Success and Spirituality

Success and Spirituality Are Just As Interconnected As Everything Else. It's Only Our Perceptions Regarding It That Make It Possible For Us Or Not

I write a lot about the success and spirituality connection and I don't mind telling you, I get some hate mail. :)

Not a lot but some. I don't take it personal though and understand that those who write it have for the most part, bought into indoctrination and as a result have developed some very limiting beliefs.

Beliefs that will keep them from achieving any significant success in life. And that's OK if that's what they choose.

We all have the right to choose our own paths in life. What does kind of "erk" me though, is the fact that those who choose such beliefs for whatever reason think you should buy into them and make them yours as well.

Uh....sorry. Your beliefs are your business and I certainly won't attempt to convince you what they should be or to convince you to change them, so do me a REALLY BIG favor and provide me the same courtesy please.

We're going to be looking at something in this section that many...perhaps even most "perceive" to be something totally non-related and unconnected.

Namely success and spirituality.

There's a very logical and understandable reason why this widely held perception exists yet at the same time it's this very "logical" reason that keeps so many from experiencing the levels of success that are readily available and ALWAYS have been for each of us.

What is this "logical reason?" Well...primarily it's determined and "perceived" this way by some simply because they see success as a "physical thing" and spirituality as a non-physical thing.

When you begin to look at success and spirituality below the "physical level" it becomes blatantly obvious and quite simple to understand that success and spirituality are quite "interconnected."

I'll begin by saying that whether it's success or anything else in life, it can't be separated from the spiritual. Success and/or failure is an integral part of the spiritual just as ANYTHING else is.

Sure, it can be "perceived" as somehow being separate which makes it real and right and true for those who choose such a "perception" individually, but it's nothing more than a "perception." A very limiting one from my personal perspective.

A perception is nothing more than how we look at and "perceive" things in life. Regardless of how you currently "perceive" success and spirituality, as being enmeshed and interconnected or not, the "higher truth" that resides beyond our individually chosen perceptions, our choices as to how and why we see things as we do, is that success and spirituality are without question intricately interconnected.

Let's take a peak beyond the "physical side" of success.

In actuality there is NOTHING that is separated from the spiritual.

How so?

Simply because everything that is physical...literally everything whether it be the physical things such as our car, our home, our success and/or our perceived failures, or any thing else for that matter was derived from the spiritual. There is nothing...nothing physical that wasn't derived from the spiritual.

If you prefer the more scientific version...

All these things, at their their purest and most basic form are photons that have taken on a "particle form." They have transmuted from wave forms of probability into particles of matter.

It doesn't matter how you choose to look at it, you simply cannot separate ANYTHING from the spiritual. Even the science that is utilized to study the unseen/quantum/metaphysical/spiritual realm.

If you choose to "perceive" things this way it's simply a lack of understanding that will be necessary to elevate before you'll become enabled and empowered to begin "consciously creating" and fully experiencing everything that life has to offer. Including success.

The fact of the matter is, as spiritual text "Clearly" states as well as what the most insightful masters since time itself began have shared is that, as you "believe" you receive.

You could say that our "beliefs"...which is only our individually formed perceptions and judgments regarding what is true or not true to us and for us determines what we can or cannot achieve. Even achievement finds it's root in the spiritual. EVERYTHING is "spiritual in nature" because that's where EVERYTHING is derived from.

What brings it from the spiritual and makes it physical is a quality of consciousness. Our individually chosen quality of consciousness represents "the seed" and depending on the quality of the seed the "harvest" is determined.

Nothing can, has been or ever will be that wasn't first "conceived" as a thought.

It can't be put any clearer than that, can it?

If you have any doubts regarding how "true" that is, it's not necessary to be a spiritually minded person. You can, if you choose explore different paths, one being The Science of Success.

Inevitably though, should you choose to explore and rely specifically on science or the science behind success deeply enough, you'll find that as you develop this "expanded awareness" that even science leads you to the same ultimate conclusion.

That conclusion is that spirituality is what enables even science to exist and only serves to further validate, in a physical and tangible" kind of way, what the spiritual masters of the past have always taught.

Sure science might call these "spiritual things" by different names than the masters did. They might place different labels on the process and where all things come from, but it doesn't take long once you choose to explore deeply enough that all various resources of understanding and seemingly "different conclusions" ultimately lead to One Unified Path. The very same Source.

That conclusion is that all things seen come from the unseen. All things physical come from the non-physical. All things that we see and "perceive" as being non-spiritual, all this "physical stuff" that we're surrounded by in fact is and DID come from the spiritual.

You can if you choose call this unseen spiritual place The Kingdom, the field, the plenum, the quantum realm, the metaphysical, the unseen or whatever you like. Ultimately it's one and the same with the spiritual.

ALL things are. You, me and everybody else existing on the planet are all made of the same stuff. Science calls this "stuff" energy. From a spiritual perspective we are souls or at least our body has a soul as many choose to look at it.

You might as many do choose to "perceive" success and money to be a "bad thing" that should be kept separate from spirituality.

I personally believe that to be a very limited perspective that will limit your results in life. Although it's a choice that you have every right to make, I've found that it's a choice that won't enable you to fully express, engage and benefit from your "true power" in a physical and finite world.

I personally believe that seeing yourself as a soul or if you prefer a "spirit"...a limitless and infinite being who is an integral and interconnected part of The Whole, one with the Infinite yet still individual who inhabits a body with infinite potential to be, do and have what spirit is calling out to you to be expressed and experienced in the physical.

The body isn't who you's simply a vessel that the real you utilizes to fully experience itself in physical form. The physical you is temporary and the soul or spirit you...the "real you" is infinite.

The body dies, but the soul never dies.

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