My thoughts I have of myself and my dialogue.

by Patty
(San Jose, CA, USA)

I think I am starting to get the fact that my internal dialogue, my thoughts I have about myself and things I say to myself, really do impact my life.

Definitely not positive.

I don't give myself value. I don't compliment myself.

Am I starting to see the picture?

Chuck's response to Patty...

Hi Patty,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and comments.

Your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions do without question determine the quality of your life.

Especially the beliefs and perceptions you hold about yourself.

From my perspective it's not so much about giving yourself value as it is about learning and understanding the value that you ALREADY are and the worth that you've been freely provided.

When you do that, the value you place on yourself is automatic. It doesn't require trying or attempting to convince yourself.

Your worth and value were provided to you, as they were to me and everyone else long before we "arrived here" in physical form.

Granted, we may have learned and accepted any number of beliefs that conflict with and keep us from seeing that, but the fact of the matter is we are FAR MORE valuable and have far greater worth than most have learned and as a result "choose" to see.

It's not that we don't ALL desire to get to the place where we CAN clearly see and know that.

Our "perceptions of value" which define how we "perceive" the value we are and the worth that we have, happen through what we've learned, accepted and adopted as being "true."

That also determines and plays a very important role in our life choices in EVERY aspect of our lives which in turn determines the kind and quality of life we experience.

The fact that we've learned and accepted something less, doesn't make it true. Not definitively true I mean. It only becomes "true" for us in life and impacts the quality of our life if we buy into it and remain trapped within such a short sighted and limited perspective.

Even though many DO learn and honestly believe that they're "less" than they truly are, it certainly doesn't mean that it can't be "unlearned."

That's really the key to progressing as we all desire to. It's more about "unlearning" all the garbage and nonsense we've been taught than it is learning.

I would also like to suggest that there IS a positive in EVERYTHING. There also exists the possibility as well as the probability of the polar opposite.

Which of these we choose to believe and perceive determines the quality of our experience individually.

So that too is simply a matter of choice and perspective.

In my mind, the simple fact that you are beginning to see and realize that you may not give yourself the credit you deserve, is IMMENSELY positive.

It's a VITALLY important first step. Growth is a process. And what you are discovering and moving through is one of the first VITALLY important steps of that process.

As you progress, perhaps you'll come to the place where you recognize, acknowledge, accept and embrace the fact of how immensely valuable you are and the worth that is an inherent part of us all which can NEVER be taken away.

We can certainly believe, perceive and SEE ourselves as less, but it most certainly isn't based on a Higher Truth.

That I KNOW.

I also KNOW that as you develop and expand upon these views of yourself which keep you from seeing and accepting how valuable and worthy you truly are, things in your life will change in dramatic and in many cases "seemingly miraculous" ways.

Maybe the following articles will shed some additional light on what I'm attempting to convey...

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Keep on keepin on Patty. You're definitely on the right track and as you'll soon see and understand, a VERY positive and illuminating one where the scenery gets better and better as you venture down it.

The VERY Best For You as You Take Those Next Steps,


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