'll admit that "in MOST cases", the game of life is basically about "getting your needs met."

We also have our own ideas about what we WANT, think we need, or believe we must have, for us to achieve that.

There's nothing wrong at all with "getting our needs met." In fact, that's REALLY REALLY important. Far more important (and necessary) than many of the "pretentious pretenders" in the world are ready or willing to admit.

It's how we go about it though, that keeps those needs from being met or keeps us seemingly trapped within a cycle that provides nothing more than WANTING to have our needs met, yet never doing so.

Having our needs met is certainly more pleasant than Wanting to have our needs met. Yet what we're capable of, have the potential to do and each have readily available to us in life, extends far beyond and far exceeds what we view and define as "getting our basic needs met."

The fact is, most even go about that the "hard way."

Most believe that in order to change their own lives, that they can only do that and get there by changing the beliefs, choices or actions of others. There are also those who hope, wish and pray for change, sometimes for decades, yet, they never choose to change themselves.

In either case, the quality of their own lives remain the same, leading those who choose such an approach, to the less than true conclusion that "Life is hard and designed to be a constant struggle" placing us in a "less than desirable" paradigm of "That's just how life is" and "You might as well accept it, because that's as good as it gets."

The Higher Truth is, life becomes as grand, awesome and easy as we "enable and allow it to, or, on the other side of the coin, remains bleak, mediocre and a constant struggle for the very same reason.

Put another way, life is and becomes what we choose for it to become. No more. No less.

I can tell you after connecting and communicating with "countless numbers" of individuals over the years, from all around the world, while many ARE getting their basic needs met, they are NOT reaching the extraordinary and uncommon levels of success that we're ALL more than capable of reaching.

And that's very, very sad to me. Not only for the individuals who make up this 97% majority, but for ALL of us as a collective species. You don't have to look far to see how "sadly true" that is. Once you have looked, in a way that MOST refuse to, it's pretty easy to see why.

Yet the 97% refuse to even DO what's necessary to SEE and understand that.

Many "pretenders" will even go so far as to "claim" that it's noble and/or spiritual to stop at "having our needs met" or in some cases to be poor even.

That's absolutely ludicrous.

There's much going on in the world, that needs the immediate attention of successful, truly caring, prosperous, giving and conscious people.

Yet there are very few truly loving, "truly caring" and uncommonly compassionate people who are "truly" successful, prosperous and conscious.

That's something we'll be addressing as we move through the Power of a Reality Check too, which reveals, not only WHY there are so few, but how YOU can break free from the "pretentiously pretending spiritual crowd" to become extraordinarily successful and prosperous.

But you CANNOT and will not EVER become able to DO THAT by choosing to skip the "becoming aware and truly conscious" step first.

That's vitally important to understand, because many, who claim to be conscious, aware, happy and fulfilled, claim and sometimes even, honestly believe, that "getting by" is enough.

It IS enough for THEM, but it's NOT enough to reach and serve the world in the way that it COULD BE reached and served.

Although in their own minds it might be "true" that "getting by" is enough for them, it's not enough to serve humanity in the way that the truly caring, truly conscious and truly compassionate, not only could, but "claim" they would love to.

They're "pretending", fooling others and sometimes, even themselves.

You could say it's a way of thinking and believing that leads to various forms of internal conflict; a dichotomous view if you will, that can never and will never, fulfill the possibility, let alone the hope of "truly living", impacting humanity and enhancing the lives of others in a VERY uncommon kind of way.

For reasons that will become clear, as we make our way through the Power of a Reality Check, the masses have become complacent sleepers, fearful, afraid "robots", programmed, conditioned and systematically going through life in such a way that has never, can never and never will enable and allow us as individuals or a collective species, to EXPERIENCE the kind and quality of life that EVERYONE can and beneath the many layers of programming and indoctrination, "truly desire" to.

The biggest reason WHY most aren't is due to this type of internal conflict which MOST are unaware of.

Because of the many hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations that we hold dear individually, as we make our way through The Power of a Reality Check, we'll refer to the receiving of your ideal life as your "heartfelt desires."

The reason most aren't experiencing their ideal life and not receiving their "heartfelt desires", is because, in 99.99% of the cases, it's due to enabling and allowing fear of various shapes, forms and sizes to call the shots.

Many of these "fears" are learned and self limiting and many are inherent and life enhancing.

Regardless if you see yourself as a "light worker" or a dark and shadowy personality, we ALL have one thing in common, that the greatest "pretending" can never and will never change.

It's this...

We ALL desire to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

What's more, we're ALL doing the very best we can, in the best way we know how to achieve this ultimate goal.

But, in the vast majority of cases, we depend on and remain limited by our learned and inherited beliefs, rather than USING our "critical thinking skills" and tapping into a Higher Truth which we ALL can.

Even though we ALL CAN, sadly, MOST don't.

Essentially we've learned and utilize a head based approach to "getting what we want" and/or getting our needs met, rather than a heart centered one which could and would provide EVERYTHING we need and MUCH MUCH more.

Although we WANT change, and in many cases, "think we understand", in the vast majority of cases we overlook and don't truly and FULLY understand the importance of BEING the change we desire to see, so we might begin DOING what "truly needs" to be done to "receive" what we define as the "good life."

Both BEING and DOING, Consciously, Intentionally and "On Purpose", are Necessary to HAVE and Experience a Life We Love.

There are many who are BEING what they need to be, but aren't DOING the necessary things in such a way that provides the "tangible results."

By the same token there are those who are DOING way more than enough, yet who are unaware, or simply aren't BEING what puts the DOING they engage in on steroids, which would provide MORE of what they love, a kind, quality and quantity of which is more than most can conceive or imagine.

It's necessary to align and harmonize the 2, (BEING and doing) so we can BEcome "truly successful", to the degree that any WANT becomes obsolete, enabling and allowing us to BE and DO things in the way so many hope, wish, dream, pray and "claim" they want to.

So what keeps us from that?

The one word answer is FEAR.

Because It's Such an Important Topic That's Infused Into the Fabric of Cultures Globally, Let's Take an "Uncommon Look" at Fear that Reveals an Often Overlooked Fact Regarding What it Truly Is and the Good as Well as the Bad That Stems From It

Nearly every message in the religious, personal development and self help arenas address fear. Yet MOST claim that "fear is bad." Because it's viewed in that way, most claim that you must eliminate, ignore and dispel fear from your life at all cost.

In one way that's true and I totally agree. In another way, I TOTALLY and wholeheartedly disagree. I do because, fear exists and is triggered in ALL of us, for very good MANY cases.

Point being, in reality, fear CAN HAVE an adverse affect, but it also has a polar opposite effect. It's this kind of fear that MOST DEFINITELY has it's place as does EVERYTHING else in life.

There are healthy, life sustaining and life expanding fears, just as there are those that diminish, steal kill and destroy the possibility of EXPERIENCING an amazing and miracle filled quality of life.

The key to begin USING fear in a powerfully productive and life enhancing way, requires understanding how and when it's useful, helpful and life enhancing, as well as when and HOW it becomes harmful, self sabotaging and life depleting.

These healthy as well as the unhealthy forms of fear can be condensed into 2, which are...

  1. Rational and life enhancing fears that are inherent within us

  2. Irrational and self sabotaging fears that are learned and inherited

We'll be addressing more about these 2 forms of fear and their differences as we move forward. More specifically, we'll be analyzing them so you might learn to better identify and differentiate between those that are "healthy and good" and those that are "unhealthy and bad."

There's something just as important that "needs to be" addressed before we do that.

What Most Think They Need to Experience Success is Oftentimes the Very Thing That Keeps Success from Becoming Real, Tangible and Measurable for Them

I receive A LOT of contacts regarding what some "individual" thinks they "need" to reach their idea of "success." They're looking, seeking and doing their best to find the answers and solutions that provide that.

Over the years, I've reached mega millions in every country on the planet, either through and/or the Enlightened Journey Newsletter.

Many contacts come from Enlightened Journey Global Community members as well as those who have only visited the site.

As a result, via their "communications", they attempt to get me to write about what THEY WANT to hear in the way that THEY WANT to hear it.

They also "like to tell me", how I "should" go about DOING that, as in how long the newsletters/articles should be, what I should be covering, and some even go as far as to adamantly and sometimes angrily, in their own self righteous kind of way, state that what I write about is "missing the mark", or in some cases, altogether "wrong."

Bottom line, they do their best to get me to see and do things their way. To a degree I understand, because it goes back to what we've addressed already. They are doing their best to get "their needs" met.

Forgive my candidness, but if you see things differently than I do, if you think the newsletter or my articles should be shorter, if you believe that what I share isn't the most effective and efficient way of doing things, based on what you "personally believe" or how YOU see things, you have one of 2 choices that would better serve you, me and everyone else involved.

  1. Start your own newsletter and website.

  2. Go elsewhere, keep seeking until you find what you "think you need"

That may sound brash, cold or harsh, but that's not the intention at all. My purpose as well as my "heartfelt intention" is to assist the greatest possible number of people to reach and achieve what I refer to as "collective success."

Meeting the needs of one individual in a community of many thousands is NOT how this game that I play works. This work that I DO, goes well beyond any single individual's beliefs, perspectives, wants, or needs. I reach and do my VERY BEST, to assist a very large and diverse group of "sincere and serious" people, who are "seeking Real Answers", all of whom are in different places.

Each have their own ideas, beliefs, opinions and perspectives regarding what "success" is or isn't as well as what "they believe" is necessary or unnecessary to achieve it.

Due to the literally infinite number and diverse nature of these beliefs and perspectives, addressing the wants or needs of a "single individual" would keep me from DOING that, and assisting the numbers that I CAN, which I'm not going to and never will do.

If you're seeking personalized attention and a custom designed road-map that's tailored and better suits you and where you are individually, I recommend looking into the fee based, personalized forms of coaching/mentoring/consultation services I have in place.

I honor and respect whatever beliefs and perspectives you or anyone holds. But the fact is, although everyone has some idea of what they want and think they need, if it were "really true", that what they "think they need" was "really and truly" what they needed, they wouldn't be here, looking, seeking or needing anything.

They'd already be where they and the vast majority of others in the world are hoping, wishing, praying, continuously seeking a way to achieve and trying so hard to get to, with little to no success.

There are MANY different forms of success which are as diverse as the "perceptions" which define what it is for each individual, so, let's address that next.

The kind of success that I write and teach about could be best described as "a multi-level form of collective success", not what some "individual" wants or believes success is, as it applies to themselves.

Regardless of what ANYONE thinks, I KNOW that what I share and write about PROVIDES all level success, on a very wide scale, materially and otherwise to ANYONE and EVERYONE who "chooses" to apply it.

Sure, individual success is where it all begins. The success of each individual can and does assist and support the ultimate goal of achieving "collective success." But here's the individual's personal beliefs and perspectives regarding what success is or isn't, in the "vast majority" of cases, doesn't consider, take into account, nor even care for that matter, about "collective success."

The truth is, there are MANY, MANY individuals who call themselves and claim to be "Enlightened Beings" who I'm not implying that YOU are that person, that you hold that mindset, or that you're a part of that less than aware group. I share it because many who are "seeking success" are doing so with short sighted beliefs and philosophies and/or self serving intentions, with no "true consideration" of or "desire to" serve and fulfill the "needs" of others, in such a way that SERVES EVERYONE involved, so it NEEDS to be addressed.

Although very sad, it's equally true that MOST (not all) view "success" and the way to get there as "what's in it for me?"

There are MANY wealthy and "worldly successful" people on this planet right here, right now. Some are loving, kind, caring, compassionate and generous givers. They're amazing contributors. Yet on the flip side of the coin, MANY aren't. They're "takers" who hold an entitlement mentality, believing that the world owes them something and they'll DO whatever it takes to get their needs met...regardless.

Countless statistics reveal that many "wealthy and "worldly successful" people acquire their wealth at the cost of the many.

Essentially they live in fear...the unhealthy kind. One of their greatest "fears" is "not getting enough." They go through life afraid that they won't get their piece of the pie and/or fear losing what they have.

Don't misunderstand. What's in it for "you" is important too, but equally important, is SEEING, in an uncommonly conscious kind of way, that providing others with a kind of Real Value that enhances quality of life and serves everyone involved, is the ONLY kind that provides Real Wealth, Real Independence, Real Joy and Real Success.

It's that way of BEING and that kind of doing, done in PRECISELY that way, which in turn provides what's in it for you and ALL of us.

Yet MOST overlook the importance of that. That's why so few "achieve" the kind of success that so many "claim" to want.

A lot of people in this day and age, claim to WANT success. They think about success, dream about success, read about success, talk about success, some even teach about success, and many spend years and years hoping, wishing and praying that they might "someday" experience what they define as success for themselves.

Yet based on many statistics available today from a vast array of resources and venues, only a small percentage ever achieve what they define as being successful.

And sadly, that INCLUDES many of the "so called" teachers and "spiritually enlightened", who "convince" the lookers, seekers, wanters and hopers, that their way provides success, when the fact is, it takes many further away from it.

Have you ever thought about why?

That's one of many things that I hope to reveal to you and perhaps get you to SEE...really SEE, so more "truly conscious contributors" might get into the place of actually "serving enough others", so they might begin EXPERIENCING Real Wealth, Real Independence, Real Freedom and Real Success for themselves.

The Power of a Reality Check goes WAY beyond thinking about success, dreaming about it, reading about it, talking about it, or teaching about it. I KNOW that "applying and doing" what The Power of a Reality Check reveals CAN move you beyond hoping, wishing and praying for success, if you'll choose to allow it to.

The fact of the matter is, The Power of a Reality Check will show you how to live, breathe, walk, talk and experience an extraordinary, over the top AWESOME kind of success, in a tangible and measurable real world kind of way AND FULLY EXPERIENCE it, in what can best be described as an "all pervasive and infinite" kind of way as well.

You could say it's a multi-level, multidimensional form of success that, not only supports and provides you, but everyone involved, with the greatest possible end result...tangibly and intangibly.

Again, our world is in dire need of MANY MORE truly conscious and equally successful people, which is WHY I do things in the way I do.

And yes, in my mind there's a HUGE difference between experiencing success in the way MOST think of it and EXPERIENCING it in the FULL scope and capacity that it CAN be EXPERIENCED, I'll assure you.

I've personally experienced the "worldly kind of success" I'm referring to, only to realize that it wasn't "success" at all. I just "thought" it was, until I realized it wasn't. I honestly believed that acquiring more than my share of "money and stuff" would satisfy my hunger, provide the fulfillment I was seeking.

I did that only to discover that it wasn't success at all. I couldn't know differently until I experienced it.

I've also EXPERIENCED success in an "all pervasive, infinite and ALL level" kind of way as well, which has enabled me to SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE what Real Success "truly is."

The latter is BY FAR the most rewarding, fulfilling and without question, the ABSOLUTE best. But that kind of success isn't solely dependent on "money" and in fact has very little to do with it at all...initially at least.

Although "money IS" a VERY important part of the "overall success equation" as it pertains to creating both an "individual and collective form" of success, it is NOT the Main Thing.

That will become ever more clear as we move forward too, if it isn't already.

Here's What Determines the Difference Between Those Who Experience Massive, All Level Success and Those Who Survive and Get By

Have you ever experienced a time (or maybe even many times) during the course of your life, where you "felt as if" you were ten feet tall, bulletproof, you were hitting on all cylinders, ready to face, or perhaps change the world, only to lose that spark of inspiration in a very short period of time?

It's there one minute, hour or day and then POOF, gone the next.

There's "good" reason for that. It's not because we MUST or have to "get real" and come back into "the cold hard reality" of life. Nor is it because we have no choice and MUST DO the common thing. It's because we "choose" to limit ourselves, often times without even realizing that we are in fact, "choosing" that.

No, we don't WANT TO, but we do and are, nonetheless.

The most common way we do that, is by "believing" we HAVE to settle. Believing we have to is just as much a "choice" as KNOWING that we don't "have to", but rather ARE "choosing" to, even though we DON'T WANT to SEE or admit that.

More about how and why we do that soon.

But before we get into all that, I've got a few more quick questions that I hope you'll think about that reveals "part of why" we so often DO that even though we don't WANT to and don't realize that we are.

When you look out into the world and see the many "less than desired" things unfolding all around you, do you "seem to" automatically draw the conclusion that it's "evil, horrific, bad and/or wrong?"

Since the most common answer is yes, let's address that quickly.

Looked at objectively, there are times when things can and DO seem to go really great, right? On the other end of the spectrum, it can sometimes (or often) seem as if everything is going really wrong too.

What if, The Power of a Reality Check were able to provide you with one VERY simple, yet profoundly powerful concept, combined with a very simple to master methodology, that would transform irrational fears into productive ones?

What if you discovered that adopting this concept as your own could change your heart, mind, beliefs and your way of DOING things, resulting in EVERYTHING "changing" for you, permanently, with no possible chance of EVER going backwards again?

What if your "choice" to DO that enabled you to create extraordinary prosperity? What if you could become empowered to the degree where you were able to give and contribute to those who are "truly in need" and had more than enough resources to fulfill the needs of others as well as your own in "uncommon proportion?

Regardless of what your "personal answers", make no mistake. The world is in dire need of MORE conscious, successful and compassionate warriors showing up and coming forward?

What if who could make a huge impact via contributing to the "tangible and intangible needs" of others?

That may sound like a HUGE, far fetched and perhaps even an impossible claim. And if you think and believe it is, it certainly will be...for you.

But aside from what you or anyone else might think or believe personally, it CAN. What's more, if YOU will enable and allow it to, it WILL.

Unbeknownst to MOST, We ALL can, (including YOU) yet very, very few do.

Why do we "choose" that, or more importantly WHY would we? Just as important is realizing and understanding HOW do we choose that?

Success or "Perceived Failure" in Life Are the Result of Where You Choose to Place Your Attention, Intention and Focus Most and How You Choose to Prioritize Your Time

Revealing HOW and WHY we can, CANNOT and WILL NOT be done via a few page article or a 10 minute inspiring video, although that's what MOST limit themselves to in this day and age.

That's the extent of what MOST do who "claim" they really desire success, all the while, DOING nothing more than the "common thing", all the while hoping, wishing and praying that someday, their "ship will come in."

That's what MOST are waiting for too.

The "ship" has to be fueled and the water "needs to be" let into the harbor...FIRST, before any "ship" is going to show up.

That's what most don't and/or won't do. They just WANT and continue WANTING, all the while going about their lives, DOING what they always have, while WAITING for their "ship to come in."

It ONLY can and ONLY will, once you've provided the ship with the fuel and the substance for it to "come in" on.

To do that requires learning, in a very "uncommon" and all too often overlooked kind of way, the difference between the ship and the navigator. Enabling and allowing your ship to come in, requires "learning how" to enable and allow your "inner navigator" to direct the ship, all the while, swabbing the deck, addressing the details and mastering your inherent "ship driving" skills.

Once that's achieved, it's necessary to begin USING and APPLYING those skills and adhering to what you learn...consistently and regardless.

The biggest thing that MUST be done is unlearning the less than effective approach that MOST have learned, so the necessary skills CAN BE relearned and effectively used.

Which brings us to a VITALLY IMPORTANT point regarding the kind of skills and ACTION that's "truly necessary."

There are MANY "New Age" folks out there in the world that would disagree that DOING is necessary. They would have you "believe" that ALL is well, that EVERYTHING is happening just as it's supposed to and that DOING something other than writing your desires down in a journal followed by envisioning your dream life, isn't necessary.

There is some truth to that, yet stated in that way, it's misinterpreted and misunderstood by MOST.

While it's "true" that "all is well" in the bigger scheme, because all things "truly DO" work for a greater good. But things CAN GET horrific in a tangible results kind of way, when you choose to IGNORE what "needs to be" addressed and done.

What's really great, yet often overlooked when even the most horrific things happen, is the fact that those things serve a greater good too...regardless.

As far as "everything happening perfectly and precisely, just as it's "supposed to" is also "true" a degree. It's unfolding in the way it is, because our "choices" (individually and collectively) mirror our tangible reality and things DO reveal themselves perfectly, precisely and in perfect alignment and harmony with those choices.

The same New Age folks "claim" that all that's necessary is to "Imagine Love and Light" coming into your life.

That certainly has it's place too. Yet this imagined form of "Love and Light" which stirs and ignites AWESOME feelings and emotions, won't pay the mortgage, the utility bills, the car payment or put food on the table. It certainly won't and DOESN'T provide the resources for contributing to the world in a way that "changes things" that MOST DEFINITELY need to be looked at and addressed.

I'll be the first to tell you, DOING these things we've covered is a great start...a necessary one, in fact. It CAN provide the "ways and means", MUST get out of the "easy chair", recognize and DO SOMETHING with those ways and means, when they DO arrive.

Bottom line, kudos to the New Age folks for DOING part of what needs to be done, but there's MORE that MUST be done, IF you're to RECEIVE the kind of tangible and measurable results, that enhance quality of life for yourself AND the world at large.

There's a HUGE Difference Between Airy Fairy, Metaphysical New Age NONSENSE and the New Thought Revolution.

The attraction process is real. BUT, you don't just HEAR about what's recently been repackaged and relabeled as The Law of Attraction, understand it intellectually and begin "attracting" your dream life.

To think so is ridiculous, as the MILLIONS who have "tried" that approach will tell you.

In fact, it's an approach which has resulted in a number of "complacent sleepers" ignoring the darkness in the world, burying their head in the sand, pretending, enabling it to grow and flourish all the while "claiming" and wanting to believe that they're "awake and enlightened."

If they were to be honest with themselves, look at what their "chosen way of DOING things" brings into their lives in the way of "tangible and measurable" results and resources, (namely the lack of) they'd spare themselves MUCH needless pain, hardship, suffering and pretending, before "truly waking up."

I say "needless" on one hand, yet even pain, suffering and enduring hardship, also serves a "greater good" for those who recognize that serving and DOING good for others is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the "receiving" process.

The point is this. Whether it be common worldly beliefs and perceptions, or airy fairy nonsense that you have adopted, unlearning is a very important part of achieving success.

Part of the process is UNLEARNING FIRST so you can eliminate any "darkness" that exists within yourself, (aka "irrational fears") while at the same time recognizing that ALL is NOT well in the "tangible world", which REQUIRES acknowledging, recognizing and DOING something "tangibly and intangibly constructive" to illuminate the darkness which is VERY real and which our "rational fears" point out.

Many New Age Folks and so called Law of Attraction teachers will also tell you, you must ignore and ELIMINATE your fears at all cost.

I say BULLSHIT. By all means, discover, acknowledge, accept and do your best to eliminate your "irrational fears", yet take heed, recognize and DO something about those that are rational and worthy of fearing.

That brings us to the "pretenders" who also want you to pretend

The "transcend all your fears" nonsense has many students of life, "pretending" that they have transcended their fears. They too often pretend that they have achieved that, so they don't feel "less than" those who "claim" they have. Like we ALL do, they love to be accepted, appreciated, acknowledged and feel as if they are part of something bigger than themselves which is meaningful and good.

Many do so, without ever waking up and realizing they are part of the airy fairy, get nothing truly meaningful done, crowd.

I'm going to ask that you think about and carefully consider something that MOST don't. Is it possible that, depending on what you "believe to be true" regarding success, failure, right, wrong, yourself and the world at large, that fear COULD BE more than just a "harmful" human emotion?

Is it possible that your fears can be used in a very conscious, productive and contributory way, to enhance, not only your own life but the lives of MANY?

Is it also just possible that, when understood and properly utilized, that our rational fears CAN also BE a really great tool to have at our disposal?

They are, or at least CAN be, when you acknowledge, face, understand and look at the various forms of fear for what they truly are.

Doing so is of VITAL IMPORTANCE because there's a profoundly transformational, life expanding (as well as a life depleting) difference between our rational and irrational fears?

When you use the polar opposite of fear, which is courage, to face and acknowledge your fears, the outcome CAN be "miraculous" when it's followed by "DOING something with and about what you discover. But, by the same token, it takes an uncommon amount of willingness, fortitude and COURAGE to learn and understand the difference.

Why? Because DOING so is "uncommon in this world."

That's another reason why I've decided to write the Power of a Reality Check. So more might muster the COURAGE to DO what truly needs to be done to face, acknowledge and "illuminate the darkness" that IS VERY REAL and quite prevalent in today's world.

That DOES NOT and cannot happen by "trying to get to the place", or pretending that you have no fear because someone "tells you" that must be done to "attract" your dream life.

There are MANY "pretenders" in this world who are really good at fooling others and sometimes even themselves. But they cannot "pretend enough" or become masterful enough at "pretending", that they fool the "Space" where EVERYTHING comes from, nor undermine, manipulate or bypass the creative process that determines the kind, quality and quantity of EVERYTHING we receive.

Put another way, energy (aka Light), which is what EVERYTHING is made up of, cannot be fooled.

Transformation and an Amazing Quality of Life Becomes Real, via Finding the Middle Ground Between Fear and Courage, Reality and Imagination, Darkness and Light, Doing and Not Doing.

Fear and courage, reality and imagination, doing and not doing, and yes, even darkness and light ALL have their place. They ALL serve a very good purpose. Like everything else, they're intricately connected and each serves a very GOOD purpose. In the same way, each can prove to be valuable and highly effective "ways of being" when properly utilized.

To DO that most effectively, requires believing, perceiving and seeing them ALL as the NECESSARY and interconnected things that they truly are.

Let's use fear and courage as specific examples so you might SEE how useful and interconnected they are.

Think about it. It takes courage to face and acknowledge your fears and it takes an experience of fear to realize your courage.

That's what enables and allows success or failure, "good and bad" as well as "right and wrong" to become our experience. And sometimes...MOST every time in fact, when you place enough focus and attention on what you "perceive" as being either right or wrong, one of 2 things happens.

  1. Things can get really awesome.

  2. Everything can "seem" (and remain) downright ugly.

Depending on how much meaning, attention and focus you give to your fears, or intensely you focus on them, either of these "seemingly opposite" experiences can happen as well as transform, really, really fast.

How fast?

As fast as you can conceive, imagine and think.

If you're unable to see how relevant that is currently, that's yet another "thing" that I hope The Power of a Reality Check might assist you in SEEING and DOING too, in a way that aligns and harmonizes with BEST serving yourself and the world.

In spite of how ugly and wrong things "CAN seem" on the surface, as we're going through them, the many challenges we face, can be amazing gifts.

Serious challenges can put you in a place of pause, serve as the catalyst that slows you down, and encourages you to take a really close, objective and honest look at things. More specifically, HOW you're DOING things, which determines what you receive or don't receive.

Challenges, like ease, both have their place and serve a purpose too.

Challenges are really nothing more or less than "growth lessons" in disguise. Some learn from and never repeat what caused the challenge, while others experience the same lessons over and over and over again before realizing what's taking place.

Some never learn and continue DOING the same things over and over and over again, all the while, hoping wishing and praying that their "ship will come in."

Rational fears can propel you forward. By the same token, irrational fears can, and do freeze you up.

Fear has a way of doing that to us "humans", only because we don't understand the GIFT that FEAR can be.

Fear and going through "fearful" times can be an awesome "gift" leading you to an ultimate conclusion that, if anything in your life is going to change, new choices and a "new approach" is going to be necessary.

It's very simple really, although it can be extremely difficult to see, until things get SO ugly that you force yourself to understand WHY.

I got to that place personally. But NOT before experiencing and seeing the "less than desired" results that "irrational fears" always bring...and bring...and bring, until you DO something about them.

I was "brought" many Less than desirable things before I realized that DOING something different was going to be necessary. I also discovered that a "new approach" is nothing more or less than a matter of "choice" and the choosing (or not), was entirely up to me.

Once I realized that, that's precisely what I did. Changed my approach. Not so much in what I was DOING initially, but rather in understanding more about HOW my "chosen way of being, determined what I saw and experienced in my life.

When I realized the power of and the truth behind that, and actually DID what necessary, WHAT I was being, automatically changed.

The change of DOING came later. But DOING the main thing FIRST, enabled and allowed me to DO what I DO now, which is the most "rewarding and fulfilling" thing I've EVER done.

It serves MANY people and more than provides for my "personal needs" as well.

The same applies to you and the same can happen for you, although your personal change of approach and what YOU decide to DO may be (and more than likely will be) different than mine.

My personal "change of approach" led me through a many year search. A very intense, eye opening, mind transforming and heart expanding one actually.

What your reading now is one facet of the many changes I personally underwent. It's a "freely distributed" and very specialized form of knowledge that CAN move you or anyone else into an EXPERIENCE of extraordinary success, IF you SEE it for what it "truly is", take it seriously and DO something with it.

My personal change and transformation required many years to achieve. Because mine did, combined with just ONE of the changes I "chose" to make, which is writing and sharing my experience and EXPERIENCE with you, via this newsletter and a href="" target="_blank">, the same need not take the same amount of time nor happen for YOU, in the same way or the time frame that was necessary for me.

Much of what I experienced during my personal journey was PAIN.

It CAN and perhaps will, require the same, if you enable and allow it to. But it doesn't HAVE to.

During those years of exploration, I spent countless thousands of hours learning and becoming very clear about how and why our lives become whatever they become as well as why things "seemed to be" the way they were.

That led me to the single most significant discovery of my life, which I'll be sharing with you in a later segment. I refer to it as The Answer of ALL Answers. I DO, for VERY GOOD reason. Because It IS...for you, me and EVERYONE none.

I'll be revealing this Answer of ALL Answers and we'll be looking at, analyzing and covering it in great depth, when the time is just right.

It's an answer that reveals that we've learned, believe and think is "true" about life and what it's about, isn't necessarily (and in MOST cases, is DEFINITELY not) what life is really and truly about, at all.

Not in the way that enables and allows us to Be, Do and Have the kind or quality of life that we're "truly capable" of and are more than equipped to create.

I personally learned that "the hard way", before discovering that a far more "simple way" exists.

I believed what I'd been "told and taught", and I followed that to the best of my ability. But after doing that for a long time, and coming up short, time and time again, the time came, when I realized, doing the same thing over and over and over again, without ever coming remotely close to where I "truly desired" to be, no longer made sense.

In fact, continuing on that path for as long as I did, is what "enabled and allowed" my "irrational fears" to grow and lead me into a state of paralysis, loss of hope and inevitably a great deal of pain, which, had I made different and more informed choices sooner, I wouldn't have gone through or endured.

You'll learn more about that in an upcoming segment.

Where I ended up initially, was feeling like a "failure", although I had reached and achieved what many called "success."

It didn't feel like it and it fell far short of what I thought it would provide. That's when and why I changed my approach.

The journey that followed was intense, but ultimately, it led to studying and understanding in an "uncommon kind of way" the human condition, who we truly are, what we're ALL capable of achieving, what we're choosing and HOW the choosing is being done.

Do you know what I discovered? It's something that I view today as REALLY GREAT...AWESOME actually.

It's this...

We ourselves allow external pressures and the "appearance of things", to create internal strife. As a result, we create feedback loops which sustain what we view, judge and label as evil, wrong, bad, ugly and horrific, which keeps us "seemingly trapped" in less than desired cycles that transform themselves into tangible and measurable results.

When we view things as "wrong", bad, ugly or horrific, our life experience mirrors our views.

Obviously, that's not the great part. What is great, is the FACT that, since you, I and EVERYONE else can create and enter into "less than desired" cycles without being "aware", once you understand how you DO that and WHY, you can turn things around and learn to "consciously create" really awesome ones instead...consistently.

If you're not already aware of how to do that, that's another MAJOR thing I hope the Power of a Reality Check can assist you in SEEING and will assist you in DOING.

Another couple of quick questions first...

In spite of how challenging, ugly, bad, or seemingly unbearable any situation might seem; aside from how wrong, scary, stressful or nerve racking we think it is, based on how we see things, what if WE ourselves really could change will?

And what if, regardless of how things "look and seem", we could find an answer; The Answer of ALL Answers in fact, that "shifts" our way of thinking to the degree that we could SEE and KNOW that what we view, judge and label as being "wrong", is in actuality, all going right?

I'm not referring to it being "right" as in, it's okay to ignore it and nothing needs to be done about it, but "right" in the sense that it's unfolding just as we're thinking and believing it will.

What if, we also discovered that any event, condition and circumstance we encounter, was actually a "miracle" regardless of it's kind or quality and aside from how you view it right now?

Every event, condition or circumstance we experience in life is a "miracle", although due to many factors that we'll be addressing here, it CAN be EXTREMELY difficult to see that, IF you're unaware of the very specialized form of knowledge that I'm "freely sharing" with you.

At the conclusion of The Power of a Reality Check, you'll be provided the opportunity to acquire the tools which transform this knowledge into a KNOWING at the deepest levels of yourself.

It's this "knowledge" that reveals where to look and how to go about finding the all to often overlooked ANSWER that EVERYONE is seeking. The tools will assist in integrating it into every fiber of your being so you might "use it" to create the intangible as well as the tangible results that you truly desire."

Again...We ALL can, and it's my hope and intention that you will. But let's be real...MOST don't and won't.

And that is "precisely why" the lives of so many (and our world) have gotten into the "less than desired" state that they have.

That's WHY I decided that it was important to convey and share what we'll be covering as we move through The Power of a Reality Check.

The first step in getting that done requires becoming "keenly aware" that, its' our beliefs about "fear, courage, good, bad, right, wrong, success or failure, evil and saintliness, which make everything in life (anything at all) right or wrong for us.

If we're "sincere and serious" about reaching our "personal definition" of success, if we honestly expect to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and do something meaningful in the world, it's going to be (and has always been) necessary to shift from a paradigm of fear, bad, wrong, evil and failure, to one of courage, good, and right if we're to enable and allow "Real Success, Real Liberation and Real Freedom" to become possible.

MANY try to do that, many "pretend" that they are, yet they're missing the mark. MOST are DOING it completely backwards. They're unaware and/or simply won't take the time to DO what's "truly necessary to reach this most desirable place.

It ALL begins in our mind first and then is experienced in our tangible reality.

That's all success, failure and the many other "seemingly opposing outcomes" really are. An individual and/or collective "mind game" with any infinite number of empowering or dis-empowering things that we "enable and allow" to happen.

A very BIG and important thing that MOST pay little to no attention to, is what they're enabling and allowing to be fed into their minds. Those "things", whether helpful or harmful, are processed and go through our minds, each of which are eventually transformed and solidify into what we see and experience in life.

If that sounds confusing or crazy, this next statement may seem really crazy initially, but it's "true."

Whether We "Choose" to See Ourselves and The World as Courageous, Fearful, Successes, Failures, Wrong, or Right, We Get to BE Right...EVERY Single Time

Here's the really GREAT OR the really sad thing about that...

When you make a conscious choice to transform your mind to the degree that you begin to look at and SEE life differently, the things in your life, change.

That doesn't only apply to moving from the "bad" to the "good things." It applies to moving from the "good" into the "less than desired" things too.

If you're consistently experiencing anything less than YOU "truly desire", it's of VITAL IMPORTANCE to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind"...first and foremost and once achieved, remaining vigilant in "holding and keeping that "transformed" mindset.

So how do you do that?

You make an uncommon choice and an unwavering commitment to get to the "heart of the matter." You have the courage, the tenacity and the fortitude to DO whatever is necessary to gain an "uncommon depth of understanding" about what could be referred to as the "seed level."

This "seed level" is NOT thinking, believing or doing as many think, believe or do. Thinking, believing and Doing are ALL effects, each of which happens and is made possible via the seed level we'll be exploring, analyzing, gaining a deeper understanding of and perhaps KNOWING, in a very personal and EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, should you allow yourself to.

That's what we'll be exploring in great detail, both here and in upcoming segments of The Power of a Reality Check.

I'll tell you right here and now. If you're mind is busy and you're in a hurry, it's going to be necessary to pause, take a deep breath, still yourself a bit and SLOW DOWN, because to most effectively move you from busyness, thinking, believing and DOING what MOST are doing, so you might SEE and EXPERIENCE this "seed level" and the AWESOME harvest that CAN flow from it, we've got A LOT to talk about.

If you're serious about change, it will be well worth it though, I promise.

If you've ever wondered or are currently asking yourself the same question that millions upon millions have, are, and which many will continue to, (I'll reveal that question soon) it will be more than worth it. It will because, if you're not experiencing whatever your idea of the ideal life is right now, and you're really serious about learning how, followed by DOING what's truly necessary to experience that, the very specialized form of knowledge that Power of a Reality Check conveys, will prove to be a game changer.

In A VERY BIG, awe inspiring, extremely pleasing and profoundly transformational kind of way.

The reason WHY, is because what follows addresses and reveals a number of things about life, love, others, and yourself, that COULD enable and empower you to take yourself, your results and your entire life, to a whole new level...MANY levels in fact, limited only to and by what you "choose" to enable and allow...or not.

Once we've covered some important topics and have a solid foundation in place, I'll be introducing you to what I've mentioned already, found to be, and refer to, as The Answer of ALL Answers.

I refer to it as The Answer of ALL Answers for VERY good reason. I do, because it's not only THE Answer, it's the solution EVERYTHING in life.

And I DO mean that literally too, not figuratively.

I'll tell you up front. As powerful as this answer is, it doesn't "apply" itself. That's going to be up to you. It's an answer that everyone is looking for, yet ironically, already aware of at varying degrees. But it's power is not widely understood. Because of that, it's not being "consciously, intentionally and purposefully utilized in the way it can be.

In fact, it's so misunderstood, it's overlooked altogether, or viewed as "irrelevant" as it pertains to achieving success, in MANY cases.

Because of that, at first glance, the novice might consider this Answer of ALL Answers to be irrational, illogical, impractical or in some cases, a flat out radical approach to life.

I'll tell you right here and right now, based on what we've learned and believe to be true about life and the attainment of success, it is radical...radically different. But, based on my own personal experience, I can tell you it's radically awesome and can provide radically awesome results too.

But ironically, because it is "all level radical", it's often "perceived as" non-applicable as it relates to many aspects of life, including but not limited to success.

That's how many of the "less than successful" folks who consistently hope, wish, pray and WANT, see it too. MOST do. I did for a very long time, that's for sure. I kept DOING that until this Answer of ALL Answers was revealed to me and I EXPERIENCED, first hand, it's awe inspiring and awesome power for myself.

But once I SAW it and KNEW it was the Answer of ALL Answers, I KNEW and saw it for the answer that it truly was. Even so, I still had to DO something with it, as we ALL do.

But once I KNEW it and began USING it, that's when my own "radical transformation" began to take place with mind boggling swiftness. It was IMMEDIATE on the inside, yet it required a bit of time and more understanding to most effectively "apply it" on the outside.

In hindsight, I see that, prior to that "radical transformation" happening, it was my own views, derived from my inherited beliefs and perspectives about what was rational, logical and practical, that "kept me from" finding this Answer of ALL Answers and EXPERIENCING the "radically AWESOME changes" that I desired to SEE and would eventually EXPERIENCE, once I changed my mind and my approach to life.

And it ALL happened simply because I had a "sincere desire" to find it and once I DID, "chose" to "apply" and DO something with it.

My personal views at that point in my life, about what was rational, logical, practical and radical, is the very thing that kept me from EXPERIENCING the awe and simplicity of that answer as well as some other very powerful concepts that I'll be sharing with you soon.

Rest assured though, as radically powerful as this answer and these concepts are, they ARE also VERY simple.

Because they are, it's important that I share this...

Because of what we believe, it's quite "easy" to see, judge and label very simple answers and concepts, that have the power to transform every aspect of your life, as "too good to be true."

That's overwhelmingly "common" among the "less than successful" folks too. But, aside from how you, or anyone else "sees" things, this Answer of ALL Answers that The Power of a Reality Check WILL BE revealing, when the time is "just right", is drop dead simple, enormously powerful, and MOST DEFINITELY transformational.

What's more, it works "miraculously well"...with unerring and unwavering certainty, even though sometimes, perhaps even oftentimes, it can "seem as if", it's not to those who are unaware of it.

But it ALWAYS is and we'll take a look at it in great depth in an upcoming segment.

Because most aren't "aware" of just how powerful this answer is, due to a number of factors we'll be covering, if I were to get in a hurry and reveal the Answer of ALL Answers to you at this point, chances are great that you wouldn't believe me, wouldn't explore further, nor be able to SEE or experience for yourself just how powerful and transformational it is.

As true as all of that is, let's get REALLY clear and set the record straight right up front.

I'm not, never have and never will ask you to believe anything I share. I don't want you to. In fact, I'll ask that you don't.

What I will ask you to do, is disarm any beliefs you currently hold, until you hear me out, carefully consider what I have to say, try it and you be the judge. That's up to you of course.

As much as I LOVE playing a role in enhancing quality of life for individuals globally, I also understand, it's VERY important that you discover your own truth in your own time, that you navigate your own paths and come to your own conclusions, in whatever way and whatever time frame you feel you need to.

My only intention for sharing what I do is to provide you with a number of "transformational possibilities" that you may not be "aware of" and, if you've learned and believe as most do, have never even considered before.

Enormously transformational possibilities. Infinitely and awesomely enormous, in fact.

But to EXPERIENCE that, it's going to require attaining (or perhaps being reminded of) some knowledge that you may not have yet been exposed to, or have perhaps overlooked and/or "forgotten"...until now.

I'll assure you, it's DEFINITELY NOT "common knowledge", but it's CERTAINLY not NEW and without question, it isn't "A Secret" either.

What follows in The Power of a Reality Check is a very specialized form of knowledge that I KNOW, based on 4 decades of experience, can provide you with an intellectual and EXPERIENTIAL understanding that has transformed lives, views, perspectives and results, since we "humans" showed up on this planet.

It's transformed mine, countless others who I personally know and many more who I've yet to meet. I KNOW it can transform yours too, if you'll allow it to. The fact of the matter is, it CAN transform anyone's life, including MANY like myself who didn't initially "believe" it could.

Which brings me to an important point...

To Experience the Transformational Power of The Answer of ALL Answers for Yourself, No Initial Belief is Necessary

I definitely didn't believe this Answer could transform ANYTHING at one point. In fact, until I EXPERIENCED it for myself, although I'd heard it COULD, I honestly "thought" that it was nonsense as it pertained to creating MANY do.

Because many do, it's possible that you will too, even after you've learned more about WHAT this "Answer of ALL Answers" is.

Actually, I didn't see it as an answer, let alone a "specialized form of knowledge" at all.

I've since changed my mind in a BIG way. I went from "not believing it "was", to KNOWING that it is. And I'll assure you, because I've seen it create so many awe inspiring transformations since, THAT will NEVER, EVER change...regardless.

You can KNOW it too. Whether The Power of a Reality Check DOES or doesn't transform your life, is only dependent on how sincere, serious and committed you are, about DOING what's "truly necessary" to create the kind of change that many of the "less than successful" folks "hope, wish and pray" they could experience.

EVERYONE can do that, although not everyone does. But be assured, you CAN, if you "choose" to.

The Power of a Reality Check will show you not only WHY you can, but HOW you can, once you're aware of what this Answer of ALL Answers is.

For some, The Power of a Reality Check will be an introduction to entirely new ideas, strategies, concepts and methodologies. For others, it will serve as a timely reminder of what's already KNOWN. For still others, it will reveal that what most "think they know" about any number of things, may not be as true, on target or effective in producing "desired results" as they've been led to "believe."

If what you believe about life often leaves you feeling worried, unsure, perplexed, afraid, alone, confused, and wondering where to turn, take heart.

There IS an Answer. This may sound "unrealistic" or crazy, but it's this ONE single answer I've already mentioned, (the Answer of ALL Answers) that addresses ANY and EVERY issue, problem, hope, dream, or desire that you can possibly imagine. In fact, the power and reach of this Answer, extends well beyond anything you, I, or anyone else could EVER possibly conceive or imagine...literally.

The reason why, is because it has "Infinite Scope and Power." There's NOTHING it doesn't address and transform. That's why I refer to it as The Answer of ALL Answers.

It IS just that. And it's not as secretive, elusive, esoteric, difficult or complex as so many think it is.

The fact of the matter is, as I've already mentioned, it's PROFOUNDLY simple.

It just doesn't "seem like it" to MOST, for many reasons that we'll be addressing soon.

Although it's a bit premature to share what this Answer of ALL Answers is right now, when it IS revealed, if you'll "apply it" and DO what needs to be done with it, you'll also enable and empower yourself to DO what's "truly necessary" to EXPERIENCE whatever your idea of "a miraculous and extremely prosperous life" might be.

Although it's not time to reveal this Answer of ALL Answers quite yet, I will say this...

It's an answer that enables and empowers you to look at and see things in such a way that you effectively respond, rather than fearfully react to life...regardless.

But to reach that "effectively responsive" place in the simplest, quickest, easiest and least painful way possible, KNOWING the answer and EXPERIENCING it's power for yourself is necessary first.

Then you can KNOW for yourself, SEE for yourself, and EXPERIENCE for yourself, that it IS The Answer to EVERYTHING in life...above, below, inside and outside, tangibly and intangibly.

Enough about this answer for now. Let's shift to what's going to be necessary to enable it to work for you in the way you desire for it to.

Like Everything, The Power of a Reality Check Contains a Very Important Disclaimer That "May" Save You Some Precious Time if You Believe, Think and Do as MOST Do

If you're not ready for insight and direction that truly gets to "the heart of the matter" and reveals the IMPORTANCE of an inside out approach to life, forgive my candid nature, but you're not ready for, nor will you gain the FULL benefit that CAN BE derived from The Power of a Reality Check.

If you ARE ready; really, truly and sincerely ready, and you're REALLY serious about creating change, GREAT news. You're in the right place.

Chances are, you've been many places looking for and seeking out various answers and solutions. If you have, as you'll soon see, The Power of a Reality Check is quite "unique." It is because we'll be taking an objective and eye opening look at many surface level things unfolding all around us here in reality, as well as an uncommon yet revealing look at the subjective side of things too.

One more disclaimer, before we continue...

Unlike many of the things I've written about for years, depending on where you are and how you currently view life, The Power of a Reality Check may not make you feel all warm and fuzzy initially. In fact, we'll be covering what many label and view as being some dark and controversial topics.

They don't have to be and I definitely don't share them to be dark or controversial. Quite the opposite actually. I only share them so you might become "aware" that our rational fears DO have their place and that there ARE things which often stir and ignite these fears, each of which ARE a VERY REAL part of the Reality we exist within.

Our willingness to become aware, acknowledge them, understand them and SEE them for what they truly are, better enables us to keep from falling into the trap that many do, which is "adversely react" to what many "believe to be" controversial, which only serves to limit what's "truly available to us in life.

Becoming aware of the "less than desired" things is important. SEEING them in the right light, also serves to keep us from falling into any dark and/or discouraged state, which many of the unaware often do, only because they view them as something darker and/or more sinister than they truly are.

That's why it's of vital importance to see them in the light that they truly are, rather than in the way that MOST "perceive them" to be.

That's not to say there aren't some very "dark, sinister and ugly" things happening in the world, because there are...MANY MANY things.

To rise above them though, it's important to become keenly aware of them. Although many "bury their heads in the sand", ignore, aren't aware of, or blindly attempt to change "less than desired" things, in ways that are far less than effective, you can play a very personal and powerful role in transforming them, for yourself and others, once you KNOW how.

To do so, requires becoming keenly aware of, truly understanding and consistently applying, in a VERY UNCOMMON kind of way, the unerring and unwavering power of this Answer of ALL Answers you'll become "aware of" soon.

Just as The Power of a Reality Check is unique, my approach for creating transformation is equally unique. It is because I've tried MANY of the "common approaches", over the course of many years, only to be disappointed countless times. I have NO desire to disappoint, but rather assist you in transforming whatever it might be that you have a "sincere desire" to transform.

I do what I do, in the best way I KNOW how, to fulfill what I believe to be my purpose in life. It's based on verifiable facts and personal experience. Again, sharing what I do is not, and never will be with the intention of convincing you, or "getting you" to believe me, follow me, nor do what I do just because I claim it's the "best way."

I only share things that MOST don't, because I KNOW, in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, just how powerfully transformational and life affirming my "chosen way" of DOING things is.

The way in which I DO it, is in the most logical, practical, rational and down to earth way I know how. That's VERY IMPORTANT too.

Let's face facts. There's a lot of "new age" stuff out there that has MANY believing in fiction and fantasy. It doesn't accurately address nor fully acknowledge the reality we live in.

That's of vital importance in my mind.

The reason WHY, is because Reality is where you and I are right here and now. Like it or not, some of what's happening in the world is dark, sinister and ugly. But the great thing is, when you're "aware of it" and see it for what it "truly is", you're able to mold, shape and transform the ugliness (much of it, in the blink of an eye) as it reveals itself.

But DOING that requires more than sprinkling stardust, attempting to "imagine it away" or burying your head in the sand, all the while refusing to face and acknowledge that "less than desirable" things are a VERY REAL part of life.

Not addressing such things and pretending as if they don't exist, is not only a disservice to yourself, on a much larger scale, it's a disservice to humanity as well.

Putting on blinders while attempting to take a pie and the sky, warm and fuzzy approach to life, with the intention and sole purpose of "Getting what YOU want", CAN ONLY and DOES ONLY keep those who "choose to follow" such nonsense, from reaching where they desire to go. It keeps them (and will keep you) from EXPERIENCING what so many only hope, wish, pray for and attempt to "visualize" into being.

Although warm, fuzzy, sexy and appealing on the surface, much of the far fetched, new age, metaphysical nonsense, often described as The Quick, Simple, Easy (and sometimes FREE) Way to an Amazing Life, actually degrades quality of does NOT enhance it.

Many buy into and experience that, prior to discovering a "better", more effective, realistic and FAR MORE powerful way.

In my mind, sharing concepts, ideas and methodologies that have the potential to enhance or degrade the quality of your life and the lives of others, is VERY serious business. Because I SEE things that way, what I share with you is shared because I KNOW it needs to be addressed, faced, looked at and clearly understood, if you're to ever master the business of your life.

Becoming aware of and learning to "effectively respond", mentally, emotionally and physically to what so many ignore, refuse to acknowledge, remain "unaware" of, and/or enable and allow to freeze them in fear, is The Key that keeps many from USING The Answer of ALL Answers I'll be revealing, in the full, truly liberating and life enhancing way it CAN be used.

Which brings us to a VERY IMPORTANT point.

If You're Looking for Someone Who Only Tells You What You WANT to Hear, I'm DEFINITELY Not Your Guy

There's a meme amongst the "marketing crowd" that I believe misses the mark in a BIG way. It's this...

To give people what they need, you must provide them with what they want."

If people "truly KNEW" what they needed they wouldn't WANT anything. Giving them what they "want", only serves to create a "seemingly endless and inescapable cycle" that blinds the masses to what they "truly need" to change things.

That's why, as you'll see soon, my approach isn't, never has been and never will be to tell you (or anyone else) what you want to hear. As will become abundantly clear, if it's not already, I'm DEFINITELY not here to win a popularity contest.

Because that's "true" and YOU experiencing awesome results is of VITAL IMPORTANCE to me, I also have a tendency to be very direct and forward in my approach. It's a necessary and very important part of what I do.

With that in mind, as we move through The Power of a Reality Check, if I address something that hits a nerve, please understand, I only address it because I care. Because I do care, combined with the fact that I consider your results and your life to be VERY serious business, I share, not only what I "feel and believe", but KNOW, in my heart of hearts, is "truly necessary" to assist you in creating the kind of life that you can call AWESOME and "miraculous."

Not just a temporary, fleeting, "feel good" kind of awesome...All level AWESOME...physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But to arrive at AWESOME, it's of vital importance to become and remain aware of some UGLY facts that are "out there", some of which are disguised as "good", each of which ARE a very real part of reality.

These FACTS can conflict with currently held beliefs, stir and ignite some emotions and lead to controversy, although again, that's NOT my intention at all.

I only share what is viewed and "perceived" as controversial at times, because I KNOW they're very important topics to become "aware of." They are that is, if you're to find and navigate the shortest possible path to what I call Real Freedom, Real Independence and a "tangible experience" (as well as an intangible EXPERIENCE) of the "good life" that so many in today's world say they WANT, but aren't experiencing.

A lot of people tell me they WANT that. Since you're here, chances are great that you WANT that too.

If you're sincere about HAVING whatever your desires might be, it's important that you understand this...

WANTING, Hoping, Wishing, Praying and Doing Things in the Way That MOST are Doing Them, Won't Get you There in 99.9% of the Cases.

In fact wanting, hoping, wishing and anxiously praying CAN, and FAR more often than not DOES, keep heartfelt desires at a distance. That's why so few reach this place where everyone "claims" they want to be.

Hoping, wishing, anxiously praying and wanting is without question, a very common approach. But it's anything but an effective one as it pertains to receiving "heartfelt desires." It won't enable and allow you to EXPERIENCE whatever your desire/s might be either, but rather, only serves to keep you wanting, hoping, wishing and praying all the while believing that it either falls on deaf ears or isn't God's will.

Neither will avoiding, resisting or "burying your head in the sand" about topics that are vitally important to become aware of. A very specialized form of knowledge combined with some very simple, yet powerfully leveraged DOING will.

It's not a "common" kind of doing as most define the word.

It's a very "aware" and "conscious" form of DOING that yields what many call "miraculous" results.

That kind of DOING doesn't begin where MOST have "learned" and honestly believe is the place to START.

You don't have to "look" very far to see how true that is.

Have you ever wondered or thought about why so many WANT what they define as the good life, yet only a small minority actually EXPERIENCE it?

Although we each have our own unique beliefs and perceptions about what should, must, or NEEDS to happen to reach our definition of the "good life", the bottom line is, everything we think, say and DO, is being done, in our best attempt at getting as close to the "good life" as we can.

But, due to how MOST are going about it, it remains out there somewhere, just outside our reach. It's not because of a "lack of" doing in MOST cases. There's PLENTY of good, heart centered, well intentioned people out there who are DOING PLENTY with the hope and intention of moving toward, and one day experiencing, the "good life."

So WHY is it that MOST aren't achieving what they're working so hard for and WANT?

Simply because what they're doing and how they're going about doing it, is, in the vast majority of cases, what keeps them WANTING what they "honestly believe" their "limited forms" of doing "may" provide...someday.

That applies, not only to us as individuals, but as a global people. It's a collective meme that often "keeps even those who are earnest and sincere, from ever reaching the place where EVERYONE wants and/or sincerely desires to be.

But all the hard work and wanting seldom does provide that. There are VERY RARE exceptions of course, as there is with EVERYTHING.

Because of our "clingy, anxious and wanting" ways, combined with how we're DOING things, we are, without even realizing it, or understanding HOW, sabotaging the very thing that we claim to want and in many cases, earnestly desire.

As you'll learn soon, because of how we've learned to go about doing things, MOST aren't anywhere remotely close to "receiving" what they hope, wish and pray their DOING will provide, in an all level kind of way, or in a "surface level" way for that matter.

Maybe you are and maybe you're not. MOST aren't, so do your best to understand that The Power of a Reality Check addresses VERY IMPORTANT topics and concepts, on a very broad scale, for a vast number of people.

And ALL OF IT serves a very necessary and equally "good" purpose. That's why we'll be beginning the "transformational process" at the foundational level.

Laying and building on a firm foundation is VITALLY important. Since MOST "claim" they want to break free from the WANTING trap, but AREN'T, to serve the greatest number, (which IS my purpose and intention) it requires beginning at a foundational level.

I share that upfront, because I may be sharing some things that you know (or at least think you know) already.

Which leads into a very important question that you may, or may not want to hear, yet which MANY need to not only HEAR, but REALIZE the importance of.

I'll ask that you carefully consider, if it "applies" to you or not.

Is What You "Think You Know" Providing You the AWESOME Life Most WANT, or Has It Kept You (and Will It Continue Keeping You) From Experiencing What's Already Yours?

Since it's VERY common, equally IMPORTANT and a statement I hear quite often, let's quickly address the "I already know that" topic.

Over the years I've written, taught and shared many things about creating a life by design. During that time, I've had many people tell me, just that.

"I know that already."

Yes, in a few VERY rare cases, they do. But in the majority of cases they don't.

Sure, we might understand some concept intellectually, but EXPERIENTIALLY, we don't KNOW it.

Which brings us to an "important" and "potentially transformational" point.

There's a HUGE and transformational difference between what we "think we know" intellectually and KNOWING something EXPERIENTIALLY.

Forgive me if this "seems" too blunt and straight forward, but it MUST be said.

If you haven't experienced, or you're not experiencing your idea of the "good life" yet, you don't KNOW it either.

You just think you do.

When you KNOW something, you live it, breathe it and DO it. You think it, speak it, act on it and integrate it in EVERY aspect of your life. It's not a once in a while thing or something you do when it's convenient.

When you KNOW something and DO what truly needs to be done with that KNOWING, you don't search, seek, look for, hope, wish, pray or WANT something, you HAVE whatever the desire is, whether it's tangible and measurable or otherwise.

That's not to say that we don't or won't go through periods of challenge or reach plateaus in life, because we do. That's part of the game. A NECESSARY part. But as those who really and truly KNOW what we'll be covering, even during those challenging times, when you really and truly do KNOW something, that KNOWING not only carries you through even the darkest of challenges, it provides a sense of peace, comfort, assurance and overall well being, that never, EVER goes away...regardless.

In fact, once you reach a certain milestone, you can get to the place where you're "sincerely grateful" for EACH and EVERY challenge, as it arises and reveals itself.

You can, because if you "truly KNOW" what many "claim" to, yet don't really, you SEE things differently than MOST do and you KNOW exactly what to do when those inevitable challenges DO arrive. That KNOWING enables you to move through and rebound quickly, even in the most difficult times...if you "truly KNOW" and "consciously choose" to use that KNOWING...regardless.

But aside from how big, ugly or "seemingly horrific" the challenge might be, the KNOWING remains, comforts, leads and guides you quickly through even the darkest, meanest and ugliest of storms.

Anyone and everyone can EXPERIENCE that kind of KNOWING. But only those who "choose" to get serious do, or ever will.

Initially, getting serious only requires learning how to do the right things in the right order. Nothing more and nothing less.

Let's talk more deeply about these 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT levels of understanding which MOST have no idea of.

There's a HUGE Difference Between Understanding Something Intellectually and KNOWING Something EXPERIENTIALLY

Many people know something intellectually. They've learned about it, heard about it, read about it, talk about it, are inspired by it and even WANT to do it. But in many cases, as much as they WANT to, they seldom, if ever, do.

That leads to what many call "needless challenges."

strong>Like everything else in life, the "challenge coin" has 2 sides.

Challenges can be really frustrating or enormously insightful. For most they're frustrating. The few understand what MOST don't. It's this. Challenges CAN become awesome, amazing and profoundly transformational gifts. They can, because, when looked at and dealt with in a certain way, they enable you to SEE, REALLY SEE, that a new approach is necessary.

IF you're willing to take a close, objective and subjective look at challenges, and at the same time, an equally HONEST look at what's happening within yourself, something magical happens. If you DO that and you're sincere, serious and truly ready, you open yourself FULLY; heart, mind, body and soul, which "enables and allows" you to move into what there really is to KNOW and EXPERIENCE.

It requires an uncommon degree of honesty, transparency and a sincere willingness though. Sometimes...most times in fact, it requires BRUTAL honesty.

I'm going to share something that may touch a nerve, but it's very important and needs to be said.

Although most believe that they're not experiencing the "good life" because of what they don't know, I can assure you in more cases than not, it's because of what they "think they know."

We'll be discussing and dissecting, in uncommon detail, why, what we "think we know" is the source of ANY and EVERY challenge, that we CAN transform, anytime WE ourselves, "choose" to.

What we'll be looking at and doing throughout the Power of a Reality Check, is designed and intended to transform the "less than factual" things we think we know, into an EXPERIENTIAL kind of KNOWING that can never fade, be forgotten or taken away...regardless.

This text form of The Power of a Reality Check cannot and will not, in and of itself, do that FOR you. But it very well may, enable you to open your eyes, SEE what's truly causing your current experience and point you toward the path where YOU can EXPERIENCE the kind of KNOWING and quality of life I'm referring to, for yourself.

The shortest, simplest, easiest and least expensive way to get that done requires KNOWING first.

It's a deeply penetrating and EXPERIENTIAL kind of KNOWING that becomes infused into every cell of your body. It isn't dependent on what you have or don't have right now. Nor does it come from anyone or anything in "the world."

I'll tell you up front. The Power of a Reality Check isn't for you, if you're of the mindset that creating the "good" life" requires nothing more than chants, mantras, visualizing and creating dream boards, as you wait for the checks to show up in the mail.

It's also not for those with short attention spans either. If you're looking for some "Push Button Instant Gratification System" claiming to provide your "Dream Life, in 3 Days, Using 3 Simple and Easy Steps", The Power of a Reality Check DEFINITELY won't be your cup of tea.

By the same token, if you honestly believe that the quote of the day or how to change your life in 3 paragraphs is an effective approach for major transformation, The Power of a Reality Check is definitely NOT what you're looking for.

If there's one thing that The Power of a Reality Check will show you, it's this...

Creating meaningful and lasting change is a process that requires commitment, focus, discipline and uncommon fortitude...for a time.

It's not so much what needs to be "done" that can "seem" challenging. It's the "undoing." Undoing the self sabotaging programming and conditioning that MOST have enabled and allowed themselves to become limited by their entire lives.

That is what keeps us from what we "truly desire."

Put another way, experiencing the "good life" is not as much about learning and doing, as it is "unlearning and NOT doing, what MOST have learned and continue to do.

And if YOU are not EXPERIENCING the awe, grandeur, joy and simplicity of life physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, WHAT you're doing at some level MUST be unlearned to, IF you're ever to EXPERIENCE what you're truly capable of.

But it ALL begins with becoming keenly, consciously and HONESTLY aware of what, how and WHY you're BEING whatever you are.

And, as I've already mentioned, that's NOT to say that once you've DONE that, that taking ACTION isn't necessary. It is. If you've been on the Law of Attraction path, and bought into some slick marketing campaign, claiming how "kick back in your recliner EASY it is" to create lasting change, it's going to require "unlearning" and discarding that nonsense too.

Yes, it CAN become easy, but in the vast majority of cases, initially it's anything but. That's the single biggest reason that MOST never experience an "easy", let alone a miraculous life.

They WANT it to be easy, yet when they discover it's NOT, they give up or think that such concepts are nonsense.

The BIGGEST reason why, is because they often fall for some "hyped up claim" regarding how "EASY" it is. That's become SO engrained in their minds, they won't undergo nor endure the process of unlearning, relearning and do the "hard stuff" first. It's ironic, because their refusal to do the "hard stuff" keeps them seemingly trapped in the cold, hard reality, where they "claim" they don't want to be.

That's why so many "believe" and often say that "life is hard." The Higher Truth is, life is as hard, or becomes as easy as we choose to enable and allow it to be.

That's enough for now. Think about what I've shared. Decide if you're "sincere and serious" about EXPERIENCING any "heartfelt desire" that you could ever hope for or imagine.

Decide for yourself if you're ready to undergo the journey and the process that the Power of a Reality Check will guide you through.

If you decide that you are, we'll connect again in the next segment and begin DOING what "truly needs" to be done.

At the conclusion of the previous segment we left off with "enabling and allowing, so let's begin there.

Enabling and allowing doesn't need to be learned. You already CAN "enable and allow." It's only a matter of "choosing" to unlearn what keeps so many resisting and fearful.

First, it requires understanding a KEY fact. It's this...

Creating an AWESOME Quality of Life Requires Recognizing, Developing and "Consciously Utilizing" Your Inherent Skills, NOT Searching For Magical Lotions, Potions, Pills, Newfound Discoveries OR Secrets

While many "claim" to have The Secret Formula for Transforming Your Life in 3 Quick, Simple and Easy Steps, I don't believe there ARE any secrets. But I do KNOW there are skills you can become aware of, learn, APPLY and master, which CAN and DO dramatically enhance, not only how you approach life, but enhance the quality of it...EXPONENTIALLY, in all areas.

You already HAVE those inherent skills. You also already HAVE a passion and a LOVE for something that is unique to you.

That's why MOST personal development/self help Cookie Cutter approach systems, processes and techniques do NOT work as MANY hope, wish and pray they will.

They CANNOT and DO NOT address that uniqueness in the way they "approach" things.

I'll share something else right up front. It REQUIRES an "uncommon degree" of "seriousness" to learn about, develop and master these skills.

A great degree of seriousness to be more specific.

Take it from someone who's been on the "conscious path" for 4 decades. Learning, understanding and mastering your ability to DO what's "truly necessary" to begin creating meaningful and lasting change, in one or more aspects of your life, is a process.

Sometimes it's a very difficult and painful one and sometimes not. That depends on YOU. Growth is (or at least CAN BE) VERY painful initially. That's where brutal self honesty enters the picture. Brutal honesty and becoming completely transparent with yourself can be VERY painful initially.

But if you find that to be the case and you DO it anyway, you'll EXPERIENCE for yourself just how profoundly freeing it is and how easy, awesome and "miraculous" life can become in the long term.

Contrary to many "claims" being made about transformation being quick, simple, easy and free...well, good luck with that approach.

Many people I reach and serve, have walked that path already. Some have been walking it for a long, long time. I even spent a bit of time looking at that scenery myself. More than necessary actually. Maybe you have to.

If you have, (or still are) maybe you're at the place where you realize just how important getting serious and changing your approach is.

I don't and can't know where you are, what you desire, where you want to go or what you're doing now to get there. What I do KNOW is, if you're like MOST and you're not reaching where you truly desire to be, a change of approach is not only necessary, it's important.

Due to many factors, it's also vitally important to slow down and take things one step at a time. That's a very important part of the process which enables you to become really clear about what you really KNOW and what you think you know.

The WHY that's necessary, will become more clear as we progress.

For now, let's look at some "timeless wisdom" that reveals the importance of taking things a step at a time, rather than playing hit and miss with "surface level solutions" and the many "instant gratification" systems that only serve to frustrate, keep you looking and delay your arrival.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins With a Single Step

The Power of a Reality Check reveals and provides the necessary steps in comprehensive detail.

Because of the many paths I've walked, the way I've structured things, the time frame and the steps necessary to move you in the "desired" direction, have been condensed dramatically.

There's no point in YOU taking the same "less than effective" steps, nor spending the many years that I have looking for YOUR answers and solutions. You CAN, but you don't HAVE to. I've tried many things over the course of many years, many of which proved futile, in spite of the "Unconditional Guarantees" and false promises of overnight results.

Those steps DID create something, but it wasn't the desired outcome, by any stretch of the imagination. FAR from it.

In my particular case, what it did create was enormous, yet unnecessary pain. Enormous pain and needless suffering too.

It wasn't truly unnecessary or needless. It served a very good purpose actually, bit it wasn't "written in stone" that I HAD to go through it. I "chose to" even though I didn't DO SO, consciously and intentionally.

You'll learn a bit more about that in an upcoming segment.

That's why The Power of a Reality Check places ALL focus and emphasis on what I KNOW to be "truly effective, transformational and empowering steps", so you might be spared the same intensity of pain and disappointment that I endured, walking the many paths I have.

But it still requires learning what those steps are, taking them one at a time and following through with the process JUST as it was designed...regardless.

How long will it take? I don't know. That depends on you. What I DO KNOW, is the process works...ALWAYS, EVERY TIME...if you work it and keep working it until the "time" is just right.

As you'll learn at some point, the "time frame" to receive your desires, is ALWAYS right...JUST RIGHT...regardless.

But make no mistake. In nearly every case, it takes some "work" first. Inner work to be more specific.

This kind of "work" can seem really difficult initially. Really hard even. But it get's easy, effortless as some say, if you keep on keepin on, follow through and DO it.

The point is this...

In spite of the many outlandish claims many make, throw quick, cheap and easy in the trash. If you're starting from where MOST are, the journey is anything but.

Sorry if that's not what you WANT to hear, but that's the reality of it.

Now that we've taken a very important first step of disclosing what you can expect and what's "truly necessary" to experience Real, Lasting, Meaningful and MEASURABLE transformation, The Power of a Reality Check will guide you through the "next steps."

We'll do that starting in 2 days from RIGHT NOW.

Keep your eyes peeled. If you're "sincere, serious and truly ready to EXPERIENCE transformation, you're going to LOVE it.

As you "hopefully" understand by now, we'll be doing so, absent all the airy fairy ridiculousness and nonsense that many self professed "gurus" and Law of Attraction teachers "claim" is necessary.

Don't misunderstand. I'm in no way implying that the Law of Attraction (or whatever you choose to call it) isn't real. It is. It's just not the "genie in a bottle" that responds to your every whim or beckon call, without YOU doing the "work" first...the "inner work" that is.

Once you DO that, you'll SEE, KNOW and EXPERIENCE for yourself that what many call The Law of Attraction, ALWAYS works, always has, and always will, just as designed.

Then you can MOST effectively and efficiently do the other kind of work in a way that you LOVE. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

The Power of a Reality Check serves many purposes, addresses many things and reveals on target insights, ideas, concepts and methodologies that CAN expand, enhance or perhaps even, turn your life around very quickly.

I say CAN for good reason.

As I mentioned, the speed or the slowness of, as well as the kind, quality and quantity of your personal transformation (or the lack of) is entirely up to you.

If you'll DO the "work", things will transform. If you choose NOT to, they won't. If you choose to "dabble", your results will reflect those of a dabbler and experience the "mediocre results" that dabblers always do.

Nothing "wrong" with any of that. You get to choose it and you get to be right. No more, no less.

The Power of a Reality Check provides the information, the how to and, if you choose, provides you with the tools for experiencing an often sought and highly desired form of transformation, but ultimately it's what you do (or don't do) with it all, that will determine the benefits that you'll receive or not receive.

The entire process we'll be going through serves a purpose. A very specific and very important one. Each and every step is designed for "enabling and allowing" yourself to actually EXPERIENCE Real Freedom and Liberation in your life, while bypassing the many pitfalls and needless pain we often endure, by attempting to do so via a hit and miss approach.

That leads us to another important point.

Real Freedom and Real Liberation Extends Well Beyond the Tangible World of Shape and Form

When I say Real Freedom and Real Liberation, it's an entirely different form of freedom and liberation than you might be thinking. I'm referring to a kind and quality of totally immersive, multilevel EXPERIENCE that leaves you "truly free" and "truly liberated" inside and out, in spite of what might be happening in the world around you.

It's ALL level liberating. It's of a kind and quality that includes, but isn't limited to, the fulfillment and experience of whatever tangible desires we hold dear, but it includes the intangibles too.

But, it all begins by creating "inner freedom" first. Inner freedom comes via "inner change." Once we've addressed that, then we're much better equipped to DO what's "truly necessary" to produce the tangible and measurable stuff that we Love.

Although it can't be described nor experienced via intellectually focused venues, it's a form of freedom and liberation that can be best described as "All Pervasive."

It frees you on the inside so you might more effectively and efficiently DO what's necessary on the outside to HAVE and experience whatever your idea of the "good life" might be.

It's of far greater magnitude and proportion than the kind of freedom we think we have, which is limited to physical and finite systems, which are social, cultural, institutional and political in nature.

The fact is, a number of these systems are what keep many from experiencing the freedom they're seeking.

Many of these "systems" teach us (and have many "believing") that we ARE a "free and liberated" people.

But are we really?

My experience tells me no. Not in a tangible way at least.

We can never and WILL never be "truly free" in the limited ways these "systems" were designed to operate, although in MANY cases we're programmed and conditioned by these very systems, to "believe" that we are a free and liberated people.

But the fact is, as a very wise and equally insightful poet, writer, philosopher and statesman so accurately and eloquently stated many years ago...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whether you like it or not and whether you're ready to believe it or not, many of these "systems" which have so many "believing" that we are free, actually do their best to enslave us. They do so in MANY ways that we're, for the most part, completely unaware of and totally oblivious to.

The creators of these "systems", are doing a really good job too. It's obvious, because MOST honestly think they're "free", but it's a "false sense" of freedom." You could call it an illusion of freedom which only enslaves and is masterfully planned and integrated into many aspects of society.

That's why we'll be covering so many topics, some of which can prove to be controversial. No controversy intended, but there's MUCH to say to address and become keenly aware of all these "issues and systems", so you KNOW what to expect and how to best respond in a way that serves and empowers, rather than keeps you enslaved without you even being "aware of it."

As you can see, there's MUCH to cover. But, if you're "sincere and serious", it's worth "spending the time, digesting every nugget, because The Power of a Reality Check DOES point you toward the path where Real Freedom and Liberation is experienced in a multilevel, multidimensional kind of way, regardless of ANY process or system and aside from what's happening in the world out there.

Hence the terms Real Freedom and Real Liberation.

It's a kind and quality that can only be achieved via acquiring an EXPERIENTIAL understanding that provides an unshakable KNOWING. It's that kind of KNOWING which replaces and overwrites some (and in a few cases MUCH) of what we "think we know" and leads you down the path where you actually FIND and EXPERIENCE what so many are looking for...

..."Real Freedom and Real Liberation is "part of it" but Ultimately, it's a KNOWING of Completion."

One more thing. The path that leads you to Completion, is not a populated path by any stretch of the imagination. But it DOES lead to where so many are "trying" really hard to get to, with very limited success.

KNOWING and EXPERIENCING the kind of freedom and Completion I'm eluding to, is what fills the void which "things", in and of themselves can't.

You could say, it's what brings Real Meaning and Real Purpose to life.

Once that's achieved, the "stuff" so many WANT, which is nothing more than a bi-product, comes MUCH easier....MUCH easier.

With all that less than warm and fuzzy stuff out of the way, let's shift gears and take a look at how most view and undergo the journey we call life, in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

How Are You Moving Through Life?

We're quite aware that we're moving through life, yet for the most part we're "unaware" and give little to no attention to the FACT that whatever we experience as we navigate our chosen paths, as individuals and as a collective people, is a mirrored reflection of ourselves.

That's not limited to "ourselves" in the way that MOST view themselves. In other words, it's not only a reflection of the "meat suit" you, which is how many identify with themselves.

It's the "spirit you, the consciousness YOU", the quality of consciousness that you "allow" to infiltrate your mind AND the meat suit you.

In the vast majority of cases, these 3 aspects of you, are, in some way, shape or form, "misaligned" and/or resisting and conflicting with each other, IF you don't have and aren't experiencing WHATEVER your heart desires.

Because that's "true" in MOST cases, it's of VITAL importance to get to the place where you KNOW and can accept complete and total responsibility for how our lives turn out. Since most are unable to see that and refuse to get to the place where they CAN, we exist in a world frozen by fear, distraction, and uncertainty.

If what you "think you know" has you "feeling" fearful, distracted or uncertain and believing that your outcomes are the result of someone or some thing "out there", will you think, believe and "feel as if" you're calling the shots?'ll feel powerless to change what CAN BE changed, should you take a different approach. Accepting responsibility is where it all begins.

To move beyond and transcend the "victim mentality" as individuals, which stems from "thinking and believing" that someone or something "out there" is the "cause" of your desired or less than desired outcomes, it's a MUST that we become aware of just how "real and true" that is, IF we're to rise above, experience something "better" and play an active and conscious role in "changing" what we view as "bad" or "wrong."

Here's where it CAN get tricky.

Although many DO have an intellectual grasp that our lives are a reflection of ourselves, if we're to reach this "space" of Freedom, Liberation and Completion, it's not enough to understand it conceptually.

The many books, reports, personal development/self help courses, and even what you're reading now, can only provide a "conceptual" (or if you prefer an "intellectual") understanding. They can't, won't and never will enable and allow you to move into the EXPERIENTIAL space of KNOWING, that I'm referring to.

An intellectual approach can reveal what to DO and point you toward the path, but it cannot move you into the EXPERIENCE. There's only one way to DO that, although even the most earnest "seekers" often try many "less than effective" ways, prior to discovering the ONE WAY that ALWAYS provides it.

When the time is just right, I'll be revealing this "way." More "preliminary steps" first.

There are countless "truth seekers" who I've encountered over the years, who have spent 1, 5, 10, 20 and even 40 years acquiring knowledge, data, trying various processes and techniques, looking here, looking there, earnestly seeking The Answers and solutions to any infinite number of surface level problems, that they "think they need" to turn things around.

They spend years, decades and sometimes an entire lifetime gathering "intellectual data", gaining a "conceptual" understanding, all the while "believing that they're making "great progress." But in MANY cases it's an approach that slows and even sabotages the "progress" that we WANT to experience.

As a very wise man, who I have an enormous amount of respect for, long ago stated...

"It's not what you are that holds you back, its what you think you're not."

That applies to many long time studiers and data collectors, just as it does for those who are in the early stages of their "seeking" process.

Because of their earnest, yet "intellectually focused" quest, they know the lingo, they feel (and in some cases KNOW) in their heart of hearts that what they've discovered is "true", yet they can't seem to get, or remain on the "path", that transforms their "intellectual understanding" of the "truth" into an EXPERIENTIAL one.

What's often overlooked is that the intellect alone is VERY limited and can NEVER provide the "Freedom, Liberation or Completion" nearly everyone is seeking.

After working with a very diverse group of "seekers" over the years, I'll assure you, that's why MOST believe that life is happening TO US.

Think about it. In the VAST majority of cases, when things are as we LOVE them to be, we say good things are happening FOR us. When they're not so good, we quickly shift and transform to a victim mentality, claiming that things are happening TO us.

The reason WHY we do that is because we overlook the Higher Truth that the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and "feelings" that stir within us, determine how aligned and harmonious, or "misaligned and disharmonious" we are with what we desire to HAVE in life.

The point is, regardless of who we are, where we are, or what we "think" we understand, it's to the extent that we enable and allow our intellectual understanding and what we think is true, to move through and flow from us, which transforms into what we experience in life.

It determines what we DO, the quality of that DOING as well as the quantity of DOING that we engage in and "think" we need.

All of those factors "combined" determine what we'll HAVE.

Sometimes we call that "good" and other times we call it "bad."

Which brings us to a VITALLY IMPORTANT point...

Our Beliefs, Perceptions and Judgements Regarding What's "Good and Bad" Reveal a Lack of KNOWING as to What's Truly Taking Place

There is no "definitive truth" that something is "good or bad" really. Life is simply a consistent flow of events, conditions and circumstances that we judge and label based on how we see things as individuals.

Nothing more and nothing less. Yes we experience "less than desired" things in life to be sure. Welcome to reality. That's life.

But, are these "less than desired" things REALLY good or bad?

I'm going to share something early on that MAY seem and sound crazy. It may be difficult to swallow. Depending on what you "believe", it may even "seem" completely illogical and impractical.

I'll tell you right up front, based on how MOST view things, it certainly can seem that way. I "get that" because it "seemed" that way to me too at one point.

But it only seems that way to MOST, because there's a Higher Truth than MOST will "enable and allow" themselves to tap into and SEE.

That's why we feel we need to freak out about, suffer through and endure so many of the very same or similar "problems" over and over and over again.

It doesn't matter if we see our results as awesome or problematic. One thing ALWAYS holds true...

The end result of ANY outcome we experience in life, REGARDLESS of how YOU see it, perceive it, "judge it", or label it, is ALWAYS a miracle.

The ONLY reason most don't recognize that, and overlook the consistent flow of miracles that flow through and from us, is only due to the fact that we have little to no understanding of our inherent power.

Because of that, in our "less than effective" attempts to maneuver, manipulate and change the "surface level" stuff, we seldom DO what NEEDS to be done...explore below the surface.

The end result is, a very limited awareness of how life comes to be, beginning at the seed level.

In many cases, we "think we know", but we don't.

Although sad, it's understandable, because we've learned to look at and view things, including ourselves, in a very limited, surface level kind of way.

For that very reason, in the vast majority of cases we're unaware and oblivious to the Power that's been "freely provided" to EACH and EVERY one of us.

We consistently "want, hope, wish, pray and sometimes look for a "better way", yet, we only DO that because we overlook a VITALLY IMPORTANT thing about ourselves.

It's this...

We already have anything and everything we could possibly need to "change things." Were also already quite capable of effectively and efficiently USING what we do already have to experience the Freedom, Liberation and Completion that we often think, "tangible stuff" will provide.

The fact is, we're already using that power, just as we always have been. If we don't have the life we want, it's only because we're using it in a "less than informed" kind of way.

The first step toward lasting transformation, is only a matter of enabling and allowing ourselves to SEE that.

What it seems we're lacking, is the awareness necessary to recognize and USE these "tools" that we DO have, which, when used in the way they CAN BE used, we arm ourselves with the kind of KNOWING that enables us to SEE just how "powerful and beyond capable" we truly are.

Although many believe that a lack of money, health or relationships, is "bad" and what keeps them from being "complete", that's not it at all.

Awareness is ALL we're "truly lacking", which enables and allows us to SEE and KNOW that we're "Whole and Complete" already.

The "right kind of awareness" combined with the "right kind of action" enables and allows "desired miracles" of a tangible and measurable from, to flow consistently.

That's when ANY form of "lack, limitation and discord" becomes obsolete. That doesn't mean we don't experience challenges. We do and we will. We just view them differently. We see them for the gift and the miracle that they truly are.

The awareness isn't lacking in the sense that it doesn't exist and can't be KNOWN. But rather lacking because we "choose" not to DO what's necessary to find, enter into and KNOW in an EXPERIENTIAL kind of way, the kind and quality of "awareness" that's truly available to us.

It already DOES exist. All that's required is US tapping into it.

But to DO that requires enhancing, elevating and transcending the quality of "consciousness" that the "collective population" believes they're limited to and by.

That's why so few get to the place where they actually DO what's "truly necessary" to change what "seems bad" into what we call good. The "awareness" they have.

We're ALL aware of something, but many times, what we're aware of is the very thing that keeps us trapped in seemingly inescapable and less than desired cycles.

Although breaking these cycles can "seem hard" or impossible, it's profoundly "simple" really.

It ALL begins by "enabling and allowing" ourselves to accept what is, let go of what was, and develop the kind and quality of "faith and trust" that enables and allows life to become what we "truly desire" for it to be.

But to GET there and DO that, we MUST be able to KNOW and EXPERIENCE what's "truly available" to us.

The collective consciousness of this planet KEEPS most from DOING that.

But it doesn't HAVE to

In this high tech, high stress, hustle and bustle and rapidly changing world we live in today, that CAN be a challenge.

The fact is, for MOST, it "seems" impossible.

It doesn't HAVE to be, but it definitely "seems to be."

We have the ability to transcend all the ugliness, busyness and darkness in the world, but in most cases, we don't. We WANT to, but we don't. Sometimes it's only because we don't know how. Other times it's simply a refusal to DO what's necessary.

That's why we're always seeking out some new answer and/or seemingly magical "surface level solution" that comes in many shapes, forms and sizes, only to discover, it didn't provide what was promised, guaranteed and didn't bring us the "outcome" that we hoped, wished, prayed and "thought" it would.

Now, we find ourselves in the very same place where we began...seemingly stuck where MOST are..."needing" something more.

That leads into a host of other problems.

Who to trust, where to turn and what to "try" next.

Not knowing where to turn, who to listen to and what to do in challenging, or even great times, can leave us feeling as if, finding helpful, meaningful and trans-formative answers to our most perplexing questions, is difficult, or worse impossible.

Regardless if it's to find comfort in times of great pain and sadness or we're seeking out the "how to's" which enable us to reach the next rung on the ladder of success, the many "supposed answers and solutions" we have to choose from, are many.

In my earlier years of "seeking", I tried MANY. And in hindsight, of the many, I KNOW that MOST "miss the mark."

Although there are an ENORMOUS variety that "claim" to have The Secret, the answer, or the push button solution, MOST never address what's truly important.

They seldom (if ever) get anywhere remotely close to removing the layers of fear, doubt, worry, confusion and feelings of inferiority, which is a necessary and vitally important part of moving from where you are, to where you "truly desire" to be.

As many things as we "try", few...VERY FEW, get to the heart of the matter.

Nearly all of the "answers and solutions" we "convince ourselves" that we want, NEED, and MUST HAVE, is only "surface level stuff." And nearly as much is esoteric metaphysical nonsense that isn't anymore "true" or on target than thinking that Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are real.

There's A LOT of that kind of "stuff" out there today.

Because of that, when it comes to finding "real, true and no nonsense answers, so we might rise above where we are and get to where we're all trying to get to...It "seems as if" the odds are stacked against us.

It definitely "seems that way", but the FACT is, everything is in our favor and working for our good...even when, and perhaps ESPECIALLY when, it "seems as if" it's not.

Our "experiences" in life can serve us, or enslave us. Becoming keenly aware of and recognizing the "less than desired" experiences we go through, for what they truly are, can be the catalyst that transforms them.

Seeing and reacting to them as MOST do, can keep us enslaved and "seemingly trapped" within the same "less than desired" "experiences", over and over again.

We can see them as wrong, bad, ugly and "seemingly horrific", or recognize them for what they truly are.

A less than aware choice that draws to us, more of what we DON'T WANT

I'm going to share something else early on, that may seem as illogical and impractical as the "everything's a miracle" statement I made a few minutes ago.

Whatever you're experiencing is being experienced because you're "supposed to be" experiencing it. It's here for you to gain insight, wisdom and benefit from...regardless of WHAT it is.

Yet as human's, we're more prone to "claim" that these "less than desired" things we go through and endure are bad and since it's so hard and the odds are stacked against us anyway, "what's the use."

We end up going back to our "old way of doing things" and without realizing it, end up "settling" for less than we "could" have.

Allowing the "less than true" belief that "the odds ARE against us" to determine our choices and guide our next steps, leaves MANY people from MANY walks of life, frozen, fearful, concerned, unsure of what to do, where to turn and ultimately, "seemingly stuck."

If you find yourself "seemingly stuck" in any area of life, although it's not a FACT or the quality of belief that can change things for the better, it IS a FACT that you're FAR from alone.

Those on the "seemingly stuck" path make up the vast majority. They've become "seemingly trapped in the "consciousness" of the collective.

It's the more traveled, yet less than desired path where the scenery is anything but awesome.

Over the years many studies have been done and more recently, a poll was taken which revealed that more that 76% of the people surveyed "believe" they're stuck in one or more areas of their lives.

Since that applies in the VAST MAJORITY of cases, there's no need to go into any depth or engage in a long dialogue about how "seemingly difficult" or impossible finding meaningful answers that provide both short and long term solutions, can be.

The answers DO exist, yet it's obvious that those who this poll revealed are either sick, bored, unhappy, broke, lonely and ultimately, experiencing various forms (and equally varying degrees) of discontent in one or more areas of their lives, haven't yet found the "answer/s" that so many are hoping, wishing and praying they "might find"...someday.

The reasons why vary.

Sometimes, it because we haven't sought the answers at all and many times we have, but we just haven't "looked" in the right place. There are also times, when we've actually found the answer, yet, because it doesn't align with what we think must be done in the way we've "learned" to do it, we don't recognize it as BEING the answer that it is.

There are also times when we've found the answer, KNOW within the deepest parts of ourselves that it is the answer, yet we don't follow through and DO anything with it.

Even though it "seems like it" at times, NO ONE is "truly stuck" at all, although in far more cases than not, as inhabitants of this "earth plain" we call reality, in the overwhelming majority of cases, we honestly believe that we are at varying degrees.

It certainly "seems like it", and it most definitely "looks like it" from a surface level view. Ironically that's the BIGGEST problem we face, not only individually, but as a human species.

It's definitely a HUGE part of the "seemingly overwhelming and impenetrable" obstacles we face too, individually and collectively...but it doesn't HAVE to remain that way.

As The Power of a Reality Check will reveal soon, The Answer of ALL Answers does exist. It's an answer that transforms pain into pleasure, sorrow into joy, struggle into ease and lack into plenty.

I'll be revealing what that "answer" is, in an upcoming segment.

Before I do, let's explore how The Power of a Reality Check can alleviate many (if not all) of these "perceived problems" and may very well provide you with those "answers" that MOST are either "seeking", have no idea exist, or simply aren't applying in their day to day lives.

Whether you currently find yourself where the majority does, or somewhere altogether different, one consistent fact remains.

We ALL desire more of the "good stuff."

Yet as much as we're wanting and desiring more of this "good stuff", in MOST cases, they aren't becoming tangible and measurable experiences.

The question is WHY?

Many ask that question, yet seldom explore deeper.

That's why we'll be doing that here as we move through The Power of s Reality more will. So YOU might if you're sincere and serious about doing it.

If it's not completely obvious to you already, The Power of a Reality Check takes a big picture look at life, including but not limited to the polarity/duality that surrounds us.

That's barely touched on in most personal development/self help circles. But it's here and it's real. We can't single handedly change that, but we CAN understand it so we might rise above it and use it for our benefit.

Even the most "seemingly horrific" things we experience in life have a benefit. It only depends on what we do with it that determines if it will or if it won't provide benefit to us.

When it comes to the ugly and bad stuff, some focus on it, while others attempt to ignore and avoid it.

Neither approach works out very well. In fact it enables and allows it to grow.

As we move through the upcoming segments, we'll be taking a close look at why, so we might consciously and intentionally start heading in the "desired" direction that provides the "good" we seek, in spite of the polarity.

But a very important part of my personal approach is becoming aware of it, so we can first transcend it and more effectively DO what we can to change it.

It's an approach that serves many purposes, addresses many "life issues" head on and can serve you, or ANYONE, who "chooses" to enable and allow it to, in many, many ways, although the many can be sub-categorized under 2

It really boils down to personal and/or spiritual transformation.

That brings us to another important point.

Regardless of what these forms of transformation mean to you, there's a common theme amongst us "humans" that makes the attainment of our "desired outcomes" (whether tangible or intangible not only "seem", but become much more difficult than necessary.

This is HUGE, so I hope you'll give this next statement the thought and attention it deserves if it applies to you.

Most view their "tangible" hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations as somehow separate from more spiritually focused endeavors.

The degree in which we do that varies, but as "humans", we DO it all (or at least MUCH) of the time.

Even if it's being done to a very small degree, the consequences can be HUGE. They often are.

Granted, based on what we've been taught about ourselves, others, God, (or whatever label you choose to identify Source) and life as a whole, our resulting "perceptions" make things "seem as if" they are separate.

Due to a lack of understanding about how things work, from a strictly surface level world view, our personal journeys CAN, and in many cases DO, "seem separate" from spiritual endeavors at varying degrees.

Even as much as it "seems" to be true that these endeavors are "separate", and aside from our uninformed and misguided "claims" that, "that's just how things are," and "that's just how life was designed to be", the reality is, they can't be separated or divided...even if you "believe" they are and see them as such.

That goes beyond our endeavors. The same holds "true" when it comes to ourselves, our relationship with God, others, as well as everything else in life.

That includes what we aspire toward and the events, conditions and circumstances we encounter as we journey through life.

So there's no margin for error or misunderstanding, it pertains to everything we EXPERIENCE in reality as whole.

Yet through various means and countless venues, we develop beliefs, habits and patterns that we honestly "believe" serve us, but our choice to follow and adhere to them, only serve to suppress the Higher Truth that there is no separation between any worldly or spiritual endeavor, or the literally infinite number of "outcomes" that show up in our own lives.

Yet in the vast majority of cases, for reasons we'll explore soon, we often "believe", the "opposite."

You can believe they are, think they are and even jump up and down, SWEARING that you know they are. But you know what? That doesn't change the fact that they're not, never have been and they're never going to be.

The sooner we discover that as individuals and a people, the happier, healthier, more fulfilled and "better off" we're going to be...individually and collectively.

What's ironic though, (and equally confusing for many) is the fact that even though there is nothing that's truly separate at all, choosing to hold the "belief" that something is, will make it "seem that way" to you.

That includes, but isn't limited to whatever it is that we desire...individually and collectively.

If you're currently in the place that YOU "believe" you're separate in ANY way, shape or form, from God, what you "desire", or anything else for that matter, and you're unwilling to elevate and enhance that belief, the things you "believe" you're separate from CAN, and more than likely WILL, remain that way. The inevitable result is that, the tangible and/or intangible desires that you have and hold dear, will continue to "seem elusive" and much harder (or impossible) to GET, than they "truly" are.

Unbeknownst to MOST, our "beliefs" don't create the FACT...they merely keep what we believe and experience in life, "seemingly factual and REAL" for us.

We believe they're FACTS, so they become and remain that for us. Although it can "seem as if" we're powerless, the Higher Truth is, it's our "power being expressed" and utilized in both tangible and measurable ways as well as in intangible ways.

Regardless of what we believe, at some point, we experience those once "intangible beliefs", which over time, transform into tangible and measurable experiences that we judge and label in various ways.

As the poll I mentioned a few moments ago reveals, what we're experiencing in the vast majority of cases is the tangible and measurable "reality" that having our desires fulfilled is "elusive" at best.

Although we can be really hard on ourselves at times, it's not our fault. What we "think we know" is the cause of the "less than desired" things that we DON'T WANT and leads to the elusiveness of the very answer and solution that we honestly "believe" that we must find and are separate from.

The reason WHY so many "think that" spiritual and worldly endeavors, our desires, or our tangible results for that matter, ARE separate, is because that's how we've "learned" and been TAUGHT to think.

That's what creates and determines the kind and quality of our "belief systems"...what we've been "taught."

Because it's of such vital importance to realize just how "true" that is, let's take a closer look.

It's a widely known and accepted fact, that our minds are powerful tools. They are. What's not explored, examined or understood at any depth is, what fills, fuels and gives the "mind" it's power.

It's our belief systems.

They are equally important and powerful. The "quality of data" these systems are filled with, are what enable and allow the mind to be as powerful as it is, or be perceived as less than.

There is no "less than" or "powerlessness", but rather an abundance of data that we allow, which provides an abundance of events, conditions and circumstances that provide a mirrored reflection of the "beliefs" held.

That becomes our life experience.

We ourselves determine the kind and quality of our beliefs. Because we do, we have the ability and the power to determine the kind and quality of our results.

It's only a matter of becoming keenly aware of how powerful we are, so we might begin using what we ALL already have in a more conscious and intentional kind of way. That's a step that must be taken, if we're to transform what we claim "we DON'T want", into experiences that better align, harmonize and place us, wherever it is that we'd Love to be.

Although many of the beliefs we hold blind us to it, the power we ALL possess, works both ways. We can focus on and move toward what we Love, or focus on and consistently experience what we fear.

Love has us accepting, moving toward, and opening ourselves to our desires, while fear has us resisting, running away from and avoiding things, leaving the Higher Truth, that "We become what we choose to become", self evident.

The reason why we often overlook our own power is because, rather than discover the Higher Truth that what we focus on expands and what we feed grows, we have learned, and as a result use this "power" that we ALL possess, in such a way that provides the polar opposite.

We can never move toward what we Love, by focusing on, resisting and/or avoiding what we fear, although that's what MOST do.

Sometimes we do it consciously and other times, unconsciously. But regardless, it needs to be addressed.

The reason WHY is simple.

There's one thing that we must become aware of and stop DOING, if we're to change things for the better. As vitally important as it is, nonetheless, it's something that MOST don't and won't do.

As humans we have a strong tendency to judge by appearances.

In the process, we overlook and remain "unaware" of how we're focusing and what we're focusing on as we consistently engage in our short sighted attempts to escape what we fear, lack, don't have or don't want, all the while hoping, wishing, praying and attempting to DO our way into prosperity.

Or we get angry, upset, hurt and in some way feel victimized because of this "thing" we're looking at and judging.

It puts us in a "state" that only "draws more" of what we don't want, to us.

It's a very self limiting and self sabotaging approach, yet we keep DOING it, only because, we either don't KNOW any better, or we don't know how to stop the "feelings" that have us doing it.

The beliefs we hold, the feelings that stem from them and how we view things, can be powerful allies or our greatest threat. The reason WHY is simple.

Our beliefs, like everything else in reality, have a polar opposite, just as they can (and often do) provide us with the polar opposite of whatever we desire and aspire toward.

You can believe you CAN reach, achieve or attain something, or you can believe that you CAN'T.

Because our minds, our belief systems and the beliefs which form them are so powerful, we get to be right, regardless of which we choose.

It's this "system" that either moves us toward or away from what we desire in life. It determines what we do, why we do it as well as what we receive.

VERY, VERY, IMPORTANT stuff to be sure.

Yet as VITALLY important as it is, and as aware as many "claim" to be about how powerful their beliefs are, most spend little to no time exploring, discovering and understanding, what their underlying "beliefs" really are, let alone how they determine each and every aspect of our lives.

Due to what "we think we know", our minds become and remain VERY BUSY. We scramble around DOING what we "think" needs to be done. In the course of our busyness, all in the name of "Doing our best to create the good life", seldom do we slow down, take a glance, let alone become "keenly aware" of WHY we believe what we believe. We "choose" to remain unaware of what our "deepest" beliefs are, let alone that EVERY belief we hold (whether beneficial or not) serves as a "stitch" in the tapestry of our lives.

That's also WHY so few DO what's necessary to learn more about, let alone understand HOW to effectively "guard" their hearts, their minds and become not only aware of, but discerning about what WE ourselves "enable and allow" to be placed in these ALL important systems that determine EVERYTHING.

And sadly, as many studies and polls have revealed, it's for that very reason, most aren't "receiving" what they "claim" that they'd LOVE to. The reason why, is simply because MOST have enabled and allowed (and in MOST cases, will continue "enabling and allowing") outside forces (let's call them external influences with a vast array of both "good and bad" intentions) to infiltrate, mold and shape this vitally important system, without paying much (if any) mind to WHAT is being placed in it or HOW it's being done.

With so little knowledge and understanding about the kind and quality of our belief systems, combined with little to no awareness of HOW our minds are being infiltrated, shaped and molded in such a way that can never lead us toward where we truly desire to get to, it seems as if we must "settle for" whatever life delivers.

We CAN believe that and we'll get to be right. Or, we can enhance that belief and get to be right in a more desirable kind of way where no settling is necessary.

Although it's quite common to "claim" that our beliefs, someone, or something else in the "world out there" keeps us from whatever we want, it's US who is keeping it from ourselves.

On the surface it "seems" very convoluted and complex, but it's really VERY simple. The kind and quality of our beliefs, provide a mirrored reflection of the kind and quality of our lives...PERIOD, end of story.

Put in a more "spiritually focused light" "As we believe we DO receive"...unconditionally.

That applies to "the good things" and the "bad things", which is why life can often "seem to be" random, chaotic and so out of kilter.

That's why the "process" we'll be undergoing includes becoming "keenly aware" of what we "truly do" believe, even though, we may not realize that they're misaligned with where we want to go or what we want to get.

It's an important part of the "process", because life is NEVER out of kilter, but rather our "beliefs" are misaligned with the kind of physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and/or spiritual harmony we seek out, work so hard to acquire, yet consistently fall short of "receiving" all the while "believing, thinking and claiming" that we CAN'T HAVE what we want more of.

With that being "true" it's VERY IMPORTANT to learn, understand and become "keenly aware" of, not only WHAT we believe, but HOW our belief systems are being impacted by many "outside forces" as well.

It's also of vital importance to become "keenly aware" of how and WHY we're led to "believe" or "not believe" that something is "true" or "untrue" on MANY levels that extend outside of ourselves.

It's of equal importance, once we've become "keenly aware" of how that HAS happened and IS happening, to take the next step which VERY FEW take.

It's as simple or "seemingly complex" as enhancing, elevating and consistently expanding this all important system with the kind and quality of beliefs that can move us into the space where we truly desire to be.

Let's revisit a topic we touched on and briefly talk about and address the topic of polarity/duality that exists in the world

Polarity/duality is a very real and necessary part of life.

Put in layman's terms, for every "good", there exists the possibility of an equal and opposite "bad."

There truly is no "good" or "bad", so for the sake of simplicity, let's use the terms Light and dark.

There ARE dark and shadowy forces at work in the world, as well as those that we call contributory and good. Each, in their own way, via their own methods and for their own intents and purposes, are volleying to condition, program, direct and in a number of cases "control and manipulate" this all important "system" that we ALL have.

In the case of control and manipulation, it's the "dark and shadowy" forces, doing so for their own "self serving" purposes. Sometimes...MANY times in fact, because we don't recognize them for the dark and shadowy "forces" that they ARE, we "unconsciously consent" by enabling and allowing them to mold, shape and condition our minds, all the while "believing" it's for our own good.

But MANY times and in MANY cases, it's NOT, even though we've "learned", think and believe it is.

In many cases we intentionally enable and allow that, because we honestly "believe" they're good. Yet other times we unconsciously and unintentionally "enable and allow" it, because we're "unaware" that anything is being done.

In either case, it's US who enables and allows it.

That's a VITALLY important realization to come to, simply because many of these outside forces, "seem and appear as being" contributory and good, although the underlying intention and the motives that drive them, are anything but.

The many thousands of years old ancient text that states and CLEARLY warns us to "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing" comes to mind and it CERTAINLY applies to this part of our discussion.

It does, because, like it or not, there are MANY dark and shadowy "forces" in the world, which masterfully and successfully disguise themselves as "being of the light" and we honestly believe they are.

Although on the surface, it "seems as if" what MANY of these dark forces do, is for the good and betterment of humanity, under the radar, the "seemingly good" and contributory "work" they do, is in MANY cases, only for the good and em-betterment of the cost of the many.

Put simply, much of what we allow our "individual and collective belief systems" to be infiltrated and filled with, is dark and shadowy, although, on the surface it looks and seems as if, and we honestly believe, that it's something quite different...

...Including but not limited to, MANY of the "seemingly good" things that we actually use on a daily basis, which only serve to enslave us and keep us down.

That's NOT a judgement. What it IS, is a very real and accurate observation, based on MANY years of research, study and experience. And, it's of VITAL importance for every "true seeker" to become and REMAIN aware of...IF you're sincere and serious about moving beyond and transcending all the ugliness in the world, so we can not only "find" but EXPERIENCE what we're all "truly seeking."

Real Freedom, Real Liberation and Completion.

But the programming, conditioning and "less than FACTUAL beliefs" we hold, keep us from that.

That's why so many in today's world, at some point in time, come to the place where they begin questioning and asking themselves, what not only proves to be a transformational question, it often serves as a pivotal and defining moment that leads us to "choose, or not" a new, and far more effective approach to life.

It's a question that, when acted upon, can move us toward living life in such a way that better aligns and harmonizes with what we "truly desire" to be, do and/or have more of. Or if we choose to ignore it, it CAN keep us "feeling badly" and seemingly trapped where we are and lead us in the opposite direction of where we desire to be.

If you're anything like the millions of others who have arrived here before you, chances are good, at some point in time, you've wondered or maybe even asked yourself this same question...

..."Is there more to life?"

If you haven't yet, but you see, approach and go through life as most have "learned" to, be assured, that question will surface at some point, when the "time" is just right.

If it already has, (or even if it hasn't), entertain me and do yourself a huge favor at the same time, by answering a few additional, really important questions, would you?

  • What does "more" mean to you?

  • What would having more look and feel like to you?

  • What is it exactly that you'd love to see, have and/or experience more of?

  • More importantly, what do you believe is keeping you from it and what do you feel needs to happen for those "intangible desires" that so many "claim to want", to become tangible and measurable EXPERIENCES?

Whatever your answers are, write them down and put them in a place that you can access and refer to them later. Once we've made our way through The Power of a Reality Check, I'll ask that you review them.

If you're like many, those answers will change at varying degrees, evolve or perhaps transform altogether. Time will tell, but DO yourself that favor and write them down right now.

If your individual responses resemble any of the many I've heard from clients who I've worked personally with over the years, what you "believe to be" important and what you "think" is necessary to experience a happy, wholesome and harmonious life is quite different than what's "truly important and necessary."

Because of that, the way in which most go about "trying" to reach this "desired place", believing, thinking, feeling and DOING as we've learned to, it seems as if we can't get there from here.

The reason WHY is simple. What we think and believe is "important and necessary", isn't aligned and harmonized in such a way that provides it.

Our individual system isn't "wired" in such a way that "enables and allows" that to happen, but it IS wired in such a way that we attempt to "force" our way into the desired end result.

When we discover how "counter productive our forceful ways are, in many cases we give up and stop trying altogether.

That's the ONLY thing that creates what we SEE and "believe to be disharmony in life. Truth be told, any "perceived disharmony" in ANY aspect of life, is the result of "internal conflict" leading to various forms of self sabotage which reveals itself as more of what we DON'T WANT in our lives.

Even in many cases where we honestly believe that we have the "right information", are making the best choices, and that we're doing the "right things", if our tangible and measurable results aren't aligned and harmonized with our heartfelt desires, our views of what's "right and wrong" are going to require being questioned and changed at some point.

If there's one thing that The Power of a Reality Check will make abundantly clear, is the fact that much of what we learn, believe and think to be true regarding life and "what it's all about", isn't "truly what life is about at all.

We just "think" it is. Because we "think it is", we think, say and DO things that we "believe" will provide our desires and make life "good." Yet when what we think, say and do conflicts with, rather than aligns with how things were "designed" to work, we keep "receiving" what we view as bad.

We sustain the very cycle that we "claim" we want to break free from.

It's really as "simple" as alignment and harmony.

The key to life and becoming a master of it, requires becoming "keenly aware" of what you're "choosing" to become "aligned and harmonized" with.

Is it fear, pain, struggle, resistance, difficulty and discord, or is it love, joy, ease, agreement, simplicity and harmoniousness?

VERY VERY IMPORTANT questions to not only ASK yourself, but ANSWER...honestly, objectively and "consciously."

Although there are many facets and levels to this alignment and harmony thing and, from a strictly "surface level view", it can "seem" quite complex, when you understand what's taking place "under the radar" at the "seed level", the profound simplicity and perfection of it all, is revealed.

We have 2 choices as to HOW we can go about understanding and EXPERIENCING the simplicity, ease and perfection for ourselves. One way provides it, and the other NEVER does, although we often try and stubbornly adhere to, the "less than effective" approach.

The "less than effective" way is "trying" to grasp and understand how and why things work the way they do in a strictly "intellectual" kind of way and leaving it at that.

The other way is coming to our own conclusions via going DIRECTLY to the Source so we can discover and KNOW the Real Answers that point us in the "desired" direction.

I'm not referring to going to the Source in the intellectual way that MOST do. I'm referring to connecting with Source EXPERIENTIALLY.

That requires ZERO outside participation and a VERY "still" mind.

As you'll discover as we make our way through the upcoming segments of The Power of a Reality Check, it CAN and hopefully will become VERY clear as to WHY that's not only important and enormously transformational, doing so is what "provides" us with Real Freedom, Real Independence and ultimately, the Completion that we ALL seek.

We'll also be touching on HOW to do that, in case you're not or don't think you can.

We can. YOU can. It's simply a matter of "choosing to."

That's enough for now. You have much to contemplate, consider and chew on.

In the next segment, we'll learn more about this "Answer of ALL Answers that I mentioned earlier.

Until then, do your best to think about and become keenly aware of whether you're moving toward what you love, or away from what you fear.

The answer you discover plays a vitally important role in the process we'll be going through.

The Power of a Reality Check will walk you through that process and assist you in "choosing" and doing things in a more conscious, intentional and on target kind of way, if you'll enable and allow it to.

For now, the next 3 steps are as simple as deciding how sincere and serious you are about "enabling and allowing" yourself to EXPERIENCE change. Should you decide you are, the next "simple step" is making the choice to remain "open, receptive and willing" to discovering some concepts and ideas that you "May not be" aware of right now.

The next step is as simple as fully committing to stay the course as we learn, grow and go through the process together.

No worries, I'll be with you every step of the way, so you might not only SEE, but EXPERIENCE, just how "simple" the process is and how transformational it can be, should you decide to enable and allow it to be.

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