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"Which One Are You Leaning On?"

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"Physical Power Is WAY Overrated and Spiritual Power Is Grossly Underrated"

"Discover Where Your "True Power" Lies And How To Access It At Will...It Could Transform Your Entire Life IF You'll "Allow" It To"

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

Spiritual Power...Physical Power...and YOU

There's obviously some confusion among many as to where our true power lies. If that pertains to you, don't feel alone, many are confused by it and for good reason...from a "logical" perspective that is.

Although there is a "logical reason", it's certainly not a good excuse to choose not to discover, tap into and begin to utilize a form of power that consistently yields unlimited desired results...your spiritual power.

What do I mean exactly?

Simply that choosing to lean on and use the "logical excuse" that the vast majority does as YOUR excuse will most certainly limit your "physical" results and provide outcomes that align and harmonize with those that the vast majority experiences.

That's OK if that's your choice, but don't expect any significant results..."desired ones" that is.

As I've shared countless times, "To experience something different than the vast majority does, it's necessary to do something different than the vast majority is willing to do."

As you can see from the quote above, Albert Einstein obviously understood where our "true power" lies. He also recognized where most have been conditioned to place their focus.

The vast majority in the world choose to overlook or ignore "the gift" and as a result allow themselves to become "the servant."

Not a servant as in serving and assisting others...that's a "good" thing. I'm talking about becoming a servant to less than desired outcomes experienced as a result of leaning on intellectual rather than intuitive direction.

As smart and intellectual as Einstein was, he is only one of many that clearly understood that our intellect is limited and that our intuitive ability is unlimited.

The intuitive you has unlimited access to every answer and the the intellectual you is dependent on the intellect, the limitations of physical experience and what you have allowed to become your truth.

You could say that the intellectual aspect of you is "finite" and the intuitive aspect of you is "Infinite."

Put another way you could say that "The intellect is limited to what can be accomplished and achieved through physical power and the intuitive is unlimited and understands that all possibilities already exist and can be experienced simply by choosing to recognize and utilize your "spiritual power."

Do you truly grasp the power behind that statement?

In the hopes that you do or at least that you will, in my best attempt to show you why it's "true", we'll be taking a look at things in a "physical way"...from a "physical perspective so you might relate better to how to access and utilize your spiritual power at will to make the physical much more pleasant, fulfilling and even downright enjoyable.

Let's start by looking at what's going on in the world currently or more specifically how you perceive things that are currently going on in the world.

Regardless of what your current "perceptions" might be with regard to what's happening globally and irrespective of what you might currently be experiencing as a result, by choosing to look beyond what many are choosing to look at we can, if we choose to, see and as a result experience something totally different.

In fact, it's my hope that it will be clearly evident that we live in an EXTREMELY exciting age.

Depending on where you might find yourself currently...depending on what you might be personally experiencing with all the "perceived" turmoil and chaos that so many are "talking about", "allowing" themselves to get caught up in and as a result "allowing" themselves to be affected by, you might consider the current circumstances and times to be anything but exciting.

If that's your stance...if that is what you are focusing "unexciting" and "bad" everything is, consider the fact that it's that focus that is creating more of what you "perceive" to be "bad" and "unexciting."

If so, I'm going to ask that you look at things a bit differently. I'm going to ask that you shift your current perceptions or at least disarm them for just a bit, with the hope and intention that it will enable you to personally see the excitement and the good that can, will and always does come from whatever "appears" to be happening and that so many "perceive" to be so real.

Basically I'm going to ask you to shift your paradigms. To be open and willing at least to consider a perspective that could shift your focus long enough to recognize the limitations of your physical power and where your "true power" lies which is your "spiritual power."

I'm not asking that you do it for me but rather for you. I know first hand the benefits that you can experience if you'll choose to do so.

I'll be sharing some of why I know in the hopes that it will assist you in arriving at the same knowing as well.

What Are You Giving Your Power To?

Let me start by saying that I'm well aware of what is being broadcast on every channel on TV, what every talking head in the predominant media is "claiming" to be happening in the world and what nearly every newspaper is choosing to fill their pages with.

I'm also aware that there is a growing number who are allowing themselves to be affected by it.

We can't control the already existing "reality" of things or what those who lead these communication channels choose to place focus on.

As I mentioned and attempted to make really clear in the last edition of Enlightened Journey, we can't control the choices of those around us...only ourselves and what we allow ourselves to buy into and accept.

The bottom line?

What's being shared on such a wide scale isn't important. The choices and actions of others...the perceptions and beliefs that others hold simply can't affect us individually unless we choose to let them. It makes them "unimportant" in the bigger scheme of things unless we choose to place focus on them and give them more power.

NONE of that is important.

The important thing is though is, what YOU are doing?...are YOU buying into it? Are YOU allowing it to affect you personally?

One final question...

IF you ARE...WHY? Why, why why why why????

You have the choice to lean on your intellectual physical power or you have the choice to lean on where your "true" power lies which is your "spiritual power."

If you are one that happens to be allowing yourself to get caught up in the drama of it all, this will prove to be an extremely helpful and potentially transformational bit of knowledge for you.

Maybe you are and maybe you're not.

Even if you're not allowing the drama to effect you individually on a mental and emotional scale, yet at the same time you still aren't experiencing the desired outcomes in the physical, financial, relational, emotional, and/or spiritual areas of your life, you'll find that what I'm going to share with you could prove to be equally as beneficial.

Potentially "Transformational" in fact. Why only potentially? Because like everything else, YOU have to buy into it. You have to accept it, believe it and recognize the power behind it before you can expect to "receive" the benefits realized and experienced as a result.

That's why I'm writing again so soon...because I think, based on the increased number of contacts I'm receiving, that more of you need it...or at least "think" you do.

It's my hope that what I'm about to share will enable you to get out of fearful mode...into excitement mode and that you'll personally experience the benefits that "choosing" to do so WILL provide..."tangible benefits."

I'm hoping that you'll become enabled and empowered to begin seeing, understanding and more efficiently UTILIZING your spiritual power and take so much focus off off your physical power so that you can personally see and experience the IMMENSE benefits as a result.

Not just emotional and "feel good" benefits...physical tangible benefits. Something that you can sink your teeth into...something that you can experience "right here right now" that will enable you to "know" just how powerfully creative choosing to do so can be.

That's one of many great thing about your spiritual power that many don't enables you to see "tangible" benefits in the physical world...IF you use it consciously. The reality is that you are already using it. We all are.

Some are just using it in a way that brings abut undesirable experiences.

Regardless of what you're currently "feeling" or experiencing and regardless of your current perceptions, I really hope that you'll take the time necessary to absorb and "really get" why you, I and everyone else have EVERY reason to be excited.

I know and understand how "precious" time is. I also know that because of it's "preciousness" that many unknowingly and unconsciously spend most of theirs in areas that serve no constructive purpose in bringing about "desired" results. In fact, in the majority of cases, many spend their time in ways that prove to be detrimental in making the "time" they have as pleasing and fulfilling as it can be. Yet they don't even know it.

Seriously...the vast majority of people spend the majority of their time focusing on and doing what they "dislike"...what they fear...what is unpleasant...all the while thinking that it's going to somehow enable them to experience a little of what they do like. It's a form of self sabotage yet most don't really grasp or understand it.

The reason is that most don't fully understand how to consciously utilize their "spiritual power."

So...if you feel so inclined, take the time to read this edition in it's entirety. If and/or when you grasp and understand the power behind it, and then choose to put it into action, the time you have remaining will become much more pleasant and fulfilling...MUCH more.

Let's Explore Some Things That We Have
EVERY Reason To Be Excited About

So...what have we got to be so excited about?

Modern day science is proving to be a very effective and powerful means for elevating awareness and bringing people into the reality of who and what they are. It provides a “tangible” means for validating what the greatest masters in the history of the world have shared for thousands of years.

This isn't that "New" actually. Look again at the quote I posted above. Einstein understood. He hasn't been on this planet for many years, so it's NOT new, although due to this "deeper understanding" being brought more into public awareness and the advancements in science which are validating it in a "tangible way" MANY people only perceive it to be new.

That's exciting stuff!! It's enabling people who choose to explore a bit, the ability to discover for themselves, to study something in tangible form without having to lean on and base their understanding on blind faith alone.

Although science is now able to do this...what they're now discovering and making available to those who choose to search a bit and discover it for themselves, existed long before Einsteins day. It's been taught and documented for thousands and thousands of years. My personal belief is that it's existed since time itself began.

There's really nothing "new" about it.

What's exciting though is that science and scientists have become much more aware and open in sharing it. They're seeing things from a much broader perspective on an ever increasing scale.

But…even as much as modern science has discovered…as advanced as they’ve become…as deep as they’ve gone into understanding and explaining how and why life unfolds as it does, they’ve barely scratched the surface.

That's the REALLY exciting part!!

Why? Because it enables us to see and recognize in a "tangible and physical" way that the frontier to be explored and discovered is infinite in nature.

No doubt that science has come a long way in their understanding, BUT...

Regardless of how far science goes…how deeply they delve…how much they discover, they’ll find that there is more distance to go…more to delve into…more to discover. They'll continue to find, regardless of how technically advanced we may become that the horizon just keeps opening up and expanding.

How do I "know" that?

Because, what they're exploring is Infinite in nature. Something that is Infinite in nature cannot and never will be “fully” discovered. One’s ability to do so would eliminate the possibility of something being Infinite. Infinite is just that..."Infinite." The Infinite has no beginning and no's Infinite.

Here's what's exciting about all that and how you can utilize it...

Even though they'll never be able to fully understand the Infinite nature of things in a "tangible" sense, what science has discovered to this point can be and is being utilized to dramatically enhance both the understanding as well as the quality of life that those who choose to explore, understand and "apply" it are experiencing.

But as mentioned and as you're about to see and understand first hand, they've barely scratched the surface.

As an example…

Were you aware that current scientific research only accounts for about 25% of your DNA? What do you suppose the other 75% is for?

Do you know what’s more amazing and exciting than that? Scientists say that the average person only utilizes about 3% of their neurological capability (their brains capability).

Now you may not consider that to be either amazing or exciting personally. You may be thinking to yourself..."Yea...big deal. So I have these 'things' about me that I can't use. What's so exciting and amazing about that? How could something that I have, but can't use be so exciting?" understand, you have to "think" a bit differently...look at things in a bit different way and ask yourself a deeper question.

No one said that you CAN'T use just can't PROVE in a tangible and "physical" kind of way what it's for.

With that being true...the fact that science, as much as they've advanced and deeply as they've delved into understanding how life and the Universe unfolds, yet they can STILL only account for 3% of your brainpower and 25% of your DNA.

What do you suppose the other 97% of the "untapped" brain capacity and the 75% of your DNA is for?

As advanced as science has become, as many theories as have been introduced, as deep as science may go they'll never be able to reach the depths of understanding available.


One of the main reasons is because the very techniques and methodologies that science utilizes to enhance their awareness and deepen their understanding as to how things's the very methodologies and techniques they utilize that continue to expand what they are looking for and attempting to understand.

In other words, the more "aware" scientists become, the more they discover, the deeper they go, the more their consciousness expands, the more is created and the more there exists to explore.

Physical existence itself continues to expand...thanks to HUGE advancements in science, we can now "SEE IT" expanding.

Take space exploration for example...

Even as advanced as science has become in exploring and observing what's going on in outer space...which is billions of light years by the way, do you know what their most recent discovery is?

The frontier they're exploring keeps expanding. Space keeps expanding. Billions of light years into space which is a LONG WAY out there, and they discovered that it's STILL expanding.

To give you an idea of how far that is, the speed of light is 183000 miles per second. A light year is how far light travels in a year. If light travels at 183000 miles per second and scientists are able to observe what's going on billions of light years away, I think you'll agree that's A LONG way out there!! And it's STILL expanding!!!

Now you may be thinking "OK, that's all fine and good, but what's that got to do with me?"

It's the same with the non explored and yet to be discovered aspects of your DNA and brain power. My personal belief is that they'll never fully understand what this unused portion of our "physical" attributes are for.

Why? Because they continue to expand and evolve as well.

But surely if these unused aspects of ourselves exist...and they do...there must be some reason why we have them, don't you think?

We certainly wouldn't possess something that had absolutely no purpose or use, would we?

How Figuring Things Out Leads Us To Understanding That We'll NEVER Figure Things Out

Well, many years ago, prior to scientists making some of the cutting edge discoveries and advancements they have, I set out with the intention of finding the answers to those questions. I was pretty sure at the time that these aspects of us...what scientists are unable to understand and explain wasn’t intended to be useless dead space.

It took me a long time quite honestly to figure it out. Mainly because as I have since discovered, I was looking in all the wrong places. I knew there was an answer, and as discouraged as I would sometimes become, I kept looking until I found it...well "sort of" found it anyway.

Ironically, the answer I found and the conclusions I've come to really didn't provide the "ultimate" answer. Although it was an answer of sorts, it wasn't an all conclusive answer but the answer I did discover brought me to a conclusion that works for me.

Hopefully it will work for you as well and as a result, assist you in experiencing each and every desire that you have for yourself.

Do you know what the answer is that I arrived at?

The more I came to know, the more intellectually aware I became, the more understanding I gained, the more I understood just how little we do or ever will know or understand.

Why? Again...because what's available to know is Infinite in nature.

My search led me to understand and grasp at an intellectual level initially, what the word "Infinite" really means.

That understanding led to a desire to explore this Infinite place so I could know and understand more about it only to find that I'll never be able to fully explore it.

But what I did discover is that the little I discovered could be used in a "tremendously" beneficial a tangible way.

I’m not shy in telling people about what I found either. Much of it is shared throughout Yet as much as I write and as much as I share and as detailed as I attempt to be in conveying what I've discovered, I can’t even begin to express, in a way that people really “get it” the profound nature or the Infinite proportion of this place that I was eventually led to.

Maybe you've experienced this place for yourself. If you have you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's indescribable...literally.

It can't be comprehended or fully understood in an intellectual kind of way. It can't be accurately described in that way either.

Sure I can share and do my best to provide you with an “intellectual” understanding of what I've discovered in the best way I know how. That’s where I began my search initially…on an intellectual level. One thing I discovered that’s certain though…explaining it is a VERY LIMITED way to describe it...attempting to grasp it from an "intellectual perspective" can't even come close to providing any depth of understanding and "knowing" regarding the magnitude or the infinite power that exists and is available to anyone who's willing to explore a bit to find it.

Experience is the ONLY way to “truly grasp it” for yourself.

I don't mean experience at the physical level. I'm not talking about experiences based on acquiring an "intellectual understanding." As I discovered, that's a very limiting type of experience.

Physical experiences are limited to the intellect. You can't possibly tap into or experience anything bigger than the intellect allows you to experience.

Yet many do, as I did initially, choose to delve into and take that "intellectual path" only to discover that the intellect can't take you there. It's not the "wrong" path. As you begin to understand more and delve deeper you begin to understand that there's no such thing as the "right" or the "wrong" path.

There's just this path that we discover is far most vast than we can conceive that we begin traveling down. When we begin the path seems really narrow and obvious. We "think" we already "know" and understand what's down the path. Ironically, what we think we know about it, is what creates what we experience as we're walking down it.

Some of us get tired of the same old scenery, so we switch gears a bit and choose a different path. That path served it's purpose but we often find that it's not taking us where we want to go so we decide to take a different one.

As we explore more paths we discover there are still more to explore...different ones to take, more scenery to experience, something else to "know."

That knowing and desire leads us still to other paths.

Ultimately though we discover, once we've taken enough paths that, although they served their purpose, we really didn't have to take as many as we did to discover what we were looking for.

We get to choose whichever paths we want to follow.

Some take the long path and others discover that there's a shorter path.

Exploring science wasn't my first choice. I was involved in religion for many years prior. That's a path some choose to take too.

There are MANY paths that we can "Infinite" number in fact.

Amazingly though, as I discovered through all my "path taking", regardless of which one someone chooses they end up at the same destination. The ultimate destination is absolutely and literally "PROFOUND" in nature. So profound it's indescribable.

Some may not discover it while there here in physical form but eventually they do discover it ultimately. There are those who choose to stay on the same path not understanding and/or not ever developing the desire to explore different paths.

More times than not though, I believe this happens because they're choose not to become aware that other paths exist.

Discovering and exploring different paths is a choice. Some do some don't.

Those who choose to keep exploring different paths though while they're here...who remain open and receptive to learning more, who have a sincere desire to understand are always led to the path they were looking for.

Those who choose this path of exploration, depending on their individual choices along the way find that there is a short path and there is a long path, but whichever one it is for them it always leads to something that is profound in nature.

It transcends all logic, all reason and often times shows us that everything that we discovered along the way and "perceived" to be true as we walked down different paths, although it became true for us based on their individual choices, there always existed a "Higher Truth."

Many, like me, are eventually led to this place of "profound experience" that transcends logic through physical avenues and various areas of intellectual types of study.

But I can also tell you based on experience, that doing it that way is the long road. I guess you could say that I'm a slow learner. There's a much shorter path that you can take that will lead you to the same conclusion yet it provides a much deeper and much more "profound" understanding while shaving many years and many unnecessary "undesired" experiences off of the exploration.

That's why I do what I do. Not to share and let people know how much I know...because in the bigger scheme of things I discovered that I really know nothing at all. Compared to what there is to know, what I've discovered over the past several years through countless thousands of hours searching and looking for the definitive answer, can be compared to a single grain of sand on a several thousand mile stretch of beach.

It's quite insignificant in the bigger scheme of things.

That's even somewhat of a understatement though, but I utilize that analogy so you can better understand what it is I'm attempting to convey.

A several thousand mile beach can't come close to describing what's Infinite in nature.

Point much as I've explored, as many paths as I've taken, as many experiences as I've had, and as many years as I've spent looking, I know VERY little.

But what I have come to know I share openly so that those who choose to receive, accept and can benefit from what I share can perhaps choose a shorter path than I did to arrive where I currently am.

It's my intention, my passion and what I believe to be my purpose to assist others in the best way I know how to shorten their path.

That's my hope. That's why I do what I do. To assist people in making their path to fulfillment and harmony in both a physical and spiritual way as short, pleasant and fulfilling as possible.

It's my hope as well as my intention that I can share what I've discovered in an effective enough way that those who are interested in hearing it and learning from it can avoid some of the same hurdles, blocks and barriers that I encountered as I progressed.

So…in the best way I know how to save you the many years that I spent attempting to find the answers I have thus far…to keep you from searching and burning away unnecessary years attempting to find this place in an “intellectual kind of way”...searching and wondering if such a place of Infinite proportions “truly” exists…curious if there truly is something known as wholeness, fulfillment and completion that can be drawn from this place of Infinite proportions that can be experienced in this “physical life”...that “truly is” available to you and more importantly can assist you in discovering how to tap into and experience this place for yourself in a tangible and physical way, I'm going to share with you just a bit of what I discovered...


I do that because I find that when I try to provide it all at once, people get into "I don't have time" mode.

This is WAY too important...far too beneficial...and potentially transformational to take the chance of you thinking that and perhaps missing the power behind it and the potential benefit that it can provide.

So, keep your eyes peeled and we'll explore a bit deeper to discover more about the 75% and 97% of DNA and brain power that science can't account for in a "physical sense" and how we can use it to begin experiencing "tangible" results.

We'll also be covering why it's so important to stop placing so much emphasis on your "physical power" and begin placing more focus and emphasis on your "spiritual power", AND we'll explore an unfailing way to tap into, discover, and utilize this power at will to experience bigger and better outcomes for yourself.

The shortest path I "know" of.

See you tomorrow...IF that's a path that you choose to take. :)

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