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How To Harmonize Beliefs With Desire, Focus And Action For "Tangible Results" Including Financial Wealth

Becoming Successful And Creating "Tangible Results" Requires More Than "Physical" Action

"It's ALL About Learning To Harmonize The Physical And The Non-Physical"

It "Truly" Is That Simple

"Tangible Guidance For Tangible Results"

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Are You Ready To Make 2008 And Beyond Your Best Years Ever?

This edition of the newsletter is going to be covering some familiar as well as some brand new territory that based on some conclusions drawn over the past months based on numerous contacts and feedback from the Enlightened Journey community, I believe you'll find to be not only helpful but perhaps even life changing.

In fact I'm going to ask that you stop whatever it is that you're doing for just a few minutes and read this edition of Enlightened Journey in it's entirety because I think it could prove to be *VERY* important for you. If that's not possible at the moment, then please do yourself a favor and wait until you can.

It REALLY will prove to be that important for many of you and it could, if you find yourself in the same place as I've discovered that the mass majority currently do, provide you with some knowledge that could potentially make a profound difference in your life.

Although I'll be venturing out a bit with a message that differs from the normal newsletter based on an almost overwhelming number of contacts received as well as engaging in some research and testing that those contacts have prompted me to engage in since, I'm quite certain, based on the findings of that research that what will be covered here will pertain to and benefit the vast majority of those of you that receive the newsletter.

In fact I truly believe that this could be relevant… perhaps even life changing for a large percentage of you.

As most of you already know I've been successfully reaching out and providing what I have discovered to be life transforming information which I believe is absolutely essential for creating real success and fulfillment in every area of life…what I like to refer to as "real wealth", for many years.

In that time I've seen some amazing things happen in peoples lives who found their way and went on to really make it and create some phenomenal success for themselves.

However of the countless hundreds of thousands Enlightened Journey Enterprises is able to reach on an annual basis, the really big winners are still a TINY minority.

It saddens me because so many people discover this information, become REALLY excited initially but fail to fully apply what they discover and as a result either continue to struggle along or just simply disappear off the radar and go back to their old lifestyle losing hope and fully believing that what they had discovered just "doesn't work" for them. (often times after trying so hard without any success).

To that I always say…"Oh but it DOES work. In fact it ALWAYS works and it's ALWAYS at work. Most just don't stick with it long enough to fully understand how it works and take the time to discover HOW it can work for them to ensure that it provides "desired" results.

There are no "Magic Wands"

As powerful and life changing as this information is, it isn't a magic wand that is waved and everything in life just fixes itself. Although it can and does provide immense and immediate benefit for many, the reality is that each of us are unique in our own way, some with more "stuff" to uncover, recognize and deal with than others before we can begin seeing awesome transformation in the various areas of our lives. For some it takes a bit more self exploration, self discovery and at times the willingness to become brutally honest with ourselves.

The willingness to do that is the determining factor. That's an individual choice. What I know through personal experience as well as the experiences of countless others is, if you possess a sincere desire for transformation, whether it be in the physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual aspects of life, the type of information I share, when combined with direct application provides what many might "perceive" to be miraculous results.

What I teach isn't based on some esoteric woo-woo nonsense. Its based on what the greatest and most enlightened spiritual masters since the beginning of time have taught. It's been validated by modern day scientists and proven through countless experiments by Nobel Prize Laureates in laboratories around the world. It's easily grasped and made apparent and understandable through the simple observation of nature. It's based on immutable and unwavering Law which is every bit as real and certain as the law of gravity.

More specifically, just as the Law of Gravity, it's based on Universal Law or as their often called, Laws of Nature or Spiritual Law.

It doesn't matter WHAT they are called, they exist and they are constantly at work in EVERYONE'S life.

One of those Laws which has become widely known since the release of The Secret in 2006 is the Law of Attraction. The Law Of Attraction, just as all other Laws of Nature, never stops working even for a millisecond.

There are a number of other Universal Laws as well that, with the exception of the Law of Gravity, aren't taught in our public education systems which inevitably keeps so many from knowing of their existence and operation. But through doing just a bit of research for yourself you'll discover that they are there and they ALWAYS work without fail.

How I've come to know this on a personal level would take many books to convey accurately (I'm working on that) but I can assure you that they always work and they work the same for you, with the same precision and unwavering certainty as they do for me or anyone else.

Let me ask you a question…

Does the law of gravity always work for you? Do you ever find yourself having to grab on to a heavy piece of furniture or some other really heavy object to make sure your feet stay firmly planted on the ground? Of course not!

Why? Because the law of gravity is an unfailing and unwavering LAW that has existed since the beginning of the earth itself. It's ALWAYS been here and ALWAYS will be. If it quit working for one minute the entire world would experience total chaos and perhaps even self destruct!

By the same token, although the Law of Gravity is unwavering in it's operation, it serves a very distinct purpose and just like all other Laws can be used or misused. Not misused in the literal sense of the word but if you weren't "aware" of it and didn't understand to some degree HOW it works you could "unconsciously" use it in a way that brings about "undesirable" results in your life. It's also possible that due to those results which happen because of "unconsciously" utilizing it, develop fear based beliefs regarding it's operation. It certainly doesn't mean that it doesn't exist and is always at work.

It's an immutable and unwavering Law. Just as the other Laws, it doesn't determine who it works for or change in it's operation on an individual basis. It isn't prejudice, biased or judgmental and decide to work for some and not others. If someone that is judged as an evil person jumps off of a building the Law of Gravity ensures that he hit’s the ground just like someone who might be considered a saint would experience the same result. The Law of Gravity doesn't possess any bias whatsoever, it only does what it was created to do.

It never changes or wavers in it's operation…EVER It's a Law that is neutral and constant.

It's exactly the same with the other Universal Laws or as some call them Laws of Nature. They don't change. They don't work for one and not another. They don't make any judgments as to whether you're a good person or a bad person. They make no distinctions as to whether some desire that you hold is too big or too small.

They're not rational, logical or discerning in their operation. They're fixed, unwavering and immutable laws and they are ALWAYS at work and ALWAYS operating with unwavering certainty, without fail and always provide the exact same results. The outcome of those results is only based on what they are provided to work with.

Who makes that choice? YOU do. Once you begin to understand what these Universal Laws are and how they operate, you can begin to harmonize your thought, words and actions with them to create MIRACULOUS results!

It does take action to learn HOW to harmonize with them, but, contrary to what the majority "believe" is necessary to produce "tangible results", the action necessary "begins" on the inside NOT the outside. Sometimes it takes focus, determination and conscious intention to learn to harmonize with them. It's not so much learning about them as it is an "unlearning" of the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that so many hold which create physical outcomes which in turn create "perceptions" as mentioned above making some "believe" that these laws just don't work for them and somehow think that they got something wrong.

I can assure you…

You can't get Universal Laws wrong. Just like gravity, they don't "work" for some and not for others. You can't do anything that makes Universal Laws dysfunctional or inconsistent. They exist and have ALWAYS existed and were created to govern the process of creation with absolute perfection and they do that, just as they were created to do consistently and without fail.

You only need to learn to harmonize with them. More specifically you need to harmonize your mind with them first, remaining focused and fixated on the desired outcome and then take action on those things that show up as a result. I personally believe that is where so many miss the boat.

NASA uses these Laws and harmonizes their actions with them enabling mega ton space crafts to exit the earths atmosphere and time their landings within hundredths of a second. Large ship builders use them and have learned to harmonize their actions with them to make mega ton pieces of iron float on water. Although these specific examples are often taken for granted, they're perfect examples of understanding and harmonizing with Natural Law in a way that brings about harmonious and desired results.

It's no different with you. You can learn to harmonize with these Laws as well and experience what many might call impossible, illogical or miraculous IF you make the choice to do so. That's all that is lacking in the lives of those who struggle and all too often give up prematurely fully "believing" that they don't work for or apply to them. Giving up is a choice just as persevering and seeing things through is a choice.

The ONLY difference between those who continually experience disharmony, discord, lack and struggle in life and those who seem to have everything go their way and often go on to become wildly successful and live extremely fulfilling lives is by making a choice to learn and understand or not, how to consciously and intentionally harmonize their thoughts, words, deeds and actions in a way that produces the desired result.

Let's Look At The Mass Majority

Although the mass majority are "conditioned" to believe that success of any type is made possible by hard work, struggle, competition, and doing whatever it takes to "claw your way" to the top, and that the definition of success is having a given amount of money and toys, success in life, "Real Success" is about MUCH more than hard work, struggle and effort and it's attainment goes much deeper than achieving some monetary standard.

Although the mass majority work hard their entire lives, only a small percentage become truly successful. If hard work alone were the answer then it would be the mass majority that were successful and only a very small minority that weren't.

There is something going on under the surface that creates these differences in outcomes and it's this something that Universal Law utilizes to determine specifically what is created which determines the physical results that we all experience in the various areas of our lives.

Is it absolutely necessary to fully understand these Laws and know everything about them to become massively successful? NO. You don't have to know much about electricity to flip a switch and know the light is going to come on. Read any literature on what electricity really is and after researching thousands and thousands of pages you'll discover that no one really knows what it is or where it comes from. BUT they have discovered and DO know enough about it to harness it's awesome power and utilize it in a way that contributes and serves the entire world in a tremendously beneficial way!

By the same token, you can choose to misuse it and you'll find, or at least "perceive" that it's not contributory at all except to your detriment. Electricity doesn't care HOW you use it, but to use it in a beneficial way, you should probably know something about it.

When it DOES become necessary to discover more about Universal Laws and their operation is if you're experiencing disharmony, continual struggle and/or less than desired results in your life. It can become very important to know and discover more about them when you come to a place that you're ready to discover and explore an unfailing and unchanging system to turn those results around.

Then I would say…YES, it's not only necessary but absolutely essential to know more about them and their existence so that you might understand how to "consciously" harmonize with them, enabling you to harness their power and learn to "consciously" harmonize with it to begin creating "desired" outcomes rather than choosing to stay stuck, believing at some level that the world is somehow conspiring against you…that the experiences in your life just happen as some random unfolding due to various external factors that you have no individual power to change.

That can be, as I've discovered through personal experience, a VERY unpleasant and "seemingly" hopeless place to be.

In that case I would say it's VERY necessary. Of course that's only my opinion based on my personal perspective. Both that opinion as well as the perspective I hold is based on personal experience. I've been on both ends of the spectrum. When I found myself on the opposite end of this spectrum than where I had a desire to be, and began questioning WHY, that's what I personally set out years ago to do and what I discovered literally "blew me away" so to speak.

There are many successful people in our world that don't know a thing about quantum physics or Universal Law that experience phenomenal success. But there is a very good reason as to why and it goes much deeper than degrees, skill or work ethic. There's much more to it than a persons age, race or gender or any other number of reasons so many perceive to be the determining factor between the ultra successful and the not so successful.

So what IS this difference?

It's because there is something different about how they think, what they believe and what actions they take based on those factors which is the ONLY determining factor. It's only because they don't have as much to "unlearn." They perhaps weren't exposed to or if they were didn't allow themselves to accept the same self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs that the mass majority have allowed themselves to be programmed by.

It's not because the ultra successful are any more formally educated or gifted than the next guy. They have the same tools as anyone. They have 2 legs, 2 arms, a heart, a brain, organs and everything just as you do. It's because at the Source from where all things come from…at the level of consciousness which transcends and far exceeds what can be achieved through strictly physical means, they have something going on that those who choose to remain unsuccessful don't…a consistent train of thought which initiates harmonious action with their intention that collectively harmonizes with Universal Law to create the success that they enjoy.

It's SO simple yet at the time SO complex. The complexity isn't found in the process of creation but rather the underlying beliefs held which act as the seeds which the process of creation utilizes to determine what is created and experienced. Once you begin to discover the process, and become "conscious" of what seeds you're planting, it becomes blatantly obvious and the floodlights start coming on. (Floodlights are MUCH brighter than light bulbs by the way)

Success or non success in life is simply the result of a mindset. A lack of money or an abundance of money is simply the effect of a mindset. A "perceived" lack of ANYTHING or an abundance of anything is simply a mindset held with regard to it. It's ALL based on a choice…YOUR choice. Once you begin to truly grasp this and understand that Universal Laws can be harmonized with to create miraculous results or struggled against producing "unpleasant" results and that BOTH, regardless of how you might "perceive" them, provide a miracle creation 100% of the time and choose to harmonize yourself with them, you'll become enabled to experience the same or greater success as anyone else is able to do.

Faith and Abundance Is All There Is. The Answer Is ALWAYS Yes

In reality there is NEVER a lack of anything. Faith and abundance is all that exists at the level of cause. We determine what we receive an abundance of based on what we choose to have "faith" in. Put another way, we experience outcomes in life just as we believe that we will. We may not "perceive" it as abundance when it conflicts with what it is that we have a desire to experience but that is all Source knows is abundance. Contrary to many teachings the Source NEVER says no. The abundance that you receive is only determined by the kind and quality of your faith or belief.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about that, why would spiritual text state…"Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray BELIEVE that ye receive and it shall be given.?" It doesn't say "Oh…except for what I decide might not be best for you…it says WHATSOEVER you believe.

When people don't experience what they desire to experience they tend to call it "unanswered prayer" or a "lack of faith." There exists NO such thing. EVERYBODY has faith in something, it's just "perceived" to be a lack of faith when the desired outcome doesn't happen which transfers it to the "Unanswered Prayer" department.

I've found that faith is often misunderstood. Not receiving a desired outcome isn't a lack of faith. It's having faith in something other than the desired outcome and you WILL and DO receive it EVERY TIME without fail. That's simply Universal Law doing what it was created to do.

Your level of faith is determined by what you believe in and what will happen in your life and based on that factor will determine what you receive an abundance of.

Beliefs held regarding lack and limitation will create an abundance of lack and limitation. Beliefs held regarding mediocre results will produce an abundance of mediocre results. Beliefs held with regard to experiencing harmony, fulfillment and plenty in every area of life will produce harmony, fulfillment and plenty in every area of life.

If you have a sincere desire to change any aspect of your life, it is absolutely essential that you become conscious of the beliefs that you hold with regard to whatever outcomes you desire and harmonize those beliefs with the desire. If you find that the beliefs you currently hold conflict with producing the desired outcome you DO have the choice as well as the ability to change them.

Your Current Experiences Don't Define Who You Are

Whatever it might be that you're experiencing today whether feeling destitute, wildly successful or anywhere in between isn't reality. What you are experiencing today is based on beliefs that you held at some point in the past. Reality is created in your mind and experienced in your physical world.

If you don't like what most "perceive" reality to be, simply change your mind and your tomorrows will be different and change as well. What you are experiencing today isn't who you are right now, it's who you were being at some point in the past.

Making a choice to understand and consciously harmonize with Universal Law is the best and most effective way that I currently know to expand that belief muscle. Once you begin to explore and discover how they work, when you begin to harmonize with their incredible power and see for yourself just how they combined with your consciously applied thought, deeds, words and actions harmonized with your desires your belief can't help but be expanded.

Let's look at some potential beliefs held as they relate to success and why so many haven't achieved it….

  • Do you "believe" that it takes a formal education to become successful?...It will.

  • Do you believe that money is the root of all evil?...It will be for you and you'll never acquire any significant amount.

  • Do you "believe" that it takes an extensive technical degree to become wildly successful on the internet?...That's what it will take.

  • Do you "believe" that you're too old or too young to attain massive success?...You will be.

  • Do you "believe" that life is hard and then you die?...It will be.

  • Do you "believe" that you can become a multi-millionaire?...You can.

  • Do you "believe" that money doesn't grow on trees?...You'll experience just that.

  • Do you believe that you're not worthy of success?...You won't experience any

  • Do you "believe" that you must work long and hard doing "whatever it takes" to make money regardless of the cost?...That's how it will unfold for you.

To experience an outcome regardless if you "perceive" it to be BIG or small, it's essential that you become aware of the beliefs that you hold with regard to it and make certain that it supports the fulfillment of the desire. That is ALL that keeps those who aren't yet successful who have a desire to do so, from achieving massive success.

Whatever it is that you believe will show up in your life JUST AS you believe it will. You can't pretend what you believe. Talking positive with an underlying belief that conflicts with what you're saying isn't going to create the desire. Beliefs stir up emotions which intensify the energy being projected and Universal Law simply goes to work to create outcomes based on that projection. Your words aren't the communication device that Source utilizes to determine your outcomes in life. Physical words are for physical communication in a physical world.

Energy and vibration are the communication device utilized in the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual world which determine what will be made physical and experienced in your life.

Your beliefs emit and project energy and vibration which the Source utilizes to determine what you are asking for and based on that asking, you'll attract and create the events, conditions and circumstances in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, and/or spiritually that harmonize with that energy being projected.

It's important to consider and truly define what it is that you have a desire to experience and then compare what you believe to be true with the possibility of that event, condition or circumstance happening to determine if it's possible or at this point merely "wishful thinking."

If your beliefs conflict with those desires it will remain wishful thinking until you make the choice to change the underlying " beliefs" which are and will continue to keep it in the "wishful thinking" category.

EVERYTHING That You Can Conceive and Believe As Possible For You Can Be Experienced By You.

As quantum physicists state…"Every conceivable outcome already exists as a "probability of existence" at the unseen quantum level." What is this quantum level. There are various names given but one often used by scientists is The Zero Point Field. Scientists claim that EVERYTHING exists within this field. EVERYTHING unseen exists there and everything that can be seen came from and originated there.

Spiritual text clearly conveys…"The Kingdom Of God is within you." What is the Kingdom of God? Well what does spiritual text say that God is? The Alpha, Omega, Beginning, The End, The All in All, the I AM. What does that include? EVERYTHING!! There is NOTHING that doesn't already exist and NOTHING that isn't already within you.

It only exists in a quantum, metaphysical or spiritual form where you can't yet see it and experience it with the physical senses. Choosing to align your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions with it activate Universal Law initiating the unfailing process of creation which will draw it from the "quantum field" or the Kingdom of God and you will experience it.

There is no such thing as limitation in your personal physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual world except for the ones that you choose to allow and create….period! Your individual beliefs…your quality of consciousness, your predominant method of thinking determines your individual experience.

Are there larger scale occurrences such as natural disasters that happen? Absolutely. But guess what? Once you begin to understand the Laws of Nature it becomes very clear that they too are due to a quality of consciousness although it is a collective consciousness which is nothing more than the individual consciousnesses of the world's population collectively joined together which serves as the seed on a much larger scale and creates what many "perceive" to be disasters.

That's a bit more extensive and in depth than I'll have room for in this edition but do some research on the collective consciousness for yourself and you'll begin to understand if you don't already.

The bottom line is that thoughts are creative and Universal Law exists to govern that process which they do perfectly and precisely.

What Beliefs Are You Allowing Yourself To Accept?

Next let's look at how your immediate environment has an effect on what you are enabled to experience in the way of your desired outcomes and how it might have an impact on determining the beliefs that you hold.

What do you allow yourself to be surrounded by? Do you consistently interact with the naysayers who believe that life is hard and then you die? Do you allow others opinions to determine what is too good, too big, what's logical or possible for you?

Do you constantly immerse yourself in the negativity that the predominant media consistently bombards the world with allowing yourself to absorb what's wrong in the world? Do you honestly "believe" that exposing yourself to and constantly hearing about the recession and wars and murder is going to serve you in establishing the underlying belief necessary to create success and "desired" results in your life? Do these influences serve to support or detract from establishing the necessary beliefs to begin creating and experiencing your desired outcomes?

What you allow yourself to absorb consistently is a very important area to become aware of.

What you allow yourself to be exposed to and what you allow the subconscious mind to absorb in the way of data plays a VERY crucial role in a very powerful way as to beliefs that you establish as "truth" which determines precisely what you will experience. It shapes your "beliefs" which create your "physical" results.

Do you doubt it? Let's look at it from a bit more of a practical perspective...

Have you ever known someone who lived in the north and moved to the south and after a couple of years you give them a call and find that they've adopted a southern accent? It happens ALL the time.

Have you ever known a kid that grew up in a caring and nurturing home who started hanging around with people that Mom might not consider to be on the up and up and watch that kid adapt to their ways and become just like them. It happens ALL the time.

We become what we choose to allow ourselves to be around and exposed to the most. We absorb at a subconscious level the very beliefs that determine our actions and the outcome…the creation becomes automatic. It doesn't take excessive effort. It only requires a mindset…a quality of consciousness…a belief which is formed by what we choose to allow ourselves to be exposed to.

Here's the thing…If your individual consciousness (your belief) is such that aligns with "desired outcomes" you are in harmony with Universal Law or Laws of Nature even natural disasters can't effect you unless you make the choice to allow them to. We each have choices to make every second of every day. We can choose to react or we can choose to respond. We can choose fear or we can choose love.

"Responding" in love will provide far greater and far more pleasant outcomes than "reacting" out of fear.

Which one you choose is your responsibility. Does that mean that everything that happens in your life is your fault? Does that mean that catastrophic outside events can't effect or somehow impact your physical life? NO. But you do have a choice as to how you act if and when you experience them. The difference between allowing them to effect you adversely or positively is your responsibility or looked at in another way based on your response-ability.

What Do You See When You Observe The Physical World?

Contrary to "majority" belief, your individual desires can't be impacted or thwarted by externals unless you allow those externals to impact you at the "belief" level. In the case of amassing financial wealth, an individual desire to become a multi-millionaire can't be impacted by externals unless YOU allow it to be. If you choose to believe that the recession is affecting your dream to become wealthy you are "allowing" just that and the recession will keep you stuck right where you are.

You have an inalienable right of free will to think and believe as you choose and that free will cannot be violated by anything or anyone that is external to you without your consent. The world might be in a recession, but that doesn't mean you have to be. If you place focus on the physical things, the things that you can see and feel and touch and choose to see it as real it will remain real for you and create just that experience for you.

Let's look at the current fuel costs which is a biggy right now. I see luxurious motor coaches on the road everyday. Motor coaches get 6-9 miles per gallon. Do you think these people care about fuel prices? Do they allow it to keep them from fulfilling their "desired" outcomes? No.

Now you might say well they can do that because they have plenty of money and it doesn't affect them like it does me. They have money and it doesn't affect them like it does you because they think differently than you do. They have thought differently than you do in the past which has given them the money now so things like this doesn't affect them.

Would you like to experience the same ability as the wealthy and ultra successful do regardless of how others "perceive" what's going on around them? If so then begin by changing your mind RIGHT NOW!

There is no way that we can control what life may at times deliver, but we most certainly CAN control ourselves and choose to react or respond. I can tell you through many years of personal experience and trying it both ways, that responding is a far more effective, powerful and pleasing way of moving quickly through those "tough" times into the next experience.

Responding in love and keeping your primary focus on what you love will produce what you love without fail. It doesn't matter what's going on in the external world around you unless you allow what you can see with your physical eyes to do so. By the same token reacting in fear is essentially keeping your focus on what is feared and likewise will produce more to fear just as you choose.

Reacting in fear will keep you stuck and repeating the same painful and unpleasant patterns over and over again until the lesson that was intended to be gained from the experience is learned. There are those who spend their entire lives on what they "believe" to be the "treadmill of hard knocks" NEVER learning and go to their graves believing that "life is hard" and that's just the way it was intended to be.

They allow their "physical eyes" to determine what creates their underlying beliefs and that is precisely what their "minds eye" sees and continues to create for them. This is what keeps so many stuck in what are "perceived" to be inescapable circumstances. Creation DOESN'T begin at the physical level!!

To create "desired" outcomes you allow your "minds eye" to determine the physical events, conditions and circumstances that you have a desire to experience and your "physical eyes" WILL see them.

Let's look at what spiritual text says about that…"Faith is the substance of things "hoped for", the evidence of things NOT seen."

Or how about "Judge NOT according to "appearance."

And what has modern day science discovered?…The Law of Attraction is the law that "thought correlates with it's object."

We live in a cause and effect world. There's no escaping that fact. Where so many get stuck is forgetting what cause really is. The cause isn't what you see or do in a physical sense. By attempting to create the physical with strictly physical means is overlooking the power that has been provided to you.

The creation of what is feared happens due to a focus based predominantly on fear which is created by what can be seen which creates more of the same. Working harder and longer due to fear of not being able to pay the rent, although it may get the rent paid today will keep you stuck on a cycle that will continue to repeat itself. This is attempting to create effects with effects which can and does only produce temporary and mediocre results at best.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't go to work to pay the rent, but what I am saying is to shift your focus to what you love, take focus off of what you dislike and fear and shift it instead to what you love and what you love will begin taking physical form in your life.

If you have a desire to begin experiencing really big results that exceed the status quo, it's essential, crucial in fact that you discover the importance of harmonizing the physical or the seen with the spiritual or the unseen.

You Are FAR MORE Than A Physical Body

There is a physical aspect of our lives and there is a spiritual aspect of our lives from where ALL things physical are derived. I'm not talking about spiritual from a man made religion perspective but rather from a spiritual, metaphysical, unseen perspective, or as modern day science would express it, from a subatomic, or quantum level.

On the physical side we...the "physical we" live in a Newtonian physics world, on the spiritual side we exist in a quantum world where all things physical come from. EVERYTHING that exists in the physical world today came from the non-physical world at some point in the past where ALL THINGS already exist as a probability of existence.

Where did the automobile exist prior to it's creation? In the quantum world. That's where EVERYTHING that you see today in the world came from. It exists as the result of a thought, combined with a belief and followed by action. It began in the quantum world and was transmuted into the physical world as the result of an ideal conceived and held in mind which was prior to it's creation, non-physical in nature.

Although both of these worlds…the spiritual and the physical are intricately interconnected, intersect and harmonize to make up what we experience as life in the physical world they are ALWAYS derived and drawn from the spiritual or quantum world. ALL of them. What determines what is drawn from this unseen realm? Your quality of consciousness. How you think and believe. What you keep your predominant focus on.

What you keep your ATTENTION on in the physical world communicates your INTENTION to the unseen spiritual world and just as you ask...you receive.

Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" yourself to be you are spiritual in nature although most "perceive" themselves to be a physical body and define themselves by what the physical body has accomplished in the physical world which is a VERY limited and restrictive way to live and experience life. It leads to struggle, discord and hardship. It makes "tangible" results hard earned. It creates an inescapable pattern of the same results being experienced over and over and over again.

You are NOT a physical being who engages occasionally in spiritual things, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. If the spiritual thing doesn't resonate with you personally then take the time to discover a bit more about Quantum Physics and you'll discover that you and everything else which is "physical" in the world, in your purest and most basic form are precisely that….pure energy or light.

EVERYTHING which exists comes from the spiritual and as a result is spiritual in nature.

You, me and everything else that exists in this world is at our core pure energy or light. Even our physical bodies when analyzed under powerful microscopes consist of atoms which are comprised of subatomic particles which are nothing more than continually vibrating particles of energy or light.

Whichever you choose to lean on for your understanding whether from a spiritual or scientific perspective, you'll find that both lead to the very same conclusion. When you learn to consciously and intentionally harmonize the 2...this physical you and this spiritual or energy you, you'll discover your "true power" and just how great and pleasing this physical life can be.

Is action required? Absolutely. If you have a desire to become monetarily wealthy you certainly can't expect to close your eyes, begin visualizing and have millions of dollars just drop in your lap. But when you understand that all things physical are derived from the non-physical and when the beliefs held harmonize with the desire, the ways and means to make that desire physical will show up! That's when you take action, but it will ALWAYS feel right.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. It is necessary to have an initial plan of sorts, a clearly defined vision of what it is that you have a desire to achieve and begin taking action in the best way you currently know how, but when you do, when you keep the focus on the "desired" outcome and harmonize that with physical action, you'll begin attracting the people, circumstances, finances etc. that will enable you to fulfill that vision in the quickest and most pleasant way possible.

Ok…I got off on a bit of a tirade there but now let's get back on track as to the original intent and purpose of this edition of the newsletter which is addressing what many "perceive" to be their biggest challenge based on the contacts I've received and the research I've since engaged in which those contacts initiated.

We'll exit the "quantum world" for now and be getting back to more physical things that pertain in your day to day physical life and address what so many have requested which is to begin using and harmonizing this understanding to begin producing "tangible" results in the physical areas of your life which is what most place so much focus on and "perceive" to be reality.

It's just extremely important that you truly grasp the fact that everything already exists as a probability regardless of how BIG it might be or how "far fetched" those in your circle of influence might tell you that it is, and the only thing limiting anyone from experiencing anything that can be conceived in mind is their belief regarding it.

It's absolutely essential if you truly desire to begin experiencing the BIG visions that you have, and I do mean The BIG ones, that you don't allow ANYONE else to mold and shape your beliefs for you. Most have been doing that their entire lives and is precisely why the mass majority "believe" that massive success is just for the lucky and fortunate few which is precisely why the mass majority don't experience what the small percentage of the ultra successful do.

Since the launch of Abundance-and-Happiness.com in April of 2005 the number of people who said they needed more help - expressed that where the greatest help was needed was in the area of finances and/or careers. Of these many contacts the vast majority of them were people who said they weren't happy with their job or career or simply had difficulty in the area of finances specifically and either had at one point been fairly successful in the area of money but lost it or hadn't ever made any SERIOUS money at all.

In a sense that shocked me -...well sort of.

Although I had experienced the same thing some years ago, as I've since discovered that so many do through the research I've recently done, at the time I was experiencing it personally, I felt sort of unique and alone in that situation and had no idea as to how common and widespread that situation is.

So thank you for your contacts because it prompted and enabled me to delve in a bit into territory that I hadn't explored before and learn something else. Although what I discovered "could be" what many would consider depressing statistics, it can also be looked at and utilized in a very constructive and positive way that assists and contributes others. Since I'm writing the newsletter…that's how we're going to look at it today if you don't mind. :)

Ok…back to the statistics I discovered during my research…

During my research I came across a recent poll that CNN had taken in 2006 which revealed that 86 plus percent of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction in their current careers and felt trapped fully believing they had nowhere to turn . I can relate in a very personal way as to how that feels because, as I mentioned, at one point in time I was one of those statistics.

Another fact I discovered is that the number 1 reason for the widespread and ever increasing epidemic of depression which is running rampant in our world is due to career dissatisfaction.

Another discovery made during this research came from a Harris poll which revealed that 72% of those surveyed expressed an interest in having a home based business at some point in time.

So what's the point?

Combine those statistics and consider the large percentage experiencing career dissatisfaction and it doesn't take long to determine precisely why so many are experiencing financial difficulty or career dissatisfaction as well as why so many feel the need to take mind altering anti-depressants and anxiety medications. It boils down to consciously held desires conflicting with underlying beliefs which are disharmonious and keep the desired outcomes from ever being made physical.

Think about those statistics…

  • 86% of people polled expressed dissatisfaction in their careers and felt trapped

  • The number 1 cause of depression is career dissatisfaction

  • 72% of those polled in the Harris poll expressed an interest in starting their own home based business

As I continued my research I began to ask myself…

"Why would 86% of the people have to be dissatisfied in their careers when there is so much opportunity available in today's technically advanced world which CAN BE done from home?"

Based on what I've discovered combined with my own personal experience it's due to a lack of awareness as to what's available or "beliefs" held which keep them stuck which in reality is only due to a lack of awareness as to what's available to them and/or not understanding the potential that EVERYONE has.

Another thing I discovered during my research process, which came from acquiring a book written by New York Times best selling author Paul Zane Pilzer, called The Next Millionaires which covers in depth the potential for amassing financial wealth in today's rapidly emerging "virtual" business world using direct marketing as the vehicle and the potential it provides for amassing financial wealth when combining it with the leveraging power of the internet.

Pilzer isn't some fly by night author who doesn't know what he's talking about. He's a New York Times best selling author of 5 books. He's been an economic advisor to two US presidents and is world renown as being the leading predictor of economic catalysts and trends. He has made predictions throughout the years that other economists openly opposed which contrary to the "beliefs" and opinions of the "majority", happened just as he predicted they would.

In addition, he made his first million dollars by age 26, his first TEN MILLION before age 30 has since become a MEGA millionaire and has started and/or taken 5 companies public in the area of software, education and financial services.

Although it's impossible to get into great detail regarding everything Pilzer covers in his book these quotes are sufficient to substantiate and reinforce what we're discussing here.

Pilzer says…

"In the next decade (between 2006-2016) a minimum of 10,000,000 new millionaires will be created in the US alone due in great part to the direct selling industry combined with the leveraging power of the internet."

"It will be a time when Americans and others from many of the world’s capitalist economies will return to their roots of individual family-owned businesses. And, with this return will come not just enormous personal wealth for those who get there first, but also will prove to provide as a result the restoration of moral and family values, the personal freedom, that come with owning your own home based business and provide a sense of security and "peace of mind" that come as a result of controlling your own destiny."

Pilzer goes on to explain how the internet has barely gotten started and how by taking advantage now of the enormous potential to reach and market to an entire world population with minimal effort, and for far less initial cost than traditional business start-ups, you can capitalize on it big time.

Pilzer also explains why home based business entrepreneurs will be among the richest in our new economy and how you can find the greatest economic potential in what he calls this current "technology gap." He also goes on to explain why big corporate business structures will be unable to compete with home based business owners.

I could write pages and pages of the research I've done, but those points above are sufficient to make my point.

So what does all this reveal?

It clearly shows that there is some conflict going on within those who were polled by CNN that is keeping them stuck and depressed all the while thinking and "perceiving" there is nothing they can do about their "seemingly" stuck circumstances when the answer is right in front of their noses!

So what keeps this 86% from seeing what appears as so obvious? Beliefs plain and simple. "Believing" they are stuck in unfulfilling careers. Beliefs create belief filters which filter out and keep the mass majority from seeing the very answers that so many people are looking for yet they aren't aware of them when they show up. They are unable to see the forest for the trees so to speak.

Remain Focused On What You Want, NOT What You Don't Want

They remain so focused on how to fix the problem that they become paralyzed and blind to the solutions that are so readily available. As we touched on a bit earlier, you can never alleviate problems by placing focus on the problem. To find a solution to a "perceived" problem you need to keep your focus on the solution NOT the problem unless of course you "choose" to remain stuck in the problem. I don't believe people consciously do that, but they most certainly do "unconsciously."

Einstein said it best when he said "You'll never resolve a problem by utilizing the same kind of thinking that created it."

Another quote comes to mind announced by Mother Theresa . She was asked to participate in an anti-war rally and responded…"No thank you, but if you ever decide to have a peace rally let me know and I'll be there."

95% of the people who write in asking for specific guidance said they needed more help specifically in the financial arena. Up until my research and this edition of the newsletter, my answers have always been centered and based on basically the same thing...Inner work…self realization…changing beliefs etc. and that's correct advice. As we've covered, REGARDLESS of which area of life it is whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally, or spiritually all physical outcomes are created at the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual level. ALL of them.

Put in more of a digestible way…"Everything that shows up in life is the result of a mindset…the quality of your consciousness or on a larger scale the result of a "collective consciousness" which is returned to you from The Super Consciousness, God, Energy, Universal Mind, the Zero Point Field or whatever you choose to refer to Source as, based on the quality of the consciousness that Source is given to work with…without fail.

As is so clearly defined in spiritual text…"As you believe so shall you receive."

Because of the research I've done over many years and numerous experiences I've personally encountered and at times "reluctantly" endured throughout those years, that has become not only very obvious but a very real part of me, a deeply ingrained part in fact. As I've shared countless times it was coming to that realization, my "awakening" as I like to call it, that doors began opening that I never dreamed existed let alone "believed" were accessible by someone like me UNTIL I began discovering and changing the beliefs that were keeping me stuck in the same place that so many "perceive" themselves to be stuck in today.

In fact the only reason that you're reading this newsletter right now is because of that realization. The only reason that Enlightened Journey Enterprises and Abundance-and-Happiness.com exists today is because I came to that same realization. Prior to experiencing this "Awakening", I "believed" that I didn't have the skills, the talent OR the ability to escape the rut that I previously "perceived" that I was stuck in which kept me from venturing out and begin doing what I was truly passionate about.

I was basically stuck in the same unfulfilling rut that I "believed" I was stuck in which kept me there far longer than necessary and is precisely where the vast majority find and "believe" themselves to be stuck in today.

As long as I believed it…as long as I kept my focus on how to resolve the problem rather than focusing on the solution I remained stuck with the problem. As soon as I made this "seemingly" insignificant discovery, shifted my focus and made a commitment, things began happening that enabled me to resolve it.

That's why you're reading this today. Had I not made that discovery, I'm pretty certain I'd still be stuck in the same rut that I "previously believed" that I had no control over and could do nothing about.

A Personal Experience

Although some of you are already aware of how I began doing what I do, allow me to share a bit of my story so you fully understand why these contacts received as well as my findings based on the research I've done recently really strikes a nerve with me…

Prior to doing what I do now, I worked in a career field that I grew to despise, I worked more hours in a week than most work in 2 weeks and had little to no time for the things that were "truly" important in life.

Based on my "beliefs" then, the money necessary to sustain the lifestyle we'd built up to required long and hard hours at work which after a time conflicted in a huge way with what I "truly" valued.

Did I make good money? Sure, an amount that most would consider to be quite substantial. But as I soon discovered, making money without having a quality of life and compromising your values to gain "monetary reward" and have a few toys, isn't living life. Although money is an extremely important part of experiencing "real success" it most certainly isn't the only determining factor.

I stayed in that rut for 15 years. No I didn't dislike it for 15 years but I did for about the last half of that time. Based on what I believed and what I was aware of at the time I was stuck just like the 86% that also "perceive" themselves to be stuck which the CNN poll so clearly revealed. The most amazing thing to me now as I look back is that as long as I believed I was stuck…that's exactly what I was…STUCK.

Although I became quite aware of the leveraging power of the internet and the potential available through it's use…the ability to connect with millions of people at the click of a button…and consistently "thought" about different ways that I might utilize it to fulfill what I was passionate about, at the same time I wasn't prepared nor did I have the time to go back to school and learn all that I "thought" was necessary to bring that passion online. The result? I stayed in wishful thinking mode far longer than necessary never really venturing out and exploring further until I came to the place where I decided I just couldn't do the corporate thing anymore.

What kept me from doing that for so long? You guessed it my "beliefs." It was only due to a lack of awareness as to what was available to me to make my passion my "work.".

As I've since discovered what I do now didn't require extensive education or technical skills to bring my passion online and make it available to the world. The technology already existed to enable me to do what I wanted to do even as non techy as I was (and still am by the way) but my "perceptions" and "beliefs" kept me from stepping outside of my "comfort zone" as uncomfortable as it was, which is the only thing that kept me from discovering what was available to me all along.

As a result I allowed myself to remain stuck, doing what I "believed" I HAD to do and finally, after becoming depleted physically, mentally and emotionally came to the place where I "knew" something must change. I let years pass by in what now seems like a flash when the entire time what I needed, what I "thought" wasn't available, was readily available the entire time. And no I don't mean in the quantum field…it was already a "physical" reality. :)

As unhappy and depleted as I was, and as much as I knew I had to do something different, I didn't know what I could do. In fact at that point I had pretty much decided that there was nothing else I could do and still retain our lifestyle. So...as you can guess I stayed stuck and depleted coming home late most every evening and waking up each morning dreading what I "thought" I had to do.

What brought me to this place was one night after coming home late from work as I usually did, I discovered that my baby girl (my oldest daughter and first child) wasn't a baby anymore and had announced that she'd be venturing out to explore life on her own.

If you're a Dad or a Mom with a daughter, I think you can relate to what kind of emotions that can stir up. Although it's necessary to cut the apron strings at some point, I wasn't at that place where I was ready to break out the scissors.

Here's why…

That evening is when the realization REALLY took hold. That is when it really hit me about how much I had missed over the years…how many school functions I was unable to attend, how many times I had missed telling my little girl goodnight, how many of the extra curricular activities that I had missed with my family because I "believed" that I was doing "the right thing" and what was "necessary" to attain any level of financial comfort based on what I had been taught…Although I did the best I could based on what I was aware of and did so in the best and only way I knew how, the bottom line is that I remained stuck far longer than was necessary and now…on this particular night I found myself coming out from under the ether and realizing it was time to pay the fiddler.

Looking back, although I truly did the best I knew to do to that point, it only happened the way it did as a result of failing to look beyond the self constructed barriers that I had built due to a lack of awareness as to what was available to me and making a choice not to venture out to discover that there was in fact, the whole time MUCH more available. That lack of awareness combined with the self limiting beliefs I held at the time kept me needlessly stuck in my own self constructed rut and now as I was being presented with this less than desired announcement and it all started becoming painfully clear that it was time to start making different decisions.

I still had 2 boys at home and although I knew I couldn't bring back those past years, I came to the realization that I could begin making different choices to make certain that I didn't repeat the same pattern and make the same mistakes I had to that point.

Although I'm here now, at the time I made that decision, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pull it off. I had absolutely zero computer skills. I barely knew enough about the computer to log onto the internet. But the decision I made that night, combined with the determination to make a change and a bit of exploration and action on my part allowed it to unfold. More importantly it began to come together in ways that I hadn't previously "believed" it could only due to my choices to not venture out.

Now you may be thinking…"Well that's fine and dandy for you Chuck, but I don't know enough about Quantum Physics or the Law of Attraction to start a website like yours." Well you don't have to.

Discover Your Passion And Act On It

You have "something" that you're passionate about. There is something that you could do that you love to do. Regardless of what you currently "believe" you don't HAVE to stay stuck in an unfulfilling and/or unrewarding career. You don't HAVE to compromise your values to make enough money to enjoy your life once you come to the place that you "believe" you don't and make the choice to change it.

OK...back to my research...

Throughout this research process, answering countless e-mails, speaking directly with many people and sharing what I've discovered, I've also learned that attempting to address it in the way I have…from this spiritual, inner work or quantum explanation, although some "get it" there are many who still don't.

They understand it on the surface, that "beliefs" are essential but in many cases it comes back to the same thing….to the same questions.

People want to know about how to use it to produce "tangible results."

Again it's beliefs that produce tangible results, but I've begun to see and understand that it's going to have to be shown and communicated in a more "tangible way" so EVERYONE gets it.

So…taking that into consideration I began thinking…"OK, if I could find something that anyone felt they could do, their belief would be automatically elevated and everyone would begin to get what they were looking for."

Although I understood that there was no possible way to find something that would appeal to EVERYBODY I did realize that in order for it to appeal to the larger percentage, that whatever it was, it was going to have to address a number of areas. A simple turnkey system...training...support...guidance etc.

As I progressed in my research I decided to begin investigating and testing various business models. As I explored the various things available, I took into account that the vast majority don't have extensive technical skills, don't want to sell, and that the mass majority are somewhat limited in what they "believe" is possible for them.

Understanding the importance of contributing and providing incredible value to others is another essential factor in experiencing success for yourself was something else that had to fit the mold.

I also took into account what Paul Zane Pilzer writes about in his book. I took into account as I began to mention earlier that as I explored and tested, that it was going to have to be something that everyone "believed" they could do...it had to be as simple and easy to implement as possible.

I also took into account that many have no idea how or where to begin when it comes to marketing a business online and that it requires guidance as well as specifics as to how to do it.

Here's What I've Found

The answers and conclusions I've arrived at certainly isn't a cure all for everyone or for area of life, but it most certainly could be an answer for those who have a desire to engage in a home based business online whether they find themselves in the 86% or the minority. It most certainly can contribute to those seeking to resolve career dissatisfaction and a lack of financial resources as well as provide additional passive income for those who are content and fulfilled in their careers IF what I am about to reveal to you resonates with you...feels right and you're willing to take action and apply what it provides and makes so clear.

Before I get into that let me digress for a minute and make it absolutely clear that although many perceive that a lack of money or career dissatisfaction is the problem in their lives, that isn't the problem at all…it NEVER has been and never will be. There is more money in our world than most can even fathom…literally TRILLIONS of dollars. There's more opportunity in our world than there EVER has been. There never has been nor ever will be a lack of money or anything else. A lack of money or fulfillment or anything else for that matter is merely an effect or symptom of something else.

(I know, I'm drifting back into the deeper stuff again but bear with me...I can't help myself and this IS an important point)

As we've covered, the real cause of anything that might be "perceived" as lack is 100% of the time based on a belief held. The belief is what the problem is and lack in any form is only a symptom…a creation made physical based on that belief. Whatever it might be that is "perceived" as a problem is simply an effect of what is produced as a result of the "true" cause which is a belief held by you regarding whatever that "perceived" problem might be.

For me personally as I discovered the evening of my daughters announcement, my beliefs held at the time cost me years which could never be regained. Although I couldn't turn back time and change the fact that things were what they were I could make different choices in the future to ensure that I didn't repeat the same experience some years down the road and have to experience what I did that night as my boys made the same announcement at some point in the future.

Although I began to think back and realized that I had thought about doing something else and had a sincere desire to do so, it was the underlying beliefs that kept me stuck fearful of losing my security and venturing outside of the self imposed boundaries that I had created for myself. I wanted something else, but I didn't do what was necessary to get something else.

This is SO important…

Beliefs go much deeper than conscious intention. You can want and want and want more money on a conscious level, you can want and want and want a fulfilling and rewarding career, you can want and want and want more time with your family, you can want and want and want whatever it is that you might want personally, but if there is an underlying belief that is disharmonious with the acquisition of the desired outcome you'll find it impossible to ever achieve long term in a way that harmonizes with the other important areas of your life and enables you to prioritize your life based on your own personal values.

In the case of money, although you may acquire some, with conflicting beliefs held that are disharmonious with it's attainment, you'll find it requires struggle and sacrifice to earn and if you do happen to earn any substantial amount through this physical struggle which some do, you'll find that it's impossible to retain long term without further sacrifice and struggle IF you hold beliefs that aren't in harmony with it's flow.

Why is it do you suppose that lottery winners can win enormous amounts of money only to find a few years later that their often broke and more in debt than when they won it initially? Why is it that many of those not only find themselves lacking in the area of money but their relationships and health are often far worse than before they won? Because they weren't ready for financial wealth plain and simple.

OK point made…now back to creating "tangible results."

So taking all this into account I've come up with and decided to share with you what I believe could provide the greatest solution for the greatest number of people. Although as I mentioned it won't be for everyone, it takes into account ALL of the factors we've covered and based on both my research as well as experience I believe that it may assist any of you who find yourselves to be in the same situation as the 86% that CNN polled.

Although I personally chose to become involved in 2 of these business models I'd discovered during my research, I'm only going to disclose one which I feel pertain to the biggest percentage of you and which addresses the areas that I believe are most crucial, which is simplicity, ease of duplication, the ability to leverage using the internet, and doesn't require extensive technical and/or business savvy.

It's called My Internet Business which addresses and provides everything required to become successful online with the exception of your belief, a willingness to follow some clearly detailed direction and the same willingness to take action based on that direction.

I'm not going to go into great detail as to what it is here. If you have any interest you can follow the link that will provide you with all the information you'll need to make an educated an informed decision for yourself and determine if it is or isn't for you.

What I am going to ask is that as you review it, become aware of the thoughts that arise as you review what the business offers with regard to the potential to become financially free. Those thoughts can provide valuable clues as to the various beliefs you hold with regard to achieving monetary success in your own life. As you do this consider, are these beliefs based on reality and what's truly possible or is it based on "beliefs" that you have acquired due to "conditioning" and past programming?" Are they based on the fact that perhaps you've tried a business in the past and it didn't work out for you and if so could it be that it didn't work out because of underlying "beliefs" that you held at the time?

Perhaps this just won't be for you. That's OK. Just make sure that's the reason and not some underlying self limiting belief that will keep you from what you want.

Only you'll be able to honestly make those determinations and answer those questions.

Although I won't go into detail here, I will provide some highlights as to what My Internet Business does provide…

  • A personalized marketing website

  • Custom built capture pages

  • An state of the art back office with extensive multi-media training ranging from the most basic to the most advanced

  • Pre-written marketing materials

  • Weekly live training with one on one personalized direction

  • An extensive product line providing value unparalleled in the direct marketing industry

  • Resale rights to each of those products enabling you to create multiple sources of income

  • The ability to market any other products and services you might have through the same website

  • A personal business assistant (PBA) to answer ALL of your prospects questions for you

  • A team of marketing professionals who will do your marketing for you (optional)

  • A courteous and quick responding support staff unlike any I have ever seen

  • And much more than can possibly be listed here.

As I discovered in my research there are a million opportunities and information products out there can help people find their edges that will help them get started in a thriving business - But for the majority, there are things people NEED TO KNOW first which are far more fundamental.

They need step by step guidance initially. Once that is provided, then they need additional guidance to know what to do and how to do it. They need additional support and training as they progress.

My Internet Business provides all of that in a way that no others do which I've discovered.

I'm not talking about what most refer to as the "basics" or "newbie tips" It's different to all of those things. This is a complete turnkey online business model which has been clearly thought out and the systems put in place are more extensive, thorough, automated and user friendly than any other I'm aware of.

As you already know, and which we've already addressed at length, I believe becoming successful, whether it's making a lot of money, owning, operating and growing a dynamic, and profitable business whether online or otherwise or results in ANY area of life *starts in your mind*

Once the mindset is in place, the beliefs are established and harmonious with your consciously desired outcomes, when you're passionate about and love what you're doing everything else becomes almost automatic. Yes action is required but once you make that choice as to what it is that you want to do, and it harmonizes with your beliefs, you literally begin attracting the ways and means to have your desires fulfilled.

I believe that when you see this system, even if you don't currently "believe" that you have what it takes to own and operate your own home based business currently, after watching the presentation, your "belief" muscle will be expanded dramatically.

I've become quite aware, after exploring countless opportunities claiming $100,000.00 by next week while sitting in your underwear and the countless hype out there promising 100% automation with NO effort on your part, how and why so many people can become skeptical and develop beliefs concerning the ability to become successful in anything other than conventional brick and mortar businesses.

All the hype and fluff can create perceptions that conflict with many taking action that can produce their desired outcomes.

My Internet Business isn't hype and fluff. It's powerful and rewarding but to become successful it takes a belief...it takes action...it takes a willingness to apply what you are shown...BUT it is the most user friendly, automated and support driven system I've ever seen.

If I can do this ANYONE can do this. I'm as technically challenged as anyone I know. I'm not an online marketer, I'm what many refer to as an awareness enhancement expert and I share what I discover and believe to be beneficial with those who I also believe can benefit.

My Internet Business is as thorough and simple as anything I've found.

That doesn't mean that action isn't required. Action is ALWAYS necessary. Where some become confused is not fully understanding what initial kinds of actions to take. My Internet Business provides that.

But there's another aspect of action that is equally important that comes from inside and causes "inspired action." Inspired action always feels good. When you are attracting the correct ways and means to fulfill your desired outcomes, inspired action doesn't "feel" like dread or drudgery. When you find it you know it. It feels right and good to you. That "feeling" comes from the heart. You just know it's right for you.

You feel inspired and excited to take whatever type of action is necessary to make your desired outcomes "real and tangible." If once you've fully explored My Internet Business, you don't "feel" it resonates with you at a deep level, and you feel any form of doubt or apprehension of any kind, I'll ask that you not participate.

What I've seen countless times is that people tend to attract what it is that they claim they want then fail to take the action necessary due to doubt or apprehension and as a result aren't able to bring those desired outcomes into fruition.

I present this because I want to see you succeed not fail.

My Internet Business is a business. You MUST fully believe in it. It will take action. It will take following direction. It will require some learning...but it's all already in place. If you can read, listen and watch videos it provides everything you need to succeed massively.

I speak with countless individuals who have what they "perceive" to be good "reasons" as to why they can't personally become successful.

There's an infinite number of "reasons" that are expressed as to why, but the bottom line is that these "reasons" regardless of how valid they might be "perceived" by those who have them, are in reality nothing more than excuses.

In nearly every case, reasons are merely justifiable excuses in the minds of those who express them which are due to underlying beliefs which are the very thing that keep many stuck in situations that they claim that they would rather not experience and create these "reasons", as valid as they might seem, which serves to justify in their own mind why they are unable to experience success.

It's not my intent nor my purpose to convince them that they can. It IS my intent and purpose to show those who are ready and willing how in the best way I know.

In a "tangible sense", My Internet Business is the best way I know to do that.

My Internet Business provides an extensive multi-media training system providing step by step instruction from the most basic getting started fundamentals of getting set up and started in an online business to the most advanced techniques for becoming wildly successful online and provides EVERYTHING required for being up and running in a few hours.

It provides an automation system that is the best I've ever seen. It provides you with your own personal business assistant to answer any questions someone may have regarding your business. It provides an opportunity for anyone to become involved who is serious about getting started in business and offers 4 different entry level programs. It provides all of your marketing materials, emails, and market training. It requires NO selling and chasing people.

Everything is clearly and concisely laid out step by step and is presented in multi-media format.

My Internet Business provides what no other business model of it's kind does which is EVERYTHING you need with the exception of your belief and a willingness to take action and apply what has been so well thought out, ingeniously created for and provided to you.

It's critical that in order to achieve success whether in business or life in general that the foundation needs to be set, solid and the engine properly primed. For life in general that foundation as we've covered so extensively is based on belief...your belief.

In business it requires a solid plan, a system, the support, and proper training. There is no other business model that I've discovered that provides all of those things as well as My Internet Business.

In business, systems fail...people don't.

My personal opinion is that provides a system that's solid and absolutely dynamite but I'll allow you to judge that for yourself.

If you find yourself in the place that I've discovered that 86% of the working population does, unhappy in your current occupation and not earning a minimum $100K a year or even if you like what you currently do and would just like to supplement your current income with a turnkey online system unlike any that I've found available today, you owe it to yourself to visit this page and judge for yourself what you've attracted and make an educated decision for yourself.

Should you choose to explore further here's what you can expect…

When you go to the first page, you'll be asked to fill in your name and e-mail address and be redirected to the tour page.

The site you'll be directed to and the tour you'll be taking is the very same presentation and site that you'll be provided to present the business to those who you direct to your site through your marketing.

The presentation lasts for 19 minutes and 43 seconds. Watch the presentations, read each page carefully. There is much more available for you in this business than I can possibly explain here.

Once you've gone through the entire tour, if you have additional questions simply click on the request a call back button at the bottom of any of the sites pages and my personal business assistant Greg Sain will follow up with you and get all of your questions answered. If you'd like to speak with me personally, let Greg know that and he'll three way with me.

No…he won't be trying to sell or convince you…he'll be answering questions. If you feel like you're being sold, I'd like to know about it.

You won't be bombarded with e-mails touting home business opportunities. Although opting in will activate an autoresponder which will send e-mails telling you more about My Internet Business, (one per day) if what you see doesn't resonate with you simply opt out.

These are the same e-mails that you'll be provided should you choose to become a part of my team.

I don't want to ramble on any more here - If you feel led to do so, take 19 minutes and 43 seconds out of your busy schedule and see for yourself what I consider to be one of the most powerful and well thought out business model I've ever seen which, because of the way it's been constructed, it's user friendly format and the incredible multi-media as well as live training that has been put into place, quite literally anyone can do . . .

My Internet Business isn't going to be for everyone, but it is absolutely the best I've discovered thus far and will enable the greatest number of people to create a substantial income for themselves while contributing to and enabling others on a worldwide scale to do the same.

If it's something that resonates with you, I genuinely believe that this could very well prove to be one of the most important career decisions of your life so far - But I'll let you be the judge of that. I do know based on my interactions with others that it's changing lives around the globe. It could change yours as well.

Let me be clear about something…

I share this because my passion and purpose is to assist as many as I can and make as big a difference as I can before it's time for me to leave this world. This is the best way I currently know to contribute and attempt to fulfill the needs that have been expressed and communicated by many of you through our interactions both electronically and otherwise in a "tangible way."

I am here to contribute and assist as many as I can in the best way I know how. I envision and intend making a difference. That's what I committed to do when I got out of my rut and came online and that's what I fully intend to do.

If you're truly serious about experiencing change in your career and/or enhancing the financial aspect of your life…if you have a desire to Stop Trading Time For Money & Start Using Leverage To Build Your Future, I believe My Internet Business can help you do that.

Some questions that I anticipate I'll address here…

  • I can't and won't guarantee that you'll improve your conditions. I can't possibly claim that you'll be enabled to earn any predetermined amount of money. Those aspects will be up to what you choose to do. (If you have anyone telling you otherwise…RUN)

  • What I can guarantee is that this business is the simplest, most powerful, turnkey online business that I have ever seen with training and support that is unsurpassed in ANY industry.

  • I can guarantee that you'll receive live weekly training as well as the most extensive multi media training system I've ever been exposed to.

  • I can guarantee that you'll be provided access to online meetings that will assist you in the necessary mindset for becoming successful.

  • I can guarantee that you'll never have to sell, call or chase anyone unless you choose to do so.

  • I can guarantee that the product line up is the most extensive and cutting edge that I'm aware of with a list of products that provide incredible value and far too extensive to ever list here.

  • I can guarantee that after utilizing the customer support function that I've never seen such quick and courteous response

  • And I can guarantee if Paul Zane Pilzer's predictions are accurate as they have been for the past several decades that the next millionaires will be created due in great part to this form of online direct marketing business model when combined with the leveraging power made possible as a result of the internet.

Now the choice as to what you'll do or not do with it is up to you.

If you're like the 72% of those surveyed in the Harris poll or like the 86% surveyed in the CNN poll, and have ever considered having a home based business of your own, I encourage you to check it out and become fully informed as to what's being made available to you prior to making any determinations.

Tangible-Wealth-Now.com It takes 19 minutes and 43 seconds that could transform your career, your life and your entire financial future.

Whatever your decision, I wish the best and the most for you today and always.

To Your Success!

Chuck Danes




Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon OK 73099 (405) 494-7593

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