The Power Of Emotions

Here's What Most Don't Know About The Power Of Emotions and the Defining Role They Play In Every Aspect of Our Lives

Emotions Are The Determining Factor To What You Are Manifesting In Your Life

"Emotions Serve as The Barometer For Life Predicting and
Forecasting With Astounding Accuracy the Future Tempests
or the Calm, Soul Stirring Utopia of Joyful Living" -Chuck Danes

What Do YOU Believe To Be True About
The Power or Insignificance Of Emotions?

  • Have you ever given much thoughtful consideration to WHAT emotions are?...I mean what they REALLY and TRULY are?

  • Have you ever wondered or thought about HOW your emotions are triggered, whether they lead to experiencing the highly desirable and sought after state of exhilaration and joy, the far less than pleasing state of grief, apathy and despondency or the vast range of emotionally charged responses and/or reactions that fall somewhere in between?

  • And perhaps MOST importantly, have you ever been shown HOW as well as WHY the kind and quality of your emotions impact; whether positively or adversely, not ONE but EVERY aspect of your life?

If not, what follows regarding YOUR emotions, and the powerful role your emotions play in the experiences you encounter in life, COULD prove to be quite a transformational understanding to acquire.

Whether that plays out for you in the way I intend is really up to you. It's really a matter of personal choice that stems from what you believe or don't believe which is what ALWAYS determines the quality of your emotional responses or reactions.

Although many believe that their emotions are random and perhaps even, uncontrollable due to what we see and experience in life, rest assured emotions aren't simply responses or reactions based on what we see and experience in the world around us.

They may "seem" that way initially. Yet the implications go MUCH deeper than than that and play a FAR greater role in our lives than most understand.

That's what we're going to be covering here; emotions. More specifically developing an uncommon, in depth, all too often overlooked and potentially transformational understanding regarding the power YOUR emotions have in determining the kind and quality of YOUR life in both intangible as well as in tangible and measurable ways..

And I'm talking about how emotions impact the quality of your health, your relationships, your material and monetary hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations as well as "less tangible" aspects of life that determine what and how you're "feeling" at any given moment as well as WHY you're feeling that way.

What would that be worth to you? What would it feel like to not only understand how your emotional responses and reactions impact the quality of your life but move beyond an intellectual understanding into mastering, in an experiential kind of way your ability to create and consciously direct the kind and quality of emotional responses that that propel you forward? A kind and quality of "consciously directed" emotional stimulation that enables and allows your life to become a joyful and magnificent journey?

Imagine what it might be like to "feel good" ALL the time or at the least on those occasional days when you're feeling a bit "less than good", that you have the power and control to readjust those emotions that make you "feel badly" and move quickly through them?

Actually it goes well beyond "feeling good." Once you understand; clearly understand WHAT emotions truly are, HOW they're triggered, what triggers them and the vital role they play in determining EVERY aspect of your life, you'll be one step closer to "Life Mastery."

And who DOESN'T or WOULDN'T want to be there?

Before you get too excited, fired up and in a hurry to get on with it, understand it's a process. A process which begins with understanding emotions and what emotional mastery truly is.

There Are No Shortcuts. Life Mastery Stems From Emotional Mastery Which Becomes Possible Through "Self Mastery"

The thought of, let alone the attainment of "Life Mastery", although often perceived as complex or even impossible isn't really as complex nor as difficult as it seems on the surface. And it most certainly isn't impossible unless YOU allow that to happen.

Granted the neurological and physiological functions that determine how our emotions are ignited is IMMENSELY complex. But below the surface, the emotional responses and reactions that we habitually and unconsciously "allow" ourselves to experience is PROFOUNDLY simple.

That's what we'll be exploring and understanding here.

And although it's a bit of a journey to get to and SEE the simplicity for sure, you begin the journey starting from where you are right now, regardless of where that might be.

And you begin by simply making a conscious choice to master your emotions rather than allowing your emotions to master YOU. Once the choice is made, you follow up with an unwavering commitment to keep on keeping on long after the initial choice is made.

Again, it's a process.

Yes, it may require some perseverance and seem difficult initially to become keenly aware of and consciously direct the emotional patterns we've become so accustomed to engaging in. But it's a choice that will transform your results in EVERY aspect of your life.

That's when the ease, simplicity and the feelings of exhilaration that come from "feeling and experiencing" the joy and fulfillment of Life Mastery takes over.

Don't misunderstand. It's not always easy to get there but life becomes MUCH easier, FAR MORE simple and SO MUCH more enjoyable when you do.

And you CAN if ever and whenever you CHOOSE to do so.

Perhaps what I'll be sharing; which is the result of more than 3 decades of intense study, research combined with a very broad and diverse range of "personal experience" will assist you in seeing that achieving emotional mastery IS a choice that you CAN make and once made, just how possible and transformational it is.

At the very least, maybe what I share will reveal how VITALLY important it is to "become keenly, consciously and consistently aware" of habitual emotional responses and reactions that we ALL experience at times based on any Infinite number of factors.

And when I say it's important, it IS of vital importance IF you have a sincere and heartfelt desire to significantly enhance the kind and quality of your life in some way, shape or form and maintain that change long term.

And it all begins with emotional mastery and becoming keenly aware of what emotions you allow.

You'll have the opportunity to make that choice...or not, soon enough. But before deciding, do yourself a HUGE favor and follow along so you might make an informed and educated choice rather than an "unconscious choice" as so many do today.

At the conclusion of this article you'll not only understand the power of your emotions, you'll be well on your way to KNOWING how to use and direct those emotions in a very intentional, pleasing and life transforming kind of way.

And rest assured, doing so CAN and WILL change the entire course of your life in a very pleasing, significant, profound and in MANY cases in seemingly magical and miraculous ways.

Hey I know that may sound like a BIG and perhaps even a "far fetched" claim and maybe based on what you "think you know" you DO believe it's impossible.

And that's OK if that's what you choose to do.

But KNOW this...

It Is Absolutely, Positively and Unequivocally substantiated TRUTH! And what's more, it's always been true and it's always going to be true. And it is simply because it's based on what I've discovered and personally choose to refer to as a Higher Truth.

And it's this Higher Truth that can prove to be profoundly and pleasingly transformational or sadly and begrudgingly disappointing depending on the kind and quality of the choices that YOU make starting from this point forward.

Yet as powerfully transformational as KNOWING, understanding and "consciously applying" this Higher Truth CAN be, it's a Higher Truth that the vast majority are vaguely or not at all aware of and never take the time to understand as is often the case as it pertains to emotions and the power they have in molding and shaping your life.

Here's what I KNOW...

The mystics, sages, masters and philosophers since antiquity from every culture around the world as well as some very wise and highly intellectual 21st century scientists that have made and are still making some VERY PROFOUND groundbreaking discoveries regarding emotions and the power they hold, will back me up on just how "real, true and powerful" they are.

And the implications go MUCH DEEPER and extend well beyond the sensations we experience as various emotions ignite at a physiological level.

How so?

Let's begin by looking at emotions from a scientific perspective...

Your emotions (which determine how you feel) quite literally emit and project outbound signals; frequencies if you will of various vibrational intensities. And the quality of those vibrational signals determine the kind and quality of what you'll ATTRACT to yourself in the way of events, conditions, circumstances, people, etc. etc.

To begin consciously controlling and directing the signals you send through your emotional responses and reactions, first it's necessary to understand what creates the quality of these responses or reactions.

What is that? Core Beliefs. The quality of your emotional responses and reactions as well as the quality of the outbound frequency they project stem from our core beliefs.

These core beliefs are both of a conscious as well as a subconscious nature and ALWAYS determine with pinpoint accuracy the kind and quality of the events, conditions, and circumstances that you draw into your life on a moment by moment, day by day, month by month and year by year basis.

They always have and they always will.

And regardless of how life can SEEM sometimes; beyond the seemingly random and chaotic events, conditions and circumstances that seem to show up for no apparent reason; as "seemingly complex" as life can be at tmes, underneath it all is a very structured, meticulously ordered and SO profoundly simple process that never errs wavers or ceases.

And the ONLY reason it doesn't seem or sound simple to most; and the reason that life can seem so complex, random and even chaotic at times, is simply because emotions; more specifically our emotional responses and reactions play a far greater role on many more levels than most are aware.

So let's explore emotions in greater depth shall we?

But to do so, we're going to explore a level that's always in motion yet "under the radar" outside of our "conscious awareness" where few choose to look.

And the area we're going to begin looking at is the subatomic or energetic level.

The emotions that we all experience and the conscious as well as the unconscious habitual thought processes that drive them, like everything in the Universe are in their purest and most basic form comprised of energy.

If you're at all familiar with what in recent years has been repackaged and relabeled The Law of Attraction, you're at least somewhat familiar with the fact that EVERYTHING is energy.

Like all energy, both the thoughts that you think and the emotions that are triggered as a result of those thoughts emit and project an outbound vibrational frequency of energy that attracts to itself energies of a vibrational match.

The quality of the emotion mirrors the quality of the outbound frequency that aligns, harmonizes and converges with that outbound vibrational frequency and at some point transmutes into physical matter.

Again if that sounds a bit crazy or out there, hey, I get it. I know it certainly sounded a bit crazy and out there to me when I first heard it many years ago. And at the time I certainly saw no logical reason or how it had any practical application in my life so I never took the initiative to better understand anything about it for MANY years.

But as I've since discovered, the implications and the role emotions play in molding and shaping the quality of our lives is HUGE. So I'm going to do my utmost best to explain how and why that's "true" in a very logical and practical kind of way.

Once you understand just how logical and rational it is, perhaps you'll make the choice to USE what you learn in profoundly transformational ways and experience the logic behind it. It not only becomes VERY evident once you become aware of it, it's also PROFOUNDLY simple!!

You could say it's not only logical, rational and simple, at the same time it's Life changing HUGE.

So if it does sound a bit (or even a lot) airy fairy and foo foo to you based on what you "think you now", it would benefit you immensely to first gain a basic understanding of Universal Laws which serve as the governing force in an all encompassing kind of way and quite literally govern the entire cosmos.

Put another way, these Universal Laws or as they're often called, Laws of Nature govern EVERYTHING in existence; both the seen and the unseen with pinpoint precision, unfailing accuracy and PROFOUND simplicity.

AND these same Laws determine the kind and quality of every event, condition and circumstance in the entire universe ranging from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond those even.

Sort of at least. They oversee the energy and the alignment and harmonizing of the energy but the quality of the energy and what "shows up" is determined by YOU.

And you: namely your thoughts and emotions are at the root of it all. Put another way, you are at cause for your emotions and every event, condition and circumstances that transmutes from energy form to tangible and measurable form.

And the quality of that energy is determined by the quality of your emotions.

And once you understand that; once you really and truly grasp and understand that and you make a conscious choice to become the master of your emotions, you'll have achieved an uncommon level of awareness as well as the ability to remain in a state of calm and experience for yourself an indescribable sense of assurance and well being that few are aware that they CAN experience anytime they choose. You become "keenly aware" in a tangible and measurable kind of way, how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions DO quite literally determine EXACTLY the kind and quality of experiences you attract and eventually experience in your day to day life.

By familiarizing yourself with the Law of Vibration , it will become evident to you that each of the emotions that you experience creates, emanates and projects a specific vibratory output or energetic frequency which, through the Law of Attraction , attracts to itself additional energies, the same in kind and quality as is emitted by the various emotions that you experience. These "intangible emotions" which emit and project a frequency transmute into tangible and measurable things in our lives by attracting to themselves additional energy of the same vibratory frequency.

These governing forces (Universal Laws) transmute what scientists often refer to as waves of probability at the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual dimension into particles of matter. It's this wave/particle transmutation that is ALWAYS taking place which determines the kind and quality of the events, conditions, and circumstances that we all encounter and experience in life.

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, bear with me and you'll soon understand just how much power this "Higher Truth" holds and how through developing a deeper understanding of it and learning to consciously control and direct the power of your emotions you can and will become a "conscious and purposeful" creator of the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience.

Let's begin by looking at where emotions REALLY come from...

The Source Of Your Emotions

Many believe that they have no control over the emotions that they experience. It's often thought and believed that emotions are triggered by out side events. In other words, what we see hear, taste, touch and smell in the world around us is often thought to be the "cause" of our emotional responses and reactions.

Although a widely held belief, it's NOT external events that trigger emotions.

The various emotions that you experience are ignited based on specific beliefs and perceptions that you have established at some point in your life regarding the "outside events" that you experience.

These beliefs control and determine to an extent, the predominant thoughts that you think which serve as the "cause" for igniting and sustaining any given emotion which creates a self replicating and what is often viewed and believed to be an inescapable cycle of less than desirable experiences.

But it's not inescapable at all. Granted, you might believe it's inescapable yet it's nothing more than a seemingly inescapable cycle fed, created and sustained through your OWN beliefs and the quality of emotions that ignite as a result.

Let's use a very logical, rational and down to earth example...

Let's say that, as a child you were taught by your parents that "money is hard to come by" or "you must work hard for the money that you receive."

It isn't definitively "true" that money is hard to come by or that you MUST work hard for money. It's a perception of truth. A perception derived from an inherited belief based on what you were told and taught is "true."

It's become YOUR truth.You've enabled and allowed what you've been told and taught to become a deeply ingrained belief that you choose to hold with regard to money which creates the emotions that are ignited and experienced based on and which mirror this limiting belief. A combination of this "belief" combined with the quality of thoughts that stem from it ignite a kind and quality of emotion that intensifies and broadcasts a frequency created by these false beliefs that without fail are going make money hard to come by or require you to work hard for the money you receive.

Or as another example, if at some point in your life you have experienced financial difficulty and you have allowed the resulting circumstances arising from that difficulty to establish a fear of a "lack of money", it is absolutely certain that when you get into a situation that involves a potential shortage of money, your previously established belief concerning money will ignite and stir up the emotion (in this case fear) that you hold about money. And the resulting vibration or frequency of energy created and projected by the fear actually attracts and brings about more of the circumstances that you fear!

A lack of money!

Until you recognize what's taking place, become conscious of the process and make a conscious choice to change the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you think, believe and hold about money, you will continue to experience a lack of money!

The governing laws of creation, whether you choose to call them Universal Law or Laws of Nature match your vibrational frequency with waves of probability that align and harmonize with that choice. These Laws as well as the process that determines your tangible and measurable results, operates "under the radar" and never fails, wavers or gets it wrong...NOT EVER.

And the reason it never fails, wavers or gets it wrong is due to the The Law of Resonance. It's the resonance of the energy emitted and projected through your emotional responses or reactions which determines the kind and quality of the tangible and measurable result that you'll see and experience in your life.

Although you may consciously try really hard to suppress or eliminate these negative emotions, the underlying subconscious fear actually dominates and overrides the conscious thought process and before you know it you find yourself experiencing more financial crisis.

Although we are using the example of money, this process works precisely the same way in ALL areas of your life REGARDLESS of what area of life it might be.

The same Laws govern it and the same rules apply...ALWAYS without fail.

Your predominant thoughts which stem from your conscious as well as subconscious beliefs are igniting, creating the emotions; both responsive and reactive which are literally attracting and creating the circumstances (whether desirable or less than desirable) which you find yourself experiencing each and every minute of each and every day!

Through learning and developing a keen sense of self awareness , and becoming conscious of and directing the minute to minute thoughts that you think, you will become better enabled and empowered to change those emotions which are attracting those things that you don't want, and which will make it possible to begin to attract, create, and experience a different kind and quality of result in each and every area of your life!

It really boils down to what you conceive, believe and DO which determines what you experience in life. Because it's those conceptualizations combined with your beliefs that determine the kind and quality of your emotions. Those emotional responses or reactions in turn determine the kind and quality of WHAT you do and how well you DO it.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the all time classic "Think And Grow Rich", nailed it when he said "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

And you CAN achieve whatever it might be that you DESIRE to achieve when your emotions are aligned and harmonized in a conscious and intentional way with whatever the desire might be.

Regardless if it is in the area of money, health or relationships, YOU possess the ability to create the results you desire for your life IF you will simply become conscious of and change the often times subconscious thoughts and beliefs which are igniting and stirring the "undesired" emotions that are responsible for attracting the undesirable outcomes that you may be currently experiencing.

Here is something very important to consider...

Your underlying beliefs determine your predominant thought processes as we've mentioned.

Your emotions which are consistently ignited due to those predominant beliefs and the thought processes which follow emit and project a vibrational frequency into what scientists often refer to as the field.

The gathering of these vibrational frequencies create the tangible and measurable results experienced which further solidifies the belief, whether it's REALLY TRUE or NOT which in turn determines and creates your future outcomes.

Unless you choose to become conscious of the process and make a conscious choice to enhance and elevate these self limiting beliefs and shift the quality of thoughts and emotions, you'll find yourself caught up in a very "undesirable" cycle of consistently creating what you view, believe and perceive as being a "seemingly unending flow" of "undesirable" outcomes.

Regardless if you're currently aware...

You have the ability to control your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Contrary to what you may currently believe, your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions do not have power over you. And with the correct knowledge and direction , you can and will discover how to regain and begin to consciously utilize the power you have over them. Once you've become aware of how and why things ALWAYS DO work that way and make a choice to shift those emotional reactions that are disharmonious with attracting "desired" outcomes, you'll begin attracting and experiencing those things that are desired.

If you can conceive and believe that you are capable of creating pleasing situations that can attract to you and bring into physical existence the kind of money, health, and relationships that you desire, you will begin to attract and manifest the events, conditions and circumstances that are harmonious and in alignment with your emotions surrounding them.

By the same token if your emotions toward any of these same life areas consist of what are considered to be negative type emotions, such as apathy, grief, fear, doubt, worry, anger, anxiety, jealousy, etc. you are in essence projecting a frequency that is disharmonious with attracting "desired" outcomes and will attract negative type results that are in alignment with these emotions, in whichever area of your life it may be.

In reality, the "higher truth" is that whatever you are attracting to yourself, is not in ANY way, shape or form a disharmonious or discordant event, condition or circumstance. It can SEEM as if it's a chaotic process if your emotional reactions are misaligned with the desire FOR SURE.

But Universal Laws cannot and will not EVER operate dis-harmoniously. They only serve to govern the transmutation of energy from wave to particle form and they ALWAYS do so perfectly, precisely, without fail and create in tangible and measurable form events, conditions and circumstances that ALWAYS aligns and harmonizes with the kind and quality of energy that they are provided to work with.

Who determines the kind and quality of energy that these Laws have to work with?

YOU do.

WHATEVER you are experiencing, regardless of what you believe, perceive, think or feel as it's unfolding is ALWAYS aligned and harmonized with YOUR choice/s.

You could say that your emotions which determine the quality of the projected energy are the language of the Universe. The ONLY kind of language that the Universe understands, responds to and provides jst as YOU instruct.

What most "perceive" to be negative other words emotions that don't feel good, the laws of the universe only serve to provide outcomes in the various areas of life that harmonize perfectly with what is being "asked" for.

It's only necessary to become consciously aware of the process, the power you hold to mold and shape your life and become "keenly aware" of HOW the asking is being done.

If you are not currently experiencing the results that you consciously desire in your life, it's going to be necessary to take correct action ; a conscious, intentional and purposeful form of action and begin changing the current emotions experienced by shifting the predominant thoughts that you think that are in turn determined by the beliefs you hold.

How exactly do you do that? Quite simply by.....

    Becoming keenly and consciously aware of your predominant thoughts

  • Tune in and become keenly aware of those that conflict with the "desired" result which stem from a self limiting belief

  • Examine your beliefs and discern where they came from
  • Become keenly aware of those which you find conflict with the materialization of your desires
  • Enhance, elevate and change those beliefs which aren't serving you through absorbing new information
  • If This Is True, How Can
    I Learn To Control These Emotions Until My Experiences Change?

    This is a question that arises and is often asked by the people that consistently experience undesired emotions, and the answer is quite simply you DON’T try to control them. Instead, you allow yourself to actually welcome and experience WHATEVER emotions surface. Put another way, you choose to become conscious of whatever emotions are being experienced, recognizing them for the gifts that they are and become keenly aware of which direction they have you going in.

    Are they moving you toward or taking you away from where you "truly desire" to be. Develop the ability to SEE them for the gifts that they are. Because they ARE gifts; roadsigns if you will that reveal which direction you're headed.

    If you find they are moving you AWAY it's necessary to trace back to and become aware of the beliefs they stem from. When you enhance, elevate and shift the belief you automatically shift the quality of the the underlying thought processes which are responsible for igniting the emotions you experience.

    When you shift the quality of the belief, thoughts and emotion, you shift the quality of the energy that you project. Then you shift the quality of what you "attract" into your life.

    You don't resist those emotions that you discover are conflicting with the desired outcome. As you become aware of emotions that you recognize are conflicting with those desires, you accept them, acknowledge them and do your best to shift them through acquiring greater knowledge and understanding.

    The Power of Acceptance is a vitally important and pleasingly creative principle to understand and adopt.

    The reason why is simple. What you feed grows. What you give focus and attention to expands. Feeding and giving attention to emotions in a resistant kind of way feeds, intensifies and expands the less than desirable emotions that you have no desire to experience. Becoming aware of, acknowledging and accepting them as they are for what they are, enables you to place focus and attention on the actions that you CAN take to shift them.

    By allowing them and accepting them as normal you will prevent the current negative emotions that may arise from growing, intensifying and creating more of the less than desirable experiences.

    Allowing these "less than desirable" experiences to persist you only serve to solidify as well as intensify the "beliefs" you hold regarding how real and true it is that you CANNOT create desirable results. These beliefs only become further solidified, validated and all the more buried in the powerfully creative subconscious portion of your mind.

    Then what happens? The "less than desired" emotions become intensified and ignite when you SEE events, conditions and circumstances that conflict with the "consciously desired" result.

    And you sustain the VERY CYCLE that you "wish" you didn;t have to see and experience.

    Acceptance plays a vital role in breaking less than desirable cycles.

    Through acceptance and allowing, you also enable previously buried emotions that we often tend to suppress and resist to surface, allowing you to become consciously aware of the beliefs they stem from, do away with or release them and begin replacing them with beliefs that trigger more desirable emotions that will bring about the results that you DO desire. ( For a very powerful and effective release technique, see The Healing Codes )

    By trying to "control" or "suppress" the non physical aspects of emotions, you are actually allowing your focus to be placed on them, providing them with additional energy which enables them to grow, become stronger and they will actually become much more powerful and will attract MORE of what it is that you don’t want. In trying to control or suppress them you are actually creating a form of resistance which will cause them to become stronger and more deeply embedded in the subconscious portion of your mind .

    The best and most efficient way to deal with negative emotions that may arise, (and they will initially) is to acknowledge them and immediately make the conscious choice to begin thinking different thoughts that will allow the emotion to change. Don't attempt to suppress or fight the emotion. Acknowledge it, thank it for dropping by and change your focus to something that allows you to experience a different emotion. It is crucial to understand that you don't dwell on the feeling or emotion, but instead acknowledge it and change the thought process which is creating it.

    The most effective way to do this is to think of someone or something that gives you pleasure. For some it may mean to change your focus to the love of a child, grandchild, or someone else that you have a strong love for. To others it may mean visualizing a specific action that gives you pleasure or has given you pleasure at some point in the past. How you do it is not nearly as important as learning to do it consistently in "whichever" way that allows you to do so.

    Your mind cannot think 2 thoughts at a time and by making a conscious effort to place your focus only on pleasurable events, conditions, circumstances, or people, your emotions will also automatically change to correspond with the thoughts that you are choosing and allowing yourself to think.

    It is important that you understand that each emotion that you experience emanates and broadcasts a specific vibratory frequency, and attracts to you more of that type of energy, which through a specific and unwavering process, manifests the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your day to day life. If your emotions are that of love, joy, pleasure, enjoyment, etc., you will attract more of that which is in alignment with the emotion that you are experiencing. By the same token if you are experiencing what are perceived as negative emotions such as fear, apathy, grief, anger, etc., you will also attract to you, more of that which those emotions are emitting based on their vibratory output.

    Does All This Sound Confusing?

    If So Let's Cover.....

    How Your Emotions Are Created And How They Attract The Results That You Experience

    As confusing as it may seem right now, it is actually quite simple. By developing a deeper understanding of your individual mind power and it's ability to communicate to the Source, you will discover that your Emotions are really nothing more than feelings that you create and experience based on your predominant thought process, which are formed by your perceptions or beliefs surrounding any circumstance that you encounter. Your initial thoughts which are brought into being by the conscious mind through consistancy and repetition, establishes a belief or perception based on whatever the situation may be. A combination of these thoughts and beliefs (perceptions) result in an emotion being created.

    These resulting Emotions emit and broadcast at a specific vibrational frequency like everything else in our Universe, both seen and unseen, and the emotion that is being experienced is broadcast into the Universe, or to the Source, at a specific vibratory frequency which attracts to it additional energies that are vibrating at the same frequency and eventually creates, in physical form, ALL of the events, conditions, and circumtances that you come to experience in your life!

    As an example.....

    Let’s look at the emotions of Love and Fear. When you are experiencing the emotion of Love, the energy created as well as the vibratory output emitted is at a much higher frequency than that of fear. When you are experiencing feelings of Love, which is of the highest vibrational intensity emits and projects a pleasing form of energy, you are, based on the Law of Vibration, emitting vibrations that are broadcast out and attract to you those things that you perceive as the good things in life, and that resonate at the same vibratory frequency as Love.

    Fear on the other hand is a much lower form of energy and by allowing the emotion of fear to overtake you, you are broadcasting a fear based energy, which will actually attract to you MORE of the the very things that you fear.

    In the case of money for example, if you have ever known anyone that consistently worries (has fear) that they will not have enough to provide for their needs, it is that very fear that will see to it that they never have enough. Without even realizing what they are creating for themselves, they are literally asking, unconsciously through their emotional reaction, (in this case fear) for the Universe to deliver to them more lack, and that is exactly what the Universe delivers. The Universe delivers to each exactly what they ask for.

    In reality, you have absolutely nothing to fear! The many spiritual writings as well as documented scientific proof makes it very clear that you can attract those things that you desire for your life. Every single thing that you have experienced in your life to this point has been brought about due to your emotions. You only need to project the quality of emotions that will bring those things that you desire to you. This is accomplished by changing the thought processes which are responsible for creating those emotions that you currently experience and which are drawing to you undesirable outcomes.

    Consider the following wisdom taken from the Judeo Christian Bible......

    "And why are you anxious about what to wear? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet I say to you, that even Solomon in all his glory is not arrayed like one of these. - Matthew 6:28-29

    In plain language this ancient wisdom is letting us know that we have been provided with ALL that we need and want and that we DO NOT have to struggle (toil and spin) to receive it. Unlike human beings the things in nature (lilies of the field) don't form and experience emotions (become anxious) that would block their birthright to grow and flourish effortlessly as they were intended to. When you are able to eliminate the negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, grief, etc. which have become unconsciously attached to the things that you consciously desire, and replace those thoughts and emotions with those that are in alignment with the events, conditions or circumstance that you DO desire, you, like the lilies of the field will become empowered to effortlessly attract and receive those things that YOU most desire and which have already been provided to you!

    It Bears Repeating.....

    You will be provided ALL that you desire IF your emotions are in alignment with those desires! You will also be provided with all that you DON'T desire if your emotions are in alignment with those things that you don't desire. Either way, something is constantly being created. The process of Creation NEVER ceases and does not waver. The only difference in WHAT is being created is based on the emotions that YOU are allowing yourself to experience.

    You Are Responsible For Those Experiences, WHATEVER They Are!

    I know that in many religious circles people are taught that if they don’t receive something that they consciously desire and believe that they want, that it is considered to be contrary to "God’s will" and it is many times referred to as “Unanswered Prayer.” That teaching is contrary to any spiritual writings that I have ever studied!

    The great teacher Jesus made this very clear to everyone when he said.....

    "Whatsoever ye shall ask when ye pray, believe that ye receive and it shall be given to you."

    He didn’t say send us your request and we’ll have a meeting about it and decide if you should have it. He said “WHATSOEVER” ye shall ask. The only stipulation that is attached to this truth is that you BELIEVE that you are going to receive it! Belief in a thing, regardless of what it is creates a very specific emotion.

    The Source perceives your belief based on your underlying emotions!

    When you are in a state of fear concerning money for example, you are in essence asking or communicating to the Source through your fear based emotion, that you desire more lack and the fact that you have fear concerning it has established the BELIEF (Faith) that you are going to get exactly that! Through your conscious or subconscious emotion of fear concerning money, you are broadcasting a frequency of LACK out into the Universe and you are going to receive back EXACTLY what you are asking for!

    You have quite literally established the Belief or Faith that you are going to remain in a state of lack and the result is, that you will!

    You can SAY all day long that you believe something is going to happen, but the determining factor as to what you will receive is the emotion that is being experienced.

    In my opinion, there is absolutely NO SUCH THING as unanswered prayer. Everything that you ask you are receiving whether you perceive it as good or bad, and you are receiving those things based on precisely what you have been asking for, and your emotions are the communication device that are doing the talking. "Ask and you shall receive."

    It is crucial to understand that you are going to receive based on the level of belief (faith) that you have, and your underlying emotions are precisely what determines what you are asking for and also determines exactly what you are going to receive.

    In a state of fear, your emotion of fear is expressing your faith. You are literally emanating faith that you are not going to receive what it is you claim that you want, and so you receive exactly that.

    The result is.....

    More of what you DON'T want!

    Likewise in a state of knowing, (which is also faith) you are emanating a faith that says “I AM” going to receive whatever it may be and guess what? You DO receive it! No other outcome is possible. It would go against every spiritual principle and scientific law of the Universe. Whatever seed you plant, regardless of what that seed may consist of, you are going to receive an outcome based on the type of seed you planted, and that you have "Faith" is going to happen.

    That Is Why It Is Crucial To……..

    Become Aware Of And Learn How To Correctly Deal With Your Emotions!

    It is absolutely necessary to begin accepting personal responsibility for the outcomes that you are currently experiencing, and begin learning how to change the emotions that are creating your current circumstances.

    Your emotions are literally to the Source, God, the Universe, or whichever name you choose, what your speaking voice is to another human being. Your physical voice exists as a means to communicate in the physical dimension and is a much lower vibrational frequency than what the Universe can perceive. It is the unseen emotions that you feel and experience that are communicating with the Source, and the Source provides, as promised, 100% of the time, EVERYTHING or "WHATSOEVER" you ask.

    While it is true that many have experienced answers to their spoken prayers, if you were to examine the WHY more deeply, you would discover that it wasn’t the spoken prayer in and of itself that was answered but the EMOTION that was attached to the spoken prayer that was the real reason for receiving or not what was being asked. That is why when some pray they do not receive what they consciously claim that they want. The prayer is answered based on the underlying emotion rather than the physical words that are being spoken. It is when they don’t receive it, that it is perceived as not being “God’s Will” or considered to be an “Unanswered Prayer,” when in fact it was answered in exact accordance to the emotion that was being felt and experienced at the time the prayer was delivered or was developed at some point afterwards.

    When these prayers ARE answered exactly as they were asked, it is considered by man in many cases to be a miracle, when in fact any outcome that is derived, regardless of how you may perceive it is in reality a miracle. The process of creation does not waver and is continually creating something.

    It is only human perception that determines if an outcome is a miracle or not based on the outcome, whatever it may be!

    In reality every event, condition and circumstance (outcome) that you experience in your life is a miracle, and the only determining factor and difference in those miracles is your perception of whatever the outcome may be. Each of these "miracles" (outcomes) are determined solely by the emotions that you broadcast and which act as the seed that determines what each outcome will consist of! Whatever the outcome may be in reality is a miracle. Creation is ALWAYS a miracle regardless of what your human perception determines it to be!

    If you want to experience the Desired Miracles in your life, consciously plant the correct seeds (emotions) that will enable those desired miracles to manifest!

    Contrary to what many man made religious circles teach, it is NOT necessary to be a religious person to experience desired manifestations. The Universe, God, Allah, Higher Power, or whatever you may choose to call it, knows no prejudice and makes no judgments as humans do, and answers everyone regardless of age, color, creed, nationality, or religious preference and each and every outcome that you experience is only based on the emotion that is attached to the desired outcome.

    Many structured and man made religious circles would have you believe that you must do certain things or act in certain ways in order for God to reward you for your actions . Many "man made" religions teach that if you aren’t following a structured set of what I have come to know as man made laws that they claim, through their interpretation, that the spiritual writings are conveying to humans, that your chances of receiving the good things that you desire in life will not be given to you.

    It has become my belief that this type of teaching is exactly what keeps people from experiencing all the Abundance and Happiness that they were intended to experience, and deters them from ever realizing the Abundance and Happiness that they desire and deserve.

    This worldly and "logical" type of thinking process instills the emotions of fear and guilt in the masses, and is exactly the reason that the majority of people in our world find themselves in an endless cycle of struggle and aren't able to attract the events, conditions, and circumstances that they most desire. Fear based and "You are not worthy unless you do this or that" teaching cannot and never will allow you to attract and manifest results that are in alignment with the good things that you desire and have been promised that are yours for the asking.

    Teachings that are in alignment with "You are going to spend eternity in a burning place unless you take specific action" is in my opinion totally based strictly on Fear and Guilt, NOT on Unconditional Love.

    "There is no fear in love; for perfect love casteth out fear." - I John 4:18 The Bible

    Fear and Love CANNOT co-exist. It is ABSOLUTELY impossible!

    If you are currently involved in a religion that promotes a fear and guilt based theology, I would Highly Recommend that you find one that is based on Unconditional Love .

    Allowing yourself to Absorb what is taught in Fear based religious circles will literally block and deter your birthright to begin attracting and experiencing the kind of life experiences that you desire, deserve, were promised, and that are yours for the asking, once you learn to accept them. All that you could ever desire and more has already been provided to you. You only need to develop and begin broadcasting the emotions that will allow you attract them.

    "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." - III John 2 The Bible

    "I came that you may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance, until it overflows."
    - John 10:10 The Bible

    Now it is up to you to determine what your next action, if any, will consist of.

    You have been provided with the inalienable right to choose each and every step that determines and creates your life. You have the power to choose to continue to live your life as you have as well as the right, the choice, and the power to change your current and future circumstances. If the choices that you are currently making aren't producing the results you desire, you have been provided the choice as well as the ability to choose to make different choices that will allow you to begin experiencing those results that you most desire to see manifest in your life.

    You now possess the knowledge to begin producing the results that YOU desire for your life. You only need to make the choice as to what you will do with that knowledge.

    It is our sincere hope for you, that you choose to discover your true ability to bring about the results that you most desire in your life, and put into action the knowledge that will allow you to attract and experience "Whatsoever" it may be that you desire for yourself and those that you love.

    Implementation Of Knowledge Is Key.......

    "Knowledge in and of itself is useless. It is through the implementation of correct knowledge that you will begin to experience the results that you desire."

    You have the ability to create a life filled with Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and Unlimited Abundance in every area of your life, IF you will only choose to utilize it.

    Additional Words of Wisdom......

    "The kingdom of God is within you."
    Luke 17:21 The Bible

    "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." -Buddha

    "Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth."
    - Deuteronomy 8:18 The Bible

    "If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning." -Mahatma Ghandi

    "If you can believe, ALL things are possible to him who believeth." Mark 9:23 The Bible

    Whatever choices you make today and in the future, it is our hope that they might bring you one step closer to living the life that you deserve and were created to experience.

    A life full of Love, Joy, Fulfillment, Prosperity, and Profound Inner Peace.

    What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

    Be well and prosper.

    Discover How To Eliminate AND Replace The Self Sabotaging Emotions That Are Holding You Back!

    You Can Experience Instant Inner Power Any Time You Choose

    Click Here To Find Out How

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    Self Limiting and Negative Emotions

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