Getting Back To Basics
Part 3 of 3

30th Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Getting Back To Basics
Part 3 of 3

The Basics and Simplicity of Understanding Energy, Frequency and How To Begin Consciously Utilizing Them For Producing "Desired" Results

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Ok….we’ve covered a lot of ground in a few days in my attempt to re-mind us of the the importance of sticking to and consistently "applying" the basics.…let’s do a quick review of the basics we've covered in the first 2 parts.

A Quick Recap Of "Getting Back To The Basics"

The basics are…

  • Your thoughts, (consciousness) like everything are energy which create, emit and project a frequency.

  • The quality of the frequency of the thought is determined by the underlying belief.

  • That frequency is broadcast into the Quantum Field or The Kingdom which is nothing more than an Infinite field of wave frequencies.

  • Science says that ALL probabilities already exist at this unseen, quantum or spiritual level.

  • The only thing that determines what we draw from this field is what our predominant thoughts are fixated on.

From the scientific perspective, "the field" doesn’t care what we draw, it only attracts other frequencies from the field that harmonize with our projected frequency.

Our quality of consciousness...more specifically the "perceptions" we hold with regard to an outcome determines without fail what that outcome consists of.

Just like in the case of the garage door opener, that was mentioned in Part 2, if the frequency harmonizes with what we want the door opens. If our frequency harmonizes with what we don’t want the door stays closed and we have to work really really hard just to get mediocre results.

The difference with our frequency though is that we ALWAYS get what we're asking for. We only have to become conscious of what that is adjust "the code" so it's harmonious with the attraction of what we do want.

The field ALWAYS provides what we focus on and delivers it without fail.

For the "spiritually" minded...

From a spiritual perspective, Source loves us so much that we are provided whatever we choose from the "Kingdom of God" which consists of EVERYTHING where ALL things are ALREADY within us and we draw from the kingdom just as we “believe“ we will…that’s “Unconditional Love.”

We "receive" based on what we "believe." There are no "choices" forced on or made FOR us.

Spiritual text makes it VERY clear..."Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive and it shall be given." If we believe that being broke is the way we're going to be that's what we are. If we believe that we can have or be or do something, likewise that's what we get.

As we believe we receive. What we project we attract. Our Attention communicates our INTENTION.

For the "nature" minded...

Through the simple and "conscious" observation of nature, we can see the same thing. If we plant an apple seed in the "field" we get an apple tree.

If we plant weed seeds in the "field" we get weeds.

The seed always harmonizes perfectly with the harvest. You NEVER plant an apple seed and receive crab grass. It’s impossible. EVERY Law of Nature would be violated.

The "Perfect Plan" would become "imperfect." The laws of Nature...Universal Laws would have to function chaotically.

They don't, can't and won't.

It doesn’t matter HOW you choose to look at it or what avenue you choose to explore to discover it, the BASIC fundamental truth remains…

Everything, whether thoughts or seeds or whatever, produces a result...a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed. ALL seeds at their core are pure energy.

Energy is at the core of EVERYTHING and the frequency of the energy that you project is the cause which ALWAYS returns an effect…


Your energy frequency which is determined by your "true" underlying belief, determines what you are asking Source for which you ALWAYS receive unconditionally…


Your projected energy frequency is the seed that you are planting in the field which yields a harvest, the same in kind and quality as the seed.

Ok, now…let's get into some more basics...

Let’s step out of the unseen Quantum, metaphysical and spiritual world and the fields of nature for a minute and look at things from a more “your physical body” perspective.

Let’s look at how the human body and the brain operates and how it all ties in together.

When you think a thought what do you suppose happens?

It ignites an electrochemical process in your brain…an “electrical charge” is produced and created by the thought. This igniting of energy in the brain sends electrical signals through neuro pathways in the brain which communicates with nerves and muscle groups in the various areas of the body to instruct them to do whatever the original thought instructed.

Simple enough huh?

It’s simply an electrochemical energetic charge in the brain that’s sent throughout the body to instruct the body what to do. It’s a form of energy. A more physical type of energy granted, but energy just the same.

A thought derived from pure conceived, ignites activity in the brain creating a different form of energy.

Now there’s something in the brain called neurons which determine how the brain fires. This firing in the brain, depending on the neurons activated also determines the frequency that you‘re projecting back out into the field.

Neurons don't determine which "beliefs" are formed they only form based on what YOU choose to absorb in the way of "data" and as a result...believe.

As your beliefs are expanded new neuro pathways form creating a different vibration or communication with Source, whatever you might choose to "perceive" Source to be.

If there are no neurons or neuro pathways formed to create this electrical charge that enable you to conceptualize and believe in a "desired" outcome, since you are unable to conceive it and/or believe it…it’s impossible to create the frequency or the “internal beingness” to draw it from the infinite field of potential or the Quantum Field or have The REALLY BIG Boss provide it to you.

To be able to experience it, you MUST be able to conceptualize it and believe in it which creates a harmonious frequency with "having" whatever it is which in turn attracts it to you.

To do that, you only need develop some new neurons.

How do you do that?

This can be done through reading things like this newsletter, feeding and empowering yourself with information and knowledge that elevates your belief.

You can enhance this process through visualizing, through doing affirmations and as I ALWAYS share…THE ABSOLUTELY MOST IMPORTANT thing in MY opinion based on MY experience as well as the experience of COUNTLESS others before me is meditating.

Very basic, but VERY important stuff IF you choose to become a conscious, intentional and purposeful creator of your life and your experiences.

Here's why so many AREN'T able to experience what they "desire"....

These are THE MOST IMPORTANT things to do yet the mass majority claim they don't have time!!


Because they're too busy DOING things the HARD WAY which can, does and will continue to produce ONLY mediocre and limited results AT BEST which keeps them trapped in this self limiting cycle until they choose to find a simpler and better way to DO things, which serves as the "seed" and produces whatever it is that they desire to experience.

OK…were almost done with our “getting back to basics” meeting and being re-minded.

Let's quickly cover another important basic though before we conclude.

Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed Regardless

Let’s look at what happens to energy once we project it or when something in the “physical world” passes and/or disappears from our ability to sense it.

Now…you might think that when something dies or is destroyed that the energy which makes it up is also destroyed. Were you thinking that?

Here’s another KEY aspect about energy that although very basic is really important for you to understand.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

It already exists and makes up everything, so there is no need to create it anyway. It does, has and always will exist. Remember, it’s what EVERYTHING is made of and makes EVERYTHING possible.

I mention that because you MIGHT have been thinking that energy projected just goes away or that it can be destroyed.

Well…it can‘t be. Although "physical things" might seem to disappear where you can’t sense them with your five physical senses, the energy that makes them "real" simply transmutes in form. It CAN’T be destroyed but it CAN and DOES transmute from physical back into non physical form.

An ice cube, as it transmutes, although it changes form the energy which made it "real" only changes form.

When it's an ice cube it's solid. When it turns to water it's liquid. When boiled it turns to steam. From steam it's transmuted into ether. You can't see it any longer with the physical senses, but it still exists. It only exists in a form that we can't experience with the physical senses BUT it still exists.

Let's relate it to our lives...

Energy projected today is always present somewhere. Once projected it continues in motion. Energy NEVER rests but it CAN and DOES change form.

If it’s projected into "the field" it is absorbed and joins with the other energies in the field but it is not destroyed and never goes away. It like all energy comes from the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm and returns to the unseen, metaphysical or spiritual realm.

Since we're just covering the basics, we won't get into the various realms where energy exists, we'll just stick with the basics.

Energy projected into "the field" affects the field in some aspect. In other words you could say that your every thought helps mold and shape the future of what happens on earth even on this BIGGER scale which is referred to as the "Collective Consciousness."

This energy can also be absorbed and stored if there is something to absorb it. You are consistently storing the energy that you choose to absorb. In fact, the "physical" things within your home can and do store energy.

Here‘s the point of why that‘s important to mention that.

The Kind of Energy You Expose Yourself To and "Allow" To Be Stored
Is Effecting EVERY Aspect Of Your Life

If what is being stored is high vibration GOOD energy, you will experience HIGH vibration GOOD outcomes. If what is being stored is low vibration BAD energy you will be effected by it as well.

That’s another reason why it’s important to be aware of what energies you are allowing into your immediate surroundings. Be careful about what you are exposing yourself and your surroundings to. Energy is literally stored in your furniture, carpets etc. and does affect how you "feel" on a day to day basis.

That could get a bit "deep" so let's skip it for now.

Here’s the really cool thing about it though…well it CAN be cool unless you’re experiencing some REALLY undesirable things. It’s much more difficult to get this energy to transmute once it’s in physical form than it is when it’s in it’s purest and most basic form which is precisely why it can “APPEAR” that hardship and difficulty in your life is a “never ending and seemingly inescapable battle” at times.

It requires MUCH more “effort” to shift and transmute the energy that’s already shown up in the way of "physical" events, conditions and circumstances in your life requiring much more effort to begin shifting and "transmuting" things and creating “desired” outcomes.

Although it can and is shifted through consistently keeping your "Attention" focused on your "Conscious Intention", combined with action, it requires more doing at the level of both "consciousness" and physical doingness until it is shifted which leads us into the really cool part.

The REALLY cool and FUN part is…

Once you fully grasp and understand this and choose to get back to basics, you can begin to “consciously” and “intentionally” harmonize your Intention with this energy in it’s purest and most basic wave form and begin to “attract” and experience ONLY desired outcomes by choosing to focus your predominant attention on what you want and "attract" the people, events, conditions and circumstances that "allow" your desired outcomes to become "real."

Now THAT’S NOT ONLY COOL but REALLY EXCITING don’t you think???

When you go straight to The Source and begin creating "desired" results at this level, you don't have to spend so much time "fixing" things.

How do you tap into this place where Source can be experienced in a "conscious" and consistent fashion? For me it's MEDITATION.

Sorry to keep repeating myself, but it is SOOOOO important. Meditation is the key.

Maybe you "think" you don't have time. That's "cool" to...You're certainly entitled to make that choice, but my "personal" belief is that you're missing the boat if you "choose" not to.

That's MY doesn't have to be yours.

Next....let's look at another "basic" fact concerning "miracles"...

A Little Understood Fact About "Miracles"

Ok...back to physical and non-physical energy, and the non-physical aspect of energy being really cool and exciting.

More importantly than being cool and exciting, IF you choose to "become conscious" as to how your using it, it can and will create a life that MOST consider and “perceive” to be impossible or in a best case scenario that many might call “miraculous.”

Maybe you know of someone who’s experienced what you and/or they "perceived" to be a miracle.

Miracles are often "perceived" by the majority only as some REALLY BIG "desirable" thing happening in someone's life.

Here’s another VERY basic truth that’s important to understand and be re-minded of.

Every second of every day in EVERYONE’S life a miracle is unfolding. EVERY aspect of creation is ALWAYS a miracle.

There are miracles that are produced because of low vibrations of energy that we “perceive” to be bad and there are high vibration miracles produced because of high vibrations of energy that we “perceive” as good and what many call miracles.

But the fact is…regardless of our individual “perceptions as to whether these creations are good or bad, they are all miracles and we are ALL creating them every second of every minute of EVERY day.

If you don’t like the miracles YOU’RE creating simply shift the frequency of energy that is creating them and the kind and quality of miracle will change.

Don't worry about the how and when, just stay focused on the what and the why and keep focusing until it shows up. How and when isn't our job....the what and the WHY are.

Do your job, Source will do it's job. Source NEVER misses...EVER.

Let's look at a basic truth as to why some "perceive" that Source DOES miss or that Source picks and chooses what we can have or not have.

Unfortunately there are people that don't feel worthy of the things they desire. They want them, they desire them but underlying beliefs held keep them from getting them.

Let me share something with you…

There is NO ONE any more special or any more capable of creating "desired miracles" than ANYONE else!!

YOU are special…you are powerful…YOU like everyone were created in the Image and Likeness of Source and as such you can create ANYTHING that you choose.

Get to the core beliefs about why you might not be producing "desired" outcomes in your life...the WHY as to why you believe that you can't have EVERY desire fulfilled, shift them and you'll see the transformational power that you ALREADY have.

It’s simply about what YOU choose for yourself. What frequency of energy that YOU choose to project which if you’re “unconscious” as to what you’re projecting, you’re also “unconscious” as to what you’re attracting and creating which can and does create “less than desired” outcomes forming or solidifying a “perception” in many that makes them “feel” and think less of themselves than they “TRULY” are, always have been and ALWAYS will be.

We're ALL creators...or if you prefer co-creators and NO ONE is any more capable than another.

You are just as powerful and capable as ANYONE else in creating desired outcomes and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world around you whether economically or otherwise UNLESS you choose to give your ATTENTION to it and allow it to which is stating your "INTENTION" to the Really Big Boss and just as you ask, you receive.

EVERYONE is a master manifestor and always masterfully creating ALL the time…MOST just don’t know it or are “unconscious“ of how they are creating what they are.

It’s simply your “perception” which is creating the “frequency” which is determining WITHOUT FAIL what you are attracting and creating.

I’ve carried on long enough here, but in an upcoming issue, I’m going to be talking about how my 3 week old son was healed in an emergency room just minutes before having a very serious emergency operation.

Then like now, I was nothing any more special or gifted than anyone else. I was a welder at the time and unconscious then as to how it all happened...but it did.

It was a high energy experience that created a "miracle" plain and simple.

Today, based on many experiences since and countless thousands of hours of looking for answers, I'm MUCH closer to understanding how and why it happened the way it did.

In a sentence it was a projection of "Unconditional Love" for my son, combined with a "very strong desire" to see him be OK and what I call a "Forced Surrender", which was forced through a knowing that there was nothing I could personally do about it in a "physical" sense.

The projection of Love combined with an "allowing" or letting go of trying to fix it myself created what MOST would call a "Profound Miracle."

The outcome was that although when we entered the emergency room that night and were told that surgery was necessary, we walked out of that hospital that same night with no surgery and my son was fine...BETTER than fine.

You have that ability as well. Always have…always will. We all do. You only need to awaken to the fact that you do and begin to “consciously” AWAKEN...begin to utilize the power provided to you and "desired miracles" will begin happening in your life every second of every minute of everyday.

It's NOT limited to health. It's possible and works in EVERY area of life when WE get out of our own way and "allow" it to.

We simply project the "love" (desire) for whatever it is, get out of our own way through detachment or "surrender" and BINGO, there it is.

Can we have an impact on how LONG that takes? I believe we can. I think the more we get out of our own way, surrender to what is...allow what is to be OK and quite focusing on what isn't and, as I and my son experienced it CAN happen immediately. It too is a choice.

The foundation of this “getting back to basics” newsletter today is, nothing that is going on around you in the "physical" world matters...NOTHING. It can’t and won’t effect you personally unless you allow it to.

How do we stop "allowing" adversity and discord to affect us individually.

Simply explore, discover, learn, absorb and take action..."become conscious" of what you are allowing and what you have been allowing will shift.

Surround and immerse yourself with low vibration and that is what you will attract. Everything, not just spiritual development, will be a struggle.

Choose to surround and immerse yourself with high vibration and things that empower you and that is what you’ll begin to attract.

It's VERY simple and basic.

Simple yes...easy no. Why? Because we don't take the time to learn how to get out of our own way. If we'd choose that and consistently "apply" what we learned then it WOULD seem SO easy...almost "effortless" in fact.

Next simple yet basic essential to understand...

Spirituality Is A Part Of Everything...You Can't Take It Out Of The Equation

I talk occasionally with some who claim they don't "believe" in spirituality. Obviously that's their choice and I certainly don't "judge" or condemn anyone for their beliefs...I leave that to some...what I'll refer to as "low vibration" religions.

But from MY perspective...

Regardless of your current beliefs, you cannot separate spirituality from physical life. You can’t separate science from spirituality. You can’t separate yourself from spirituality or the events, conditions and circumstances that are happening in your life.

If the word "spirituality" doesn't feel good to you call it unseen, metaphysical or whatever you choose, but the unwavering and immutable FACT is...ALL things seen are derived from the unseen.

Energy is one of those great examples where you can “CLEARLY” see that there is no such thing as anything but a spiritual life. Life is spiritual, EVERYTHING is interconnected whether you are aware of it and whether you want it to be or not!

Put another way…ALL things physical come from the spiritual. All things seen come from the unseen. All things physical are derived from the "meta-physical."

That is one of the most profound empowering and life transforming basics you could ever arrive at and should you choose to “consciously” utilize it, begin experiencing "profound" results.

From a strictly spiritual perspective based on timeless wisdom recorded in ancient spiritual text…

God is the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the End, the ALL in ALL, the I AM. The Omniscient, the Omnipresent.

What does that include? EVERYTHING!!

What does spiritual text say the Kingdom of God consists of? EVERYTHING!!

Where does spiritual text say the Kingdom of God is? EVERYWHERE....including WITHIN YOU.

What is available to you? EVERYTHING that’s available in The Kingdom that YOU can believe and conceive!!

What’s in the Kingdom Of God? EVERYTHING.

What does spiritual text say about YOU?

You were created in the image and likeness of Source.

As the great teacher Jesus said…

”Have I not told you that you are Gods?”

Why did Jesus say he came here?

“I am come that you might have life and have it in abundance.”

And one of the most profound things to me that I've discovered in my search through all these avenues is this...

Spiritual text says “You are the light of the world.”

What does science say you are in your purest and most basic form? Photons...which are what? Subatomic particles of pure light.

Pretty basic don’t you think? But how PROFOUND!! How EXCITING is that???

Don’t confuse spirituality with religion. Religion promotes listening to and following the perceptions of men. Many religions promote violence, some fear, others judgment and condemnation when someone doesn't buy into their way of thinking or believe the way they do.

There's ONLY ONE religion in my opinion.

The One "true" religion is "Love." Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love goes far beyond a human, conditional type love. "Unconditional Love is learning to accept and "allow" EVERYTHING to be OK just the way it is. The people...the events...the conditions...the circumstances...EVERYTHING.

When you do that...when you aspire toward that goal the low vibration changes to HIGH vibration and EVERYTHING changes for you.

It is the One thing that ALL humans aspire toward, although many choose to remain unconscious of that fact.

I encourage you NOT to listen to me or anyone else but rather to start discovering more about yourself and listening to yourself.

Your “inner” self. That's where you'll tap into and experience what "Unconditional Love" REALLY feels like and once you do, you'll NEVER forget it EVEN when from time to time you choose to act "unconsciously."

Although we may all "forget" and need "re-minded" from time to time, once you've connected with "Unconditional Love" you CAN'T forget what it's like even when you don't feel it yourself.

You can choose whatever path you like but I suggest quit letting others complicate things for you and tell you what you should or should not do. What you should or should not believe. What you can or cannot be, do and have.

Discovering a "Higher Truth" for yourself is the ONLY way I've found to do that after "unsuccessfully" trying MANY ways.

How can you do that and how can you know "when" you do?

Learn to go directly to the Source through Meditation and you’ll discover this Higher Truth that I always mention for yourself. It transcends the need and dependence for ANY external advice or opinion.

Become and remain "conscious" of what you're exposing yourself to. Stay attentive to what you are allowing within yourself in the way of predominant patterns of thought.

If you want to get in this "higher frequency" place, STOP listening to and absorbing all the negative energy from the 6:00 news, the morning paper and all the other negative programming that YOU are allowing yourself to be exposed to and start exposing yourself to HIGH ENERGY that strengthens you and makes you "feel" good.

You can, if you choose continue to listen to how bad the economy is, how many people around the world are losing their homes, how the world is going to hell and as a result of allowing yourself to absorb that kind of energy experience that in your life.

You have that right and that choice.


You can choose to surround yourself with news and people that empower you, who build you up and make it very clear to you with regard to who and what you “TRULY” are which is limitless in nature…limited only by whatever YOU choose to “believe” or NOT believe” which determines without fail what you can and will become or not become.

The more you become, the more you can assist others around the world through your giving which can only serve to create more good and more to give.

It doesn’t get any more basic or clearer than that.

Become an independent thinker. Learn to go straight to the Source for your answers, "apply" what you discover and life will become an amazing and stress free journey.

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s not that we won’t experience challenges in life from time to time…that’s life. Life is designed to learn and grow and challenges are a part of that growth process.

But when we’re connected and have touched that place of "inner assurance"…when WE allow ourselves to get in and stay in that connected place, stress doesn’t happen. We learn and choose to "respond" in a productive way which eliminates the stress that "reacting" creates.

It's simply about learning to "consciously" respond.

OK…that’s my usual “long winded version” of the basics and this months edition of Enlightened Journey.

Now, how bout we all just chill out, get back to basics, stay focused on what we want…keep focus off of what we don’t want and go shine our light?

THAT’S what will allow everything to calm down and enable EVERYBODY to experience ALL the abundance, happiness and fulfillment we could ever hope or wish for.

The “Real Truth” of the matter is…”You can’t lose at the game. You CAN choose to react and “allow” it to freak you out which in reality attracts and creates an outcome perfectly and precisely that harmonizes with whatever way that you choose.

In the bigger scheme of things...we always win. We get precisely what we choose.

The Law of Attraction NEVER fails...Source NEVER says no...the Cause ALWAYS produces an effect.

That’s how “The Really Big Boss” created it…to “allow” us to make our choices and receive whatever outcomes we choose.

Regardless, you’re ALWAYS number 1 in Sources eyes…Mine too by the way.

Just start choosing consciously and it will all settle down for you AND you’ll be contributing to everyone else at the same time. You choice to project HIGH vibration energy will literally serve the "Collective" of the entire planet.

Shine your light and give in the best way you currently a "Higher Truth" and as you progress through the game, allow it ALL to be OK. That’s good enough. That’s as basic as it gets.

Just learn to accept everything that comes to you regardless of your perception. Stay calm. Respond in the best way you can. Let everything else be OK and everything in your external world will become just as you allow.

"Desired" miracles will begin to show up.

With all that said, let’s just get back to basics, take a deep breath relax, let everything be OK and just “allow” nature to take it’s course.

Everything’s perfect just the way it is. If you’re one who’s personally experiencing what you “perceive” to be less than “desired” outcomes, simply slow down and analyze what’s going on within yourself, shift your focus which will shift your frequency and you’ll begin to attract and create desired results regardless of what “appears“ to be going on around you.

If you’ll do that, if you’ll only choose to do that you’ll find what it is that’s creating what you DON’T want and enable you to consciously and intentionally shift it to what you DO want.

Whichever you choose you WILL receive…unconditionally. The REALLY Big Boss guarantees it.

NONE of what’s going on around you matters. What your physical eyes see isn’t important. What you choose to keep your minds eye on IS and will determine what you will soon see with your physical eyes.

Close your "physical" eyes and "go within." The experience is "profound" AND life changing.

Thanks for allowing me to shine my light. :)

Have an INCREDIBLE month, and I hope that if you're not already, that you'll get back to and stick with the basics. It can does and will make ALL the difference physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

I hope you've enjoyed our "Getting Back To Basics" meeting even half as much as I have sharing it.

Until next time.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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