Inherent Power vs Perceived Power

Your Inherent Power and How to Make the Shift From "Perceived Powerlessness and Complexity" Into BEING a "Mindful, Consciously Powerful Creator"...Simply and Naturally.

"The mind is it's own place and can make a hell of heaven,
a heaven of hell."
- John Milton

Do you ever (or perhaps often) feel powerless?

Does it seem as if no matter what you do, how you do it, or how much of it you do, (whatever that might be) you never seem to reach the place where you often "claim" that you SOOOO WANT to be?

If so, take heart. Although it might not "seem like it" right now, the process for making the shift from "perceived powerlessness", as well as recognizing and getting to KNOW and consistently use, the inherent power that resides within you is really very simple.

Don't misunderstand. It's seldom easy initially, but the process for making that shift is VERY simple. Profoundly so, in fact.

Although MOST believe it to be complex and often remain unaware of how "simple" it is, moving from "perceived complexity" and into crystal clarity is simple too.

SOOOOOOO simple actually. But it's difficult to SEE that for many, due to the fact that we're often taught and have "learned" just how hard, complex, and in in MANY cases, how unfair life is.

We humans can have a difficult time changing our learned and long held beliefs.

Perhaps that's why MOST in today's world find themselves believing, thinking and feeling as if they are powerless. Due to what they've "learned, what they believe and how they go about doing things, their lives provide them with a mirrored reflection of the beliefs held and they "get to" experience just how hard, complex and unfair they "think" life is.

The why behind it is "simple" as is the remedy for changing things. As true as that is, the simplicity behind this remedy often presents yet another "problem." A "perceived problem that is. Due to the things we've learned, believe and the way so many view themselves and the world, they overlook and/or "believe" that if it's too simple, it simply can't be "true."

What's more, those who "believe" that, will often tell you that plenty of experience has shown them that creating "desired" change, whether it be in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual area of their lives is "just too hard."

It can be. And yes, in MOST cases it is...sadly. But it doesn't HAVE to be. My intention here is to reveal how simple and easy it CAN become for you.

My Job and Soul Purpose (Not a Misspelling) in Life is 2 Fold

Part of my "job and "Soul Purpose" in life to show those who are ready, open and willing, WHY, what I've shared above is "true." The other part is to reveal HOW to do it and how simple and easy it CAN be.

I've been doing that for a long time. But this isn't about me. It's about you creating "desired change" FOR yourself...simply.

So let's get focused on YOU...

Are you sincere and serious about learning and knowing what transforms "complex and hard" into simple and easy?

If so, are you willing and ready to actually DO something with what you learn that will enable and empower you to make that shift?

Are you sure? I mean REALLY sure. If NOT, there's no need to read further. It will only be a waste of your time, which you probably have little to none of, if you see life as complex and have been choosing and doing things the "hard" way, as MOST do.

If you are sure...if you really and truly are "sincere and serious" about making the shift from "complex and hard" to simple and easy, then continue on, because I'm going to give you some potentially life transforming insight and direction which reveals how to DO just that and WHY you CAN.

First I think it's important to clarify a few things.

I say "potentially life transforming" because I can't KNOW what you'll do or NOT do with the "potentially" life transforming insight and direction I'm about to provide.

Here's what I'll promise you though...

If you internalize, USE and DO something with it, things will become "simple." If you don't, and keep doing things the way you have been, chances are good, they'll remain "complex and hard."

"Seemingly" complex and hard that is.

It's as simple as that.

Do you know what makes life seem "hard" and needlessly keeps the attainment of your heartfelt hopes, dreams and desires from becoming "simple and easy" as so many "hope, wish and pray" they would?


That "may be" a hard pill to swallow. Truth often is. And although you might "think" that seems "harsh", it's not intended that way. It comes from a place of Love. I share it because I KNOW what you can do. I'm aware of what you CAN have. I KNOW that when we make the choice to shift our BEING and how we show up in the world that "seemingly miraculous" things can happen.

There are those, obviously, who "believe" that statements like that are just plain nonsense and/or that it's just too simple to be true. But before making that "keep you where you are choice", consider this long ago proven, substantiated and easily verifiable FACT.

You are powerful beyond measure, but you may not yet be aware of just how true that is. If you're not, perhaps the following explanation regarding the "Power" we ALL possess, yet USE in our own unique way, will assist in you SEEING that.

The 2 Forms of Power Which Provide You With, or Keep You From, What You Truly Desire in Life.

There are in essence, 2 forms of power that are umbrellas of sorts. There are a number of various forms, or subcategories, of power that reside beneath these "2 umbrellas", but as many "seemingly different" forms as there are, they ALL ultimately fall under one of these 2.

What are these 2 kinds of power?

1) Perceived power
2) Inherent power

Although they can be and are "seemingly separate" in some ways, (and in MOST cases they are) they can also merge and become unified in such a way and to such a degree that there's no separation of, or differentiation between them whatsoever.

You could say that a choice to acquire the right understanding, learning how to apply it in the proper order and then choosing to use and consistently DO something with what you learn, these seemingly separate kinds of power "seem to" magically merge and become one.

That's when things transform from "seemingly complex and hard" to simple. What seemed to be so "complex and hard" before, transforms itself into both simple AND easy...and once the "work" is done, it remains that way consistently.

So what is it that YOU can do to actually experience that for yourself? It's going to take a little explaining and in my opinion, requires providing you with, a simple explanation of the difference between perceived power and inherent power, 1st. Then I'll provide you with a possibility and what you might do to begin receiving more of the kind of results that you desire and less of those that you don't.

Let's be real though...

Making the Shift From the Often Limiting Confines of "Perceived Power", into Your Unfathomable Inherent Power is NOT Sprinkle the Fairy Dust EASY

Contrary to many outlandish claims being made today regarding what's necessary to do and/or not do, making the shift from "perceived hardness and complexity" into ease and simplicity requires undergoing a process. A very "simple" yet highly specialized kind of process.

The process I prefer and utilize, begins by developing some clarity, via understanding the difference between perceived power and your inherent power.

Let's begin this "simple" explanation process with what I view "perceived power" as...

Perceived power stems from your belief about how powerful or powerless you "think" you are. Although we can (and often do) make it "seem" much more complex than it is, the process and the explanation is very simple really.

The amount of power that you perceive yourself to have, determines how much you DO (or don't) use...consciously at least.

Put in the most simple and clear way I'm able, experiencing a sense of powerlessness doesn't make it "true" that you are. It's only your perception which creates the FACT. Your perception of the facts, create the fact. Facts are malleable. Facts can be changed...simply too.

How so?

Well...what you believe or don't believe plays a huge role, so let's briefly touch on beliefs...YOUR beliefs.

Beliefs, like facts, and your perception of them, are malleable as well.

The fact is, the "beliefs" you hold determine your perception of the facts. A perception of facts, determined by your beliefs mean they are "perceived facts." That doesn't mean it is indeed "factual." It's your unique way of seeing things.

Since facts, beliefs and the perceptions which stem from them are malleable, any that your currently entertaining and holding onto, which provide you with "less than desired outcomes" (what you DON'T want) can be elevated, enhanced and changed anytime you make the "choice" to do so.

While it's often believed and claimed that some wall, some barrier, some obstacle, some person, some condition, or some circumstance in the world out there is the cause for us NOT reaching our "desired destination", while that is a belief that CAN BE, and in fact IS widely held, as well as one that we ourselves CAN choose to hold, it's also one that keeps us from and sabotages, rather than provides us with, the "desired" outcome.

The ONLY wall, barrier, or obstacle that can stop you from making that choice and throwing aside ALL of the "seemingly justifiable" reasons and the countless excuses that are so often leaned upon to justify why you aren't being, can't do, or don't have this or that thing or experience, is YOU.

Since beliefs are malleable, facts are malleable and any seemingly justifiable reasons (really just excuses in disguise)you might have stem from those beliefs, which are the cause of whatever current facts your facing, you can eliminate any "perceived block, barrier or obstacle" whenever you choose.

How so?

The process begins by exposing yourself to and gaining enough of the kind of information that enhances, expands and/or elevates the belief.

Make sense?

It does to me and based on varying types of experience, combined with "trying" and doing things both ways, I've personally found that doing that makes things (and life) much more "simple and easy" than the my world at least.

Enough about that.

Now let's move into an equally "simple" explanation of inherent power...

Inherent power is the power that was provided to you, me and EVERYONE else on this planet, even prior to birth. It can't be accurately nor fully described due to the size and scope of it, so for the sake of simplicity, let's just say it's vast, BIG, unstoppable and unconditional.

You are...we ALL are, USING our inherent power ALWAYS, yet if you've learned what many have, and believe as most do, you are unaware that you are and oblivious as to HOW you're doing it, as unintentional as it might be. As a result, although you are using your inherent power, you very well may be doing so unconsciously, unintentionally and in such a way that provides you with less than, rather than more of, what you desire in life.

The sad fact is, that's where MOST are...receiving FAR less than they claim to WANT, all the while believing that they can't have it.

When you're consistently receiving less, you can easily and simply move into, and in many cases remain "seemingly trapped" in, the place where you "feel" and "perceive" yourself as being powerless...and so you become just that.

It's NOT that you are, but rather that you're "choosing" to be.

You CAN choose differently and make the shift from perceived power into your inherent power any time YOU decide to.

Take it from someone who DID that many years ago, it's the wisest and most freeing decision you could EVER make.

Here's why...

Our perceived power, the result of what we "learn and believe", more often than not creates and ignites "fear." Fear paralyzes. Fear restricts. Fear dumbs us down and often keeps us from what we'd LOVE to be, do or have in life.

Fear keeps us "seemingly trapped" in a prison of sorts...although it is a self created one. That "self confinement" doesn't enable or allow you to "feel" free at all.

As THE most widely distributed "book" ever, filled with timeless wisdom states and makes crystal clear, "fear steals, kills and destroys." This same book provides us with very simple, necessary and useful advice and guidance, not once, not twice, not ten times or a hundred times even.

The FACT is, within the pages that make up this "book", 365 times we are clearly and simply instructed to FEAR NOT...yet we still do.

The question is why? The answer, as clearly, concisely and simply as I can provide it is...

It's our learned fears, our less than true beliefs and the resulting "perceptions" which are born from them that create the enslaving and life draining kinds of fear, which also blinds us to, makes us FORGET, keeps us from USING and "consciously DOING" what we ALL can with our inherent power.

What's more, it's our choice to go through or NOT, the "process" of recognizing and unlearning what holds us back and relearning what moves us forward. A choice NOT to, is the ONE and ONLY thing which keeps us confined, from using and consciously DOING something with our "inherent power" in the way it CAN BE used.

Doing so, like everything in life is a "choice" and by making the "right choice/s" our lives can become quite "simple."

Here's one of the most IMPORTANT and freeing choices I personally made...

STOP Focusing On, Avoiding, Resisting and Moving Away from What You Fear, Shift That Focus To and Start Moving TOWARD What You Love

Perceived power MUCH more often than not, stirs and ignites fear. Due to our less than empowering "perceptions", we have a tendency to move away from what is feared.

Consciously utilized inherent power on the other hand, snuffs out fear. Inherent power knows no fear and always moves you toward and through what you love.

That brings us to a vitally important thing that we ALL can do to make life as simple, easy and pleasurable as it CAN become.

The Transformational Power of Merging These "Seemingly Separate" Forms of Power Into One.

When you make the choice to undergo the unlearning/relearning process mentioned earlier, you become able to merge, unify, unite and USE these 2 "seemingly separate" forms of power in the way that you CAN, creating the life of your dreams becomes "simple, seemingly magical, extraordinarily awesome" and yes...easy too.

The bottom line is, struggle, hardship, discord and feeling imprisoned, OR making the "shift" into ease, flow, simplicity and freedom...namely YOURS, simply depends on a choice.

Just in case you missed it and/or it isn't blatantly obvious to you yet, that choice is yours to make or NOT make.

In case you haven't yet connected the dots and put the puzzle pieces together, I'm going to let you in on what what so many in the personal development world call a "secret."

There's really and truly only ONE kind of power that you (that we ALL) possess...inherent power.

It's what you do...or don't do with it, that determines, not only how you view and perceive life, but just as important, what you will or won't DO in life, which transmutes into what you experience in yours.

That means the magnificent, the awesome, the mediocre, the scary and the downright horrific too...EVERYTHING. And I DO mean EVERYTHING.

No One "Out There" Can, or Is Going to DO It For You

A LOT of people are looking for various answers and solutions in the world out there. While there are "tools" that can initially assist and point you in the "desired" direction, transforming the hard, complex and horrific into the simply magnificent and extraordinary is only something that you can do. But before you can, it's necessary to know both WHY and HOW you can. Once you're aware of that, it's simply a matter of DOING it.

The GREAT news is, once you become keenly aware of what the REAL how and why is, the simplicity reveals itself. The "perceived complexity" diminishes and clarity surfaces.

Once you "choose" that and become aware of the simplicity that drives it all, the rest becomes "easy." You become enabled to SEE the simplicity for yourself, which transmutes into the kind of awareness and action that makes achieving what you once believed and perceived to be hard, complex, or in some cases IMPOSSIBLE, quite easy and simple.

There's another small yet vitally important element to transforming your life from perceived complexity into ease and simplicity.

It's this...

Help enough others to get what THEY desire which serves as the springboard to receiving what YOU desire.

You can DO that if ever and whenever you choose and decide to. Regardless of where you "perceive" yourself to be right now, you CAN begin DOING that from right where you are.

If you're at the place where you're ready (or perhaps way past ready) for some of that, yet you're not quite sure of WHAT to do or HOW to do it, perhaps I (and a very focused group of VERY insightful, caring, loving and REALLY knowledgeable folks who are very "giving" World Changers, will assist you.

World Changers who I personally know, who SEE, live, understand and experience the "ease and simplicity" I've been eluding to.

Does that sound at all enticing to you?

If so, here's HOW you can learn more about that and decide if you're ready to make the choice to become a World Changer yourself...

I'm in the process of assembling a small group of serious and committed individuals who have a "sincere desire" to learn how to tap into and use their inherent power in a VERY desirable kind of way, create desirable change for themselves and at the same time play a role in transforming lives on a global scale.

The qualifications for joining our World Changer team (we call this team UCan2) are "simple"...

1) A strong enough WHY

2) A willingness (and openness) to unlearn what holds you back as well as relearn how to tap into and FULLY use your inherent power in a conscious, intentional and purposeful kind of way.

3) A "sincere desire" to contribute to and enhance the lives of others

4) A willingness to follow and adhere to a very "simple and easy to implement" strategy that has PROVEN time and time again to transform hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations (for both yourself and others) into a tangible reality.

If you posses those 4 simple qualities, I invite you to contact me by filling out the form below.

Once you've done that, we'll connect, chat and determine how serious you are about becoming one of the small group of conscious, intentional, purposeful and prosperous World Changers I'm looking for.

Whether this is of "personal interest" to you or not, one thing is certain. We all possess the same kind of inherent power. It's what you learn (or don't learn) and do (or don't do) with it, which ALL ways, determines what you'll have, or NOT have in life.

Put another way, regardless if we view life as "hard and complex, or "simple and easy", we always in ALL ways, get to be right.

That's a very simple, verifiable and substantiated FACT

There you have it. I've done my job and provided you with the "simple" facts as I see them and shared my views regarding the differences between perceived power and inherent power. Now it's simply a matter of whether you'll make the choice to DO something more with it or not.

Not to come across as, or "seem" redundant, but obviously, that's a choice only YOU can make.

I'll close with 2 very insightful yet simple/easy to understand quotes...

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."

"Continuing to do the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result is insanity."

Now ask yourself..."If your consistently coming up short on fulfilling your desires and you view life as hard, complex and/or "unfair", are you anywhere remotely close to being ready to do something different and STOP the insanity?"

If the answer is YES, take the next step...

If you're sincere, serious and committed to receiving more, take the next step now, fill in the fields on the form below, let's connect and together we'll determine just how ready and serious you are.

Until next time, here's to you and our global group of loving, caring, World Changing, "conscious creators" who took that 1st step toward creating a simple, easy and extraordinary quality of life.

It's my hope and desire for you that you'll make the "simple and easy" choice to join us as we do what's truly necessary to enhance our own lives, while changing the world via teaching and showing others just how simple and easy creating an extraordinary quality of life can be.

I'm Finished With Inherent Power vs Perceived Power
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