Unconditional Love
The Law of Attraction and YOU - Part 2

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Unconditional Love
The Law of Attraction and YOU - Part 2

We covered a lot of ground in Part 1 of "Unconditional Love." But we haven't even scratched the surface.

Quite honestly, regardless of how far we explore we never will. And the reason that's "true" is because when you attempt to explore and understand what's Infinite in nature, it doesn't matter how far you explore, you can never even come close to covering what has no beginning or no end.

If you're somewhat in the dark, that statement will make more sense and become more clear as we progress. For the sake of being as descriptive as possible with the fewest words and in the shortest time possible, I'll continue as I have, referring to this "place" where we all begin...where we all end up...and where we are in between, based on my own experience and individual perception as Unconditional Love.

Again, as I mentioned in Part 1, feel free to "perceive" and call it whatever you like. Just do your best to keep in mind as we progress that regardless of what you choose to call it at this point...whether Unconditional Love or anything else, it's what drives it all. It's what makes it all possible and keeps it all operating perfectly, simply, harmoniously and effortlessly, but it only responds and makes those things real...it only limits what can be experienced based on your choices.

And although we can never grasp the Infinance that it is, we can learn to become "conscious" enough about ourselves and get to the place where we can "consciously control" what we are choosing to be at any given time to experience the greatest possible result.

It's what allows what we "perceive" as being beginnings, endings and all of our encounters and experiences in between...what we "perceive" as human beings as being beginnings and endings in the "physical world" to be possible that is.

To get to the place where we make the most of this "in between time" and have the most desirable experiences requires becoming "conscious...awakening...remembering" as I mentioned in Part 1.

I was asked recently what "being conscious" meant to me. I actually get asked that a lot. And in case you're still wondering what that means...

...Here's my take on what "being conscious" means...

Being conscious from my perspective is being able to grasp and internalize the fact that all things in life are intricately interconnected...both the seen as well as the unseen and that each event, condition and/or circumstance that we experience both individually and collectively are made "real" as the result of consciousness.

In our case individually, our own chosen quality of consciousness. What I often refer to as our "chosen way of being."

But effectively controlling our "individual way of being" depends on being effective in determining and discerning what's "Truly going on" outside of ourselves as well as being keenly and consciously aware of what's happening "inside" which determines without fail what happens outside.

Obviously we...the "physical us" has to live in and experience the physical world so it's vital that we develop a greater understanding about what we often "perceive" and have become accustomed to "judge" as being good, wonderful, pleasing, despicable, deplorable, horrific, evil etc. so we can develop the ability to "consciously control" what's going on inside.

Because truly, it's the quality of consciousness...your individual consciousness which is determined by your individually held "perceptions" that determines the polarity in the physical world...the "perceived" difference between good, bad, right, wrong, etc.

It's this quality of consciousness that we engage in individually that can be equated to the "seed" that determines the harvest. The kind and quality of "consciousness" determines the kind and quality of the "tangible result" and it's our individually chosen quality of consciousness combined with our choice to respond or react to what is being created by us individually and on a larger scale the collective (what's going on "out there") that ALWAYS determines our individual harvest.

Can we control the harvest created by the collective? No. But we can control how we "perceive" the harvest. We CAN control whats' going on within ourselves which determines what "seeds" we're planting individually which in turn determines our individual harvest.

The weeds "out there" can't impact us in ANY way shape or form unless and until WE choose to allow them to. An "allowing" of that nature changes the kind and quality of the seed that WE are planting and determines the harvest...a kind and quality that we DON'T want.

Put another way, it's our individually chosen quality of consciousness that reflects back to us events, conditions and circumstances in our lives individually based on whatever way of "being" we choose for ourselves.

Being "conscious" also consists of understanding that we don't have to "figure it out"...only choose to BE what we have a heartfelt desire desire to SEE and the ways and means reveal themselves. We attract them.

That's not to say that we don't take action because that's important. VITALLY important. We just do the best we can based on where we are in the best way we know how to do and let go of any attachment to the outcome. We keep our "minds eye" on the desired outcome and keep moving forward in the best way we can.

We learn to "Judge not by appearances" and in the process we become more and more disciplined in what we are choosing to "be."

We change what's going on inside and what we "attract" outside changes.

So...being FULLY conscious from my perspective is to master the ability to apply that in every area of your life. To become keenly aware of ourselves and the creative power provided to us by simply choosing to be. To remain consistently aware of our mental and emotional states and mastering our ability to make the conscious shifts when we discover that our chosen way of "being" in the now is disharmonious with taking us in the direction of our desired destination.

And should we slip as we progress...and we no doubt will...let that be OK. Just simply accept it and do the best we can to get back on track.

It's also being able to grasp and understand the simplicity and perfection of the creative process...understanding that although there does exist an immutable and unwavering "perfect plan" that oversees and governs it all...meaning the unfailing laws that govern existence, we were each provided an inalienable right of free will to discern and choose our individual ways of "being" which in turn determines our individual paths and experiences as we walk down them. As such we are each personally responsible and must accept personal responsibility for the choices that we make or don't make, the most important of which originate and happen within ourselves.

It's understanding that "not choosing" is also a choice.

It means understanding that our chosen way of "being" supersedes our outward physical actions and expressions and ultimately determines the kind and quality of each of the events, conditions, and circumstances that make up every aspect of our lives whether financially, relationally, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

It is becoming aware that we each have available to us the guidance and wisdom that will enable us to fully experience life in a most "desirable kind of way" by simply shifting our paradigms and understanding that we have the ability to tap into and connect with that Infinite and unexplainable Source of guidance anytime we choose.

It's understanding that we are NEVER cut off from Source, but it's only our choices...our unconscious choices that make that "perception" real.

And probably most important is "really getting" the fact that regardless of how much we might come to know, grow and understand regarding the nature of reality (or Actuality) it's infinitesimal in comparison to what there is to know and understand and we'll never fully grasp or experience the awesomeness, perfection and Love that the Infinite is.

With that being "true" our job is to do the best we can to enjoy, savor, relish, love and accept ourselves and others...where we are...where we've been...and the experiences we'll create as we go along...unconditionally.

That's "my take" on what "being conscious" means.

OK, now that we've laid the foundation and have a grasp of the importance of "perception", my take on what it means to be conscious, and the big picture view of Unconditional Love, let's move on to understand as best we can, Unconditional Love or if you prefer the "uncaring and impersonal field" in a more detailed way and how our individually held "perceptions" determine what Unconditional Love or "the field" provides to each of us individually and "unconditionally"...

I was engaged in a group conversation a number of years ago and when I mentioned Unconditional Love I was asked by someone in the group to define specifically what “Unconditional Love” was.

Admittedly the request caught me by surprise and at that moment to my surprise I was caught completely off guard. As I searched for and thought about the words I would use to attempt to convey my interpretation of what Unconditional Love meant to me, I realized I couldn’t accurately convey it in a way that could come close to describing it at the depth it deserves or in a way that the person asking as well as anyone else listening who hadn't personally experienced it for themselves could understand.

I knew based on a series of experiences I had in years prior, what it felt like and what it meant to experience it, but putting the awesomeness, simplicity and perfection into words was ironically impossible at that moment.

I knew based on my active involvement in various structured religions a number of years earlier that various denominations referred to "God" as Unconditional Love. But I also "knew" based on my own experience as I explored and ventured down that path, due to all the conditions I was taught were attached...the "must dos"...the judgments, attempts to instill guilt and we are the "only way" philosophies that were taught within the confines of religion, it didn't feel very "unconditional" to me.

It didn't harmonize with or come anywhere close to describing what I had experienced prior, which WAS quite unconditional and so profound I found myself speechless when asked to describe it.

Each religion I personally explored had their own interpretation of what was right or wrong...good or bad...acceptable or not acceptable and each had their own individual set of rules for what MUST be done and what shouldn't be done to have "Unconditional Love" love and accept you.

Understanding that the vast majority also follow and do their best to adhere to the various religious doctrines and dogmas that exist in the world, and based on the limited understanding that I personally derived from what was taught to me during that time of engaging in some of these religions, I knew that the statement "God is Unconditional Love" wouldn't suffice in accurately describing what I'd personally experienced prior to engaging in religion and come to "know" in an experiential kind of way what Unconditional Love was.

Point being, although I often utilize statements and quotes made by the various masters from EVERY culture of EVERY major religion, what I now call "spiritually based wisdom" to convey my perspective, it has nothing to do with any form of structured religion.

It has EVERYTHING to do with spirituality and Unconditional Love. What I've come to believe these masters were attempting to convey.

It wasn't about laws and judgments and punishments and "must dos or else." It wasn't shared to instill fear, doubt, worry, guilt, etc. It was about pointing each of us toward the path of Unconditional Love and experiencing the greatest possible quality of life that we can.

Their words encouraged each of us to consistently engage ourselves in Unconditional Love in the best way we can whenever we can. And if we slip...and we will...to love and accept ourselves enough to get back on track and keep heading toward the "ultimate goal" which is loving unconditionally...accepting unconditionally and to "keep on keeping on."

I hope you don't misunderstand or misinterpret my view of "structured religion" as a judgment, because none is intended. Structured religion served and proved to be a very meaningful and extremely important part of my journey. It was one of the many paths I chose to walk down as I sought and eventually discovered what I now refer to as "Higher Truth" which is what would eventually lead me back to personally experiencing Unconditional Love.

But, as much as I searched for answers through the various "external channels" that are available to us and as serious as I was about gaining a deeper understanding in structured religion, attempting to gain the "intellectual understanding" that supported what and why I had experienced what I had prior, what I refer to as my personal encounters with Unconditional Love, I couldn't and didn't find it in religion.

Although in and of itself, religion didn't take me there, and in some ways based on what I was told was "true" and necessary, took me further from, it was an important part of my journey which eventually led me to rediscovering and re-experiencing Unconditional Love for myself.

Inevitably it revealed some things that I knew couldn't take me there yet provided some of the tools and understanding that would eventually assist me in getting back there. It was a path, which like everything physical, was temporary. Just a path. Yet it served a greater purpose...a greater good.

Here's how it helped...

It's due to my choice to engage in structured religion that led me to studying in depth various spiritual texts that have been recorded and left for us from the mystics, sages and masters since antiquity from cultures around the world.

It also led me to studying and learning more about each of the spiritual masters individually. But it wasn't until I chose to break away from others "perceptions"...to quit listening to what others "told me" these masters were saying and attempting to convey...that I discovered that what each of these masters shared, regardless of which culture they lived in, not only pointed toward a single harmonious theme, but it harmonized with my own personal experience prior to engaging in "structured religion."

What I now refer to as "man made religion."

As I explored in more depth, regardless of what culture they existed in, what labels have been placed on them since, what they had to share "felt" a whole lot better to me than what I had learned and been told was "real, right and true" in structured religion based on man's individual perceptions and beliefs.

That harmonious theme was consistent with both giving and opening ourselves to receive "Love" unconditionally.

There was no fear...guilt...shame...repentance...unworthiness, etc. etc. etc. at the "core" of what they taught.

I've since come to the "personal conclusion" that many structured religions are too focused on being "right"...attempting to "convince people" that their way is the ONLY way and have as a result, in a number of cases pointed people toward paths which have caused them to lose sight of what people are "truly" looking for which is discovering love and truth.

In a number of cases, I've found that man made religion encourages separation.

And as I mentioned in part 1, love without conditions...Unconditional Love is a form of truth that benefits everyone. In Unconditional Love there's no one who's right and no one who's wrong. No one has to lose or win. Everybody wins. In fact, it's impossible for anyone to lose.

So you could say that Unconditional Love is a truth that enables and empowers each of us to win...you , me, Christians...Buddhists...Muslims...Jews...agnostics..."whatever"...unconditionally.

I've also found in my interactions with a number of people since that our choice to attempt to "prove" we're right and someone else is "wrong" is the very thing that creates separation among us. It blinds us to the fact that truth isn't black or white. That it's truly infinite in nature.

What we "perceive" and "believe" to be true creates that reality in our lives.

I've also found that due to "trying so hard" to prove how right we are based on our individually held perceptions, that we are "unconsciously choosing" to block and blind ourselves to the paths that would enable us to go to the next level in our lives. To discover, knock on and open doors that enable us to experience Unconditional Love for ourselves. Paths that would lead us to experience what it is that we ALL desire which is Love and acceptance and enable us to arrive at the place where we all desire to be.

And that experience goes FAR beyond the "intellectual understanding" that I or anyone else can write or talk about. It's indescribable...literally indescribable.

It's important, I've found that we follow our own hearts and discover what it is for ourselves absent outside opinion and individually held "perceptions."

Another master put it best...

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." --Buddha"

Unconditional Love is for the good and benefit of all.

Yet ironically in nearly each and every case, it's what we learn, choose to accept, "believe" and come to "know" to be true individually and what we fight so hard to defend that keeps us from being, doing and having everything that we "truly desire."

Our choices often keep us from discovering a "Higher Truth"...from engaging ourselves in that "truth" in all we think, say and do...the ultimate truth...which is Unconditional Love.

In Unconditional Love, we accept and honor EVERYONE'S choices. We accept them "unconditionally." Their individual choices and perceptions don't have to harmonize with ours to do that.

We don't have to hang out with those who might have different perceptions and beliefs than we do. But to become as effective as we can possibly be in attracting and creating "desired outcomes", it's vital that we learn to Love and accept others where they are.

And we CAN love and accept them as they are should we choose to do so. That's really all anyone is looking for.

Think about it. Regardless of what we do in life. Regardless of where our individual paths lead us or what we do as we venture down the many infinite number of paths that we have been provided "the gift" to choose from, at our core we all have a desire to be loved, appreciated and accepted.

I don't care who you are. That's our ultimate goal. That's why we do what we do even when some of the doing that we engage in is "unconsciously" engaged in. Sometimes our doing is the result of fear, based on guilt or any infinite number of "ways of being" we have to "choose" from, but it's love and acceptance that we fear losing which is the "reason" why we engage ourselves in such "fear based" actions.

As we do many of these things...as we engage ourselves in these "fear based" ways of being, we find that it takes us further away rather than closer to Unconditional Love but we ALWAYS have the freedom to learn, grow and make changes based on those experiences.

It's NOT Unconditional Love that pushes us away...it's us choosing to move away based on our choices. Fear based motives and actions blind us to the Light. Through our own choices we move into the shadows and sometimes the darkness.

But the Light is always there...Unconditional Love is always there. We only have to choose to move toward it rather than away from it.

We only have to become conscious to see that.

We're never separate from Unconditional Love...we only blind ourselves to it based on our own individual choices and Unconditional Love enables us to have the experience based on whatever we choose.

We're NEVER made to choose. Unconditional Love enables and "allows us to choose" and have experiences that harmonize with those choices...unconditionally.

Ironically, as mentioned, I had a few experiences and encounters with Unconditional Love prior to engaging in structured religion, and religion was just a path I chose attempting to learn and understand in a logical, rational and intellectual way, why I had experienced it.

But it wouldn't be until a number of years later after leaving "structured religion", armed with a sincere desire to seek out and find what I then referred to as "real truth", I had another indescribable encounter with the same "Force" and what I now believe and understand to be Unconditional Love.

No, it wasn't a face to face encounter with a long haired bearded being that resembled humans or a physical face to face conversation with some divine being. But it was an encounter that shifted my entire world. It was an experience that told and showed much without words. It was an encounter that revealed Love Unconditionally and the importance of giving love and accepting things...ALL things as they are.

It was a non verbal communication that eliminated the "blinders" I had acquired through listening to everybody elses "perceptions and beliefs" which provided much more than words could possibly convey.

The best way I can describe it would be to say I experienced a "transcendence of consciousness." It was an effortless surrender of my limited way of thinking that removed the "blinders"...many of which I swore were "true" based on what I had learned and enabled me to become ONE with an indescribable understanding and a profound knowing and assurance and sense of peace like I'd never known.

It revealed itself as a most profound "knowing" at a depth that escapes explanation, transcends common logic and what's perceived by the masses as being "rational."

When you connect with it you enter into a "knowing" that there is nothing to fear....no doubts...worry melts away...there's nothing to have guilt about...no regrets...just Love.

You understand that these chosen ways of "being" were learned but due to your choice to engage in them, Unconditional Love being unconditional, provides outcomes that harmonize perfectly with and based on your choices.

And depending on where you are, you might "perceive it" as being irrational and illogical as well. You might even think I'm crazy. And that's OK. I'm not here to convince anyone...only to share what I've experienced so others might "know" that such a thing DOES exist and perhaps benefit and have greater experiences for themselves.

I'm not here to ask that you "believe" me or that you listen to and follow what I share. That's what far too many do...listen to others and believe what others say and form perceptions that keep them from experiencing Unconditional Love for themselves.

Which is an INDESCRIBABLE and transformational experience.

And because it is, is the very reason why I found myself speechless and caught off guard when someone asked me to define what Unconditional Love was specifically.

I realized in that moment that it was too vast...too awesome...too "Love" to put it into human language.

That experience...my inability to describe Unconditional Love resulted in pondering and reflecting on how I might answer that question in the future. In fact I did so for a number of months so I might be able to explain what's "unexplainable" and put it into words that would "allow" others to move closer to it.

Admittedly I was a bit frustrated initially that I could know at such a profound depth what it meant and felt like inside, that I could have such a personal and profound connection with this vastness...yet I couldn't seem to find the words to explain it in a rational and logical way that someone who hadn't personally experienced it for themselves might grasp.

Although Unconditional Love is quite simple...profoundly simple...as the most profound and transformational things in life are...and even though it can be accurately expressed with one single word...EVERYTHING...quite literally EVERYTHING...unfortunately due to our perceptions and individually acquired beliefs regarding Love in general as well as the individually acquired beliefs and perceptions that we each have with regard to life, ourselves, others and our individual relationship with whatever the Source of your understanding might be, (what I call Unconditional Love) using a single word, although it does accurately describe the "real meaning" and essence of Unconditional Love it doesn't satisfy the intellectual aspect of mind.

We know the words...we hear them but we don't understand the depth or the vastness and the total and complete acceptance and Love that Unconditional Love is.

In fact, from a strictly intellectual perspective, I'm quite convinced that due to the depth, heights and breadth that Unconditional Love encompasses, personally experiencing it is the only way to truly grasp, really "get" and fully comprehend the magnificence and "unconditional nature" that It is.

It does more than reveals the simplicity in an experiential kind of way...it creates an internal shift...a different way of looking at the world and everything in it that's made a lasting impression on me personally which is why I do what I do today.

Although I do attempt to explain it's tangible nature through avenues like science, our physiological and neurological processes among other ways in the hopes that someone might grasp the "intellectual understanding", attempting to explain it in that way falls FAR short of the experience.

It’s one thing to attempt to grasp and understand in an intellectual kind of way what “Unconditional Love” really is and quite another to experience and know at the deepest levels that it's an all pervasive, all encompassing essence that exists everywhere, at all times, within all things and quite literally defines and describes everything.

It's what enables you to personally experience a sense of indescribable peace and profound assurance like nothing external to you can possibly provide. In fact, it makes things on the outside quite unimportant.

Point being, understanding in a rational and logical kind of way and experientially entering into, personally witnessing and basking in the awesomeness and vastness of Unconditional Love are 2 very different things.

Due to it’s awesomeness and vastness, as I experienced on that day that I was asked to define it, it’s quite another thing to attempt to put it into words and explain it in a way that people really “get it.”

The reason for that is because Unconditional Love defies description. And the reason it does is because it’s Infinite in nature.

The fact of the matter is you'll never “truly get it” regardless of how much you might search, discover, explore and understand in an intellectual, external kind of way unless and until you allow yourself to tap into it and experience it for yourself.

But you CAN whenever you choose to. Experiencing it for yourself simply requires a choice. That choice consists of nothing more or nothing less than choosing to drop all learned and preconceived notions of separation, limitation, fear, guilt, doubt, worry and just allow it to permeate you and simply surrender to it. It's an "allowing."

It's not something that can be forced.

When we "allow and surrender" to everything, when we accept ourselves, things and people as they are, these "things" and ways of being can no longer impact or effect you.

It's as simple and complex as getting out of our own way.

And that is the key...as illogical and impractical as that sounds based on what we've learned throughout life, "allowing and surrendering" seems to conflict with everything we've been taught is necessary to experience "Real Wealth...Real Success and Real Harmony in life.

In fact, in the minds of most...choosing to allow and surrender would be considered quite impractical, illogical and irrational. And based on those who choose to "perceive" things in that way, based on their individual "perceptions of reality", how things in reality are derived and the way they choose to "do things" as a result, it remains just that.

Unconditional Love honors our choice.

Life continues as it has, just as we choose yet a huge number still find themselves hoping, wishing and praying...sometimes frantically, in their attempts to create meaningful change...more specifically "desirable change."

They receive as they choose and as a result of "choosing" to never venture outside of their limiting belief borders, they find themselves existing and seemingly trapped within the same self repeating cycles.

More times than not cycles based on "fear based" perceptions which only serve to create more things to be frantic about.

And as I've mentioned a number of times, that's the great thing about Unconditional Love. It enables us to choose and experience based on what and how we choose. It doesn't choose for us and honors whatever we choose.

But the cycles, the cycles that ALWAYS keep things flowing harmoniously...just as we observe in nature, remain consistent, unwavering and unfailing.

We perceive ourselves as stuck for the most part but it's nothing more than a misconception. It's a self created "stuckness" that's made real due to our "perception and belief" that we're stuck. To create change is as simple as recognizing the cycles that sustain the entire cosmos and harmonize ourselves...the way we think...what we believe...and what we do in a way that enables us to break free from undesirable cycles in a conscious, intentional way enabling the undesirable cycles to be broken and the desired cycles to engage themselves and be experienced.

The predominantly held mindset about what's logical and practical is only "perceived" as that due to a very limited perspective.

And although Unconditional Love defies commonly held logic and transcends the intellect making it quite impossible to accurately explain with the limitations of the human language regardless of what language that might be...here's my best shot at doing that.

Perhaps you've experienced Unconditional Love for yourself. If you have you already know what I'm talking about. You know how impossible it is to describe and also understand the impact that it's made in your life. You understand that it's not anything that can be described nor forgotten.

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You really get the fact that there's no fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, judgment or separation between anything. You really grasp the fact that it's our choices to engage in these "ways of being" that attract to us what we "don't want."

But if you haven't personally experienced it, perhaps I can assist in helping you to drop what's creating your "perception" that we are somehow separate from It, each other or anything else by explaining it in a way that will at the least "assist" you in doing so.

Although I can’t personally carry you down the path to where Unconditional Love becomes a very real, understandable and experiential thing for you, I can do my best to explain it in such a way that will hopefully point you toward the path where Unconditional Love is or more specifically attempt to assist you with shifting your mindset...expanding your understanding to a level that might enable you to make the necessary paradigm shift...the "inner shift" that's necessary for you to see and experience the awesomeness and vastness for yourself.

And truly...it's a paradigm shift away. A shift that enables you to know and experience at the deepest levels where Unconditional Love resides as well as enables you to experience the awe, magnificence, simplicity and perfection for yourself.

Which leads us to the twenty three gazillion dollar question...

Where is that?

And the answer....

Wherever you are…REGARDLESS of where that might be.

The only thing necessary to see how real and true that is for yourself requires waking up and becoming conscious.

It simply requires looking and seeing beyond what so many “perceive” to be a world of randomness, chaos and difficulty which so many "perceive and believe" unfolds due to fate, luck, chance or coincidence.

Because there is NONE of that. They're all an illusion and only become "real" due to our choice to "believe" they are. It's all a perception. We each create our own luck, chance, fate and what's so often "perceived" as coincidence.

We just have to see and accept that.

More specifically it requires accepting responsibility for the outcomes we’ve created, taking a deep and honest look within ourselves with an unshakable willingness to discover the internal ways of being that brought us to wherever it might be that we find ourselves and clearly seeing that Unconditional Love has provided us with precisely what we ourselves have asked as it pertains to us individually.

It's not a blaming or a finger pointing. It's not a guilt thing. It's an unconditional acceptance of who we are, what we've done so far based on what we've known and "perceived" as being real, right and true and making the "conscious shift" that harmonizes with what we want.

And again, although I can't take you there, at the very least, perhaps I can assist you in seeing for yourself that Unconditional Love isn’t simply some nicey nice feel good concept...that it's "real" and accessible by you anytime you choose to enter into It.

Unconditional Love is a much greater and different form of Love than most "perceive" love to be for sure.

It transcends the common perceptions held by man with regard to love which is in most cases “conditional” at best. It’s not something that you give or do. It's not something that's here today and gone tomorrow. It’s an all pervasive Force that permeates the entire cosmos...ALWAYS in ALL WAYS.

Always has...always will.

It’s the essence of all that is, has been or ever will be. It transcends space and time as we know it. To see and experience this essence requires looking beyond what we see and perceive as being so “real” and to eliminate our judgments about it.

In order to better grasp what we'll be exploring "below the surface" in the remainder of this edition...namely "Unconditional Love", first, let’s look at what the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines these words as individually so we can better grasp and understand what Unconditional Love really is in an "intellectual kind of way."

The first part of this ALL pervasive force is Unconditional.

1 : not conditional or limited : ABSOLUTE, UNQUALIFIED 2 : UNCONDITIONED 2 - un·con·di·tion·al·ly adverb

So as you can clearly see based on that definition, unconditional as it relates to Love refers to an absolute form of love…regardless. There are no conditions or qualifications to meet plain and simple. There are no judgments, expectations or anything for that matter that can create “not love.”

And the second part is Love. (For the sake of simplicity, we’ll leave out the human definitions or perceptions of Love)

1 a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests b : an assurance of love. 2 : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion 3 a : the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration b (1) : a beloved person 4 a : unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1) : the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) : brotherly concern for others b : a person's adoration of God 5 : a god or personification of love 9 capitalized Christian Science : GOD

So, now that we have the big picture view intellectually describing what Unconditional Love is, let’s explore how and why Unconditional Love IS the essence of all that is and how both spiritual as well as cutting edge scientific discoveries substantiate and make it quite obvious as to just how “real and true” that is.

First of all it's important to digress for just a minute to remember that Unconditional Love is the essence of everything. It's the essence that makes anything and everything possible. It's the field or the Kingdom where anything and everything has, does and will come from.

There are no labels, judgments or perceptions at this essence except for Unconditional Love. There's nothing that Unconditional Love is not.

In it's purest essence, we haven't yet had a chance to label it...it's unseen. It exists as an all pervasive wave from of probability as science describes it. It's a field of electromagnetic energy. An infinite wave field of "probabilities" where ALL probabilities already exist.

There's nothing that exists or doesn't exist that wasn't derived form this field. You could refer to it as an infinite field of "consciousness." Wave forms of probability.

But then something happens. It's called "birth" of a physical nature where we....the "real us" which inhabits the physical shell that birth provides us is exposed to and enabled to enter into and experience a world of polarity/duality.

The infinite probabilities still remain available to us and Unconditional Love enables us to choose from this infinite field of probability, whatever we choose.

We learn what's right, wrong, good and bad as we observe, learn and grow in this world of duality. We learn how to judge. We learn what to fear and we learn what to love. But during all this learning, we lose sight of and forget "Unconditional Love."

So we use our inalienable right of free will, combined with what we've learned to make "rational and logical" choices in the best way we can.

When we choose fear, Unconditional Love provides us with tangible outcomes that harmonize with our choice. We begin having experiences in the world of polarity/duality that harmonize with our choice. And once we've had enough of these experiences, due to the repetition and the experiences this chosen way of "being" creates, we fall into habitual patterns where this choice becomes an unconscious choice.

It becomes ingrained at a subconscious level. We take action even though we might be doing so "unconsciously" that takes us further from rather than closer to what we want.

Fear based "perceptions" become ingrained at a subconscious level and we consistently choose fear forgetting that this chosen way of being can't bring us what we love.

We lose sight of the fact that fear cannot exist in the presence of love any more than darkness can exist in the presence of light. But due to our choices we lose sight of The Light. We act in the way we've been taught and indoctrinated to act and we feel cut off from the Light.

We "perceive" the Light as being separate from us.

But we only lose sight because of the judgments that we've "learned" to make and the actions we take as a result. Our judgments and actions make it real.

Although we've covered this, it's important to cover again...

There is nothing that Unconditional Love is not. It is everything.

There is no polarity/duality in “Unconditional Love” and in the bigger scheme of things…absent all the individually held perceptions, beliefs and judgments we learn and hold individually regarding what‘s "real, right and true"…what's good, bad, terrible, horrible and scary...Love is all there is.

Love…Unconditional Love is the essence of all that is. It’s the field…the Kingdom…the mind of God where every probability already exists. It permeates the entire cosmos.

Anything that ever was, is or ever will be exists and always has existed as a probability within this field. It’s what enables it’s manifestation whatever it might be.

And it's our chosen quality of consciousness...our chosen way of "being" that determines what "probability" is drawn from it.

Stop and consider that for a moment…EVERY probability with NOTHING excluded. That doesn’t mean that events, conditions and circumstances that we perceive to be bad, unpleasant, and in some cases downright scary don’t or didn’t exist within the field or the kingdom prior to becoming real and tangible.

Everything is everything. Everything exists within "the field" as a probability.

Unconditional Love provides us the ability to choose what "probabilities" we’ll draw from it. We can choose Love or we can choose fear and Unconditional Love honors our choice by transmuting this choice…our chosen way of “being” into a physical, tangible and experiencable outcome in the Newtonian world.

We can if we choose, place our predominant focus on fear which in the Newtonian world is the polar opposite of Love but it’s only due to our individual choice that this polarity is drawn from the field, made possible and becomes real in the physical world.

In fact polarity only exists and is made possible because of “Unconditional Love.” Unconditional Love provides us with the ability to choose from an infinite amount of probabilities...every conceivable kind...but they all exist within Unconditional Love.

Which brings us to the question that this edition of Enlightened Journey is based on…

The Power of Love…Unconditional Love and The Law of Attraction. Is there a difference really?

Well from my perspective Unconditional Love created the law of attraction. That's not necessarily "true" it's only my perception of truth.

What I "personally know" and "perceive" as being "true" is both are everywhere. You can't step outside of either.

In reality...what we "perceive" as being reality we can choose to remain blind to but in Actuality Unconditional Love and "the law"...what's now being called The Law of Attraction is everywhere. There’s no place where Unconditional Love is not and there's no place that the Law of Attraction is not.

To me "the law" was created and put in place so we could attract what we choose. It's "the law" that governs the process. It sustains life. It keeps things "flowing" smoothly, harmoniously, effortlessly and perfectly.

And it's consciousness that enacts the law. It's what initiates the law and the quality of consciousness determines the quality of the "tangible thing."

So Unconditional Love from my perspective created "the law" so we might experience Unconditional Love unconditionally based on what we choose.

We can however…and often do keep ourselves blinded to it and never fully experience the literally indescribable essence…the unfathomable sensation…a deep and profound “inner knowing and assurance” that tapping into and experiencing Unconditional Love provides.

As incredible and profoundly transformational as it is, most go through their entire lives and never experience it in a personal kind of way even though it surrounds and permeates us all.

Sure, they hear the words…they attempt to grasp what Unconditional Love is intellectually but never break down the self created barriers that keep them from personally experiencing it’s indescribable, awesome and infinite nature.

Why is that?

Is it because Unconditional Love allows some of us to enter in but denies access to others? No.

Do you think it’s because it cuts some of us off and allows others to experience it? NO!!!

Perhaps you think it’s because you’re not worthy, that you’re somehow “less than” qualified, not good enough to receive and experience what it is for yourself.

Here’s why "I believe" so many don’t personally experience it…

It’s simply because as was mentioned in Part 1, Unconditional Love has also provided each of us with an inalienable right of free will. The inalienable right and ability to choose for ourselves which paths we’ll walk personally as we venture through life. We have the free will to think as we will…believe as we will…and “perceive” life as we will…unconditionally.

Unconditional Love “allows” us to experience as we choose. The good…the bad…the ugly…the beautiful…the right…the wrong...the grand and the "less than grand."

These "differences" are known as "polarity." (See the Law of Polarity.)

If polarity/duality didn’t exist here, free will would become obsolete. The gift would be taken away. There would be nothing to choose from. We’d be "slaves to Love." There would be no choice and we couldn't possibly know and experience what was Not Love.

We'd be unable to fully experience life.

Because of that comes the really exciting outcome of those choices that we have the right, the ability and the free will to make…

Whatever we choose is honored and provided…unconditionally.

That’s how awesome and “loving” Unconditional Love is and once you‘re enabled and empowered to see that for yourself, the awesomeness and perfection of who YOU are, the simplicity and perfection of the process and the power provided to you also becomes quite apparent.

You begin to see that the only thing necessary to experience this awesomeness and magnificence for yourself only requires that you get out of your own way…that you remove the veil...break down the self created walls and barriers that create "the shadows and darkness" in our lives and allow "The Light" to shine through.

And once you see it….once you experience it for yourself…you can begin to reclaim and “consciously utilize” the power that has been provided to you, me and everyone else who exists on this planet.

You can learn to express "Gratitude" for the gift...unconditionally.

So…in order to assist you in seeing that…to do the best I’m able to assist you in entering into and becoming consciously aware of how real Unconditional Love is, I’ll share some of the intellectual type paths I’ve walked down since “experiencing“ Unconditional Love personally.

As I mentioned briefly, that's what started me down this "intellectual path." An experience. An experience that defies the intellect and anything and everything I've ever been taught regarding what's real, right and "true" about life.

But all these intellectual paths I've walked since, I've walked so I might become more effective in explaining it in such a way that it might assist others to see how real it is..."intellectually" at least...and perhaps, should they "choose to" have the same experience. An experience that defies description and transcends what's often "perceived" as being logical and/or rational.

So let's cover a few things that I’ve explored to support and substantiate just how “real” Unconditional Love is with the hope and intention of assisting you in grasping how “real and all pervasive” Unconditional Love is intellectually at first and then hopefully provide you with the understanding and the tools to assist you in breaking down the self created barriers, enabling and empowering you to step through the veil of illusion to enter into and experience the indescribable and seemingly incomprehensible nature of it for yourself.

Before deciding that you can't or don’t have the time to explore what I’ll be sharing here consider this…

Choosing to do so will transform your life as well as your outlook on life forever. You’ll NEVER be the same.

But it's a choice.

By choosing NOT to develop the awareness as to exactly HOW the process of creation works…how we create the cycles...how Unconditional Love is the driving force behind it all and developing a crystal clear understanding of exactly HOW you are asking for and receiving without fail those events, conditions and circumstances that are being brought into and made real and tangible in your physical world, you can, if you choose, continue to unconsciously attract and experience those conditions that you might be currently experiencing and fail to understand the power and unlimited potential that has been provided to you based on the ever so powerful, unwavering, omniscient, ever present all pervasive nature of Unconditional Love.

And it's as simple as making different choices. Conscious choices to focus on what we want rather than what we don't. Choices that project a way of "being" that harmonize with what you love rather than what you fear.

Doing so isn't a requirement, it's an option. Unconditional Love doesn't make you do ANYTHING and punish you if you don't.

We punish ourselves through our own unconscious choices.

The Buddha made that very clear...

"You will not be punished FOR your thoughts, you'll be punished BY your thoughts."

A choice to remain oblivious to and unaware of, both of self and of the unchangeable and unwavering creative Universal operations of the cosmos, many fail to ever understand that they are, in reality, actually attracting and receiving EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that they are asking for!!

Unconditionally. Without judgment, discernment, restrictions or qualifications.

As simple as the process is, by being and remaining unaware of HOW you are creating these results and taking personal responsibility for WHATEVER it is that you are creating, you are missing out on the potential to consciously create a life for yourself and those you love that is far superior to anything that you have previously experienced or ever dreamed that was possible!

So how exactly are you attracting and creating your current life experiences?

First, let’s attempt to grasp intellectually what this “Unconditional Love” really is.

To begin let’s change the words “Unconditional Love” to “the field.”

What exists within the confines of the Universe? Everything right? Science calls this essence, energy or light. There is nothing that energy or light is not.” So energy in essence is the essence of Love and consists of or makes up EVERYTHING that exists in the entire Universe.

It's only energy floating around in the Infinite field. It's not conditional, it just is. It's just wave forms of energy that have no shape or form.

What creates this shape and form is the quality of consciousness we choose. Based on what we choose "energy" takes form. It's not conditional only takes form based on our choices.

In the same way, The Power of Unconditional Love is "unconditional." The Law of Attraction in the same way is “unconditional.” It responds only to vibration…emotion.

We attract the events, conditions, circumstances, people etc. based on our individual quality of consciousness. A kind and quality that we ourselves choose.

Here's the Readers Digest version of the process that follows...

What you choose to give attention to…what you choose to place focus on creates and projects a frequency. Those thoughts create an electrochemical reaction in your body determining the kind and quality of emotion ignited and experienced.

Your chosen "way of being"...the Thoughts you choose to give attention and focus to, create and project a frequency. Thought processed in the brain becomes intensified through the emotion created which in turn intensifies the frequency. The frequency created and projected joins with harmonious frequencies in "the field" or if you prefer The Kingdom and are reflected back to you creating life experiences that harmonize with our choice.

Unconditional Love answers the "prayer."

Now let's dissect what's happening and substantiate who's responsible...not who's to blame or not who's at fault...but who's responsible.

  • Who determines what thoughts you give attention to? YOU do.

  • Who determines what emotions you choose for yourself? YOU do.

  • Who chooses the vibration/frequency that you project? YOU do.

  • Who must accept responsibility for what you attract?

Many people will claim and say that because of this occurrence, or that person or whatever happens "out there" is why I chose what I chose. This "external thing" MADE ME react that way.

And although a choice we have the right and the ability to make...it's an "unconscious choice" from my perspective.

Here's why...

There is nothing that exists outside of you that can make you think, feel or do anything without your approval and consent.

YOU must make that choice.

So let’s think about this as it relates to science….more specifically the law of resonance and law of vibration and merge this understanding into what the spiritual masters since antiquity have always taught.

What is the role of the Law of Attraction? To draw to you “harmonious frequencies” based on the resonance or projection of energy that you project through your choices…based on YOUR choices.

So how are our individual choices made? What causes us to make different choices?

Our choices are made...the thoughts that we choose to give focus and attention to are based on what we "perceive" and "believe" to be true correct? Those choices begin at the consciousness level.

To quote the master...

Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray “BELIEVE” that ye receive and it SHALL BE given.

What is a belief?

It’s an individual perception held regarding the possibility or impossibility of any outcome right? What does that entail and what is created based on our “BELIEFS and PERCEPTIONS?”

THOUGHTS. The moment by moment thoughts that we choose to think. Now granted we can’t change the fact that we think but WE CAN “consciously choose” what thoughts we give attention, additional energy and focus to.

We can’t change the fact that “thoughts”…or consciousness is an all pervasive essence that permeates the entire cosmos but we can become conscious of and change any “thinking processes” that we choose to engage ourselves in personally whenever we choose to do so.

We can learn to consciously choose when it's beneficial to respond and react.

This we DO have control over.

Now what do the thoughts that WE choose to give attention to do? They are processed by the brain igniting an electrochemical process in the body which create emotions right?

Thoughts that create emotions which project an intensified resonance which as science has CLEARLY shown attracts “harmonious frequencies” which align and harmonize with your chosen belief and transmutes into “physical and tangible form” making up the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

We can and do at times "perceive" disharmony in our lives but is it "truly" disharmony or is it based on our individually chosen and held "perceptions and beliefs" of what is harmonious and/or disharmonious.

Case in point...

Think back to Part 1 where we used the traffic analogy. The physical appearance of things was the same. The "physical reality" was one and the same. The only difference in the outcome was our individual reaction to the outcome.

Your reaction created additional "disharmony" and my "response" allowed everything to be ok.

Same situation...different choice.

Point being...

There exists no “disharmony” at the level of energy or Unconditional Love. Only an infinite number of probabilities that we have the ability to choose from.

Disharmony only becomes real due to our individually chosen perceptions and judgments about what's happening in the physical world around us.

What did the master say regarding you receiving things in your life?

As you believe you receive.

Ask and it is given.

EVERYONE who asks receives.

Judge not by appearances.

I have come so that you might have life and have it in abundance.

The most obvious and simple to understand statement regarding what Unconditional Love delivers to you individually and the assurance that you have that what you ask for is ALWAYS delivered JUST as you ask is…

If a son asks his father for a loaf would he give him a stone? NO.

You only have to become "conscious" of how the asking is being done and harmonize that asking with what is desired.

Your projected RESONANCE…the predominant thoughts that you think combined with the emotions that those thoughts create which when ignited, intensify the projection is what is determining what you’re asking for and “Unconditional Love” provides it just as you ask!!

From the scientific perspective...

We project into and draw from the field harmonious vibrations that transmute from waves of probability into particles of matter resulting in the "tangible creations" that become events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in life.

Many simply ask “unconsciously” and perceive themselves as getting the opposite of what they ask. But they’re not. They are receiving PRECISELY what they are asking for.

Here’s why I believe so many “overlook” that…

Words…physical verbal expressions that ask for something with an underlying resonance…thoughts…beliefs…emotions that are disharmonious with what is being asked for verbally is what most “perceive” to be unanswered prayer.

We have developed “beliefs”, in part due to cultural programming and indoctrination, that Unconditional Love says yes to some, no to others, and we’ll see to still others. We believe for the most part that receiving what we ask is somehow dependent on how good we are, how bad we are, how worthy or unworthy we are.

And that’s “true” as long as we "believe and perceive" it to be. But who determines those perceptions? Who makes those judgments? Who's responsible for the beliefs we choose to hold? Who determines what we’re asking...what "resonance is being projected" by choosing to think, look at, "perceive" and see things in this way?

We don’t “believe” for any infinite number of reasons that we can have “whatsoever” we desire due to our perceptions regarding ourselves and our connection with Source. We've been taught for the most part that Source is "out there" somewhere and at some point in the future "we might" be able to rejoin He/She/It if we do certain things in a certain way.

And if we DON"T...well...

But based on this learned way of looking at and seeing things, whether we will or whether we won't is quite "conditional." At least we're "taught that" for the most part. So, as a result of what we are taught we develop "beliefs and perceptions" regarding ourselves and others and learn to "judge" based on what we "know" to be true. And it's what we "KNOW" that so often keeps us from getting what we want.

We get to be right. We receive outcomes in life just as we "know" we will.

Our truth defines our life. But there's a "Higher Truth."

Every probability already exists according to science. EVERY probability. Initially, that may be a bit difficult to fathom intellectually. Everything consists of EVERYTHING. Everything is infinite in nature. If it can be conceived in mind and held as an ideal the “probability” for it’s materialization already exists at the unseen/spiritual/metaphysical level…this field of Unconditional Love.

There is nothing that doesn’t already exist as a probability. Things past…things present…things future. Things that haven’t even been conceived yet already exist within the field. They exist at a level where you can’t yet see them with the limitations of the senses granted. Yet at one point ALL things...ALL THINGS existed at this “unseen level”…they were merely "probabilities" existing within this infinite wave field of probability.

To make it real…to bring it from the field of probability into the world of reality requires conceiving it first and foremost. Once conceived as an ideal...once conceived and thought of it must be supported with a belief. Once conceived and believed it’s necessary to take steps in the best way you know how, based on where you are.

Let's use a "practical example"...

Consider an invention that at the time it was conceived as an idea was predominantly thought to be impossible. It didn’t exist. It was “perceived” by the masses as being too BIG…too “out there”.

Case in point...an aircraft.

Who would have ever "thought" or "believed" that a conceptualization conceived by 2 bicycle mechanics would evolve into one of the most popular forms of transportation in today's modern world? Yet that's exactly what the Wright Brothers did.

They conceived the ideal..."believed" they could make it real...took action that harmonized with their belief and walla...an airplane.

The airplane wasn't here...and as many "perceived and believed" at the time never would be...yet now it is.

I'd venture to say that many "believed" them to be crazy. But they weren't.

Where did it come from? It wasn't then it was. It existed as a "probability" in the infinite wave field of potentiality. It was conceptualized and "believed" to be possible to make "real." Action was taken that was "harmonious with" the conceptualization.

Point being...

We can’t SEE everything that exists within the field because our 5 senses are limited. To see, hear, touch, taste and smell something…it’s resonance…the hertz which this unseen essence…this energy emits must be within certain parameters for the human senses to be able to experience it.

As a “tangible” example that relates to the physical senses. Human hearing, under optimal conditions, is capable of comprehending and experiencing sounds..."energy frequencies" that range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz.

The Hz (hertz) are a measurable frequency which represent the vibrational intensity of the energy which makes the sound audible. When the vibrational intensity falls between 20 and 20,000 hertz we can hear it.

So what about the things….the wave forms of probability from 1-19 hertz? What about the wave forms that exist from 20001 to 25 trillion billion gazillion. (Yes I made that number up)

Do they exist? Absolutely they do. The reason many are unaware that they do or in some cases don’t “believe” they exist is simply because they can’t experience them in a physical kind of way unless and until they “harmonize” their chosen way of “being” with them enabling our minds to move above and beyond the matrix of illusion (the physical and tangible world) to see for ourselves just how “real and tangible” they actually are.

It requires a transcendence of consciousness. The willingness and ability to rise above at the "consciousness level" above and beyond all that we "perceive" as being so real. It's necessary to rise above all the fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, disharmony and discord that we've learned is so real.

How do you do that? For me, meditation provided the means. A specialized form of meditation that provides a very simple technique that creates a shortcut for transcending the mindset of the collective...the mass majority and experiencing Unconditional Love for yourself.

It enables you to see and experience the awesomeness and vastness for yourself. But it requires a choice. A choice only you can make.

Point being there is MUCH MORE that exists outside of our awareness than so many “believe.” Infinite probabilities that we can’t see, hear, touch, taste and smell with the limitations of the senses.

Probabilities that are quite literally INFINITE in nature.

But here's where so many get tripped up when they start exploring and understanding this information. The INFINITE doesn’t only entail what we want. The INFINITE exceeds anything that you could possibly conceive.

The good…the bad…the ugly. It’s ALL in there. There is nothing that is not energy correct? There is no form of Energy that can exist outside of the field is there?

What does spiritual text say God or “Unconditional Love” or whatever the Source of your understanding might be is?

The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning, The End, The ALL in ALL, the I AM.

That entails EVERYTHING!! There is nothing that God or Unconditional Love is NOT. That includes the things that you CAN’T yet experience with the limitations of the senses.

What does science say EVERYTHING consists of in it‘s purest and most basic form? Energy right? Albert Einstein made that very clear in 1925. E=MC2. EVERYTHING is energy. There is NOTHING that energy is not.

This energy exists in the field…energy IS the field…the infinite field of wave probabilities where nothing is NOT energy.

Your thoughts are energy. They project a resonance. They determine your emotions. The emotions experienced amplify and intensify the resonance of thought energy.

What determines what “Unconditional Love” provides to you?

What you ask…WHATSOEVER ye desire.

What you are asking for and what you are projecting as your “desire” is determined by the resonance of the energy created by your thoughts and the emotions that these thoughts ignite.

So ask yourself...

  • How do you “feel” about the various events, conditions and circumstances that are unfolding in your life?

  • What meaning are you choosing to place on them?

  • What do you BELIEVE to be true about what you SEE going on around you currently?

  • How do you respond/react to what you see, hear, touch, taste and smell that so many “perceive” as being so real as it unfolds around you in the physical world?

  • What beliefs are becoming solidified with regard to your individually held “perceptions” and the judgments these perceptions form about your Newtonian experience both past and present?

  • How does this way of feeling impact what you “believe” and “perceive” might happen in the future?

  • What judgments are you making with regard to what’s happening all around you?

  • But MOST important what emotions are being experienced…what EMOTIONS are YOU allowing to ignite as a result of those individually held PERCEPTIONS, BELIEFS and JUDGMENTS?

BINGO…now you know what you’re asking for…how the asking is being done and what “Unconditional Love” will provide to you…unconditionally.

Then the Granddaddy of ALL questions is…

How do you make the shift to begin “consciously creating” and experiencing more of what you “desire” in the future?

Self mastery.

Self mastery is the key to life mastery. Self mastery is achieved through emotional mastery. Becoming consciously aware of the consistent and conscious focus of what you are choosing to “be” at any given moment. Becoming keenly and consciously aware of what “resonance” you are choosing to project through your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and the emotions that they create.

Your resonance…your choice as to which emotions you’ll experience are what is determining your asking and “Unconditional Love” provides it without fail…without exception…without judgment…discernment…or questioning YOUR choices.

Unconditional Love isn’t rational or logical…it’s infinite and ALL probabilities exist within it. The probabilities and possibilities available to and for you, me and everyone else are infinite.

The plan…what I often refer to as The Perfect Plan was created at the beginning of time itself.

The Universal Laws that govern the process have existed since time itself began and are immutable…unwavering…ever present…never failing or wavering just as Unconditional Love is.

These Laws govern resonance…energy…your chosen way of being projects energy that emits and projects a resonance and depending on which YOU CHOOSE will without fail attract to you just what you‘re choosing…unconditionally.

Get this and you'll be well on your way to asking, attracting and creating more of what you want...

  • Love projects a different resonance than does fear.

  • Hope projects a different resonance than does despair.

  • Gratitude projects a different resonance than ungratefulness.

  • Acceptance projects a different resonance than resistance.

  • Knowing projects a different resonance than doubting.

  • Allowing and surrender project a different resonance than resisting and pushing against.

We each have the choice as to which of these chosen ways of “being” we’ll engage in, express and as a result project. And as such what we "receive" back.

Each of these chosen ways of “being” project a resonance but the hertz of the resonance…the vibratory output or frequency of what you have the ability to choose from varies, determining the quality of the communication…the resonance projected into the field...your individual communication with Unconditional Love which without fail determines what is reflected back to you.

Our choices...our individual choices turn "waves of probability" into "particles of matter" that ALWAYS harmonize with the quality of "resonance" we project.

Unconditional Love honors your choice or choices…unconditionally. As you ask you receive. What you ask...the quality of the communication is determined by the resonance that you project.

Your emotions…the vibrational intensity of the emotions that you choose, are the Quantum equivalent in the unseen spiritual realm as your verbal communication is to effectively communicate in the Newtonian world.

The emotions that YOU choose and the resonance that those emotions project serves as your communication device with the unseen/metaphysical/spiritual realm…with the Source of your understanding...with Unconditional Love just as your verbal communication in the Newtonian world serves as the tool that determines what you communicate and ask for here.

And the Source…Unconditional Love provides it…unconditionally.

You can ask and ask and ask in a verbal or non verbal kind of way for something but if the “underlying resonance”…your chosen way of being that is being projected is disharmonious with receiving that thing, your “spoken word” is canceled out…overridden.

It's ineffective and "unheard" in the quantum or spiritual realm.

Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are the spiritual language.

You can’t “fake” resonance. You can't "fake" what you believe. You can't hide behind limiting beliefs. You can't out-believe or under believe Source. You can’t disrupt the perfect plan. Your physical words are limited to a physical Newtonian experience and your quantum language determines what you‘ll receive in the Newtonian world.

Consider this...

Why do you suppose that spiritual text…more specifically the Judeo Christian Bible states more than 300 times…”FEAR NOT?”

Why do you suppose it clearly states BE LOVE…act out of Love…The Greatest of these is Love?

Because IT IS!! Choosing to BE LOVE…act out of Love projects a resonance that harmonizes with and draws to you what you Love.

Why do you suppose it states…

  • Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • "Let all that you do be done from motives of love."

  • "But now faith, hope, and love remain-these three. The greatest of these is love."

Do you believe that these are laws that you’ll be punished and judged for if you choose not to follow them? NO!!

It's because "You won't be punished FOR your thoughts, you'll be punished BY your thoughts."

As John Milton, the English poet, historian and scholar so eloquently stated...

"The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven."

Because the choice to engage in these chosen ways of “being”…YOUR choice...the resonance that this chosen way of being projects, attracts to you desirable or undesirable events, conditions and circumstances to YOU.

When Love is the choice you and everyone wins.

This chosen way of being benefits EVERYONE around you. There are no losers when Love is the choice. EVERYONE wins without exception.

Yes, choosing to express these “ways of being” to others is beneficial for all involved but the "reward" is received by you. As you sow, you reap. You project this way of being (plant the seed) and as a result attract to you outcomes that harmonize with that choice. (reap the harvest of your choice)

Without the existence of Unconditional Love there would be nothing to choose from, have faith or hope in! Absent the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws that support and govern it's operation, EVERYTHING would be left to chance, and the entire Universe would be in chaos!

My "personal conclusion"...

Any other choice than Love and acceptance attracts and provides the illusion of disharmony and discord in your life.

And if you still find yourself asking why...

Because LOVE projects a MUCH different RESONANCE than FEAR and REGARDLESS of which you choose, whatever the Source of your understanding might be, UNCONDITIONALLY provides WHATSOEVER YOU choose.

The quality of thought that we have the choice to engage in and the range of emotions that we have the “right and the ability to choose from are literally Infinite in nature.

Just a few of these ways of “being" that we can choose from are apathy, grief, fear, anger, lust, pride, courageousness, acceptance, peace and love.

Each of these choices exist as and project a resonance that varies in intensity. Fear and love both exist as energy and emit a specific frequency yet, the vibrational intensity of the energy differs.

What does spiritual text say “The fruits of the spirit” are?

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

No “fear” there. No ungratefulness there. No worry there. No anxiety there. No guilt there.

Fruits of the spirit are the essence of who we are. Who we “truly” are prior to learning all of the opposite fruits that we learn and develop beliefs and "perceptions" about throughout our lives which thanks to the inalienable right of free will granted to each of us, we have the right and the ability to engage in and express as we choose.

We MUST consciously and consistently focus on, engage in, act out and project the “Fruits of The Spirit” if we TRULY expect to "consciously ask"…create and EXPERIENCE a harmonious and fulfilling life.

It's vital, IF we "truly desire" to consistently experience harmonious results that we harmonize with the essence that can, does and will provide them...unconditionally.

The ONLY condition that exists is based on what we ourselves choose.

The greatest of these is Love. Why? Because under all the individually held perceptions and judgments about what’s going on “out there” or in our lives individually “Unconditional Love” is driving it all. Unconditional Love consists of everything there is and it’s Unconditional Love that provides it just as we ourselves choose and we UNCONDITIONALLY receive based on that choices or choices.

OUR choices individually.

Most just choose “unconsciously.” We've been conditioned and programmed for the most part to react out of fear rather than respond out of Love.

We SEE and "PERCEIVE" what’s going on “out there” as so real and scary and we allow our emotions to run haywire. We become fearful of what “might happen” because of what HAS happened in the past without understanding that it was US who asked for it to begin with as “unconscious” as that asking might have been and Unconditional Love provided it just as we asked.

So in many cases we develop fear based beliefs and perceptions about what’s happened in the past and that it might happen in the future which as we focus on this "perception" we initiate the electrochemical response in the body creating emotions...our "quantum communication device" which projects a resonance that insures that it will.

Because Unconditional Love never wavers...never judges...isn't discerning.

So we hope, wish and pray that such and such “might happen”…we run around throughout our lives dodging and running interference with what we fear “might happen”…focusing on what we “don’t want”…avoiding the “unpleasant things” that we would rather not experience when the underlying resonance…the projection…the communication that we’re choosing and sending out there into the field of Unconditional Love…this Infinite field of probability based on that choice conflicts with attracting to us what we truly desire and consciously hope, wish and pray that we‘ll receive.

And just as we choose…we receive.

But it’s US that is doing the asking!! In many cases we are simply asking “unconsciously” overlooking the simplicity, perfection, immutable and unwavering nature of the process.

So how do we make “the shift?”

It simply requires becoming “CONSCIOUS.” That's where it all begins...Awakening to the fact that WE are responsible…it’s US who determines what is being asked for…how the asking is being done…and that “Unconditional Love” ALWAYS…ALWAYS…ALWAYS says yes!!

It's SO important to understand...Accepting responsibility has nothing to do with blame or remorse or regret for what we’ve chosen. It’s accepting what we’ve chosen. It’s a matter of accepting where we’ve been, where we are and when we can get there...when we can do that we can begin consciously and intentionally plotting our course and get to where we "truly desire" to go.

It's allowing and surrendering to whatever is. It's allowing what we see to be "OK" as it is and choosing to consciously and consistently "Judge not by appearances" which shifts the resonance from fear to acceptance and we "magically" begin attracting, creating and experiencing more of the desirable outcomes.

When we accept responsibility and develop the ability to master our emotions we reclaim our power. Our “true” power and we can begin consciously, intentionally and consistently utilizing that power to create the results that we desire.

There is no POLARITY at the depths of Unconditional Love. Love is all there is. There is no POLARITY at the essence which makes everything “real and tangible” in the Newtonian world which as science refers to it, is ENERGY.

The Kingdom and the field are one in the same. Different avenues of study granted but when you choose to get to the core you begin to “clearly see” that what scientists are discovering and what the masters referred to are one and the same “place.”

It's ALL light. There is no darkness. It's our chosen ways of being that create shadows and darkness.

It ALL comes from the same place. The field...Unconditional Love.

It’s not a place really. It’s everything. We only have to call it a place so our minds can wrap around what EVERYTHING is.

EVERYTHING goes beyond what we ourselves can conceive. It’s Infinite in nature. It entails an infinite number of things that exist outside of our self defined definitions of what’s “possible or not possible.” It transcends what can be conceived. It FAR exceeds what we “perceive” to be rational, realistic and within the scope of our individually held perceptions of reality.

But it's only because of what we've learned to be "true." It's only because of what we've been programmed and conditioned to "believe" and "perceive" with regard to what's necessary to fulfill our desires and the time that we've come to believe is necessary to make them real and tangible.

Science has clearly shown...There is no time and space in this “place.” There is no past, present and future. There is no beginning or ending in this “place.” There is no right or wrong…good or bad…up or down…left or right in this “place.” There is no limitation.

It just IS. It's one place where everything resides together. There is no separation. There is no out there and in here. It exists as trillions upon trillions or gazillions and gazillions of various VIBRATIONS…an intricately interconnected and infinite wave field of wave energy…an unfathomable and infinite field of resonance that responds without fail and with unwavering certainty to our choices…harmonizes with and is ATTRACTED to us based ONLY on the RESONANCE that WE CHOOSE to project.

We only have to wake up and become “conscious” of what we’re choosing.

And what does “Unconditional Love” do? Provides it just as we ask…unconditionally.

You can if you choose look at and see it from the perspective of a cold, impartial and uncaring field that draws to you harmonious vibrations that match your chosen way of being.

But I can assure you that is a much different "field" than I've experienced. It wasn't cold...it wasn't uncaring. It was most amazing, indescribable and unconditionally loving and peaceful experience I've ever experienced.

It was Love. Unconditional Love.

Now….slow down…become conscious…take the time to go within yourself…enter the silence...listen…and you’ll awaken to and become keenly aware of what you’re asking for.

Once you “become aware” of what that is, simply make the shift and you’ll experience something different.

It’s quite simple really...profoundly simple and perfect and unwavering and immutable once you choose to slow down and look at it.

Now it’s simply a matter of choosing to do so. Ah yes…more choices the result of which you are responsible for.

There is no try…either you do or you don’t. Either you will or you won’t.

It’s nothing more or less than an individual choice.

So how do you make these “heartfelt desires” REAL? How do you “consciously” initiate the power of Unconditional Love so that Unconditional Love provides what you “truly desire?”

  • Accept yourself as you are.

  • Accept others as they are.

  • Accept conditions as they are

  • Accept life as it is

  • Love yourself as you are.

  • Love others as they are.

  • Learn to Love conditions as they are.

  • Learn to "relax"...enjoy and savor the journey.

  • Surrender to what is and “allow” what is to be OK.

  • Express heartfelt gratitude that you’ve been provided an irrevocable “gift” to create your life as you choose even though until now, you may have been choosing unconsciously.

  • Work toward loving and accepting unconditionally.

  • Learn to judge not by appearances understanding that what you are seeing and experiencing now is something that you have asked for and attracted at some point in the past.

  • Develop the ability to stop judging others.

  • Develop the ability to stop judging yourself.

  • Develop the understanding that what you judge and damn and condemn today only projects a resonance…a frequency...an asking that will harmonize with your choice at some point in the future.

Unconditional Love and acceptance goes beyond “making concessions.”

There’s a difference…a powerfully creative difference between “tolerating” something or someone and accepting them or it unconditionally.

There’s a subtle yet powerfully creative difference between seeing above and beyond someone’s “flaws and imperfections” and truly accepting and loving them for who and what they “truly are.” That includes yourself.

Do you see the difference in resonance that each of these choices projects?

There is NOTHING…NO THING “out there” that can affect what YOU are choosing to be without your permission. YOU must allow it to happen.

No one can “steal your joy” unless and until YOU allow them to. A choice to judge or condemn anything external to you projects a communication into the infinite field...the kingdom and unconditional love reflects back to you just as you ask.

When you get to the place where you “Judge not by appearances” and learn to love and accept “unconditionally”…to express heartfelt gratitude for the incredible and irrevocable gift of being enabled to choose…to create your life as you choose whether by design or default…to consciously and intentionally focus on the desired outcomes in your “minds eye” and surrendering to the unfailing and unwavering process that makes it all possible…your physical results will change and harmonize with whatever “heartfelt desires” you have.

Unconditional Love guarantees it.

You do your part and Unconditional Love will take care of the rest…simply...perfectly...effortlessly...unconditionally.

Project the resonance that harmonizes with what you “consciously desire” and the field will reflect it back to you.

Now it’s only a matter of YOU choosing to do so or not.

Whichever you choose Unconditional Love will honor just as you choose…unconditionally.

Simply "allow"..."surrender"..."let go" of all the attachments.

Keep moving forward in the best way you know how. Stay open to the signs that show up in an INFINITE number of ways. Engage in those that FEEL good to you and "I believe" you'll get more of what you want and less of what you don't.

What I've shared this month is "MY" perspective. Take what "feels right" to you and discard the rest.

It's my hope that it assists in some way.

Till Next Month,




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
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Final thoughts and wisdom to reflect on provided by the masters regarding "getting what you want."

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, (gratitude) present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

"Consider the lilies of the field. They toil not and neither do they spin. Yet I say to you that Solomon is all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."

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