The Power Of Surrender

Consciously Utilizing The "Seemingly Magical" Power Of Surrender Will Turn Your Life Into An Exciting, Fulfilling, Joy Filled and Miracle Producing Journey

The Power Of Surrender: Just as the miracle of nature effortlessly
produces the beauty of it's surroundings, you have been provided with and
hold the power to effortlessly attract and create YOUR desired miracles in
each and every area of your life if only you will trust, surrender and "allow"
it to be so. - Chuck Danes

Upon first hearing the term, The Power of Surrender, depending on your individual views pertaining to what surrender and power mean, you might think of the Power of Surrender as an oxymoron of sorts. You might think and believe that power and surrender are opposites and have no place together.

Kind of like JUMBO shrimp. The word JUMBO and the word shrimp "seem to" conflict with one another.

But there is JUMBO shrimp right? JUMBO shrimp is a VERY REAL and tangible thing. In the same way, the Power of Surrender is a very REAL and tangible thing. BUT it's a far more important, powerful, liberating and life enhancing thing than JUMBO shrimp, I'll assure you. :)

So although those terms, surrender and power seem to conflict with one another, in the bigger scheme they don't really conflict at all although on the surface they can "seem to."

Many things in life "seem to be" conflicting as well based on how many people view life. But they're not. Not in the bigger scheme that is.

And although many do see, perceive and view things that way, especially as it relates to power and surrender specifically, there's anther way to look at the Power of Surrender. A much broader, far more expansive and life enhancing way of both seeing it and using it in a very pleasing and life enhancing kind of way.

And that's what we're going to be doing here. Looking at and learning more about the Power of Surrender and how YOU can begin using it in your life in a very pleasing, eye opening, powerfully creative, liberating and life enhancing kind of way.

And at the conclusion, it's my hope and intention that you'll not only understand, but see; REALLY SEE that through choosing to consciously and consistently activate the Power of Surrender in EVERY aspect of your life on a consistent basis; you'll ignite, stir, initiate and "awaken to" a form of Real Power that impacts and enhances EVERY aspect of your life not only in a very pleasing and desirable kind of way but in a FAR REACHING kind of way as well.

In a "seemingly unfathomable and incomprehensible" far reaching kind of way" that transcends the limitations of the physical and finite forms of life and power that so many focus on, often fear and believe they're limited by.

That's yet one of MANY reasons why learning about, understanding and choosing to use the Power of Surrender is so important for experiencing the greatest quality of life possible.

And in MANY cases, as I can personally attest, a willingness to surrender can enable and allow things to unfold in "seemingly miraculous and magical" ways.

In ways that transcend space/time actually. In other words, there are times when the power of surrender is fully entered into that you can see REALLY BIG and seemingly impossible miracles unfold in "the blink of an eye."

In fact you could say that The Power of Surrender has FAR REACHING effects that DO transcend space/time as we know and understand it and it's power extends well beyond the physical and finite world of shape and form as most know and understand it as well.

And this Power I'm referring to is a kind and quality of Power of IMMENSE proportion; Infinite proportion in fact, that is for the most part not only misunderstood and overlooked, but unfathomable, incomprehensible to MOST and as a result, NOT being utilized by MOST.

And that's precisely why so many remain "seemingly stuck" in so many "seemingly inescapable" and less than desirable situations in life.

Needlessly stuck.

It's NOT because they ARE truly stuck; it's only because they "choose" to remain unaware of this Power I'm referring to as unintentional as that choice might be. And that's why in MOST cases most people never step into and begin using their power; their Real Power in a way that we ALL can.

And that's what I hope to show you as we explore the Power of Surrender. How to reclaim and fully utilize your power. Your Real Power in a conscious and intentional kind of way as it pertains to surrender specifically.

And that takes us back full circle in a sense to The Power of Surrender. It get's you "unstuck" from even the most "seemingly inescapable" circumstances REGARDLESS of how "stuck" you might feel and think you are and aside from how inescapable you might "think" any event, condition or circumstance in your life might be.

And before we go further, I'll also say that if you "perceive yourself" as "seemingly stuck" or believing that you have to settle for less than you "truly desire", then what follows is ESPECIALLY for you.

As complex as it might seem currently, it really boils down to a paradigm shift.

So let's look a little more closely at the Power of Surrender so you might decide if you're ready to make that shift and begin using your power in a way that you "truly desire?"

Let's Take a Closer Look at What Surrender Truly Is, What It Isn't, What So Many Perceive It To Be and Why More Don't Use It and See Just How Powerful It and They Truly Are

To better grasp and understand the concept of "true surrender" as we'll be relating to it here, first let’s take bit deeper look into what surrender is and isn’t.

What it REALLY is and isn't. Doing so will assist in enabling you to open yourself to it as well as better understand, initiate and develop a greater level of trust not only in the process that determines how everything in our lives unfolds, but also enable you to better "trust yourself" in a more conscious, intentional and consistent way than MOST do.

And a KEY word in that statement is TRUST. And it IS a KEY word as it pertains to The Power of Surrender simply because trust and the Power of Surrender go hand in hand.

You could say that the words "trust" and "surrender" are intricately interconnected.

More about HOW they are intricately connected soon.

For now let's look at how the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines surrender…….

sur·ren·der: 1 a : to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand b : to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another 2 a : to give (oneself) up into the power of another especially as a prisoner b : to give (oneself) over to something (as an influence) intransitive senses : to give oneself up into the power of another : YIELD synonym see RELINQUISH

As you can see from the above definition, "True Surrender" is to "yield" or "relinquish" your power.

Now hang on just a minute. That certainly doesn't "sound or seem" like a very POWERFUL or power generating thing to do, does it?

On the surface, used in that context chances are good that this definition doesn't "sound or seem" as if it could stir, ignite or create power but rather minimize or even completely take away your power.

And yes, on the surface it can "seem that way."

But whether it does or whether it doesn't only depends on how we ourselves view and perceive things. It's really about awareness. And our level of awareness depends on and stems how we view life, what we know about life and how we "perceive" that life becomes life in a tangible and measurable kind of way.

And perhaps most importantly, it depends on our beliefs and perceptions with regard to what surrender REALLY MEANS as well as who or what we are to yield or relinquish our power to?

That's why it's so vitally important to make a choice to look at and SEE things "under the surface"; to become keenly and uncommonly aware of things that are happening ALL the time at this "unseen level" well outside of our conscious awareness.

And we'll be doing that too after we take a look at what surrender truly is and how to utilize it to reclaim the power that we've all been provided.

But first, let's look specifically at the words "yield or relinquish" as it pertains to surrender.

Is that to say that you are to yield or relinquish your power to that of another human being whether your boss, your spouse, some stranger or any other infinite number of people or external factors that you could surrender to?

Does it mean that regardless of what others might attempt to do to you that you are to accept it and cower down to whatever they might choose to throw your way?

Well...that's also a 2 part answer actually


With regard to "accepting and allowing" what others might do the answer is yes. A very BIG and IMPORTANT YES.

With regard to "cowering down" and allowing others to hurt you, harm you, belittle you or in some way, shape or form attempt to take control of you in a physical sense, the answer is NO.


Surrendering in that way will DEFINITELY take away your power, NOT enhance it. Both your physical and finite power as well as have you "unconsciously exercising and utilizing" your Real Power in such a way that has you "thinking and believing that you have no power.

While many perceive the word surrender to mean something negative, such as weakness, giving up to the enemy, or allowing another to dominate or take control of you, the term as I'm using it and the context that we're going to be looking at and examining it here is anything but that.

It's going to enable you to become more keenly aware of, tap into and enable you to better utilize your Real Power in a profoundly desirable kind of way.

And if you'll choose to take the time to follow along, pay REALLY close attention, remain attentive and choose to learn, understand and begin to apply the Power of Surrender consciously, intentionally and consistently, it's going to assist you in reclaiming your physical power AND enable you to begin using your Real Power in a way that MOST don't "think they can" and in most cases have no conscious awareness of.

But if you find yourself there currently, don't feel alone by any means. Because you ARE far from alone. In fact, that's where MOST find themselves. Seemingly stuck and constantly settling for less than they "truly desire."

And because of that, MOST also find themselves repeating and experiencing the very same "less than desired" outcomes in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of their lives over and over and over again, all the while believing they have no say so or control over how things turn out.

And that's where the "perceptions of stuckness" stem from.

And as sadly true as that is, it's only due to the fact that the Power of Surrender is misunderstood and/or overlooked as well as unfathomable and incomprehensible by most.

As a result of that MOST never "choose" to use the Power of Surrender even though our ability to do so and the power unleashed when you choose to do is, always has been and always will be readily available to YOU, me and EVERYONE else WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

And not only is it readily available TO us ALL, it's also easily accessible by ALL of us without exception as well.

All we have to do is "choose" to use it. And we ALL can see the power behind it without exception once we understand it and "CHOOSE" to utilize it and DO something with it once we DO understand it.

And without exception means precisely that, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. That pertains to ALL of us, including YOU too...regardless.

We only have to "choose to" step into it our power; our Real Power to SEE just how powerful it is.

And should you "choose" to do that, you'll see for yourself just how powerfully effective, transformational and life enhancing surrender can be in EVERY aspect of your life...unconditionally.

Let's take a closer look as to WHY that's "true" for you, me and everyone else without exception.

Let's Take a Closer Look at and Explore the Multilevel Role the Power of Surrender Plays in Your Life.

First of all the Power of Surrender operates and affects things on both a physical level and on a non-physical level.

It impacts and affects the physical, financial and relational aspects of life which are of a physical and finite nature and at the same time impacts and affects the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life as well. We'll refer to those as the non-physical intangible aspects of life.

So how does surrender do that?

In the physical aspects of life specifically...

The Power of Surrender is a necessary, life changing, and vital principle for enabling, empowering and "allowing" yourself to eliminate (or at the very least dramatically minimize) the long term adverse effects of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and a host of other "less than desirable" reactions that so many in today's world needlessly, "unconsciously" yet consistently engage in.

And I say "needlessly" simply because MOST reactions of fear, doubt, worry and the anxiety that we experience based on those factors are "unfounded." We "unconsciously react" due to mental, emotional and psychological triggers.

That's what ignites, in our own minds the countless unfounded fears, doubts, worry and anxiety that we all experience to some degree. But they're not real. They're merely unconscious or "subconscious" triggers that cause us to react in these less than empowering ways.

And the reason they ARE unfounded, is simply because much of what we fear, doubt, worry and are often so anxious about, aren't triggered by the need to escape from immediate danger or an immediate threat of "physical harm."

That's why we were provided the "gift of fear." Fear exists and was designed to keep us safe and out of harms way.

FEAR is; or at least CAN be a GREAT thing; a life preserving thing when eminent physical danger is present. It triggers our fear and enables us to move our bodies out of harms way and escape eminent danger.

That's a "healthy" kind of fear.

But the vast majority of fears, doubts and worries that we choose to imagine and process in our minds are not due to eminent danger nor do they serve and beneficial purpose in life.

So you could call these unfounded fears we "choose" to engage in when no physical danger is present, "imagined fears" or "needless fears."

And these kinds of fears are VERY "unhealthy" in FAR MORE ways than most understand. Not only physically unhealthy as it pertains to our physical health, but also physically in the sense of our finances and relationships.

But to SEE how real and true that is as well as WHY it's true, it's necessary to look "under the radar." It's necessary to look at, see and understand what's taking place outside of our conscious awareness so we might become conscious and break the self limiting cycles that fear, doubt, worry and anxiety create in our lives.

So let's look at how both fear and surrender apply to the non-physical aspects of life and the impact they have in our lives...

Under the surface; for now let's call it under the radar, at a level outside of your "conscious awareness"; the energy level that your 5 physical senses can't detect; the Power of Surrender CAN, when "consciously and intentionally" utilized quite literally disarm resistance.

When we disarm our unconscious resistance to what we "claim we want" in our lives we become enabled to attract the people, ideas, resources, knowledge, etc. that enable you to simply, easily and efficiently create (or if you prefer co-create) the events, conditions, and circumstances that you truly desire to experience in life.

We change the kind and quality of the flow in a desirable kind of way.

In the same way FEAR; unfounded and needless FEAR builds a wall of resistance and we attract people, ideas, resources, knowledge etc. that can have us "believing" that we're limited and/or stuck.

And that "seems" very real when it happens. And it is real in a strictly physical kind of way. What we attract keeps us "seemingly limited and stuck."

So you could say both fear and surrender initiate and activate our power and precipitate the kind and quality of the flow, but surrender does so in a way that we desire. We attract what we want rather than what we don't want which FEAR ALWAYS does in both tangible and intangible ways.

Put simply...

It's through surrender and allowing that enables heartfelt desires to be attracted to us beginning at this "unseen level."

And what was once "unseen", what exists outside of our conscious awareness, transmutes in form and manifests in our physical lives as the events, conditions and circumstances that we desire. And it does so in the simplest, quickest and most pleasing and efficient ways possible.

In ways that we Love.

So Let's Look at What Surrender Truly Is and What it Truly Means as it Pertains To Reclaiming and Consciously Utilizing Your Real Power

So what is surrender really. What does it really mean?

True surrender; Real Surrender is achieved by simply "allowing and accepting." It's about allowing what is to be OK as it is and accepting things as they are...unconditionally.

That comes and happens by developing a sense of trust.

But it's a multi-level sense of trust just as surrender has a multilevel affect.

One of those levels is developing the ability to SEE that all things that occur in your life REGARDLESS of how we might "perceive them" individually ALWAYS serve a higher purpose. It comes through understanding that ALL things regardless of how they may appear on the surface based on our limited understanding; regardless of how we might judge and label them based on what we "think we know", ALL serve as a means to grow.

It's simply a matter of SEEING and KNOWING that they all happen for a definitive and very specific purpose...a greater good if you will.

But most can't SEE that let alone KNOW that. They can't only because they are, for the most part unaware of and simply don't understand the "under the radar" processes that determine things in the "bigger scheme" of life.

But it's a VITALLY important thing to be aware of and understand.

Because when you understand that; when you really and truly GET how true that is, surrender becomes much easier to enter into. At some point it can become second nature without the need to try or DO anything. It happens automatically just as the fears, doubts, worries and anxiety that so many ""choose" to needlessly engage themselves in "seem" to happen automatically without any physical type of action on their part.

It's actually the very principle that when engaged in consciously, intentionally, purposefully and consistently will allow you to experience a sense of joy, peace, well being and fulfillment far beyond what anyone could possibly experience through struggling, resisting and self induced effort.

But surrender is NOT cowering down in the physical sense of the word.

It's more a matter of accepting, allowing and surrendering on the inside regardless of what you SEE, experience and perceive to be happening on the outside.

It also doesn't mean not engaging and doing the best you know how to do in a physical sense. What it does mean is DOING the very best you know to do in the best way you know how to do it and then simply letting go, allowing and surrendering in a mental and/or emotional kind of way.

Surrender is an "intangible act" that when masterfully applied with the tangible acts of doing and serving transforms the tangible things that make physical life what it is from unpleasant and limited to pleasing and unlimited.

It shifts your way of BEING and precipitates a detaching from anxious expectation, clingy attachment to an outcome and attempting to force, make something happen or focusing on constantly needing to change the way things are.

In essence surrender puts you in a state of accepting and allowing what is to be as it is.

There's a razors edge between making things happen in an anxious and clingy kind of way and choosing to surrender to what is happening around you. And although it is a "razors edge", there is also a powerfully creative difference between the two.

Powerfully creative as it pertains to the kind and quality of results you receive I mean. They are BOTH creative ways of doing things, but one way will yield FAR GREATER and FAR MORE pleasing results.

So how do you master balancing and walking this razors edge?

Self Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Life Mastery and The Ability To Surrender Begins and Ends With You

True surrender, self mastery, emotional mastery and life mastery are made possible as a result of discovering who and what you truly are.

Understanding that allows you to know where and how you fit into the bigger picture of life as a whole and your place in it.

Because once you discover who and what you "truly are", at the same time you enhance your understanding of the power freely provided to you, how the process of creation was designed to be, is always perfect in what it delivers and that every effect that shows up in the physical world can ALWAYS be traced to a specific cause.

And once you understand who and what you "truly are" and the power you've been provided to create your life as you choose, you begin to see and understand that YOU are that cause.

Your choices are the cause and your tangible and measurable results are merely EFFECTS that stem from that cause perfectly, precisely, without fail and with unwavering certainty.

And should you ever choose to develop that understanding, you automatically become consciously aware of and learn to fully trust in what I choose to refer to as "The Perfect Plan."

And that's when the Power of Surrender is realized in an uncommon kind of way.

What is this Perfect Plan?

It's the immutable, unwavering, perfect, precise, never wavering and never erring Universal Laws (also often referred to as Laws of Nature) that oversee and govern, with unerring, unwavering and predictable certainty, the process of creation.

You could look at these Universal Laws or Laws of Nature as timeless Laws put into place by Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be individually.

And depending on how you view Source, you might see the process of creation from a strictly scientific and mechanical perspective. You might choose to look at it as scientists explain it. Energy that attracts to itself energy of a harmonious frequency.

Or you may view The Source as well as the plan which drives and sustains the process of ALL creation which always creates, expands and sustains itself harmoniously, with unwavering certainty and absolute perfection due to and based on Love...Unconditional Love.

Neither would be right or wrong, good or bad. Both point to One and the same Ultimate Source REGARDLESS of what we believe or how we might perceive Source individually.

"Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot foresee the outcome." - Deepak Chopra

So what does all that have to do with Surrender? First it's necessary to understand that all of creation at it's core is the result of consciousness . You could call it God Consciousness, an infinite field of energy or whatever else you choose.

Once you fully grasp and understood that, it becomes much easier to see that the form of surrender that we're going to enter into is a surrender to Source WHATEVER or WHOEVER that might mean or be to you.

This type of surrender isn't a giving into or surrendering from a physical perspective and doesn't diminish the fact that you are an individual, but builds upon the fact that you are an individual in body physical form.

And you ARE "partly" that. We ALL are. We all DO have a physical body without question or we wouldn't be able to exist or function here in physical life.

But at your core, at the unseen spiritual/metaphysical/energy level, you are an energy BEING. It's an energy that drives, sustains and enables your physical body to function and exist.

So you could say you are an integral part of a greater energy although you are and always will be a "part" of this greater energy. And it's at this "greater energy" level that we are ALL an integral part of where any and every conceivable outcome, whether physically, financially, relationally, mentally, emotionally or spiritually already exists too.

And it is simply because EVERYTHING is energy. There is nothing that this energy is not. And through consciously and intentionally requesting a desired outcome and then trusting and surrendering at this consciousness level, due to the quality of energy that you project and emit, you "allow" your request to manifest in physical form.

This form of surrender is recognizing the need to transcend your "ego I want, I NEED, I don't have self" and developing the ability to consistently place your trust in something far more vast and far more capable than your individual self and what you might SEE going on around you currently.

And this trust factor is enhanced wen you begin to recognize, see and understand the fact that your "perceived" separateness from ANYTHING else, is only that; a perception. But it's a perception brought on, made real and sustained due to a lack of self awareness.

Once understood and properly applied you'll become enabled and empowered to begin manifesting and experiencing your desired outcomes in physical form REGARDLESS of what they might be.

A key aspect of understanding and effectively utilizing The Power of Surrender is developing a basic understanding of flow and resistance. Once you understand flow, "truly understand it, you'll have a clear understanding of how the creative process unfolds. By developing the understanding that while in a state of surrender and learning to allow, rather than force things to happen, those things that you most desire to experience with seemingly magical certainty are easily and effortlessly drawn to you. They flow to you.

On the other hand, by attempting to force or make things happen you are quite literally creating a form of resistance which is literally giving energy to and drawing to you those very events, conditions, and circumstances which you consciously claim that you DON'T WANT to experience.

It's one and the same "flow." It's only a different kind and quality of flow that is determined by a choice to surrender and allow or resist, struggle, fight and go against the "flow" of life.

True surrender is achieved by developing a depth of self awareness concerning who and what you truly are and the "true" power that you hold to resolve whatever issues you may be facing by responding in the correct way rather than resisting in an "unconscious and unintentional way.

Responding correctly is merely consciously directing the kind and quality of your consciousness . And that is a vitally important thing to understand to become enabled to consciously and consistently utilize and engage in the Power of Surrender.

And it is simply because the kind and quality of your consciousness acts as the seed which determines the kind and quality of your physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences in the tangible world of shape and form.

And the kind and quality of those physical results physical can only and will only align, harmonize and reveal themselves in physical form based on the kind and quality of the seed which created them.

As an example let’s assume for a moment that your desire is to have more money. For the sake of our example we’ll also assume that you are in a position of perceived immediate need and the circumstances surrounding your situation appear to be urgent.

How do the majority react to this type of situation? They work themselves into a mental and emotional frenzy by wondering, worrying and trying to figure out where the money that they require will come from. Most will place their predominant focus on the fact that they have a lack of money and the results experienced are self induced stress, anxiety, fear, which ultimately lead to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

This predominant method of reacting although common, certainly doesn't resolve the "perceived" shortage and actually only serves to make matters worse.

How so? If you've already become at least somewhat familiar with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Resonance you already understand to some degree that this form of reaction, the quality of the consciousness (thoughts) that you're thinking is actually a form of resistance and can only draw to you additional energies of a harmonious frequency which are a vibrational match to those that you're projecting, which in this case only serve to make matters worse.

Surrender is the polar opposite of resistance and happens as a result of establishing trust and faith that what you have asked for and believe you are moving toward will be delivered in perfect timing.

"And why are you anxious about what to wear? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed like one of these." - Matthew 6:28-29

The way that the majority believe money must be obtained is through their individual efforts by working harder, or putting forth more physical effort such as working more hours, or doing more things from a strictly physical perspective, many times in careers that they find to be unpleasant or undesirable.

This type of action is operating from the ego self which is perceived as separateness which can only produce temporary and limited results at best.

True surrender happens as a result of developing the "true" aspect of self that is limitless and infinite in nature, understanding that whatever desired outcome is asked for will be received. There is no stress or anxiety but rather a "knowing."

For those that understand and properly initiate the power of surrender, these negative and non productive emotions are eliminated and replaced with a "knowing" which in turn speeds up the creative process and ALLOWS the Universe to deliver to them those things that they most desire much more rapidly.

To better grasp the correct action to take through implementing the process of true surrender let’s look at the effortless process of the creation of a plant. The type of plant that we utilize is immaterial, but the process itself and how it does grow is important.

In order for a plant to grow, first it's necessary to plant the seed into a healthy environment from which the plant will grow from. Once the seed is planted the unwavering and immutable laws of the universe take over and through a process of time the outcome (the harvest) appears and always reveals itself based on the kind, quality and type of seed that was planted.

During the growth process a seed never experiences or expresses the anxiety of not growing fast enough or worries that it won’t achieve the ultimate outcome, and never questions or attempts to "figure out" how the perfect plan that was put in place to achieve it’s inevitable growth operates.

It simply ALLOWS the perfectly designed process to unfold naturally.

The result 100% of the time, assuming that a healthy seed was planted in fertile soil, is a healthy and vibrant plant. Once the seed is planted it is not necessary for the seed to tunnel around underground frantically seeking out the nutrients that it requires to sprout and break through the soil. The nutrients required for the manifestation come to the seed which allows the inevitable end result to occur.

In the same way, once YOU plant YOUR seed, (desire) whatever it may be, it is NOT your job to seek out the means in which it will happen and stress out concerning when and how it will come about. Your job was finished once you put forth the effort to plant the initial seed. You, like the initial seed that was planted must absorb the essential nutrients that are available to you which will allow the seed (your thought) to break out of it’s shell and begin to sprout the roots which through a process of time will produce into a healthy and vibrant plant. (your desires manifest in physical form)

True surrender happens as a result of coming to a clear understanding of the perfectly designed and continually unfolding process of creation and developing a sincere and unwavering trust in that process.

I completely and TOTALLY understand that the vast majority in our world have been programmed and conditioned to believe that in order to experience the desired physical results in life that you must put forth a specific amount of physical effort in order to bring about the desired results.

Most have been taught and have come to believe that the "physical steps" that they take are the seed.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Although physical activity or action is required to NURTURE the initial seed, this initial seed, or the "Cause" is derived from thought or pure consciousness.

Thought is literally the seed from where ALL creation happens. While it’s true that in many cases a form of effort or action is required, many falsely believe that it requires physical effort in the form of "hard" or "undesirable" work to make it happen.

This is one of the most misunderstood beliefs and the one that is ultimately responsible for creating overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and a host of other negative outcomes that have become apparent in our world.

By attempting to bring about the desired physical results through strictly physical means, you are quite literally attempting to produce effects through effects. And you CAN create effects that way. Just not the most pleasing, desirable and lasting effects.

This is contrary to every scientific and spiritual law that exists. Although in many cases short term results can be achieved, long term, lasting results cannot be realized using this form of physical, finite effort. When done properly, the action required on your part to bring about your desired outcomes will NEVER be hard or displeasing. Through correctly applying the principle of true surrender and trusting in the perfect and flawless process of the Source, those things that you most desire to experience will gravitate toward you with effortless ease. Many times these results will come about and appear to be coincidental in nature. Other times magical. The actions that will be presented to you will not result in stress, or anxiety, but appear as a KNOWING.

True surrender comes about as a result of going to the Cause, visualizing and affirming that which you desire and through a process of being led, begin taking action on that which you are instructed or feel led to do.

The direction received through a state of true surrender will never be one of struggle or displeasing in any way, shape, or form.

Without this guidance you can many times find yourself exerting unnecessary physical effort which can create additional stress and anxiety and will quite literally create additional circumstances which move you further away from your desired outcome.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to develop a consistent habit of going within into the silence, learning to quiet the physical brain processes (mindless babble) that goes on within you through meditation and learning to tap into where the "True Source" of all things comes. This Source is referred to as many things. Some call the Source God, Allah, others the Universe, Mother Earth, Nature, and still others, Super Consciousness . What you call and perceive this Source to be is immaterial.

A vital aspect of "TRUE SURRENDER" is learning to discern inspired action or direction, what some may call Divine guidance or intuition, from self limiting fear based human physical thought processes, and not TELLING the Universe HOW or WHEN to produce your desired outcomes. Your job, YOUR ONLY JOB is to develop the discipline and learn to create and experience in your imagination through visualization those things that you most desire to experience and learn to "ALLOW" the process to unfold will, at times through seemingly magical means and in miraculous ways, allow the Universe, God, Allah, Gaia, or whatever you perceive Source to be, to deliver the simplest and most pleasing ways and means to you.

But to do so, it's necessary to trust; to initiate the power of surrender by detaching yourself from the how and when, fully trusting that the ways and means will be provided to you in just the right way and in the perfect time.

Many times your desired outcomes will come about in a way that you didn’t expect, or ever considered that they could be delivered. The path that you follow that will produce your desired results will be the shortest and best possible path that you can take and discovering this path will prove to be the path of least resistance and provide you with results that by human standards seem to "magically" or "coincidentally" appear.

Your Desires Are Real And
You Have Them For A Purpose

Through the same kind of programming and indoctrination that I mentioned earlier, a lot of people develop the belief that their physical desires are selfish or extreme in nature.

Such beliefs only serve to create a form of guilt, or illogical thinking in the person that desires certain results and will actually keep those desires from manifesting.

Your deepest and most heartfelt desires exist as a result of a deep inner calling and serve a very specific purpose that you may not even currently be aware of.

You could say that your heartfelt desires are "spirit seeking expression" in tangible and measurable form.

It’s VITALLY important to understand that you possess and feel and have the desires that you do for a reason, a very specific reason. And if you have a sincere and heartfelt desire, you also have the ability to bring it into the physical realm and experience it in your life.

This desire, whatever it might be, once brought into the physical world, ultimately will serve in some way, shape or form to benefit the Universe as a whole.

Through the power of surrender, you are acknowledging to the Universe that you trust it’s direction and have faith that the results, whatever they may consist of is what is best for not only yourself, but the universe as a whole. The desires that you possess hold a very specific purpose and will serve the greater good in some way, shape, or form.

True Surrender Is Letting Go of Anxious and Clingy Expectation of What You DON'T Currently Have and Expressing Heartfelt Gratitude For What You DO Have...Unconditionally

True surrender is being grateful for and learning to express heartfelt gratitude for whatever is currently going on in your life, regardless of your current perception of what those events, conditions, and circumstances that you are experiencing may consist of.

Once you are able to effectively initiate this gratitude, you will find that those events, conditions, and circumstances that may appear to be unpleasant or working against your desired outcomes will, with almost magical certainty, cease to exist and you will see them change and begin turning into events, conditions, and circumstances that clearly are bringing you closer to your desired outcomes.

True surrender is letting go of attachment and clingy expectation. It's about allowing things to unfold naturally and allowing the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire to be attracted to you rather than you chasing after them.

Once a sincere desire is expressed your job is finished. By entering into a state of true surrender and holding the ideal and belief that your desire will manifest, the laws of creation would have to be disrupted for any other outcome to occur. In other words it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.

To Bring It ALL Together Let's Take a Step By Step Look at The Process Of Surrender

True surrender consists of planting the seed.

True surrender is trusting in the process of that seeds growth

True Surrender consists of Faith. A belief that those things that you most desire to experience will manifest in perfect timing, which comes as a result of discovering, understanding and trusting in the process of creation.

True surrender defies mainstream thinking, human logic, and understanding.

True Surrender comes about as a result of letting go of ego, feeling that you must do it yourself and allowing the Source to provide you with the means which will lead you to the limitless blessings and infinite resources that life has to offer YOU, me and EVERYONE else.

Discover the power of this truth, learn to initiate it in EVERYTHING you DO in your day to day life, and your results will be truly desirable, lasting, and of far greater and more fulfilling proportion than MOST can even conceive or imagine that they could be.

True surrender comes about as a result of developing a deep understanding of the process of creation, planting the desired seed, believing in the inevitable outcome, (it’s growth) and allowing that growth process to unfold naturally.

Just as the seed that is planted in the ground must grow and produce the miracle that we have come to know as a plant, the thought seeds that you release into the Universe will and must produce the outcomes (miracles) that are aligned, harmonized and in direct proportion to the seed that you plant.

Once the seed is planted all that is required of you is to let the process of creation unfold naturally. It's simply a matter of learning and developing your ability to surrender to the inevitable, unwavering and unerring process of creation. True surrender consists of allowing the universe to bring to you that which you desire in it’s own way, expressing gratitude for whatever happens along the way, and surrendering to the thoughts feelings and emotions that you experience in the process of it’s growth.

The steps to achieve your desires through surrender are…..

1) Discover the unwavering and perfect creative process

2) Develop a deep understanding of it's inevitability

3) Consciously plant the seeds for the desired outcome.

4) Daily Nurture those seeds through creative visualization and positive affirmation

5) Trust in the perfect process of creation and learn to detach yourself from the how’s and when’s of how your desires will manifest.

6) Allow the Universe to attract or draw to you the people, ideas, circumstances, etc. necessary to bring your desires into fruition, and become and remain aware of their inevitable appearance so you will recognize them as they DO appear.

7) Take immediate action on that which is presented and feels right to you.

8) Watch in utter amazement as the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire take root and manifest in physical form.

It is through the process of surrender that you will quite literally come to experience a life without limits and discover what it truly means to experience TRUE and LASTING Joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace, and unlimited prosperity in each and every area your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

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