Reality and Actuality

Bridging The Gap Between Perceptions Of Possibility
and Infinite Probability and Potential

"Reality and Actuality Are MUCH Different
Than What You May Currently "Perceive" Them To Be"

In this section we'll explore and discover the differences between what most "perceive" to be reality (which are the physical events, conditions and circumstances we experience in the "physical" world) and Actuality where individual potential and possibility is quite literally "Infinite" in nature.

You may have some preconceived notion that reality...more specifically your reality, is comprised of a series of uncontrollable events, conditions and circumstances that show up and reveal themselves in your life without any apparent definitive cause or reason. That's the "perceived reality" that most place all their focus and attention on and as a result respond or react to.

The mass majority in our world live in a "perceived" reality and due to it's "perceived realness" which is made real based only on their "perceptions" and judgments of the physical events, conditions and circumstances experienced, never explore further, discover and as a result never experience even close to what's "truly" possible for and readily available to them in Actuality.

Confused? This should clear things up…

As you've previously discovered if you've already explored the article Who Are You? and/or the Universal Laws that govern the cosmos and both drive and sustain ALL things in life, we are much more than physical beings experiencing a physical world. We are in fact each spiritual beings having a physical experience.

So you could say that although we are "part physical", what enables and allows us to both be physical as well as exist and function in physical life, resides within and is drawn from a "place" that is unseen and/or spiritual in nature.

This unseen and/or spiritual "place" has many "labels" and what I'll be referring to as Actuality.

The fact of the matter is although we "perceive and believe in many cases that Actuality is a "place" that's separate from reality, the Higher Truth is that it's not separate nor is it a place at all.

Actuality encompasses EVERYTHING that was, is or ever will be. To see the grandeur, beauty, simplicity, perfection and flawless nature of life only requires seeing above and beyond what you "perceive" in reality and to quit judging, labeling and fretting about those things that you "perceive" as being wrong or bad.

In reality, things do "seem" wrong or bad, yet in Actuality they aren't at all...not really.

Once you're able to SEE that and consciously create a form of harmony in these 2 "seemingly separate" areas is necessary…crucial in fact in order to experience "true" harmony and fulfillment in life…in the "physical" world…more specifically in YOUR physical world.

To begin to attract, create, experience and remain in this place of harmony and fulfillment, it is necessary to develop the "awareness of" and understand the difference as well as the intricately connected nature between what we're referring to as "Reality" and "Actuality."

This understanding will assist you in making conscious choices to remain calm, unattached and as a result unaffected even during times of "perceived" chaos and disharmony in life.

Once you fully understand and grasp the Infinite and all pervasive essence of Actuality, you'll understand that chaos and disharmony is an impossibility. No, it may not "seem like that" at times, but it only seems and is "perceived that way due to a lack of understanding with regard to how perfect, precise and unwavering Actuality is.

In reality, life can "seem as if" the flow has been cut off creating disharmony and that constriction is real.

In Actuality "flow, harmony, expression and expansion" are all that exist. The flow never stops or rests and everything that flows from Actuality and transmutes itself into reality is ALWAYS without fail, in perfect harmony.

Although you may at times perceive your life to be anything but harmonious, the "Real Reality", what we're referring to as "Actuality" is always that, both perfect and harmonious.

Let's look at why we "perceive" randomness, chaos and imperfection in reality when the "Higher Truth" is that there exists no such thing in Actuality.

The Perceived Chaos and Disharmony Of Reality
and The "Higher Truth" Which Reveals Actuality

Reality, as we'll be referring to it is what most "perceive" reality to be which are the various "physical" events, conditions and circumstances encountered and experienced in the various areas of their lives…the occurrences that are experienced by the "physical" you which is merely a tool or if you prefer a vessel of cells, skin, bones, and organs that the "real you" utilizes to experience life in this dimension.

Actuality, as we'll be referring to it is based on the limitless possibility and potential that exists and has been made available to you. In this realm of Actuality there is no limitation of ANY form, only outcomes of "Infinite Proportion."

In other words, in Actuality, to use scientific language, "the field" is the place where every probability already exists. If you're more spiritually inclined, the terms Kingdom of God or The Light may prove to be more useful and beneficial for you. Individual labels don't matter. They are one and the same thing.

Reality is what most would refer to as physical life in the physical world and the day to day events, conditions and circumstances encountered and experienced by the physical body in a physical world.

Although it is not the "Real" reality it is "perceived" as such by the mass majority based on what is perceived and believed as being real, right, true, "possible" or "logical" in their life. If an experience of "desired" outcomes of "Infinite" proportions which DO exist in this place of "Actuality" aren't being experienced in your "reality", it's because focus is placed and "beliefs" are established based on the currently seen and experienced limitation being experienced in what you "perceive" to be your reality.

Put simply...what you have believed and perceived to be true regarding life, yourself and the judgments and labels that you've placed on what's transpired is what has determined your current reality. And it's these very same beliefs, perceptions, judgments, and labels, which if left unchanged will show up in your future reality and determine the kind and quality of experiences you'll have in reality at some future point in time.

It's this way of "doing things" which often leads many to believe that life is random, chaotic and simply delivers what it will. They perceive themselves as "victims or creatures of circumstance."

This "perception" is very limited in nature and is only "perceived" in this way due to a lack of deeper understanding…a lack of awareness with regard to who and what you "truly" are, the power freely provided to you, what drives and sustains life as we know it as well as how and why the events, conditions and circumstances in each area of your life unfold regerdless of kind or quality.

We often find ourselves remaining "seemingly stuck", experiencing limitation in our physical reality because we "perceive" it to be "real" based on the limitations of the 5 physical senses and choose to place any infinite number of judgments and labels on these experiences.

Our perceptions which are based on and made possible through the information received and processed with the 5 physical senses, ignite an electrochemical process in the brain stirring and igniting any number of physical emotions, all of which fall under one of two headings...Love or fear.

Due to what most believe and perceive to be "true" about life and the experiences that we each have in life due to those beliefs and perceptions, often times fear, anxiety, doubt and worry become our predominant focus. If you've been made aware of what's recently been labeled as The Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration as well as the other Universal Laws of Nature that drive and sustain the cosmos, you understand that such choices can only serve to draw to us more of that which we fear, are anxious, doubtful and worried about. As a result of that choice, we are without even realizing it, pushing away what we "truly" desire to experience and drawing to ourselves more of what we have no desire to experience.

Actuality as we'll be referring to it is the limitless possibilities and potential that are and always have been available to you which exist in the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm.

You aren't currently able to experience the limitless goodness and fulfillment which exists in this place of Actuality with the 5 physical senses only because you have developed beliefs which blind you to it, which keep you from fully experiencing it, don't feel worthy of receiving the "good" that exists there for you and/or are "unaware" of it's existence altogether.

To fully experience this limitless potential…this ACTUALITY…it is necessary first of all to become aware…develop the understanding and "belief" that this place of Actuality exists and just as importantly, that you develop the ability to see yourself as worthy, capable and that it is your birthright to ask, receive and experience all the good which exists within Actuality.

This developed ability is a process which begins through merely choosing to explore and discover who and what you "truly" are. In other words Know Thyself.

Once you're aware of and clear on that fact, you're ready to begin consciously choosing what you'll be, do and have in life which enables you to begin experiencing much more of what you desire in and for your life and far less of what you don't.

But rest assured, every probability exists within Actuality...the awesome, the great, the good as well as the horrific, the bad, the ugly and the not so good.

In actuality there can exist no such thing as lack, limitation and disharmony in your "reality" unless YOU choose to "perceive" lack, limitation and disharmony AS your "reality." In Actuality, EVERY conceivable outcome already exists as a "probability of existence." In Actuality, what you perceive as the "good" or the "bad" both exist. In Actuality there is no good or bad only potential outcomes which YOU choose which without fail are drawn from and flow to you. EVERYTHING exists in Actuality as a "probability of existence.

Reality provides you what you "perceive" and as a result "conceive" reality to be for you based on your individual choices which without fail and with unwavering certainty transmutes from the unseen or spiritual realm…this place of Actuality, shows up and is experienced in your "perceived reality" which is your physical world and reveals in tangible and measurable form, each of the events, conditions and circumstances you'll experience in the physical world.

Being broke for example is a conceptualization which appears as real to the physical you…as reality based on what you might currently be experiencing in "physical form" when in Actuality the possibility to experience the polar opposite...namely massive financial wealth also and "already exists" as a probability of existence. The ONLY thing keeping you from experiencing it's reality in YOUR life is YOUR individual choice…your willingness or unwillingness to conceive and believe wealth as being possible for you.

Your reality unfolds based on your "perceptions" of reality...what you "perceive" to be real and "true" which draws from Actuality, events, conditions and circumstances just as you believe and perceive that it will.

As you believe, you receive.

It's also important to understand that each of the beliefs and perceptions we hold individually are based on an individual choice. Granted we may have been taught certain things which resulted in our limiting beliefs but we're certainly not stuck with our beliefs and how we perceive life. Put another way, any belief or perception we might have that conflicts with receiving the "desired outcome" can be changed whenever and should ever we choose to do so.

That choice, whichever it might be, whether to hold onto the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs we may have acquired or to consciously choose to enhance what we believe to greater heights, determines your reality…"Unconditionally."

Lets's look at it in a bit different way. Let's refer to Actuality as the "space" where light is all that is and reality where both light and darkness become real and tangible in the way of events, conditions and circumstances based on what we choose to look at and see them as.

ACTUALITY where the "light is all there is", consists of as well as provides EVERY possible outcome. EVERY conceivable outcome without limitation exists at the level of Actuality. The REALTY that you experience and "perceive" to be real and place your predominant focus and attention on, draws from this "Infinite Field of "Actuality" just as you "believe" you will and the light shines upon your ways, so you do...without fail and regardless of what beliefs you might choose to hold whether they lead to desirable or less than desirable outcomes in life.

In our reality we experience polarity or duality. This polarity differentiates good and bad, light and dark, rich and poor, right or wrong, up or down, left or right etc. (see The Law of Polarity)

There is no polarity in Actuality, only Light although all probabilities do exist within this Light.

How we "perceive" this light determines whether we see it as light or the dark shadows that we often allow to impact and affect either positively or negatively our beliefs and perceptions.

Polarity, also referred to as duality is NON-Existent at the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level. Everything just is. There is no judgment, labels or discernment at this Source level. In Actuality, EVERY conceivable outcome already exists awaiting your command so the light that is infused and exists within it can shine where you choose in reality.

That gives deep meaning and potentially immense power to you of a positive and constructive nature when you understand the ancient text which states "Thou shall decree a thing and the light will shine upon your ways."

Although many perceive their commands to be of a physical nature...meaning to speak or pray things into existence, your command is being determined and communicated by the individual choices to believe whatever you choose to believe which determines how and why you perceive the events, conditions and circumstances in your reality as being good or bad (light or dark) as you do.

In other words it's the underlying perceptions and beliefs you hold which serves as the communication device determining what is both projected into and drawn from Actuality and your underlying judgments and perceptions regarding that "thing" that shows up, whatever it might be is the determining factor as to how you "perceive" what "shows up" in your reality which at the same time is determining the kind and quality of your communication NOW which will also determine what you experience at some future point in time.

To change the kind and quality of what you experience in your reality, it's going to require changing what you believe and perceive about the tangible and measurable results your "seeing" in reality.

How do you do that? It's as simple as another text conveys...

Judge not by appearances.

Although physical words and prayers are powerful, when they are disharmonious or not in alignment with the underlying perceptions and beliefs that we ALL hold without exception, they are often perceived to be ineffective. This is where the perceptions of chaos, randomness and unanswered prayer come from.

This judgment and discernment of reality not only determines your perception of reality but also serves as the communication device with Actuality and determines what you will experience in your "physical" reality at some point in the future.

So how do you begin to experience a "desired" reality more often?

One of the main things to do is to develop the understanding that all things that exist within and come from Actuality are "good." To develop the heightened sense of awareness that what you are receiving is in perfect harmony with what you are asking or have asked for.

This understanding enables you to express heartfelt gratitude for whatever is showing up which enables more "good" to keep showing up.

The opposite also holds true...unconditionally.

Set your Intention…then make a "conscious choice" to keep your ATTENTION on that which you have a desire to experience…Your ATTENTION states your INTENTION which draws from the field of ACTUALITY what your REALITY will become as you "perceive" and believe in physical form.

In Actuality, focusing on that which you would rather not experience can NEVER allow you to experience the "reality" of what you have a desire to experience.

A choice to keep your attention on that which you would "rather not" experience and "perceive" to be bad is a choice to draw to you more of that which you choose not to experience and perceive to be bad. Energy flows where attention goes without judgment or discernment and without fail. To experience "desired" outcomes, you MUST establish the "intention" of experiencing whatever the "desired" outcome might be and make the "conscious choice" to keep your "attention" on the manifestation of that which you desire, NOT the absence of that which you do not "want" to experience.

The "Real Reality" is that you are experiencing whatever you are choosing for yourself. If you fall into the "category" of the majority, you are doing this choosing "unconsciously" fully believing that "life was meant to be hard."

To improve upon and expand your reality, you merely need to expand your awareness as to what is "truly" available to you…the magnificence of who and what you "truly" are…a "spiritual being" having a physical experience which is "Infinite" in nature, an integral part of the Whole and then "consciously focus" your thoughts on the manifestation of that which you desire.

It's about shifting your paradigms...recognizing the perfection and unwavering harmony of creation...understanding that what you are experiencing regardless of your current perceptions, is unfolding perfectly as you have asked.

It's simply about recognizing and shifting the "perceptions" that you hold regarding bad, chaotic, disharmonious, discordant, unpleasant and seeing the perfection and goodness of the process, yourself and the events, conditions and circumstances that you have drawn into your reality from actuality.

Focusing Your Attention On Your Intention
Draws From Actuality The Infinite Probabilities
Available To You Into Your Reality

Now that you see the "good" in everything, it's time to see the perfection and harmony experienced in your reality through a conscious focus of your attention on your intention.

Once you see the perfection and goodness of it all and you set your "Intention" and focus your "Attention" on the manifestation and experience of that intention, you will experience it.

Attention = Love. In spiritual circles most are familiar with the teaching that God or whatever you might choose to refer to Source as, is "Unconditional Love." It's due to this "Unconditional Love" combined with your inalienable right of free will to choose what you give your "attention" to which determines your individual experience or your "perceived" reality.

What you choose to give your attention to…whatever you choose to place your predominant focus on, you will draw to you from the field of actuality...unconditionally.

"Ask and you SHALL receive."

"As a man thinketh so is he."

"Whatsoever ye desire "believe" and it SHALL be given."

"As above so within so without."

This truth is due to and based on "Unconditional Love." Unconditional Love enables and allows you to experience whatever you choose. You have been provided an "inalienable right of free will to choose your path…to draw from actuality and experience in YOUR reality just as YOU choose…"unconditionally."

This Love is clearly expressed and activated through The Law Of Attraction. The kind and quality of consciousness that you choose draws to you what you choose… exact correlation to the kind and quality of consciousness doing the asking.

You receive just as you ask.

Your individual choices…your unconditional ability to choose at the level of "consciousness"…the thoughts and beliefs held by you and chosen by you…determines with unwavering certainty what you will attract which determines what your reality will become in physical form.

All things which make up your current physical reality as well as your beliefs and conceptualizations of those things which aren't yet physical, already exist and are derived from the non-physical. ALL things experienced in EACH and EVERY area of your life are the result of the quality of consciousness that YOU choose for yourself. This quality of consciousness determines what you are giving attention to, which determines what you are asking for and as a result WILL receive…unconditionally.

Your "ATTENTION" determines and communicates your "INTENTION" to the Infinite Field of potentiality...actuality which determines what you will draw from it and experience in your physical world.

If your ATTENTION is being "Unconsciously" broadcast, it will "appear" as if your results are unfolding randomly and half hazardly based on externals which you see and experience in physical form…in your "perceived" reality which so many "perceive" themselves as having no control over. In ACTUALITY you are merely receiving precisely what it is that you have been asking, although "unconsciously" which is creating this "perception" of reality for you.

A choice to develop a deeper understanding regarding "Higher Truth" will and does expand your consciousness…your "truth" or "belief" concerning what is "truly" possible…your ability to conceive, set your intention and attention on what you might currently "perceive" to be miracles…which through that expansion of consciousness combined with your choice to keep your "attention" on the "desired" outcome enables and empowers you to begin "consciously asking" for "desired" outcomes which in essence is "consciously creating" those "miracles" in your reality.

Unconditional Love (The Law Of Attraction) GUARANTEES it!

Choosing To Become and Remain Aware Of Actuality Enables Unconditional Love To Provide Desired Miracles In Your Reality

By the same token a choice to remain where you are in your understanding, based on what you currently "perceive" and "believe" your reality to be can and will continue to provide physical results that correlate precisely and support the "beliefs and perceptions" that you choose which is broadcast and communicated to this field of actuality creating the outcomes that you "perceive" to be your reality.

Your "reality" is unfolding based on the "belief filters" that you have chosen and allowed yourself to be limited by. Remove the "filters", these "perceptions" of reality which are creating the limitation and the limitation becomes "non-existent."

How do you remove these filters? You begin by simply expanding your awareness with regard to who and what you "truly" are which serves to expand your awareness with regard to what's "truly" available to you as well as your ability and worthiness to receive it, which in actuality will heighten and communicate your newly formed perception of reality...your "belief" which without fail and with unwavering certainty, "Unconditional Love" will draw to you based on that heightened awareness and what you "perceive" to be miracles in your "reality" will begin to unfold…effortlessly.

Unconditional Love NEVER fails or wavers. Unconditional Love produces and provides "miracles" every second of everyday.

Unconditional love is actuality. When you begin to grasp and harmonize with unconditional love in your reality...keeping your attention on desired outcomes regardless of what you might see unfolding in your reality, unconditional love provides them and miracles are experienced in your reality...unconditionally.

EVERY creation experienced in your reality is a miracle. EVERY experience in your physical reality is a creation…a miracle unfolding based only on your individual choices. Those choices determine and create your reality. Your current "perception" of YOUR reality, more specifically the predominant thoughts and emotions experienced as a result of that "perception" serves as the projected "life force" which determines what you will "attract" to you resulting in what will be experienced in your "reality"…in physical form at some point in the future.

Actuality is an "Infinite Field" of continuously unfolding miracles without limitation. Every conceivable outcome already exists as a probability of existence. Reality is determined by your ability and willingness to conceive and believe these "Infinite Possibilities" as possible for you. What is experienced in your reality is limited only by your individual choices to "believe" or "not believe" this is true which determines with unwavering certainty whether you will or will not experience it.

Your individual choice to dwell upon and place your ATTENTION on being broke will consistently create that miracle of "Reality" for you. By the same token, your individual choice to set your "Intention" on experiencing "financial wealth" and choosing to keep your "attention" on it's inevitable creation will enable you to draw a miracle that harmonizes with that choice from actuality and experience it in your reality.

It's simply a matter of becoming conscious...being willing and able to separate yourself from the "reality" of your "perceived" reality and "allowing" actuality to express the Unconditional Love which is all it knows.

Although you might "perceive" being broke as anything BUT a miracle creation in your "reality", in actuality it is a miracle creation…you are only "unconsciously" creating it by choosing to keep your attention on being broke. Your attention states your intention to the field of actuality which creates a "miracle creation" EVERY time without fail.

Now you may find yourself thinking…"Well that's not true, I DO keep my attention on getting out of debt and NOT being broke" but I'm still broke and still in debt!!

A choice to place your predominant focus on getting out of debt or NOT being broke is in reality placing your "Attention" on debt or lack which only serves to provide and feed additional energy to the "perceived reality" and/or creation of debt which in "Actuality" is stating your "Intention" to be in debt and lack and will only serve to keep you in or create more debt and lack. To experience financial plenty in your "reality", it's necessary to keep your attention on financial freedom and plenty, NOT a lack of debt or NOT being broke.

Actuality provides to you unconditionally without discernment or judgment what you give your attention to and place your focus on which determines and communicates your Intention.

This reality isn't limited to the area of financial wealth but EVERY area of life in every event, condition and circumstance experienced in your reality.

"Desired Miracles" are created by developing the ability to conceive them as real…to place your attention on them…to believe in their manifestation…to consciously harmonize your reality with actuality…to take action upon the ways and means as they arrive and you will experience "miracles" in each and every area of your life just as you "believe" whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

A choice to perceive, conceive and believe in lack, limitation and discord in your life is a choice to create and experience it just as a choice to experience abundance and plenty will and must provide it just as you conceive and "believe" it will. Creation NEVER fails or wavers.

Both outcomes are miracle creations which show up in physical form just as you "believe" they will.

Discover "Actuality", the limitless potential and possibility that exists for you, become aware of the "Infinite" potential that YOU possess, consciously choose and focus your attention on the "desired" outcome and your "Reality" will be enhanced without limitation in EVERY area of your life…into "Infinity."

"The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." Become more "consciously aware" of the "real you"…the "Spirit" you and you will increase the willingness of the flesh…the "physical you…consciously…purposefully…intentionally and with results that most would consider and "perceive" to be "miracles."

A Brief Look At Mind, Reality and Actuality

The conscious mind is the masculine left brained aspect of mind which determines our perceptions with regard to what we "perceive" as our physical reality which is experienced with and limited to what can be "perceived" with the five physical senses.

The subconscious mind which is the feminine and right brained aspect of mind which if allowed can transcend the limitations of physical reality and serves as the gateway to Actuality which is "Infinite" in nature.

What can be and is experienced in this place of actuality is only limited to and determined by what we choose to allow to pass through the conscious mind which is stored as "truth" in the subconscious. The subconscious then goes to work to communicate with this field of actuality and bring about into your physical reality what is "perceived" and believed to be true by the rational and logical conscious mind.

In other words it is essential that if you desire to experience bigger and better results, you merely need to expand the quality or beliefs of the conscious mind which analyzes and determines if this new data has merit, attaches emotion to it and automatically stores this expanded and enhanced "perception" of reality into the limitless storehouse of the subconscious which immediately communicates your "intention" with the "field" of actuality and goes to work to bring it to you. It's this data that is stored in the subconscious which determines without fail what is drawn from the field of actuality and creates what our reality will consist of and what the 5 senses will experience in the physical world.

You have the ability as well as the choice to enhance the outcomes in your life…your "perceived" reality. You only need to become "consciously aware" of how the process works and make a conscious choice to apply what you discover consciously, purposefully and intentionally which can, will and MUST produce the desired outcomes.

The Key To Effortless Creation will provide you with the necessary understanding and the steps to do just that, but the application will be up to you. It's my hope that you choose it for yourself. It will awaken you to your "Infinite" potential and provide physical outcomes that coincide with your new "Awakening."

When this happens your "reality" will begin to harmonize with actuality limited only by your "beliefs" as to what you can or cannot experience.

In actuality there is NOTHING that you cannot Be, Do or Have in your reality. It's merely a choice…YOUR choice as to what your individual reality will consist of.

Unconditional Love is "Infinite" in nature and provides whatever you choose to experience in your "reality."

It's ALL good and perfect.

Unconditional Love NEVER fails or wavers. Creation NEVER fails or wavers. ALL things work together for good. From a more scientific perspective, there is NEVER a single atom out of place…EVER. You ALWAYS receive "precisely what you are asking for. If your current reality isn't producing the desired outcomes you only need to discover what it is that you are doing to bring it into your reality and make a "conscious choice" to change it.

What you are creating and experiencing is based on what you believe to be true for you…as a result of the energy that you are projecting through your "belief system" which determines what you are giving attention to, which without fail will attract and create your "reality" just as you "believe" it will.

What do you "truly" have a desire to experience in your life? More money? More health? More love? More time freedom?

Become conscious of what you are keeping your "Attention" on...what Intention are you projecting in actuality?...What are you "perceiving" your "reality" to be. If you discover that it is less than desired simply change your perception...ask for something different and you'll discover that the actuality already have it.

That my friend is the "Higher Truth." That is "actuality." That is yet another piece of the puzzle..."The Key To Effortless Creation."

Learn it, internalize it, believe it, practice it, develop it, "consciously" and "intentionally" act upon it and your life will become one of Joy, Fulfillment, Profound Inner Peace, and LIMITLESS Prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

Now that you are "aware" of The "Key" To Effortless Creation…Apply it…Allow it…Take action on it, and go forth and prosper."

I'm Finished With Reality and Actuality
Take Me To Harmomizing The "Real You" With The Physical You

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