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"Abundance, Happiness and Fulfillment All Begins By Discovering and Becoming "Consciously" Aware Of The Difference Between Reality and Actuality"

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You know, I receive all kinds of e-mails and contacts regarding how someone is going through this or that situation and looking for immediate clear cut, no nonsense answers as to how to turn things around in a particular area of their lives. On occasion I’ll even receive one where someone is having difficulty in several areas at once.

Sometimes…many times in fact, it’s financially related and other times it’s physically, relationally or a combination of all three.

While I empathize, feel compassion for and can fully relate with how that feels, since I’ve “Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt” so to speak, and have personally experienced the full gamut of exhilarating highs as well as the seemingly inescapable and intolerable gut wrenching lows that we all are susceptible to and sometimes experience in life, although I do empathize and feel for those who contact me experiencing difficulty, at the same time it can sometimes become REALLY frustrating for me.

Now you might be thinking to yourself..."Why and how could the Abundance and Happiness guy possibly become frustrated?"

Well…There’s actually 3 parts to that answer…And since you "may" have asked, I'll go ahead and tell you what they are...

The Abundance and Happiness Guy Is Human...well OK,
he's at least "part human"

First of all I can and do experience frustration at times just like anyone because I am human...or should I say at least part human.

What does THAT mean exactly?

Well...it means that although I do understand that in Actuality, at the very core of our being, we are ALL spiritual beings having a "physical" experience, sometimes even I allow the "physical me" to dominate and I get in a bit of an internal tizzy (that's my word today for a tug of war) within myself.

Yep…believe it or not, even the Abundance and Happiness guy goes through things at times and he allows himself to become susceptible to and affected by external influence.

In a nutshell, I allow my emotions to get the best of me at times and the end result is that I begin NOT "feeling" so good.

When I start allowing myself to look at what “appears” to be real, what the mass majority have been conditioned to believe, perceive to be and look at as logical, practical and call “Reality”, it can sometimes have a bit of an adverse effect on my mental and emotional state of being.

Although I know better, the end result of that "not so wise choice" is that I can end up feeling NOT so abundant and happy at times.

Thankfully and luckily for me though, as a result of PLENTY of personal experience combined with many years of extensive research and personal discovery that these “not so pleasant” experiences I’ve personally encountered over the years initiated, I’m REALLY grateful to say that I'm MUCH better able to recognize what’s happening, readjust my thoughts, come back to my senses, (most times very quickly) and don’t allow myself to stay in that dis-empowering mindset for long.

I’ve come to know and understand how crucial it is…absolutely essential in fact to do that, IF we really and truly ever expect and hope to consistently experience “desired” outcomes in our lives. It’s become extremely apparent to me…again based on past personal experience as well as the latest in cutting edge scientific discoveries regarding what "really" creates our physical "reality", that we absolutely MUST keep our predominant focus on those things that we DO desire and avoid like the plague dwelling on and allowing ourselves to stay focused on those things that we’d rather not experience.

Why is that so important? Because however we choose to respond and/or react in our "reality"...meaning the way in which we choose to "Be" in reality, determines what we'll draw from Actuality and experience in our "physical reality" at some point in the future.

What is SOOOO crucial to understand, which many don't, is that our "physical reality" begins, is drawn from and made physical in this place I'm referring to as "Actuality."

Confused On This Reality and Actuality Thing??? Allow me to clarify...

The Difference Between Our "Perceived" Reality and Actuality

Reality...meaning the physical events, conditions and circumstances that we each encounter and experience from day to day in a "physical sense" is what we "perceive" our lives to be. Most believe and refer to what is being experienced in their lives here and now, as their reality. Although in a "physical sense" it is, what most don't understand is that their reality which is really nothing more than a grand illusion that we create based on a combination of our individual perceptions and our internal "beingness" is made real to the "physical us" and is drawn from the unseen, metaphysical, or spiritual realm based on our own individual choices. This place is what I'll be referring to throughout the newsletter as Actuality.

Actuality, depending on your personal preference is known throughout the scientific community as The Zero Point Field as well as many other names, or in many Religious and spiritual circles as The Kingdom Of God.

Although I can’t be certain of your personal preference for understanding this "Unseen" place or where you stand personally with regard to understanding how our life experiences unfold, as a result of my own experiences, some of which I’ve labeled as profound, I’ve come to understand at a deeper place that it’s these times…these “I don’t feel so good times”, that, should I make the unfortunate choice of staying in that mindset for too long…allowing these “uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions” to dominate, it can and does begin to attract from Actuality, even more of the events, conditions and circumstances to “not” feel good about.

Although I’ve learned and most times do recognize and accept those times as “growth lessons”, there are times when I choose to look at things from a strictly physical perspective, the I’m just a regular guy named Chuck from Oklahoma City perspective, and the reality is that I don’t like or enjoy them any more than anybody else.

On the other hand, based on what I've come to understand and believe through my own experience as well as countless thousands of hours of research, is that my choice to allow myself to experience these "undesired emotions" is in essence communicating to and asking Actuality (God, The Zero Point Field, Universe, etc.) to provide me with and send me more of what it is that I'm feeling and experiencing within myself.

When I'm feeling in a bit of a funk emotionally...in essence, what I'm asking for is NEVER and can't be "good" from my "physical perspective.

So…when I do begin experiencing them...these "not so good" feeling emotions...I have to stop, take a step back and remind myself of who and what I “truly” am, which is a spiritual being having a physical experience, recognize the fact that what I'm experiencing is precisely what I've asked for and attracted to me at some level, accept it and shift my focus to a more "positive" and productive mindset.

Coming back into that realization helps me to remember, based on my spiritual understanding that “All things truly do work together for good” or as modern day science puts it…“There is never an atom out of place ever.”

Although in reality we may judge and label our physical outcomes as being "good" or "bad", in Actuality we are simply having an experience that harmonizes with a way of "being" that we chose for ourselves at some point in the past.

That way of "being" that I'm referring to can be best understood and recognized as a result of the emotions that we choose to allow ourselves to experience.

To clarify...

In Actuality, there is no "good" or "bad" everything just is and this "isness" that we experience in our physical reality IS because we chose it to be.

So, during those times when I do experience these emotions myself, I bring myself into a place of acceptance, allow them to be OK just the way they are, which is best described as a kind of “surrender to what is“ and they pass fairly quickly when I make up my mind to “allow” them to.

What am I attempting to convey?

The bottom line is that how we feel…what we predominantly think about and keep our focus on is what initiates those emotions and whether you are aware of it or not or believe it or not, determines what we are communicating and asking Source for and as a result we receive just as we ask and the physical manifestation of that asking shows up in the various areas of our "physical lives."

This is an extremely important distinction to make if you ever hope to begin experiencing the REALLY BIG and REALLY good things that most desire in life but few ever attain.

I think where some become confused is that they "believe" their spoken words are what's communicating their intentions and desires and in Reality they do when we're communicating with and talking with another individual in our reality, but in Actuality our communication to Source is determined by what and how we're feeling. In other words, what and how we're feeling is what communicates to Source what we're asking for.

Here's the really cool part...

The Source, whatever you might personally "perceive" and "believe" Source to be, NEVER says no.

Although I won’t go into great depth concerning why I believe that’s true from either a spiritual or scientific perspective in this edition, the bottom line is that we are ALL attracting each and every one of the events, conditions and circumstances into our lives…EVERY area of our lives that harmonize perfectly with how we feel in any given moment and a choice to stay in a “not feeling good” place for extended periods of time can and will only serve to attract and bring about more of those conditions that we claim that we would rather not experience, or at best dramatically slow the process of attracting what we DO want.

"Most people live in a very restricted circle of the potential of their being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness, and of their souls resources in general. Much like a man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger." - William James : American Psychologist and Philosopher

I suppose what I’m attempting to convey, the bottom line is...If you don’t like what it is that you’re experiencing in one or more areas of your life, it’s going to be necessary to change what has created those experiences which is determined by what you predominantly focus on which in turn determines what emotions you're experiencing and ends up determining how you feel.

We’re faced with moment to moment choices every day of our lives. The most important choice I’ve discovered is to consciously and consistently choose my thoughts. When you become consciously aware of what it is that you place your predominant focus on you’ll soon discover why it is that you “feel” good or bad and if you discover that they are creating "bad" feelings, you’ll have a specific starting point for shifting whatever might be happening in your life that you “perceive” to be unpleasant.

That’s not some woo woo esoteric theoretical nonsense, it’s how life works…it’s exactly how and why our lives unfold as they do. It’s been validated scientifically and taught in spiritual circles for thousands of years. Although I won’t get into the physics of it or some extremely deep quantum explanation as to how and why this is true, there are 7 potentially life transforming, very simply put yet profound words of wisdom which have existed and shared by some of the greatest teachers in the history of the world for thousands of years that make it VERY apparent and clear.

“As you believe…so shall you receive.”

What does “believing” have to do with “feeling” a certain way and how does that effect our emotional state? Well, it works like this…

  • If you’re feeling badly and worrying about your financial situation, what do you suppose you’re believing at some level about your financial situation?

  • If you’re feeling badly and worrying about something going "wrong" in an important relationship in your life, what do you suppose the underlying “beliefs” are with regard to some aspect of that relationship?

  • If you’re feeling depleted, stressed out and tired as a result of your current job/career, what do you suppose you’re “believing” about your chosen field?

  • If you’re feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, what do you suppose you’re thinking and feeling about your life in general?

Although these examples and the experiences they create can be utilized in a constructive way to recognize and shift the beliefs that are creating the experience, a choice to remain stuck in that mindset is a choice to create more of the same for the future. Essentially that choice can only serve to attract and create more of what we “don’t want.” They aren't "bad" unless you choose to judge and accept them as such and "allow" them to continue.

Remember...in Actuality there is no "good" or "bad." Every conceivable outcome just exists there, is waiting for us to ask for it and without fail delivers to us just what we ask.

How you are “feeling” about any given situation in your life provides incredible insight with regard to what you're asking for and enables you to know how and why you may or may not be experiencing what you desire to experience.

Let’s look at a specific example as it relates to feeling “bad”…

What many believe is that they’re feeling bad because of whatever undesired situation they might be currently experiencing. Although what we are experiencing in our Reality can and often does fuel and amplify how we feel, these experiences originated from somewhere else first.

Admittedly, adverse experiences in life can, if we choose to allow them to, can and do ignite an electrochemical process in the brain that releases natural chemicals produced in the body that create negative emotions that make us feel “bad”, but we also have the ability to recognize and accept them for what they are, allow them to be OK and choose to shift our point of focus to something that “feels” better which serves to change the process and begins to create "feel good" chemicals in the brain.

Why would we want to allow something that feels bad to be OK? Because in essence that allowing "allows" it to dissipate. We could choose to place additional focus on it, dwell on it and feed it additional energy which in essence intensifies it, or we can simply accept it as it is which serves to disarm it and POOF…it’s gone.

Why is that important? Because the circumstance that we are experiencing and allowing ourselves to feel “badly” about currently, is the result (an “effect”) of some adverse feeling that we chose to hold onto at some point in the past which created the experience that we’re now feeling “badly” about. (the “cause“)

We exist in a cause and effect world meaning according to Albert Einstein's discovery many years ago that in "reality" we exist in a world of relativity. Although this is true from a physical perspective, new scientific discoveries point to deeper understandings as to how the physical becomes physical which is spiritual or "unseen" in nature prior to us experiencing it in our physical lives. Reality is the Newtonian Physics world. Actuality is the quantum or spiritual world where we can ask and DO receive "Whatsoever ye desire" as spiritual text puts it. From a well known and accepted spiritual perspective...As we sow, so shall we reap."

What many overlook is that the first stage of "sowing" is done at the level of consciousness...what we think and feel which determines what is attracted to us and what we'll experience in physical form.

To shift the experience it’s necessary to recognize and break the cycle that is and will continue to create more of the same “undesired” circumstances until we make a conscious choice and take the necessary action to change it.

In a nutshell...to change the outcome (the effect) it's necessary to change the cause. To change the harvest, it's necessary to plant different seeds.

This is achieved at the level of consciousness...what we place and keep our predominant focus on.

What's extremely important to understand though as we begin to make these changes is that we need not fret about past causes or seeds planted that have produced what we're experiencing today. It's crucial for our future outcomes that we allow and accept everything that is now, what appears as REAL in our current reality and accept it just as it is.

Allowing things to be OK just the way they are keeps us from working ourselves into an uptight frenzy which in essence only serves to strengthen our point of attraction for receiving more to be uptight about in the future.

Many people feel that it’s necessary to react in some way when less than pleasant situations arise. This reaction is often allowing fear, doubt and worry to be the predominant focus. They feel like they must somehow “fix” things in a physical sense. When these undesired and less than pleasant situations arise, and they're beyond our physical ability TO fix, many "perceive" themselves to be flawed...that their lives are somehow "broken" when in Actuality the thing being experienced is unfolding perfectly and precisely based on what they chose at some point in the past.

The process of creation is ALWAYS perfect and NEVER fails or wavers.

Although it’s true that in order to handle currently existing “physical situations” in the best way we can, meaning it's necessary to initiate “physical activity” to resolve them, it’s also necessary to become “conscious of” how the current experience came into being and shift our point of focus to ensure that the same experience isn’t continuously repeated and experienced in the future.

Yes we do the best we can to resolve the physical circumstances we're experiencing in the best way we know how…in other words, do the best we can through our physical action, but once complete, once we've done the best that we can in the best way we know how, even if that means that the situation isn't completely resolved, we just simply let go of the rest, keep our focus on it's inevitable . When we can learn to do that, to just stay calm and focused on the solution rather than remaining focused on the problem, even though we may not yet "see it" with our physical eyes, you’ll be amazed how quickly things are resolved.

Again, although I could share the science behind why this works the way it does spiritual wisdom provides tremendous insight, in very simple but clearly spoken words as to the power that action holds...

"Faith is the substance of things "hoped for" the evidence of things NOT seen."

Now as it pertains to what we experience in our "future" reality...

Things being experienced today...the events, conditions and circumstances that we're experiencing in our physical reality right here, right now are due to what we were "being" at some point in the past...they DO NOT determine who we are now.

To make our future outcomes more in alignment with what we desire all we have to do is become conscious of what we are being in the here and now, make certain that it is in alignment with what we desire to experience and the future WILL BE that.

By understanding and recognizing the importance of going to the Cause of each and every experience we encounter in our reality, enables us to attract desired outcomes from Actuality just as we desire and envision them, which is MUCH easier than attempting to fix the physical outcomes that already exist in our "reality." When we draw from Actuality what we want from the onset, there's nothing to fix later.

We do that by consistently remaining conscious of our predominant train of thought that we have the ability to direct wherever we choose which draws the desired outcome from Actuality.

There are a number of common and widespread beliefs that the majority choose to hold concerning how and why adverse circumstances are being experienced, but it most certainly doesn’t make them true. Well let me rephrase that….in reality it DOES make it true for them, but the fact of the matter is that there is a “Higher Truth” that once understood, embraced, internalized and acted upon will enable anyone to break out of WHATEVER “perceived” difficulty that they may find themselves experiencing by simply choosing to do that!

So how can YOU do that during those times when you perceive that your life is falling apart?

The first realization that needs to be understood and embraced, and I repeat it because it is SOOOO important, is that you’re current situation isn’t what’s responsible for keeping you in “feeling badly” mode…it’s how you were thinking and feeling at some point in the past which brought that experience into your “reality” today. If you truly want to change your tomorrows, it’s going to be necessary to do something differently than you did in the past which created them today.

Lack, limitation, disharmony and discord in ANY area of your life is NEVER the problem. You might “perceive” it to be the problem but in reality it’s only a symptom of the real problem that you may not even be consciously aware of.

Granted it might appear to be a very real part of your current “reality” but it’s only that because you have “allowed” it to become that and drawn it from what is being referred to as Actuality. We draw from Actuality what we “perceive” and “believe” to be real and true in our reality.

If you’re currently experiencing ANY kind of disharmony or discord in ANY area of your life it’s because at some level you’re believing it into existence without exception and if you allow it to, it can make you “feel“ bad which, by choosing to remain in that "feeling bad place" only serves to draw more of the same to you.

Our beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, meaning whether we’re aware or unaware of them are the “true” problem that determines from moment to moment how we “feel” about any given situation which also determines what we will continue to attract to us and without fail will be experienced in the future.

Our lives unfold based on how we believe they’re going to unfold. Our feeling place, meaning how we’re feeling about any given situation can be used as a very powerful and insightful tool IF we'll only choose to recognize and utilize it as such. Our emotions serve as the gauge for what we’re believing about something. How we’re feeling can, if we’ll just slow down and get quiet long enough to take a close look at it and pay some conscious attention to it, will enable you to dig down through all the layers and point out some very significant clues as to what beliefs are creating and causing you to "feel badly" and provide you with a starting point with regard to how you can make the necessary "internal change" and shift whatever the situation might be.

It's No Longer A Secret That Everything That
Unfolds In Our Lives Is Due To Energy

Everything experienced in life, both seen and unseen, happens as a result of energy. It’s ALL about energy. No not the “physical” kind of energy that determines how motivated or tired you are, or the kind that fuels your car or heats your home, but an underlying unseen energy, more like a frequency of energy that is at the core of and makes up EVERYTHING in existence. It’s a form of energy that serves as the building blocks for EVERYTHING that exists in the entire Universe. This is energy of the purest form. It’s what enables EVERYTHING, both the physical and the non physical to be.

Modern day science calls this energy “The Super String.”

How we choose to mold and shape that energy in our lives is determined by what we think, how we believe and how we’re “feeling” which determines how each and every area of our lives unfold.

Although admittedly I haven’t always had that level of understanding…in fact at one point I personally believed it was a bunch of theoretical nonsense…my experiences as well as my “seeking” over the years…more specifically the immensely life transforming discoveries I’ve made as a result of that seeking, has enabled me to discover "tangible evidence" that supports it, enabling me to shift my shift my mindset, my "belief" with regard to it) and provided me with enough solid evidence…tangible “physical evidence”, to enable me to see and develop an unshakable “knowing” as to how true and powerful it really is.

Now you don’t have to believe it…in fact you have every right NOT to believe it if you choose as I once “DIDN’T“, but I’ll assure you that until you make the choice to discover the truth and power behind it for yourself, and then make a choice to begin "consciously applying" what you discover, things more than likely aren’t going to change for you.

Although I haven’t and more than likely in this lifetime won't perfect it…the how to mold and shape this energy 100% of the time, due to my previously ingrained beliefs and experiences of the past I can, have and often do, through conscious intention and focus, attract and create experiences that previous to understanding how to do so proved to be impossible or at best were occurences that I would have considered to be fate, coincidence or chance.

Due to a few of what I refer to as "profound experiences", when I DO occasionally allow things to get to me based on what is going on around me in my “physical life”, a deep sense of “knowing” and assurance is always there regardless of what I might be experiencing and enables me to make the necessary adjustments.

My Personal Experience With Meditation Enabled Me To Break Through "Reality" And Conceive What Exists In Actuality

The experience that I am referring to isn’t of a physical nature. Although it was initiated as the result of a choice I made to begin practicing meditation,

it was an experience that transcends common human logic that I had while using a guided meditation program created by The Higher Balance Institute called The Foundation Guided Meditation System.

It was an experience that can’t be accurately conveyed in words, but in a nutshell it enabled me to enter into and experience a place of profound peace, assurance and and a sense well being that's difficult to convey in words, where I became immediately able to comprehend, understand and recognize the Unity and Oneness of everything in existence which at the same time initiated an immediate shift with regard to how I looked at and perceived things in the world and life in general.

I guess the best and simplest way to describe it is that it was an encounter with the Divine. A transcendental experience some might call it. It enabled me to tap into and comprehend what I'm referring to as Actuality and provided me with an unshakable "knowing" regarding my "True worth" and what is truly possible when you decide to consciously choose whatever that might mean for you individually for yourself which is literally Infinite in nature.

I know, many people believe and hold assumptions that the art of meditation requires years of focused discipline to receive any notable results, just as I once did, but like many common beliefs and assumptions that people hold, that is NOT an accurate assumption.

In fact, the guided meditation program that I personally use and because of it's impact and effect on me I chose to distribute to those seeking the same or similar results, takes as little as 20 minutes per day to achieve astounding results.

Like anything else it's necessary to apply the technique, but a choice to do that consistently will provide astonishing results.

Meditation provides much more than just a relaxation technique or a way to achieve a spiritual type experience, it's also been scientifically proven to dramatically enhance an individuals overall health as well as numerous other benefits.

(You can find out more about that and the guided meditation program I personally use by clicking here)

Ok...Back On Track To How Energy, Our Emotions, Feelings and Mindset Effect Our Outcomes In Life

First it's important to understand that we can have whatever we want in life, but simply wanting it isn't enough to get it. It doesn’t matter how badly you “want” something. Everybody I know wants more, yet few understand how to turn that want into tangible physical results. In fact, most unconsciously create more of the want fully believing that lack, limitation and less than desired outcomes are simply a way of life. If that is what you "perceive" and "believe" reality to be, that is precisely how your reality will turn out.

Unless you can get yourself into the place of feeling good about what it is that you want, regardless of what appears to be going on around you in your reality, you’ll find that it is absolutely impossible to draw from and experience those desires that come from Actuality unless and until you harmonize how you feel with attracting and receiving them.

Now you may not like to hear that, but it’s the no holds barred, non sugar coated truth…mine at least. To expect some form of change in your life, whether it be physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually without recognizing and accepting the fact that some changes need to be made within yourself first is, as Albert Einstein so eloquently yet bluntly quoted…Insanity. He goes on to say that you can't expect to create different results with the same method of thinking that created the results you're experiencing.

Most people attempt to change their "reality" by working harder, doing more or somehow engaging in some additional physical activity fully believing that it serves as the cause for their outcomes in life rather than discovering, tapping into and enhancing the true cause which is internal. It is your "internal beingness" that taps into Actuality and produces the outcomes in your physical world...period.

Yes, you can increase your physical activity and produce temporary and mediocre results in your life, but if you ever intend to produce significant and lasting change, it's going to be necessary to look beyond creation in a physical sense and get to the core of where it all comes from.

The bottom line is that for things to change, YOU have to change. Nothing outside of you has to change…YOU have to change. If you are waiting for and expecting your circumstances to change when the economy gets better, or your wife/husband changes her/his mind, or when the government starts doing things a certain way, or fuel prices change or the recession ends or any other infinite number of examples that might come to mind, then you’re going to be waiting for your changes for a mighty long time or at the very best, experience some very short term mediocre outcomes in comparison to what is and always has been available to you.

You already have everything you need within yourself to create a life that meets each and every one of your desires AND your expectations. As spiritual text makes VERY clear..."The Kingdom of God is within you." If your expectations are “less than” and aren’t harmonizing with your desires you have a choice to make.

“Settle for your desires not being fulfilled or immerse yourself in whatever will enable and empower you to raise your expectations.”

In Actuality neither choice is “wrong”, but one will yield far greater and more pleasing outcomes in your "reality" than the other. It’s simply a matter of which you choose.

Far too many people think that some external thing has to change before they can begin experiencing the desired changes…more specifically desired outcomes in their own lives. Although they can believe that if they choose, it’s a very limiting and unfortunate choice that will keep them continuing the very same patterns, keeping them trapped in the very same cycle, reaping the very same mediocre and in many cases less than desired harvest over and over and over again until that realization becomes a part of you.

Unless and until you make a conscious choice to quit giving your power away to something external to you...depending on the externals to provide you with what is and always has been already existent within you, you can be certain that your results will continue to yield far less than you're capable of.

Before that can happen and any significant and long term results can ever be experienced, it’s going to be necessary to make a firm and unwavering choice to initiate that change within yourself. Choosing NOT to do that will keep you in hoping and wishing mode for whatever it might be that you want for a very long time without EVER seeing any significant results unless and until you come to that realization.

Anyway…back to my frustration mindset and how feeling that way can create what appears as and often perceived to be literal chaos in our lives…

Understanding from a personal perspective just how true that is, and personally experiencing the seemingly endless array of “undesired” outcomes that it ALWAYS delivers, I’ve learned not to allow myself to stay in that frustrated or “stinkin thinkin” place for long.

Sure I have my occasional pity party like everybody, but once I become “conscious” again, choose to snap out of it and reawaken to the fact that my predominant mindset is going to determine my future results, in most cases I'm able to snap out of it very quickly. I make the choice to shift my focus back to a more productive, pleasant and rewarding mindset, shifting my focus to those things that I DO want and as a result, without fail begin experiencing more productive, pleasant and rewarding experiences that harmonize and align perfectly with the mindset that I choose.

Whichever mindset you might choose personally doesn’t matter unless of course you have a desire to experience really good outcomes. Then it DOES matter and you had better choose really good thoughts and keep yourself in a really good “feeling place“…consistently.

OK…that pretty much covers reason number 1 for why I get frustrated at times.

Then there’s reason number 2...The answer to “why“ I would allow myself to become occasionally frustrated by the contacts I receive…So what IS the answer???

Because I care. I care about how people feel. I care about what people are experiencing. I care and am extremely passionate about assisting others in becoming conscious of and discovering for themselves what it is that creates those experiences that they claim they don’t want. Because of that caring, I do my best to assist any who cross my path with a desire to learn, who sincerely have a "want" with regard to becoming better at becoming consciously aware of how to begin creating and experiencing what they DO want.

Although I care, the frustration comes at times when I find that someone who may not be experiencing the kind and quality of life that I’ve come to know they are more than capable of experiencing, who also express an interest in doing so, and then refuse to do for themselves what it takes to make that happen.

I care because I’ve come to know that you, me and everybody else who chooses to, can experience whatever desires we hold for ourselves without limitation and have whatever we desire independent of anything or anyone outside of ourselves and that “havingness” is limited only by your willingness and ability to conceive it as possible for yourself and keep your predominant focus on it‘s attainment without having a clingy attachment to it.

I care because as much as I know it, as much as I’ve seen and personally experienced the simplicity of how to turn things around in my own life, regardless of the “perceived” enormity or complexity of whatever the currently undesirable experience or situation may have been, I can become frustrated at times because I've also discovered that the majority of people don’t or won’t DO what is necessary to shift the experience that they claim that they'd rather not experience.

Their "Reality" dictates that this doing must consist of only the physical forms of doingness when in Actuality the necessary doing to create results that transcend logic...that provide outcomes that most perceive to be outside the scope of reality, MUST begin within yourself.

They "perceive" that they don't have the time to do this internal work because of their overloaded schedules and time constraints that make up their reality and fail to grasp and understand that by making that internal work a priority, they become enabled and empowered to consciously and consistently draw from Actuality the circumstances that would make their reality far less hectic, stressful and overwhelming and provide them with more time than any physical activity EVER could.

Most attempt to squeeze some limited time frame out of their reality to enhance the spiritual aspects of their lives, when choosing just the opposite would enable their realities to produce far greater and far more pleasing results.

In other words the mass majority plan their spirituality around their lives rather than planning their lives around their spirituality.

This spirituality I refer to has nothing to do with man made structured religion, but rather discovering who and what you truly are and recognizing the creative power that you have been provided by the Source of your understanding to mold and shape your life based on your own individual choices.

That is what I find to be REALLY frustrating at times.

In addition, I find that even though some might begin on the path of personal empowerment feeling ten feet tall and bulletproof initially, they'll often fall back into the same self limiting and self sabotaging mindset that created their undesirable conditions to begin with as a result of not consistently applying what they discover which keeps them stuck in the same situations that they were initially hoping to get out of.

Although that’s not the most frustrating part for me, because I do fully understand that everyone has a free will to do as they choose, the part that does frustrate me is that due to this failure to consistently apply these things...by gaining the knowledge but choosing not to apply the knowledge, they develop solidified beliefs that this Law of Attraction stuff doesn’t work. When that happens it makes it absolutely impossible for them to achieve the success they desire unless and until they bring themselves back into the mindset that they can.

Rest assured...the Law of Attraction NEVER fails or wavers. If you have ANY doubts whatsoever, compare what's going on in your life with the predominant method of thinking that you consistently engage in specifically in that area and it will become blatantly obvious to you.

The Law of Attraction and all other Universal Laws for that matter don't only work to draw desired outcomes to you...they work both ways...without fail...without wavering...without judgment or discernment and the ONLY determining factor is YOU.

Granted it may take some work initially to become conscious of what it is that you are thinking about consistently since the average person thinks approx. 60,000 thoughts per day, but with a little conscious focus, a bit of brutal honesty with yourself and a little discipline you'll soon discover that you do have the ability to recognize these thought processes as well as have control over and the ability to shift the consistent thought processes that the mass majority choose to remain unconscious and oblivious to which are the very thing that are molding, shaping and creating their "realities.".

The Process Is Extremely Simple But It's NOT Easy

Regardless of what you may have been told by others taunting immediate fixes and overnight results, becoming a conscious creator takes some doing initially. The level of doing necessary is dependent on individual situations and can range from fairly easy doing to what may seem to some to be really hard. Worse case scenario though, it only takes about thirty days to shift the self limiting mindset that keeps so many stuck, so as far as I’m concerned 30 days is NOTHING compared to the benefits that can and will be realized long term once a choice is made to do so.

The kind of doing that I’m talking about has nothing to do with anything physical. It has to do with an “internal” form of doingnesss which once accomplished makes the external physical doingness pleasant and FAR more productive and rewarding. Things start showing up, Life in general becomes much more pleasant enabling you to “feel” better which in turn enables you to begin creating and experiencing even more of the desired outcomes.

The Key To Personal Transformation Is Self Awareness

The first doing necessary from my personal perspective is developing a deeper and keener sense of self awareness, discovering that you truly do have the ability to achieve whatever it might be that you have a desire to achieve without constraints or limitations. The difficult part comes into play when you are unable to tap into and see beyond Reality and understand what’s REALLY happening, and choose to remain unaware or worse ignore Actuality altogether where everything in your reality comes from.

Although you have that right, an unwillingness to develop that sense of awareness, which in essence is choosing to continue producing the same results...hard earned results and remaining stuck in your “perceived” reality…seeing your current experience as the one true “reality” you'll find yourself trapped in wishful thinking mode. You have every right to hold onto your existing truth, but regardless of where you might currently find yourself, whether struggling to get by or experiencing what the world perceives to be doing well, there is a Higher Truth. The Higher you allow your truth to rise the higher and the greater your reality will become.

It’s difficult, impossible in fact to tap into and discover that “Higher Truth” if you currently find yourself continually feeling bad and focusing on what’s going wrong and/or what you don’t have in your life. It traps you in a seemingly impossible to escape cycle.

It’s as simple and as complex as discovering and learning who and what you "truly" are, choosing to disregard what it is that you see with your physical eyes and “perceive” to be reality...what's going on in your physical world and making a conscious and intentional choice to tap into and shift your focus to Actuality where EVERYTHING is possible and where everything already exists.

When you choose to begin seeing your desired outcomes in your minds eye, it won't be long and your physical eyes will begin to witness them for themselves.

If your still foggy or a bit confused or apprehensive regarding reality and Actuality, let me clear the air a bit.

More Depth and Clarity Regarding The Differences Between Reality and Actuality

Modern day science says that ALL things already exist as a probability of existence in this place that I’m referring to as Actuality. They call it the The Field, the Zero Point Field, The Divine Matrix, waves of probability, etc. etc., but regardless of what it’s called doesn’t change the fact that the important part…the REALLY important part that can make ALL the difference in YOUR life IF you'll allow it to, is the fact that everything already exists in Actuality and you can attract whatever outcomes you desire to you by making a few simple choices to harmonize your energetic vibrational frequency with whatever it might be and as a result begin attracting the results that you desire for your life, WHATEVER results you desire.

Although science can make it sound really complicated with all their mathematical explanations and complex experiments, the fact is it’s really quite simple.

As simple as it is, it takes some doing to break outside of the self limiting and self imposed Matrix that so many find themselves trapped within, and in many cases initially, fully believing that there’s no way out. That’s the part that has to be changed and that is where the complexity comes into play.

Until you can shift the mindset which is responsible for creating where you currently find yourself, where you find yourself is where you’ll remain.

It's not nearly as much a learning as it is an unlearning of the previously acquired self limiting beliefs that are responsible for attracting and creating whatever undesired experiences might be coming into your experience.

My personal belief is that the most powerful and effective place to begin...to recognize your "true" worth...your infinite potential...and developing an unshakable "knowing" regarding what is and always has been available to you is through choosing to engage in a consistent practice of meditation.

Meditating enables you to see beyond what you "perceive" to be reality and tap into Actuality where a "knowing" is established absent any external opinion and/or influence and enables you to discover your "true" potential for yourself. It enables you to clearly see and know from a deep place what is and always has been available to you.

Look, if you TRULY want to have your desires fulfilled, it’s necessary to be able to conceptualize where it is that you want to be, hold fast to what that looks and feels like for you long enough for it to show up. How long does that take? Well….first of all the how and the when isn’t up to us. The only thing that we can control is the what and the why. But…I can safely say that when that mindset is established the what and the why clearly held and envisioned as an already existing fact, when we can internalize the desire and enable ourselves to get in that “feeling” place as if it’s already happened it CAN happen immediately.

It’s dependent on individual factors. The fastest way to make it happen is simply to remain focused on the what and the why, unattached from the how and when and just allow nature to take her course.

If you find yourself in a place that you‘re currently unable to hold that conceptualization long enough to begin experiencing whatever “desired“ outcome you may have for yourself, to know at the core of your being that it’s manifestation is inevitable and “knowing” that it’s going to show up…I mean really “feel“ it’s presence and see it in your “minds eye” prior to being able to see and experience it with your physical eyes, then there are some changes that are going to have to be made before you can ever expect to see and experience it, whatever it might be in your life.

Meditation enables you to tap into and experience that place.

What happens more times than not is that most just aren’t aware that they CAN have whatever desires they choose and if and when they do attempt to make them real but don’t have that deep down knowing that’s necessary they solidify the belief that because they aren’t experiencing whatever that might be in their lives in the time frame that they think it should show up in or the way that they “perceived” that it needed to that it just isn’t meant to be. That’s NOT, never has been nor ever will be the case! What’s keeping it from you...the ONLY thing is either you don't believe it's yours for the asking or you have a clingy attachment to the outcome which only serves to push it further away from you.

I know that those who write can shift whatever unpleasant encounters they might be experiencing if they’ll only choose to do that. That’s the ONLY difference between them remaining stuck where they are and breaking through to an entirely new and fulfilling “reality.” It’s simply a choice…a personal and committed choice to change it and the ability to let go which enables it to show up.

Contrary to what so many are conditioned to believe regarding the underlying process that enables and brings about desired change is NOT difficult. In fact it becomes blatantly obvious just how simple it is and becomes clearly apparent once you have the understanding as to what that process is, how it works the way it does and HOW to go about doing what it takes to make it work for you.

What are the steps that YOU need to take personally once that understanding is achieved?

  • Determine and clearly define your "What." (Your Intention)

  • Determine and define your "Why." (Your Attention)

  • Focus on and feel the materialization of the "desire" (Project Love)

  • Get out of your own way and just “allow” nature to take her course.

It is SOOOO simple…

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. Although it IS simple, I didn’t say it’s always easy, I said the process is simple. It was created that way. Learning to "consciously" Initiate that process can be difficult initially. In fact initially, the getting out of your own way part may seem really difficult, but the simplicity lies in what I like to call The Perfect Plan. This Perfect Plan governs every aspect of creation including your life…it's the Plan that governs and enables IMMENSE change to take place in ways and quantities that many might call miraculous…potentially Infinite change that’s limited only by your choosing.

It’s this Plan that is so profoundly simple. How and why these changes take place once you make that choice becomes extremely apparent and simple once you begin breaking through and clear all the clutter that’s keeping you from seeing the simplicity for yourself which enables you to begin experiencing whatever outcome it might be that you desire to experience.

Until a choice is made to do what it takes and allow yourself to break through all the analyzing, attempting to figure everything out based on the overly complicated predominant sheeple people mentality of the mass majority, that at it’s core is comprised of “flawed and limited” conditioning due to the self limiting conditioning that the mass majority allow themselves to be inundated with and affected by, and once done you’re enabled to see for yourself just how simple it all really is.

But doing that…by making a conscious and intentional choice to take that first step to “clear the clutter”…to begin breaking through to and recognizing a “Higher Truth” with regard to what’s available to anyone willing to choose it for themselves, enables and empowers you to begin witnessing and experiencing for yourself a Power so immense…so magnificent…so utterly “illogical” based on common human understanding and logic, that absolutely nothing can stop you OR your desired outcomes from taking form…And I DO mean NOTHING!!

But…until YOU make the choice to do that for yourself…until YOU make the choice to tap into and discover that Power for yourself, it can and will “appear” to be impossible or hard and as a result of that choice will remain quite impossible and/or be hard to accomplish.

I would hope that you don’t believe a word I say. That’s how so many have become so limited in what they feel they are enabled to accomplish in their lives. They listen to the often times well intentioned but limiting advice and direction of others and as a result never discover what I choose to refer to as a “Higher Truth” for themselves.

It’s this way of doing things, this willingness to let others mold and shape your individual truth for you that will determine and limit your results to whatever level of truth that you allow yourself to hold and be influenced by.

Untruth is a fallacy. Untruth only exists in reality. It is what limits your reality. To discover a “Higher Truth” and empower yourself to begin experiencing the “Biggest” desires that you hold...the most incredible outcomes that you can conceive only requires believing you can have them, developing the ability to conceptualize and envision them for yourself, and you'll discover first hand what it means to experience what most would call miracles. To do that you simply need to elevate your truth. Your Physical outcomes in reality are NOT limited. The ONLY thing that can and does limit them is based on the limits that you place on yourself.

If you perceive and believe that financial difficulty is your reality, that’s precisely what you’ll continue to experience in your reality. To transcend the limitations is as simple as discovering Actuality. In Actuality there exists no such thing as limitation unless you make the choice to draw that experience from there.

As I've already mentioned but repeat because it is so important...In Actuality, according to the most recent scientific discoveries, ALL things already exist as a probability of existence. In spiritual circles this place of Actuality is referred to and called The Kingdom Of God. Although different words are used to describe them the reality is that they’re one and the same.

Regardless of which you personally choose to lean on for your understanding the following holds true…

Truth is Infinite. Truth is eternal. There exists no such thing in Actuality as “untruth”, only outcomes that are created and experienced in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual areas of your life limited only by the limitations that you allow and choose your individual truth to be limited by. The possibilities are literally Infinite once you allow them to be. You are the only one that can choose that for yourself.

I and anyone else can tell you how until I’m blue in the face. To know it and experience the reality of the power that you personally hold for yourself is a choice that you and only you can make for yourself.

I can share what enabled me to break through and discover that place for myself but that is what I’m limited to. That is another part of the reason for my frustration at times. I’ve spent the last 5 years building and creating a personal empowerment portal that provides more free insight and knowledge than any other portal of it’s kind that I’m aware of.

I’ve included the resources and tools that have enabled me to break through the self limiting reality that so many “perceive” themselves to be trapped in and yet people still write to me looking for that FREE quick fix…that one magic answer that will turn it all around for them.

The truth of the matter is that I nor anyone else can provide it for you. Although I can and often do provide direction and insight, the bottom line is that you must make the choice to DO the internal work that will enable you to experience it for yourself.

Part of that process sometimes consists of a willingness to invest in yourself.

It’s a two fold investment actually. It takes a time investment and at times a monetary investment. I know how the mention of a monetary investment can raise some eyebrows when it comes to teaching holistic principles and as true as that might be, the fact of the matter is that in some cases it's necessary.

It's amazing to me that some people will go to Wal-Mart or Target and spend a hundred bucks on some worthless “stuff” that will sit around on a shelf somewhere and collect dust yet they won’t spend that same amount on something that could potentially change their entire life and then become offended that someone may have asked then to do so.

I write that fully knowing that it doesn't pertain to everyone, but may serve as a wake up call for those who may need to hear it.

The best and most beneficial advice I could give to those who are experiencing difficulty in any aspect of their lives is to make a conscious choice to invest in yourself.

That like everything is an individual choice. Yes…my passion and purpose is to assist others achieve a quality of life that I have come to know is available to anyone and every one who's willing to seek it out and discover it. I do that in the best way I'm currently able and know how, yet at times, because I am "part human" I allow my emotions and passion to conflict with one another.

I'll close with this...At some point it becomes necessary, if you truly have a desire to change a given aspect of your life to take the initiative as well as the action that's required to achieve it.

It may initially require a bit of effort, but the long term benefit most certainly outweighs the small price paid once you break through all the noise and self limiting belief filters and finally achieve it, whatever IT might be for you.

Once again, I've carried on for far longer than I had intended. But it's my hope that my carrying on provided some benefit to you and that you might have gained enough information to enable you to make a conscious choice to overlook what so many see and perceive to be reality and tap into this limitless place of Actuality where anything and everything that you could ever hope for already exists and is just waiting for you to reach out, embrace it and allow it to flow to you as well as remain open, willing and ready to accept it when it does.

Choosing to do so can and will transform your life physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

That my Enlightened Journey friend I can tell you based on personal experience.

Until next time, I wish for you ALL "good" things in your reality.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes




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