You Can't Fail Unless
You Choose To Quit and Stay Down

33rd Edition Of "Enlightened Journey" Ezine

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Keep Getting Back Up...Regardless

Where There's A Will, Desire and A Strong Enough Why, There's More Than Hope...There's An Answer...REGARDLESS...Keep Going

"Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude"

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can
adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
- Jimmy Dean

I received the above quote in my inbox yesterday and it fits perfectly with what we'll be covering in this "Special Edition" of Enlightened Journey.

Gotta "Love" the Law of Attraction. :)

It conveys a very simple yet powerfully creative truth which in essence is, although we can't control everything that goes on around us, we do have the choice and the ability to see above it, take "conscious control" of what's going on within ourselves as well as determine the actions that we take or don't take to precipitate the change that we desire to see.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just bypass all the disappointments, the difficulties, the unexpected occurrences in life that often times seem to be conspiring to keep us in mediocre mode and just one step from breaking through the proverbial wall?, actually it wouldn’t. In fact, life would become extremely boring and mundane. Polarity, what some refer to as duality, is a fact of life and as such is going to remain a “reality” for as long as we’re here.

That was part of the originally created plan…what I like to refer to as the “Perfect Plan.”

Think about it...If the possibility didn't exist for both the "good" and the "bad" we'd be deprived of 2 of the greatest gifts ever provided...our inalienable right of free will as well as the ability to grow and fully experience everything in life that there is to experience.

We'd lose our free will because there would exist nothing to choose from and we'd lose the ability to fully experience life because there would be nothing to compare anything else to.

So the "reality" is...polarity is a reality. It's a done deal. It's another of those immutable and unwavering truths...what I call a "higher truth" that individual "perceptions of truth" cannot and will not change. We can choose how we "perceive" these things that are created as the result of polarity as either good or bad, but that's where our choices regarding it begin and end. Since we can't change the fact that polarity does exist and will continue to, we have a choice to make with regard to how WE are going to use it in the most effective way and decide to make either "conscious choices" or "unconscious choices" as to whether and how we allow it to affect us or not affect us.

We also have the right, the free will and the ability if we choose to continue to "perceive" ourselves as powerless to change what's going on around us which is a choice to continue to allow the externals, people, events. conditions and circumstances to mold, shape and control our lives both individually and collectively.

It doesn't really matter which choice we make, meaning there isn't a right or wrong choice in the bigger scheme of things, only choices that produce what we choose and perceive to be good or bad which determine the outcomes that we experience in a physical sense. The outcomes experienced as a result, whether good or bad come from the same place and happen perfectly and precisely just as we choose for them to.

When we choose to attract and create things that we "perceive" to be bad, we have the choice as well as the ability to adjust our sails a bit and start heading in the direction of what we "perceive" to be good.

We also have the choice as well as the ability to do nothing and leave things as they are.

Before we get into the specifics of the point of this "Special Edition" of Enlightened Journey, let's get a bit more specific as to how things have come to be the way they've come to be in both our individual lives as well as on a broader global scale.

A Brief Word Concerning Reality and Actuality

If you've been a part of the Enlightened Journey community for awhile, chances are you're already familiar with my view on reality and actuality.

In case you're not, in a nutshell "reality" as I refer to it is of a physical nature. It consists of the physical events, conditions and circumstances that we experience in physical life and what the vast majority “perceive” to be real. Although it is "real" from a strictly physical perspective, meaning how it unfolds in physical form does affect each of us in a physical kind of way, there exists a "higher place", let's call it an unseen, metaphysical or spiritual place from where all this "physical realness" comes from. It's what I refer to as Actuality.

Actuality is of an unseen, metaphysical or spiritual nature where every conceivable outcome already exists as a probability.

Whatever we choose to conceive and believe to be real and true in our individual reality is drawn from actuality and becomes what we experience in our reality just as we choose.

It simply boils down to an individual choice. What we choose individually effects us individually. What we choose as a collective...meaning the individual choices we make, collectively joined with harmonious choices of other individuals on a global scale, in the same way will show up and we will see and experience the effects of that choice or choices as "physical outcomes" at some point in our "reality."

That's where all this physical "stuff" that we "perceive" to be real comes from. Our choices both individually and collectively.

Regardless of which it is whether individual or collective, what it boils down to is that all this "realness", begins and becomes such as the result of a quality of consciousness.

It’s now believed and documented by many leading scientists that what I refer to as actuality is consciousness. Chances are you're already quite aware that EVERYTHING both seen and unseen consists of energy. Nothing but pure energy. At the physical level when things are examined under powerful microscopes and broken down and analyzed in their purest and most basic form they are nothing more or less than energy collectively joined to create matter. What we "see and "perceive" to be real is nothing more than vibrating energy packets and various frequencies collectively joined to give tangible "physical things" the "appearance of solidity.

At a much deeper level...the unseen, metaphysical and/or spiritual level, the same holds true. The only difference is that it's an undetectable frequency of energy at this level that the 5 physical senses can't comprehend or experience in a physical way, yet as science has proven that's what this "unseen" realm is as infinite field of pure potentiality limited only by our ability and willingness to conceive and believe something into being regardless of what IT might be.

When you look at and understand this scientific fact at this depth, it becomes very easy to see and comprehend that everything in existence both the tangible/physical as well as the intangible/spiritual exists as One body of vibrating energy.

For now though, let's just focus on the unseen...this place that we can't see. The place of Actuality where all these probabilities currently exist or at some point did exist prior to showing up here in physical form.

Some refer to this "place" where all these probabilities of infinite proportion exist as energy, others the field, still others the Kingdom.

It doesn't really matter what you choose to call it individually, if you were to choose to explore all of these "seemingly independent" avenues of understanding with regard to this unseen realm, you'd discover as I have through many years of exploring and studying many various avenues, what I like to call "paths", both the tangible and the intangible, the ultimate and unwavering truth is that the following is ALWAYS the case...

Every conceivable outcome already exists as a probability of existence at this unseen level and is all determined by and shows up in our "physical realities" as the result of “consciousness.”

Next, let's take a brief look at these "levels of consciousness" from where everything is derived...

The Various Levels Of Consciousness

There are various levels of consciousness that determine what our realities become. There's individual consciousness which determines how our lives are affected individually and there's a collective consciousness which determines things on a broader scale...for now we'll refer to this broader scale that the collective determines as a "global scale."

Actuality is yet another level of consciousness...let's call it Universal Consciousness where our individual consciousness as well as the collective derive all these physical outcomes from...the place where this infinite number of probabilities exists and comes from which through our individually determined choices shows up in our physical world as "reality."

Put more simply in a tangible and physical kind of way...

Choices that we make on an individual scale affect us individually and choices made on a broader scale...collectively, affect the collective significantly by creating events, conditions and circumstances on a global scale.

How these outcomes affect us individually, regardless of what they are shifts the responsibility back to us. We get to choose that for ourselves.

Whether individually or collectively any choices made are based on free will. That free will though is individually provided. When the masses think and choose in the same way, these individually exercised rights of free will join to become powerful attractors and creators of various events, conditions and circumstances that become "real and tangible" things in physical life.

Then there is a "higher consciousness" that existed prior to the creation of our individual consciousnesses which created both the plan as well as the immutable and unwavering forces that govern this plan.

There are some of these currently existing realities…let‘s call them immutable and unwavering “effects of consciousness” that are set and fixed which were created at this "higher level" which we'll call Universal Consciousness. They were brought into being at the inception of creation itself or if you prefer another perspective, “The Big Bang.“ We couldn’t change them if we wanted to either individually or collectively.

Take gravity for example. Although “conceived” and brought into existence at some point by something far bigger than we are, whether you choose to call this Ultimate Force God, Source Creator, Higher Power, Universal Consciousness or whatever the Source of your understanding might be, gravity is a set and fixed least within the earths atmosphere.

Neither Gravity Or The Other Laws That Govern
The Cosmos Are Partial and Apply In Precisely
The Same Way For All Of Us

It doesn’t matter if you like gravity or don’t like it…if you believe in it or don’t believe in it, your physical body and the earth is subject to it’s inevitable, immutable and unwavering existence and there’s nothing that you can do to change that fact.

In the same way, there are additional laws that exist that I call Universal Laws, which are also referred to as Natural Laws or Laws of Nature. These laws govern the energy that everything is made of as well as determines the polarity that we each experience in our realities.

You could say that like gravity and polarity, all Universal Laws or Laws of Nature are an unwavering constant.

We have no say so over the fact that they exist individually or collectively. Yet we can and do have the free will to utilize them in a way that harmonizes with our desired outcomes.

Although you can't change the fact that gravity or Universal Laws exist, you can choose to utilize them in a way that you perceive to be beneficial or detrimental. You can harmonize with them and make the events, conditions and circumstances in life a "good thing" or choose to misunderstand, resist and/or ignore them and "perceive" the outcomes you receive as a result of that choice to be a "bad" thing. Creation isn't "partial" and doesn't care which we choose, it only provides us with outcomes that are based on and harmonize perfectly with what we choose.

Actually, you could look at it in one of two ways. You can see the process and the unfolding of creation as being impartial or you could look at it as I prefer to which is from the perspective of "Unconditional Love." We attract and receive whatever we choose and ask for.

The only time that we don't recognize it as "Unconditional Love" is when we attract and create something "unconsciously." But rest assured, regardless of what it is and how we "perceive" it, at some level we did attract and create it.

So, point being, in a nutshell these Universal Laws like gravity and polarity are immutable, unwavering, without judgment, malice, discernment and operate in precisely the same fashion for one as they do another.

They govern what is drawn from actuality and brought into reality as well as govern reality and actuality independently. You could say they govern EVERYTHING in existence both seen and unseen.

Let's take a bit different approach to looking at reality and actuality to ensure that everyone "gets it."

There's Much More Going On Than Meets The Eye In Actuality Than Our Little Speck Of Perceived Reality

We exist in a 3 dimensional world. There’s only forward, backward, left, right, up and down. Put another way in “reality” there exists only height, depth and width. That’s all we’re able to comprehend with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. But does that mean that there doesn’t exist something more? Something beyond this 3 dimensional place we call and “perceive” to be real?

Absolutely there is. If you doubt it, it’s simply because you haven’t yet made the choice to explore deeply enough the various channels that are readily available and easily accessible to discover it.

Perhaps, if that's the case, it's because you don't "perceive" that doing so could or would benefit you in some "tangible or intangible" way in your "physical reality" and for that or whatever other reason you just haven’t taken the "time" or made the choice to explore and discover for yourself just how real and true it is.

But, regardless of what you believe or don't believe regarding it, the fact of the matter is that it does exist and in today‘s rapidly evolving world of technological advancements this “fact” is easily verifiable in a tangible kind of way.

Regardless of what you might believe individually and regardless of how much or how little you might know and understand regarding what exists outside of this finite place we call earth and how the events, conditions and circumstances experienced here come into "being real", it's another one of those immutable and unwavering facts that there's more...much more than we currently know in a finite and physical perspective or for that matter that we'll ever know.

In fact this more is quite literally "Infinite" in nature. There is no beginning and no end to the Infinite. If there were, it wouldn't be infinite.

What we perceive to be reality...our existence, our planet, our entire galaxy, countless galaxies for that matter is but a tiny micro organism in comparison to what "truly" exists in Actuality.

Although science has gotten a basic understanding of how infinite everything is, you don't have to depend on science to validate this "fact" for yourself. You can if you choose, as I did, discover how real and true it is for yourself in a very personal and profound way through engaging in a specialized from of meditation.

There are a number of people who utilize this avenue as well who understand and "know" without question the vastness and infinite nature of this unseen place who have no intention or interest in exploring the deeper discoveries made by modern day scientists that now, at a depth at least have discovered things about this realm that harmonize with what those who have experienced this indescribable and infinite "place" personally know.

There are also those who perceive that what we experience in the "physical world" is all there is...that what happens here is due to fate, chance or is in some way predestined to happen. Although that's a right and choice that we each have, I can tell you from personal experience that it's a very limited perspective and one that will keep you from ever fully experiencing all that is available to and for you.

The Frontier Is Vast, The Paths To Explore It Many
and It's STILL Expanding

There are a number of ways to discover and explore this more...this Infinite nature of things.

It can be discovered through tangible "physical reality" ways as well as in a more spiritually minded way, although many "perceive" these as being separate, in actuality you can't separate the two.

Case in point from a strictly physical, tangible and scientific perspective...

There are more galaxy’s than there are people in the world. That’s a pretty big thing to try to grasp at the intellectual level, yet as science has proven, it’s “true.”

As amazing as that is, that's not even close to THE most amazing and exciting thing.

What’s even more amazing and exciting than that "fact" is the fact that science has also discovered that creation isn’t a done deal. It’s continuous…constant and never rests. That can be easily verified through simply observing nature which is a form or aspect of creation that we can all easily observe.

But it goes further than that. New stars, planets and galaxies are forming and being created every day that are outside of our ability to see. The cosmos literally continues to expand and will continue to. Regardless of how far science explores at the "macro" level, they find that there's more to explore.

That's pretty exciting too, don't you think? Well, guess get's even more exciting than that.

Regardless of how "deeply" science goes into the "micro" world, meaning the study of energy and subatomic particles they find that there is more to discover there too. In other words, as they'll soon "know" and discover in a way that science needs to validate and confirm things as fact, the micro world is an endless and infinite area of exploration as well.

The bottom line is that Creation does and will continue on both ends of the spectrum.

Although they'll NEVER discover all there is to know, what they have discovered can be utilized to dramatically enhance our understanding and as a result our lives if we choose to recognize it and do so.

Point being...

Creation just like gravity, polarity and universal laws is a constant and is infinite in nature. It never rests and never stops.

So what's that got to do with you individually? It's Universal Laws that govern the process of creation at both the macro scale as well as the micro scale, right? This means that everything around you that you can see and feel and touch as well as those things that you can't yet see are all governed by these Laws and what is created in tangible "physical form" is created as a result of the same stuff that permeates the entire cosmos which is energy or "consciousness" which is governed, molded and shaped into physical reality form due to this immutable and unwavering force and it is you that get to choose the quality of consciousness that you provide it to work with.

What Hopes, Dreams, Desires and Ambitions Do You Hold?

Let’s shift our thought processes for just a moment from the macro scale of planets and stars and galaxies and beyond even, to the hopes, dreams, desires and ambitions that you hold...the micro scale. Like the new galaxies that are continuously emerging and yet to emerge, these hopes that you have, these dreams that you hold, these desires and ambitions that you conceptualize are like just like things on the macro scale, already existing probabilities as well.

You may not be able to see and experience them yet in your "reality", but they do already actuality.

If you have any doubts about that whatsoever consider this...

Many of the luxuries we enjoy today at some point were nothing more than "Nothingness" in our reality. They simply didn’t exist. In fact many of them were considered as impossible, illogical and beyond reason from our limited 3 dimensional perspectives. Yet now they’re here.

That's "true", right?

So what do you suppose brought them here and made them "real?"

To save a lot of time digging through the layers allow me to answer that for you...

Where their "realness" began was due to an individuals conceptualization that it was possible. Someone's willingness and ability to see beyond the "perceived" reality of being impossible, illogical and beyond reason to something that we now use everyday.

But until someone was willing to make that choice...until someone chose to hold and act on a conceptualization they were just that...impossible, illogical and beyond reason until that someone chose for them not to be.

From the perspective of the collective they couldn't happen, yet from the perspective of an individual, through a choice to not buy into what the collective "perceived" as reality, they made what was "perceived" by the masses as being illogical and impossible into an existing fact.

Your hopes, dreams, desires and ambitions are precisely the same. Maybe they don't currently exist in a form that you can "see" them, but the fact of the matter is that they do exist.

Just like other physical inventions that weren't here and then they were, contrary to what many "perceived" regarding their eventual "realness", the hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations that you have individually can and will become realities also if and when you choose to allow them to.

Granted, due to the fact that polarity is a "fact", we might occasionally get knocked down and set back from time to time, but it certainly doesn't mean that we have to stay there. Although we can if we choose, we can also choose something else...we can choose the polar opposite that exists at the opposite end of this polarity spectrum.

In actuality both probabilities already exist. If we don't like the quality of the probability we've attracted, created and that we're experiencing, we can choose it's polar opposite. How? By choosing a different quality of consciousness. By choosing to "conceive" something else...something "better"...something more in "harmony" with what we desire.

It's simply a choice that we have both the right and the ability to make or not make.

Choosing To Disbelieve That It's Possible Or Not Choosing To Do Anything At All Is As Much A Choice As Choosing To Do Something That Will Create The Desire

Everything in our lives, everything in the entire world began as a choice.

It's important to understand that not choosing anything and doing nothing is also a choice.

Choosing to do nothing is simply choosing to allow the same to continue. A choice to stick our head in the sand and "perceive" that we have no control over any of it...that everything will just change on it's own when it's ready to without our individual input or choices is certainly a right we have both individually and collectively yet at the same time it's a choice to allow the externals that are unfolding and being created in our "reality" to continue as they have.

If you are pleased and content with those results and you're experiencing everything desired, this might be a great choice. At some level you're doing something right. Yet at the same time I can assure you that if that truly is the case you are a VERY small minority. The fact of the matter is that most don't experience what they desire primarily because they don't understand that they do have a choice in the matter and choose to let externals determine the flow of their lives.

Sure, most attempt to create change yet it's not at the level where significant and lasting change comes from.

Where a lot of people miss the boat and struggle unnecessarily is by choosing to create this change at the "physical level"...the macro level without fully understanding that for change to occur, significant and lasting change, it MUST begin at the micro the level of consciousness.

Once this awareness is established and it's realness absorbed, it's simply a matter of "consciously harmonizing" the two...the physical and the non-physical or if you prefer the macro and the micro.

Yes...that means "doing" something. We can visualize and visualize and visualize and attract all kinds of opportunities, yet until we choose to take action, as real as they are in a non-physical sense, they're going to remain undone.

We exist in a physical body which is a tangible physical thing to make the intangible...the not yet seen hopes, dreams, desires, and aspirations that we conceptualize which exist at this unseen and microscopic stage into the seen and macroscopic that is tangible and that our physical bodies CAN experience and enjoy.

Some choose to do that and some don't. Some choose to focus all their time and attention on one and not the other. Others choose to put more attention on one than te other. Neither of these is a right or wrong choice, simply a choice that will produce less than possible results.

To experience our desired outcomes it requires making choices that begin at the level of thought...consciousness and then taking action on those things that are presented to us.

It only requires finding and recognizing the essential nature of balancing the two and making a "conscious choice" to harmonize them. That's where what most call miracles occur and in ways that you may have not previously conceived as "logical" or possible.

You don't have to know how or when, you only have to know what and why. THE MOST important thing of all these choices is that you "know."

You only have to decide to make them and then once that "doing" is complete choose to "do" something about it as the answers begin showing up.

One thing is absolute and certain. Choices are being made by someone that is responsible for creating every event, condition and circumstance that we're experiencing in the world of physical "reality."

Some choose to allow others to do their choosing for them. More specifically they allow others to do their thinking for them. Not in the literal sense but rather by allowing others to dictate and determine what they should believe and not believe. To tell them what's "true" and "not true." To tell them what's possible or not possible. What's logical and illogical.

That's not the worst thing though. What's worse than that is the fact that there are those who allow it to happen and never realize why they can't rise above consistent blocks and barriers and achieve a kind and quality of life that they "truly" desire to experience.

It, like everything else is simply a matter of choice...individual choice.

Our Individual Choices Extend
Far Beyond Our Individual Realities

Maybe that's the case with you and maybe it's not. Before deciding one way or the other though, consider another "fact." This "reality" that the majority are "allowing", most times "unconsciously" isn't limited to our individual extends into what's happening on a global scale.

Maybe you've never considered this before but think about this. Every thought you think quite literally changes the course of history.

How? Simply because as you may already be aware, energy cannot be created or destroyed. When you think a thought which is energy and/or consciousness, it doesn't just go away at some point. It doesn't just vanish into nothingness. It's absorbed in the unseen aspects of the actuality and joins with all the other thoughts of the world's population forming the consciousness of the "collective" which in turn determines the events, conditions and circumstances on a global scale and perhaps beyond.

What the world is currently experiencing in an infinite number of areas is physical "evidence" of that fact.

Consider this for a moment and be really honest with yourself as you do. Have you ever seen someone on TV who's passion and purpose is being directed toward feeding the hungry and less fortunate and you "thought", "Well there's really nothing I can do. I'm only one person."

Maybe you have and maybe you haven't personally. The point is that that's precisely how the vast majority DOES think which creates a collective of consciousness that keeps the hungry and less fortunate in a hungry and less fortunate place. It's nothing more than a collective quality of consciousness mirroring and creating in physical our "reality", the quality of consciousness of the collective.

There are enough resources in our world to insure that no one should EVER go hungry yet those who are passionate and called to attempt to change this specific area are few in number and not powerful enough individually to overcome the collective mindset.

Keep this "fact" in mind the next time you're tempted to say "I can't" regarding any subject and become conscious of the repercussions it has in your individual life as well as the lives of others on a global scale.

Your thoughts are MUCH more powerful and creative than most realize or understand. A thought that projects I can't reflects into actions...or rather inactions that transmute into physical form and 100% of the time harmonize with the original thought.

What Are You Allowing and Creating Individually?

If there's some aspect of your life that you have a desire to change...if you have a passion or purpose that isn't being fulfilled, stop for a moment and really think about why. It's not because it's not doable or possible. It's simply because you don't "think" you can.

If you're OK with what's going on in your world and your life, then leave it alone and let it continue. Keep thinking what you've been thinking and doing what you're doing. If you're not, if you "truly" expect anything to change it's going to be necessary to both shift the quality of consciousness that created it as well as take the physical action that consciousness requires to make the tangible changes into a "physical reality" that harmonizes with what you "desire" to see and experience.

Point being and the questions to ask yourself are...

  • Are you allowing the duality of the physical world to keep you from fulfilling what you hope and dream and envision for yourself?

  • Are you allowing the limitations of the 5 physical senses to determine what you can and cannot accomplish?

  • Are you allowing fear to freeze you up and keep you from taking the necessary action that will turn your desired outcomes into physical reality?

  • Are you allowing others to determine for you that what's here...what we see and smell and taste and touch is as good as it gets?

  • Are you allowing yourself to become conscious of how "truly" powerful and creative you are?

There are no right or wrong answers to those questions. It's OK if you are or you aren't doing any of them. You have that right for sure. I'm just making the point here and asking the questions to allow those who are "unconsciously choosing" their paths to somehow hopefully grasp that there's a MUCH better road to least in creating and experiencing "desired" outcomes. The first step down that "path" is becoming conscious. much as I don't want to sound redundant...It's all about choice...yours. There's no question that we're going to experience various events, conditions and circumstances in life that are going to "seem" to be keeping us from achieving whatever it might be that we have a desire to accomplish in our lives.

Not Everyone's Choices Will Harmonize With Yours

There are those who will make choices that create "physical realities" that aren't in alignment with our desired outcomes or for the "greater good" of the collective.

There's no question that the choices of others, both individually and collectively are going to create "realities" that we can choose to see above and get through or allow to bind us up in fear, knock us down and create what we "perceive" to be failure, disharmony, hardship and discord.

Although that's a fact...a reality, there's another aspect of this "higher truth" that many miss and overlook which is why many of the "undesirable things" that we claim that we don't want to experience happen and we do experience them in our physical realities."

That often overlooked aspect is...

In actuality there exists no such thing as failure, disharmony, hardship and discord. In actuality failure, disharmony, hardship and discord is non-existent. These probabilities only become real and are only determined by our individually chosen beliefs, judgments and perceptions as well as our willingness to take action or not.

In Actuality success, harmony and well being is all that exists. Everything is ALWAYS flowing from actuality in absolute and perfect harmony. Creation is ALWAYS constant and ALWAYS successful. It never rests and it never misses in creating precisely what it is being "instructed" to create either individually or collectively.

The only thing that determines what is drawn from there is determined by the quality of consciousness that we choose individually as well as collectively which determines what WE are "allowing" to be drawn from there which is precisely what is being created and experienced here.

The process isn't broken. It's not chaotic and random. It's perfect, precise and unwavering in it's operation. It was created under the umbrella of "Unconditional Love." As we ask and believe we receive. As we sow we reap. Universal Consciousness isn't flawed. Universal Laws aren't flawed. They don't work sometimes and not others.

At the level of Actuality EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect, precise and unfolding just as WE are choosing.

If we perceive something as being "wrong" or flawed, it's only necessary to take a bit deeper look to discover what it is that's creating this thing or things that we "perceive" as being wrong or flawed.

Which brings me to the "special request" I received to provide my perspective on the current world events that prompted this "special edition" which so many are "perceiving and judging" to be so chaotic and which most "perceive" themselves as having no control over.

Here's my perspective...

It's Necessary To Become Conscious and Unified Collectively To Create Significant Global "Reality" Changes

What's going on currently on a global scale is nothing more than the collective not understanding the importance and the impact of unifying their thoughts and actions collectively and/or are choosing to remain "unconscious" and allowing others to make all their choices for them. It's simply due to the fact that the collective hasn't taken the initiative and allowed themselves to look deeply enough to see what's "truly" going on at the core of all this "perceived" turmoil, chaos and difficulty and allowing the choices of a few to determine what's best for the masses.

For the most part it's the masses "perceiving" that individually, they aren't powerful enough to do anything about it to change what's been so blatantly obvious for quite some time which is now taking "physical form" and has the vast majority scratching their heads wondering "What the heck happened."

Sometimes...more times than not "what happened" is the collective choosing to buy into everything their told and taught is right and true without discovering if it's "fact" for themselves.

On a more personal note...

It's by allowing yourself individually to buy into what someone is "telling you" is right and true and best for you without taking the initiative to discover if it's really "right and true" for yourself and once discovered that it might not be, taking the initiative to take individual action and "do" something about it.

In reality...the realm where polarity and duality are "real", there is a dark side and a light side. There are those who are here to benefit and serve the collective and there are those who are here without any regard for the collective and interested in only themselves and what's in it for them.

There are those who are only interested in "physical and finite" power who will do whatever is necessary to take yours so they can have more of it.

That's not a's simply an observation of both polarity and reality.

Without the possibility of being a "dark side" their couldn't be a "light side." It's simply a fact.

Although I won't get into great detail, for the sake of acknowledging the "special requests" received asking me to provide a perspective on this subject, I'll mention this briefly to perhaps broaden your awareness and provide an avenue for you to do a little of your own "due diligence" and determine for yourself just how "true" this is or isn't.

First, allow me to provide just a brief history as to why I chose to honor this request and include this subject matter in the newsletter and why I personally "believe" what I'm going to share is "true."

In addition to my passion and what I believe to be my purpose for being here which is sharing both my discoveries and experiences with regard to personal empowerment and enhancing quality of life with as many who care to listen and hear, I also love and am EXTREMELY passionate about my country and freedom as well as the rights and freedom of others globally.

Because of that passion I have for many years closely followed what's transpired for the more than 3 decades since first becoming "conscious" of it and chose to "look more deeply" at it rather than choosing to simply listen and believe what others in places of "finite power" have "told me" is going on and what's "best" for me and those I love.

Although I've discovered MUCH in that time...far more than I'll attempt to mention here or could put in many books, the issues that we're currently experiencing can be boiled down to 2 words yet it's impact goes much deeper than just the economical repercussions that we're currently experiencing.

Based on what I've discovered during my search as well as watching it unfold over the course of those many years, from my perspective the "reality" is that the economical repercussions being experienced is only the tip of the iceburg unless the collective chooses to wake up, become "conscious" and make the choice to "do" something different than they've been doing.

Those 2 words are...

The "Federal Reserve." Although you might not be conscious of the fact that the Federal Reserve isn't Federal at all, but rather a private banking cartel that is run by the worlds banking elite, that is 100% free from government audits and control as is "required" of other independent banking institutions, has perpetrated the biggest theft and scandal on the American people in the history of the world, as well as globally right under your nose and without most of you being "consciously aware" of it.

How could that happen? Due to the collective buying into and "believing everything they've been "told" is best for them, choosing to accept the choices and policies of a few under the "guise" of "it's for your safety and well being" and fully believing that it is. For those that recognize the underlying intent, the predominant attitude is that "that's just the way things are and there's nothing that we can do individually about it" which is precisely what has created and snowballed into what is currently impacting billions on a global scale.

And from the perspective of the majority that I speak with, they're NOT being impacted in a desirable way.

So, the question I always ask is..."Well, what are you doing about it?" That question usually follows with an answer something like..."Uh nothing. There's nothing I can do about it."

If you truly and honestly believe that the current economic unrest in the world just happened in the way that you're being programmed to believe that it did, you're spending entirely too much time watching the commercially controlled media channels.

Do some due diligence on the Bilderberg Group which consists of 125 of the the world's wealthiest on the planet who collectively make up the power behind the Federal Reserve and are the "true powers" that are currently running the U.S. as well as other parts of the world.

If you have followed what's transpired over the last several years as I have, it would be just as clear to you as it is to me what is transpiring which is a plan to collapse the American financial structure so they can and will make the next move in gaining more control and initiating a world currency or at the least bringing the Amero into circulation which is a single currency intended to be utilized for the new North American Union which is comprised of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada yet government denies this even as well known as it is.

Although at the same time, in Actuality, it's NOT only the choices of this group that have "allowed" this to happen. It's the choices of the collective...or should I say as a result of the collective choosing to ignore it and/or choosing NOT to do anything about it and/or choosing to remain oblivious to it, perhaps even fearful of it, that is essentially the choice that has allowed what is currently happening in both our country and in our world to happen.

Change requires a "conscious awareness" of what's going on, a willingness to direct the quality of thought in a way that harmonizes with the "desired" outcome and a willingness to take action when it's apparent that things aren't headed in the way that we "wish" they could be.

You can continue to believe, if you choose to allow yourself to be blinded to the fact that the current state of the global economy is due to whatever reasons that your governments and the mainstream media "tell you" that it is or you can choose to become proactive, dig a bit deeper, become an independent thinker and discover the "real reasons"...the "Higher Truth" for yourself.

I can assure you that your "perceived" reality based on what others might choose to communicate to you as reality is not always based on a "higher truth" although our individual as well as collective choices will continue to allow it to unfold just as we choose and in essence are and have been "allowing."

You can if you choose allow yourself to continue to be conditioned and programmed by the same predominant media venues that this same global elite owns, operates and controls and allow what has led up to this current situation to continue or choose to "do" something about it that will change it. It's all simply a matter of choice that begins at the individual level and builds into the decisions made by the collective.

One of the best choices you can make individually is to become aware and start listening to "reputable" and "independent media sources" that can't be swayed by dollars and who consistently point out what's "really" happening.

One thing is certain in "reality." Things aren't always what they "appear" to be. In fact they never are.

These people are not stupid. They are VERY good and VERY effective at manipulating and controlling the thoughts and the perceptions of the masses. They have and are contriving the biggest hijacking of the collective in the history of the world and the collective is allowing it to happen.

They are and have created problems...HUGE problems VERY effectively and pointed the fingers at others, getting you to believe that others have created these problems and in a VERY successful way have manipulated the masses to "believe" and "perceive" that their "protection" is needed which allows them to step in and FIX what it is that they themselves created without the collective being consciously aware of it.

As they FIX these things for us, these carefully thought out and planned "contrived manipulations", which they say are for our own "good" and are designed to keep us "safe" we continue to lose...or rather choose to "give" more and more of our God given rights away as well as more and more of the money that you earn which is MOST DEFINITELY not being used as they are telling you and that you have allowed them to program you into believing that it is.

You can continue to allow it or do something about it. You can become aware of it, accept what's been "allowed" to this point and make a choice to change it or you can "allow" it to continue.

I hope that's not you're choice. For your sake, for the sake of our children and grandchildren and for the collective as a whole.

That's my perspective. It may come across to some as negative. It's not either negative or positive. It's what I believe to be happening based on choosing to research it independently and in GREAT depth and not allowing myself to become swayed or manipulated by those who would prefer that I believe otherwise.

Some may also choose to call it conspiracy theory. That's OK too. Since I've shared this over MANY years, I've certainly heard that statement many times. Yet at some point, when you see enough evidence, when you've observed for years the continual erosion of your sovereign rights and freedoms that has taken place, when you see and experience the repercussions of the facts which the world is experiencing, it shifts from theory to "fact"...reality.

You can choose to look at and see it anyway that you choose. That's certainly your right. My hope is that the collective won't limit that perspective to the few who are perpetrating the "illusion", and choose to gain a broader perspective from those who have nothing to personally gain from you except their own rights and freedom as well as their families.

That too is a choice that only you can make.

It's funny...not literally...that those who I have shared this with for many years, who at one point didn't necessarily shun it yet didn't grasp the "reality" or the long term repercussions now say..."Wow Chuck, you were right."

I'll share with you what I share with them. I don't care about being right. I don't care what people think about my perspective. I "know" where it comes from.

What I DO care about is my country and the world as a whole. What I DO care about is being free. I DO care what kind of world my children and grandchildren will have to live in. I DO care that the world as a whole remains free and that they don't "unconsciously" allow others to control and take that from them.

That's ALL I care about. I think that's what most everyone cares about, yet many won't become "conscious" and proactive when they see those things being threatened. Many of those who do take the conscious awareness approach become "fearful" rather than proactive and do nothing.

I want to make it very clear that I'm not judging or ridiculing anyone. I only bring this into "light" in the hopes that it might spark some interest, stir some curiosity and hopefully encourage others to raise awareness to a high enough level to get more people "conscious of" and "DOING" something about it.

It's my intention to stir you to discover and explore a perspective...let's call it an avenue that you may not have previously been aware existed and as a result perhaps entice you to "dig a bit" to gain enough understanding, an "independent understanding" and allow yourself to come to your own informed and educated conclusions.

I believe that if you'll do that you'll find as I have that you won't have to dig very deep.

I was personally excited and initially believed that our current president was a good man with the mindset of benefiting the collective, After listening to what he promised the American people during his campaign and the things he's done in the short time since being sworn in which were nothing more than outright deceptive moves to make the collective believe that he was fulfilling those promises.

Read what he signed people!!

What he said he would do initially was remove the troops from Iraq in 6 months. What he "signed" recently was something that says that he would THINK about doing that in what now has been extended to 23 months. He also doubled the troops in Afghanistan.

There's MUCH more than that which I can't possibly cover. I hope you'll choose to discover and validate it for yourself.

The fact of the matter is...HE didn't do anything because HE isn't the one running the show. He's merely the guy that is designed to draw all the attention of the collective to who "perceive" and "believe" he's running the show.

In addition to these "recent" turn of events I've been following and observing countless court cases which are won...very significant cases that are of IMMENSE importance to the collective which are NEVER broadcast on the airwaves or displayed in the mainstream print medias to inform the masses of the outcomes.

Why? Because it goes against what a few don't want you to know regarding your "true" rights and beating their "fear based" and controlling systems if made "public" would awaken others to some very troubling facts which they don't want to let too many know about. It would disrupt the "plan"...and no I'm not referring to the "Perfect Plan."

I've also watched as the corruption slowly but surely bleeds into our judicial systems.

After years of research and developing an understanding of what our current monetary system is based on, how it was created as well as how it operates and watching as the value of our dollar continues to plummet as a result...after years of watching and experiencing our God given inalienable rights continually being compromised and eroded, our constitution continually being disregarded and ignored, I've also come to know that it isn't our president that's calling the shots.

He's nothing more than a salesman...a puppet for those who are "truly" in power. Our congressmen, although MANY of them well intentioned and doing the best they can to precipitate change are VERY limited in the power they hold to change things as well.

For change to occur...real and lasting change, it's going to require the participation of the collective at both the "consciousness level" AND the action level.

There are some incredibly passionate and dedicated congressmen as enraged as many of those who realize and understand what's "truly" going on currently.

Becoming enraged and reacting isn't going to do the job though. Responding and taking conscious, focused and intentional action as a collective will.

Our government is not in control of our country. Those who control and print the money are.

How can that be?...because as one of our founding fathers quoted many years ago, those who control the "money supply" will control the world. The Federal Reserve...the Bilderberg Group...the Wallstreet tycoons are currently in charge of this country and much of this world. It is them who is currently that force and will continue to be unless and until others become aware of that fact and make the choice to "DO" something about it to change it.

If you were to explore a bit to discover what the Federal Reserve "really" is as well as how it came to be, as well as where you income tax dollars "truly go", you may become like I initially was a number of years ago when I first began "becoming aware" which is EXTREMELY ticked off.

Yet at the same time, as I've since discovered, that choice serves no constructive purpose and only serves to feed the negative. It's a reaction that can't serve to "fix" anything but rather intensify and precipitate the creation of the opposite.

Responding calmly and taking action is what "fixes" things. It's WAY past time to wake up and do just that.

It's going to require the collective becoming "aware" and supporting those in congress who are making strides to initiate significant change that would enable us to experience a country and a world as well as the freedoms that we once enjoyed.

The probabilities that we as a collective are unconsciously choosing and allowing and heading toward are "much darker" and much more in depth than I can or care to address here. But at the same time, as far as it's progressed, at this point it's still only a "probability" yet it's very close to becoming a full blown "reality" and will be unless more make a choice to "do" something about it.

It's never too late to change it. It's simply a matter of the collective becoming "consciously aware" and choosing to do so.

But make no mistake...That choice...a collective choice begins on an individual level. If everyone "believes" and adopts the mindset that someone else will take care of it, that someone else will do what needs to be done, nothing will ever be done to change it just as nothing has to this point.

That's precisely the quality of the collective mindset that's "allowed" things to become the way they have.

Along with the "request" to write about this topic in the newsletter was included a video. I'm not going to post that video here, but if you choose to watch it you can do so here.

I would ask that you do in it's entirety. It is based on what's currently happening in our "reality." It's based on a "higher truth" than the masses are aware of which they are allowing to be shoved down their throats and more importantly are swallowing hook, line and sinker.

It's rather lengthy and only shows a small portion of what I've personally discovered over the past 3 decades yet at the same time it will provide a great and very insightful beginning for those who choose to delve deeper and do more research.

I would encourage those who choose to watch it NOT to take it at face value and believe it simply because of the claims that it reveals, but rather use it as as a beginning to do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

If you'll choose to do that, you'll discover that at the core of where our current results in the world are coming from both economically as well as the freedoms that we once freely enjoyed which in a rapidly escalating pitch continue to be taken from us, all lead to the very same source, all of whom hold the same intention which in my opinion is not for the "good" of the collective yet the collective is choosing to stand on the sidelines and "allowing" it to happen and in many cases "unconsciously" supporting it.

I won't be covering any more of that subject matter in the upcoming newsletters, unless the majority of you request it. It's always been my intention and the purpose this newsletter to awaken people to their individual power and their ability to create change on an individual scale which in turn benefits the collective.

Due to the scale of what's currently happening in the world and the number of people it's affecting as well as the requests I've received to provide my individual perspective regarding it, I've made the choice to touch on it here and why I've called this edition of the newsletter a "Special Edition."

For those who are interested in discovering more, I'll be posting additional information here. I'd encourage you to bookmark that page as I'll be regularly adding new content there predominantly in video format.

What's going on globally currently from a strictly physical and finite reality perspective could be and is being considered by many who are being affected by it as "bad." I won't attempt to downplay the fact that for those who are "allowing" it is affecting them. That's the "reality" of it.

But there also exists a "higher truth" that comes from actuality which is the fact that regardless of how you might be "perceiving things" individually, it's ALWAYS for a greater good that will serve the collective.

One of those "good" things is this...

There is a rapidly expanding awakening taking place within our world. This awakening covers much more than personal empowerment and "Law of Attraction" type subject matter. It entails and is taking hold on an ever increasing scale in various venues and more and more of the people of the world from all walks of life are "finally" choosing to wake up and become aware of it, taking notice and taking conscious, focused and intentional action to resolve it.

It's going to require more than simply being aware though, although that is the starting place. It's going to require action on a very broad scale to make the changes that are currently underway a "physical reality."

Regardless of what you might currently "perceive" as a result of what's going on...

We exist in an extremely exciting age and although many might be experiencing what they "perceive" to be negative repercussions based on what's currently happening, it, like everything else ALWAYS happens for a far greater good...regardless. Although you may or may not choose to "perceive" it that way currently, sometimes it takes things like this to wake people up and elevates a willingness beginning on an individual scale to become more "aware" and entices greater numbers of people to also become aware and take the necessary action that precipitates physical change.

I personally believe this is one of those times.

The fact of the matter is requires action. Individual action which snowballs into collective action.

I understand how precious time is. I know how busy we can become, thinking that we just don't have time to spare. I'd encourage you to take the time to keep an open mind as you explore and absorb this perspective.

For those of you who choose to do so you can watch the video I received and was asked to provide a "perspective" on by clicking here.

It may open the eyes of many.

In closing and on a more "light" and individual level...

What determines what is delivered in EVERY aspect of your life is you. It's simply a matter of recognizing this "higher truth" and if you find that an aspect or all aspects of your life are not what you desire them to be, choosing something different or not. That choice will determine the kind and quality of the unending, constant, immutable and unwavering flow of harmony that Actuality continues to provide you, me and everybody else with.

Rest assured, it's always in harmony with what we're choosing, sometimes it requires a deeper look within ourselves to discover how true that is. Sometimes it requires choosing NOT to look at what so many are seeing and "perceiving" as real and bad and choosing to focus your attention at a level where your true power lies which is at the level of consciousness and taking action on those things that you attract as a result.

Visualization, meditation, affirmations, etc. are a great and necessary start yet it requires "physical action" to bring what's discovered and attracted through those means into "reality."

I can’t possibly know what your individual challenges and aspirations are. The possibilities are as infinite as the cosmos. What I can and do know is that whatever they are, regardless of how big, how illogical someone may have told you they might be, regardless of how big, grand, small or limiting your individually chosen “perceptions” regarding your life and the possibilities available to you are and what you choose to believe regarding their existence or non-existence, you get to be right...every time without fail.

Is polarity and the “reality” of duality going to knock us down from time to time? Chances are yes. Is the fact that others who have the same inalienable right of free and the same freedoms that we all have to choose our individual paths that might create outcomes that are counter to our individually held desires going to continue? Absolutely. But whatever it might be that is created and experienced as a result, it most certainly NOT a “done deal” unless and until you and we as a collective choose for it to be.

You have the choice to "perceive" things as endings or new beginnings. In Actuality new beginnings is all there is.

It’s simply a matter of choosing to get back up…take that next step…improve upon that idea…think big in the biggest and most grand way that you can, take action on the ways and means that show up that harmonize with your desired outcome and just as it was at one point "perceived" by the collective to be impossible for mega ton vessels to achieve flight...just as space travel at one point was nothing more than "science fiction" until someone made the choice for it not to be, your dream….your goal…your vision can and will become a "reality" when you choose for it to be and allow it to unfold.”

It’s simply a matter of choice and that choice is up to no one else and cannot be changed by anyone except for you, unless of course you “choose“ to give up the power provided to you to externals and allow it to be.

Our choices individually determine what is chosen collectively. If you don't like the things that are being created collectively make the individual choice to do something about it. Make a choice to think, speak and act independently, regardless of what the masses might think and you'll not only change your "individual reality" you'll impact the collective to do something as well on a much larger scale than you might currently understand or perceive to be possible.

You are powerfully creative. We all are. Individually you can and do make a tremendous difference. Much greater than most are aware of. It's simply a matter of recognizing that fact and choosing to utilize the power provided to you consciously and intentionally which will create whatever you choose to believe that it can.

Take a few minutes and watch the video below. I believe it will assist you in "really getting" what it is I'm attempting to convey.

It will provide you with a very clear and powerful perspective that clearly shows that regardless of what the world might throw at us from time to time...regardless of what "physical realities" others choices might create in "physical form", we do have the choice to give up and stay down or utilize the power provided to us individually to turn what most would "perceive" to be a bad and hopeless challenge into something that can, will and does benefit both ourselves and on a much larger scale the collective on a global scale AND in a very powerful and positive way.

We can choose to look around and say how "bad" everything is and allow it to continue or we can make an individual choice to take the wise and profound advice of Mahatma Gandhi and...

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

If you think you can't make a difference you get to be right. If you think that things are just too big and out of control, you get to be right. But before you adopt that mindset consider the outcome. Consider the reality that could and does lie ahead if the collective makes that same unfortunate choice.

You have "infinite power available to you. We as a collective have even "greater power." If we desire change we have both the right and the ability to draw from the same place where the undesired came from...from Actuality...the things that we do desire. The "light" ALWAYS comes out on top. The "good" ALWAYS prevails.

One thing is certain, unless someone chooses to make that change...unless and until someone chooses to take action to bring about that change, nothing is going to change.

It's ALL simply about choice and that choice begins and ends with you.

The first and most important choice that you can make is to become "aware" of what's truly going on absent the input and opinions of those who might otherwise be attempting to intentionally shift and manipulate your paradigms without you even being consciously aware of what's going on.

Regardless of which you choose individually remember and dwell on this "higher truth"...anything and everything ALWAYS turns out good. Our choices individually and collectively can certainly speed up the process and alleviate a lot of unnecessary struggle and strife in our "reality" in the process if we should choose to do so, but inevitably and regardless, the good will surface.

That's yet another one of those immutable, unwavering and "higher truths."

It’s my hope for you that you’ll choose to prosper and be well and if something might temporarily get you down, that you'll recognize it for what it "truly" is and choose to keep getting back up.

The 3 minute video below will provide more detail as to what I've attempted to convey on an individual level regarding your individual perceptions and how you are at cause as to how they can and will affect you positively or negatively.

I hope you'll choose to take the time to watch and choose it as a starting point to become "conscious" of the power we each have at the level of "consciousness", at an "attitude" level, REGARDLESS as well as make the choice to "do" something about whatever you feel harmonizes with creating your desired outcomes regardless of what they might be.

You're FAR more powerful than you might think individually and collectively we can change the entire course of the world and history very quickly.

The regular edition of Enlightened Journey will be out in a few days. Keep your eyes open for it...I "think" you'll like it. :)

To Your Success and "Consciously Creating" Your Desired Outcomes,

Chuck Danes

PS : Be SURE to watch this 3 minute video. It "could" provide you with an entirely "new" and empowering perspective.

Regardless of How Difficult, Challenging and Impossible
To Overcome You Might "Perceive" ANY Obstacle In Your Way To Be, It NEVER Is...Unless YOU Choose To "Allow" It To Be

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