The Power Of Acceptance

"Consciously Choosing" Unconditional Acceptance Opens The Natural Flow of Abundance and Allows
The Simplicity, Perfection and The True Miracle
Of Life To Be Revealed and Experienced

Acceptance Is Like The Peace and Calm Of A Quiet Brook

Consciously choosing The Power of Acceptance enables and
empowers you to go with rather than against "The Flow"

The Power of Acceptance and your willingness to consciously activate it's power in every aspect of your life is the often overlooked key to experiencing a quality of life that surpasses common human logic.

Personally experiencing this quality of life for yourself requires nothing more than choosing to elevate your awareness and depth of understanding to the unwavering and never changing perfection of the process of creation and it's infinite nature.

You become enabled and empowered to see life and the world around you for what it truly is in such a way that instills an indescribable sense of internal harmony, peace and well being that transcends all forms of common logic and widely held "perceptions" of possibility that the vast majority "unconsciously choose" to remain limited by.

Acceptance is a virtue that doesn't require any form of doing inn the "physical sense" of the word, it's a chosen way of being. Choosing acceptance as your predominant way of "being" transcends the limitations of the intellect opening your eyes to the matrix of illusion that so many who find themselves caught in seemingly inescapable cycles of fear, doubt worry and anxiety "perceive" as being so real.

Like all Power Principles the power activated through choosing acceptance as your chosen way of being never fails or wavers. It's power as well as it's reach is unrestricted in any way shape or form. It's reach is infinite in nature and transcends ego, suspends polarity and duality which in turn enables the flow of heartfelt desires to become "real and tangible."

Each and every experience we encounter in life, whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually doesn't find it's root in the "doing" as the vast majority "perceive" but rather becomes "real and tangible" in our physical reality based on and due to our individually chosen way of "being."

This way of being is reflected and made real through the choices that you make for yourself at the causal level...more specifically the quality of consciousness that you choose for yourself.

There are no right or wrong ways of being. Only individual choices which determine what you will experience in the various aspects of your life.

Acceptance is a way of being initiated by choice. Those who choose acceptance as their predominant way of being find it to be a pleasing and powerfully creative choice...a choice that consistently yields "desired results."

Choosing acceptance as your predominant way of being disarms and eliminates fear, doubt, worry and anxiety which in turn enables "The Flow" to consistently deliver desirable outcomes.

Doing is a finite and physical effect that creates additional effects...being is the underlying cause that transcends the physical which inevitably transmutes into what we do. Our chosen way of being affects the quality of our doing which in turn impacts the quality of the tangible results that we receive which in turn determines our individual physical experience.

Acceptance is our "true nature" freely provided to each of us and resistance is a learned trait that many adopt throughout their lives due to self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs acquired.

Resistance, although often "perceived" as being the means to avoid unpleasant and undesirable experiences is in actuality the very choice that enables the unpleasant to become persist and only serves to draw to you more of the "unpleasant"...the polar opposite of what so many claim they want.

Put another way our chosen way of being is the result of and made real based on the quality of consciousness that we choose individually.

The quality of our consciousness serves as the seed of what we are being which in turn reflects in the tangible outcomes that our chosen way of being determines and harmonizes with.

Both acceptance and resistance are nothing more or less than individually chosen qualities of consciousness...ways of being which, although the flow is never hampered of affected...the quality of the flow...meaning the kind and quality of the events, conditions and circumstances that the flow delivers to us in the various aspects of our lives is without question affected.

The process never wavers. The Flow never stops or rests. The process of creation is ALWAYS in harmony.

A lack of awareness and deeper understanding with regard to how the process unfolds is the greatest cause for allowing resistance to become your chosen way of being which in it's unwavering perfection, the process of creation..."The Flow" delivers more of undesirable occurrences just as we choose as "unconscious" as that choosing might be.

It's a form of self sabotage. It blinds you to the perfection and the infinite nature of The Flow.

An Unconditional Acceptance of what is just as choosing to resist what is are nothing more than choices that we ourselves have been provided the right as well as the ability to make which determine what "The Flow" delivers to us individually.

The Flow never rests...the process of attraction never fails. It's the nature of the Universe to multiply and consistently supply an abundance of whatever we choose for ourselves.

In fact, faith and abundance is all there is.

The Power of Acceptance is far more than a "feel good" philosophy.

It's immutable and unwavering power is validated by modern day science and easily verifiable through exploring the ancient texts left to us by the most enlightened mystics, sages and masters since iniquity.

Let's Look At Some Timeless Wisdom That Supports How The Power Of Acceptance Creates "Desired" Outcomes

The timeless wisdom "As you sow you reap" and "Judge not and you will not be judged" are far more insightful and profoundly enlightening direction for creating a "desirable quality of life than most understand. Yet at the same time most people don't grasp the power behind it simply because they choose to look at the harvest (the effect) of what their seeds create rather than discovering and becoming "consciously aware" of what seeds created the harvest.

Resistance of what is...choosing to look at, perceive, and "judge what is" as anything but the perfect and miraculous process of creation unfolding as it was designed to do, equates to a choice to sow additional seeds that grow into more of whatever we might be choosing to resist and judge, further determining whatever future harvest that we reap.

Our individually chosen "perceptions" become self fulfilling prophecies.

Damning and judging the process can NEVER produce "desirable results."

Fear, doubt, worry and anxious expectation with regard to what currently is...what we ourselves have created based on the seeds that we have chosen to sow at some point in the past, only serves to sow and nurture additional seeds which continually produce a kind and quality of harvest that are harmonious with the kind and quality of the seeds that we have chosen determining the quality of the harvest that we continue to reap.

The process and the perfection of the process doesn't change or waver, it's only our judgments with regard to what the process produces that determines what is produced.

Choosing anything other than acceptance and appreciation for the the perfection of the process is in essence sowing additional seeds that will produce a harvest that harmonizes with our "unconscious and self defeating" choices.

These "unconscious and self defeating choices which result in resisting and damning the process as well as the harvest that is produced only serves to keep the cycle repeating itself over and over again producing the same harvest unless and until new seeds are planted.

It's not the process that needs to change it's our individually chosen "perceptions and paradigms" that must change before we can expect change to occur.

Our underlying INTENTION is the seed...our predominant ATTENTION is the fertilizer that we choose to nourish the seed with which the process in it's immutable and unwavering perfection delivers just as we choose.

Although common, a lack of awareness with regard to our "true power" combined with a lack of understanding regarding the perfection of the creative process produces results, tangible results that we "perceive" as being disharmonious with our consciously held desires.

The process is ALWAYS initiated and made real through our individual choices, the creative power provided to each of us and the results that show up due to those choices, the vast majority of which are "unconscious choices", due to a lack of "awareness" can only serve to create more of the same of what we are choosing to resist.

Choosing The Path Of Acceptance Is The Short Path...The Path of Least Resistance To
Getting What We Want

We have each been provided an incredible and irrevocable gift that provides us with the power to choose our individual paths in life.

Resistance is a path and acceptance is a path. There isn't a "wrong" path in the bigger scheme of things, only paths that we have been provided the "Free Will" to choose to walk down individually which determine without fail what scenery we'll experience individually as we walk down them.

Acceptance is developing the ability to see the good...the beauty...the perfection of the creative process even though initially on the surface "the good" may not be clearly apparent due to the scenery that our past resistance has created.

Choosing a state of acceptance is a "conscious choice" that will without fail change the scenery.

Ironically, "consciously choosing" unconditional acceptance as a way of being in the world can, will and does enable and empower us to walk and experience the "path of least resistance" which without fail provides far greater "desired results" with far less effort and with far fewer "growth lessons" along the way.

Should you find yourself choosing a state of resistance and make the "conscious choice" to shift your current way of being, you'll find that doing so literally changes the course of your life and the events, conditions and circumstances experienced in the various areas of your life.

Acceptance of what you have chosen to be in the past as well as accepting the harvest that those choices have produced in the here and now will shift your predominant focus from resistance to acceptance and the harvest will change.

You are in essence choosing to sow new seeds which MUST produce a new harvest. A "desired" harvest.

The Power of Acceptance is an extremely empowering and transformational step that once understood and consciously applied will, without fail open the infinite flow of Abundance and Happiness into your life.

You begin to consistently reap a "desired" harvest. You begin to see and experience the splendor, magnificence and perfection of the creative process.

The concept is EXTREMELY simple. The process of creation is EXTREMELY simple. Conscious application of the concept and process is not always easy.

Choosing acceptance as a way of life requires a "conscious choice" to become aware of the perfection of the process combined with a willingness to recognize the importance of shifting the kind and quality of your "doing" at causal level.

Consciously choosing to remain in a state of "Acceptance of What Is" is a form of doing which without fail allows you to begin attracting those things that you most desire, rather than "unconsciously attracting and creating" those things that you don't.

Once you have acquired the awareness as to how acceptance can and will change the consistent flow of undesirable events, conditions and circumstances that you may currently perceive as negative outcomes, you will become enabled and empowered to begin to consciously and consistently attracting the desirable conditions, events, and circumstances into your life and positively change the current undesirable events you are experiencing with seemingly little effort.

How is this possible?

By developing an awareness of, and establishing an unshakable belief in how the power of acceptance works at it's core, you will become empowered to begin consciously utilizing and harmonizing the simple, immutable and unwavering principles that will allow you to begin changing those outcomes that you most desire to change, through conscious and focused intention.

The first step that is necessary to begin developing this awareness is to understand how the various events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your day to day life actually come about, as well as understanding and accepting the fact that you are personally responsible for whatever those might be.

Becoming familiar and learning to "consciously harmonize" yourself with the Universal Laws that govern the process of creation, can prove to be an important step in developing this awareness, and will allow you to clearly see and understand that the process never changes, is ALWAYS in harmony and that all of creation whether "consciously or unconsciously" chosen is ALWAYS a miracle...a harvest reaped based on the seeds that you have chosen to sow. A path that you yourself have chosen to walk down.

A Scientific Look at How and Why Acceptance
and Resistance Determines Your Outcomes

Modern day science has shown that all things in the cosmos are comprised of energy which is defined by E=MC2. Both the seen and the unseen are, in their purest and most basic form comprised of this same energy.

Scientists describe and define this energy as being divided into 4 categories...

  • Strong nuclear force

  • Weak nuclear force

  • Electromagnetism

  • Gravity

All energy in it's purest and most basic form exists as vibrations of varying intensities that consistently emit frequencies. These wave frequencies are often referred to as waves of probability.

Both acceptance and resistance like everything else exist as wave forms of probability the resonance or vibration of which vary in frequency.

In other words the quality of your consciousness creates projected wave forms of energy the intensity of which is determined by your individual choices based on and determined by the quality of consciousness you are choosing for yourself.

The field, which scientists refer to as the infinite field of probability contains within itself every conceivable outcome.

What determines the outcomes that you personally experience is based on the waveforms that YOU choose to project which intersect with the wave form in the field and transmute into particles of matter creating the events, conditions and circumstances that make up each and every area of your life.

As is described in the Law of Vibration , anything and everything that exists in our world broken down into it's purest and most basic form, consists of a vibration. In the same way, each thought, feeling, emotion, or act that you experience from day to day, emits and projects a specific vibratory output. It's because of the Law of Vibration that the Law of Attraction , which attracts additional harmonious vibrations to those that you choose to project which are eventually formed as physical matter, and materialize in physical form which create the events, conditions and circumstances that you see and experience in your life on a day to day basis. As explained in the Law Of Cause and Effect , every cause regardless if it is of a tangible or intangible nature produces an effect that harmonizes with the cause that created it.

Based on these inescapable and immutable laws, you are consistently creating the outcomes in your life every second of every day, regardless if you are "consciously aware" of it or not.

The Perfection Of "The Flow" Creates Harmonious Outcomes Based On Acceptance or Resistance

By learning to develop a mindset of Unconditional Acceptance of your current circumstances...circumstances that you have created based on your past choices regardless of what they might be, you begin to emit and project a vibratory resonance which emanates at a much higher vibratory rate than does resistance.

To assist in explaining how these vibratory rates vary, and are created, let's look at the meanings of each word individually.

Acceptance; 1 : an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound 2 : the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable 3 : the act of accepting : the fact of being accepted : APPROVAL 4 a : the act of accepting a time draft or bill of exchange for payment when due according to the specified terms b : an accepted draft or bill of exchange

Resistance: 1 a : an act or instance of resisting : OPPOSITION b : a means of resisting 2 : the ability to resist; especially : the inherent capacity of a living being to resist untoward circumstances (as disease, malnutrition, or toxic agents) 3 : an opposing or retarding force 4 a : the opposition offered by a body or substance to the passage through it of a steady electric current b : a source of resistance 5 often capitalized : an underground organization of a conquered or nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators

As we can see from the definitions above accepting a thing is being in agreement to it.

Resistance to a thing is being in opposition, or in a sense, a form of fighting against what is.

What does that have to do with vibrations?

When you choose a state of resistance, the resulting vibration is determined, transmitted, and projected which attracts to itself additional energies or "harmonious vibrations", that emanate at the same vibratory rate which gather, form, and eventually create what you come to see in the physical world and is perceived by you as reality. In this case opposition or fighting.

In a state of resistance, you are actually attracting, creating, and bringing into the physical, that which you claim you do not want.

In a state of acceptance, you are in the same way projecting harmonious vibrations by agreeing to accept whatever the situation is, and by doing so, just as in the attraction of resistant vibration, the vibratory attraction to the emotion of acceptance attracts harmonious vibrations which does away with or eliminates what you are perceiving as negatives.

By being in a state of acceptance, it is impossible for the perceived negative event, condition, or circumstance to grow!

It is against every scientific and spiritual principle. In other words, "It Can't Happen"!

Resistance becomes real by choosing a state of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety and the result is the attraction, manifestation, and growth of the thing resisted.

Acceptance becomes real by choosing to accept the circumstances as they are, absent fear, doubt, worry and anxiety and all that can grow from this "chosen state" are acceptable or pleasing circumstances.

How Can You Be In A State Of Acceptance When Things Aren't The Way You Would Like?

The first step is developing your understanding and belief of how and why the undesirable situations that occur in your life sometimes persist and make a conscious choice to begin accepting responsibility that it is your choices and actions that are and have been creating them.

It is imperative that you take conscious, focused and intentional action necessary to change the way you think about and perceive each situation that you experience.

By developing the understanding that ALL things that happen in your life work together for good, and are necessary for your growth, regardless of what they appear to be based on your current perception, you are taking a major step in eliminating the very resistance that is creating them, which in turn neutralizes the negative, or lower form of energy, empowering you to overcome them.

By establishing a sense of self acceptance and an openness to accepting change mindset, as well as an openness and willingness to discover and overcome the self limiting beliefs that many have been taught and come to believe to be "true", you will be 99% of the way to developing true acceptance.

The comfort and assurance that is derived from developing this understanding is, in itself, extremely powerful and liberating.

Regardless if you are a spiritual person or are totally dependent on scientific proof, the facts and proof exist for you to establish that belief. You only need to take the time to find and study them.

Although the Laws of creation are quite predictable and simple to understand it is initiating the power of them that is not so easy.

As humans, the vast majority resist change, and it is this same resistance to change that we are attempting to disempower and do away with.

You must develop the willingness to change the thoughts, emotions, actions, or beliefs that have created and caused these conditions to exist. It is necessary to eliminate your "resistance to change" and establish a sense of self acceptance and allow yourself to begin accepting change as a necessary process to facilitate your growth.

Your resistance to this truth will only cause your existing to conditions to continue to manifest the same results experienced thus far, until you make a conscious choice to do something different.

The time it takes to master this principle depends only on your willingness and desire to acquire the understanding enabling you to make the "shift" and once understood choosing to apply the understanding gained.

One thing is absolute. The sooner that you understand and accept the "Higher Truth" regarding your "true power" and the perfection of the creative process, the sooner you will become enabled and empowered to begin "consciously creating", attracting and experiencing the unlimited "Flow" of Abundance and Happiness that you were provided the birthright to experience and enjoy.

By becoming familiar with how your thoughts , feelings, and emotions create and attract to you the outcomes that they do, it will become much easier to take the positive action necessary to begin to attract only the pleasant things that you desire.

By developing an attitude of Gratitude in ALL of your life situations, regardless of what those situations bring or what you perceive them to be at the time, will literally, almost magically, and with absolute certainty dis-empower the energy creating those circumstances, and allow them to dissipate.

By learning to develop and remain in a constant state of acceptance, realizing that those things that you are experiencing are for your ultimate good, the resulting vibratory output created is harmonious and can only attract harmonious conditions, regardless of what the current circumstances appear to be. It is this harmonious vibration that you emanate as a result, that will allow you to dis-empower and change those things that are happening in your life, that you perceive as negative and choose not to experience.

Once you have mastered this principle, you will know what it is to become a "Creator of Circumstance" rather than a "Victim of Circumstance."

Transformational Resources For Creating and Sustaining A Mindset Of Unconditional Acceptance

Developing a mindset of unconditional acceptance requires nothing more than "consciously choosing" to shift your predominant way of thinking and enhancing your level of understanding.

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation provides an in depth look at that process as well as how to consciously harmonize yourself with it to consistently produce "desired" results in your life.

The 7 Hidden Keys provides an uncommon depth of understanding regarding your "True Power" and how to begin consciously and intentionally utilizing that power to be, do and have more of what you desire to experience in your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Developing an enhanced understanding of the Power of Acceptance, and how it can and will enhance the kind and quality of your life is like all things, your choice.

If that choice allows and leads you to begin the process of accepting whatever happens in your life, you will begin to experience events, conditions and circumstances that allow you to attract and experience a life, dramatically different than what you have experienced to this point.

Whatever you might choose for yourself, it is our sincere hope that it allows you to experience a quality of life filled with Unconditional Love, Inner Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment far greater than you can imagine or ever realized was possible.

A life that we choose to refer to as Abundance and Happiness.

From a spiritual perspective.....

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which transends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds to Christ Jesus." The Bible Philippians 4:6-7

Creating An Extraordinary Quality Of Life
For Yourself Is Really Quite Simple

It's Only a Matter of Deciding to Do So and Then, Choosing To Enhance Your Awareness Beyond The "All Too Common" Rational, Logical and Feasible Approaches That Most Blindly Choose

The 7 Hidden Keys To Conscious Creation

It provides all the understanding, direction and awareness you could possibly need. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing to begin "Consciously Applying" what you’ve discovered.

Click Here If You’re Finally Ready

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