The "Higher Truth" About Truth

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The "Higher Truth" About Truth

The Higher Truth About Truth Is Oftentimes Overlooked Creating A Quality and Solidified "Perception Of Truth" That Most Consistently "Hope and Wish" They Could Rise Above

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Let’s cover something in this edition of Enlightened Journey that I’ve personally come to know and “perceive” to be true based on a number of personal experiences as well as my years of interaction with a number of people from around the globe from all walks of life.

Let's consider a perspective that hopefully will provide you with an expanded perspective regarding your life and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in the various areas of your life.

Namely the “Higher Truth” about truth.

I personally believe it to be an extremely powerful and transformational “perspective” that most people don’t choose and as a result never come to understand or experience the transformational and life enhancing power that doing so provides.

It has to do with your individually chosen truth. More specifically the differences between your individually held “perceptions of truth” and what I often refer to as a “Higher Truth.”

First, before we get into how “perceptions of truth” vary and in most cases differ from what I refer to as a “Higher Truth” let’s clear the air about something that I believe is VITALLY important to understand.

There exists no such thing as “truth or untruth” with the exception of the "fact" that The Truth is Infinite in nature.

When you speak with anyone concerning a specific event, condition or circumstance going on in the world around them you can and do begin to clearly see and understand that depending on the individually held perceptions which are always based on inherited beliefs that always result in the past experiences of those you are speaking to, it’s the combinations of these 2 factors that determines without fail, what truth is held and solidified by each individual.

These individual “perceptions of truth” held, cause and create any number of potential outcomes of an infinite variety, but ALWAYS…ALWAYS…in ALL WAYS harmonize with whatever truth someone may choose to hold. Some of these outcomes are “perceived” as being “good” while others are “perceived” as being “bad.”

It’s those very “perceptions” held that have created whatever is being experienced today and if nothing changes, meaning the same quality of truth held remains the choice of that individual, that will determine the kind and quality of future outcomes that are experienced by that individual.

There are some who are willing to kill and even die to support and substantiate that their individually held “perceptions of truth“ are THE truth. Some will become extremely angry as they make their best attempt to convince others around them that their individually held truth is TRUE and as such, should be accepted and held as EVERYONE’S truth.

The Higher Truth is that attempting to force and make your truth the truth of another who doesn’t see or perceive things the way that you do…who “perceives” another thing as being “true”, can and often does result in a “perceived” separation.

Perceived separation only serves one purpose. To separate and further reinforce the perceptions predominantly held by the global population that we exist within and are victims of a world infused with luck, fate, chance, randomness and chaos.

Yet it’s only a perception that’s held individually and on a broader scale, due to the “predominant perceptions” widely held by vast majority of individuals, projects these perceptions forming the perception of the collective which only serves to reinforce and further substantiate how random and chaotic the world is on a global scale.

Put another way it’s the perceptions held by the collective as a whole regarding luck, fate, chance, randomness and chaos being the “truth” that serves as the underlying cause for that truth showing up in physical form further reinforcing the perceptions that the collective holds as more of the same shows up in our “perceived” reality.

The Higher Truth is that there exists only One Ultimate Truth which is infused with and based on Love.

This is an immutable and unwavering truth. It’s not dependent on the individually or collectively held perceptions that create “perceived separation” in the Newtonian world that so many choose to look at, give their attention to and “perceive” as being so real.

It’s this same Love that provides each of us with an inalienable right of free will, enabling each individual to choose their own truth and delivers to them in each and every area of their lives events, conditions and circumstances that harmonize perfectly with whatever “truth” they might choose to hold for themselves.

It doesn’t mean that what they believe and perceive as being TRUE is “really true.” It only means that many “perceive” it to be true which makes that perception real and true in the minds of those who choose whatever it might be as their truth. And it's that which unfolds perfectly and precisely in their lives just as they are believing, perceiving and "choosing" for it to.

The same “truth” holds “true” whether individually or collectively.

It will prove beneficial for you and the enhancement of your life individually…more specifically the various events, conditions and experiences that unfold in your life, to become “conscious” and aware of what level and quality of truth that you’re choosing to hold individually.

Is it based on Love? Does it serve and benefit all who this truth is directed toward and held about? Is it based on empathy, compassion and understanding? Does it serve the betterment of the collective or is it based on fear, judgment and serve as the cause for someone “losing” so you can win?

These can prove to be transformational questions to ask yourself and become “conscious of.” It can, will and does serve as an “Awakening” for those who choose to slow down just long enough to ponder and reflect on the transformational power that is revealed as a result.

It goes beyond being “self serving”, although in a sense it does serve you individually but on a broader scale it also serves the collective and whether you understand it or choose to believe it or not, impacts the collective in ways that may not be immediately evident.

But rest assured it does.

“Allowing” others to hold whatever truth they choose…”Accepting” and honoring the “free will” of others is an important aspect of projecting your light to the world which in turn enables you to receive and experience more of what you “desire“ to experience.

You don’t have to like or agree with the truth of another, but choosing to love and accept all even though they might hold a different perception of truth than you… can, will and does only serve to enable and empower you to experience a kind and quality of life that aligns and harmonizes with your individually held hopes, dreams and desires and at the same time enable others to…through their own choices and in their own timing…based on the results that they witness you experiencing, create curiosity within them often times results in them asking "How do you do that?" opportunity for you to shine your light without forceful intent.

Your "light shining" enables others to elevate and develop a Higher Truth that further supports and expands life as we know it on both an individual and a collective level.

That’s something to think about and become “conscious of.”

The point being (which I got a bit sidetracked on there for a minute :) ) is that truth is whatever you choose for it to be.

You can choose to “perceive” lack, limitation, disharmony and discord as being “real and true” if you choose and as a result experience just that as you choose.

You can if you choose, elevate and expand such a limiting “perception” of truth and as a result experience outcomes that harmonize perfectly with that expansion.

Truth is eternal. Truth is infinite. That’s the “Higher Truth.”

Whatever you perceive as being true will with unwavering certainty, unfold in your life just as you choose.

That’s how Love designed it. A “Perfect Plan”, sometimes referred to as Universal Law or Laws of Nature was put in place to ensure that man in his limited, short sighted and often times self serving “unconsciousness” couldn’t mess up or disrupt the Ultimate Truth that never fails or wavers.

The Ultimate Truth is that you get to choose what truth is for yourself and "The REAL Beauty" of it is...You ALWAYS get to be right.

It’s what enables the perfection of the process of creation to continue unhampered.

The “Real Truth” is that…”As you believe you receive.”…“As you ask, so are you given.”…“As you reap you sow.”…As a man thinketh, so is he.”…“As above so below.”…“As within, so without.”

Need I say more?

Take all the “religion” out of those profound messages of wisdom and you’ll clearly understand just how true and powerful they are.

You have been provided an inalienable right of free will and freedom to choose your own truth and as a result of this incredible and awesome gift, are choosing what you are and will continue experiencing in every aspect of your life.

That’s the ONLY “Real and Higher Truth.”

Isn’t that exciting?

It can be when you choose to become aware of just how “true” it is and make the choice to harmonize your thoughts, words and actions with “Unconditional Love and Acceptance” of both yourself, the events, conditions and circumstances that you create for yourself as well as those who you encounter throughout your individually chosen journey.

That’s where your “True Power” lies and will without fail once recognized, understood and “consciously and consistently utilized” provide experiences in life that so many today “perceive” as being miracles.

Which points us toward and challenges us to grasp and understand yet another Higher Truth"...

This “Higher Truth” is that EVERYTHING is a miracle. EVERY single aspect of creation, regardless of individually held beliefs and perceptions regarding what shows up, is ALWAYS a miracle. Every second of every minute of every day is a miracle. A creation unfolding just as you yourself choose whether those choices are being made “consciously or unconsciously.”

It’s simply a matter of choosing to accept complete and total responsibility for wherever you might currently find yourself in life…to become conscious of what “miracles” you are and have created for yourself…and if you find that they are “less than desired”, simply choose to expand the quality of your currently held truth that will without fail create miracles that are more in alignment with what you desire to experience.

You can’t escape the “Higher Truth.” You can’t over or under believe Source whatever you might “perceive” Source to be.

Source provides whatever it might be that you choose and ALWAYS does so based on the “Unconditional Love” that Source is.

That’s the “Higher Truth.”

Making the choice to “Awaken” and become aware of just how true that is and “consciously choosing” to harmonize with the Love, will enable and empower you to begin experiencing a life of joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace and limitless prosperity in each and every area of your life.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

It's my hope and wish for you that you consider that and that you might personally experience the magic that choosing to "consciously and consistently" apply such an understanding can, does and will into infinity provide just as you choose.

Have An Incredible Month,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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