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Your Physical Self and Your
Higher Self - the Real You

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Who do you think you are?

No, I don't mean that in a snide or adverse kind of way, as in "you have a lot of gall." I mean, who do you think you are...literally?

So there's no margin for error or misunderstanding kind of way, "What do you think you are?"

What have you learned about who and what you are?

Equally as important, What do you believe to be true now?

If you've been "taught" as most have and believe as most do, chances are great that it's "seemingly impossible" to SEE yourself as the Awesome and Amazing you that we covered in the Welcome Edition of Enlightened Journey.

Those are important questions. Your answers are equally, and perhaps even more important. Even more important is what do you REALLY believe?

They're all important questions, because beyond your answer, what you REALLY believe, has EVERYTHING to do with the quality of life that you could and CAN experience, yet may not be experiencing.

If you KNOW who and what you are, your experience is awesome. If you don't, it's something less than it "could be"...perhaps far less.

That's what we're going to be looking at very closely and deeply in this edition of Enlightened Journey.

Who and What You Truly Are as Opposed to Who and What You've Learned, Believe and Think You Are...IF You Have Learned and Believe As MOST Do

Who and WHAT most everyone thinks we are is one thing. Who and what we truly are is quite another.

In fact, who and what we REALLY are is yet another of the many "common threads" that connects and ties us all together, as we also covered in the Welcome Edition of Enlightened Journey which you received (and hopefully read) some time back.

It's the part of us that determines the quality of our "impact" in our own lives and the world at large. It's the "you" that's REALLY important.

If you "think" you're that skin bag full of flesh, muscle, and bone, that eats, sleeps, wakes up to that annoying alarm clock, and gets up to commute through rush hour traffic so you can get to work on time every day, chances are way better than good that it's a bit of a challenge to grasp just how important you are.

If that's the case, then it's almost a given that seeing HOW we're all "tied together" is really difficult to SEE too, let alone believe.

If you KNOW that you're much more than that, then you understand HOW it ties us all together and that we are in fact.

We get to choose what we do or don't do as we walk our own unique paths and weave our own unique tapestries.

You'll learn more about HOW that "choosing" is being done in the next edition and you'll learn just how significant those choices are, WHY they are, and HOW the choosing is being done.

As you'll hopefully begin to see in just a few moments, if you're not already aware of it, the kind and quality of life you experience and the events, conditions and circumstances that reveal themselves in YOUR life each and every moment of every single day, are, for the most part, determined by this "physical version" of you.

It's this physical part of you that makes choices, believes things, thinks things, does things and experiences tangible, measurable and physical things that this "physical you" often labels as good or bad, right or wrong, awesome or horrific, etc. etc. etc.

It's the part of you that often keeps the real you from DOING what it would LOVE and was sent here to do. To FULLY experience life, with all it's "perceived" ups and downs, pains and pleasures, etc. etc. etc.

It's the part of you that "believes" that there's only so far you can go, only so much you can do and there's only so much that can be experienced, let alone KNOWN.

That leads this "physical part of you" through a number of very scary and sometimes "painful" experiences. It's what enables and allows the many changes we witness and go through to become "less than" they could be. We'll be discussing "change in a moment but first let's address, and hopefully set the record straight about this physical you.

Let's quickly cover something that's VITALLY important to understand...

There Is NOTHING; No Thing "Out There" That Can Keep the Awesome and Amazing YOU From Being, Doing and Having What You "Truly Desire" In Life

Most people in the world today believe they're limited by what's happening in the world. They honestly believe that the BIG PICTURE tapestry of the world determines the kind and quality of their own.

Where you can go, as well as where you choose not to go, isn't dependent on me, your boss, your spouse, or anyone else for that matter. It's also not dependent on the economy, on governments, institutions, or anything else going on in the world "out there."

Those things CAN impact and affect your life. They CAN minimize the significant and powerfully transformational contribution you CAN make. They CAN create and have you operating from a fear based mindset, freeze you up, keep you "seemingly stuck" fearing this, dodging that, waiting for something "positive to happen" and in the process avoiding what you hope, wish and perhaps even have been praying will change.

But that "less than desired" kind of existence CAN only happen if you allow it to happen.

I'll assure you of one thing. If you believe that someone or some thing out there will stop you, it/they will. But once you discover WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHY you are as Awesome, Amazing and Powerful as YOU are, and you get to the place where you KNOW that and use what you KNOW in the way you CAN, they cant stop you.

They not only CAN'T, they won't.

Chances are good that you became a part of the Enlightened Journey Community because you're desiring positive, meaningful and lasting change of some form. More specifically desired change.

It's important to specify that because change is everywhere. It's always occurring. Some (perhaps MUCH of it) isn't desirable at all...tangibly speaking at least.

Nonetheless, whether it's change of a desired, less than desired or somewhere in between kind, one thing is certain. Change is inevitable. It's an immutable, unwavering and never changing fact of life.

You're changing, your body is changing, circumstances in your life change, your wife, your kids, your dog changes and things in the world out there are constantly changing too.

You can't stop change. It's the one and only thing that's "certain" in life. The fact is change is a constant.

It's how you respond or react to the inevitable changes unfolding all around us, that determine the benefits you receive or feel you don't and/or CAN'T receive as we ALL experience and move through the many changes unfolding all around us, ALL of the time.

As "humans" we have a tendency to resist change. Over time, we've adopted various beliefs and an attitude that where we are is safe. Because we all have a desire to stay "safe", we do everything we can to make sure that everything stays the same.

And yes, it makes us feel "safe" sometimes, yet other times our resistance to change keeps us from expanding, moving gracefully into, and benefiting to the degree that we ALL CAN from the constant change that's ALWAYS taking place.

The real us, loves change. It LOVES the dynamic and ever changing aspects of life and looks at the constant unfolding of new experiences for what they are.

The meat suit us, fears that. It's "learned" to fear that. There are a number of other "meat suit beings" that have provided us with a form of data and information about ourselves, about others, about The Source of our understanding and about life in general that not only instills, but stirs and ignites that fear.

There are all kinds of things we've learned to fear, change being only one of many.

Many of these "learned things" we've also learned to call knowledge. Because we've "learned to", we believe it is.

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." - Stephen Hawking.

Throughout life, we've acquired all kinds of data and information that we call knowledge. We believe that it's on target "knowledge." We've also heard time and time again that "knowledge is power." Because we have "heard that" so much, most everyone has come to believe that over time.

But it's not necessarily true. Not always. In fact, whether in today's high tech information world, or dating back prior to antiquity, in many cases, it's NOT and never has been "true" or on target "knowledge" at all.

Sometimes it's partially true, yet at the same time, sometimes it's not. The FACT is, knowledge in and of itself isn't power.

There's also "knowledge" that we've been told, taught and think is true, yet it misses the mark entirely. This kind of "knowledge", even when applied, creates less than, and sometimes even the opposite effect than we've learned, believe and think it will.

Sometimes, what we believe and perceive to be "knowledge" is nothing more than a form of information and data that we've taken at face value, blindly accepted and although we might honestly think and believe that it's true and factual, in far more cases than not, it's not "true" at all. At best, it's very limited.

Many times what we "learn and believe" to be factual and true is nothing more than an "illusion of knowledge." It's conveyed with authority and with "claims" that it's "true", yet oftentimes it's not "true" at all.

Then there is knowledge that's limited to providing only surface level results. It's true, it's "good" it's factual too...tangibly speaking. When applied it's "powerful knowledge" to a degree. Yet until it's applied, the potential power that can be unleashed by applying it, doesn't reveal in tangible and measurable ways just how powerful it is.

Then there's a kind of knowledge that provides a KNOWING, a kind and quality of which can never be shaken, rattled or taken away REGARDLESS of what people in the world believe, think, perceive, or "claim."

It transcends "knowledge" actually. KNOWING is "wisdom." Wisdom doesn't come from knowledge. Many "think" it does. Just as many "believe" it does. But it doesn't.

What many perceive to be "wisdom" often comes from those who have undergone a number of tangible experiences. Those who have been taught, believed and underwent various experiences over a given period of time are often viewed as being "wise."

But are they "truly wise" or is their "perceived wisdom" based on what they were taught and have witnessed in their own lives?

That's not wisdom. Many times it's said to be. It's believed to be. Others might even seek us out to learn and benefit from our years of experience which they too believe is wisdom.

Yet in the vast majority of cases, it's little more than an illusion of wisdom. This illusion of wisdom is often derived from and a mirrored reflection of the illusion of knowledge that we were taught, believed and had any number of experiences that also mirrored what we chose to accept as "being true."

Unless "knowledge" addresses the tangibles and intangibles and at the same time aligns and harmonizes with what I call the Higher Truth, it can "seem as if", no matter how much "knowledge" we gain, whether applied or not, is futile in providing what we "truly desire."

Enlightened Journey and the boatload of content throughout AbundanceandHappiness.com provides a very specialized form of knowledge. It DOES align with and DOES convey what I KNOW to be a Higher Truth. In fact, it's the kind of knowledge that provides ALL you could possibly need to face, acknowledge, conquer and make the very best of whatever changes you or the world might undergo, while creating amazing results for yourself.

The tangible and measurable kind. Although there's MUCH "knowledge" available today that makes you feel all "warm and fuzzy", unless it produces results that are tangible and measurable, it's not of a kind or quality that produces a form of "all level" results.

If results aren't tangible and measurable, if they don't benefit and uplift you (and ALL involved) in both tangible and intangible ways, they are NOT the kind of "results" that you're quite capable of creating. Not based on how I see things anyway.

But even "knowledge" that is based on, supported by and does in fact stem from this Higher Truth, it STILL requires APPLYING it. It requires INTERNALIZING it to the point where you KNOW how "true" it is. It requires transforming that KNOWING into tangible and measurable ACTIONS that produce the "desired" result.

If you're to DO that, it requires becoming and remaining "teachable" too.

That's key because if and when you stop being teachable, you max out. You limit, and in many cases sabotage the tangible and intangible wants and desires that you COULD have.

The Higher Truth is, you can never really "max out" because what there is to learn, be, do, have and experience as you go through life, is literally infinite in nature. Maxing out can only happen as a result of "choosing" to max yourself out. That's when you stop having all the "things" that are, always have been and always will be available to you...an INFINITE variety of things, limited ONLY to and BY you.

Point being, whether you move forward, stay where you are, or remain seemingly stuck is entirely up to you.

That too will become all the more evident and hopefully, crystal clear as we move forward.

There are A LOT of people who don't see that. Due to much of the "less than factual" and/or limited kinds of "knowledge" we acquire through "conventional means" points us to the why. It's the WHY behind why so many believe they can't BE, DO and/or HAVE what their "meat suit self" wants.

Those who believe they can't, don't get it. SEE it. If they don't/can't SEE it, they don't yet believe it. And those who don't see it or believe it simply haven't yet allowed and may never allow themselves to acquire the kind of KNOWING that automatically provides them with the "wisdom" to rise above the commonly entertained "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality, and EXPERIENCE the kind of KNOWING that always provides it.

They don't merely "believe it." They KNOW it. Then they get to SEE and EXPERIENCE it.

As "true" as that is, most have a difficult time letting go of and breaking free from the "illusion of knowledge" that has them waiting to see something before they'll believe it.

As a result they never really FULLY accept responsibility for their lives, which in turn keeps many from ever taking conscious control of the physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of life, which collectively determine the quality of yours.

The fact is, most don't experience the quality of life that they they could. We ALL can and we ALL could if we made a few different choices.

It also often keeps them from making the kind and quality of large scale impact; a very positive, profound and transformationally significant impact, that we ALL have the capability of making.

The unfortunate and inevitable result of that choice is that they often unknowingly and unintentionally bury their hopes, dreams, desires and inherent gifts beneath layers of fear, non factual externally acquired beliefs, acquired through non-factual or limited forms of knowledge, which at best, only provides a tangled web of false assumptions.

Althugh in the "bigger scheme" they ARE "false" they reveal themselves as being "true" due to the kind and quality of results that are witnessed and experienced by the "meat suit" us.

In doing so they relinquish their inherent ability to create a kind and quality of life that so many consistently hope, wish and pray for, but which so few ever actually see and experience in tangible and measurable form.

Sadly, when that happens, they in turn DRAMATICALLY LIMIT the kind and quality of impact they CAN CHOOSE to make, any time they choose, on both an individual and LARGE SCALE, fully believing and consistently making excuses as to why they CAN'T.

So if all these "common factors" we've discussed are true; and they are, why is it that so many people aren't making the kind of impact individually and collectively that we all have the desire, the ability, the gifts and every tool we could possibly need to do so?

Is it because they can't or because they "are choosing" not to?

Let's bring it a bit closer to home...

Is it because YOU can't or because YOU are choosing not to?

It's my hope and intention to assist those who "truly desire" to, but aren't "quite there yet", to begin choosing consciously and intentionally so they CAN begin SEEING and EXPERIENCING a kind and quality of life that they DO "truly desire" and CAN create for themselves.

I commend you for being here. I also commend you for reading this far, because it reveals something about you, that is to some degree uncommon. You're either really curious, serious and/or fully committed to doing what's necessary to enhance your life in some way, shape or form.

Regardless of what you might currently think and believe; failure, mediocrity and extraordinary success are all nothing more or less than a series of choices...individual choices. And because that's "true" there is nothing going on in your life, in your immediate circle of influence, in your city, your state, your country, or the world at large that can keep you from achieving whatever it might be that you "truly desire" to achieve.

Only you can.

Point being, it doesn't matter where you are or how far you desire to go in life. You ALWAYS have had, currently do have and ALWAYS will have the power to choose how far you go, or how limited you become for yourself. Your ability or perceived inability to create whatever kind of impact and change you desire to create...or not, is entirely up to you.

What's the Bottom Line of that dialogue?

YOU Rock!!! You absolutely, positively DO ROCK.

And if you don't clearly see and KNOW that yet, it's my hope, desire and heartfelt intention to show you just how "real and true" that FACT is.

That's but one of many things that I hope to enable and empower you to not only SEE but consciously, intentionally and purposefully DO as we walk and progress down this "personal empowerment path" together.

It's a path that I KNOW leads to what I like to call Real Freedom.

Think you CAN'T get there from here? Take heart. It's also my hope, intention and heartfelt desire to meet you where you are...REGARDLESS of where that might be.

Enlightened Journey Was Created and Designed To Meet You Where You Are So You Might Create Your "More" In Your Own Awesome and Unique Kind of Way

Due to the fact that MANY people subscribe to various newsletters yet never actually read or do anything with them, I think it's important to point out that Enlightened Journey isn’t just another newsletter. It’s unique in many ways.

Maybe you already see and "get that" by now.

The reason I've chosen to make it so unique, convey the unique message that I do and do things in the way and order that I do, is because of the simple fact that you are unique.

In fact you’re both awesome AND unique. If you're like MOST people; if you believe, perceive, view and SEE yourself as MOST in the world have been taught and learned to see themselves, that's perhaps a tough one to swallow. Maybe even for you, it's REALLY tough. 800 pound gorilla tough.

That's why, in the early stages, that will be the primary focus of the newsletter. To reveal to you and assist you in seeing; really and truly SEEING in very clear, logical, practical, tangible and easy to grasp ways, just how "real and true" that is.

You may not be able to see or comprehend that just yet. You may not yet KNOW just how Awesome and Unique you really are. And if you don't, then it's a given that you don't yet fully grasp or understand just how powerful, VALUABLE and amazing you are either.

That's yet another of many things that most people simply "don't KNOW."

If you don't quite yet, that's OK. But if you'd truly like to SEE; REALLY SEE, how and why that's true, you're in the right place. And you ARE because I'm going to be DOING my very best to show you just how TRUE that is too.

I'm going to be providing you with plenty of information and revealing concepts and strategies that will reveal to you just how "true" that is. And it IS absolutely, positively true, whether you KNOW it yet or not.

But to see that, if you don't already, there's a step that must be taken first. It's a simple step but it's necessary. It's going to require a level of commitment on your part. The initial commitment required is quite simple and easy.

What is this initial commitment and how "simple and easy" will it be?

The initial commitment entails nothing more than keeping your eyes peeled for each future edition of Enlightened Journey. When it arrives in your inbox, open it. Don't just open it, make the "choice" to read it, digest it, ponder it, carefully consider what it conveys and then once you've done that, you'll be better prepared to make a more educated and informed decision and determine for yourself if the future steps I'll be recommending that you take are applicable or not applicable for you.

I'll assure you that they are, but I certainly cannot, nor do I have any desire to convince or MAKE you see that. I have no desire to convince or MAKE you see or believe anything. What I do intend and desire to do is to contribute to you in such a way that I KNOW based on personal experience can dramatically as well as positively impact your life and the world at large in FAR GREATER ways than most can conceive or imagine.

Perhaps in far greater and more desirably pleasing ways than YOU can conceive or imagine.

The first step in that process once the initial commitment is made, is not only understanding, but KNOWING how just how Awesome, Unique and Utterly Amazing you TRULY are.

Although I can't know whether you'll make that commitment and follow through on it or not, what I do know as a result of connecting and communicating with individuals from all around the globe, over the course of many years, is that most people won't. Because they "won't", they never arrive at the place where they SEE how true it is. Due to their own "choices the vast majority in the world don't KNOW that.

They don't, simply WON'T make the commitment to DO what's necessary to SEE and experience for themselves just how "true" that is.

Not because they can't. But rather because they choose not to.

The reason so many do choose not to, is because it does require a level of commitment on their part. The C word keeps a LOT of people from ever taking the first step which is necessary, as are the proceeding steps, if we're ever to get to the heart of the matter, discover who and what we "truly are", KNOW what we're ALL "truly capable of" being, doing and having in life, and clearly seeing the kind of impact that we ALL can and in fact, do make.

Some begin but never actually follow through and begin DOING things in a such a way that enables them to experience a kind and quality of life that follows making the kind of impact that aligns and harmonizes with what they "truly desire" most.

Would you agree that the small commitment I've recommended that you make is quite small, if it really and truly DID enable you to not only see but KNOW just how Awesome, Unique and Amazing you truly are?

Would you also agree that it's a very small commitment to make if it enabled and empowered you to begin actually MAKING the kind of impact that you CAN make?

And would you consider it a worthy commitment of your time, energy and focus if it provided what you truly desire most in life?

I hope so.

Because I KNOW that if you'll choose to do that, it will become increasingly clear to you that not only does that pertain to YOU individually, it pertains to ALL of us...unconditionally.

Yes, yet still another "common thread."

Granted, MOST people can't and don't see that in today's world either. And because they can't see it in themselves, it blinds them to the fact that others are equally Awesome, Unique and Amazing as well, which leads to many people not treating themselves or others as the Awesome, Unique and Amazing beings that WE ALL are.

You most definitely don't have to look very far to see just how "sadly true" that is.

But it certainly doesn't mean that it isn't "true." It simply means that they can't yet "SEE it", which in turn doesn't enable and allow them to "use" their own Awesomeness and Uniqueness in such a way that moves them forward; in the quickest, most efficient and most pleasing way possible, which in turn enables them to arrive at whatever destination it might be that they "truly desire" to reach, in the simplest, quickest and most effortless way possible.

They are making an impact, although it's an impact that provides FAR LESS and in some cases the polar opposite of what so many "CLAIM" they want.

There's something else about each of us that many are unaware of and often overlook. That's the fact that in addition to being Awesome, Unique and Amazing, we're Immensely Powerful too.

In fact it's safe to say that we are Powerful Beyond Measure.

That's not some new age, airy fairy, Pollyanna concept. It's based on what I often refer to as A Higher Truth.

We ARE all "Master Weavers" of our unique tapestries as I mentioned in the Welcome edition.

It's not necessary to DO anything, have anything, or be anything more than you already are to become Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure. It's not, because we ALREADY ARE that. You are.

It IS necessary that you make the choice to KNOW that and DO what's necessary, if you truly want to SEE just how powerfully and transformationally true it is. Then once you KNOW, it's simply a matter of redirecting that Awesomeness, Uniqueness and Power in a conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way so you CAN, not only begin to SEE, but KNOW in an unshakable and irrefutable kind of way, just how "true" that is and how tangibly true it can become.

If you're currently unable to SEE and KNOW just how absolutely true that is right now; if you've never enabled and allowed yourself to explore, discover and actually SEE and KNOW just Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful you "truly are", chances are good that you're also unable to grasp just how IMMENSE, POSITIVE and PROFOUND of an impact that you can make on a very large scale, if ever and whenever you "choose to."

If that's the case, no worries. The reason is simple. It's simply because you haven't made that choice yet. Should you choose to make it, you'll SEE and KNOW just how real, true and unchangeable that is too.

And it is true, irrefutable and unchangeable, whether we can SEE it yet or not, simply because we were ALL provided a Free Will and because of this "AWESOME and amazing gift", we're ALL without exception using this same awesome, unique, amazing immense and immeasurable power 24/7 in our own “awesome and unique” kind of way.

Yet still another "common thread", although many are doing their weaving in a way that doesn't enable and allow them to SEE it or KNOW it.

As true as that is, it's equally true that due to a lack of clarity, focus, vision, combined with a lack of understanding of how VITALLY important those attributes are, many choose to "blindly engage" themselves in the game of life,

The sad yet very "true" reality is, most are using their "Immeasurable Power" unconsciously. As a result of the experiences encountered by "choosing" to live life in that way, it leads many to honestly believe and perceive that they are ANYTHING BUT Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure. And it's this less than empowering self image which leads to the unfortunate, "untrue" and dis-empowering conclusion that they have no, or very limited power.

And that leads many people; most people in fact to seeing and experiencing results in life that we judge and label as being anything but awesome and amazing.

It becomes "True" for them granted. But it MOST CERTAINLY is NOT based on a Higher Truth."

That's what blinds so many to the immutable, unwavering, easily verifiable and long substantiated FACT which keeps so many from tuning into, SEEING, understanding, KNOWING and really grasping the Higher Truth that we are ALL Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure.

But we ARE. We ALL are, we always have been and we always will be.

But ultimately "SEEING and KNOWING" that or not is, as everything else in life is, a choice. A personal choice. YOUR choice. And although I've made the recommendation and truly hope that it's advice that you'll heed, commit to and follow through on for your own sake, as well as the world at large, you have the Free Will to choose and DO whatever it might be that you yourself decide to do.

There's only so much I can do to assist you. But rest assured I WILL BE doing all I possibly can and YOU do whatever you will with it...fair?

What Do You Believe, Perceive and "Think You Know" To Be True About God/Source, Yourself, Others and Life in General?

Depending on how you view yourself currently; what you believe to be true about yourself, the Source of your understanding, others, and life in general, combined with what you “believe and perceive” individually as being real, right and true, you may not yet be able to see just how Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful you are. Based on where you are right now, you may not give a lot of credence to anything I've shared thus far, let alone buy into the FACT that you are Powerful Beyond Measure.

You're certainly not anywhere close to alone if you believe that.

I know I didn't believe it when I first heard it more than 4 decades ago. In fact, upon first hearing that, I was quite convinced that it was an utterly ridiculous statement. I did that is, until I came to the place where life led me down some paths where the scenery became anything but Awesome and Amazing. That path led to some scenery that was without a doubt FAR LESS awesome and amazing in FAR MORE ways than I WANTED it to be.

Care to guess what I did?

I made the choice to DO what was necessary to move beyond WANTING change. I got "REALLY serious" about learning, growing and changing the quality of my own life, made the necessary commitments, readjusted my priorities and slowed down long enough to begin tuning in, becoming aware of, identifying and eventually discarding many of my long held INHERITED beliefs; a kind of which proved to be quite self limiting and in fact very self sabotaging.

That required unlearning a number of my long held beliefs and perceptions regarding myself, others, God (or whatever label you prefer) and life in general.

Through "choosing to do that" and then committing to keep on keepin on, I discovered that much of what I'd been taught, believed, which I based my choices and actions on, were the very beliefs, perceptions, choices and actions that were keeping me from seeing and experiencing a kind and quality of scenery that I WANTED and "truly desired" to see.

Through eliminating and "unlearning" much of what I thought and honestly believed to be true and then making the choice to replace those beliefs with more empowering ones, life changed in a big way. The kind and quality of impact I was making shifted in an equally big way.

But the FIRST STEP in that process required understanding the importance of becoming keenly and consciously aware of which beliefs I was holding on to, that were holding me back and which ones were serving me and moving me forward.

Once I did that, I became enabled to begin enhancing and expanding the "Beliefs and Perceptions" that served me rather than hindered, and simultaneously eliminated and replaced those that didn't.

That's where our Awesomeness, Uniqueness, Amazingness and Power or the "perceived lack" of it stems from. Our beliefs and perceptions. That's also what determines how we think, how we feel, the quality of our choices, what we do or don't do, the quality of that doing AND the kind of energy we give to it, which inevitably determines what we have or don't have individually.

That is what determines the kind and quality of IMPACT we'll make on a large scale.

Bottom line, it's ALL about our beliefs and perceptions. It's those 2 factors and those 2 factors alone that determine what we "think we know."

Due to what you “currently know” to be true or untrue as well as what you believe to be possible or not possible for you, you may or may not grasp, or even be ready to accept that simple fact yet. Due to many factors that we'll be exploring and examining in great, yet easy understand detail, you may not be able to see just how Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Immensely Powerful YOU "truly are" due to what you "think you know."

If that’s the case, no worries. Don’t feel alone. Few do actually. Far fewer do than don’t. That's for sure. That's also the one and only reason why so few experience the life of their dreams whatever those individual dreams might be. That's also why so few move beyond the "status quo" and experience an extraordinary quality of life.

That's precisely why so few can honestly state that they experience a life of harmony, joy, fulfillment and Real Freedom.

They just don't know what they don't know.

And guess what? That's where I come in. That's WHY I do what I do. My "job" isn't to show or tell you that you CAN, but reveal in logical, practical and easy to digest ways, WHY you can. Once you understand WHY, then you can DO it and experience just how "true it is for yourself.

Find comfort in the fact that I'll be doing my very best to reveal to you in a very simple, clear and concise kind of way just how real and true that is.

And at the same time I'll be doing my very best to show you just how Awesome, Unique and Amazing you "truly are" too.

It's my hope, intention and Soul Purpose, all rolled into one, that I'll do what's necessary to reveal to YOU the power you have to transform the quality of your life exponentially if you choose to.

And although you might have any number of views, beliefs and perceptions regarding why that's true or NOT true currently, there's only one really.

And as we've already covered, it's YOU. And it's ALWAYS going to be YOU whether you KNOW that yet or not. Whether you ever come to the place that you're willing to accept it or not, is entirely up to you.

Because those who DON'T see themselves as Awesome, Unique, Amazing and Powerful Beyond Measure simply don't "perceive" themselves that way due to what they "think they know."

Their existing beliefs, perceptions and how they SEE things doesn't enable and allow them to do so.

What's often overlooked by those who choose such a limiting, short sighted and often times self sabotaging view of themselves, often times never come to the realization that much of what they've learned that led to such a limited and "less than true" view of themselves, others or life in general was acquired, adopted and unknowingly accepted from those who didn't KNOW either.

It's those same teachings which point to and reveal a kind and quality of individual knowing; often times a deeply buried internal knowing at a subconscious level which always shows up in tangible and measurable form in a never failing and unconditional kind of way just as they are choosing.

But because these beliefs have become so deeply buried and those who this applies to have become so habitual in their thought processes and the choices and actions that always proceed them, they don't even realize they ARE choosing them.

And it's true that we DO have a choice in determining the kind and quality of what "shows up" in our lives starting right here and now simply because, regardless of what we've been taught; aside from how true we might believe what we've been taught to be, we have the ability to enhance and elevate those beliefs anytime we choose.

Those who choose to do so get to see in tangible and measurable form just how "true" that is and in turn make a significant and profoundly positive impact on the world.

Those who don't "choose that" never do.

Regardless of which choice is made, they "get to see" just how "true that is" which further solidifies their "beliefs and perceptions" as empowering or limiting and self sabotaging as they might be. And the results they see and consistently experience further reinforces in their own minds as well as in tangible and measurable ways on an individual and collective scale just how "right they are."

Some go through their entire lives getting to see just how right they are in a very displeasing and dis-empowering way. As a result, due to the "seemingly inescapable cycle" of "seemingly endless" displeasing and less than desired results that always follow, they develop an even greater and more powerful solidified belief of just how "powerLESS" they are.

And they get to be right.

Their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, choices, words and actions align, harmonize and inevitably mirror and solidify this knowing that they've learned and choose to hold and it "shows up" in tangible and measurable form.

But on the other hand, those that recognize this "fact" and have made "the choice" to develop an enhanced and expanded "belief system" develop a KNOWING (not to be confused with a kind of knowing that we've learned) that aligns and harmonizes with what I often refer to as a Higher Truth.

They come to KNOW their true worth and value. They discover and begin utilizing their unique gifts and talents. They contribute these gifts and talents to the world consistently and ultimately experience Real Wealth, Real Success, Real Freedom and Real Fulfillment in their lives.

And ultimately they move beyond belief and come to KNOW that they CAN experience physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony in their own lives whenever they choose to.

Taking those first baby steps can "seem" hard. It can "seem" extremely difficult to break long engaged in habitual patterns. But when you "choose" that, before you know it, it becomes second nature. It becomes automatic and effortless. Their old "nature" and way of doing things passes and their new nature takes over.

And it's only because their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and actions align, harmonize and at just the right time, inevitably mirror this KNOWING that they hold.

People, circumstances, things, ideas, etc. etc. begin "showing up" which enable the tangible and measurable manifestation of heartfelt desire in ways and through means which are often perceived and labeled as being "profound, seemingly magical and miraculous" even.

And guess what happens?

They "get to be right" too.

Unlike those who know they can't, those who KNOW they can, DO.

There's a HUGE difference between knowing and KNOWING. There's an equally huge difference between experience and EXPERIENCE.

That's something else we'll be exploring and examining in great, eye opening and insightful detail in future editions of Enlightened Journey.

The transformational and profoundly significant difference between knowing and KNOWING, experiencing and EXPERIENCING, seeing and SEEING.

For now I'll just say, that's the really cool and exciting thing about life. We get to choose what we know as well as what we KNOW. That's what determines how we view ourselves, others, and the world at large, which in turn determines "what shows up" and inevitably how we see, view and experience life individually.

We also "get to" believe, perceive and see life for the gift or the curse that it is. We "get to" place whatever label we choose based on our individual beliefs, perceptions, experiences and the judgments that ALWAYS follow, which determine whatever label we choose.

One thing is certain. Whether we judge, label and see life as the gift, the curse or somewhere in between...

We ALWAYS in ALL WAYS, "Get to be right."

The fact of the matter is, what so many have learned, "claim to know" and "CHOOSE" to hold onto, more often than not conflicts with the kind and quality of KNOWING that enables and "allows" us to experience a kind and quality of life that aligns and harmonizes with what so many "claim" they want and keeps us from making the LARGE SCALE impact that we are ALL quite capable of making.

But as you’ll hopefully see and understand soon, regardless of where you are now; aside from what you believe, perceive and THINK you know about God, yourself, others or life in general, one immutable, unwavering and never changing FACT will ALWAYS hold true as it always has.

And that simple fact is the fact that we get to choose and based on our choice or series of choices, we ALWAYS, in ALL ways get to be right. Source ALWAYS says "Yes", and when we get to the place where we SEE that; when we KNOW that and EXPERIENCE that for ourselves, it also reveals still another immutable, unwavering and never changing fact which is...

...you REALLY DO Rock, you are AWESOME, Unique, Amazing and YOU ARE Powerful Beyond Measure.

And if you're currently unable to look at and SEE yourself, others or life in that way, it's simply a matter of redirecting your Awesomeness, Uniqueness, Amazingness and Immeasurable Power in a more conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way.

Because YOU ARE equally as Unique, Awesome, Amazing and Powerful as those who do experience lives of Real Success, Real Harmony, Real Joy, Real Fulfillment and Real Freedom FOR SURE.

You may just not KNOW IT yet which is the ONE and ONLY thing that will keep you from SEEING and believing it which in turn will keep it from "showing up" in your life in the way that it CAN.

But make no mistake...

THAT is FOR SURE and IT IS an immutable and unwavering fact that is "true", has always been true and is NEVER going to change.


It's yet another of those "common threads" like those we discussed earlier.

Because that's "true", you DO have the ability to experience the same as those who HAVE made the choice to enhance and expand upon what they "thought they knew" into a greatly enhanced and expanded form of KNOWING and who also experience physical, financial, relational, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony as a result…regardless of what you or anyone else might currently think, believe and "claim to know."

Granted this fact MAY BE based on a Higher Truth than you're currently aware of. You may not yet fully grasp or understand how real and true that is. Or you MAY know already but you just haven't yet made the choice to DO anything with it.

It's also quite possible that you simply don't know where to begin. You may not know how to begin enhancing and elevating your current belief system.

It's not nearly as difficult as many think it is. In coming editions I'll be revealing and showing you how to DO just that.

That's enough for now. Based on what I've shared up to this point, you have much to consider, process and think about.

In the next edition, I'll be sharing some things that MAY very well prove to be the "eye opener" and "belief expander" that enables YOU to begin choosing and DOING things in such a way that enables you to see that getting what you want and creating your "dream life" isn't nearly as difficult to create as MOST think and believe it is.

The fact of the matter is, it's much more "simple and DOABLE" than MOST can conceive or imagine, which is precisely why so many "think and believe" that creating an EXPERIENCING an "extraordinary quality of life" is reserved for the lucky and fortunate few.

The next edition will begin the "process" of showing you just how "real and true" that is and WHY too.

Until then, here’s to you being, doing and having more of “whatsoever you desire” in and for your life...or not.

Till Next Time,

Chuck Danes
136 Landon Dr.
Edmond OK. 73013

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