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"Enlightened Journey" Newsletter

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Your Soul Purpose and the Real Meaning
and Purpose of Your Life

The Defining Role You, The Power of YOUR Choices
and the Quality of Your Actions Play In Finding
and Fulfilling Yours...or Not

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” -George Bernard Shaw

I'm beginning this edition of Enlightened Journey with the above quote for VERY good reason. You could say it serves a specific "purpose." From my perspective, it's definitely true. It certainly applies to each of us, yet at the same time not everyone is in the place where they recognize that. They're simply not in that place.

At the same time I think at some point everybody reaches it. We at least thing about it.

Here's what I mean by that.

We ALL without exception WANT to experience joy in life. We ALL without exception WANT our lives to have meaning and purpose. We also WANT for that meaning and purpose to be as MIGHTY and far reaching as it CAN be. We don't necessarily WANT to be thrown on the scrap heap. In fact, MANY fear the very thought of that. But we DO WANT to be a powerful force of nature while we're here.

Do you agree with that?

By the same token how we go about doing that is unique for each of us. Our "purpose" in life is unique for each of us. At the same time, on a "larger scale", the meaning and purpose of life is the same for ALL of us. What follows will hopefully assist in bringing clarity and meaning to that statement.

Before we proceed, allow me to ask you a few more questions...

Have you ever wondered why some people almost always "seem to be" in the right place at the right time, always exude a warm and inviting radiance of energy and consistently experience a sense of calmness, assurance and happiness regardless of what's happening in the world "out there?"

Why do YOU think that happens?

Have you ever considered that it may be due to the fact that they "choose" to be and remain happy...regardless? In nearly ALL of those cases, I've found that those who choose to remain happy...regardless, engage themselves in such a way that aligns, harmonizes and as a result, fulfills what they've discovered to be the Real Meaning and Real Purpose of their lives.

And WHAT that is, although unique to and for each individual happens when we choose to recognize and engage ourselves in our "Soul Purpose."

That's the single most important thing to those who I've described above. More important than money, stuff and what's happening in the world "out there", their primary motivation is focused and fixated on fulfilling that purpose.

That's "great for them" but what about YOU?

That's what we're going to be looking at in this edition. We're going to "start" with this edition at least.

And I hope you come away understanding that although everyone WANTS to know and experience joy in life, even though nearly everyone WANTS to know and see their "purpose" in life as a mighty one, and aside from the fact that we all WANT to BE a force of nature rather than "fearful and seemingly powerless" beings who are for the most part, fearful of being thrown on the scrap heap, there's something VITALLY IMPORTANT that nearly everyone overlooks which keeps them from actually engaging IN their "Soul Purpose" as well as being, doing and having what they "claim" to WANT in life.

The one word answer is fear.

And what most overlook is this...

The Power they ALREADY HAVE and The Force of Nature that they ALREADY are!!

That's a VITALLY important thing to not only become aware of, but KNOW and understand to most effectively undertake ANY endeavor whether it be your "Soul Purpose" or anything else.

The WANTS "seem to" take care of themselves and turn into "fulfilled desires" when and IF the choice is made to SEE and KNOW what a "powerful force of nature" that YOU; that we ALL ARE already.

And yes WE includes YOU whether you think and believe you are or not. Maybe you DON'T know or understand that. Maybe you do. If you don't KNOW that, yet you "truly desire" to experience the greatest possible quality of life, getting to the place where you DO KNOW that is a necessary part of the process.

Regardless, that's an IMPORTANT and NECESSARY part of boldly, confidently and consistently moving forward and fulfilling whatever your "desires" and the meaning and purpose of YOUR life might be.

When I use the phrase "Soul Purpose", I'm referring to our "Soul Purpose" not a purpose based on "limited perceptions" and our limited "intellectual understanding" which more times than falls FAR short of and/or limits FULLY engaging and fulfilling the Real Meaning and Real Purpose of our lives.

One thing is certain. We ALL have one. ALL of us. Not everyone has identified and become "consciously aware" of what their Soul Purpose is. Even those who are aware, they DON'T always choose to engage themselves in such a way that enables them to follow through and fulfill what they know in their heart of hearts to BE their "Soul Purpose."

The three hundred seventy seven GAZILLION dollar question is why?

Well...the answer isn't nearly as "complex" or hard to find as it so often "seems to be" for so many.

And often times the answer comes and reveals itself by simply asking the right questions. The fact of the matter is, it's the most simple questions that often reveal and provide the most "seemingly profound" answers to resolve what so often "seem to be" the most complicated and "seemingly unresolvable" issues.

Look...I KNOW how things can "seem." I KNOW how seemingly difficult, seemingly complex and seemingly unresolvable things can SEEM. I also KNOW that things "seem that way" for MOST people.

But it doesn't mean that because things SEEM that way currently that they HAVE to STAY that way. You can "allow them to." But you don't HAVE to.

Asking the right questions in the right way and making a "conscious choice" to become "STILL" with an openness, willingness and readiness to RECEIVE and TAKE ACTION on what comes when it DOES come, is REALLY and TRULY all that's necessary to SEE just ow true that is.

Because the answers DO come when YOU enable and allow them to. As true and necessary as that is, it's what few choose to do. Not only do they NOT ask the right questions in the right way, they DON'T ever take the time to Become Still.

What exactly do I mean by Becoming STILL?

That's only one of a number of questions I hope to and am going to do my best to answer in this edition. I'm not only going to do my best, I'm also going to cover as much as this limited medium will enable me to so you fully understand and grasp the importance of HOW and WHY doing that is necessary.

What I'll be sharing is based on my own insights and experiences and the "personal conclusions" I came to prior to discovering answers that I sought out and received prior to actively engaging in what I discovered to be and like to refer to as my "Soul Purpose."

Prior to that though, it didn't "seem as if" I could. It "seemed as if" it was too complex and difficult. Due to the fact that it "seemed as if" I couldn't, because it "seemed" so difficult and complex, it became and REMAINED impossible...

...Until I made the choice to shift and change how things "seemed."

Engaging in that "purpose" is what gives my life Real Meaning and Real Purpose. There are other things of course, but the greatest fulfillment I personally receive and experience comes from sharing my experiences and what I KNOW can transform ANYONE'S life.

My personal answers came when I quit trying so hard to "figure things out" on my own. Those answers came prior to having the intellectual understanding to KNOW how to apply, in day to day life the answers I DID receive.

The reason that happened in the way it did, is due to the fact that it showed me the importance of doing things in a completely different way I than I believed they "needed to be done" at the time.

It wasn't until then that I made the choice to gather the "intellectual understanding" necessary to make sense of the profound and indescribable EXPERIENCE that a few simple questions provided. The Intellectual gathering of information that followed and which spanned many years, stemmed from that initial EXPERIENCE which led to engaging in my "intellectual studies" of science, religion, spirituality, the ancient texts, and a WHOLE BUNCH of other "seemingly unrelated" fields.

But the ONLY reason it did require so much time for me personally, was due to the fact that I had MUCH "unlearning" to do. Although I KNEW in an indescribable kind of way that the answers were valid, even though at the "soul level" I KNEW, could SEE and clearly understood the power, the biological, neurological and emotional aspects of me resisted initially.

You know what's really wild?

As "seemingly unrelated" as all these "seemingly unrelated" fields of study "seemed" initially, after exploring, prodding, walking this path and that path, doing this, doing that and TRYING this other thing, I saw in a VERY REAL, understandable and intellectual kind of way PRECISELY what my EXPERIENCE revealed and was attempting to show me.

What was that exactly? Way MORE than I could possibly share here. But in a phrase what was revealed is just how interconnected all of these "seemingly unrelated" fields of study were. That intellectual search also revealed to me, just as my EXPERIENCE did, just how "interconnected" EVERYTHING is.


Although HOW I discovered that took many years, WAY too many experiences than I could possibly share here and a WHOLE BUNCH of "soul searching" as I did my best to sort through it and make rational and logical sense of it all, it needn't take you the same amount of time and effort that was required of me.

In fact it "needn't take ANY time at all. The TIME it takes is completely and TOTALLY up to you!! It ALL depends on your choice and willingness to transcend and see above the limitations of space/time.

Hey...I KNOW how strange that may "seem" based on where MOST are. And it CAN "seem that way" until you EXPERIENCE for yourself just how real, true and possible it is.

Before engaging in my "intellectual search" I experienced and KNEW what Albert Einstein meant when he said...

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Prior to my EXPERIENCE, that held no meaning and "seemed to have" no purpose for me individually. I just couldn't SEE how it applied to what most believe, perceive and label as being the Real World.

I can assure you that it has EVERYTHING to do with it IF you "truly desire" to become the "force of nature" that you ARE in the most effective, efficient and desirable way possible.

Here's what else I discovered during my "searching process" and acquiring all this intellectual data...

You most certainly don't have to follow nor adhere to any given religious or spiritual belief. There's definitely no "need" to have any understanding of what scientists have come to understand in recent years regarding us and our potential to create and enjoy a harmonious, meaningful, fulfilling and purpose-driven life; even though, as I've also discovered it most certainly can help.

As it pertains to science specifically, a very specialized form of science, in the past 80 plus years, what's been discovered, documented and is still being expanded upon today, can certainly be a game changer.

It DEFINITELY was for me and MANY others who I know and regularly communicate with.

It CAN transmute what's so often taken on "blind faith"; which is the kind of FAITH most have, into Real Faith. Life transforming FAITH that CAN and DOES in many cases transmute what "seems so real" on moment into something COMPLETELY different the next.

Blind faith is really nothing more or less than inherited beliefs and perceptions. It's "perceived as faith" yet in MOST cases isn't the kind of faith that enables and allows MAJOR shifts and MAJOR changes to happen VERY quickly.

Whether you "choose" to look beyond what "seems as if" and appears as being unconnected or whether you don’t is your choice. But at the same time, regardless of what you choose, based on timeless wisdom that goes back 6000 years as well as what’s more recently been discovered and documented in scientific circles, you simply can’t escape nor deny the fact that we and EVERYTHING else in life exist within, come from and return to the same “place.”

And again, I do mean EVERYTHING.

You, me, your hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations as well as all this "stuff" we see unfolding all around us, regardless if you SEE IT as "good or bad." It all exists within the same "place."

What's more is that past, present and future ALL exist SIMULTANEOUSLY in this same "space." That may be WAY too much for you to grasp or understand at this point which is why we'll cover that in a future edition, AFTER we've laid the foundation that will assist in enable and allowing you to SEE just how "life transforming" SEEING and KNOWING that can be.

Which leads us to another VITALLY important point.

Things Are NEVER as They "Seem"
But They Are ALWAYS as We
"Perceive" Them To Be

In the physical world it looks and seems as if all this "stuff" is REAL and separate. It also appears as if we’re all in different or separate places. And in this “physical sense” we are. Things DO look and "seem" that way.

But there’s a “place” or if you prefer a space where ALL physical things come from that enables all this physical stuff (including the body you inhabit) to exist and become real.

You may believe that you ARE your body. You may think of yourself and identify yourself as being nothing more or less than the "meat suit" that makes up your body. That's certainly a "common and widespread" belief. Maybe you see yourself as nothing more than that and maybe you don't.

But regardless of what you believe or HOW you see yourself, YOU ARE more than that. SO MUCH MORE. We ALL are. There is a "force or a power" within you that enables the "meat suit" you to exist and function.

And we ALL have that power. It was "freely provided" to EACH of us. And it's ONE and the SAME Power.

There's also another force or power; a VERY special and precious gift that we ALL possess called "Free Will." Free Will enables and allows us to discern and decide for ourselves how we'll use this power that we ALL DO have.

Most people just don't USE this "gift" in such a way that "enables and allows" them to experience this space/time illusion in a way that they "TRULY desire."

I KNOW I didn't. And I also KNOW since engaging myself in what I've discovered to be my "Soul Purpose" that MOST don't.

But EVERYONE CAN if and when they CHOOSE to.

One of the most life changing things I discovered regarding myself and have since discovered applies to MOST people, is that I was using my "free will" and MY power in an "unconscious" kind of way.

There are MANY labels that people use to describe this "power."

Modern day science calls this "force or power" energy (light) and the place where this energy exists as “the field.” The mystics, sages and masters since antiquity often refer to this "force or power" as both spirit and Light and the “place” where this "spirit" and light and EVERYTHING else dwells as The Kingdom.

Point being, it's an ALL Encompassing and ALL Pervasive power. There's nowhere that it's not. In addition, while we’re here choosing and navigating whatever life paths we do, we’re all intertwined and interconnected (as is everything else we see in the world as well as what we DON'T and CAN'T see) in this same field of energy (light) or if you prefer, spirit and light that exists within the Kingdom.

I also KNOW that MOST have a difficult time SEEING themselves, let alone their physical body as being "light or energy."

But it IS and it's been proven and is well documented in some of the most respected scientific journals in the world.

Science refers to our essence as energy (light), our biological systems as DNA and cells and the tools that drive these “seemingly separate” aspects of ourselves as the mind. They’ve come to understand that “mind” has 2 attributes. One of these attributes of mind is conscious and the other, subconscious.

In a more spiritual light, this converging of these “seemingly separate” aspects of ourselves is widely known and understood as being the mind, body, spirit connection.

A lot of people think the mind and the brain are one and the same. They're NOT. The brain is a part of the body. It's physical in nature. Our brain is the tool that the mind uses to process this Light and.or energy which is infused with "consciousness."

That's what enables this light/energy, this DNA and cells, this mind tool or if you prefer this mind, body spirit which "enables and allows" us to BE who and what we are to function and live.

And they are ALL relevant and important. And they are because without one the others couldn't exist and experience life as we know it. Without each of the parts, the whole US couldn't be whole.

I think you'll agree, without a body you couldn't be here or function in a physical kind of way. Without the mind, you couldn't navigate, make decisions and DO whatever "physical things" that the mind leads, guides, directs and enables us to do. Without the energy (the light) that powers your body, the body would be lifeless.

In fact without energy (the light) nothing could or would exist. There would only be darkness. A void as there was prior to all this energy, light and stuff transmuting in form and becoming "real."

Looked at in a tangible and measurable kind of way, if you cut the power off to your house, the things that require electricity to operate and function as they're "designed to", couldn't function or operate as they're designed and were created to do.

That makes "rational and logical" sense doesn't it?

In the same way, if The Power was cut off from your body, your body could not function as it was designed and intended to do. As true as that is, MOST don't look beyond their BODY. Most don't give it much thought. Most aren't even "aware" that there's something; some form of power that enables their body to function.

On a larger scale; let's say a Universal scale, if this "all pervasive" Light and energy didn't exist neither would the Universe or ANYTHING in it. There would just be a VOID. Black space.

Put simply, whichever understanding that you prefer, whether scientific or spiritual, that’s what enables us to exist, function, do whatever we do and sustain our "physical selves" in physical life as well as EXPERIENCE what we experience.

Although on the surface it can often “seem as if” science and spirituality are separate and opposing fields of study explaining and describing “different things”, they are BOTH in essence, describing one and the same thing only using different terminology to describe it.

In future editions we'll cover more about that. MUCH more so the intellectual YOU can grasp, understand and SEE just how real, true and SIMPLE it all is.

So what does ALL that have to do with finding and engaging in your passion and fulfilling your “Soul Purpose?” Well…maybe for you, nothing. On the other hand, maybe for you it has everything to do with it.

That all depends on YOU and the "choices" YOU make.

For ME personally, it meant everything. Finding this connecting link and putting all these "seemingly separate" pieces of the puzzle together showed me the importance of making conscious and intentional choices that "aligned and harmonized" with what I desired to experience. Doing that required and enabled me to align and harmonize these mind, body and spirit aspects of myself which in turn, enabled and allowed me to begin experiencing more of what I "truly desired" in life.

One thing I desired; perhaps the "greatest desire" was to live a life of meaning and purpose. That's a "desire" we ALL have although we go about achieving it in different ways. And the way in which most TRY, never enables and allows them to FULLY experience it in a way they "truly desire."

And HOW we go about it as well as if we'll ever "enable and allow" ourselves to DO so, depends on what we believe and perceive as being the meaning and purpose of life.

Perhaps the most amazing and eye opening thing I discovered is that "receiving" what YOU truly desire and engaging in your Soul Purpose requires 2 things that, depending on what you believe, perceive and understand about life, may initially "seem" to conflict with one another.

And the reason it DOES in many cases is because it requires tuning INTO yourself and at the same time "getting outside of yourself" and contributing to others in such a way that assists them in receiving what THEY desire.

Which brings us full circle. That's what MOST choose NOT to do. But it's a necessary choice IF you "truly desire" to experience it.

Because it's DOING things in THAT way and in THAT order that INTENSIFIES your power...Exponentially.

That CAN be difficult to see but as I hope to reveal it's VERY simple, IMMENSELY relevant and PROFOUNDLY transformational not only on an individual scale but a collective scale as well.

And it IS because when you are Really and Truly "on purpose" in the purest and most beneficial sense of the phrase, EVERYBODY wins. Everybody who "chooses" to at least. You CANNOT create WINNING for others. They themselves have to "enable and allow" themselves to win.

What you can DO is DO things in such a way that "enables and allows" those who choose to win to benefit from what you're BEING and DOING IF they "choose to."

Since personally experiencing how relevant and profoundly transformational that has "proven to be" in my own life, I've since discovered the same applies to ALL of us.

I've also discovered that there are far more who choose NOT to do that than those who do. But at the same time I've also discovered that EVERYONE is DOING the best they know how to do based on what they've learned, believe and perceive to be the BEST (and in some cases the ONLY) way to DO things.

But REGARDLESS of how AWESOME , grand, liberating and IMMENSE or limiting, disturbing and "little" those beliefs might be, there's ALWAYS more. There's MORE on the good end and there's more on the not so good end.

Which brings us to "choices"; individual as well as collective choices and the powerful role they play in your life individually as well as the role play for ALL of us collectively.

Life, The Meaning and Purpose of Life and How YOUR Life Unfolds Is ALL About Choice…YOURS

If you’re at all familiar with my work, you’re well aware that I often say that the kind and quality of our lives is being determined by the choices we make.

Some understand and really “get that” yet many, MOST in fact don’t. We all understand to some degree that our choices DO determine certain outcomes and certain aspects of our lives. We make obvious choices every day. MANY of them. These obvious choices and the actions that follow provide obvious results.

We "get that" for the most part. By the same token, MOST simply can’t SEE how things they DON’T want could possibly be THEIR choice.

That’s certainly understandable. There was a point in time that I couldn’t see that either. Due to my inability to see it, I believed that life just unfolded and happened as it would. Because of that belief, I experienced life just as I believed although I wasn’t “aware” of the fact of just how powerful that "belief" was at the time. What I've since discovered is the fact that because I "believed that", things “seemed” to just happen and show up for no apparent cause or reason JUST as I BELIEVED.

It "seemed as if" the choices of others and what was taking place in the world "out there" were the defining factor as to what choices I could make or "think" I wasn't making.

I got to experience PRECISELY what I believed. So do YOU. The same holds true for EVERYONE. There ARE exceptions, one of which I wrote about in the last edition titled The Greatest of These Is Love.

The point is this. We can "enable and allow" our BELIEFS to master us OR we can make a "conscious and intentional CHOICE to become the master of our beliefs. There IS a difference. A HUGE one.

That’s why I’ve decided to focus on and write about just that in this edition. The fact that we DO choose what life is like for ourselves. It goes beyond us as individuals though.

We do so as individuals and we do so collectively. And the choices we make reveal themselves in the world around us as the events, conditions and circumstances that we all experience on a COLLECTIVE scale.

That’s not necessarily to say that we individually choose WHAT we see unfolding around us in EVERY case. We don't single handedly choose and create what happens in the world out there. We don't, CAN'T and NEVER WILL be able to CONTROL the choices of others unless THEY enable and allow us to. EVERYONE has a Free Will.

But it is us individually who DO choose the meaning we give ANY event which determines HOW, WHAT and WHY we personally experience whatever we do when we see, hear, smell, touch or taste something that we haven’t personally created.

As we covered in the first edition, we've developed habitual patterns that determine not only WHY but how we respond or react to what we see taking place in the world “out there.”

If you'll recall, I stated that we react out of fear or we respond out of love.

We’ll be expanding on the affect that those CHOICES have on our lives both individually AND collectively in this edition, and due to it's IMPORTANCE, relevance and how BIG it is, we'll be exploring in even greater detail, the HOW and WHY behind it in the next edition as well.

And the reason we WILL be doing THAT is because this is SO BIG. Life Transforming BIG yet MOST aren't aware of just how BIG and IMPORTANT it is in becoming "enabled and empowered" to begin engaging in our "Soul Purpose", making the kind of impact we CAN make and the IMMENSE and TRANSFORMATIONAL role that plays in OUR OWN lives as well as the lives of the collective.

In this edition we'll be specifically addressing a few of MANY reasons why so many “choose” (without even realizing that they are choosing) to "unconsciously react" rather than "consciously respond." We'll also be covering how and why so many choose to remain "unaware" and as a result "seemingly unable" to see just how powerful WE ARE as individuals and how “real and true” it is that our beliefs and choices DO determine the kind and quality of our lives.

What Do YOU Believe, Perceive, Think and Do and More Importantly WHY Do You Believe, Perceive, Think and DO Whatever It Is as You Do?

Earlier I mentioned that the most simple and transformational ANSWERS stem from and reveal themselves by asking the most simple questions.

I think you'll agree that WHY is a very simple question. And it's one that not only deserves but REQUIRES your conscious participation IF you "truly Desire" to experience greater results than you HAVE to this point.

As "true" as that is MOST never get to the core of WHY they believe, perceive, think and DO whatever it is that they do.

But the ANSWER is VERY VERY simple.

As I mentioned in the first edition, what we see and experience in life is determined not only by our individual choices, but also that our choices; for the most part are determined by what we’ve learned, accepted, adopted and believe which is acquired from those who we’ve depended on to teach us, feed us, care for us and keep us safe.

Most adhere to these “passed on” and/or "inherited beliefs" even today, which is perhaps the single biggest reason why the “conscious evolution” of mankind and the things we “truly desire” to see and EXPERIENCE in life individually, so often “seem to be” unfolding at such a slow and daunting pace or in some cases "seem" impossible for us to experience.

It’s NOT unfolding or revealing itself as "slowly" as most “believe” I can assure you. And it MOST CERTAINLY is NOT Impossible. It CAN and often does SEEM that way. The question is WHY? And the ANSWER is YOU.

The simple “fact” that reveals just how “true” that is CAN be understood when you understand that evolution, like the creative process itself NEVER stops. It NEVER rests. It NEVER ceases PROVIDING results.

Something is ALWAYS being created. Change is a constant. And that change is constant simply because creation is a constant. It NEVER rests, NEVER fails and NEVER wavers. We often look at and see what we think and believe is digression in the world but what is unfolding, being created and ALWAYS revealing itself in tangible and measurable form is never DIGRESSION.

Although in our minds we “perceive” digression in the world, it’s NOT digressing at all. It’s ALWAYS in ALL ways EXPANDING. The quality of that expansion stems from both our individual and collective "beliefs, perceptions, choices and the ACTIONS we take based on those factors.

Those same factors determine how we respond or react to what we see unfolding all around us. When we perceive digression (what we don’t want) we have a tendency to react in "fear based" ways. When we perceive expansion (what we do want) we have a tendency to respond in a more "loving" and pleasing kind of way.

In this “unseen space”; this energy (light) and/or spirit space, when you choose to study, explore and UNDERSTAND it, it becomes very clear and EASY to SEE how those tendencies (whether responsive or reactive) impact and determine the kind and quality of our lives.

Doing so reveals just how simple it all is. As "true" as that is, that's what MOST "choose NOT" to do which makes life and the events, conditions and circumstances that reveal themselves in "physical life" seem so complex, difficult or "seemingly impossible" to create.

That's also what "needlessly" creates so much fear.

In this “seen space” where we’re all going in this direction, that direction and this other direction DOING whatever it is that we do, responding to this and reacting to that, it can “seem” really difficult to see that it is in fact, “profoundly simple.” Actually, it becomes MIND BOGGLING simple not to mention PROFOUNDLY exciting IF you’ve been taught, learned and adhere to what MOST have learned and believe regarding life in general and “choose” to make the shift.

That’s what can make life “seem” so complex. But SEEING the simplicity or remaining “seemingly trapped” within the “perceived complexity” and slow hard pace is a matter of choice. We certainly don’t choose what we DON’T want on purpose. We MOST DEFINITELY don’t intentionally self-sabotage our hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations for life.

As "true" as that is, that is PRECISELY what we DO as Unintentional and Unconscious as that DOING is.

But when you begin looking at the processes and systems that are in place; processes and systems that have existed since time itself began, it becomes quite easy to see why things DO “seem to be” moving so slowly, WHY digression "seems so real" as well as WHY far fewer DO than don’t “consciously participate” in the evolution of mankind in a loving and contributory way that holds Real Meaning and Real Purpose of a "desirable kind and quality" for ALL of us as individuals.

Whichever way of DOING things that we choose, it isn’t going to stop the evolutionary process. It IS going to continue EXPANDING, PROGRESSING and sustaining itself whether we make the choice to engage “consciously” as individuals and as a collective species or not.

The kind and quality of this constant expansion though is where CHOICE comes into play…Yours individually and OURS collectively. You, I nor anyone else can STOP that process. That’s the nature of the field or if you prefer the nature of spirit. It’s ALWAYS expanding and ALWAYS growing. It ALWAYS is, ALWAYS has and ALWAYS will. What we CAN do, are doing, always have been doing and always will be doing is determining the kind and quality of what grows in this "field" and shows up in our lives.

That is determined by both individual choice (YOURS) as well as collective choice. (OURS as a species)

And those choices stem from "beliefs" which determine the quality of our ACTIONS. And a KEY understanding that is VITALLY important to acknowledge and understand is HOW these "beliefs" are formed and WHERE they come from.

Our Long Standing Cultural and Sociological Systems That We DEPEND On Aren't as Good or Beneficial as They SEEM To MOST

What do cultural and sociological systems have to DO with engaging in your "Soul Purpose" and how do they impact the kind and quality of our results?

That's what we’re going to be discussing next. 2 aspects of “learning” that we’re ALL exposed to at varying degrees during the course of our lives. And they’re 2 aspects which I’ve personally found, in MANY cases to be part of the problem rather than part of the “solution” as so many “believe” they are.

And once you’re aware and SEE what’s taking place and how, that COULD enable and empower you to begin experiencing a whole new quality of life. It could also enable and empower you to begin contributing TO the “conscious evolution” of YOURSELF and mankind rather than the “perceived digression” that so many are “unknowingly being taught” and as a result “believe to be” true and “just the way things are.”

So, we’re going to take a MUCH closer look as to HOW and WHY that’s “true” as well as how and why we honestly think and believe, in MANY cases that life is NOT about choice at all. We’ll also be looking at WHY and HOW those who have taught us, although they HAVE done the very best they “know how” in MOST cases, isn’t based on the BIGGER PICTURE view of how things “truly are.”

At the same time what those who have taught us what they “think they know” with ALL the right intentions in MOST cases has MOST “choosing unconsciously” and in such a way that blinds them to the Higher Truth that we are active participants in how our lives turn out Individually as well as Collectively.

A "choice" to remain "BLIND" to how real and true that is, CANNOT, HAS never and never WILL enable and allow us to “evolve consciously” and experience a kind and quality of life that EVERYONE says they “truly desire” and “CLAIM” to WANT.

It’s one of MANY aspects of HOW and WHY we come to believe what we DO believe, choose what and as we choose as well as experience what we DO experience individually.

Although on the surface it looks as if and seems as if we have no CHOICE in the matter, underneath it all, choice is ALWAYS the cause and the experiences that stem from those "choices" are the effects.

And they ALWAYS align and harmonize with each other.

We’ll be taking a sneak peak at science, religion as well as spirituality in a very rational, logical, practical and EASY to understand kind of way. And the reason we are going to do that is so those who might think and honestly believe that life isn’t about choice and what they honestly think and believe is DEFINITIVELY true, might be provided with a whole new way of looking at and seeing things.

I do so with the hope and intention of assisting you to SEE that there IS NO SEPARATION or division in the world with the EXCEPTION of the choices we make individually and collectively. What I WON’T be doing is attempting to "convince you" to change your beliefs but rather what I HOPE and INTEND to do is shed some new light which MAY enable you to CHOOSE to rethink things, perhaps adopt NEW beliefs and if you "choose", begin DOING things in such a way that enable and empower you to experience a more wholesome, fulfilling and JOYFUL quality of life.

That of course is "optional." You CAN, if you “choose” believe as you have, keep choosing as you have, continue doing things as you have. But I'll assure you making those "choices" will "enable and allow" you to continue experiencing what and AS you have.

That's the AWESOME thing about life. WE get to choose the kind and quality of ours. One thing is absolute though. And this "absoluteness" applies to us individually and on a larger scale collectively.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

But make no mistake, whichever choice we make individually and aside from what we might experience individually as a result, it DOES without question impact OUR OWN lives as well as the world and everything in it “collectively.”

As Individuals, We are Either Part of The Solution or Part of the Problem

If you’ll recall in the 1st edition I mentioned the fact that; as it pertains to "physical life" and the events, conditions and circumstances that we see and experience in the our own lives as well as the "world out there", we ARE either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

There IS NO in between. We ARE, each of us WITHOUT EXCEPTION contributing to one of the two.

The kind and quality of impact and contribution YOU make is your choice. What I CAN and WILL tell you is that, at one point I was MOST DEFINITELY part of the problem. I didn't know that. I couldn't see it. I certainly didn't "think so" but I was.

Making a conscious choice to begin looking at and "seeing things" differently than I once did, was a “choice” I made many years ago which without a doubt shined a whole new light on MY life. That same choice enabled and allowed me to begin “projecting that newly seen light” out into the world and making the "shift" from "unconsciously and unknowingly" being part of the "problem" to consciously, intentionally and purposefully becoming a "part of the solution."

The EFFECTS that revealed themselves by making that choice enabled and allowed me to begin experiencing a kind and quality of life that I never believed, thought or realized I could previously.

And DOING so WAS as simple as that. I made the shift from being part of the problem and began "consciously choosing" to DO my very very best to become part of the solution.

And this is SO key. I didn’t think or believe I could simply because I didn’t KNOW I could. The reason I didn’t KNOW I could stemmed from what I was told, taught, believed and adhered to until I made a “conscious choice” to begin SEEING and DOING things differently than I had been doing them.

At the same time, I was, as EVERYONE is, doing the VERY BEST I knew how to do although at the same time it conflicted with and sabotaged what I "truly desired" out of life.

The very same holds “true” for you. You CAN both DO and experience the same. And you CAN anytime you “choose.” As true as that is, MOST don’t understand THAT they can let alone how or why they can. They’re simply “unaware” of HOW to do that. Although MOST want to, by the same token MOST don’t simply because MOST don't believe they can so they never make the CHOICE to do so.

Those "beliefs" stem from a number factors. The biggest factor has to do with self worth. Our "beliefs and perceptions" regarding our worth and value determine what we DO or don't do as well as the kind and quality of that DOING whatever it might be.

And I can ASSURE YOU that MOST hold a belief, perception and VIEW of themselves which is FAR LESS than the Worth and Value that we ALL "truly have" and ALL "truly are."

As a result MOST don’t “get to” DO and experience what we LOVE as is clearly apparent and evident when you talk with enough people who CLAIM they want this, want that or want this other thing yet in the same breath CLAIM they CAN’T for any infinite number of what are often labeled as being “justifiable reasons.”

And in MANY cases they REALLY and TRULY DO “seem like” justifiable reasons!!

Yet once you get to the core of things; once you understand why all these “seemingly justifiable reasons” seem so real, true and valid, you begin to SEE in a VERY UNCOMMON kind of way that any “seemingly justifiable reasons” are really nothing more than EXCUSES in disguise.

On the surface, they REALLY and TRULY do "seem like" justifiable reasons, meaning if we see ourselves as physical and finite beings limited to physical and finite ways of DOING things, our "reasons" for NOT doing them can most CERTAINLY "seem to be" justifiable.

But once you SEE what's truly taking place; once you KNOW and understand your WORTH, your VALUE and the Real Power YOU hold through "becoming AWARE" and understanding what's going on "below the surface"; once you make a "conscious choice" to get to the CORE of things, it's quite "simple and easy" to SEE that "seemingly justifiable reasons" really are nothing more than excuses in disguise.

But getting to the CORE requires doing what most WON'T and DON’T do for any infinite number of “seemingly justifiable” reasons. For MOST, it begins by understanding how our current beliefs were acquired. For most, it requires “unlearning” some, or in MANY cases MOST of what they currently believe.

Although it is a form of “unlearning”, at the same time it’s a learning of new information and understanding in an “intellectual kind of way” how and WHY life unfolds as it does. It will also reveal in a very “uncommon kind of way” why we “unknowingly and unconsciously” make choices in life that sabotage and limit what we “truly desire” to have and COULD have IF we only “chose” to make different choices.

So let’s DO THAT now shall we?

The Source of Our Limited Beliefs, Perceptions and the Self Limiting and Self Sabotaging Tendencies Which Follow

To do so effectively, it’s going to be necessary to go back in time. As it pertains to science specifically, 3 centuries back to the period when Darwinian Theory became the predominantly accepted understanding regarding how life works and WHY it works as it does in scientific circles.

Once we’ve DONE that, we’ll also take a look at timeless wisdom that goes WAY back, well beyond Darwinian Theory to the first part of recorded history. We’ll be doing so, with the hope and intention that you might SEE in a very clear and easy to digest and understand kind of way HOW it ALL ties together and what you can DO to make it ALL tie together in a more pleasing and desirable way for YOU and at the same time, benefit the world at large.

In a way that MOST don’t think or believe they can.

Although in the current age; in this century specifically, Darwinian Theory is still accepted by some it’s certainly not accepted by all. You could say that in a sense, a separation took place at some point in time. Some still believe and adhere to Darwinian Theory while some believe that Intelligent Design is a more accurate depiction of how life unfolds.

That’s also where the division between science and religion became quite intense. The religious and scientific views were divided.

Here's why...

Darwinian Theory teaches that life happened accidentally or randomly for no apparent cause or reason. Darwinian Theory also conveys that life as we know it is based on a struggle for survival based on competition. This long outdated theory stems from another form of science called Newtonian physics (17th century) which laid the foundation for science to build upon and has remained the primary scientific model for 3 centuries.

Darwinian Theory stemmed partially from never exploring or understanding how or WHY life happens as it does beyond Newtonian physics. In studying and becoming aware of Newtonian physics, things really and truly DO look and seem as if competition and a struggle for survival is the way things truly are. It looks as if and seems as if things are separate and have no connecting link. Because of that it can ALSO look as if and “seem as if” things simply happen without apparent cause of reason.

When we “choose” to believe such things, it certainly CAN make life “seem as if” it’s hard, a constant struggle and that it IS in fact, a dog eat dog world “out there.” It can certainly SEEM as if it’s survival of the fittest and only the "strong survive."

And from a strictly Newtonian approach, that IS true to a degree. It can SEEM that way. The fact of the matter is, in one sense; in a strictly physical sense, that’s EXACTLY how things are. But in another sense it’s not at ALL how they are. A more accurate way to put it would be to say that things CAN BE that way IF we "choose for them to be but they don’t HAVE to be that way. The determining factor for you individually stems from what YOU believe, perceive and choose for them to be.

That’s why it’s SO VITALLY important to make informed, intelligent and CONSCIOUS choices.

That MAY sound VERY confusing, complex and impossible to grasp and understand currently. So hopefully what follows will clear that up and enable and allow it all to become “crystal clear” soon.

For MOST it “truly does” seem as if it’s a dog eat dog world “out there.” It can at times “seem as if” it’s necessary to DO whatever it takes to survive and get by. Due to how things “seem” based on how we view the world and what’s taking place, that’s without a doubt how things DO “look and seem.”

But what determines how things “look and seem?” Why do you suppose that one person might view something as being evil, bad and horrific while another sees the "good, the benefit and the gift" in the same situation?

Our individual beliefs and perceptions. Nothing more, nothing less. Due to our “learned beliefs” regarding “how things are” followed by what we think and act like based on this more often than not, short sighted, self-limiting and self-sabotaging way of seeing things, life DOES often times seem like a struggle for survival and competition certainly does “seem to be” necessary for us to "survive and get by" as individuals.

I mean let’s be real, rational, logical and practical here. Struggle, competition and a WHOLE bunch of really scary stuff is taking place in the world “out there” currently. Our ecological system is becoming increasingly imbalanced. Super storms are becoming more the rule than the exception. Financial systems are teetering and on the brink of collapse. Wars are raging, people are being murdered, women are being raped, children are being molested and crime rates in general are rising in "some" places.

There’s MUCH MORE “ugly stuff” going on “out there” than that FOR SURE, but you get the idea. Things CAN seem out of control and because of that life can “seem” really scary.

That can certainly not only “seem to be”, but in fact IS some REALLY scary stuff. And from a strictly physical Newtonian viewpoint it IS VERY scary, VERY unsettling not to mention VERY VERY sad and disheartening that things “seem to be” and “appear to be” turning out as they are.

That’s PRECISELY why so many “unconsciously” go through life fearful, struggling, surviving and getting by. And that can “seem” quite normal and natural even. It CAN “seem as if” that’s just how things are so there’s no point in debating or denying the OBVIOUS FACTS and attempting to change anything.

I mean let’s face it Chuck, it IS what it IS right? And what it IS currently is scary; for MANY, VERY scary, VERY difficult, VERY disheartening and MUCH if not MOST of it can “seem” quite “hopeless” and out of our control.

And I'll wholeheartedly agree. It IS what it IS.

Maybe Darwin got it right? Maybe he KNEW what he was talking about? Things sure “seem to be” that way, don’t they? So I’ll be the first to say, ABSOLUTELY. It not only CAN "seem that way, it DOES appear to be unfolding precisely that way. It CAN seem on the surface that things are very scary, very hard, very disheartening and as is the case for many, based on how they “choose” to look at and see things, it can FOR MANY, “seem” hopeless. And due to the size, scope and intensity of all this "perceived chaos" and the "perceived hopelessness" that stems from that world view, it's quite simple to view ourselves as "powerless."

But it CAN also “seem” much different than that. You CAN make a choice to look at things differently than MOST do and make a HUGE and transformational contribution in the process to yourself AND the collective. You CAN make a HUGE impact in changing what you SEE yet prefer not to if and when you choose to.

But to do so effectively; to "enable and allow" yourself to have the biggest possible impact and be "enabled and allowed" to become an active part of contributing to the "solution", it’s necessary to get “below the surface level appearance” of things.

Because the “problem” with this limited Newtonian/Darwinian approach is this…

Like Darwinian Theory, Newtonian physics (which was the scientific theory which was adopted and accepted as being “true” in the scientific community 300 years ago) has long been outdated. NEW discoveries have been made. NEW territories have been and are being explored. A NEW, far more empowering and "consciously contributory" understanding is becoming KNOWN and understood.

And I might add, it’s REALLY exciting and empowering STUFF. And because of ALL this NEW stuff that has been and still is being discovered, explored and understood, the OLD stuff has long since become outdated.'s NOT irrelevant but it IS OUTDATED. It is STILL relevant HERE in the world of shape and form. But it doesn;t look at nor explore ANYTHING outside the world of shape and form. It doesn't enable us to KNOW and SEE how EVERYTHING in the world of shape and form comes to BE what it is.

And it’s long been outdated by a far more exciting, empowering and eye opening form of science called Quantum physics. Quantum physics “clearly reveals” something about life, ourselves, others and the events, conditions and circumstances in the world that MOST have “chosen” to remain, for the most part, “unaware of” and OBLIVIOUS to.

And THAT is some EXCITING stuff!! It CAN BE exciting “stuff” that is if you’re aware of it. But MOST aren’t aware of it. Which brings us BACK to a VERY SIMPLE question. The question is WHY? The answer is quite “simple.”

Because we HAVE BEEN taught and for the most part, are STILL being taught in our educational systems today, a LONG outdated scientific model of WHY things work as they do as well as HOW what we’re SEEING is being created. In essence we’ve been taught; and our children and grandchildren are STILL being taught about life and the world as a mechanical machine. A world where everything is SEPARATE. And in the Newtonian world of shape and form it IS a mechanical machine and IT IS separate. It “APPEARS” and seems that way at least. But quantum physics, the NEW physics is revealing where all this PHYSICAL and MECHANICAL stuff comes from.

Without UNDERSTANDING that; making a "choice" to remain UNAWARE of that, life can seem and as a result DOES unfold and "seem to be" a constant struggle where discord, difficulty and chaos "seem to be" just how things are and how they're going to remain.

Here’s what my personal study of quantum physics has revealed…

Life is about ease, flow, simplicity and perfection AND/OR struggle, discord, difficulty and chaos.

Put in layman’s terms, life as we know it and experience it CAN sometimes “seem to be” a life of ease, flow, simplicity and perfection one moment and in the next “seem to be” nothing more than “struggle, discord, difficulty and chaos.

Here's the GREAT news.

In a New York Minute EVERYTHING Can Change

There's a song that The Eagles performed a number of years ago which says “In a New York minute everything can change.” How profoundly true that is. And as I shared in the last edition titled ‘The Greatest of These is Love’, I discovered through first-hand experience that change not only CAN but DOES happen even quicker than a “New York minute.”

In fact, as I discovered and WITNESSED first hand, it CAN in fact CHANGE “In the blink of an eye.” Put in quantum science lingo, a “quantum leap” CAN take place and change the “seemingly horrific” into the “profoundly miraculous” and do so in “The blink of an eye.”

In a more spiritual light, miracles CAN and DO happen in this mechanical world we live in. Most just aren't FULLY AWARE of HOW or WHY they do. They believe and think it just happens when it's suppose to happen and that there is no apparent CAUSE or reason WHY these "seemingly miraculous" things occur.

In the “seemingly miraculous” case I shared regarding my son, it was a change of a profoundly pleasing and “seemingly miraculous” magnitude. It was not only INTENSE it was almost immediate. It didn’t require the slow hard mechanical pace of the time/space reality that we as "human beings" exist within, are TAUGHT about and so often depend on to make our choices and decisions in MOST cases. If you’re more inclined to think in a scientific kind of way, you might prefer to refer to what took place as a “quantum leap” of an IMMENSELY pleasing and highly desirable quality.

Scientifically, spiritually or otherwise, in my mind, it couldn’t have turned out any BETTER. To me, what happened was AWESOME. Beyond awesome actually. But here’s something else I’ve since discovered since that "seemingly miraculous" occurrence which took place so many years ago.

Within EVERY Good and/or Seemingly Miraculous Event, Condition or Circumstance, Exists The Potential (a Probability) for The Polar Opposite Effect

Things “could have” turned out the other way. It could have been that rather than witnessing what most would call an AWESOME and profound “miracle”, things COULD have taken a turn for the worse and turned out in an exactly opposite way than it actually did. It could have turned out in a “seemingly horrific” and terrifying kind of way.

But it DIDN’T. Although it COULD HAVE turned out in an “opposite” kind of way; in a FAR LESS than pleasing way, it turned out as I “truly desired” for it to. I personally LOVE how it turned out. But it COULD HAVE turned out in a way that I didn’t LOVE at all. It COULD HAVE turned out in such a way that I feared, didn't want and COULD HAVE enabled and allowed IMMENSE pain and suffering to become the experience rather than the Joy, pleasantness and jubilation that WAS experienced.

That’s also what quantum science has revealed. They are showing in tangible, measurable and easy to understand ways that in “the blink of an eye” or if you prefer in a “New York minute” EVERYTHING can change. In fact they have shown that it IS changing…ALWAYS. Nothing is ever idle. Nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable as it always has been and always will be. It CAN change from “seemingly horrific” to seemingly miraculous. It can also change from “seemingly miraculous" to seemingly horrific.

Now on the surface that MOST DEFINITELY doesn’t sound very exciting, empowering or eye opening does it? It “seems as if” and “sounds as if” it’s stating that since both “probabilities” exist; since polarity and duality (awesome vs bad, right vs wrong, evil vs good, etc) IS infused into the bigger scheme of things and the creative process has the ability to provide us with either one, what WE experience as individuals is determined by “luck, fate, chance” or WORSE for NO apparent reason at all. And admittedly based on what most have been taught, have accepted, believe, perceive and “choose to” adhere to, it REALLY and truly CAN and often does “seem that way.”

From this learned, accepted, adopted and BELIEVED to be true “surface level” vantage point it can “look as if” and “seem as if” that’s just how things are. It can certainly SEEM REAL and TRUE that whatever happens just happens without apparent cause or reason. It can “seem as if” our experiences in life; our successes, our failures, our illness or health, our happiness or sadness and our “struggles to survive and get by” or the ease and flow of life is governed and determined by what’s taking place in the world “out there.” It can “seem as if” life and HOW life unfolds are MOST DEFINITELY not designed to be nor does it show up in tangible and measurable form as ease, flow, perfection and simplicity.

And because it “seems that way” It CAN also “seem as if” we have no choice or say so in the matter. And that is PRECISELY how things SEEM to MOST people. Based on WHAT we're BEING Taught, which plays an IMMENSE role in what we BELIEVE and PERCEIVE, combined with the "seeming REALNESS" of what we’re looking at and seeing, “perceived helplessness” can easily become the “conclusion” on both an individual scale as well as on a collective scale.

And because of how things "seem" it's quite "easy" and effortless in fact, to react in fear based ways.

The question is WHY? WHY do things “seem that way.” And the ANSWER is simple. It's because MOST "choose to" focus on and give meaning to all the "surface level STUFF." They have little to NO understanding about how all this "stuff" comes to be. Many "think they do" yet at the same what and HOW they "think" is the very thing that keeps them focused on and often fearing and reacting to what's showing up on the surface.

Let's Dig Below The Surface To SEE That We ARE Creative Geniuses...Unconditionally

One of the masters of the past stated it very clearly and VERY simply.

“To SEE things in the seed, that is genius.”

But our educational systems DO NOT teach what’s happening at the “seed level.” They are teaching our children about all the SURFACE LEVEL stuff. We like to think of and call our educational systems, systems that make people “smarter” when the Higher Truth is that our educational systems are for the most part “dumbing people down” and blinding them to what’s “truly” taking place at the seed level. The level that once learned about, understood and acted upon, enables us to ALL become “consciously creative” geniuses.

The fact of the matter is we ALL are, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, creative geniuses. We ARE all ALWAYS creating something. But due to our learned ways of looking at and viewing things we have, in MOST cases, enabled and allowed ourselves to become and remain “unconsciously creative” geniuses who are “unconsciously creating” far less or in a number of cases, the polar opposite of what we DO desire.

THAT is precisely what enables and allows ALL of this “surface level stuff” to BE the kind and quality that it’s revealing itself as. And I’ll be the first to say, it’s NOT a pretty picture in MANY cases.

But here's the good news. In fact it's AWESOME news.

On the surface, although things DO look and SEEM that way, it’s not as real, true, scary and unchangeable as it seems. But the REASON it’s NOT, the REASON it doesn’t look or “seem that way” is ALSO VERY VERY simple. Before we get into the HOW and WHY behind why it “truly is” so simple, I think it’s also important to say that It certainly doesn’t “seem” simple in MOST cases. In fact it CAN SEEM to be VERY VERY complex and literally IMPOSSIBLE to understand let alone DO something about.

This is perhaps the BIGGEST “seemingly justifiable reason” why more aren’t DOING something about it. They don’t simply because it “seems” so hard and complex. In the minds of MOST, it seems impossible and futile.

The reason it “seems that way” to MOST is simply because MOST haven’t made a “choice” to discover and understand what’s ALWAYS been available to and easily accessible BY them. They simply haven’t made a CHOICE to enable and allow themselves to discover, explore and EXPERIENCE this “seed level” so they might come to a different conclusion. They “choose” to remain in a predominantly held fear, doubt, worry, struggle, survival and get by mindset due to what they’ve been TAUGHT and BELIEVE to be true.

But since THAT is TRUE, since it IS a choice we HAVE made, we CAN begin “choosing” differently. NEW choices CAN BE made; a new understanding CAN BE acquired. Things CAN BE done differently and a NEW quality of life CAN BE achieved if and when YOU make the choice to do so.

Because when you make a “conscious and intentional choice" to dig in a bit; when you make a choice and commitment to dig just a bit, look below the surface level and get to the “seed level” you also begin to understand how simple and perfect it all is.

You also begin to SEE just how VITALLY IMPORTANT it is to plant whatever seeds that you "choose to plant" consciously, intentionally and purposefully. You CAN SEE beyond all the “surface level BULLSHIT” where things CAN seem random, discordant, chaotic and “seem to be” happening without apparent cause or reason.

When you DO that you begin to see just how powerfully creative YOU are as well as how “seemingly magical and miraculous” life CAN be.

That’s also when you begin to SEE the power YOU hold to begin “changing things” individually and how we as a human species can create “seemingly magical and miraculous” change collectively in a way that is FAR MORE PLEASING and desirable for YOU, me and the world at large.

And THAT is when you can begin to see that the determining factor as to whether we experience ease, flow, harmony and simplicity AND/OR struggle, competition, discord and complexity in our lives, is due to US…on both an individual and collective scale.

In a more personal bring it close to home kind of way; when YOU experience ease, flow, harmony and simplicity AND/OR struggle, competition, discord and complexity in YOUR life, it is YOU “choosing that” for YOURSELF.

And you are a PART of the CHOOSING process. You are, I am, your neighbor is, your preacher is, your Mom and Dad are, the leaders of countries are, heads of industry are and EVERYBODY else is too.

There are ZERO exceptions.

YOU choose individually AND WE do so collectively. And HOW as well as WHAT we choose is determining, has determined and will continue to determine what takes place in the world “out there.” And if you should ever get to the place where you begin to CHOOSE consciously, intentionally, purposefully and in a way that holds meaning and purpose for YOU as well as others in the world “out there” is when the “world out there” will begin to change. That’s when life will take on a WHOLE NEW meaning and the purpose of life becomes crystal clear.

But you DON’T have to wait on the world. That's why and HOW so many "perceived" surface level problems keep showing up. MOST are waiting on the world to change. You CAN do that. But you don’t HAVE to. You can start changing your world right here right now IF you make the choice to do so.

That’s what Quantum Physics has revealed. Although Darwinian Theory is to an extent “true” in the tangible world of shape and form, based on what Charles Darwin understood at that time there’s something taking place under the surface that Darwin apparently wasn’t “aware of.” It’s something that enables what’s currently taking place in the world "out there" to be “true” as well as enables an entirely different unfolding of tangible and measurable events, conditions and circumstances to be “equally true.”

But here’s the thing…a VERY IMPORTANT and “potentially life transforming thing.

Although either CAN BE “true”, as it pertains to YOU and YOUR life individually, they CAN’T BOTH be “true” at the same time.

HUH!?!?!? Now HOW could THAT possibly be TRUE?

Simply because Quantum physicists and quantum theory state that ALL probabilities exist. In this “place” they refer to as “the field”, quantum physicists have discovered that ALL probabilities exist simultaneously. To enable that to be as “simple as possible” to grasp and understand, ease, flow, perfection and simplicity are a “probability” just as struggle, discord, and complexity also exist in this same field as “probabilities.”

They also understand that the “probabilities” that DO exist there in “this field” are quite literally of an Infinite variety. There is nothing that exists within this “field” that hasn’t happened, can happen and will happen. It’s ALL there already and it all exists simultaneously. Put another way, there is no time/space limitation in this field and/or Kingdom.

Time/space becomes irrelevant, obsolete and non-existent in a sense.

Now let’s “digress” for just a minute and tie all that in with what we’re taught, accept, adopt and adhere to as we make whatever life choices that we DO make. It will also enable and allow us to SEE how MUCH of what we’ve been taught not only CAN but often DOES limit what’s “truly available” to us in life.

And this is BIG; life changing BIG, so PLEASE do your very best to FOCUS and remain attentive so you might become enabled and empowered to SEE the importance of and the transformational power behind YOU making some NEW choices.

Newtonian physics is STILL, to THIS DAY taught in our educational systems. A 300 year old science that has been LONG outdated for almost than a century. Think about that. That means that your Great Great Grandparents, your Great Grandparents, your Grandparents, your Mom and Dad were also TAUGHT about Newtonian physics and HOW it determines life on this planet.

Is it any wonder that we are walking around, doing this, doing that in such a VERY limited way and in the process experiencing so many “less than desirable EFFECTS” in the tangible world of shape and form?

I SAY it’s outdated and in a sense it is. But in another sense it IS still relevant as it pertains to the physical world. It DOES apply in the Newtonian world of shape and form and Darwinian Theory in the same way, although outdated, still pertains in a sense just as Darwin theorized. But he only had a VERY “small view” of a MUCH larger picture. Apparently, he was only able to SEE a VERY SMALL piece of a MUCH LARGER pie.

He simply wasn’t AWARE that a MUCH Higher Truth existed well beyond what he could see and understand in an “intellectual kind of way” which is PRECISELY what science uses and for the most part depends on.

The INTELLECT. It is acquired, experimented with and recorded in scientific journals based on an “intellectual approach” which stems from and is limited to an INTELLECTUALLY acquired understanding which forms our beliefs and perceptions.

That’s important. The intellect certainly has its place. Making a conscious choice to enhance and expand my own “intellect” was MOST CERTAINLY a VERY IMPORTANT part of my personal journey. But my expansion of intellect DIDN’T happen in our public education systems. My intellect was expanded through SELF EDUCATION. I explored, discovered and learned things that aren't provided in "traditional forms" of education.

As I discovered, although they AREN'T, it DOESN'T mean that such an understanding doesn;t exist. Because IT DOES. And it's VERY REAL, profoundly valid as it pertains to life, it's easily accessible and CAN be explored and understood by ANYONE who “chooses” to do so.

But for me, things happened “kind of” backwards. Prior to my “intellectual journey”; in fact it’s what precipitated my extensive many year “intellectual journey”, I had what most would “judge and label” as being some VERY PROFOUND and EYE OPENING experiences that quite literally blew my mind!! In a very “good kind of way” though. They were experiences; a kind and quality of which CANNOT possibly be fully described, accurately explained nor understood from a limited “intellectual understanding.”

It far exceeded ANYTHING of an intellectual nature. It didn’t require going here and going there, learning this and learning that over a period of “time” to SEE and KNOW things that I’d never studied, explored or been exposed to as a child or in my adult life. Put simply it didn’t require the limitation and the “seemingly real” slow hard pace of space/time to SEE and KNOW things that can only be described as “profound" and which "seemed" to happen in a "seemingly miraculous" kind of way.

You could say it was yet another "Blink of an eye" experience.

At the same time it revealed and made VERY CLEAR that much of the “intellectually acquired” understanding I’d been taught, bought into and believed to be “true” about life to that point was in fact VERY limited. It revealed that it wasn’t WRONG but rather LIMITED; only provided a very small and incomplete picture of the “potential scenery” that could be known and due to following this “previously acquired” intellectual understanding I’d acquired and "chose" to adhere to at that point, could NEVER provide what I “truly desired” in life.

As I often share, human language and the limited vocabulary we have to work with as “human beings”; REGARDLESS of dialect or how masterfully articulated and structured those words might be can come ANYWHERE remotely close to explaining or accurately describing that experience and what I came to KNOW in the “blink of an eye.”

It literally shattered the very foundation of MUCH of what “I thought I knew” which I acquired from my parents, from traditional education, outdated science and what I’ve since discovered that MANY religions of the world STILL teach today.

But at the same time, the “intellectual gathering and acquiring of knowledge that followed and took MANY years and a lot of time and many “focused choices” to acquire, revealed in a rational, logical, practical and PROFOUNDLY empowering kind of way, not only WHY I had those experiences, but supported in a VERY REAL and tangible kind of way that what I'd experienced was valid.

It’s also how and WHY I came to be VERY discerning and “keenly aware” of the importance of becoming and remaining "conscious and watchful" as others share their beliefs and opinions and teach us in the “best way they know how”, what’s TRUE and UNTRUE about life.

It’s also what enables the “human side of me” to become very “PISSED OFF” at times when I see those who have read some Law of Attraction book or attended some “You can have it all RAH RAH motivational seminar teaching people how quick, cheap, simple, easy, and blink your eyes fast “getting what you WANT” is.

Don’t misunderstand it CAN be VERY quick. It CAN seem VERY easy. It IS, without question VERY simple. And it CAN happen in the “blink of an eye.” But when only “part of the picture” is presented it CAN and often DOES create results that conflict with rather than align and harmonize with what we ALL truly desire.

And the BIGGEST thing that conflicts with that is teaching a “What’s in it for me” and “What do I get out of it” approach. Because I can assure you, regardless of where you are, what you believe or what you desire in and for your life, it’s that VERY APPROACH that WILL keep you from “receiving what we ALL “truly desire” as well as “seem to” keep things evolving and progressing in ways that HARM rather than benefit yourself and others on a collective scale.

This brings us into another form of teaching, programming and indoctrination that I BELIEVE; after having “walked the path”, for a number of years following my "blink of an eye" experience, also keeps things from evolving in the way so many “desire” them to. It’s a kind and quality of teaching that MANY have been adversely affected by yet all the while “fully believe” is “good teaching” and the “right thing to do” based on what we’ve been taught.

And that teaching stems from various religions.

I’ve personally discovered that RELIGION and what the mystics, sages, masters, and philosophers since antiquity have ALWAYS claimed and taught since the beginning of recorded history which began 6000 years ago is in MANY cases quite DIFFERENT. There are certainly similarities. Much of it is spot on. But MUCH of it also conflicts with rather than harmonizes with thinking, speaking and DOING things based on “Unconditional Love.”

And because it IS, I think it’s vitally important to make a distinction between Religion and Spirituality. Unbeknownst to MANY, there IS a HUGE and in MOST cases a potentially life changing difference.

What I’ve personally discovered and “believe to be true” is that religion is really nothing more than a school which claims to be focused on teaching and conveying “spiritual principles.” Although the "intention" behind it may be pure, the teachers, MUCH like the teachers in secular schools, teach what THEY’VE been taught in the best way they know how.

They DO the best they can based on their “intellectually acquired” educations. They DO what they DO with all the right intentions yet in MANY cases it’s based on an intellectually acquired understanding whic in MANY cases is VERY LIMITED, rather than an EXPERIENTIAL understanding which reveals the Infinite Nature of things.

They adhere to and follow in the best way they know how, what they've been taught. It's all they know. But I've also found that although they do the best they can from a strictly intellectual approach, the message can become tainted, watered down and infused with fear, guilt, judgment, unworthiness, helplessness and a whole bunch of other less than empowering .

And believe me when I tell you, THAT IS a "game changer."

Because of that I think it’s important to say this…

Spirituality in the way I use the term has NOTHING to do with religion. My personal journey, part of which entailed studying various religious doctrines and dogmas as well as tracing much of the ancient texts back to their origin, has CLEARLY REVEALED that religion is nothing more or less than “man’s limited interpretation” of spirituality.

And as I found by “walking that path”, in comparison to what I experienced and came to KNOW in my "blink of an eye" moment, it’s a VERY LIMITED interpretation. As well intentioned as it might be, it’s nothing more than man’s attempt to understand and explain in an “intellectual kind of way” what is quite literally INFINITE in nature and literally impossible to grasp, understand or experience in its FULNESS in an intellectual kind of way.

Because it IS INFINITE in nature, it CAN NEVER be fully understood let alone explained in a way that man attempts to. At the same time, that’s what MANY religious teachers do. They tell you and attempt to get you to believe that “their way” is the ONLY way without understanding in an experiential kind of way that there are literally an infinite number of ways, an infinite number of choices that can be made and an infinite number of experiences that stem from those choices.

And MY experience has revealed that due to the fact that MANY of them teach guilt, unworthiness, fear, judgement, condemnation, etc., that MANY make vitally important life choices that align and harmonize with this "learned and/or inherited" message and as a result "unconsciously create the polar opposite of what's truly desired.

In other words it’s a form of teaching and “schooling” that CAN BE very limiting. As I’ve discovered after walking that path, and exploring the MANY denominations within the Christian faith as well as a number of other religions of the world, is the FACT that in MOST every case, MOST of what IS TAUGHT in MOST religious circles, IS in fact VERY limiting.

More than just “limiting”, it’s also in MANY cases VERY self-sabotaging and leaves MANY; MOST perhaps “feeling as if” they are "unworthy" sinful little beings who have no power or in some cases, VERY LIMITED power to change things. In addition, MOST religions create division and separation even amongst themselves. In fact MOST religions judge, blame, condemn and some even KILL those of other religions who have “been TAUGHT” and believe differently than they may.

If you attempt to make sense out of the ancient texts with a predominantly held Darwinian Theory mindset and integrate that understanding with the “intellectual understanding” of Newtonian physics which is STILL taught in our educational systems today, (an intellectual understanding that we’ve been taught, have accepted, believe and make our life choices by) those ancient texts CAN BE quite a scary read.

The very same holds true in MANY religions. If you listen to what a preacher, teacher, pastor or any “man of the cloth” tells you” is “true” about the texts are conveying or what God and/or the Masters of the past “wanted you to know and follow” or DEMAND that you follow without being discerning, chances are quite good that you’ll walk some “less than desired” paths before you’ll become enabled to SEE and choose the path that we’re ALL looking for and truly desire to walk down.

Based on my period of walking the “religious path” and listening to what “man” has to say about spiritual issues, It CAN seem as if God or WHATEVER the Source of your understanding might be is pretty ticked off and ready to do away with the WHOLE bunch of us. We can THINK and BELIEVE that some of us are good and some of us are REALLY REALLY bad and because of that, for SOME of us, there’s going to be HELL to pay.

And to a degree that’s also “true.” There CAN be “hell to pay” based on OUR CHOICES. It can SEEM like HELL at least. But here’s something else I’ve personally discovered through another VERY PROFOUND and EYE OPENING experience prior to walking all these “intellectually limited” paths I’ve walked since with the hope and intention of understanding in an "intellectual kind of way" how these previous experiences, these "seemingly miraculous" experiences happened.

And based on that experience as well as a number of others, I’ve come to the “personal conclusion” that the 17th century writer and poet, John Milton nailed it when he stated…

“We can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell.”

It’s simply a matter of choice. And that choice points to what you believe, how you perceive and which paths you choose to walk down as you DO whatever it might be that you do.

That CERTAINLY aligns and harmonizes with my personal experience as I’ve made various “choices” and navigated the many life paths I have. Believe me when I tell you, I’ve experienced BOTH what “seemed like” heaven and hell and I never left my body or this earth in a physically literal kind of way.

I’ve personally experienced what it’s like to be in the “space” where “weeping and gnashing of teeth” was VERY real. NOT a fun place to be. But at the same time, for ME, it was necessary. It was a "GOOD" thing. It served a purpose. A purpose that I refer to today as a “greater good.”

On the other hand when you explore the same texts based on and having acquired an expanded understanding of Quantum Physics and Quantum theory, the texts take on a whole New Light. New LIFE is breathed into them. You begin to see that these same “seemingly scary” texts read more like a metaphysical book of instruction, insight and wisdom for “consciously creating” and experiencing a joyful, wholesome and fulfilling quality of life rather than “seeing it” as a book of laws that you MUST adhere to and follow "or else.”

You begin to SEE; REALLY SEE that YOU are at cause individually and WE are at cause collectively for EVERY event, condition and circumstance that unfolds and reveals itself in YOUR life.

No, you may not be THE Cause whatever you perceive Cause to be but you, me and everyone else are an integral part of that Ultimate Cause and are provided a “free will” to believe, perceive, think, choose, DO and EXPERIENCE as you will.

How so?

Since we depend predominately on our conscious and intellectual capacities which are based on rationale, logic, reason and what we believe to be feasible, let’s make some rational, logical and feasible comparisons between 21st century science and what the masters, mystics and sages since antiquity have ALWAYS taught.

The Bridge and Connecting Links Between Science and Spirituality

Quantum theory states that EVERYTHING is “Light.”

We’re not going to go into the “scientific basics” regarding energy. Hopefully by now, you understand what E=MC2 means. If you’re reading this chances are better than good that you “get that”; at least to some degree already. There's enough "Law of Attraction" stuff "out there" that many understand “intellectually” that EVERYTHING is energy and energy attracts.

So we’re going to go a bit deeper than energy. More specifically we’re going to look at what modern day science has to say about “energy”, what it is and what enables energy to exist and BE at all.

It goes beyond what we’ll be looking at and exploring here, but it’s necessary to take it a “step at a time.” Once we’ve taken this step we’ll take more steps in the future so you might begin to clearly see in an easily understandable and simple to digest kind of way what EVERYTHING “truly is” and how the texts and 21st century science converge into a VERY empowering and potentially life enhancing understanding.

And the ONLY reason it WILL or WILL NOT be life changing for YOU will depend on what YOU do or DON’T do with it.

What science HAS discovered which is an understanding that is easily acquired for those who choose to look for it, is the fact that energy, in its purest and most basic form is Light. One of the most fundamental and foundational elements that enable energy to exist and BE at all is Light. For the sake of simplicity let’s just say that “light and energy” are one and the same thing.

Now if you’re of the mindset that everything in life is solid which IS what Newtonian theory “claims” and teaches, seeing anything let alone EVERYTHING as energy and “light” can MOST CERTAINLY “seem” a bit (or even a LOT) weird and ridiculous. It can "seem" to be woo woo, new age nonsense.

It CERTAINLY “seemed that way” and “appeared” that way to me…FOR SURE.

But when you break all this solid stuff down and see beyond the “seemingly solid” appearance of things; when you look deeper than molecules, atoms, subatomic particles (energy) and get to what enables and allows EVERYTHING to exist, it becomes quite rational, logical, feasible and practical to understand and SEE that EVERYTHING in its purest and most basic form, is ALL Light.

That’s ALL it is. ALL of it without exception.

Let’s do a little “cross referencing” between science and what the Master of the Christian faith stated VERY clearly. Maybe you'll be able to make and SEE the connection.

The ancient texts clearly states that...

“YOU are The Light of the world.”

Hmmmm…now that could be interesting. But hey, wait a minute it says, YOU are the light of the world. It doesn’t say a THING about EVERYTHING being light.

So, let's dig a bit further. The ancient text also states...

  • As you believe you receive.

  • As a man thinketh so is he.

  • Ask and it shall be given.

  • Seek and you will find.

  • Live by faith and not by sight

  • Who of you, if your son asks for bread, would give him a stone?"

There are FAR too many to list here.

But here was a BIGGY for me which "clearly revealed" in an "intellectual and scientifically validated" kind of way that what was revealed in my "blink of an eye" moment was in a tangible and measurable kind of way, PROFOUNDLY and transformationally valid as well as applicable in day to day life...

“Thou shall decree a thing and “The Light” will shine upon your ways.”

Here’s where 21st century science further supports, substantiates and ties in with "spiritual wisdom"…

Quantum theory also states that we live in a SUBJECTIVE rather than an OBJECTIVE reality. What do they claim that it’s “subject to?” Our observation of it. Our individual beliefs and perceptions determine our “unique and individual way of looking at and seeing things ALL of which are Light.

So you could say, although scientists use different lingo, that you (your mind) directs and orchestrates this light that EVERYTHING is comprised of which also determines your individual conclusions regarding anything. It clearly shows that what exists in the tangible world of shape and form only exists due to YOUR observation of it. They've also discovered that ANY and ALL probabilities transmute from wave (light) to particle form (energy) based on

You can believe, perceive, look at and see it anyway you choose and based on that observation, it IS and will continue revealing itself and showing up in tangible and measurable form precisely in the way that you believe and perceive it to be.

"The light will shine upon your ways." The waves forms of "light" transmute and become "particles of matter."

Now I don’t know about you, but to ME there are some STRIKING and eye brow raising similarities between these 2 “seemingly separate” areas of understanding. By the same token if you SEE them or ANYTHING for that matter as being SEPARATE in ANY way, shape or form, that CAN and in many cases DOES present a number of “challenges.”

But within every "perceived challenge" also exists an opportunity.

The challenges arise from seeing things as separate. I can assure you that seeing ANYTHING in life as “separate” IS an “unconscious approach” to life. It not only CAN but WILL create challenges. But on the flip side, as with ALL things; that also presents an opportunity. The opportunity that arises is “consciously choosing” to see things as they are. As they “truly are”, NOT as MOST "choose" to view them which by the way, is as being “separate.”

In the way that we're TAUGHT that they are.

Because NOTHING is separate. It’s ALL LIGHT. It’s all the same stuff.

But what if you DON’T currently look at or see things that way? What if, no matter how HARD you try or how much you WANT to, you just cannot for the life of you SEE things in this light and for the “good” that they are?

Then what do you do?

We have instruction for that as well. It simply states…

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

From a Quantum theory perspective, when you “change your mind” you become enabled and empowered to orchestrate and converge this Light (energy) in such a way that “enables and allows” you to create (or if you prefer, co-create) the events, conditions and circumstances in your life in a far more pleasing and desirable kind of way IF and/or WHEN YOU make the CHOICE to do so.

You do so “consciously and intentionally” rather than “unconsciously and in a “seemingly” half-hazard” kind of way. When you DO that, you could say that you begin to “See the light.”

Then, once you're enabled to See the light as and for what it TRULY is, you can begin “consciously decreeing”, consciously orchestrating and “consciously directing” this Light in a more pleasing and desirable kind of way. In a way that the “light” which shines upon your ways, illuminates your path and transmutes from waves of probability into particles of matter in a way that is more pleasing and desirable for you and ALL involved.

In a way that you “consciously choose.”

But to do so effectively, it’s also necessary to DO something else. And the reason it’s necessary, is due to how we've been programmed and conditioned to look at, fear, judge and label all this “less than desirable” stuff that’s taking place all around us in this Newtonian world.

It goes on to “clearly state” to...

  • “Judge NOT by appearances.”

  • "Judge NOT and YOU will not be judged."

  • "Do unto others as YOU would have then DO unto you."

How so?

By simply “observing” whatever you’re SEEING in a whole new way. By looking at it and SEEING things in a whole new “Light.” You DO that by changing what you BELIEVE to be true about it which changes your “perceptions” regarding it. As your “perceptions change, how you VIEW it changes and as you get better and more masterful at DOING so you begin to “see it” in a tangible and measurable “real world” kind of way take on a WHOLE NEW form…you SEE it, life, yourself, others as well as EVERY event, condition and circumstance in the world “out there” in a whole new Light.

As American author, Dr. Wayne Dyer so accurately and eloquently quoted...

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

That’s NOT some airy fairy, far-fetched, wild eyed, new age, "wishful thinking" approach. It CAN BE clearly seen, explored and understood in the texts that are 6000 thousand years old.

It CAN BE clearly SEEN and understood by making a “conscious choice” to explore and understand what 21st century science has come to understand and in an intellectual kind of way what has made available to ANYONE who “chooses” to discover, explore and understand it.

"Seek and you will find."

So, HOW do we DO that?

Well, you COULD refer to the ancient texts for those answers. You COULD do as it instructs and “Judge NOT by appearances.” You COULD enhance your “beliefs and perceptions” in such a way that aligns and harmonizes with what you “truly desire” or you CAN also DO as most DO and see it in the limiting, scary, judgmental and “fear based” way that MOST have been TAUGHT, learned, accepted, believe and have adopted as their own truth.

And you COULD consistently do what MOST do based on those factors and experience a kind and quality of life that MOST do.

Nothing “wrong” with that if that’s the choice you make. And the reason that’s “true” is simply because at the “light level”; this “seed level” at the quantum level, there is no right or wrong. There's only Light.

And as you seek, WHATEVER you SEEK, whether it aligns and harmonizes with your hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations or NOT, you'll find it and based on those findings, should you BELIEVE it, internalize and adhere to it, "The Light will shine upon your ways"...unconditionally.

It's NOT right, wrong, good, bad or ANYTHING else than "Light converging" to provide PRECISELY what you CHOOSE to decree.

Where the judgments and labels of “right or wrong”, good or bad, miraculous or horrific, evil or saintly comes into play is our individual beliefs and perceptions with regard to what’s unfolding. There is no “wrong” thinking. There is only thinking which produces results. If you “think and believe” that something is “wrong” you are only directing the light; planting seeds; engaging at this “quantum level” in such a way that reveals what you believe and perceive as being “wrong” just as you choose.

You’ll NEVER read or hear me say that YOU are doing something right or wrong. I don’t make such choices or judgments. I don’t simply because I KNOW that a “choice” to do so only serves to impact my own life. As I sow I reap. As I believe, I receive. The kind and quality of my decrees for myself or ANYONE else, precipitates the light shining on my ways just as I choose.

The crowd tends to judge, label, condemn, point fingers, label things and approach life in a "fear based" and REACTIVE kind of way. Choosing to follow the crowd is CERTAINLY your choice.

But here’s what I CAN and WILL tell you with absolute certainty. If you “follow the crowd” and “choose” to believe, think, speak and act as MOST do, you WILL receive results in your life; a kind and quality of which MOST do.

Albert Einstein clearly stated, "You can't resolve a "problem" with the same kind of "thinking" that created it."

Make no mistake; you DO have that choice. You CAN view it however YOU choose to view it. It may “seem” difficult to “view it” in a different way than you DO now but the reason for THAT is VERY simple as well.

It’s simply because you’ve LEARNED to view it in a “limited” kind of way. Because of what you’ve LEARNED, you CHOOSE to “BELIEVE” and adhere to what you’ve been taught and how it “should be” viewed which defines and determines the choice that follows to enhance and elevate your individual “perceptions” regarding life or CHOOSE to remain where MOST CHOOSE to remain.

When you combine WHAT you’ve learned, WHAT you believe and how you “perceive” things, “The Light” is directed and converges just as YOU instruct. The harvest mirrors the kind and quality of “seeds” that YOU choose to plant.

“The Light shines upon your ways” just as YOU choose. "As you sow you reap." Whatever you seek out you find. The doors you knock on, open. What you FOCUS on expands. What you FEED grows.

And it's The Light that ensures that you RECEIVE just as YOU choose.

So what about those events, conditions and circumstances that reveal themselves in our lives which we perceive to be and which appear in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives as darkness and shadows?

Now surely…no scratch that, MOST DEFINITELY those “seemingly dark and shadowy times in our lives couldn’t POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with Light right?

WRONG. Not literally wrong. Just a wrong way to view them IF you “truly desire” and have a “heartfelt intention” to SEE and experience the Light for what it truly is and direct the light in a way that eliminates the darkness and shadows that we ALL at times experience. And it’s a VITALLY important thing to understand, grasp and apply IF you “truly desire” to SEE this Light take tangible and measurable form in the way most CLAIM they’d like to SEE it yet never make the choice to do.

Because you simply CANNOT “see the light” IF you choose to consistently place your ATTENTION on the darkness and shadows that “seem so real” and scary.

We’ll be looking more closely at what shadows and darkness “truly are” in the next edition. I’ll give you a hint now though. These “seemingly dark and/or shadowy periods of our lives are “light” being projected based on “unconscious choices” which enable and allow the “light” to “seem” dimmed or blotted out.

But it’s not dimmed nor blotted out unless YOU choose to believe, perceive and SEE things that way. Your MIND can certainly make things "appear" that way.

Helen Keller made a “profound” and potentially transformational statement MANY years ago that MOST “choose” to remain blinded to and overlook the wisdom that was being conveyed and shared.

She said…

“Keep your eyes toward the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.”

Granted she DID use tangible and measurable things (your eyes and the sunshine) in her analogy due to the fact that we've become "programmed and conditioned" to depend on what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell to determine in our own minds what’s real, right and true about life. But the meaning behind what she shared is quite profound, could be quite enlightening, illuminating, not to mention PROFOUNDLY liberating IF and WHEN you choose to look deeper than what IS tangible and measurable and which for most “seems” so real.

Because she could have said, “Keep your eyes on the light and you cannot see the shadows and darkness.”

But I can also assure you that Helen understood where MOST are and also understood that stating it in that way would have gone WAY OVER the heads of a predominantly BLIND and SHORT SIGHTED group of people who make so many “blind” and shortsighted “choices” based on what they “think they know” which only serves to intensify and GROW the shadows and darkness than so many CLAIM they want no part of.

And THAT is what's taking place in the world on an individual as well as a COLLECTIVE scale which is in MOST cases revealing all the darkness and shadows that so many are so fearful about.

By ALL MEANS, DO NOT believe it simply because I say it. Find out for YOURSELF. DO something that will enable and allow you to SEE IT for yourself.

So, with all that said, here’s what I recommend you DO next if you’re serious about rising above and transcending all the “perceived” darkness, shadows and “less than desirable” results that MOST experience in life fully believing that they have no “choice” in the matter and little to no power to change things.

Start MEDITATING as quickly as you can possibly “choose to.” NOT just ANY form of meditation. A very structured, intentional and purposeful process of meditation that will enable and allow you to NOT ONLY see the light but also KNOW in a VERY uncommon kind of way just how perfect, precise, harmonious and free flowing the "process of creation is." That's when you can KNOW for yourself both intellectually AND EXPERIENTIALLY how harmonious and free flowing life CAN be IF ever and WHENEVER YOU make the “choice” to do so.

Meditation isn't as weird or esoteric as MANY believe.

More than 600 scientific studies clearly reveal that the Physiological, Psychological, Sociological, Ecological and Spiritual Benefits of meditation are not only VERY REAL, they’re ENORMOUS.

There have been more than 600 scientific studies conducted at 200 independent universities and institutions in 35 countries which have been published in over 100 leading scientific journals concerning the IMMENSE BENEFITS of Meditation

Life changing ENORMOUS individually AND collectively.

The ancient texts also convey the importance of meditation. They “clearly” state "BE STILL and KNOW that I AM God."

They also “clearly state”, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.”

The Kingdom is the "seed level." When you make a conscious choice to SEE how true and profound that is, you can begin "consciously, intentionally and purposefully" planting your seeds in such a way that enable and allow you to experience a kind and quality of life that MOST choose not to.

MOST won’t. That’s a fact. But those who DO will become “enabled and allowed” to SEE just how AWESOME, amazing, joy filled and LOVING life CAN BE for those who “choose to do” what most WON’T, DON’T and perhaps NEVER will.

It's my heartfelt hope and intention for you, that you'll "choose" to be one of the few.

That’s all I’ve got this month. Chew on it. Ponder it. Internalize it. Process it. Think about it. By all means, DO some research and come to your own conclusions. DO whatever you feel you NEED to do to discern, decide and find out for YOURSELF just how “true” what I’ve shared is so you might SEE and then be, do and have what MOST, whether consciously or unconsciously "choose” not to.

Walk the intellectual path if you choose. But from MY perspective the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing YOU or ANYONE else can do is skip all the limited “intellectually acquired garbage”, STOP “trying” to “figure things out” and go straight to the Source where a KNOWING and a sense of AWE, magnificence, peace, assurance and LOVE that simply CANNOT be described exists.

Intellectual forms of speculation, whether religious or otherwise can never, have never and never will provide a substitute for actual God (or whatever the Source of your understanding might be) contact. That is FOR SURE.

It DOES exist HERE in the tangible world of shape and form as well. But since MOST just can’t SEE that, as a result MOST will never EXPERIENCE that.

Meditation WILL take you there and enable you to experience “just that” without ever leaving your house. Then, you CAN do as I and many others have “chosen to do” and USE what you gain “there” HERE in the tangible world of shape and form and start orchestrating and directing the Light in such a way that benefits us ALL.

It WILL that is, IF you make a choice to do so and then “choose” to utilize what you discover.

The choice is of course, as it ALWAYS has been and ALWAYS will be…YOURS.

Till Next Month,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone - 405-494-7593
Fax - 405-494-7604

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Core VII - Circle of Masters

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