Quantum Reality

Quantum Reality Isn't What You Perceive Reality To Be. What Physicists Are Now Discovering Is That ALL Reality Is NOT Reality At All..It's Actuality and YOU Are Choosing, Molding and Shaping Your Reality Into What It Is

...Whatever It Is!!

If your somewhat familiar with Quantum Physics you're already aware that the Universe and everything within it are made up of subatomic particles or as it's called by modern day scientists, energy.

There is no debate or question regarding this fact regarding energy and the fact that all things in their purest and most basic form consist of nothing more and nothing less than energy.

The truly amazing and really exciting thing about that fact is that as scientists continue to explore and discover more about Quantum Reality the more it is understood that what the ancient spiritual texts since antiquity have conveyed is 100% accurate.

The worldviews of the most prominent physicists today are aligning with what the sages, mystics and most enlightened masters of the past have ALWAYS taught.

Today's leading physicists support one or more of the eight forms of quantum reality, with the vast majority holding to the Copenhagen Interpretation that states "There is no objective reality." In other words "reality" is subjective. It's all relative and what determines this relativity is what you yourself choose to make it for yourself.

A more accurate way to to describe this process rather than what you are "making" life out to be would be what you are "allowing" life to be. It's your thoughts, your beliefs, your perceptions as well as your actions or inaction that is "allowing" the flow to deliver whatever is being delivered.

Ultimately though, it is you who are doing the choosing.

"The Copenhagen interpretation conveys two very interesting, profound and potentially transformational facts.

The first is, that there is no reality in the absence of observation, meaning without us observing this thing, this event, condition, circumstance or whatever it might be, it's presence doesn't exist.

That one could get your head spinning a bit but it's true. It's our observation of energy and our individually held perceptions and beliefs that mold and shape this energy into whatever it joins to create and that we "perceive" to be real and solid.

Quantum Physicists have found that what we "perceive" as being real and solid, when analyzed and studied under powerful microscopes isn't "really" real and solid at all. It's simply continuously vibrating energy packets that join and due to the intensity of the "vibration" give this energy the "appearance" of being solid. In other words we "perceive" it to be solid yet it's not REALLY solid at all.

The second thing that the Copenhagen Interpretation points out is that our individual observation of this "energy" based on our individually held "perceptions and beliefs" isn't limited to things that we observe in physical form. These individually held and chosen perceptions and beliefs determine the frequency of the energy that we observe and "perceive" as being real and solid which is what determines and creates our individual reality. In other words, based on what you "perceive" and "believe" with regard to yourself and the world around you, YOU are every second of every day transmuting the unseen energies that exist all around you and ARE creating your own reality.

This CAN BE some really exciting stuff IF your willing to accept responsibility for your life and your outcomes and begin consciously creating the kind and quality of results that you desire to experience.

As I've written about and explained in detail in the Reality and Actuality article, what you and most everyone perceives to be so real and true in relation to life and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life aren't nearly as "real and true" as you "perceive them to be."

Granted they are real and true for you but it's only your observation of them and your individual "perceptions" and "beliefs" that make them real.

As modern day science is clearly showing and documenting...

Reality...what you "perceive" to be reality and what I often refer to as Actuality are very different yet at the same time intricately interconnected.

How can they be different yet still interconnected? Simply because everything that has, is and will continue to exist in your reality...your physical world...what you "perceive" reality to be, which more times than not is based on a very limited "perspective" regarding what's possible, rational and feasible in your life and the world around you, is being drawn from Actuality but is only being determined and becoming "reality" for you individually based on and due to how you yourself "perceive" and believe this reality will consist of.

As you believe, you receive.

In Quantum Reality All Things
Already Exist As A Probability

Here's another thing that modern day science has discovered. An extremely exciting and profound discovery I might add.

In Quantum Reality ALL probabilities already exist, meaning whatever we consistently conceive and believe individually has, does and will be drawn from Quantum Reality (Actuality) and will become a "real life experience" in our physical reality.

In fact, what most depend on...what most react to is a reality that does not even exist except in their own minds.

Yet it's this way of looking at, perceiving and buying into how real this "reality" is that keeps the same reality being recreated and re-experienced for us.

In other words, if you "perceive" that money is hard to come by, the realness of money being hard to come by will show up in your life just as you "perceive" and "believe" it will. Your perceptions and beliefs regarding life and your individual reality will draw that reality from Actuality just as you yourself are choosing.

With this being "true", can you change the current events, conditions and circumstances in your life? Absolutely you can!!

To change your reality, requires changing your mind, your perceptions, your beliefs and your response or reactions to life.

This requires some "inner housekeeping." It requires taking an "inside out approach" to life and the necessity to see your physical reality for what it "truly" is which is nothing more than a gathering of energy, the kind and quality of which is determined by the kind and quality of consciousness you choose for yourself.

An understanding of Quantum Reality and the Universal Laws that oversee and govern the process, provide you with everything needed to create a quality of life that is designed by you just as you choose.

Watch the video below to understand how and why the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life are what they are and you'll see just how "true" it is that you can become both enabled and empowered to change them into whatever you desire them to be by makng the simple choice to become "conscious" of what it is that yu are creating.

Here's what you'll find...

What we perceive reality to be....the way that we "perceive" reality individually is what determines what our individual reality consists of individually.

There are NO exceptions.

To understand this...to really "get it" it's necessary to understand that what you perceive to be real...the "perceptions" that you hold with regard to realness is only possible and made real due to the building blocks that make all things "perceive ably real"...atoms. More specifically it's the subatomic particles that make up atoms, namely electrons and photons of light.

These building blocks combined with your individual choice or choices that has been freely provided to you...namely "free will" is what provides you with the freedom and ability to judge and perceive the various aspects of your life as being real which draws these atoms...these subatomic particles together molding and shaping the individual aspects of your life just as you "judge and perceive."

This projection of consciousness, the quality of which you have complete control over, is consistently at work and being projected into Quantum Reality which it utilizes as your communication device...determines what you are asking for and delivers them to you just as you ask.

It's the quality of consciousness that you choose which is the only thing that draws them from this Quantum Reality and makes them real for you.

To really understand and grasp Quantum Reality...the realm where your "true power" lies, is as simple as understanding that ALL things are comprised of energy. You are energy...the things that you create are energy...the thoughts that mold and shape into these things are energy. A continually vibrating mass of energy soup that is consistently joining with energies that harmonize with one another is what is determining and creating your reality.

Reality, what we see and touch and taste and feel in the physical world is nothing more than energy being observed by energy the shape, size and outcome of which is based only on what you choose for yourself...what YOU "perceive" to be true.

The choices you make with regard to observing this energy...meaning how you "perceive" what is taking place based on the accumulation and joining of these "energy packets", further communicates with Quantum Reality what you are asking for and it shows up just as you ask.

Based on these "perceptions" that you choose for yourself, which are also nothing more than energy or if you prefer "energy frequencies", you draw additional frequencies that harmonize with the frequency that you project to create what you "perceive" and "believe" reality to be.

Reality is nothing more than electrical signals being observed by your "true self"...your "digital or energy self" and is being played out on the movie screen of your mind just as you are choosing, the "reality" of which is unfolding precisely as you are choosing for yourself in each of the events, conditions and circumstances in your life.

Are you pleased with your current reality? Are you 100% satisfied with your life? Are you experiencing physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual harmony?

If not it certainly doesn't mean that you can't. It only means that it's necessary to make the choice...a conscious and intentional choice to "perceive" something different. Choose something different and you will experience something different.

When you change your mind your reality will change. There are no limitations in Quantum Reality.

Whatever you can conceive and believe as "possible" for yourself already exists within Quantum Reality. It's simply a matter of YOU making the choice to consciously direct your quality of consciousness, consciously communicating your "intention" with Quantum Reality, keeping your "Attention" focused on the "desire" and allow the Quantum realm to do it's part.

What part does Quantum Reality play? The ability to make whatever you choose real.

It only requires your individual choice to "allow" it to.

Life is all simply about choice. Harmony and fulfillment in life is nothing more and nothing less than a choice. In the same way discord, lack and hardship in life is nothing more or nothing less than a choice.

Where does this "choosing process" begin? At the thought level. Thoughts, like you and everything else...EVERYTHING else are nothing more or less than energy. All energy radiates and emits a frequency which attracts to it additional energies that harmonize with our chosen thoughts.

Our thoughts can be very deceptive. The habitual thought patterns that we think aren't necessarily true, they're only produced and "thought about" due to the perceptions and beliefs that we ourselves choose to hold onto and "perceive" as being "true."

Granted these processes have been instilled and programmed into us throughout life and in many cases without our conscious awareness.

You could say that to this point, it's not our fault. But at some point it's necessary to understand that what we have been taught and told is true may not be true at all. At some point, if we truly do expect to change our reality, it's necessary to begin accepting responsibility for the outcomes that we have "unconsciously created to this point and take conscious control of our futures.

By the same token this "chosen way of being" is powerfully creative. Frequencies of thought at the quantum level aren't necessarily true or untrue they're simply frequencies projected that determine what it is that we attract to us creating our realities...what WE ourselves "perceive" to be real and right and true.

It's simply our individually held judgments and perceptions based on what we have been "taught and told" is true that molds and shapes the energy that makes it true just as we are choosing.

The reality that YOU are experiencing is nothing more than the reality that you are choosing for yourself.

"Modern day physics is discovering that the physical isn't "physical" at all...the science of physics itself is not physical, but metaphysical." You could also call this metaphysical understanding spiritual. It's one and the same.

There is nothing that exists that is not spiritual or metaphysical. ALL things physical come from the spiritual or metaphysical.

Whichever label you choose individually doesn't matter. It's simply a word game. The underlying truth...the often overlooked and misunderstood truth is that ALL things physical are derived from the spiritual or metaphysical.

There is nothing that exists in the physical that wasn't derived from the non-physical first. In fact when you examine all this "physical stuff" that we perceive to be so real, you find that it's nothing more than vibrating energy packets joined together giving these things the "appearance" of being solid and real.

Although "physically observable" due to the intensity of the vibration of the energy that gives them a physical appearance, because the vibrational intensity of them becomes slowed and more dense although giving them the appearance of being physical and solid, the deeper truth is that they are still spiritual or metaphysical.

They are still nothing more than vibrating packets of energy, although our dependence on our chosen beliefs and perceptions that we've acquired throughout life, provide us with a whole different outlook and "perception" regarding them.

The more physicists discover and the more they understand, the more vast the territory expands only to learn that there is more to discover and more to understand.

As far as modern day science has come in discovering and attempting to explain Actuality, it is and always will be a futile attempt. You can never possibly reach the end or the beginning when it comes to the Infinite.

Discovering the Infinite is a job that will require time into infinity to achieve. In other words it's never going to happen.

But what physicists have come to understand regarding Quantum Reality thus far can be powerfully transformational in every aspect of your life when you make the choice to "allow" it to be. You can use these discoveries that physicists have made with regard to Quantum Reality and the understanding derived thus far to create a kind and quality of life that many perceive to be unattainable.

What physicists DO KNOW is that you have the ability to create your life by design rather than by default.

The only difference between the 2 is whether you are choosing your thoughts, emotions and actions consciously or unconsciously which is precisely what always has, is and always will be responsible for creating yours.

Who's in charge of your consciousness? You. Who's in charge of your beliefs and perceptions? You.

And the most obvious question of all is..."Guess who's creating your reality?"

The video below will assist you in gaining a better understanding as to how and why.

Quantum Reality Is Actuality. "Perceived" Reality
Is What You "Perceive" Yourself To Be Experiencing
In Your Life and Drawing From Actuality

I'm Finished With Quantum Reality
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I'm Finished With Quantum Reality
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