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Action and The Law Of Attraction

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For those of you who may be new subscribers to "Enlightened Journey" that aren't yet aware of or familiar with the Law of Attraction you may wish to explore The Universal Laws article first to better familiarize your self with what will be covered here.

Ok with that said let's get into this months newsletter which will place focus and hopefully some additional clarity specifically on The Law Of Attraction and how you can further benefit from it's "conscious implementation" in your life.

I say conscious implementation because although the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working in EVERYONE'S life, although the majority, due to an unawareness of the Law of Attraction altogether or an unclear understanding of it's immutable and unwavering operation are "unconsciously" or "unknowingly" creating the events, conditions, and circumstances in their life many times creating exactly the opposite of what they claim that they have a desire to experience.

Everyone is already a master manifestor, the problem lies in the fact that they are unconsciously manifesting and perceiving that they don't know how to manifest.

It doesn't matter which area of your life it is, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually, the Law Of Attraction is at work behind the scenes 24/7/365 determining precisely what you will attract and experience in your life based on what YOU project through your resonance.

By becoming aware of The Law Of Attraction and learning to harmonize your actions with it's immutable and unwavering power, you have the ability to transform your results in ANY and EVERY area of life IF you will make the choice to do so.

So how do you do this? Simply by changing your predominant focus and your paradigms.

If that is true why do so many "appear" to be struggling these days and unfulfilled in their lives? Because most people although they may "want" something don't fully understand that a feeling of "want" or "lack" emits and broadcasts a much different vibrational frequency than does "having" and as a result the Law of Attraction combined with the Law of Resonance delivers 100% of the time without fail precisely what you are asking it to provide to you.

Your "feelings" are quite literally like "prayers" to the Source and "Whatsoever ye desire" will show up in exact proportion to what you are asking for.

I don't know of anyone personally that doesn't have a desire to be, do and have more.

What I do see quite often is that people have the way to make that a reality in their lives doing it all backwards, perceiving that the way that they are doing it to be correct and when it doesn't work the way that they have been told and taught that it should, perceiving that there is something wrong with them that needs fixing or simply believing that what they desire just must not have been meant to be.

Put in a different way, I know of many people who would enjoy the havingness but fail to understand and do what it takes to create the beingness that would allow what they want to have to show up in their lives.

To have something you must first do something which results from what you are being. In other words to receive an outcome, whatever that outcome may be, you must first develop the thoughts feelings and emotions as if you already did have it, act on the insights, inspirations and signs that show up (the ways and means) and you will HAVE whatever it is.

This is the most difficult part for most to figure out although with an open mind and and a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, it becomes very clear as to why.

You may say that you have a desire for more money, better relationships, better health, etc. etc. but your thoughts words and actions make it impossible to draw what it is that you claim you have a desire to experience because of your beingness or your internal dialogue that is projecting the energy which draws your physical outcomes to you and many times is focused on the "lack of" rather than the "fulfillment of" whatever those desires might be.

You can NEVER create a desired outcome by focusing on it's polar opposite. What often happens, say in the area of money for that someone claims that they would like to have more money in their life, but their predominant focus stays fixated on not being broke rather than having an abundance of money.

This is why it is absolutely essential to become conscious of what it is that is going on internally via your thoughts, beliefs and emotions if you can ever expect to consciously mold and shape what those outcomes consist of.

This is why you often hear that affirmations, visualizations and meditation play such a powerful and important role in attracting to you those things that you have a desire to experience. They assist in changing the "internal dialogue" or your "map of reality" at a deep subconscious level which in essence also changes the energy that you project and as a result the outcomes that you experience in life.

While it is true that focusing on what you have a desire to experience will enable those things to begin showing up in your life, it is still necessary to remain open to, recognize and take action on the insight or direction received to acquire those things that are desired.

The Law of Attraction isn't esoteric or some way out there new age concept, but it IS an age old spiritual principle that has existed since the beginning of time itself. Spiritual teachers have taught it for thousands upon thousands of years. Modern day science, through the study of Quantum Mechanics makes it very clear that the Law Of Attraction is always in operation, just as is the Law of Gravity.

The Law of Attraction can be clearly seen and understood IF you are willing to remain open minded and take the time to research and discover it. In some spiritual circles the Law of Attraction is referred to as sowing and reaping, in others Karma and in the scientific community "Cause and Effect."

In other words, what you put out, the amount of value that you contribute will determine what you receive in return. Period. Can you do what you LOVE to do in relation to your vocation? Absolutely. Can you attract specific events, conditions, circumstances, opportunities, etc into your life? Absolutely….BUT you must be open to recognizing, willing to accept and take action when the way to accomplish them shows up.

How and when they show up cannot be determined by you. Your job, your ONLY job is to put the desire out there, detach from the outcome with respect to how and when and remain open to accepting and taking action on the means when they do show up.

To provide more clarity, let's use the following example….

Since The Secret is such a growing phenomenon today, and based strictly on the Law of Attraction, let's use it as an example. In doing a little research as to how the production was created, the producer Rhonda Burn says that all of the staff involved in putting the production together stayed within and focused on the parameters of the LOA. Although there are many that got the message from the movie that all that is necessary to attract into your life those things that you most desire to experience is to visualize, think and wish them into existence in reality that isn't what The Secret was saying at all.

Although the Secret staff did visualize what the movie would be like and begin to take action on the signs that showed up, obviously action was necessary to make the production a physical reality correct?

There had to be camera crews to film the Secret Teachers. There had to be phone calls made to those who participated, there had to be buildings secured to shoot the production in, etc. etc. All of these were necessary actions that were taken to make the movie a success. But if you've ever heard Rhonda Burn talk about how it was done it was all based on an underlying Love and passion for what it was that was being done. What type of vibrational frequency do you suppose is emitted and broadcast based on love, enjoyment and passion? I can assure you that it is MUCH different than focusing on dread, lack, and limitation!!

Yes physical action was necessary but the first action taken was taking action and discovering that the Law of Attraction existed, heightening her awareness concerning it's operation, and utilizing thought or consciousness to draw to her the ways and means in which made it possible.

She didn't have the money initially to make the production. In fact she was broke. She didn't have all the connections in place to make it happen. She first discovered the underlying cause, the source if you will of ALL effects, took the action to learn more of it's operation of what would draw these things to her and took the action necessary to begin and complete the process when the means showed up to do so. You know the ultimate outcome…..The Secret was born. Not only was it born but has made a smash around the world WITHOUT a huge advertising budget as most movie productions require.

For Rhonda Burn and many of The Secret teachers to be featured on Oprah she or someone else had to take the action necessary to answer the phone and accept Oprah's invitation. If they would have just sat there as the phone rang visualizing the call would have gone unanswered. They had to pick it up.

Was action necessary? Yes Was it action that Rhonda Burn hated to do? No!! It was pleasurable and inspired action that showed up in ways that many "believe" to be coincidental or by chance. These ways that showed up were inspired actions that made her feel good and as a result as can be observed by the MAJOR success of the production, what many might perceive to be a "miracle" occurred!!

My personal take on what the Secret was attempting to convey is that you don't have to settle for lack and limitation, continue many of the actions that so many are currently taking by working at jobs they despise, working more hours, etc. etc. In fact you can attain whatever it is you desire once and IF you'll begin taking the "Correct action" that will enable it to be attracted to you. You only need to eliminate the self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs and shift your paradigms concerning what action is needed and begin taking it.

The Law of Attraction is the law which is responsible for matching energies of a harmonious frequency to you based on the energy that you project or your resonance but what is drawn to you isn't necessarily a 2007 Mercedes SLK55 Roadster dropping out of the sky ready for you to hop into and drive off just because you sat in a chair closed your eyes and visualized it, but the means for you to own that same vehicle will show up, once you fully understand and properly implement the process for doing so. It has to!! It's an unwavering and immutable Law. It isn't prejudice, knows no judgment, and doesn't work for some but not for others. The unwavering operation of The Law of Attraction isn't dependent on your religious preference or differentiate between what you may perceive as good or bad people. It works the same for EVERYONE. The only difference in what is received on an individual basis is based on what the individual is projecting through their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions or inaction and which determines their resonance.

What is attracted to you if that is your vision or whatever else your vision may consist of is the ways and means for that vision to become a reality in your life. The ways and means aren't your job to worry about. They can show up in any number of ways that you might not even be able to fathom, so YOU DO have to remain open and aware to accept and act on them as they do. Those means can come as an inspiration or inspired action that you can take to make it manifest. It should "Feel" good, not be based on something that you dread to do or feel forced into. Then you only need take action on the ways and means that are presented.

This is what is known as and often referred to as effortless creation. Effortless creation doesn't mean that no action is necessary. It becomes effortless because you put yourself in the mindset that draws the means to you and as a result are engaged in something that you love to do and it isn't work to you, It's fun.

More specifically in the area of your vocation, There is an old Chinese proverb that says….

"Make your vocation something that you love to do and you will never work a day in your life."

Why do you suppose that so many of the people who make their hobbies, passions, etc their vocation are so successful at it? It is because they Love what it is that they are doing. It makes them "feel" good, which in turn resonates an energy frequency that brings about "desired" results based on the energy broadcast due to their "feeling". It isn't work to them, it is their passion, they LOVE doing it!!

If you're a golfer for example and it's a game that you love to play, if that became your means or the action you took to make your money, would you dread getting up each day to go do it? Obviously not. You'd look forward to every day, hone your craft, learn all you could about it and do the best you could to be the best you could be at it, all the while "feeling" good about it, correct?

This wouldn't be like work to you. It would be like play. Not only that but play that you could be HIGHLY rewarded for.

It doesn't have to be golf, it could be anything that you have a desire to do. It doesn't have to relate to your vocation. You only need determine that what it is that you desire harmonizes with what it is that you would love to do, have a passion for and ask for whatever it is, stay focused and on purpose concerning it's arrival and begin doing whatever you are inspired to do. Get the "feelings" flowing that create the positive energy necessary to create in the physical world what it is that you desire to experience. You have the free will to do that. It is your choice as to what you will or won't do to make your dreams a reality in your life WHATEVER those dreams may be.

Everything in the Universe exists as a result of consciousness. With that being true you have the means as well as the ability and the free will to choose to create WHATEVER you have a desire to create. WHATEVER!!

You have the choice to think the thoughts that you think…You have the choice to experience the emotions that you experience…..You have the choice to take the action necessary that will enable you to experience your most heartfelt dreams and desires as well as the choice to keep doing what it is that you have been doing and continue to receive the same results.

Your thoughts feelings and emotions aren't, I repeat ARE NOT in charge of you, YOU are in charge of them. You only need take the action that enables you to consciously control what they consist of. Focus them on what it is that you desire, align and harmonize your energy (thoughts, beliefs, emotions) that will enable the "desired" results to be drawn to you, QUIT focusing on what it is that you don't and the ways and means WILL appear.

So if that is true why is it that the majority DON'T experience these desired results. Broken down into individual circumstances, that explanation could take books and books to cover ALL the reasons on an individual basis, but in a nutshell it is because the majority don't take the initial necessary or inspired action to make it a reality. They don't develop the awareness. They don't change the thought patterns that are necessary to broadcast the energy that would enable the events, conditions and circumstances to be drawn to them introducing the action that would enable them to bring them into physical manifestation. They allow what I refer to as previously established false beliefs to determine their destiny in life, they fail to recognize the messages delivered that if they would take action on would produce the desired results. They keep their focus on what "appears" to be real in their physical world rather than the limitless and "Infinite Potential" that is available to them, etc. etc. etc.

It's important that you understand that what "appears" as real to you today is based on what you were "being" at some point in the past. It's NOT who you are right now!! If you have a sincere desire to change that which you are experiencing today you only need change the thought and belief patterns which created it and your tomorrows will reflect exactly that. Don't allow what "appears" as real today to rob you of what it is that you desire to experience at some point in the future.

Does this take action? Yes. Does it require some discipline? Yes. Does it take effort on your part to become conscious of the thought and belief patterns that are creating your current results? Absolutely!! But the action necessary, the effort expended is MINISCULE in comparison to the benefits and rewards you'll experience as a result.

The majority, based on what they have been taught is "the right" or the "logical" thing to do continually focus on creating effects with effects depending solely on physical efforts with a limited physical body to perform the actions that, based on their current beliefs, they believe is the only way to acquire what it is that they have a desire to experience.

These actions more times than not are performed at jobs that are displeasing, doing what you hate to do. What type of energy do you suppose your projecting when these thoughts, beliefs and emotions are experienced? NOT the type of energy that you want to be broadcasting to bring DESIRED results!!

The Law of Attraction is very real, it is very present at all times. It is only a matter of you taking the action to become aware of how it works, harmonizing your thought and belief patterns with whatever it may be that you have a desire to experience, recognize the means as they come your way and take the necessary action based on those inspired signs to produce the results in the physical world.

Whether or not you are currently aware or believe it to be true, the world and everything within it is an intricately connected field of energy all working in perfect harmony, continuously without fail and consistently drawing to you precisely what you are asking (praying for) through your resonance or vibrational output.

EVERYTHING that happens has a very specific reason for happening the way that it does. You and your thoughts are an intricately connected part of the whole or collective consciousness of this oneness. Your thoughts effect the whole. Is what you are thinking working for and contributing to the whole or resisting and working against? Your current outcomes, what you are experiencing in your life whether they be physical, financial, relational, emotional or spiritual will provide you with all the evidence you need to answer that question and make that determination.

That is a question that only you can answer and the choice to change it is only a choice that you can make.

I hope that this has shed some additional light on what the Law of Attraction is and how it operates based on my personal perspective and that you will discover the limitless power provided and available to you to begin creating the events, conditions and circumstances that you most desire to experience. Regardless of what you may currently believe you have the opportunity as well as the free will to make the choice to do so.

Until the next edition of Enlightened Journey I wish for you all good thoughts, feelings and things, whatever they might be.

To Your Success and Fulfillment Today and Always,

Chuck Danes

Enlightened Journey Enterprises
11821 SW 3rd Street
Yukon, OK 73099

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