The Power of a Reality Check - Part 2

In a World of Duality, Perceived Complexity and Constant Change, a Reality Check Is Important
and Can Work Wonders in Your Life, Should
You DO What MOST Refuse to...

...Look Below and AT the Surface So You Can
SEE Reality As (and For) What it Truly Is

There's beauty in the ugliness of polarity

Before we get into the Power of a Reality Check, let's set the stage and the tone of what The Power of a Reality Check is and CAN do, so you might decide early on if you're at the place and of the mindset, (or at least open, ready and willing to develop the mindset) where you can gain personal benefit from what follows.

First and foremost, I feel it's important to let you know up front that everything we'll be covering as we make our way through what follows, even the dark and shadowy "stuff", is only shared to reveal, how VITALLY IMPORTANT an inside out approach to life is, if we're to EXPERIENCE the greatest possible results.

Although what we'll be covering addresses a VAST number of things pertaining to life, that we see as dark as well as good, what the Power of a Reality Check is and is intended to DO, can be summed up, in a BIG PICTURE view kind of way, with one simple statement.

The Power of a Reality Check is A Personal Guide to Enable and Empower You to See, Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear and Experience the Infinite (However you define that) in a Very Personal, Profoundly Enlightening and Extremely Empowering Kind of Way.

Although everyone CAN benefit from what The Power of a Reality Check reveals, not everyone is ready to SEE that or DO what's "truly necessary" so they actually DO.

Let's briefly address DOING and what MOST believe needs to be done to arrive at where we're "trying so hard" to get to

While many honestly believe that "getting their desires fulfilled" requires changing what you do, or DOING more of it, it's much more about changing how you SEE and VIEW things..FIRST.

That's not to say that DOING doesn't play an important role in the fulfillment of your desires. It does. It's WHAT you do and the order in which you choose to do it that makes ALL the difference.

But due to the fact that MOST don't LOVE what they do, combined with HOW they go about "getting things done", the results "received" are mediocre at best.

There's no point, and certainly no benefit, in pretending, lollygagging, or beating around the bush.

Outside change, including what you do, happens to the degree that you become willing to change what's happening inside.

If you're ready to embrace and accept that immutable and unwavering FACT, (or, are at least open and willing to learn how and why doing so is beneficial) you're going to absolutely LOVE The Power of a Reality Check.

Let's talk Cause and Effect

We often hear about, many have learned about and to a degree, most understand, in an :intellectual kind of way, what cause and effect is. But we DON'T often look at or view it in such a way that we SEE how it impacts and plays a MAJOR ROLE in our lives.

As it pertains to you and what you experience in life, YOU are at cause. More specifically, what's happening within you is the cause and everything you experience on the outside are effects. Put another way, your way of BEING and your personal views about life, determine the kind, quality and quantity of effects you'll receive, in EVERY aspect of life...unconditionally.

Those "effects" are both tangible and intangible.

That includes how you view everything. Yourself, others, life in general, as well as what you "think and believe" is necessary to HAVE whatever it is that you "personally desire."

Regardless of what might be running through your mind right now, and aside from how you answered the questions above, let me begin by debunking any myth that your desires are too big, too small, too shallow and superficial, too surface level, misguided in some way, or the granddaddy of ALL "limiting beliefs", that you can't have them.

You can have them. You MOST DEFINITELY can. But to DO so in the simplest, quickest, easiest and "least expensive" way possible, it's of vital importance to become and remain aware of what draws them to you and what "seems" to push them away.

It's cause and effect, plain and simple...and it NEVER misses the mark.

Although we often think, believe and experience the opposite, nothing is ever "truly" pushed away. We're ALWAYS drawing to ourselves, whatever we experience in life. What's often overlooked and/or misunderstood, is the FACT that the "effects" we "receive" are always aligned and harmonized with the "cause."

That's how the cosmos operates...ALWAYS in ALL WAYS in "alignment and harmony."

Our preoccupation with all the surface level stuff, combined with our emotional responses and reactions to these "things", in more cases than not, keeps us from realizing, let alone SEEING that.

Although most DON'T, learning more about and taking a VERY close and objective look at how cause and effect determines EVERYTHING in life, is of great importance and even greater benefit.

I can share from personal experience, putting that first and DOING that first, will keep you from enduring as much pain and disappointment I did...that so many do...needlessly.

If you're to draw to yourself whatever your idea of transformation means to you, it's vitally important that you understand HOW to DO the "right things" in the right order.

The first step is KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING what the "right order" is.

There isn't a wrong order really. But there is a short path and a long one that we have to choose from. When we don't understand what to do or HOW to do things in the order that simplifies things, we automatically choose a longer and more difficult path than is "truly necessary, even though we don't intend nor want to.

Learning about and understanding "Cause and Effect" can assist with that in a BIG BIG way.

As we delve into and progress through future chapters we'll be addressing Cause and Effect in greater detail.

Let's talk about "Belief Systems" and the dark and shadowy "forces" that CAN affect them

One BIG thing that has us taking the long path and drawing to ourselves those events, people, conditions and circumstances that we "claim" we want no part of, can be condensed into a single phrase.

We unknowingly and unintentionally, enable and allow the dark, shadowy, self serving forces in the world to infiltrate, control and manipulate our "belief" systems.

Although many spiritual and personal development/self help teachers never address this dark and shadowy aspect of life, I do. The reason WHY I do, is because it's important...EXTREMELY important.

Let's look at it in a very practical tangible world kind of way, as it relates to "physical life" and the tangible and measurable "effects" that we move through during our "physical journey" in this "place" what we call reality.

There are people, institutions, organizations, etc. that will do, and in fact ARE doing, whatever they can to make sure that the naive, unaware, oblivious, sheeple people crowd, (aka the "less than conscious and aware") never reach and achieve their "desired form" of transformation, or their idea of success.

These "outside forces" do what they do in many ways. They exist in many forms. Yet in many cases, we're "unaware" that they DO in fact, exist.

Unbeknownst to MOST, that system is supported by yet another system. Namely, media venues.

Through various forms of media, it seems as if, we're surrounded by and constantly bombarded with negative ideas, doom and gloom, and a "seemingly endless" flow of drama. And unfortunately, we are.

It's EVERYWHERE it seems and we're oblivious for the most part, of how it impacts us and what we can do to change that.

In addition to these many "outside forces", there are people in our immediate circle of influence, who quite innocently and with all the best of intentions, do what they can to keep you down too.

They don't do it on purpose. In most cases, they don't do it to keep you down. The fact is, in most cases they do it with all the best of intentions. But in spite of that, due to their inability to see beyond their own limitations, their are those who will most definitely, whether occasionally or often, "try to" remind you of yours.

A LOT of people, both inside and outside of our personal tight knit "clans", have a LOT of opinions about what's possible or not possible for you, as well as what's right, wrong, good or bad as it relates to YOU, YOUR life and what you desire more of.

Learning what those "forces" are and HOW to keep them at bay, is a VERY IMPORTANT, yet not often discussed or understood part of experiencing "desired transformation."

Point being, there are MANY people and external forces in the "world out there" that, intentionally or not, and whether you're "aware of" and like it or not, who consistently do things, and will continue doing things, which CAN keep you down.

That doesn't matter really. What does matter is that you become and remain aware of what "you're enabling and allowing" which ALWAYS determines what you'll end up EXPERIENCING in the various aspects of YOUR life.

Regardless if we're aware of it or not, or believe it or not, that's a VITALLY important piece of the puzzle for EXPERIENCING what we desire, whether those desires are tangible or intangible.

There are 2 primary ways to do that. One is via an intellectual approach and the other is an EXPERIENTIAL one.

Once you become "keenly aware" of and learn to recognize the various forms of external influence that serve to draw to you, or "seem to" push away, whatever desires and aspirations that you consider "good", you become more "aware" and better prepared to opt out, keep your distance from ANY of these outside "forces" that attempt to persuade or sway you from remaining on a "path" that leads you where you "truly desire" to go.

In addition to opting out of the "negativity" that surrounds us, it's also of VITAL IMPORTANCE to surround yourself with information, people and activities that encourage and support, rather than suppress and sabotage, your short and long term growth.

There's plenty of it out there FOR SURE.

No, on the surface, it's not "pretty", but that's the reality of it. When you're exposed to, engage in and/or consistently buy into all this "drama" and the negative ideas it plants in our minds, life can "seem" challenging, in some cases tough, relentless, cruel and "unfair" even.

Combine all of that with the many "less than desired" things happening all around the world each and every day and it can create what's best described as inner conflict that cancels out and makes it "seem as if" our desires cannot and will not become tangible and measurable EXPERIENCES, no matter what we do.

Even so, aside from how things might "seem" on the surface, you CAN reach wherever it is that you desire to get to, if you make the right choices.

Opting out of the "drama" is one of the first IMPORTANT choices that MUST be made if you're to reach your "desired destination."

Let's talk about DOING what "truly" needs to be done

A very important next choice, although "somewhat related to the first, is to get to the place where you understand the importance of doing things differently than MOST do.

Most are DOING plenty. Far more than necessary actually. What's sadder is, what they're doing and how they're doing it is in a field, or in such a way that they dislike, hate or despise even, because it's "believed" and they feel as if it MUST be done in that way.

Rather than doing things in such a way that they'd LOVE to do them, they're instead engaging in ways that are anything but Loved.

Why do we do that?

It's because we "fear" if we don't, we won't be able to survive and get by. We NEED money after all to take care of what NEEDS to be taken care of, so we must DO whatever it takes to get that done.

On the surface it "seems" noble, yet inside, due to the "internal conflict" that DOING things in this way creates,

Regardless of how you slice it, dice it, or view it, it's a fear based approach, that can never provide anything more than average results.

There's a kind of doing that precedes physical activity, which can not only change but turbo-charge things, in a HUGE way, although most don't recognize it as DOING, and in more cases than not, don't DO it at all.

To use the words of Socrates, "To be is to do."

Most are doing plenty of "work" on the outside, yet their overlooking the importance of and not doing the necessary work on the inside.

Since BEING is where it all begins, that's where we need to begin IF we're to experience the greatest possible result.

If you "choose" to DO things the way most DO, you'll receive results that align and harmonize with what MOST receive.

Creating meaningful and lasting change is rarely easy. The underlying forces which drive, sustain and fuel the creative process are simple to be sure. But in today's highly commercialized, get it and have it NOW world, rarely do the often used and highly manipulative words, "quick, easy, simple, and free" apply when it comes to DOING what's "truly necessary" to EXPERIENCE meaningful and lasting transformation.

They sound great. They're highly appealing and sexy least for the novice seeker. But as those who have already walked the quick, simple, easy and free path will "tearfully" tell you, they don't apply to creating long term, meaningful and lasting change.

Sure, we hope, wish and pray they will, but they never do. And they're never going to.

There are those rare exceptions of course, as there is in anything, but in MOST cases, deep, meaningful and lasting transformation, requires commitment, focus and a willingness to keep on keeping on...regardless. It may, and chances are good, WILL require standing your ground, and should the going get tough, mustering the courage and fortitude to persist.

It's that kind of commitment and resolve that enables and allows us to enter into the kind of EXPERIENCES that not only enable, but empower you to BE, DO and HAVE what you truly desire in life...whatever that is.

In spite of what many personal development and self help gurus "claim", in the vast majority of cases, it's anything but easy initially. It CAN become "easy", but initially, in far more cases than not, it's anything but.

In fact, depending on a number of factors, it COULD prove to be the hardest thing you've ever done.

But once you break through and begin to EXPERIENCE the rewards, you realize that any expended effort or time invested, is miniscule in comparison to the enormous benefits received.

What initially "seemed" hard, becomes easy.

Let's talk a bit about trust and discernment.

Due to the many dark and shadowy forces that ARE very real in the tangible world, many of which are well disguised as the opposite, discernment is a crucial part of the "Transformation Process."

Not cynicism, pessimism and all out distrust...discernment. There's a BIG difference.

It's a VERY KEY concept to understand too. There's a "place" for all out trust and another place to practice and master the art of discernment.

The reason why is because of something we've covered already. The "dark and shadowy" forces "out there" are quite masterful in gaining and building our "trust" in them, only to discover that we "could have", and in many cases "wish we would have", been more discerning.

We'll be taking a close, objective look at more of these "dark forces" in greater detail in the next, as well as future segments of The Power of a Reality Check, so you might see just how important discernment and finding your "middle ground" is.

Not for the sake of blaming, judging, labeling and condemning, but rather so you're "keenly aware" that they DO exist, so you might know and better understand, in an uncommon kind of way, what to do and HOW to do it, to ensure that you're able to reach your "desired place" in the quickest, simplest, easiest and least expensive way possible.

That's one of many things, that makes what I do, and how I do it, unique. My approach goes well beyond a warm and fuzzy philosophical or airy fairy view of life.

I can assure you, as the millions upon millions who have "tried" it will tell you, a Pollyanna approach won't get you there. A "keenly aware", focused, discerning and determined one will.

Let's touch briefly on the difference between an Intellectual and an EXPERIENTIAL understanding.

In one way, the approach I use and what I share is intellectually focused. What you're reading now is what I refer to as an intellectual approach to learning, understanding and doing what can be done.

The intellect has it's place. But at the same time, when the "intellectual" part of us, is subject to control and manipulation by dark, self serving entities of a very broad and diverse kind, without MOST even being "aware of it", it can be difficult to know who to "believe" and who NOT to believe.

I'll never "ask" nor expect you to believe a SINGLE thing I share. In fact I ENCOURAGE you NOT TO believe me, unless and until you discover, feel and KNOW that what I share, is true for yourself.

That's why my personal approach is also designed to both encourage and lead you into an EXPERIENTIAL understanding. That way, you can transcend the limitations of the "intellect" and come to your own conclusions about how you approach things, via an EXPERIENTIAL understanding.

An EXPERIENTIAL understanding enables you to KNOW who you "truly are", what's "truly available to and possible for you and what you're truly capable of, without the need for depending on outside opinion.

The intellect can and does assist you in learning, seeing and knowing that, but an EXPERIENTIAL understanding enables you to KNOW it, in such a way and to such a degree, that what you come to KNOW can NEVER be shaken, rattled or changed by ANYONE...regardless of who they are or what they "claim" to know.

There are MANY out there who have all kinds of fancy titles and credentials who "claim to know" something, yet they don't KNOW what's "truly necessary" to move into an "EXPERIENTIAL" place where KNOWING overwrites and replaces the limitations of a more "intellectually acquired form of knowing."

Bottom line, when you KNOW that you KNOW that you KNOW, you won't allow anyone to take you off your game...EVER again.

An EXPERIENTIAL understanding provides you with that kind of KNOWING.

More than that, to create the greatest possible "results" it's important that you KNOW how to go about most effectively using and consciously integrating both the intellectual and EXPERIENTIAL awareness you acquire as you journey through life.

When you DO, reaching your FULL potential is much easier than most think it is, and it's certainly a less painful way of getting things done than the alternative.

I also incorporate the tools and methodologies that I KNOW, based on personal experience, can enable you to enter into the EXPERIENTIAL space I'm referring to, in a MUCH simpler and faster way than traditional self help, personal development platforms or the many forms of man made religion could ever hope to.

What's of vital importance to understand at the onset though, is the FACT that your success, REAL Success, is entirely up to you combined with the FACT that it's not achieved in the way that MOST think it is.

It's also of VITAL IMPORTANCE to come to the realization that NO ONE or NO THING "out there" can keep you from where you "truly desire" to go, UNLESS, you enable and allow them to.

I mention all of what I have early on, because, before personally finding what I call The Answer of ALL Answers, I enabled and allowed a number of "outside forces" to slow me down, hold me back and keep me from where I truly wanted to be, even though I didn't realize what was happening.

I wasn't "aware of them." I've since discovered that MOST aren't, even though they're willing to explore, discover and learn what's "truly necessary."

That's HOW and WHY I enabled and allowed it. That's why most allow it. They're simply not aware. For the very same reason, that's how MOST are enabling and allowing a consistent and steady flow of less than desired outcomes to not only become, but remain, a part of their lives.

I didn't realize WHO they were, WHAT they were, nor how to recognize the many ways our minds are intentionally being "programmed", nor how various entities disguised as "servants of the people" are DOING just that for their own, self serving purposes.

In hindsight it's all very clear as to HOW and WHY I was DOING that, even though I didn't realize and had no idea at the time that I was doing anything of the sort.

The fact that I wasn't "aware of it" didn't and is never going to change the FACT that it's happening on a much larger scale than the blind and oblivious as well as many of the so called "enlightened travelers" are aware of.

Over the years, I've had A LOT of people tell me that they can't and/or don't have what they desire because, someone or something in the world "out there" is keeping them from it. It's possible (and in fact highly probable) that you think so to.

If so, let's do our best to change that, shall we?

Your desires are your own, as are your choices. The key to having your desires fulfilled happens by "consciously aligning" your current and future choices with the Reality that you'd LOVE to have...regardless of what others think, say or do.

That's definitely not "easy" in the early stages. An important PART of doing that, is making a "conscious choice" to become an independent thinker.

It's our learned beliefs, habits and patterns that cause us pain, hardship and turmoil in life. Since these factors do that, they CAN DO the opposite.

Becoming an independent thinker, developing a healthy level of discernment and making meaningful, purposeful "conscious choices" is what "enables and allows a life that we "truly desire" to become a tangible and measurable REALITY.

I'm not sharing what I'm sharing with you because I have a desire to win a popularity contest. Because of that it's not my way to tell you what I "think" you want to hear. I share what I do, because I believe in my heart of hearts that it not only CAN, but if you'll take it to heart and apply it, WILL transform any area of life that you're sincere and serious about transforming.

With that said, I'll share this...

It's not a populated path. But having what we "truly desire" in life, isn't "common" either. Because of that, it requires CHOOSING the "less traveled path" that ALWAYS leads where you desire to go.

Although it requires believing, thinking, speaking and acting in such a way that MOST don't, it sure beats settling and getting by as most do.

And that's exactly what MOST do, which is why they also experience what MOST will.

Why? Past choices which stem from "less than true" beliefs.

Your past choices and experiences don't matter now, though. They do in one sense, yet they don't in another. If you view all past experiences as the gifts they "truly are" and use them to propel you forward, they do matter and they can be of GREAT benefit.

If you view them as MOST do and they stir feelings of remorse, regret, hopelessness, anger, resentment, etc. because your past choices led you down a path where you DIDN'T and STILL DON'T want to be, looking at and viewing them in that way, can only and WILL only lead to more of the same.

To change current, past and future events into those we call "pleasing", REQUIRES changing the beliefs, views and perspectives that created them and enabled and allowed them to become tangible and measurable experiences.

You'll continue navigating the same populated, "less than desired" path and keep seeing the same old "scary" scenery, even though you'll swear, cuss and claim that you don't want to, that you didn't "allow them" to, and worse that it's not possible that YOU can change them.

When you DO enough of that, they not only CAN, they WILL keep you from reaching where you want to go.

But make no mistake...It's YOU who either enables and allows them to or NOT.

Because that's "true", your hopes, dreams and aspirations should NEVER be compromised, downsized or abandon just because someone else "thinks or believes" they should be...regardless of who they are.

Behind EVERY desire that you have, there's something deeper going on...something VERY VERY important.

For now I'll just say, that you HAVE desires, because they are "seeking expression" and were MEANT TO BE Experienced.

And they CAN be...if and when you decide to enable and allow them to be.

As we make our way through the Power of a Reality Check, I'll be revealing WHAT that "deeper something" is in MUCH greater detail.

That's enough for now. You have PLENTY to consider and think about. But there's more...MUCH more that "needs to be" explored, discovered and understood if you're to EXPERIENCE the kind and quality of life that EVERYBODY "truly desires."

In the next segment I'll be sharing my own personal story, reveal a bit about my "personal journey" and get into some truly exciting and liberating FACTS about how your story and your journey can become whatever you "truly desire" for it to become.

Until then, think about what I've shared here. Contemplate the possibilities and decide if you're ready, willing and open to exploring the "less traveled path" that lays ahead.

Should you decide that exploring further is a path that can (or perhaps may) assist you, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tomorrows segment.

Regardless of what you've experienced in life to this point, be assured, it's going to get better...MUCH better, if you'll enable and allow it to.

I'll point you toward the path and do my best to assist you in navigating it, efficiently, effectively and with AMAZING results...including but not limited to, the tangible and measurable kind...whatever they might be.

I'm Finished With Reality Check Part 2
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I'm Finished With Reality Check
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Choices you have made in the past have created your today.
Choices made today will determine your tomorrows. Making
the same choices will produce the same results. If you are
unhapppy with your results simply make new choices.

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