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Love Is Of The Heart
That's Where Your "True Power" Is Found

Discover How Love, Acceptance and Surrender
Win Out Over Fear, Doubt and Worry Every Time

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Learn To Listen To and Follow Your Heart,
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This months Enlightened Journey can be summed up in a few very short and simple paragraphs.

Love and our individually held desires that harmonize with Love exist within, are an integral part of and are projected from the heart.

Fear, doubt and worry are learned traits based on cultural programming residing in and projected from the mind.

A conscious focus of "Heartfelt Love" and desire initiates and effortlessly places you in a state of acceptance, melts away fear, doubt and worry and attracts to you those things that you Love and desire.

An “unconscious focus” based on judgment and fear, filters and drowns out the Love and desire of the heart creates resistance to what is Loved and desired, attracting perceived obstacles and barriers blocking “Heartfelt Desires” from becoming “real and tangible.”

To paraphrase in a single paragraph...

Choosing Love and acceptance as your predominant way of being dissipates resistance, overpowers and melts away fear, putting the "physical you" in vibrational resonance with who you “truly” are and "allows" those things that you love and desire to come to you.

As difficult as it can "seem" at times to get what you want, as far away as you might "perceive" your heartfelt desires to be, the difficulty only arises by choosing fear, doubt, worry, resistance and attachment over Love, acceptance and surrender.

In essence it boils down to unconsciously choosing to listen to and follow the direction of mind programming based on fear rather than consciously choosing to tune into and follow heartfelt communication which is without fail based on love.

Fear, resistance and attachment creates self sabotage while love, acceptance and surrender "allows" the "fulfillment" of desired outcomes to flow to you in ways that are "perceived" as magical and miraculous.

Yet the magic and the miracle resides in every aspect of Love and Love provides both...whichever one we choose.

We've each been provided an inalienable right of free will that when utilized "consciously" provides the freedom that we each seek. Unlimited Freedom that is Infinite in proportion.

Yet this same free will, when used "unconsciously" can and does provide the polar opposite resulting in self created lack and limitation that is "perceived" as bondage.

But it's ALL based on and derived from how we choose to utilize the freedom provided to us.

To clarify...

Love, acceptance and surrender creates magical and miraculous outcomes that harmonize with our choice..."desired miracles."

Fear, resistance and attachment creates magical and miraculous outcomes that harmonize with our choice..."undesired miracles."

It really is as simple as that.

As real, true and “simple” as that is, due to what we have allowed ourselves to “perceive” as being so real, right and true regarding ourselves, our lives and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life, it isn't always easy to "see" that.

In fact it can seem quite difficult initially to see through the blinding fog of fear, doubt and worry until we master the ability to stay fixated on Love, accept things as they are, take action that harmonizes with "love" and surrender to the how and when our "heartfelt desires" will become real.

But once you "get that"...once you choose to become "conscious" and choose to apply it in EVERY aspect of life, the simplicity and the magic reveals itself.

We don't have to DO anything in the physical sense of the word to initiate this change, only tune into who and what we "truly are."

It's simply a matter of rediscovering our roots which extend far beyond our "physical selves."

Doing so sometimes requires a deeper look into the underlying mechanics of what creates both desired as well as undesired outcomes enabling us to see through and undo all the “perceived” complexity that ALWAYS reveals the Love and simplicity behind it all.

Let's Sort Through The Perceived Complexity
and Reveal The Power, Perfection, Magic and Simplicity That Love Always In ALL Ways Creates

Let’s face it, it's human nature to complicate simple solutions, and turn the simple into something complex. It's really "easy" to allow the intellect to get in the way.

The reason that's so easy to do and why this form of "doing" is so widespread is only because that is what we've been taught and "learned" to do.

We create the perception of complexity in life by choosing to rationalize, attempt to figure out and fix things based on what we've learned resulting in all the excuses as to why the "heartfelt desires" that we have for ourselves can't become "real and tangible."

These teachings tell us it's only logical and rational to base our reactions on what we see going on around us in a physical sense which often times instills fear and locks us into a cycle of always attempting to "fix things" and to "escape" from fearful situations resulting in "physical actions" that are physically, emotionally and mentally draining.

Yet what we spend so much time and energy attempting to rationalize, figure out, "fix" and escape from is based on nothing more than rational-LIES that create the polar opposite of the "desired outcome" which only becomes "true" for us because we choose for it to as "unconscious" as that choosing might be.

It's all based on "head games" derived from and based on fear rather than "heartfelt action" based on Love.

Although we often "try really hard" to get these things that we Love and desire so badly, through our choices to consistently attempt to fix what we "perceive" to be broken...to chase what we "perceive" ourselves as not having, and rationalize based on what we've been taught is necessary to get what we "love", what we get in life is a direct reflection of the limitation that harmonizes perfectly with the "conceptualization of limitation" that this predominantly chosen way of "doing things" provides.

The end result is we spend the majority and in some cases ALL of our time and expend all our effort "doing" what we perceive to be necessary to fix things when that choice is precisely what's creating more to fear and resist which in turn keeps our "heartfelt desires" as a "perceived impossibility" or at best a "maybe someday" occurrence.

That’s the ONLY reason why achieving REALLY BIG things in life can “seem” so hard and in a number of cases are "perceived" as being impossible and unreachable.

We become limited by time, space and "finite possibility" rather than infinite probability and potential.

It’s only because the simplicity and perfection of the process is overlooked due to our individual choices to buy into and hold various "beliefs" and “perceptions” acquired throughout life resulting in "judgments" regarding how broken, chaotic, complex and difficult everything is which is reinforced based on what we see going on around us which keeps us "stuck" in fear mode.

Yet it's our free will...the freedom that we've been provided to choose our own paths that has created what we see and determined where we are.

We "perceive" it all as being so complex simply because we fail to recognize and acknowledge the power we've been provided to create our lives and walk down whatever paths we choose.

We are in essence "unconsciously creating" what we fear which if looked at consciously clearly reveals the power provided to us to be, do and have whatever it is that we choose.

Amazingly though, for those who choose to venture out just a bit and look beyond all the "perceived" complexity and difficulty...for those who choose to take a deeper look at what has created their current outcomes and once understood making a conscious and intentional choice to "examine and unlearn" much of what we "perceive" to be "true", combined with the fearful actions we take based on those "perceptions", the perfection and simplicity reveals itself.

In fact it becomes so obvious, you may be tempted to slap yourself for not “getting it“ sooner.

Don’t do that though. As you'll soon understand, choosing to "do" things in that way will only prove to be counter productive. :-)

How about we begin right now redirecting that energy to love and acceptance rather than judgment and regret and begin "consciously creating" more of what we love?

Experiencing What You Love Only Requires A "Conscious Focus" Of Love, and Choosing To Accept and Surrender
To The Illusion Of Fear That Our Individually Acquired Perceptions and Rationalizations Create

As you’ll soon understand, the importance of learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally as well as everything else that crosses your path in life, will enable you to begin seeing just how simple experiencing a kind and quality of life that you “truly love and desire” really is.

The simplicity reveals itself when you discover the importance of observing what might currently be happening around you without judgment which eliminates unconscious reaction and dissipates fear, doubt and worry that's only created based on what you see and experience in a physical sense.

Should you make that choice you'll find that fear and resistance melts away, transforms the "quality of the flow" from what you fear to what you love.

The "perception of bondage" shifts and opens your eyes to the "Higher Truth" regarding the freedom provided to you to be, do and have whatever you choose.

I think it’s important to preface (for some it will serve as a reminder) what we'll be covering with the fact that all things in the world currently as well as things of the past and those that are made “tangible” at some point in the future begin as a result of consciousness.

The things experienced in your life individually, both desired and undesired are the result of your individually chosen quality of consciousness followed by thoughts, words and actions that harmonize with that choice.

The events, conditions and circumstances that unfold on a global scale begin as the result of the quality of the collective consciousness.

We don't have to look very far to see that regardless of where we might live in the world. There exist things that were created based on a quality of consciousness reflecting Love and things that were created and are sustained based on a quality of consciousness that harmonizes with fear.

As we observe these things, it's easy to forget and overlook the fact that they are ALL created based on choice.

There’s another level of consciousness that many choose to overlook or misunderstand which resides over both individual as well as collective consciousness which is known as Universal Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence or The Super Conscious.

The Super Conscious level is where everything conceived by us individually or collectively comes from due to our choices, yet it's "the place" where only Love resides.

Any and EVERY "probability" exists there...the "potential" for the manifestation of ANY conceivable outcome...what we "perceive and judge as good as well as what we see and judge as bad, yet what is drawn from there and experienced in "physical form" is only dependent on the predominant quality of consciousness that we choose as a species to hold both individually and collectively.

And without fail the Super Conscious...the realm of Unconditional Love, where Infinite probability exists, provides it just as we choose.

This Super Conscious realm is absent fear, doubt, worry, judgment or any other form of polarity unless and until we exercise our inalienable right of free will and choose it for ourselves.

Although the "probability" for ALL outcomes do exist in this realm, they can only become real if WE choose them. We choose them through our chosen way of "being."

This chosen way of "being" falls under the categories of love or fear.

To clarify and keep it really simple as promised…

  • Individual consciousness - You (conscious and subconscious)

  • Collective consciousness - The combined consciousness of the global population.

  • Universal and/or Super Consciousness - God, Source, Higher Power, Divinity, Energy, Unconditional Love or whatever the Source of your understanding might be.

There is nothing in existence that wasn’t first conceived in mind including the unfailing, immutable, and unwavering process of creation itself.

Whatever The Source of your understanding might be...what I'm referring to as The Super Conscious...conceptualized the process before the process was created and put into operation.

Whether you personally see that as creation of a spiritual nature that happened over a period of six days or creation as scientists explain which is referred to as the big bang, either resulted in a creation that has evolved into the world as we know it today.

This original creation is Infinite in nature. ALL probabilities exist at this Causal Level and First Cause...The Source...The Super Conscious...the Omniscient, Omnipresent, The Alpha, Omega, Beginning and The End made it "real" and "Allows" the probability of ANY outcome.

The same holds "true" at the finite level.

Until the act of conceptualization occurs, which then evolves into a processed thought, ignites emotion which leads to action or inaction, is what makes whatever was initially conceived in mind, at the individual or collective level “real and tangible.”

Consciousness is the foundation…the seed from where all things are derived, whether things of a tangible physical nature or more intangible things such as the feelings and emotions that we all experience.

The key in becoming a conscious, intentional and purposeful creator is learning to "follow feelings"...“consciously conceptualize” desired results, unconditionally accept and look beyond the current results that surround us, keeping focus on what we love and desire which automatically ignites, creates and directs your emotions in such a way that “allows” action to be taken harmonizing with the originally conceived "feeling" of "love" transmuting into tangible results that you "love."

The process is unfailing. It never changes or wavers. It's ALWAYS harmonious, precise and perfect in it's operation.

Love and Desire followed by action that harmonizes with love and desire produce desired results…a kind and quality of results that you Love.

Fear, doubt and worry followed by actions or inaction that harmonize with fear, doubt and worry produce results that harmonize with our choices.

The ongoing process of creation itself and the continual growth and evolution of the entire cosmos is governed by Universal Law...Spiritual Law...or Laws of Nature whichever your personal preference might be.

This is what I refer to as The Perfect Plan.

This Perfect Plan, prior to being put in place...prior to it's physical manifestation was first a conceptualization.

It was first conceived in mind as an idea at the Super Conscious level.

The Plan is immutable and unwavering. It governs the process of creation.

This process of creation determines the results that you experience whether desired or undesired.

These results extend far beyond "tangible" materialistic desires. Although many may start there, as progress is made in understanding that "Love" encompasses, determines yet at the same time transcends everything in the physical finite world of reality, once Love is chosen as a predominant way of "being", the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual "desires" held become much easier to fulfill.

That's when "miracles" begin to happen in ways that are "perceived" as being "Effortless" contrary to the predominantly held world view resulting in "perceptions and rationalizations" of how things MUST happen.

Miracle is a word we have chosen that "defies" what we perceive as being rational and logical.

Here's what most overlook...

Creation is ALWAYS a miracle.

It's only our limited perceptions and rationalizations that keep "desired miracles" from becoming as common as the undesired things that we "claim" we don't want.

Desired Miracles are only "perceived" as being irrational and illogical simply due to a choice not to wake up and understand that they are brought into "tangible reality" in the same way "undesired miracles" are.

The quality of the miracle is based on nothing more than a choice.

What is often "perceived" as being irrational and illogical becomes VERY logical and practical once you understand how simply and perfectly Love operates.

To begin experiencing an endless flow of "desired miracles"...what we love, it's only necessary to recognize that Love oversees it all, consciously harmonize our ways of "being" with Love and "desired miracles" begin showing up.

As the timeless wisdom conveyed in spiritual text states...

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

The Kingdom is Love and was created by Love. It is governed by Love and it's this same Love that has provided us the inalienable right of free will to seek and find the Kingdom or choose to "perceive" a world governed by randomness and chaos.

The quality of our choice determines the quality of the miracle created and experienced.

To make the shift from fear and resistance to Love and surrender, to make the transition from "tangible results" being "hard earned" to "effortlessly created miracles" requires doing a bit of "digging" which enables you to discover and transcend the limitations of mind enabling you to "get to the heart of the matter."

Let's start by looking at a "partial truth" regarding the mind.

Mind Over Matter Is Only A Partial Truth

The common knowledge that Mind Over Matter creates reality, although true to an extent, is only a “partial truth.” It only provides a very limited view of a far more profound truth much like the fact that Newtonian physics, although “true” to an extent in a strictly physical and finite kind of way is superseded…overshadowed if you will and falls under the umbrella of, exists within and is made “real” due to yet a “Higher Truth.“

This often overlooked "Higher Truth" is the fact that everything in the physical and finite Newtonian Reality is derived from the unseen Spiritual/metaphysical and/or Quantum Reality which is Infinite in nature and Unconditional Love drives it all.

You could say that in the bigger scheme of things there’s much more going on behind the scenes that most choose to overlook, not think much about or in the vast majority of cases, remain unaware of altogether that transcends the limitations of the logical and rational mind.

To begin experiencing more of what you "Love", it’s only necessary to begin “consciously choosing” what you love, taking action that harmonizes with love rather than "unconsciously choosing" what you fear and following with actions that are derived from conceptualizations based on fear which can only produce tangible results that harmonize with whatever is feared.

Choosing to do so is the first step in "awakening" to what's truly available to you which "allows" "desired forms of transformation"..."miraculous transformation" to take place in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of life.

Yet to experience and see the perfection and infinite power behind this Unconditional Love...to begin "consciously utilizing" the infinite power provided to you and drawing more of what you Love from this "unseen place of infinite proportion" it requires making a shift in the quality of consciousness that the vast majority choose and following with action that harmonizes with the shift from fear to Love.

Quite simply, it's necessary to elevate, enhance and expand awareness to a level that recognizes and harmonizes with Unconditional Love.

A choice to do so enables you to get to the heart of the matter...of ALL matter that without fail reveals "tangible evidence" that transcends the limitations of mind over matter.

Getting to the heart of the matter is simply recognizing that Love drives it all and choosing to think, speak and act in love which the heart is ALWAYS directing us to do.

Ironically though, due to our "intellectual programming" and the importance that we place on understanding things intellectually...the importance we place on our need to "rationalize" and figure things out...to get to the heart of the matter effectively requires nurturing and feeding the intellect which enhances our understanding of the process as well as the steps necessary to get to the "heart of things" which in essence boils down to "paying the mind no mind" and shifting focus to the feelings and unfailing direction of the heart.

Most people choose not to do that. The predominant choice is to make things much more difficult than necessary by choosing to allow the mind to lead and write off "heartfelt communication" that we ALL receive and so often "perceive" to be irrational and illogical.

To receive far greater results with far less effort...to begin experiencing "desired miracles", requires "doing something" differently.

It's as simple as making "the shift" from fear to Love.

Although it's a form of "doing", it's not a form of doing that most choose. It begins inside which is a different and far more powerful form of "doing" than the vast majority choose.

It's a form of "doing" that most "perceive" to be irrational and illogical which is precisely why so few "desired miracles" are experienced.

This doing begins with getting out of our minds and tuning into our hearts which elevates the kind and quality of experiences that mind "perceives" as being so real.

It's necessary to "do" what most choose not to.

As one spiritual master puts it…

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This "renewing of the mind" is made possible by making a conscious and intentional choice to elevate our understanding at the "intellectual mind level" enabling and empowering us to tune into and follow the direction of our "innermost feelings" that exist at the heart level which ALWAYS without fail direct us to take action based on Love.

As I sit and write this, I almost have to laugh because based on what we've been taught and "know to be true" which is the very "knowing" that creates limitation and "less than" what's truly available to us, we have to use our minds initially as the channel to transcend what we "know" and "perceive to be" so true, leading us to the understanding of the importance of not paying any mind to the limitation that mind leads us into and choosing instead to listen to and follow our hearts.

This is necessary because we unconsciously rely on the mind to discern and dictate what is real and true in life due to what we "see" going on around us.

But at the same time what we see going on around us in more cases than not is the limitation that mind has created.

What's EXTREMELY important to understand is that it's the filters in the mind...our belief and perception filters that filter out the "tangible creation" of desires of the heart.

You could say that the mind...in the vast majority of cases is limited to recreating the limitation predominantly experienced in the physical world simply because it perceives that what's happening in the world is so real.

In a physical sense it is real. In a quantum or spiritual sense what's "perceived" by mind as being so REAL is only a very small portion of what is truly available to and for us.

The heart on the other hand is unlimited based on the Infinite potential that exists in the unseen, spiritual, quantum of metaphysical realm.

The heart "feels" and communicates only Love and the mind processes those "feelings." Depending on the filters that have been formed in the mind is what determines what emotions are ignited and experienced in the physical body which determine what type of actions are taken.

Fear filters dissipate and suppress the "feelings of love" that heart always communicates creating emotion resulting in "action" that in the vast majority of cases is disharmonious with taking "a kind and quality of action" that harmonizes with creating the tangible result that we "love and desire."

To really grasp this it's necessary to break the Kingdom or the spiritual realm in two so the mind can conceive what it is.

In Actuality they are one and the same. All things physical were derived from the spiritual. All things now being seen and observed in the Newtonian reality, at one point were unseeable and unobservable and existed in the spiritual and unseen realm.

Prior to becoming a Newtonian reality, they existed as a "quantum probability" that was made real and physical due to a conceptualization followed by emotion and action that transmuted them from unseen and intangible to observable and tangible.

But when observed under powerful microscopes, scientists have discovered that the core ingredients of these tangible and physical things is the same in kind and quality as what exists in the unseen realm of infinite probability.

It's simply transmuted wave forms of "energy"

They are nothing more or less than otherwise invisible wave forms (photons of light or energy) molded and shaped into "physical manifestations" due to the immutable and unwavering process of attraction that harmonize perfectly with the conceptualizations and perceptions projected from the mind.

We see the physical Newtonian reality and mind "perceives it" as being real.

The unseen quantum or spiritual realm is for the most part unobservable with the limitations of the 5 senses which is what the mind depends on to form it's "perceptions."

Yet the core essence of both realms consist of the very same stuff. Wave packets of light.

Even when scientists explore this unseen, quantum realm with their sophisticated technologies they have discovered that what is happening at this unobservable and unseen level is affected by the thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the scientist who is doing the observing.

The Copenhagen Interpretation is only one of many conclusions scientists have come to providing "tangible proof" of a scientific nature that validates just how “true” that is.

You can’t see, touch, taste, smell or hear the quantum realm. But you can most certainly feel it when you allow yourself to.

The heart does the "feeling" and the mind filters these "feelings" which creates emotions that determine the outgoing "frequency" that we each project.

Looked at from the perspective of nature...

Our chosen “frequency” is the “seed” that is projected and planted in the Field (the Kingdom) and due to the perfection and simplicity of the creative process, determines without fail what harvest we receive.

The cycle continues perfectly, precisely and never fails or wavers.

Nature is only one of many ways that clearly reveal the signs we’ve been provided to validate how “true” this is.

Modern day science clearly shows us what these individually chosen seeds are as well as the field that we plant these seeds in.

The science of Quantum physics and Quantum mechanics provides us with something “tangible” that we can grasp intellectually. They provide scientific validation…“tangible proof” that we can wrap our minds around and sink our teeth into.

What scientists have discovered thus far enables us to see and observe the underlying mechanics…the literal “perfection and simplicity” of the process of creation enabling us to establish the foundational “intellectual belief” of the “power” provided to us.

It enables us to grasp and understand “intellectually” just how real and true that is in our own minds.

The vast majority, due to all their busyness and attempting to escape from and fix "undesirable" events, conditions and circumstances that show up in their Newtonian reality, simply choose NOT to slow down long enough to seek out and discover the perfection.

Yet it's this very choice that keeps so many from making the shift....shifting the resonance of energy from fear, doubt, worry, lack, limitation and trying "really hard" to effortlessly "attracting" the ways and means that would enable what they "love" to become real.

Energy is the field and "the stuff" that allows the Kingdom to exist. The energy that we choose to project through our predominant thought processes determines the seeds that are being projected into or “planted” in the field.

This “intellectual elevation” of the mind that both science and the observation of nature can provide in turn elevates our belief to a level that harmonizes with the manifestation of “heartfelt desires“ calling out to be experienced at the heart level.

To really experience the power behind all this intellectual data though requires elevating the quality of consciousness above and beyond what can be studied and observed at the Newtonian level.

Choosing to do so assists you in seeing and grasping the “Higher Truth” which in turn makes it much more simple to see and understand that the mind is consistently "judging externals" based on the limitations of the 5 senses which conflicts with timeless spiritual wisdom that clearly instructs us to “Judge not by appearances.”

It comes by understanding that the field only produces a harvest based on the seeds planted within it and does so "without judgment" based on whatever seeds you choose to plant within it.

To consistently see and experience the “perfection” and simplicity of the process...to consistently create "desired miracles", is as simple as choosing to become conscious of which seeds you've been planting.

If you find that your current harvest is less than desired based on the "beliefs and perceptions" held at the mind level, it's only necessary to tune in, listen to and follow the direction of the heart.

In essence it equates to choosing a different pack of seeds which can only produce a different harvest.

Yet the perfection of the process ALWAYS produces a miracle.

The "truth is" what we allow ourselves to "believe and perceive" once passed through the "filters of the mind" becomes our reality.

The “Higher Truth” is that allowing the Heart to Overwrite the limitations of Mind (keep focus on what is loved and surrender) consistently creates “Desired” outcomes. Desired miracles.

If something being “conceived” and observed in mind as a “heartfelt desire” exists, the manifestation of that thing whatever it might be can be and will be experienced simply by “choosing” to get out of our own way and allow it to be.

This getting out of your own way is a simple as letting the heart lead and choosing to consciously direct your mind to the fulfillment of the “thing“ desired which intensifies the emotion that harmonizes with creating and receiving the thing desired.

This requires transcending the limitations of mind…taking focus off of the limitations that have been programmed in the mind, judging NOT by appearances and shifting that focus to the heart level…the “feeling” level...to what is Loved and desired which follows with actions that harmonize with love.

The result? Miracles...events, conditions and circumstances that you love.

This feeling place I'm referring to extends beyond our ability to touch something physical. It’s rather “feeling” at a depth that enables us to “feel” how good it is to have whatever it might be that we have a “heartfelt desire” to experience. A feeling that exists deep within us that always reflects Love.

The vast majority doubt their individual ability to receive what they ask and have the REALLY BIG miracles provided to them.

Timeless spiritual wisdom only serves to support and substantiate what modern day science has discovered.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” "For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?” “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” - Matthew 7 ; 7-12 NIV

There is no mention of “perhaps” or “maybe” or “we’ll see.” Read the above again. It says WILL BE…you WILL.

Seeking and knocking are choosing to elevate your understanding of the perfection and simplicity of the creative process...becoming "consciously aware" of the Kingdom...the Infinite nature of the field, which automatically opens the doors to whatever you choose that harmonizes and resonates with Love and without fail it WILL BE provided.

Love guarantees it.

It's only necessary to do the right things in the right order. This "doing" only requires "conscious application."

The "right order" based on what the spiritual masters taught is...

  • "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and ALL these things will be added unto you."...

  • "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."...

  • "Judge NOT by appearances."...

  • "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"...

ALL of those steps, in the vast majority of cases requires a transcendence of the predominantly held "mindset of the world" and a shift of focus to the heart.

Let's make a clarification regarding evil.

The big E word is where many get sidetracked. Due to numerous “traditional teachings” many “perceive” evil as a “bad and uncontrollable thing." It's often used as labeling and/or judging someone as being a bad person or identifying some powerful paranormal external force that they "perceive" themselves as having no control over.

The vast majority who “conform” to the mindset of the vast majority have allowed themselves to establish solidified “perceptions” based on “traditional teachings” that evil is some demon that has some form of control over their lives and is out to steal their joy and create havoc in their lives.

To consciously overcome "evil" it's important to look beyond self imposed restrictions that are made "real" and "perceived as being true due to man made teachings and individual perceptions which lead to those teachings.

Let's dig a bit and reveal where "evil" came from...

Evil originated from the Hebrew Ra meaning calamity/disaster/adversity.

Calamity, disaster and adversity are products of the mind. They're nothing more than "perceptions" held at the mind level. A choice to "allow" the mind to dominate...to "judge by appearances" based on our limited "perceptions" formed by "fear based teachings" is in essence a choice to plant calamity, disaster and adversity seeds that can only produce a harvest that harmonizes with our choice.

Seeds planted based on our own “unconscious choosing” that produce a harvest are experienced in the Newtonian world that come to be “real“ due to our own “unconscious“ thought processes.

We receive what we are asking for as "Unconscious" as that asking might be.

The result of choosing to remain “unconscious” and as a result “unconsciously utilizing” the power freely provided to us and as a result “unconsciously creating calamity, disaster and adversity in the various aspects of our lives by choosing to fear and resist evil...to escape from evil which all the while keeps our predominant ATTENTION on evil.

A choice to project and “perceive” evil as being real is the same choice that “allows” calamity, disaster and adversity to become and remain real in our Newtonian reality.

Our individually chosen quality of consciousness...the perceptions and beliefs that we each hold individually are what create the perception of good and evil.

We have been provided the inalienable right to "perceive" evil and bad as real and we get to be right.

We have been provided the inalienable right to "perceive" love and good as real and we get to be right.

Love provides it just as we choose.

Our Lives Are A Direct Reflection Of What We "Allow" To Become Real and Tangible

In a hustle and bustle world of fast pace, high stress and anxiety it's easy to "allow" what's going on around us to affect our mental and emotional states.

To see above it all it's necessary to discover (or in some cases to be reminded of) this “Higher Truth” enabling us to re-“mind” ourselves which enables and empowers us to get back on track to creating more of the “desired miracles“ in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of our lives.

To experience more of what we Love.

The Higher Truth is that the entire system and the cycles that drive the system was created based on Love...Unconditional Love and it’s due to this Love that we were provided both the ability as well as the choice to perceive, think, speak and act and as a result, experience whatever we choose.

The part that most miss is the fact that we can and do just as easily create what we DO NOT desire although in the vast majority of cases we do so “unconsciously.”

We do this by “conforming” to the consciousness “patterns” that most choose and hold the “mindset” that the vast majority in the world choose to hold.

In the case of what’s possible for you…what the “Higher You” is calling out to you to “go for” and will lead you through if you’ll only listen, and choose to “apply” the direction being received is the fact that Love and desire ALWAYS come from the heart.

Choosing to tune into and follow your heart is what enables you to fulfill your heartfelt desires. You become enabled and empowered to consistently create "desired miracles."

“Whatsoever ye desire” as one master puts it.

To do so consistently becomes possible by choosing to rise above the common logic and rationale that the world "conforms to" which forms "perceptions of truth" based predominantly on fear and making a "conscious choice" to elevate our individual quality of consciousness enabling you to tap into and grasp a "Higher Truth."

This Higher Truth is the fact that our Newtonian reality…what we experience in our “physical world, is drawn from and made real and true based on what the masters of the past often referred to as “The Kingdom” or based on more recent modern day scientific discoveries, what scientists refer to as the quantum field or the plenum.

As mentioned, ALL probabilities already exist within this field.

You could say that there is nothing that “The Kingdom” or the Quantum Field is not.

The Kingdom or the Infinite field of Quantum Reality, what I often refer to as Actuality, already contains every conceivable and currently non-conceivable “probability of existence” that is or ever will be experienced in our physical and finite world of Newtonian reality.

It's where EVERYTHING in the physical and finite world of "reality" comes from. Those things that we "perceive" and judge as being "good" as well as those things that we perceive and judge as being "bad."

What we experience in the Newtonian world is determined by what we “think” we can or can’t have which also determines what we say and do determining what we have or don’t have.

As Henry Ford so correctly quoted…”Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

The emotions created by those things that we truly desire yet “think” we CAN'T fulfill, create emotions resulting in actions that assist in making our “perceived” realities real and tangible.

By the same token the emotions created by thoughts and beliefs that we CAN have what we truly desire and “believe” we can, create emotions resulting in actions that assist in making our “perceived” realities tangible.

The process doesn’t change or waver…ever. The cause that creates the outcome does and Love always provides whatever it is that we choose.

What does all that mean in really simple terms?

You are the only thing standing between what you desire and that desire being fulfilled.

Your life and the events, conditions and circumstances in your life are a mirrored reflection of what you yourself are choosing and “allowing” to happen.

Yes we perceive all this “physical stuff” as being so real, but the reality that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch…and due to it’s “perceived realness” what so many choose to focus on…has only become real and persists due to what we predominantly “think about“ most often which is determined by what we “perceive” to be true which in turn determines and ignites the various emotions experienced, initiating the actions that we do or don‘t take.

Here’s the “Key of ALL keys” that once grasped and "consciously utilized" transforms the "undesirable physical" events, conditions and circumstances experienced in life into "desired" experiences.

The tangible creation of desired results goes beyond thought, emotion and even “conscious belief.” It begins at the “feeling” level but this feeling place I’m referring to precedes, supersedes and transcends emotion.

It’s called Love. It’s the foundation that the entire cosmos was built upon. It's the field that the entire cosmos exists within. It's the essence of everything that is.

Not love of a kind and quality that man “perceives” to be love. It’s “Unconditional Love.” This Unconditional Love is beyond beginnings and endings that we "perceive" as being so real in a Newtonian physical reality. A kind of Love that is the core essence of who we are. Yet it’s often times drowned out, buried and hidden from our "conscious awareness" due to the way most “choose” to do things.

This chosen way of “doing things” is allowing fear and resistance to dominate your life based on what you "see" going on around you which only serves to create more "undesired miracles" based on what you are choosing to fear and resist.

Choosing Love and surrendering enables “desired miracles” to happen even when fear is present at the "intellectual" level.

Love transcends and overpowers fear. Although Fear is made possible...it's provided as an individual choice due to Love.

Love isn’t found in the head…it’s found in the heart and both the instruction and direction it provides when we “allow” ourselves to become and remain “conscious of it” ALWAYS...100% of time produces "desired miracles."

It NEVER misses it's target.

The heart is ALWAYS providing very clear direction as to where we should go next to experience the grandest and most “pleasing“ outcome. The mind is always warning us of the dangers and consistently reminding us that the desires of the heart are just too BIG to achieve.

Here’s the really great thing about life…

The immutable and unwavering truth…the “Higher Truth” is that we ALWAYS get to be right. Our lives unfold just as we choose.

Now you may not “think” it’s all that great if you’re consistently experiencing results that are “less than desired.” What’s more if that’s the case, chances are really good that you “perceive” yourself as having no say so in the matter.

All this “realness” becomes whatever it is for us based on our individual conditioning throughout life which in turn forms our individually held beliefs and perceptions determining what we “think about” and take "action on" most often which without fail reveals itself as being “real and true” for us in the Newtonian world.

It becomes “real and tangible” in the “physical sense” of the word.

This is where most find difficulty in seeing “above” and beyond their “perceived” difficulties and/or less than desired results in life.

The commonly held “perception” based on our acquired beliefs and our individual experiences in the Newtonian reality is that since I can see, smell, taste, touch and hear it, it MUST BE real and true.

But it’s NOT!!! At least not in the “Higher sense” of the word.

Yes, it’s real in the “physical” sense of the word. It’s “real” from a strictly Newtonian perspective. We experience it in the “physical sense” in our finances, our relationships and our physical health but at the same time it’s our “perceptions” and beliefs regarding the “realness” of the physical that has created and consistently creates more of the physical events, conditions and circumstances that we each experience individually.

This creation continues due to our “perceptions” of just how “real” it is combined with an unconscious choice to “resist” it fully believing that doing so is going to somehow resolve it. Yet it does just the opposite. It intensifies it. It enables it to grow and continue.

It’s what creates cycles that we, more times than not DON’T WANT to remain limited by and “perceive” as being inescapable.

It’s what we experience individually due to our perceptions of how real and true it is that often times traps us in “undesirable cycles” of experience that only serves to solidify in our minds just how “real it is” which only serves to keep us focused on and in an anxious state of “fixing things”...attempting to resolve and escape from what we don't want keeping us trapped in the same self limiting and seemingly inescapable cycles.

Every Event, Condition and Circumstance In The Cosmos Are Made "Real" and Sustain Themselves Due To Cycles

To make the shift from "undesired miracles" to "desired miracles" requires interrupting the cycles.

The “Key word” here is cycles. Understanding cycles is imperative IF you have a "heartfelt desire" to break out of self sabotaging cycles that create less than desired results.

The entire Universe is consistently moving through and has sustained itself for billions of years due to these cycles. Cycles that were put into place at the beginning of time itself.

Change is constant. It’s the way the Universe was constructed. It’s never idle. It never becomes stagnant. It’s constantly in motion and never rests. You could say that creation is a constant.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer due to these cycles. It’s not that the cycles are different…they’re not. It’s the consistent choices that the rich and poor make…more specifically the difference in choices that the rich and poor make that sustain the cycle that creates the “perceived” reality of rich and poor.

The poor and middle class "perceive" themselves as being "stuck" and as a result of that "chosen perception" the experience of stuck becomes their reality.

Feeling stuck and stagnant is an illusion. It’s not that you’re EVER stuck or stagnant, it’s simply a choice to "allow" the mind to dictate what's real which keeps recreating the same “less than desired” tangible results providing an illusion of standing still…of being stuck.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy insures that nothing is ever idle. Energy is constantly in flow. An illusion created based on a perception of being “stuck or stagnant” is nothing more or less than choosing to project the same kind and quality of “energy” that is attracting and recreating the very same results over and over and over again.

We fear and resist being stuck which creates an illusion that stuckness is our reality. It doesn’t “seem” to change but it is consistently changing and only recreates the same quality of outcome that we "perceive" that it will.

The cycles continue. Love provides it just as we choose.

These cycles can be clearly seen and witnessed in nature. The awe and perfection of the process never fails or wavers. The continuous arrival and passing of winter, spring, summer and fall clearly reveal one of these repeating and self replicating cycles which has been cycling for billions of years and will continue for billions more.

We never get “stuck” between seasons. We don’t get stuck in winter or any other season.

Universal Law which oversees and governs the process ensures that the cycles never cease...that the "flow" is always open. They are never interrupted or broken. They always unfold perfectly and precisely just as they were designed to do.

Let’s look at a more “tangible” and easy to observe cycle…

The fact that a flower sprouts, matures, blossoms, produces seeds and produces more flowers the following season multiplied is more evidence of these never erring cycles.

What keeps these self repeating cycles in motion are the seeds that are continually produced and replanted. The perfection and never ending cycles keep the process on auto pilot. It doesn’t need you and it doesn’t need me to consistently produce abundance.

The process is effortless.

So why is it that nature effortlessly repeats itself always producing an abundant harvest and you can’t seem to?

The fact of the matter is, you ARE producing an abundant harvest but if you’re like the vast majority…if you choose to conform to falling into the same “mindset” as the vast majority choose, "judging things by appearance"...choosing NOT to seek and understand the Kingdom...you’re creating this abundance “unconsciously” and “perceiving it as lack and limitation or mediocrity at best.

You “perceive” yourself as being “stuck”, resist it and receive an abundance of being stuck that the flow continually delivers to you. It’s not a standing still and stagnant form of stuckness though. The Flow continues providing an “illusion" of stuckness and stagnation” based on your chosen "perceptions and beliefs."

Most people don’t “see things” that way. They’ve been conditioned to see things in a very limited way.

Try this on for size...

A continual flow of “less than desired results” or mediocrity IS an ABUNDANCE of less than desired results and mediocrity.

So what sets you apart from the flower?

A flower doesn’t have the ability to think, reason and resist attempting to change the quality of the seed it produces. It was designed for one purpose. The seed produced is the same in kind and quality as the plant that produces it which matures into an abundant harvest that nature ALWAYS provides.

A flower doesn't have the capacity to think and reason and rationalize itself into "being" any thing other than it is.

It isn't able to become anxious and stressed out. It hasn't been provided the "free will" to be anything other than it was designed to be.

You have been provided that gift. You get to choose your way of "being" and the cycles...the process of creation delivers it just as you choose.

The entire Universe is consistently in flow and was created to consistently produce abundance.

Unlike the cycles of nature we have the ability and the “free will” to change and recreate the displeasing cycles that we so often times “perceive” ourselves as being trapped within by making a conscious and intentional choice to change the kind and quality of the seeds that we are choosing and have chosen to plant at some point in the past.

This change occurs when we choose to become “consciously aware” of what “thought seeds” have created our individual harvest and shift our predominant focus…become conscious of where we are choosing to place that focus and what we choose to give our predominant attention to.

Our choice…our free will determines the kind and quality of the seed which the Universe insures without fail is created just as we choose.

It’s our predominant ATTENTION…which gives additional life to the things that we desire to experience as well as those “things” that we would rather NOT see and experience.

To experience something different…something more grand…something that’s more in alignment with “tangible results” that fulfill our “hearts desires” it’s essential that the cycle be broken. To begin “consciously choosing” to produce and sow different seeds which just like the flower, the cycles of nature will begin providing an abundant harvest that‘s more in alignment with our desires.

Cycles insure that the flow never stops. Your thoughts beliefs, perceptions and actions determine the kind and quality of the flow.

We can't and don’t stop the flow. We can only shift the kind and quality of the flow that we receive. By choosing to make the "shift" consciously and intentionally, we get less of what we don’t want and begin getting more of what we DO want.

So how do we "consciously" open The Flow to consistently get what we DO want?

The most efficient and effective way is to follow the advice of one of the masters and simply “choose” to “Judge NOT by appearances” and keep your predominant ATTENTION focused on the “desired” harvest…the thing Loved and desired.

To consistently think, speak and act out of Love rather than fear.

That direction comes from the heart, NOT from the processing of "intellectual data" based on what you've learned and perceive to be true based on what you see going on around you.

What we are seeing in the various aspects of our lives right now are nothing more than what we have chosen to judge and perceive at some point in the past determining the quality of our action which has made it “real” now. We’ve “unconsciously utilized” the cycles that consistently produce it.

Less than desired outcomes have become “real” due to allowing the mind to lead and choosing to ignore what the “heart” is communicating.

The Mind "Perceives" an Objective Reality...The "Desires Of The Heart" Are Subjective

What we see and ”perceive” as being so real is an “objective reality.” Objective reality is limited to the predominantly held Newtonian world view. This view leads to the predominantly held “I’m a victim of all the “perceived” randomness and chaos that is going on around me.”

Yet randomness and chaos is only “perceived” as being real. It only becomes “real and true” based on a lack of understanding…based on a limited awareness.

But as science has clearly shown, reality is subjective. It’s only “subject” to what you choose for yourself. Rather than being a “victim of what is” you are the “creator of what is.” You can’t interfere with, stop or recreate the cycles but you can learn to harmonize with them to produce desired results.

The quantum reality is that all probabilities already exist within what modern day scientists refer to as “the field” and are only limited by and made real due to what we often see and “perceive” as being so “real and right and true” based on and due to what we see and experience in our Newtonian reality.

Doing so effectively and consistently only requires “seeing above” and beyond what we call and “perceive” as being reality and choose to step through the veil into Actuality. That choice opens us to the Infinite and effortless nature of the flow.

The cycle doesn’t change or waver. The flow never stops or rests.

The "flow only provides our "tangible realities" whether it's thoughts and actions based on Love or thoughts and actions based on fear.

The cycles don't rationalize and discern what realities we experience. We do.

Choosing to listen to and follow the heart projects Love and draws “desired things” from Actuality. Choosing to listen to and follow the head is what more times than not projects fear and draws the “undesired things” from Actuality due to our individual choices to “conform“ to the mindset of the vast majority which is to fear and react based on fear leading to action that is disharmonious with receiving what we love.

Those that experience Real Harmony…Real Joy…and Real Fulfillment in life are a very small minority. They choose NOT to conform to the way of looking at, perceiving and seeing things as the vast majority does. They’re NON-CONFORMISTS. They’re independent thinkers and choose to do things that the vast majority choose NOT to do.

You could say they think, speak and act in such a way that the vast majority choose not to.

Actuality is the quantum or spiritual realm from where all “physical things” come from. It can be equated to the field that always produces a harvest based on the seeds it’s provided to work with.

The Field or The Kingdom is Love which is subjective. There is nothing that doesn’t already exist there whether desired or undesired.

The Newtonian world…the “objective reality” that the vast majority “perceive” to be so real, becomes whatever we choose for it to be because of and due to Love.

We ask and Love provides it just as we ask.

Many overlook how “true” this is simply because they choose to remain unaware of how the asking is being done…how THEY themselves are doing the asking.

We attempt for the most part to communicate our desires in a very limited way based on our “physical ways” of communication and action.

We ask for things we'd love to experience personally but attempt to get these things by choosing paths that don't harmonize with, resonate and project love.

We ask for what we love but we don't exercise love to receive what we love.

The quantum or spiritual realm doesn’t posses the ability to see, hear, smell, touch and taste. It responds to vibration and frequency. Our communication with this Quantum Love is determined by “frequency” and it’s our individually chosen “frequency” that WE ourselves choose to project through our “feelings” about any given outcome that determines what we are asking for which Love, acting in the way that Unconditional Love ALWAYS does, insures that we receive whatever that might be without fail.

In the same way you cannot effectively communicate and “ask” for your heartfelt desires to be fulfilled by attempting to utilize and depend on the limitations of your “physical attributes” when what is being “felt” isn’t harmonized with those attributes and expect that these desires will be fulfilled.

In other words choosing to engage in prayer or visualization exercises using empty words of I AM __________ or I have _________ with underlying feelings of lack and limitation cannot and will not provide the “desire.”

You can’t fool your higher self and you can’t fool Source.

Now all of that might lead you to believe based on "appearences" that mind creates your reality and to an extent it does. The mind is extremely powerful.

But here's why it's only a partial truth that mind is the "only thing" that determines your reality...

I’ve come to know and understand through personal experience that Love projected from the heart overrides and supersedes any chosen mind games that we choose to engage ourselves in even when the mind chooses fear.

In other words a strong projection of Love energy from the heart followed by total acceptance and surrender can and does overwrite less powerful energies projected from the mind.

Examples of these “less powerful” energies are fear, doubt, worry, etc.

Although I won't go into great depth about that experience here, it was a kind and quality of miracle that transcended space and time due to Love being the predominant focus even when fear was equally present. It's rightfully titled The Greatest of These Is Love.

It describes in detail a personal miracle that defies all common rationale and logic that clearly reveals and conveys just how "true" it is that Love overshadows fear when we choose love as our predominant way of "being."

The Mind Is The Gateway That Guards and Determines What Is Projected Into The Field

What we've covered so far always raises a number of questions. The 2 most common are...

So why is it that the mind and heart become disharmonious in there intent?

Both are "internal" communication. How do we differentiate one from the other?

We’re born with “only” love. The heart and the mind harmonize. There are no externally acquired perceptions that interfere with the spirit or the “untainted aspects of mind” that each of us is provided.

You could say that the heart and the mind are one and no internal conflict exists.

The resistance and internal conflict begins as we begin to learn the ways of the world. We begin to learn based on the individual beliefs and perceptions of those who raise us and begin forming "perceptions" of the difference between right and wrong, true and false, what's logical and illogical, what's rational and irrational.

We're taught what to fear.

The heart stays in this “love place.” The mind develops beliefs and perceptions that are shifted to fear, doubt and worry. It creates internal conflict. Internal disharmony.

The heart’s desires continue to sing out and the mind says NO…I can’t…I’m not worthy…It’s too hard…it’s too big…look at what I have and where I’ve been, I just can’t get there from here based on what it‘s "learned" throughout life.

But it’s a lie…a “perceived” truth no doubt which makes it true for those who choose to follow the minds lead but it's a “lower form of truth” than what’s “TRULY POSSIBLE” for you. It’s flawed data based on “perceptions formed” due to externally acquired “false beliefs” and the experiences in life that have unfolded as a result of choosing to hold them and “perceive” them as being “true“ which DOES, without fail make it true for you and keeps the “Higher Truth” being communicated at the “heart level” from becoming “real and tangible.”

The Newtonian world is limited by time and space. The quantum or spiritual realm...the field of Unconditional Love consists of all that is or ever will be. It is not limited to time and space. It has no boundaries, borders or limitation. It is all there is. There is no past, present or future as we know it but all of them happening consecutively.

Time and space can be and are transcended when you choose to get into your heart and out of your mind. Time and space are illusions in the Newtonian world. They are mere “perceptions of reality.” This perceived reality…whatever YOU choose to “perceive” it as, is derived and drawn from Actuality…the Infinite field of Love.

Getting out of your own way is as simple and complex as getting out of your mind or at least consciously directing your mind...elevating your "intellectual understanding" in such a way that harmonizes with the direction and desires of the heart.

Here’s the “Higher Truth” that “allows” harmony and fulfillment in life to become real and tangible. The often overlooked “Higher Truth” that consistently makes desired miracles real and tangible in the Newtonian world…in every aspect of YOUR physical world whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

It's necessary to rediscover and re-experience the field of Love. When the Love is harmonized with, ALL things become possible again.

As spiritual text states...

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

It’s as simple and complex as consistently choosing Love as your way of “being”…as your chosen and consistent point of focus.

Love is our natural state and is projected from the heart…fear is a learned state derived from externals…the unfolding of various events, conditions and circumstances in our physical environment and is consistently processed and projected from the mind.

We are consistently making choices on different levels. Our heart is consistently communicating, projecting and choosing to experience what we love (our desires) and our mind is consistently checking and dictating which of these “heartfelt desires” can be and will be experienced based on our adopted beliefs and perceptions which were formed due to what we’ve developed beliefs about which have created our current reality as well as our individual and collective experiences of the past.

But the “perceived” limitation of experiences at this physical level limits what can be conceived and believed in mind. The consistent creation of “desired outcomes”...outcomes of Infinite proportion hasn’t been recorded at the mind level, simply because it hasn’t been experienced.

But it's only "true" because the mind has kept it from becoming "true."

It doesn’t mean that the “probabilities for the experience of heartfelt desires” doesn’t exist. All probabilities DO exist.

What it DOES mean is that you have chosen to ignore the direction of the heart or at the least allowed the mind to suppress and sabotage the direction that the heart is providing.

A desire that comes from within to experience something that IS possible is at the same time suppressed from within through our choices to "believe" that it's attainment isn't possible for us.

It’s a self created dichotomy with the potential for either but not both “probabilities” to become true.

One of these “probabilities”…the fulfillment of desired outcomes expressed by the heart is based on a “Higher Truth” and the other probability is based on an individually held “perception of truth” derived from what’s happening around you in the Newtonian world which more often than not keeps “heartfelt desires” from becoming “real and tangible.”

So how do we elevate our individual experiences to a more “desirable level” in the Newtonian world?

That’s the REALLY simple part!!

It’s essential that you tune in, listen to and follow your heart. Develop the ability to consistently allow your heart to take the lead and become “conscious of“ what it‘s communicating to you which always points to Love.

It’s as simple as learning to recognize the difference between head communication and heart communication.

Your heart will never guide your fears. Your heart knows no fear. Fear is a learned trait that resides in the mind which limits or sabotages altogether the desires of the heart.

Your heartfelt communication never instructs to hurt or hinder yourself or those around you.

A heartfelt desire to experience financial wealth for example, when the underlying intention harmonizes with Love isn’t some selfish desire although many have developed “perceptions and beliefs” that it is due to external data acquired, internalized and accepted throughout their lives.

A desire for experiencing financial wealth is the heart calling out to have an experience. The judgment and perceptions that surface regarding it’s rightness or it’s wrongness are nothing more than programmed and conditioned responses that the mind has stored at a subconscious level which the conscious mind, recalls and processes to make these self limiting judgments and determinations as to what‘s possible now.

The “Desires of The Heart” Is The Spirit You...
...The "Real You" Seeking Expression

Let’s take a bit deeper look at what “the heart” is. It’s not the physical organ heart I’m referring to.

For the sake of simplicity let’s refer to this aspect of heart as the “mind of the heart.” It's the spiritual aspect of the heart that utilizes the "physical heart as a tool just as your "mind" utilizes the brain to carry out physical functions.

Your heart is the spirit you seeking expression and being infinite in nature…an integral part of the whole…spirit provides clear direction as to what’s “truly available” to and for you as well as the direction of where to go and how to make these heartfelt desires…these things that you love…“real.”

The mind choosing to look at, observe and make determinations with regard to what’s going on in the physical and “finite” world often times sees these “desires” as being unrealistic…as too big and chooses to “close the gate“ which “blocks” the desires of the heart from being ########.

But it’s nothing more than self created limitation. Self sabotage.

We rationalize as to why we can’t have that thing. We make excuses and call them reasons. Yet reasons are nothing more than excuses with a label that somehow makes us “feel better” intellectually when our excuses keep us from experiencing the “heartfelt desires” that spirit is calling out and asking to experience.

The “desires” of the heart is where “real truth” and “real possibility” is taking place and the mind is processing that data and in many cases snuffing it out due to individually held “perceptions of truth” limiting the heartfelt desires that we each have the right as well as the ability to experience based on individually held and chosen “perceptions of truth” acquired throughout life.

The heart is consistently projecting untainted and pure data communicating Love. It’s the only direction that can be fully trusted. It’s pure in form.

Heartfelt data is always harmonized with “Unconditional Love.” Heartfelt data allows everyone to win. There is no competition. There is no pain or struggle. There is no sadness. There is no lack and limitation. There is no resistance. There is no “polarity" in Love. Heartfelt data only produces “feelings” of joy.

Anything less is interference...a suppression of Love initiated by the learned perceptions that form filters in the mind.

Inaccurate data processed by the mind creates “emotions” that sabotage our “feelings” of love and joy making us “feel“ badly. Mind data produces fear, doubt and worry creating anxiety and depression.

Surrender to the desires of the heart. Surrender the resistance being created within and based on the self inflicted limitations of the mind.

How do you do this? Where does it begin?

It begins by choosing to “become conscious.” First of all “conscious” of the heartfelt communication the heart is sending to the mind which is expressed in the desires you hold for yourself and others that harmonize with Love.

It’s nothing more or less than becoming “conscious” of the difference between heart data and head data.

Choosing to do so clearly reveals the difference between ego and higher self.

This requires nothing more than choosing to become quiet for a moment and allow those "heartfelt desires" to stir, awaken and surface at a conscious level.

Reflect on…

  • What do you love with all your heart?

  • What do you want with all your heart?

  • What experiences do you wish to engage in with all your heart?

  • Do these “desires” benefit and enable everyone involved to win?

  • Does the manifestation of the experience of what you love benefit all?

  • Do these "heartfelt desires" align, harmonize and honor the "free will" of others?

Become conscious of…

  • What are you allowing your “mind” to do when you think about the manifestation...the tangible creation of these “heartfelt desires?”

  • What conceptualizations are processed as you think about and ponder the “tangible creation” of the “heartfelt desire?”

  • What “perceptions” do you hold with regard to the “tangible creation” or the sabotage of your heartfelt desires?

  • What emotions ignite?

  • Do they harmonize with Love and joy? Do they create a win win for all involved?

If you find the mind to be conflicting with your heartfelt desires, it’s going to be necessary to provide the mind with new data that supports, aligns and harmonizes with the desires held at the heart level.

To elevate the “mind” to harmonize with “heartfelt desires” that you have for yourself requires a willingness and a commitment to expand the quality of consciousness that is creating the “illusion” of limitation. It’s as simple and complex as developing the ability and willingness to harmonize and eliminate the “resistance” between heart and mind and developing the ability to accept and surrender to whatever "less than desired miracles" are being observed on the outside...in the physical Newtonian world.

The inflow of "heartfelt desires" begins by choosing to “Be anxious for nothing.” The flow provides "desired miracles" when we choose to "judge not by appearances and allow Love to shine through.

It’s an “internal battle” that you can disarm and win whenever you make the choice to do so. Doing so requires becoming conscious of the difference between heart communication (accepting, surrendering to and experiencing what you love) or head communication (accepting and surrendering to rather than avoiding and resisting what you fear)

You must involve, listen to and follow your heart if you want a consistent flow of consciously created and desired miracles. Your heart is far more powerful and creative than your brain or your mind when you choose to allow it to be.

Personally experiencing that power requires a surrender to the intellectual thought processes. It requires a willingness on your part to “Judge not by appearances”…to “be anxious for nothing” and keep focus on the “feelings” that the heart provides which always point toward Love and the fulfillment of “desires.”

It requires nothing more or less than turning the volume up at the heart level and turning the volume down at the level of consciousness. It requires becoming consciously aware of what the mind is instructing you to do that you recognize as going against or “resisting” the instruction of the heart which is clearly conveyed and communicated based on whatever you “truly desire” (love) to be, do or have.

Listen to and follow your heart…elevate your quality of consciousness to the heart level.

  • Focus on the love of rather than the “fear of.“

  • Focus on the “desired reality” rather than the “perceived reality.”

  • Focus on the "fulfillment of" rather than the "lack of."

  • Focus on winning rather than NOT losing.

  • Focus on being wealthy rather than NOT being broke.

  • Focus on what you can do for and how you can best contribute to the happiness and fulfillment of others rather than what you can do for yourself and get for yourself despite the wants, needs and desires of others.

In essence it's simply a matter of choosing Love as your conscious and/or underlying intention and doing the best you can to keep your attention on what is loved.

Learn to Love and accept unconditionally which automatically and effortlessly initiates surrender allowing what is loved to become real and tangible.

That’s where your “true power” lies and where infinite potential and possibility can be and will be experienced when you make a conscious choice to “allow“ it to be.

Love projected attracts to you and delivers what you love. Fear projected absent the Intention of Love keeps what you love from becoming real.

That’s my friend is the key to the kingdom and once you “get it“ and choose to “consciously and consistently apply it“ the gates of the Kingdom will open...the Unified Field will dance to your song delivering each and every “heartfelt desire“ you have for yourself.

Unconditional Love guarantees it and provides us whichever we choose.

Choose Love as your way of being and you'll never "want" for anything.

That's a promise.

Chuck Danes




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