The Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness Of The Planet Serves To Form A "Matrix" Which Is Essential To Recognize And Transcend To Experience Desired Outcomes In Your Life

Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness serves as the Matrix or veil which attempts
to mask the "Infinite Field Of Potential." Through awareness you can
rise above and elevate it.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

What exactly is the collective consciousness? The collective consciousness of the planet, also often referred to as Gaia Mind is the collective energy which is created and broadcast as a result of the combined or collective individual thought processes of the worlds population.

Through the unwavering and unfailing Universal Law which the scientific community refers to as cause and effect , just as your individual thoughts, beliefs. emotions and actions mirror perfectly what you experience in your life, it is the collective thought, belief, emotion and action patterns of the 6 plus billion individuals around the world which collectively join to create the various events, conditions and circumstances in the world on a much broader scale.

Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not or whether you believe it or not, this pool of collective thought energy plays an extremely important role in and if allowed can affect the outcomes which make up every aspect of your life. It is this combined consciousness or collective consciousness of the planet which determines worldwide events such as peace or war, poverty or abundance, harmony or discord, love or hate and serves as the cause which is responsible for natural disasters etc. etc.

Until you become aware of it's existence and develop a level of individual consciousness which enables you to recognize and transcend the Matrix from which this collective consciousness forms and dominates, this mass consciousness can and will affect the day to day outcomes that you experience.

As was covered in the Super-Conscious mind , all that exists in our world, whether the seen or the unseen is, in it's purest and most basic form, the result of consciousness. Put another way, it is consciousness which acts as the seed for all of creation whether individually or collectively.

This consciousness although the same in basic form, (pure energy) is made unique and individual based on each persons inalienable right of free will to think as each chooses to think. The right to choose what each individual thinks and the manner in which they think is an inalienable right granted to all without limit. The kind and quality of each individual thought that each chooses to think, depending on the quality of the thought determines the vibrational frequency or resonance of each individual thought which not only determines what is created as a result in your own life individually but joins together with the individual thought patterns of others which contributes and collectively determines the collective consciousness of the planet.

To put it another way the individual thoughts that you think are THE determining factor in the kind and type of seed which is being planted which in turn determines the kind and quality of harvest that will grow from those seeds resulting in your individual life experiences. In addition, your individually chosen thoughts play an important and significant role in determining the quality of the collective thought patterns of the world's population that we are referring to as the Collective Consciousness.

Through the unfailing and unwavering process of manifestation those seeds mature creating a harvest which shows up in physical form in the world. (See the Power Of Thought)

On a larger scale the same type of thought seeds, created and planted by the 6 billion plus individuals (collective consciousness) will produce the same harvest, which is the same in kind and quality as the predominant thought seeds responsible which also serve as the seeds, but on a much larger scale.

What so many perceive today as a chaotic world fail to understand is that in reality it is, as it ALWAYS has been, a perfect unfolding of creation being created with absolute perfection based on the kind and quality of the seeds being planted as a result of the collective consciousness.

Although what are "perceived" as bad things happening are happening throughout the world, it is only due to the consciousness of the Gaia Mind which is creating this case the collective consciousness.

To clarify...

An individual thought of fear for example holds a much different vibrational frequency than thoughts based on love. If the idea of thought frequencies is a bit mystical or esoteric for you consider these two varying thought forms (love and fear) to be seeds. Fear seeds planted will produce a harvest based only on the kind and quality of the seed planted. By the same token seeds of love planted (thoughts projected) produce outcomes or effects based on the kind and quality of the seed or cause. It becomes blatantly obvious through the observation of nature that everything produces in kind.

Now imagine a billion individual thought seeds based on fear being projected into the "Infinite Field Of Potential." What type of physical outcomes do you suppose are going to be reproduced in the physical world? What kind of harvest do you suppose is going to grow? A harvest that correlates perfectly with the kind and quality of the seeds planted.

The result is that the harvest reaped based on fear can only produce an outcome or series of outcomes in direct correlation to the seed sown which in turn creates additional events, conditions and circumstances in the world which only serve to instill and create additional fear.

Remaining unaware or "unconscious" of this process can, if you allow it to, continue producing the same results over and over again until the seed which is responsible is uprooted and a different type of seed is planted.

So how do you keep the collective consciousness from affecting your ability to fulfill your fondest hopes, dreams and desires? On a larger scale how can you contribute to changing the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances in the world?

By first becoming keenly aware that this collective consciousness exists and recognizing the fact that it has absolutely no power over you unless you choose to "allow" it to. You have the ability to begin carefully and consciously choosing your thoughts, to keep your vision and purpose fixed on the manifestation of those things that you most desire to experience whether on an individual basis or on a much larger scale, for the betterment of the entire planet.

The free will of others cannot affect your free will whether individually or collectively unless and until you buy into and accept the conditions which this collective consciousness has created. Through this buying into or acceptance of, you are in essence utilizing your individual right of free will to create additional thought forms (seeds or energy frequencies) which harmonize with these frequencies, intensifying the output projected which only serves to feed and contributes to the collective consciousness which creates and allows these conditions to happen.

Here's an example from a more physical perspective…..

Have you ever walked into a room where other people are and "felt" the tension and "allowed" the mood in the room to affect your mood? Or perhaps you have been affected by talking with someone individually who was extremely sad or depressed when you felt really good and afterwards have recognized that your good mood changed due to what the person you were talking to said or did.

This is evidence of how the collective consciousness operates on a much smaller scale. In essence you have "allowed" the energy of that person or group of people to affect your energy. Energy that is created and broadcast as a result of sadness holds a much different vibrational frequency than does the energy frequency created by joy. For the sake of this article we'll assume that sadness or depression resonates at a much lower vibrational frequency than joy and projects a much more dense form of energy.

Although you do have a choice and must "allow" the energy of the other person to affect your mood, many times those who don't have a conscious awareness of how and why this happens "believe" that they have no control over it. These are what are referred to as "unconscious creators." By becoming aware of how this process works and developing an understanding that you DO have a choice and that you CAN make a difference is the first step in becoming a conscious and purposeful creator which will not only serve you on an individual basis in the fulfillment of your desired outcomes, but will also serve in transforming and raising the vibrational frequency or the resonance of the collective consciousness as well.

The Process Of Creation Is Operating Perfectly, Precisely and Unwaveringly 100% Of The Time as it Always Has, Always Does and Always Will

What creates events, conditions and circumstances which are "perceived" as chaotic and discordant circumstances in the world is that the mass majority of the world walks around in an "Unconscious Fog" allowing what "appears" as real in the physical world to affect their moment by moment thoughts and emotions, fully believing that whatever is happening is due to a series of random, external and uncontrollable circumstances which they have absolutely no control over.

They fail to ever develop the awareness as to how these existing conditions are created, the source from which they were derived, whether individually or as a result of the collective consciousness, and as a result allow additional thoughts and emotions created by their "perceptions" of the physical "reality" which created the current conditions, to create additional thought and emotion patterns which determine and dictate what additional seeds they are "unconsciously" planting which can only produce MORE results that harmonize with their predominant thought patterns.

There are what "appear" as good and bad things in the world because the collective consciousness of the planet is divided in their thought processes. There are those who choose to focus on and and think about what we'll call "lower forms" of energy such as murder, war, robberies, etc. etc., and there are those who choose to focus on and think about what we'll call higher forms of energy or "higher truth" or what is "right" and "good" in and for the world.

It's much like a tug of war with lower thought forms on one end of the rope competing against higher thought forms on the other end. As the collective consciousness of the planet raises it is much like additional "tuggers" being placed on the "higher truth" side of the rope and the conditions in the physical world will "improve" in direct proportion to the kind and quality of consciousness that is being projected.

So how do you escape from allowing the collective consciousness of the world to affect you personally? There are some very simple and obvious things that can be done initially.

The first is to become consciously aware of what you are exposing yourself to and "allowing" yourself to absorb which will determine what is creating your quality of consciousness. By becoming conscious of and analyzing your own individual thought processes and determining the kind and quality of those thought forms, will assist you in becoming conscious of what type of external input that you are exposing yourself to and "allowing yourself to be affected by. You have the choice to "allow" whichever you choose to.

The evening news is a great example. Do you hear predominantly positive or negative things when watching the news? Is the broadcasting based on what is right or what is wrong with the world? The answer to that question is obvious. Whether or not you realize it, by immersing yourself in hearing about all of the "negative" happenings around the world and the fear based information that YOU are allowing yourself to take in and absorb, your individual consciousness is being affected at a subconscious level and as a result the physical aspects of your life are also being effected. At the same time by allowing this to happen you are contributing to the "lower" forms of the collective consciousness and pulling the rope so to speak in the opposite direction of where it is that you "desire" to be.

You and the majority of the population are, in most cases without being consciously aware of it, being inundated with everything that is "Wrong" or "Negative" in the world not fully understanding that this information is affecting you at a subconscious level, which in turn is having a major impact on the events, conditions and circumstances which you experience in your day to day life individually.

In essence you are being "Programmed" and manipulated to think, feel and act in ways that others choose for you and as a result allowing others to create your experiences in not only your own life, but contributing to the undesirable events, conditions and circumstances of the entire world by feeding the energy of the collective consciousness based on your "perceptions" of what YOU are allowing yourself to become programmed by.

On a broader scale, when millions or billions are exposed to and affected by information such as the evening news chooses to broadcast, which is predominantly what's "wrong" in the world, it ultimately affects not only your individual consciousness but the collective consciousness of the entire planet and lowers the vibrational frequency which based on the kind and quality of the seed can ONLY create additional discordant events, conditions and circumstances on a much wider scale. A WORLDWIDE scale!!

If one were to have no other connection with the outside world than the doom and gloom of the evening news or what the masses are exposed to in the newspapers, you would have to assume that the world was in complete turmoil and chaos. Luckily you do have access to other outside experiences in your life which assist in offsetting the bombardment of negative programming that you "allow" yourself to be exposed to.

Consistently exposing yourself to this negative and fear based programming, whether you choose to except it or not, you are programming your subconscious mind in such a way that can only produce results in your life that are "negative" or fear based as well.

The doom and gloom message that is commonly broadcast on the news, whether you realize it or not is programming you and is playing a MAJOR part not only in your individual life, in the way your day to day life unfolds, but is also affecting the consciousness of the majority who choose to watch it and as a result the collective consciousness is being formed and affected as well creating more of what is "perceived" as nagative events, conditions and circumstances.

Simply put… "Garbage in….garbage out." From a more spiritual perspective "As without." From a scientific perspective...."Cause and Effect."

What you hear and see on the news IS NOT an accurate depiction of what is going on in the world but only provides a VERY LIMITED perspective which is chaos and fear based. There is MUCH MORE good that is happening in the world that the predominant media chooses not to make you aware of. It is a clearly thought out plot by the multi trillion dollar corporations who are the advertisers that sponsor these news broadcasts to keep you coming back for more negative programming so you will BUY their products. Whether you choose to accept or believe it or not, you ARE being programmed.

This type of programming is designed in such a way that portrays an attitude of caring through FEAR based means which the "Unconscious Masses" buy into fully believing that they NEED to hear it so they know what to do to keep themselves and their families safe, not fully understanding that by exposing themselves to it that they are only intensifying and creating MORE of the same.

Not fully understanding or being conscious of what it is that they are creating through "allowing" themselves to be programmed in this manner only serves to fuel the events, conditions and circumstances which they fear.

Fear based thought forms (seeds) can no more provide a benefit in your life or a benefit to the world than planting a crabgrass seed can produce a flower.

The subconscious mind makes no judgments, distinctions or determinations as to what you feed it, just as the Super-Conscious makes no distinctions or judgments as to what outcomes you are provided with in your life. "As you believe, so shall you receive."

As ancient spiritual text shows…."Whatsoever ye desire, "believe" that ye receive and it shall be given you."

Put into scientific terminology...The Law of Attraction is the law by which "Thought" correlates with it's object.

Looking at it from the perspective of nature...The seeds planted will grow a harvest based on the kind and quality of the seed.

In the case of the human physiology, your thoughts ignite emotions. Whatever emotions you "allow" yourself to experience determine which chemicals in your body are created based on the electro-chemical process in your body whether helpful or harmful.

Each and every naturally produced chemical in your body is designed to be life sustaining and is unless improperly used which can literally kill you.

It's no secret that stress and anxiety is responsible for as much as 95% of all illness and dis-ease in the world. Stress and anxiety creates and secretes chemicals in your body that when released during temporary spells of "healthy" fear can prove to be healthy and keep you safe, but when continually released due to unnecessary stresses and fears invoked through medias such as the news can and will prove to be EXTREMELY detrimental to your health.

Continuing to expose yourself to forms of media that create fear and anxiety not only effect your physical body, but the thoughts and emotions experienced as a result also effect your future outcomes in your life AND contribute in a "negative" way to the collective consciousness as well!!

It is EXTREMELY important to become consciously aware of what it is that you are "allowing" yourself to be exposed to and programmed by if you TRULY desire to experience "desired" outcomes in your life.

As is discussed in the subconscious mind and the Super-Conscious mind articles, the subconscious mind is the aspect of mind which acts as both the recording device that stores what "you choose" to absorb and store within it, as well as the broadcasting or communication device that links with the Super-Conscious and depending on the kind and quality of the information stored and broadcast determines the harvest, or what will be received in your physical world.

In essence whatever the subconscious mind stores as "truth" and "belief" whether it is true or not, creates a frequency or vibrational resonance that is broadcast into the Super-Conscious, or the "Infinite Field of potential", harmonizes with energies of a harmonious frequency and through the Law of Attraction , the Law of Resonance and the Law of Growth delivers to you in the physical world precisely what YOU have asked for.

Medias such as the evening news which instill fear based programming are in essence through repetition, programming the mass majority with programming of fear which only serves to create vibrational frequencies which are broadcast out into the "Infinite Field Of Potential" which can only attract and create additional Fear Based Circumstances in the physical world. Fear seeds can only produce a harvest of fear just as an apple seed can only produce and apple tree. Any other outcome is absolutely impossible and would contradict the unfailing and unwavering process of creation. In other words….IT CAN'T HAPPEN!!!

It is due to the collective consciousness of the world that what is being perceived, created and experienced as chaos in the world, continues to happen and multiply in the world. Most believe and buy into the fact that we live in a chaotic world. Although the chaos appears and is perceived as real, in reality it's creation is not chaotic at all but rather is unfolding perfectly and precisely due to the unwavering and immutable Universal Laws , also referred to as Laws Of Nature which govern the entire cosmos. These laws operate 100% of the time in absolute perfection. It isn't the world or Universal Laws that create chaos in the world but rather the chaotic and unfocused thought patterns of the worlds population which make up the collective consciousness of the world.

The series of chaotic events that unfold in the world are unfolding and being created perfectly and precisely without wavering even once. Chaos in the world is due to the masses "Mis-using" their inalienable right of free will to think thoughts and experience emotions which create the chaotic conditions. Fear and violence based input into the subconscious mind can only create fear and violence based outcomes in the world.

When the collective consciousness created by various cultures around the world, who are each provided with the same inalienable right of free will make the choice as individuals to allow themselves to be programmed with fear are in reality planting the seeds of fear which create the harvest perfectly without fail based on the seeds that are being planted.

To better grasp the reality of this, let's look at it from an individual perspective as it relates to you and your right to think in whatever way that you choose to think. Since consciousness is the seed of all things that currently exist or ever will exist in the world, the quality of thought that YOU have the free will to think represents the seeds that you are planting. If those thought seeds are based on fear, lack and limitation you can only expect to receive a harvest that is the same in kind and quality as the seeds planted.

To put it into scientific terms, each thought you think consists of a vibrational frequency. The energy frequency that is created and broadcast due to that train of thought that you choose to have is broadcast into the The Unified Field, (Super-Conscious mind) and those thought frequencies attract to them additional energies of a harmonious frequency to create in the physical world effects based on the frequency. it is YOUR individual thought process which determines what events, conditions and circumstances will unfold in your life. (For additional clarity, see The Law Of Vibration)

If those thoughts are fixated upon a specific outcome, whether based on love or fear, and you consciously or unconsciously allow the subconscious mind to accept it as fact, that specific outcome will be experienced in your life. By the same token if your "conscious" thought process is intent on a specific "desired" outcome yet due to conflicting beliefs at a subconscious level, or subconscious programming that is disharmonious with the desired outcome and your subconscious thoughts are contrary and chaotic and based on fear, lack and limitation, the results that you receive will be chaotic as well.

Although the creation or the physical manifestation of these events, conditions and circumstances appear and are "perceived" as chaotic to you, they are being created and unfolding perfectly based on the chaotic pattern of thinking that YOU have the choice as well as the ability to correct.

These circumstances that are experienced in your life as a result are never in opposition or contrary to what you are creating through your individual thought process, based on an unwavering and perfectly orchestrated system.

This system is is governed by Universal Law, or what I choose to refer to as "The Perfect Plan." Although it appears and is "perceived" as chaotic to many, it is due to this perfectly orchestrated process that creates perfectly based on the energy frequencies that are sent into it which represent the seeds.

The outcomes or the effects aren't chaotic at all but rather unfolding perfectly based on the the energy created and broadcast into the Super-Conscious or the seeds planted in the "Infinite Field Of Potential" by the collective consciousness which creates or produces a harvest that "WE judge" as chaotic conditions.

It’s precisely the same with the "collective consciousness." Until the consciousness of the world is fixated upon a harmonious and single intent or outcome there will exist what we "perceive" as chaotic events, conditions and circumstances in the world around us.

Through developing this understanding and learning that this is true, although we can't single handedly change the collective consciousness of the world, or even that of a single person without their consent for that matter, we can change our individual consciousness, raise the vibrational output of our individual thought processes and in effect we are heightening or raising the vibration and the consciousness of the world….the collective consciousness.

Focusing on what's wrong in the world, allowing ourselves to be unknowingly and unconsciously programmed and buying into the chaos and discordant conditions, we are essentially contributing to the chaos and as individuals providing additional energy to the collective consciousness which can only serve to create additional chaos.

So what is the best way to contribute as individuals to the change or improvement of what we perceive as chaotic conditions in the world?

  • Become conscious of what it is that you are creating

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude, understanding that the process of creation is ALWAYS perfect and precise, that everything is unfolding perfectly based on the energy that is being broadcast which represent the seeds that are being planted

  • Keep focus placed on a specific and desired outcome and in turn you will be doing your part to improve conditions overall.

By making the choice to intentionally and purposefully keep your focus fixed on the "Good" rather than the "Bad", on Love rather than Fear, you are emitting or broadcasting a frequency (planting seeds) that will collectively, once enough people "Get It" begin to transform the chaotic conditions and produce a much different type of harvest.

When you begin to understand this at depth and keep your individual consciousness focused on the desires that you choose to experience rather than what is wrong in the world you will have come to a place that the collective consciousness, more specifically the events, conditions and circumstances that are being created as a result of the collective consciousness, cannot and will not affect you personally.

Your free will cannot be violated any more than anyone else's free will can be violated unless and until YOU "allow" it to be.

YOU and you alone must make the choice to be affected or not affected

You must make the choice to determine how something affects you. You as an individual with the inalienable right of free will have the ability as well as the power to determine how you perceive and react to what is happening around you.

It is only a matter of perspective, the perspective that you hold which can only serve to produce effects in your personal life in exact proportion to that perspective. This perspective can and does also fuel and feed, either positively or negatively the energy of the collective consciousness based on those individual choices that you choose to make.

Once you fully grasp and internalize the fact that it is individual consciousness that joins with other individual consciousnesses that collectively form to create the collective consciousness which determines on a larger scale the events, conditions and circumstances in our world, you will begin to understand that EVERY event, EVERY condition and EVERY circumstance regardless of how it is "Perceived" by each individual is in reality a miracle.

The process of creation never wavers. It is ALWAYS a miracle and ALWAYS unfolding perfectly. Something is ALWAYS being created and the kind and quality of that creation is ONLY based on the kind and quality of consciousness which represents the seeds which are "Causing" it to grow.

The only thing that determines and can change what kind of miracle will be created is the quality of consciousness that created it. If the quality of the consciousness is focused predominantly on fear, war, death, murder, rape, robbery and tragedy of every type, the energy which creates those conditions ( the seeds) is broadcast into or planted in the infinite field of potential which can only harmonize and join with energies of a harmonious frequency and create additional events, conditions and circumstances based on the frequency that was projected or produce a harvest based on the seeds that were planted.

If the quality of consciousness worldwide is raised and based on love, peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance, and limitless prosperity the quality of the energy which is broadcast, or the seeds that are planted can only create results…. Effects…. the harvest, based on the seeds that are planted.

Regardless of what you might currently believe, you CAN make a TREMENDOUS difference in elevating the collective consciousness once you begin to understand that you being an integral part of the whole have a personal responsibility in the events, conditions and circumstances which happen in the world and shift your consciousness to what it is that you have a desire to see created and share with those who have the willingness to listen and learn how to do the same.

You can in essence become and/or remain a part of the solution or become and/or remain a creative part of the problem. Although you can't change the fact that your individual choices are creating something and contributing to the collective consciousness of the planet, you can become conscious of what it is that you are creating and make a conscious choice as to which you are contributing to.

That is a choice that YOU have the inalienable right of free will as well as the ability to make. Your life will unfold perfectly based on the decision you make without fail.

So what specific steps can you begin to take that will begin to impact the collective consciousness of the world and the outcomes being experienced as a result?

Change your individual consciousness, seek out deeper understanding as to how the process of creation unfolds in perfect harmony 100% of the time without fail, seek for ways to share your newfound discoveries with others and in turn you will be contributing to and raising the vibrational frequency of the collective consciousness which can, will and does 100% of the time without fail, contribute in changing the events, conditions and circumstances in the world.

Contrary to popular "belief"... One person CAN make a TREMENDOUS difference in changing the world. If one chooses to plant the initial seed, that seed will sprout, mature and produce additional seeds. In the same way, explained through the process of energy, when you raise the quality of YOUR thinking, you are raising the frequency of the energy projected through and by the collective consciousness which MUST raise the frequency of the collective consciousness as a whole, which can only produce better and more positive results in the world.

When enough seeds are planted, the sprouts begin and the harvest becomes ripe producing even more seeds enabling the crop to become larger and larger as this harvest produces even yet more seeds. One single seed can and does produces an infinite number of additional seeds.

You are a seed and you have the ability to plant "consciously" returning a harvest that is a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion fold. You only have to choose to take the first tiny step to do so.

You have the choice as well as the ability to become conscious of the seeds that you are planting. You have the choice as well as the ability to determine which type of seeds you will plant. You can choose to plant and nurture seeds of fear and destruction as well as seeds that promote love and growth. You only need become and remain conscious of which you are planting to make a positive and meaningful difference in the collective consciousness of the world.

Whatever choices you may choose it is our sincere and heartfelt hope that those choices will lead you and our world one step closer to experiencing a life of joy, fulfillment, peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Individually we can begin to make a POWERFUL and MEANINGFUL difference….Collectively we CAN change the entire world.

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