Be Love

As Crazy and Irrational as It May Seem, To Have What You Love, Simply BE Love First; Meaning Integrate, Express and Project Love, Unconditionally in ALL You Think, Say and DO on ALL Levels, In ALL Ways, ALWAYS...Regardless. Crazy Results ALWAYS Follow

...Here's to The Crazy Ones

BE Crazy Enough to Think, Speak and Act Differently - BE Different; BE Love Unconditionally and You'll Change the World You SEE and Experience Exponentially

Living a life you Truly Love in ALL aspects, although "seemingly complex" is so profoundly simple. It's as "simple" or "seemingly complex" as this. To live a life you love, all that's required is to do your very best to BE Love in all you think, say and DO. DO that and simply let the rest go. The Giving AND Receiving of what you Love becomes automatic. DO that consistently...unconditionally and you'll KNOW what it means to receive a harvest that you love enabling and allowing you to love the life you have chosen, are "choosing" and WILL choose to live. Choose consciously or not. BE Love and receive what you love...or not. Love enables and allows us to choose as well as provides WHAT we choose...unconditionally. Choose to accept, honor and Love that, whatever it is "unconditionally" and you'll KNOW what it means and "feels like" to Love the life you live...unconditionally. Real Freedom ALWAYS follows - Chuck Danes

The statement Be Love may, on the surface (and in the vast majority of cases DOES) "seem as if" it's irrelevant as it pertains to receiving desirable outcomes in physical life. Due to how we're taught to look at and view ourselves, others and life in general, it may also "seem as if" the statement BE Love is based strictly on theoretical and/or philosophical concepts and principles that have no place or relevance in "physical life."

As "real and true" as that may seem to many, nothing could be further from the truth...the Higher Truth that is.

The Higher Truth is that Love DOES have both intrinsic as well as extrinsic value. It's the essence from where the intrinsic and extrinsic already exist. Aligning, harmonizing with and BEING Love is what enables this "intrinsic value" to surface enabling and allowing the extrinsic desires we each have in life to reveal themselves in tangible and measurable form.

The Highest Truth that provides the most desirable and awe inspiring results is BE Love mentally, emotionally and physically. Love enables and allows what we believe and perceive to become and remain our truth REGARDLESS of what that "perceived truth" might be or the kind and quality of results that it provides.

There's no denying the fact that we ALL aspire to be, do and have more of something in life. It seems that the vast majority consistently strive toward greatness too at varying degrees. Yet, choosing to adopt and adhere to the BE Love strategy; by making the "conscious choice" to think, speak and act in loving ways regardless (or unconditionally) of what we may encounter as we go through life and aside from how things may "appear" as we move ever closer toward creating, seeing and experiencing WHAT we Love, striving and struggling becomes unnecessary. Although striving and struggling certainly is an option and a path we CAN choose, there's a much simpler, more wholesome and fulfilling way.

That "way" is as "simple" as this...BE Love.

Let's take a closer look at nature. Let's also look at what we imagine, what we think, what we say and what we DO as seeds. In nature the kind and quality of the seed ALWAYS determines the kind and quality of the harvest doesn't it? The very same process that is CLEARLY evident in nature also applies to YOUR life.

The ancient text makes that drop dead simple to see.

As you sow, you reap. The kind and quality of the seed determines the kind and quality of the harvest. How much more simple and clearly defined does it NEED to be?

Here's how "simple" it is or at least CAN be if YOU choose for it to be to create a life you LOVE...

Make a Conscious Choice to consistently Plant "Love Seeds." BE Love; think, speak and act in loving ways unconditionally and you'll consistently receive a kind and quality of harvest that you Love...regardless.

Due to how most of us have been taught to "make things happen" combined with our beliefs and perceptions regarding how things MUST happen, I'm keenly aware of how CRAZY not too mention how irrationally simple that might sound. I know all too well just how ludicrous, irrational, illogical and "downright impossible" that can seem too. I'm also keenly aware that because of this commonly held viewpoint; a learned, inherited, self limiting, not to mention a self sabotaging viewpoint which IS held by the vast majority in fact, that most overlook the unerring and profoundly simple nature of Love and as a result unknowingly, unintentionally and needlessly choose a much more complex and difficult to navigate path.

As common as this choice is, it's also a choice that only serves to relinquish, or at the very least dramatically limits our power as it pertains to creating "desirable results." But the Power of Love can NEVER be relinquished or sabotaged. The Power of Love is an all pervasive power. It's a kind and quality of Power that we were ALL freely provided, is inherent in ALL of us and it's an unerring and unwavering Power that we are ALL using ALL THE TIME.

This PowerIt unleashes what I like to refer to as Real Power.

The Power is always at work. The kind and quality of result that this Power yields and delivers varies without question. But why? The quality of the seed determines the quality of the harvest.

But aside from WHAT reveals itself in the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life as OUR harvest, the Power is ALWAYS there. It's ALWAYS working. It's ALWAYS delivering a result...a harvest. And it's ALWAYS doing so in such a way that points to and reveals precisely how WE OURSELVES are "choosing" to think/speak/act.


Yet MOST are using this power "unconsciously." Most are consistently unknowingly and unintentionally utilizing and directing their power to create what they DON'T WANT all the while believing that they have little to no power.

But we do. We ALL do. There are ZERO exceptions.

If you're breathing; if you have the capacity to think, reason and rationalize, YOU not only HAVE but are consistently utilizing YOUR Power.

Since that's a choice that the vast majority has made, is making and does make, combined with the kind and quality of results that MOST experience, it's quite possible; HIGHLY PROBABLE in fact, that you find yourself thinking and believing that the statement BE Love is for the "crazy and irrational ones" too.

If so, call me CRAZY and irrational. If there's one Thing I've personally come to KNOW to be True and Absolutely CERTAIN after "trying it both ways"...the rewards for those who are "Crazy Enough" to BE Love; those fortunate few who choose to consistently plant Love Seeds; those who consistently apply and adhere to the BE Love strategy in all they think, say and do unconditionally are "Out of This World." What's more these "out of this world" results CAN and often DO reveal themselves in the blink of an eye.

When I refer to out of this world results, I'm referring to "seemingly impossible" events, conditions and circumstances becoming real and tangible in many cases without regard to the limitations and the slow hard pace of space/time.

When the BE Love strategy is applied and consistently utilized, the seasons and the time necessary for a tangible harvest to sprout, mature and reveal itself CAN, and often does become unnecessary and obsolete.

Time/Space can be seen for the illusion that it is.

What's more, a choice to BE Love on all levels enables and allows the desires of the heart to surface as well as show up in seemingly miraculous ways that are often described as being effortless.

It's a choice that impacts and enhances, in a very positive, profound and in many cases in a "seemingly miraculous" kind of way the action that is taken which lead to more desirable events, conditions and circumstances that "show up" in your world. That choice, in turn impacts and affects not only YOUR world but the world out there in equally astounding ways, well beyond what most can conceive or imagine...literally and exponentially.

Self Mastery Leads to Love Mastery. Love Mastery Leads to Emotional Mastery. Emotional Mastery Leads to Life Mastery

Perhaps the single most important point I hope to make crystal clear here is that with understanding comes mastery. The statement BE Love is a VERY important part of achieving mastery yet something that few understand the power of. Because of that, it's a choice that few make let alone master.

But it's certainly something worthy of investing the time to DO simply because it's a necessary choice if you ever hope to achieve what many refer to as "Life Mastery."

It's often said that emotional mastery leads to Life Mastery. That's certainly true to a degree. But emotional mastery requires time, effort and striving. It requires "undoing" all the self limiting and self sabotaging garbage acquired throughout life to reach this "emotional mastery" place.

Contrary to what MANY believe, Love isn't an emotion. Granted, Love ignites emotion that "feels" awesome. But Love in and of itself isn't an emotion at all. It's an All Pervasive Essence.

As it pertains to YOU and I, Love is a way of being just as fear is a way of being. What we're being determines what we're feeling. What we're feeling determines what we DO, the quantity of that DOING as well how well we DO it.

The "seed level" that determines all of these thought, feeling and tangible actions that proceed it which ALWAYS determine the kind and quality of the harvest that ALWAYS reveals itself is consciousness.

SEEING and will continue to SEE unless and until the shift from fear based reactions" to Love based responses is enabled and allowed to take precedence over our paralyzing fears which lead to inaction or dramatically suppressed become our chosen way of being.

A choice to BE Love CAN happen in the blink of an eye. There is no doing necessary.

Life Mastery isn't nearly as complex or difficult to achieve as those who lack the understanding believe. In fact it CAN and would change the world and enable and allow the world to become a REALLY great place to live. Heaven on earth comes to mind actually. As "crazy" as this might sound, it ALL begins and ends with YOU.

How great can we make the world and what role do we play? The answer to that question depends "partially" on YOU in one sense and depends TOTALLY on you in another sense.

Due to the fact that MOST don't understand what an impact they CAN and DO make in the world and how important and powerful both their Love Centered and fear based choices are, let's tone things down a bit from changing the world to changing "YOUR" world.

be love

So, on a more personal note, stated in a more personally applicable kind of way, "How awesome and awe inspiring can you "enable and allow" your world to become?" That only depends on how "crazy" you're willing to BE.

How "crazy" do you have to BE?

I suppose that depends on how "seemingly crazy" your desires are combined with how willing you are to make the internal shifts and changes that have for thousands upon thousands of years provided what are often viewed as CRAZY results. A kind and quality of result that most people "in the world" would judge and label as being of Crazy Proportion.

That doesn't even matter really. What DOES matter is how far you're willing to go to master your ability to BE Love. It's also going to depend on how much Love is attached to the thing or things that you desire.

Make no mistake, Love is the key.

Put simply, it depends on how CRAZY in Love you're willing to BEcome with the desire in spite of others views, opinions, beliefs and perspectives. That only depends on how FLEXIBLE you are and how FAR you're willing to veer off of the populated path that the "status quo" follows and begin making a kind and quality of CHOICE that's quite "uncommon" to say the least.

Take ONE minute and watch the video above first so you'll know just how CRAZY you'll have to become to experience CRAZY and what was once thought of as "seemingly impossible" results...

The statement BE LOVE means nothing more or less than understanding that BEing LOVE is what creates the kind of world we all want to live in – a world that consistently evolves, grows and flourishes in a profoundly pleasing kind of way and at the same time works for everyone. Think about it. If EVERYONE chose to BE Love we'd create a kind of world where EVERYONE gets to win.

The "problem" with that is, we can't single-handedly "change or control" what others think, say or do.

Where's a good place to start? Let's keep it as rational, logical, feasible and practical as possible.

Mahatma Gandhi made the statement MANY years ago...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Gandhi "got it." He understood the sheer simplicity of enabling and allowing our past, current and future "wishes" to come true. No secrets, complicated strategies or genie necessary.

You're the secret and you're the genie.

To SEE the change you MUST BE the change...FIRST. There's NO OTHER way. What we're BEING determines what we're "seeing." It NEVER fails...not EVER.

So HOW exactly do you DO that?

Let's make a slight and subtle shift so you might begin seeing, receiving and experiencing the kind of change that aligns and harmonizes with YOUR desires and what you'd LOVE to see...

"BE the LOVE you wish to see in the world."

Would you like to SEE and experience for yourself just how world changing POWERFUL that is? If the answer is YES, it's going to require that you DO it...Be Love.

Believe me when I tell you, I "get" how utterly CRAZY that might sound. It certainly did to me until I tried it without actually "realizing" I was trying it. In fact, up until the point when I personally witnessed the Power of Love unfold before my very eyes, I personally thought it was a ludicrous statement as it pertained to having your "hopes, dreams, desires and wishes" fulfilled.

Then I discovered after unintentionally, unknowingly and unconsciously engaging in the kind of BE Love craziness I'm alluding to and SEEING for myself just how mind boggling powerful it is; although it may "seem crazy" on the surface, choosing to look a bit "below the surface" clearly reveals just how rational, logical, practical feasible and SIMPLE it is.

Once I personally chose this "seemingly crazy way of doing things" I discovered something else that I had previously thought of as being, not only CRAZY but downright impossible.

The point is, as the video above clearly reveals, The people who think they're crazy enough to change the world, are the ones who do.

Are YOU crazy enough? Maybe you have no desire to change the world but only want to enhance the kind and quality of your own life.

You CAN. But you CAN'T do that without first giving to the world in a way that provides what YOU desire.

How do you DO that?

BE Love.

Everybody "claims" they want to create and live a kind and quality of life that they love. So why do you suppose that MOST never do? The key word in THAT question is WHY?

Doing so is VERY simple really. Profoundly simple in fact. I believe that's WHY most DON'T. They "think" it's too simple.

How simple is it?

It's as "simple" as the title of this article...Be Love. That's a very short, simple, and for most a "seemingly insignificant" statement as it pertains to enhancing quality of life in "tangible ways" without a doubt. So let's take just a moment to dissect that a bit so you might see the tangible results that stem from this often thought of "intangible" event and the pleasing things that follow.

Many experience the "intangible results" when they "fall in love" right? After "falling in love" they get to experience the "tangible pleasures" that falling in love provides.

BE Love Applies Equally to the Events, Conditions and Circumstances You SEE in Life

The power that BE Love provides isn't limited to intimate relationships and "falling in love." The "simple reason" WHY is because MOST are taught of it's importance or relevance and as a result simply don't understand or grasp the "depth" of and the power behind it.

Take it from someone who "used to think" that the statement Be Love had little to NO relevance with the exception of what we feed into our most treasured relationships. It extends WELL BEYOND relationships whether intimate or platonic, I'll assure you.

When I say power, I'm referring to Real Power. Love releases a kind and quality of Power that extends well beyond anything we could possibly conceive or imagine

Although the statement Be Love is all too often overlooked and most certainly underutilized it's the key to being, doing and having MORE whatever it might be that we truly desire to be, do and have MORE of in our lives. If that's true (and it is) then WHY is it so often overlooked and/or underutilized?

The reasons for that vary of course. For many, it "sounds a bit" too warm and fuzzy to have any practical application in day to day life. To others, it may "seem impossible" to integrate and apply. Because of that, many never see it as anything more than a short, simple, 2 word statement. As a result, most never explore or venture beyond the statement itself, let alone discover and EXPERIENCE the unfathomable reality shifting power that ignites, becomes easily accessible and readily available through doing so....sometimes in "the blink of an eye."

The statement Be Love even has scientific validity for those who choose to look below the physical words themselves. The reason is simply because science has discovered that EVERYTHING exists as a "vibration." Love is a vibration and fear is a vibration. VERY different vibrations with VERY different results.

In other words the statement Be Love; although somewhat understood at varying degrees in a predominantly intellectual kind of way and engaged in, in a "limited degree" kind of way, it's not often (and seldom is in fact) fully internalized, understood, integrated, chosen and applied...unconditionally at the mental, emotional and physical levels.

But it's an essential part of receiving what it is that we ALL "truly desire" REGARDLESS of which area of life it might be where "desire" exists.

That's what I often refer to as an "All Level Kind of Love." Experiencing this "All Level Kind of Love" requires nothing more or less than an All Level Alignment between ourselves and the "desired result" which in turn reveals itself as harmony in the various aspects of life and provides what we truly desire to be, do and have more of.

Who doesn't WANT that? No one that I'm aware of. Receiving that requires nothing more or less than Be Love.

It's THAT choice and that choice alone which lays the foundation for EVERYTHING that necessary and of VITAL importance to become enabled to SEE and KNOW in an experiential kind of way how indescribably awe inspiring, profound, transformational (both tangibly and intangibly) enabling and allowing yourself to choose that is.

But most view it, perceive it and see it as nothing more than a 2 word statement.

As true as that is, it's also the single most important and powerful statement anyone could possibly internalize, use and prosper from should they USE IT on All Levels which in turn releases and reveals the Real Power that is, always has been and always will be equally and readily available to each of us.

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