Self Esteem and How The Power Of Positive Self Esteem Impacts Your Life

Positive Self Esteem Is The Fuel That Carries You
Wherever It Might Be That You May Desire To Go

Positive self esteem allows you to run the race of life with ease

The Power Of Positive Self Esteem Will Provide You The Agility And
Stamina To Transmute Your Obstacles Into Stepping Stones As You
Fearlessly Move Through, Experience and Conquer What Blocks So Many

"It's not what you are that holds you back,
it's what you think you're not."
- Denis Waitley

The Power of Positive Self Esteem like all power principles is a vitally important principle to understand.

Perhaps the single MOST important.

A principle that if embraced and consciously applied will enable and empower you to experience the joy, harmony and fulfillment that is readily available to each of us without exception.

In fact a high level of self esteem is one of the most vital principles for being, doing and having more of whatever it might be that you desire for yourself.

It's the foundation that all of your individually chosen thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions are based upon with regard to ourselves, how we respond and/or react to others and what we perceive as we attract, create and experience the various events, conditions and circumstances we each experience in life.

And each of these chosen ways of "being" also determine...without fail... the kind and quality of our experiences individually in life.

In other words, our chosen levels of self esteem impacts and quite literally determines the quality of every aspect of our lives whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually.

So...I think you'll agree, a high level of self esteem is some REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT stuff!!

According to a broad range of experts, conservatively 85% of people in the world needlessly suffer from a diminished self esteem.

Once you've grasped and clearly understand that everything in life is derived from and based on your individually chosen quality of consciousness, it becomes quite apparent that a high level of self-esteem is without question a critical component that's necessary...essential in fact for consciously and consistently attracting and experiencing abundance and happiness which is made real and possible when the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual aspects of life become harmonious.

In other words a high level of self esteem equates to attracting and experiencing harmonious and fulling rewarding relationships, material abundance and vibrant and radiant health.

High levels of self esteem equate to peace of mind, harmony and fulfillment in life.

Yet as important as it vital as it is in us "getting what we want", many are "unaware" of it's importance and even more importantly how to make the shift should they discover that their individual level of self esteem conflicts with what they "truly desire" to be, do and/or have in the various areas of their lives.

What's more is the fact that many confuse self esteem with self worth. They're unaware of their "true worth" which creates diminished "perceptions" regarding their worth which leads to diminished levels of self esteem.

And that's one of the major reasons...perhaps even the #1 reason that so many "perceive" that they can't get what they want.

They simply don't possess....based on what they've learned to be true regarding themselves, their capabilities and the infinite possibilities and potential that we each have access to...the level of self esteem that will enable them to experience whatever their desire might be.

But it's a self created dichotomy. And I think it's important to emphasize that it is without exception Self Created or at the very least Self Allowed.

Here's what I mean by that...

The more "correct statement" would be that at some point in our lives we've "allowed it" to happen as we were growing up. And in that situation it's not our fault for sure. In fact it's vital that we not allow ourselves to get into the place that we "perceive" it to be ANYONE'S fault...regardless.

Not ours...not those who taught us...not anyone. Because in the bigger scheme of things, it's not anyone's fault in the literal sense of the word.

In the vast majority of cases everyone does the best they can as they teach us what they believe to be "true and real and right" about life based on where they are in their understanding.

It's vital that we accept that and learn to understand it...internalize it and most importantly live by it.

It's a chosen way of being that will enable us to reclaim our power and be that much closer to consciously, intentionally and consistently mastering the ability to begin "getting what we want."

And we do, without exception each have the very same ability to do so. It's simply a matter of choice.

Because regardless of what it is we've been taught and accepted as being true, it's just "data"...externally acquired data that we've learned, believed, adopted and accepted as being "true."

Attempting to find fault or blame in ourselves or others whether it be past, present or future, only serves to keep us from moving toward what we want.

In fact, it keeps us stuck in undesirable cycles.

That's why the Power of Forgiveness and the Power of Acceptance is so vital.

More specifically Unconditional Forgiveness and Acceptance.

  • ...For others

  • ...For ourselves

  • ...For our "perceived failures"

  • ...For our mistakes

  • ...For our shortcomings

  • ...For ALL of it

Choosing to adopt this "way of being" empowers ourselves, enables us to break through the "perceived barriers" that we "believe" are so real and enables us to move forward.

Yet in far too many cases we've allowed the beliefs, perceptions and opinions of others to dictate, determine and in a number of cases undermine what we ALL innately "know" to be true about ourselves, our capabilities and the infinite possibilities that are equally available to each of us.

Because whether you currently understand it or not...whether you choose to believe or not believe it currently...below all the layers of "beliefs and perceptions" that we've allowed ourselves to acquire throughout life...we each "know" at the deepest place within ourselves just how "true" it is.

We just have to make conscious, intentional and purposeful choices, remove the layers that we've allowed to limit us regarding our "true worth" and simply "remember." And choosing to do so, consciously, intentionally and immediately restores and elevates our individual self esteem to it's "original level" enabling and empowering us to attract and experience a greater and more fulfilling quality of life.

Because in the bigger scheme of things it's these layers...unfounded beliefs and perceptions that we choose, which blind us to the awesomeness, uniqueness and greatness that we "truly are."

We become conditioned and indoctrinated to "forget" that we were each created in the "Image and likeness of Source, whatever you might perceive Source to be.

Through what we've learned to be real, right and true about ourselves, about life, about what we can have and not have, we perceive....whether at a conscious or subconscious level that we are in some way, shape or form flawed..."unworthy" of receiving the heartfelt desires we ALL have which in turn makes us incapable of making them real.

How and Why do we do that?

The how is by allowing the beliefs, perceptions and opinions of others to affect, mold and shape what we believe and how we think about ourselves. It really is as simple as that.

Consider this...

In the vast majority of cases we're not even "consciously aware" of why we believe what we believe. In the vast majority of cases you can ask someone "why" they believe what they believe and the answer is "Because it's true."

But in FAR MORE cases than not it's only "perceived" as being "true" due to being indoctrinated with the perceptions and beliefs of others without ever taking the time or the initiative to discover if these acquired "beliefs and perceptions" are "really true" at all.

Although granted...our "belief in them" has made them "real and true" in the various areas of our lives and the outcomes experienced in life thus far solidify our "beliefs and perceptions" as to how "true" they are, it doesn't make it "REALLY TRUE"'s only our beliefs and perceptions, as limited and self sabotaging as they might be, which have created and will continue creating outcomes that always harmonize with our choices to remain limited by what we "perceive" as being true.

As true as we might "perceive" real as they might seem based on our "beliefs" and the experiences these "beliefs have created at some point in the past...regardless of how much we love and trust those who have taught us what is "real, right and true" in the various areas of our lives, there exists a "Higher Truth."

There is always a "Higher Truth."

There is no "limit" to truth. Higher Truth and our "chosen truth" are 2 very different things. Higher Truth is infinite in nature and only delivers to us in life just as we believe and choose for it to.

To experience greater outcomes it's necessary to make some different choices. And the greatest choice we can make is choosing to elevate our belief in ourselves which in turn elevates the level of self esteem that we are choosing and have chosen for ourselves.

When we "choose" to do that we can begin removing all the layers and we begin "getting more of what we want."

And I can assure you based on personal experience and assisting countless others globally to get to the core of why they believe what they believe, in FAR MORE cases than not what so many "believe and perceive" as being "true" about themselves and their capabilities isn't TRUE at all.

Not in the literal sense of the word.

They've simply been "taught" that it's true, and as a result "believe it." They've never questioned and as a result never explored beyond the "externally acquired data" that they've been exposed to and chosen to adopt and live by as "their truth."

Due to these "chosen beliefs", we act out in life through our individually chosen thoughts, words and deeds based on what we "believe and perceive" as being true regarding life and ourselves and the immutable, unwavering perfection of the creative process harmonizes with our choice and we "experience" a kind and quality of life just as we choose.

We've "chosen" to accept the "beliefs" that we're imperfect, flawed and limited. It's us who has "accepted the fact" that we're born into sin and unworthy. And due to those choices, we become and experience just that based on those chosen beliefs.

Through various means, we're indoctrinated beginning in the earliest years of childhood to "believe" that we're unworthy...not good some way flawed. We're taught and have developed "beliefs" that getting what we want is "hard", not possible, requires struggle and that "the chips just fall as they will."

And we always get to be right. We ALWAYS get to experience life just as we choose.

Although this indoctrination can and often does happen in the most innocent of ways and with the best of intentions, it's done nonetheless. And we have allowed it.

We're not taught about how awesome and powerful and creative we are. We're not "taught" about the inalienable gifts we've been provided to create or if you prefer co-create our lives consciously and intentionally in a way that we "truly desire."

We're taught and in most cases "believe" just how imperfect and limited we are. We're "taught" what's rational, logical, practical and "doable or not doable" for ourselves. As a result, we create and experience our lives in a way that harmonizes with what we've chosen. As a result of not understanding why we believe what we believe we go through life "unconsciously creating" and fail to see how our individual power...what we "know and believe" to be true is creating whatever is happening around us just as we choose.

Unless and until we make a "conscious and intentional choice" to discover otherwise, unless and until we choose to accept responsibility for our lives and consciously choose to elevate the quality of what we've come to "believe" and "know" to be true about our lives...our "true capabilities...and the infinite nature of what's "truly available" to and for each of us, this indoctrination can and often does impact and affect our results for our entire lives.

We unnecessarily and unknowingly remain limited by our own choices.

And just as we delivers it to us...Without fail and with unwavering certainty.

So it's vital first of all that we accept responsibility for our lives and our outcomes.

We don't "have to" but we can "choose to" whenever we "decide to." Although many never venture outside of their chosen beliefs...although they'll choose to look outside of themselves for why and how things in life turn out as they's nothing more than a choice to remain limited by what others have told and taught them about themselves.

And for those who choose to remain stuck in that mindset...those who choose to hold that "quality of belief" it impacts and determines the entire course of their lives regardless of how "desirable or undesirable" that quality of life might be.

But it's nothing more than a choice. An individual and in the vast majority of cases an "unconscious choice" but a choice nonetheless.

And here's "why" so many choose that for themselves...

The why we "allow" that to happen is simply because we all, at the deepest levels of ourselves have a desire to be loved, appreciated and accepted. We want to fit in. That is at the core of why we do whatever we do, why we act the way we act which inevitably results in what we have or don't have.

Granted, sometimes it doesn't "seem" that way when we observe others "doing so" in way that hurts or somehow adversely affects others. It's difficult to "see" how we ourselves do so when we're coming from a place of fear, lashing out and reacting adversely....but underlying every choice we make and everything that we do, we do for that reason and that reason only.

We simply want to be loved, accepted and appreciated.

And we each do that based on what we "believe and perceive" as being true.

The infinite number of ways that we express that innate desire outwardly in our attempts to get what we all want as individuals is done in the way it is based on our individually held "perceptions and beliefs" with regard to what's necessary for us to do so.

But this "fitting in"...this desire to be loved, appreciated and accepted by "buying into" and living by what the "vast majority" believes and "perceives" as being the right and only way, limits our abilities to be, do and have what we "truly desire." We adopt the mindset of the vast majority. We develop a "sheeple people" mentality. We believe as the vast majority does and as a result experience a quality of life that the vast majority always will.

And I can assure you that the vast majority has a VERY LIMITED perspective regarding their "True Power"...the magnitude of their "Self Worth" and as a result choose a very limiting and self sabotaging level of self esteem for themselves.

To rise above the experience a "greater quality of life", it's vital that we adopt a "Higher Truth" than the vast majority chooses to. It's vital that we discover that our lives...the kind and quality of our lives is only limited by what we are and have been choosing for ourselves which precipitates an "Awakening."

We rediscover our "true power." We reconnect and rediscover our "true worth."

And the greatest realization we can come to is with regard to ourselves. The power that we've each been equally provided to create a kind and quality of life limited only by our individual choices. And once we see that..."once we choose" to recognize and awaken to our "true power", enhance and elevate our self esteem...what we know to be true about ourselves is elevated and our world harmonizes with that choice. We begin to "see and experience" a shift in the world around us.

We begin getting "more of what we want."

How is it that a sense of high esteem of self is so important in achieving harmony, fulfillment, abundance and happiness in life?

It's quite logical and very simple to comprehend once you're "aware of" and choose to understand how the Universal Laws that govern the entire cosmos operate. Once you've become "aware of" and choose to develop a deeper understanding of the Law Of Vibration and have a basic understanding of the fact that all things, both the seen as well as the unseen, broken down and analyzed in their purest form consist of pure energy (E=MC2)...that all energy consists of and vibrates at a certain vibratory frequency the quality of which determines quality of life.

Once you have developed a basic understanding of how these energies attract to you the events conditions, and circumstances that happen in your day to day life due to the immutable, unwavering and unerring nature of the Law Of Attraction based on the resonance of that energy, you will have developed a crystal clear understanding of the importance of developing a sense of positive self esteem.

And the bottom line is our beliefs regarding ourselves, what is possible or not possible for ourselves, is what determines this "projected frequency."

What Does Self Esteem Have To Do With Attraction and Energy?

Let's look at it from a strictly "scientific perspective"...

Your "chosen way of being" emits and projects a resonance...a projected frequency of energy that without fail is projected into what 21st century science refers to as "the field." This "field" is what scientists refer to as an "infinite field" where ALL probabilities already exist.

Our individual choices...our chosen beliefs regarding ourselves creates and projects a frequency into this "field" transmuting the infinite waves of probability existing in the field from waves of probability into particles of matter.

What you experience in the various areas of your life...the events, conditions, circumstances always provides a mirrored reflection of that choice or choices.

The quality of the frequency is determined by the quality of the belief or beliefs that YOU choose for yourself.

Let’s examine specifically how these two perceived conflicting states...these "chosen states"...both high self esteem and low self esteem attract and create the results that they do.

First we'll look at positive or high self esteem.....

Positive self esteem could be looked at as a "higher vibrational intensity" of energy and a low sense of self esteem representing a lower vibrational intensity.

All energy...all energy

Positive self esteem projects and expresses your love of self...a higher form of energy frequency and therefore projects this "higher frequency" into "the field" allowing you to attract "higher energies" that harmonize with your choice.

fully express that love to others. Positive self esteem is experienced when you fully grasp and understand who and what you "truly are" your worth in the bigger scheme of things and clearly understand that regardless of the inevitable mistakes that we ALL make during life, regardless of the "perceived failures" we may encounter and experience as we learn and grow, they are nothing more or less than stepping stones that...should we "allow" them to...lead you to the "desired outcome."

Positive self esteem is being able to laugh at yourself, learn from yourself, honor and love yourself. Positive self esteem is achieved through mastering the ability based on an unconditional love of self, absent judgments.

Being in this state of Positive self esteem creates a specific vibratory frequency which is broadcast into the Universe and through the Law of Attraction attracts to you energies of the same vibratory frequency which through a process of time manifest in physical form based on those positive frequencies.

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is based on judgment of yourself. Low self esteem of self happens due to the fact that those that choose it hold on to internal judgments of some form and in which they feel inferior or less than whole.

Many times these feelings of unworthiness are established based on childhood experiences. Just as with positive self esteem, a sense of low self esteem also vibrates at a specific frequency, varying in intensity than that of positive self esteem (a much lower frequency) which attracts to you additional energies that harmonize with the outgoing frequency and creates outcomes or life experiences based on the kind and quality of those frequencies.

When you choose to remain stuck in a state of low self esteem or unworthiness, you are in reality communicating to the Universe that you don’t deserve all that it has to provide you...which is Infinite in nature and therefore attract and create a reality that harmonizes with your choice in each and every area of your life.

Low Self Esteem Is Derived From A "Perception of Separateness

Low self esteem comes about as a result of feeling a sense of separateness. It is important to understand that you are not separate from the Whole but instead an integral part of the Whole. Regardless of individual human perception the Whole is perfect. The Whole is and consists of Unconditional Love absent any judgment whatsoever. This includes judgment of self. Judgment, whether that of self or that of others is contrary to and conflicts with the unchangeable Universal Ideal of Unconditional Love.

A state of low self esteem can be likened to that of resistance. In a state of resistance you emanate and project a specific vibratory energy which can only attract more of that which you resist.

It is extremely important to understand that you, YES YOU, regardless of your preconceived perceptions, are absolutely perfect just the way you are. Once you have developed the ability to recognize this "Higher Truth", and begin eliminating self judgment as well as judgment of those around you, you will have come to a place that opens the door of unlimited blessings, profound inner peace, and a sense of overall well being.

Your perceptions of self and everything in our universe are based only on your beliefs, many times previously established false beliefs.

A common false belief among those who have a low sense of self esteem is that they are not worthy of receiving all that they are entitled to. It is due to these same false beliefs and perceptions that make you FEEL inferior which draws to you events, conditions and circumstances that harmonize with your choice. Outcomes that are "inferior" to what you "truly want."

Your perceptions and beliefs of truth with regard to yourself do not make it truth, it only becomes YOUR truth, and therefore becomes YOUR reality. In the same way, others "perceptions and beliefs" regarding you don't make it true and have no impact on you unless and until you choose to allow them to.

The fact that you believe it is true initiates the Law of Attraction to bring to you in physical form precisely that which you believe to be true. If you FEEL unworthy, the Universe can only deliver to you results in alignment with what and how you feel and believe to be true.

In reality you are not inferior at all, but it is only your belief that makes it so. Your reality is brought about and made physical by those things that you have come to believe are true. Low self esteem and feelings of inferiority are based on beliefs that you are not worthy of those things that have been promised to you.

Look around you and think about the infinite number of things that currently exist all around you. Which of those things do you most desire. They too, whatever they may be are also a part of the whole, of the Universe, of existence. Are you, also being an integral and important part of the whole, not also worthy of receiving them? The answer...your individual answer...whether it be Yes or No will determine what you have or don't have. Whatever you believe to be so.

Your beliefs and perceptions whether based on a sense of inferiority or an understanding of your worthiness attract and bring to you more of whichever you choose in exact proportion to that which you feel you deserve. (or don’t deserve)

In a state of positive self esteem you are in a state that projects to the Universe that you ARE worthy of ALL that it holds for you and the result is that those things, whatever they might be, are attracted to you and are only limited by what you can conceive and believe to be reality. Shed the false and self limiting beliefs that you hold concerning your self worth and you will begin to experience the power of unconditional love of self and in turn for all of humanity.

You ARE perfect in every way EXACTLY as you are. Your perception and belief that you are somehow broken, or inferior, implies that you are not worthy of receiving all that has been made available to you, and will limit those things that can be attracted and given to you.

Once you have come to this understanding and begin to take correct action on what you have discovered, you will have opened a channel of communication and blessings which will guide you and allow you to attract and experience those things that you most desire. You will have discovered the key to living and experiencing a life uncommon to so many.

So, how do you begin to accomplish this? What specific steps are necessary to establish your true sense of worth and come to understand that you are an important, integral and significant part of the whole?

* Go within

* Conceive

* Visualize

* Desire

* Believe

* Achieve

* Experience

And it (whatever it may be) will manifest itself into physical reality. You can not change the process of creation, but you can change your beliefs and perceptions as to what will be created and experienced as reality in YOUR world. Your outcomes in life are based only on your beliefs as to what is possible and those beliefs, more specifically what those beliefs are empowered to attract, are limited only by your self esteem and what you feel that you are worthy (or not worthy) of receiving.

The possibilities available to you are infinite in nature. The quality of those possibilities are limited only by the choices that you make for yourself.

You truly are a creator of if you prefer a co-creator of your reality. Develop your understanding of this immutable and unwavering truth...this "Higher Truth" and come to the realization that you are perfect in every way just the way you are, and that which you are enabled to attract and experience will far exceed anything that you have previously experienced.

You, I and everyone else have been provided this incredible and irrevocable gift by the Source of creation, whatever you might "perceive" this Source to be. Discover your importance in the process. Develop the understanding that you are a very important and integral part of the Whole and you will have come to a place of Unconditional Self Love which will turn your life into an incredible journey of joy, fulfillment, profound inner peace, and unlimited blessings in each and every area of your life.

To Reiterate…..

Your individual consciousness is a part of Universal Consciousness. Likewise Universal Consciousness Is Part of Your Consciousness. You are a very important, necessary and integral part of Universal Consciousness. (The Whole) Absent your individual consciousness the whole would not be whole but only a part. Nothing can be whole without all the parts. You are a very real and important part that make up the whole. Without you "The Whole" is only a part and not whole.

Regardless of your current perception and belief, or perceived separation, you can not be truly separated from the whole, for that is reality. It is only through Your beliefs and perceptions that can and do separate you from that reality and the result is that you FEEL separate. The Whole cannot and will not separate from you, but through free will you have been given the choice to separate from it. This choice is made real by those things that you believe to be true. If you don’t FEEL that you are a part of the whole, it is that very feeling, that belief that will separate you from it. The result of this perceived separateness is experienced in fear, anxiety and a sense of aloneness. The result of these perceived experiences is, through the Law of Attraction (Unconditional Love) attracting more of that which you fear and are anxious about.

You are never truly shut off from the whole. It is only your false beliefs or misguided perceptions that make it APPEAR to be so. You have the ability to open the door any time you choose to do so. You also have the choice to close that same door at your choosing. The door will only open as wide as you are able to conceive and believe that it can.

The whole is always present and waiting for you to except it’s truth, it’s reality. What is that reality? That you are an incredible and magnificent creature created in the image and likeness of your creator and have been provided the means in which to create that which is limited only by your ability to believe it so. That is the REAL TRUTH.

When you utilize your free will to believe in those things which are false and perceive those things which are contrary to Unconditional Love, the Universe through it’s fixed, unwavering, omnipresent, omniscient Unconditional Love, provides to you exactly that which you have asked for based on that belief.

Discover your TRUE worth, learn to experience Unconditional Love of self and realize that anything and everything that you have done in the past or will do in the future has a specific and definitive purpose that, regardless of your current belief or perception, will benefit the whole.

Change your beliefs as well as your perceptions as to those things that you experience in your life and you will float through to the next lesson to be learned. Understand that when you become fearful concerning a circumstance that you are experiencing, it will persist and continue until you have learned the lesson that it was intended to teach you. Once you have passed that test life will inevitably lead you to the next.

Your positive self esteem combined with a deeper understanding that ALL things work together for the good of the Whole will change your perceptions and beliefs concerning those events and therefore change those experiences that you come to know and experience as your reality. Acceptance of these truths will allow your life journey to become an exciting and anticipated series of events, eager to move on to the next lesson and a higher plane of understanding.

The Process Of Life’s Unfolding Has Been Made Extremely Simple.

Belief to Perception to Thought to Vibration to Emotion to Attraction to External Reality.

Your positive self esteem can and will allow that external reality to become as great as you can conceive it to be. Likewise a sense of low self esteem can and will only allow your external reality to become as great as you can conceive it and believe it to be.

Do you FEEL worthy? You are. You only have to discover the REAL truth concerning that worth.

You have been provided the ability to choose how you feel. You have been provided the ability to change those beliefs that conflict with the HIGHER TRUTH concerning who and what you are and your undeniable worth in our universe. You have also been provided the free will to experience your life any way you choose.

What do you choose?

It is our sincere hope for you that whatever choices you make both today as well as the future will enable and empower you to know and understand who and what you "truly are" and experience the Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and Unlimited Blessings that have already been provided to you and are yours if you'll only accept them.

What I personally choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

You "Truly Can" Be, Do and Have Whatever You Choose For Yourself In Life

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