Reality Check Intro

The Reality Check Reveals a Logical, Practical, Yet Profoundly Powerful and "Truly Liberating" Approach to Living a Life of Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment in an Otherwise Dark, Fear
Filled, Dumbed Down, Fragmented and Disillusioned World

"Life isn't about waiting on the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain.”
- Claudia Carroll

Although the chosen title of the following is being called Reality Check, the name doesn't sufficiently describe the countless benefits that can be derived by opening yourself to, internalizing and applying what Reality Check clearly conveys.

On one hand, it's about exposing really, yet on the other it's ultimately about individual and collective achievement.

It is the imagining of, the planning behind, the moving toward and the inevitable gift of achievement that has us doing whatever it is that we do, isn't it?

Although the consistent attainment of desired outcomes is quite doable for anyone who chooses to remain steadfast and committed to achieving whatever desired outcome you might aspire toward, (whatever IT might be for you) the importance of becoming aware of and acknowledging the less than desired factors, forces and powers which are a very real part of life and do everything in their power to keep you from what you're more than capable of, is what Reality Check is intended to reveal.

Call them what you will. Dark vs Light, good vs evil, right vs wrong, etc. etc. In the tangible world of shape and form, polarity/duality is a very real part of life.

As true as that is, there are those misguided/misinformed souls who "choose" to ignore, give no credence to and place no focus or attention on the "dark aspects" of life.

It's a very dangerous form of denial for the simple fact that

The primary reason for integrating an entire section called Reality Check into the site, is because my experiences have led me to the conclusion that "uncommon achievement" as well as living an extraordinary quality of life begins and can only become a consistent reality, via "Conscious Mastery."

The term "conscious mastery" covers a lot of ground. That's an understatement actually. It is, simply because it entails more than just "ground." Conscious Mastery entails thinking and choosing "consciously" as well as DOING all we're able to understand the infinite nature of ALL that we as "humans" are exposed to and have the ability to choose from.

It quite literally encompasses what can be best described as an infinitely vast territory, encompassing what the 5 human senses comprehend and experience, as well as what isn't yet, but CAN BE, known and understood.

That includes the dark and less than desired "things" that ARE a VERY REAL part of this world.

The matrix of illusion that we call reality is just that. What I hope to convey via Reality Check is that what we've learned with regard to how to best navigate through this matrix, isn't necessarily the "best, the most efficient, and in nearly EVERY case, definitely not the most effective, efficient or pleasing way to do so.

The fact of the matter is, there are a very large number of people who have no idea that such a matrix even exists.

The reasons behind why are multilayered and multifaceted. On the surface it seems complex. The fact of the matter is, when looked at and observed from a strictly "surface level view", this "matrix" I mention is quite complex. Yet when you get to the core from where EVERYTHING in reality comes from, the simplicity and perfection reveals itself.

Ultimately though, the Reality Check is designed to assist you in learning and gaining a greater intellectual understanding as to what's "truly possible" and equally necessary to create, in tangible and measurable form, a more wholesome, fulfilling, prosperous and joy filled quality of spite of the "forces" out there which do everything in their power to keep so many from it.

First and foremost perhaps, the Reality Check is being written to provide the disillusioned, fearful, hurting, struggling, confused, impoverished, unaware, asleep and/or blinded, as well as the many "earnest, sincere and true seekers" who may be struggling to find their way, with a sobering yet empowering wake up call.

This "wake up call" is sorely needed in today's world. That applies equally to those who see and refer to themselves as "Enlightened", yet who consistently struggle in tangible ways, as well as those who perceive themselves to be victims of circumstance, who see and perceive life as a random and chaotic unfolding of events that they honestly believe that they have no say so over or power to change.

Reality Check applies to everyone simply because we each have (in most cases without realizing it) developed and engage in habitual patterns, mentally, emotionally, physically and yes, even spiritually that, regardless of how hard we try, or how "right" we think we are, limit and keep us confined at varying degrees, in what can be best described as a self created prison of sorts.

In the vast majority of cases, being set free is simply a matter of becoming aware of, acknowledging and facing what many would refer to as the dark side of life and those who's choices and actions only serve to perpetuate, fuel and expand what we perceive to be dark.

If we're to overcome the "enemy", it's of vital importance to 1st acknowledge that an enemy does actually exist. Once acknowledged it requires becoming aware of and understanding WHO and/or WHAT that "enemy" is. In many cases, this "enemy" is disguised as one that has our best interest at heart.

This "wake up call" is sorely needed in today's world because, it "seems as if" the ongoing global battle between "good and evil" is intensifying.

Because of how things "seem on the surface" combined with the fact that the "evil" often masterfully disguises itself as "benevolent, right, good, in service of and FOR the people", through repetition, the vast majority of people in the world have acquired a tendency to blindly buy into and believe in myths, fables, fantasies, fairy tales and fallacies on a more consistent basis than they "choose" to explore, study, understand and believe in facts.

Even though we might "think we know" what the FACTS are, the reality is, there are, in the tangible world that we call reality, 2 kinds of FACTS.

  1. "Perceived facts that stem from learned, inherited, less than empowering beliefs that we've blindly adopted and take at face value

  2. Real Facts based on an immutable and unwavering truth that I refer to as a Higher Truth.

This Higher Truth is of a kind and quality that MOST have never learned, personally tapped into, and are, for the most part, unaware of.

Case in point...

The single most important immutable and unwavering FACT that MOST have no idea about or any awareness of, is that YOU (and on a much larger scale, WE as a human species) are powerful beyond measure.

Depending on where you are, what you're experiencing and what you believe to be true regarding your potential or the lack of, the FACT is, we ALL have ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we could possibly need to create an extraordinary quality of life, filled with meaning, joy and purpose.

It's simply a matter of breaking free from the crowd and learning how to "consciously mold and shape" the kind and quality of life that we'd LOVE to see.

If that sounds a bit out there or woo woo to you, no worries. I get it. It sounded that way to me at one point too...until I personally witnessed and experienced, on a very real yet profound level, the power and transformation I'm referring to.

Although I won't go into any great detail here, I've been in the place where my back was against the wall, had no idea where to turn, what to do, or where to find the answers on more than one occasion.

Needless to say, although the "you are powerful beyond measure" statement may have initially seemed and sounded as if it is "out there" and not based on anything FACTUAL, upon SEEING what many would call "miracles", what once "sounded and seemed" unrealistic, illogical and irrational, happened and took "tangible form" before my very eyes.

Once I was shown how rational, realistic and possible miracles are, by experiencing them first hand, what I previously "thought and believed" to be true fell away.

I've since come to KNOW that YOU, I and EVERYONE else on this planet ARE "powerful beyond measure", although granted most have no idea that they are, let alone have any comprehension as to HOW to USE that power in a conscious, intentional, purposeful and desirable kind of way.

The Reality Check will hopefully assist you in not only becoming "aware" but clearly understanding just how "TRUE, FACTUAL and unwavering" that immutable FACT is.

Point being, You ARE powerful beyond measure whether you think and believe you are or not.

You may not KNOW that. But IF you don't, it's simply because, if you're anything like the vast majority of "publicly educated" individuals in the world, chances are "better than good", that's something that you weren't "taught" in school. Neither were your parents, your grandparents of their parents.

There's a VERY simple reason WHY, although attempting to blame, judge, point fingers and make accusations as to specifics regarding the intent and reasoning behind it, would undermine the message and way of doing things that I committed to and began working toward more than a decade ago.

Although I won't judge, label, condemn or attempt to place blame on any single individual, group, entity, or institution, one FACT that I DO know to be true is...

Our "government controlled and funded" education systems don't teach a Higher Truth.

While many "think and believe" the WHY behind it is all about separation of church and state, unbeknownst to MOST, there's a number of "potential" dark and sinister reasons; for now we'll refer to it as an "underlying agenda", as to WHY that isn't happening as well. We'll be covering the "quality" of education that we do receive in greater and more graphic detail as we move forward as well.

I'd venture to say that we've ALL bought into "untrue" concepts of various kinds that we "honestly believe" or, at some point in the past, "have believed" ARE true. Unless you've previously made the "choice" to carefully examine and question the beliefs you've acquired throughout life, you may not recognize, acknowledge, or be aware that some (and perhaps MUCH) of what YOU were taught and honestly and sincerely believe to be "true", isn't REALLY "true" at all.

It may very well "seem true", yet at the same time, in many cases, what is believed, deemed as being and often "seems true" isn't, never has been and never will be based on a Higher Truth at all.

The fact of the matter is, MOST are living someone else's version of truth. It's a learned or inherited "truth" which has many thinking and fully believing that whatever beliefs they hold and adhere to are "true" never realizing that these "less than factual" beliefs they hold aren't even theirs.

We've learned to DO that throughout life.

You could say, we've been programmed and conditioned that way via what we've "learned", which determines what we "believe", "think is true" and make vitally important choices about as we make our way through life.

The sad fact is, tangibly speaking, much of humanity is living a lie.

To provide "tangible proof" of just how true this "programming and indoctrination" thing is, think of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and/or the tooth fairy. Although done with all of the best intentions, nearly ALL of us were taught that these "mythical characters" were "real." MOST honestly "believed in" the "less than true FACT" that these "made up, illusionary characters" actually existed for a time.

Even though they didn't, we were taught, learned and as a result, "honestly believed" they did. Oftentimes, these "mythical characters" were covertly used to control our actions and behavior. You could say they were used as "leverage" so we might "comply" with the wishes of our parents.

Unbeknownst to the masses, the same strategies and concepts are being played out in our adult lives on a GLOBAL scale. It's a dark and sinister scale too, designed and created for the benefit of a few, at the COST of the many.

The FACT of the matter is, MUCH of what we "think and believe is true" is really nothing more than an "intentionally created web" of lies, deceit and deception stemming from greed and resulting in lack, limitation, poverty, and a form of inequality for countless billions, on a global scale.

This same greed goes beyond impacting the lives of people specifically, but is also resulting in environmental destruction, global warfare, etc. etc.….

Point being...the Matrix of illusion is VERY real and it's adversely impacting and in FACT enslaving the lives of billions, for the benefit of a "few"...needlessly.

Yet we're told and taught, (and sadly, BELIEVE) "that's just how things are" and/or "that's just how life was designed to work."

And in far more cases than not, we "blindly accept it, believe it, internalize it and go through our lives making vitally important life choices based on these "less than true" assumptions.

We're not only "taught" to believe in fantasy throughout our lives, when we begin to open our eyes, think for ourselves, start questioning if what we've been taught is "really true" and begin to chart our own course to unlearn, relearn and alleviate the adverse effects being witnessed in the world, we're often times judged and labeled as non-patriotic rebels, conspiracy theorists, crackpots, nutcases, etc. by those who have chosen to internalize, follow and adhere to traditional logic, rationale and what many "believe to be true.

In other words, in a "tangible world" kind of way, it separates and divides those who have chosen to "follow the crowd" and walk down the "sheeple people" path from those who are independent thinkers, who develop an uncommon form of awareness, pay no mind to what MOST are doing, but rather choose to chart their own course.

Sadly, the sheeple people crowd are those who hold, for the most part, "entitlement mentalities." That's quite different from what the "independent thinkers and doers do, who "clearly understand" that they can have everything they want in life, by simply helping enough people to get what they want.

The masses have a difficult time understanding that what you're ENTITLED to receive is only limited by and dependent on what you CHOOSE to GIVE.

There's a COST for EVERYTHING in life. The COST for enabling and allowing the "lure" of entitlement programs offered by so called "caring governments" is a "loss of our God given liberties and freedoms.

Yet more "tangible proof" that the programming and indoctrination that MOST of us have been taught has taken hold and is working quite well, for the few at least, just as designed and intended.

If there's one thing that Reality Check CAN assist you with, it's understanding that what we call, view as and believe to be Reality, (what scientists refer to as "matter") is really nothing more or less than an illusion which takes form based on the beliefs we hold and the perceptions that stem from them.

That's what determines the kind and quality of "paradigm" that we exist within.

Even though we do have a strong tendency to refer to our beliefs and experiences in life as irrefutable FACT, it’s important to remember that your experience, as varied and extensive as it may be, stems from the "beliefs" you held as you entered into and went through these "experiences." The experience, aside from how grand or horrific it may "seem", does not come anywhere even remotely close to representing something...ANYTHING at all, as being definitively "true."

Everything in life, with VERY FEW exceptions, is only "true or untrue" simply because that's how you see it. Put another way, something is only real or NOT real only because you "believe it is or isn't."

Many go through life needing to SEE it before they believe it, when the Higher Truth clearly instructs us as to the importance of BELIEVING it BEFORE we CAN or WILL see and experience it.

The "perception" creates the fact rather than the FACT determining and creating the perception.

Since the title to this section of the site is called 'Reality Check', combined with the fact that MOST view life and reality as a sort of "love/hate" relationship, let's begin our dialogue in a very REAL and down to earth kind of way.

Let's Begin Reality Check With What is Often Referred to in Reality as "Good and Bad"

There IS both good and bad in the world which we'll be referring to throughout Reality Check as light and darkness. That IS an immutable, unwavering and unerring FACT and it's NOT one that can be, or ever will be changed.

It's referred to as polarity. Polarity is what drives and sustains reality (and the entire cosmos) as we know it. It's because polarity exists, that enables our life experiences to be whole.

Polarity is a vitally important, necessary and very real part of life. The FACT is, polarity is what enables, allows and sustains life. You'll NEVER be able to change that. Although that may seem like "bad news" on the surface, there are "underlying and overlooked FACTS" that CAN enhance, elevate and transmute what's often viewed and perceived as "bad" into something enormously "good."

You've no doubt heard at some point in your life that, "All things work together for a greater good?"

That's an immutable and unwavering fact, yet MOST have a difficult time seeing the "good" in less than desired events, conditions and circumstances that they experience in life.

What CAN BE and MUST BE changed first, if you're ever to SEE and EXPERIENCE the "good" in EVERYTHING, is your awareness of and perspectives about the polarity that is, always has been and is always going to be a very real part of "physical life."

When your perspectives regarding any given event, condition, circumstance or person change, your "tangible reality" changes.

Perceptions, regardless of their quality, reveal, in tangible and measurable form, a mirrored reflection of the beliefs that underlie and create the perception and ultimately what we view, judge and label as being the cold, hard and unchangeable FACTS pertaining to whatever reality we exist within.

Less than desirable FACTS "can be changed" into joyous facts, just as joyous facts can be changed into "less than desired" ones.

It's ALL a Matter of Perspective and whether you're ready to believe and accept it or not, YOU Are the perceiver, observer, CHOOSER and experiencer all rolled into ONE.

While MANY honestly "believe" that life randomly delivers whatever it will, evolution doesn't evolve on its own and change doesn't happen by chance. Something drives it. There's a will behind it.

That "will" is held, projected and communicated via your "consciousness."

You could (and many do) view it as some form of supernatural phenomenon. To a degree, it is, yet in another way it's profoundly simple, very logical and rational even, once you understand HOW it works and WHY it does.

What's often perceived as being the supernatural, the mystical, the esoteric and the profound, is really nothing more or less than an unseen phenomenon, referred to with MANY LABELS, transmuting and transforming into what is seen and experienced in the various aspects of our lives in tangible and measurable ways.

Here's the REALLY GREAT thing about all of that. As "impractical and illogical" as all of this may "seem" to you right now, it reveals itself just as WE ourselves choose.

Dark and self serving forms of "consciousness" create less than desired results for the masses, while Light, love and contribution create the "polar opposite."

It's ALL quite natural. The only reason it may not "seem that way" is simply because what's often viewed as being "supernatural or miraculous" is not yet understood for what it "truly is." The Reality Check will assist in pointing out and opening doorways which provide that understanding via a very specialized form of knowledge that MOST have no idea about or understanding of.

The reason why is because we haven't been taught about such concepts and in many cases have actually been taught, programmed and conditioned to "believe in" the polar opposite.

As we'll cover in greater detail as we move forward, that's why "unlearning" is such a necessary and vitally important part of becoming self actualized. Self actualization, as I'm referring to it here, means becoming keenly aware of yourself and your world to such a degree that you can begin thinking, speaking, acting and BEING who you "truly are" so you might rise above the "matrix" and begin to SEE and experience, in tangible and measurable form, WHATEVER the "desires of your heart" might be.

If you're "sincere and serious" about creating positive, meaningful and lasting change in your reality; if you feel it’s definitely time (or maybe even way past time) to take "conscious control" of EVERY aspect of your life, if you're sincere and serious about breaking through the barriers that have been holding you back and you're "truly ready" to make your dreams (as well as the dreams of others) a reality (perhaps in simpler and faster ways than you believe to be possible), the Reality Check will prove to be an invaluable resource and will most certainly prove to be more than worth the time and attention required to discover, internalize and begin USING the insights it contains.

Although Reality Check CAN serve you IMMENSELY, it only CAN, and only WILL, if you choose to DO something with it.

If you're open, willing and receptive to information that will assist you in DOING that most effectively, read on and I'll point you toward the "shortest, simplest and easiest path" that I'm personally aware of.

I'm Finished With Reality Check Intro
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I'm Finished With Reality Check Intro
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