The Power Of Imagination

The Creative Power Of Imagination Is Limited Only By Your Ability To Envision and Conceptualize Your Grandest Ideal

The Power Of Imagination

The Power Of Imagination transcends logic and taps into the infinite field of potential
where all probabilities already exist. Imagination is the magnet that draws the thing
imagined from the place of infinite probability to finite reality - Chuck Danes

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview
of life's coming attractions."
- Albert Einstein

We all have it, we all have the ability to use it as we choose and we all do whether we're "aware" of it or not. Some use it consciously yet sadly the vast majority use it unconsciously.

There are even those who would attempt to downplay and belittle those who have more of it than the vast majority do not fully understanding the creative role it plays in every aspect of EVERYONE'S life.

What is it? It's the Power of Imagination.

How powerful is Imagination? According to the infamous and world renown scientist Albert Einstein who discovered that all things in their purest and most basic form are comprised of energy, (e=MC2) imagination is the most powerful and creative force in the Universe.

In fact Einstein can be quoted as saying that "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge."

How so? Simply because knowledge is limited to what is currently known and understood. Imagination stretches FAR beyond knowledge. Imagination is "Infinite" in nature...literally Infinite and the choice to utilize it beyond what is often called "common knowledge" will enable you to experience the "Infinite nature" of Imagination for yourself.

The more someone is willing to stretch their imagination the more will be created to develop knowledge and understanding about which inevitably leads to greater experiences leading to wisdom that can and will transform your entire world...LITERALLY.

Think about that. "Imagine that" if you will. Imagination is the most powerful force in the Universe, yet few are aware and as a result never take the time to recognize and really understand the essential and powerfully creative role that imagination plays in their lives.

They overlook the fact that the Power of Imagination is what determines the various outcomes experienced in their "physical lives." As a result many fail to utilize this incredible gift in such a way...more specifically in a conscious and intentional way... that "allows" the deeply held desires, dreams, visions and goals to become a very real and tangible thing whether those desires are in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of their lives.

In fact the vast majority are either totally unaware, "doubt" and even undermine the Power of Imagination and the indisputable impact it has in determining outcomes in life even though modern day science has validated the creative power behind it.

No offense to those of you who might choose this same mindset, although you do certainly have that right, but I think I'll go with what the Nobel Prize laureates have discovered...those who have taken the time to "prove it" for themselves rather than base their understanding and their beliefs on the opinions and "perceptions" of others.

My personal preference is to listen to and take the life transforming advice of the spiritual masters, sages and mystics since antiquity who have "clearly conveyed" this same sentiment and shared the transformational wisdom behind it for thousands of years.

I think I'll choose to stick with and lean on the personal experiences that I've had in my own life as well as witnessed in countless others lives that have enabled me to both witness as well as experience countless "miracles" that transcend what so many "perceive" to be logical or rational based on the "knowledge" that they possess and "perceive" to be right and real and "true."

Contrary to what so many might claim to "know" for themselves, I made a choice a long time ago NOT to let the limitations of others beliefs and perspectives determine my own.

I suppose you could consider me a minority.

Should you choose to grasp how the Power of Imagination can transform your life, perhaps you'll see the necessity of and the power behind making that same choice for yourself.

If the Power of Imagination is so vital why would only a minority utilize it and why would the vast majority doubt or not be aware that such a power exists at all?

Simply because of what the vast majority have "allowed" themselves to buy into and develop ingrained beliefs about based on what the vast majority "perceives" to be true.

This truth usually consists of a very limited understanding regarding the Power of Imagination and as a result is often "perceived and believed" by the vast majority as something that has no purpose or meaning in the "physical aspects" of their lives.

This is precisely why most work and struggle so hard for so long...consistently trying to "force" things to happen with such limited results. They attempt to "do themselves" into producing desired results rather than choosing to look at the power behind "being" a certain way, projecting a certain persona and allowing the Power of Imagination to "do" the job it was intended to do.

That's how sustainable and extraordinary results are acquired...through "being" NOT "doing."

You are not a human "doing." You are a human "being."

The Power of Imagination is a way of being in the world that sets forces in motion that are FAR more powerful and productive than doing alone.

Power by force is a very limited form of power. This is what "physical doing" is. Not that action isn't required for producing results in life. It's simply that the Power of Imagination will draw to you the ways and means that make the "doing" much more pleasant, simpler, easier, joyful, effortless even and produce far greater results than doing alone could ever provide.

Power by force is choosing to overlook and attempting to bypass the Power of Imagination, making "force" necessary to produce even "mediocre" results. Real Power...power of an "Infinite Nature" is not realized or achieved through force and "attempting" to make things happen.

Real Power is created and realized by "allowing" things to flow to be attracted to you rather than chasing after them. Their is no "force" in allowing. Allowing is a form of surrender that comes through understanding and "knowing" how powerfully creative the Power of Imagination is and "allowing" it to do it's job.

This "allowing" becomes very evident and very real to you through discovering, learning and choosing to consciously and consistently apply the Power of Imagination. It's a form of power that if chosen will both enable and empower you to discover for yourself the "seemingly miraculous" power that you have been provided and hold individually to begin both creating and experiencing the "desired outcomes" which consciously held and focused imagination intentionally and without fail harmonizes with, "allowing" desired outcomes to be attracted, revealed and created rather than attempting to consistently "force" them to happen.

Many are taught and develop beliefs based on the "knowledge" of the vast majority who themselves overlook and never have never utilized or experienced the Power of Imagination in their own lives.

They "allow" themselves to be conditioned and programmed based on a very limited perspective and base what they "know" to be true on the words and advice of others without ever exploring and discovering if what they were taught and as a result "believe" to be true, is "really true" at all.

In many cases, I can assure you that it's not based on a "higher truth" at all.

Make no mistake, what you perceive to be true...what you choose to imagine consistently based on what you "know" to be true will become your truth in physical form. It will, without fail show up in your your "physical world" and become your experience just as you choose.

The real beauty and excitement of life is the fact that what you "know" to be true, will be evidenced as and further reinforce whatever level of "truth" that you choose as it unfolds in the various aspects of your life just as you "know" it will.

Does this make it "true" for everyone? No. Those who choose to consciously and consistently utilize the Power of Imagination...who "allow" their minds to conceive and envision a kind and quality of life that most choose not to...who choose to hold onto a "higher truth" regarding what's "truly" possible for themselves...who consistently envision and process this truth can, will and do experience outcomes that those who choose not to don't and will not.

Case in point...

The Power Of Imagination, A Former POW Colonel
and An Amazing Round Of Golf

Let's look at a true to life account of the Power of Imagination and an incredible round of golf that an American POW shot after only a week of being released from a 7 year stay at a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.

Air Force Colonel George Hall was captured and held as a POW during the Vietnam war. Colonel Hall spent 7 years locked in the dark box of a North Vietnamese prison. For those familiar with conditions that POWs were subject to understand that those seven years were grueling years to say the least.

In fact it's a reality than many didn't survive. But rather than let "reality" dominate his mind, Colonel Hall made another choice. He understood the power of the mind as well as the Power of Imagination.

Colonel Hall loved to play golf.

Every day Colonel Hall "checked out" from reality and played a full round of golf in his mind. He set his "reality" aside and let his imagination flow. Each and every day he played a perfect 18 holes of golf in his mind.

One week after his release from the POW camp he entered the Greater New Orleans Open and shot a 76.

It was the BEST round of golf he had EVER shot and he hadn't played for seven years EXCEPT in his imagination!!

Most have very limited imaginations and expectations when it comes to experiencing wholesome, fulfilling and extraordinary lives which is why those who DO experience this quality of life are a only a small minority.

Although they may not realize that the Power of Imagination is still at work, it ALWAYS is but is limited to producing the kind and quality of results being imagined.

Even this way of "being" if looked at from a bit deeper perspective is an allowing of sorts. What you choose...whatever you choose individually is "allowing" the current outcomes being experienced to be attracted to and become "real" for you in each and every aspect of your life.

Should you ever decide to discover WHY this is true...and HOW it works the way it really tap into the simplicity and perfection behind this "higher truth" you'd also discover how much of an impact it does and will continue to have on your life...

...EVERY aspect of your life I might add.

In fact, it can be easily discovered and personally witnessed without going to any great depths of exploration at all.

How so? Simply look at the events, conditions and circumstances being consistently experienced in the various areas of your life...once you determine and become "conscious" of that, choose to become "consciously aware" of the thoughts that you predominantly think...what you "know" to be true which also determines what you are "imagining most often" and you'll clearly see the correlation.

There are no coincidences or chance occurrences unfolding in your life or in the world at large for that matter.

There is, always has been and always will be an underlying "cause" for all of it. Cause and Effect is a very real thing. Without a cause there would exist no effect. Yet the effect is always limited to the cause.

In the case of the Power of Imagination, YOU are at cause and the experiences that you are consistently experiencing are the effects that harmonize perfectly and precisely with the quality of imagination that you provide.

That cause at the level that YOU have individual control and power over, is the Power of Imagination at work.

Many would jump to conclusions and argue that the "Cause" is God or whatever the Source of your understanding might be and I would agree.

I would wholeheartedly agree that there is a cause and there is an "Ultimate Cause." I personally choose to believe that the Ultimate Cause put the plan in place that determined all future causes and that an inalienable right of free will was provided to each of us to determine whatever "effects" we might experience based on this "second level" of cause meaning our individual choices to "think and imagine" as we choose.

Yet I also know from personal experience as well as communicating with various people from various cultures around the world that most see and "perceive" this "secondary level of cause" as the physical actions that they take. Yet it's an assumption made...a very limiting assumption...without giving any "conscious thought" as to what precipitates and creates this "physical way of doing things."

They unknowingly and unconsciously skip over the most essential aspect of cause which they have a choice and complete control over which is an inalienable right of free will to "think" and exercise the Power of Imagination in any way that THEY choose to do so.

I personally choose to think that there is an Ultimate Source from where what I like to refer to as The Perfect Plan came from...that this plan was created by something far bigger and far more powerful than we as humans could possibly conceive and that it is due to this "Plan" that the Source created and set in place that determines how and why our imaginations draw to us just as WE choose.

This plan is often referred to as Universal Laws or Laws of Nature.

Where we might disagree is with regard to what God is. I would challenge the fact that God is some external cosmic being, some judgmental emperor who is "out there" somewhere constantly looking over your shoulder just waiting for you to fumble and make a mistake or a bad judgment so he can send you to some eternally burning fire for eternity, or for those who may not have been "too bad" to a holding place called "pergatory" as well as pick and choose those "saints" who will enter into the "Pearly Gates."

Admittedly, I haven't always "thought" or known that. How I came to "know it" was through choosing to look beyond everything that I was told and taught was to "true" and dig more deeply. To quit listening to, establishing and further solidifying beliefs that were instilled in me by others and chose to explore and discover outside of the self limiting and fear based "man made religions", that I was an active part of for a number of years. Basically, I made a choice to take action on wisdom that has been shared by the masters since antiquity and chose to explore and "seek out" what was "true" for myself rather than taking everyone elses word regarding what was "true or untrue."

It's been an incredibly profound journey I can assure you and far too vast and profound to attempt to address fully here although I feel it important to mention that a specialized and powerful form of meditation provided a far greater awareness...a "profoundly enhanced" "awakening" I like to call it than could all my physical exploration, seeking and research over the years provided combined.

What I discovered though as a result, is that this Source...the Creator of this "Perfect Plan" is a unconditionally loving and omniscient God who gave us both the power and the individual choice to create a life by design or a life by default, whichever we chose for ourselves.

Our choices are made and being projected into the Infinance that this Source is and being reflected back to us just as we ourselves are choosing to ask for.

What determines these "askings?" Whatever we choose to consistently process in our imaginations. What we choose to think. How we choose to live our lives which can and does make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell just as we choose.

That's where the Power of Imagination comes into the picture and can be consistently utilized to create and experience "heaven on earth."

It's simply a matter of how we ourselves choose to exercise the inalienable right of free will provided to us and how we choose to utilize the Power of Imagination.

We are continuously imagining and affirming something. In fact we can't NOT imagine. To stop imagining would mean to stop thinking the more than 60,000 thoughts that we think each day.

The Power Of Imagination and the things that can and are being created in ones imagination aren't limited to the events, conditions and circumstances in our physical environment. In other words it's not limited to what you see in the physical world around you. These things, these "physical things" whether past, present or future, whatever they might be, prior to their becoming "real and tangible" were nothing more than the imaginings of ourselves and/or others at some point in the past.

Furthermore what we envision and imagine today and at some point in the future will mold and shape itself into the "realities" that we experience in the future.

How is that? Simply because thoughts are creative. YOUR thoughts are creative. That's how the plan was created. What we imagine, the things that we consistently see, think, ponder on and envision in our minds eye are the very pictures that we will eventually experience and witness in the various aspects of our lives.

This is what activates the Power of Imagination. What YOU choose to imagine...think...ponder on and envision for your life the Power of Imagination draws to you.

What is seen, thought about, pondered on and envisioned by the collective "imaginings" of the worlds population likewise determines the events, conditions and circumstances being experienced in the world on a global scale.

When you get to the core of imagination...when you look at what it is in it's purest essence you begin to see and clearly understand that it is nothing more or nothing less than a quality of consciousness, the kind and quality of which determines the kind and quality of your life...based on your "choosing."

This quality of consciousness is being determined by you individually at both a conscious and subconscious level and is the "cause" of whatever you might be experiencing in your life.

On a larger scale...a global scale...the events, conditions and circumstances are being created by the collective consciousness.

All of it whether individually or collectively is all being governed by ONE Consciousness also referred to as The Super Conscious Mind.

What exactly is consciousness? Looked at in the way that quantum physicists describe it through the study quantum physics, it is energy...the essence of what makes everything what it is. It is the creative all pervasive, omniscient, ever present force that transmutes from "unseen form" into matter which molds, shapes, and creates EVERYTHING in the "physical world" including but not limited to the day to day events, conditions and circumstances that we create, encounter and experience throughout our lives.

When you choose to look deeply enough...when you make the individual choice to "seek to find" you begin to understand in a most profound, empowering and in some cases "miraculous way" that what science refers to as energy...or more specifically that what scientists refer to as this "field of energy" is Infinite in nature in which ALL probabilities ALREADY exist, you also begin to see the indisputable correlation between this "field" and "The Kingdom."

This energy isn't limited only to the "unseen", metaphysical or spiritual realm. It is also what makes up ALL physical things...ALL things as Albert Einstein discovered.

Let's look at the correlation between modern day science and the ancient spiritual religions of the world.

The Source as every major religion in the world teaches is Omniscient, Omnipresent, The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, the ALL in ALL, the I AM. As above so below. As within so without.

Modern day science agrees when they speak of, study and document their findings regarding energy. Even in scientific terms it is the source from where all things are derived.

There is nothing that energy is NOT whether seen or unseen. All physical things studied and observed under powerful microscopes in their purest and most basic form are vibrating packets of energy. All "unseen" things that are beyond our comprehension to experience with the limitations of the physical senses are vibrating energy packets continually colliding coming in and going out of form.

Imagination, although granted exists as an "unseen" form of energy isn't excluded. When you look at things at this depth, when you make a conscious and intentional "choice" to "seek and find" you begin to understand that this energy which exists within and makes up ALL things is nothing more than an infinite field of energy that comprises ALL things...continually emits a frequency and is consistently being attracted to other frequencies of energy...energies that are determined by and projected outward into the "field"...The Kingdom...based on your imagination, that harmonize with and join to create what you imagine and "perceive" to be your reality.

Put another way, it is the energy frequency that you project through your thoughts and imagination which match existing frequencies, gravitate toward them in the "field" and/or the Kingdom and without fail and with unwavering certainty show up in your life just as you have consistently "imagined" that they would.

Here's the point...

The Power of Imagination can be utilized in any way that you choose. It can be utilized for the creation of desired outcomes as well as for the creation of those things which are undesirable.

It's always simply a matter of choice. YOUR choice.

We can if we choose, utilize our imagination to attract to us what we "perceive" to be the good things in life as well as have the choice to utilize it in such a way that attracts, creates and brings us more of the experiences that are undesired.

There is no "right or wrong way" to use the Power of Imagination, it's simply a individual choice provided to each of us to use as we ourselves choose and see fit. It can be used consciously as well as unconsciously. It's creative power isn't diminished either way.

What we consistently hold in our imaginations we will see in tangible physical form.

If science isn't your cup of tea or you doubt what scientists have clearly discovered and revealed in recent years, perhaps taking a deeper look at what the spiritual masters of the past have conveyed will assist you in "getting it."

One of the greatest and most noted masters of the past tells us "Judge not by appearances." He goes on to say "Judge not and you will not be judged." I personally think he knew what he was talking about.

What could "Judging" possibly have to do with the creative Power of Imagination? Quite simply before judging something, you have to do what? Process the thought that creates and forms the judgment correct? That's all the Power of Imagination is. A processing of thought that creates judgment through observation and an individually held perception regarding the "thing" being observed, creating in your minds eye the specific "Imagining" that you yourself are choosing.

Put another way...what you see and your individually held perceptions regarding what you see creates "judgments" of this thing being "good" and this thing being "bad."

Our judgments of them solidify their "realness" in our lives. When we choose to "judge not" and look beyond what we can see, what we see LITERALLY changes.

Our judgments regarding something "bad" sets our imagination in motion and the Power of Imagination goes to work to bring it to you.

Another of the great masters of the past states..."You will not be judged FOR your thoughts, you will be judged BY your thoughts." - The Buddha I personally believe he knew what he was talking about as well.

All major spiritual texts convey the same message.

The deeper truth....what I personally like to refer to as a "Higher Truth" is that judgment isn't as many "perceive" it to be. It isn't a thing of condemnation and punishment that will be inflicted upon you for doing or not doing things a certain way. Judgment isn't inflicted upon you by some external being that is going to get "mad" at you, but is rather based on a individual choice that we ourselves make through our own choosing which is communicated through our Imaginations developing into whatever we chose to "imagine" to be true.

Unconditional Love...what I personally choose to refer to and think of Source as provides whatever we choose, whenever we choose and it is projected through our imaginations.

And so it becomes that...unconditionally.

What we "imagine" consistently, we create in our lives. It was created that way. That's why Universal Laws exist. To oversee and govern the fulfill and carry out the originally created plan...what I personally like to refer to as The Perfect Plan.

This "Perfect Plan" NEVER fails or wavers...EVER. Those things that we imagine as being real...these judgments we make based on "the appearance" of these things that we can see, touch, taste, smell and hear determines our continually imagined "perceptions" regarding these things which are in turn drawn to us (attracted) and by us through what we ourselves choose to imagine and think about most.

Perhaps attempting to look at and see the power of imagination at this "unseen" level is a bit too much for you.

Let's look at how the Power of Imagination affects each of us on a "physical level."

The Power Of Imagination and
It's Impact On Human Biology

Let's look at the role that the Power of Imagination plays at the physical level...more specifically at the biological level that makes up our physical bodies.

When we choose to hold images of fear, doubt and worry based on what we "see" around us, they are nothing more than imaginings or judgments that we choose to hold, envision and consistently play on the movie screen of our minds which can only serve to create anxious states at this biological level.

These chosen states...these individually chosen ways of "being" are made physical initially as an electrochemical process is ignited in the brain based on our "judgments and imaginings" communicating to the body that "danger" is present and immanent creating a response at the emotional level based on what we are this case the things that we are having fear, doubt and worry about.

The outcome? A projection of energy that we ourselves have chosen consisting of a specific "frequency" which attracts harmonious "frequencies to it" and determines the physical experience we have as a result.

Our predominant attention states our intention and the Power of Imagination combined with immutable, unwavering and never failing Law of Attraction draws to us precisely as we "Imagine" that it will. Looked at in another way it is what we ourselves are asking for. As we ask, we receive...unconditionally. As we believe we receive...unconditionally.

What determines the things that we are consistently imagining and having fear, doubt and worry about which are creating these "anxious" states? Our beliefs regarding what we SEE.

Do you "GET" this???

Perhaps you see the sheer power and the profound direction that has been conveyed to us and recorded for our use, should we choose to take some more profoundly empowering advice and "seek" to find it.

The Power of Imagination

You have both the right and the free will to use the Power of Imagination in any way that you choose. You have the ability as well as the free will to "judge by appearances" as well as the free will and the ability to see above and beyond the events, conditions and circumstances that you have imagined in the past and as a result are experiencing in the here and now.

Becoming aware and choosing to consciously utilize the Power of Imagination can, will and must draw to you whatever you choose to imagine that it will.

It can't and never will happen any other's the Law.

You can use this Law consciously if you choose or unconsciously. Whichever you choose an outcome is both inevitable and predictable.

The best way I've found to expand your imagination is to tap into and personally experience Actuality...or The Kingdom where all "probabilities already exist" enabling you to see beyond your "current reality" as well as develop the beliefs of what is "truly" available to you is through meditation.

Taking the time to meditate opens up doors of awareness and understanding that FAR exceed any form of searching, studying and researching could ever hope to provide.

It expands your consciousness, enhances both your belief as well as your imagination enabling to see the infinite potential available to you. It dramatically enhances intuitive ability enabling you to begin "imagining" and recognizing the signs that show up as your awareness expands further.

It enables you to tap into and see for yourself that the kind and quality of life that you choose for yourself is only limited by what you choose. A quality of life that you may have previously found inconceivable which is the first essential step in creating and experiencing it for yourself. You will begin to believe that not only is it available to and for you, it's already yours and waiting for you to accept and receive it. It will dramatically enhance your beliefs and what you believe is what you act upon and will receive...unconditionally.

The reason so few people achieve in comparison to what they are quite capable of is because they have no vision or the imagination for a greater and more fulfilling future.

It's my hope and wish for you that you'll choose to "consciously and intentionally" use the Power of Imagination...more specifically YOUR imagination in such a way that enables you to personally experience the "infinite" amounts of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peaace and Limitless Prosperity that is, always has been and always will be available to you by simply making the "conscious choice" to elevate your imagination individually to a level that will enable you to both claim and fulfill your most cherished and heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires for yourself.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Now that you know how and why the Power of Imagination can transform your world, allow yours to expand and go get your share. You ARE worthy and you DO deserve it.

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