Simplifying The Law of Attraction,
Vibration, Resonance, Energy and Frequency

The Law of Attraction Isn't As Complicated, Complex or Mystical As You Might Think When You Acquire a Basic Understanding of Energy, Frequency, Vibration, and Resonance

What follows is especially for you if you're ready to take all the mystery and confusion out of resonance, energy, frequency, vibration and the vital role they play in making the Law of Attraction, not only quite real, but enormously powerful.

Since The Law of Attraction has become so well known around the world in recent years, it’s not uncommon that the initial excitement and anticipation experienced when first hearing about it is off the charts.

As true as that is, more often than not, due to only acquiring a "superficial understanding"...namely that The Law of Attraction delivers what you WANT when you want it, that initial excitement often shifts, fades or diminishes resulting in disappointment and in some cases disbelief regarding it's “realness.”

It’s a fact that a lack of deeper understanding regarding what makes the Law of Attraction work as it does causes many to fall back into their same old habitual patterns of thinking and doing things, never fully benefiting from or understanding just how real and powerful the Law of Attraction is, the role it plays in and the impact it DOES have on our day to day lives.

Maybe you've been there and done that as so many have. Perhaps you find yourself disappointed that the Law of Attraction didn't bring you want and you find yourself thinking that it just doesn't work for you or that there's something "wrong" with you.

Make no mistake; the Law of Attraction is, always has and always will determine who and what we attract in EVERY aspect of our lives!

But it DOESN'T attract what you WANT. It DOES attract and reveal, in the way of events, conditions, circumstances, people, etc. what you are choosing to BE.

As true as that is, there is a LOT of misinformation regarding HOW and WHY it does work as it does which is WHY so many have become disheartened and/or developed dis-empowering beliefs regarding themselves or that the Law of Attraction is some airy fairy nonsense.

That’s the reason for this article…to clarify and clear up any misconceptions and ultimately to assist you in both understanding and using the Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration as well as The Law of Resonance “consciously” and consistently, enabling and empowering you to "consciously create" and experience more of the desired outcomes in your life.

It goes way beyond being introduced to the Law of Attraction, visualizing, creating dream boards as you wait for the the money, the car, the perfect relationship and the dream life you've always WANTED to just magically show up. There's MUCH more to understand than that as many "wishful thinkers" found who initially thought or WANTED to believe that it was true.

Belief is very powerful when it's consciously aligned and harmonized with the laws that govern the cosmos. It's a timeless truth and certainly no secret that "As you believe you receive."

But belief goes beyond consciously held desires and WANTING. As much as individuals around the world WANTED to believe many of the shallow and superficial claims that are so often made regarding what's now being called the Law of Attraction, they didn't get beyond the surface level stuff to understand the "under the radar" stuff that so often makes it "seem as if" the Law of Attraction doesn't work or isn't real.

It is VERY real and CAN BE used consciously, intentionally and purposefully, often times with "seemingly miraculous" results.

It's my hope to assist you in not only seeing but using your inherent gifts to begin utilizing the Law of Attraction in such a way that enables you to begin receiving what you "truly desire." You CAN but at the same time I hope to clear up any misconceptions regarding The Law of Attraction providing whatever you WANT.

That's not how it works. It does however deliver what we're choosing. Most are just "unaware and unconscious" of how this "choosing" is being done. Perhaps what follows will lay the foundation which will enable you to begin understanding that.

Before we do that, let's address some of the surface level "stuff" regarding The Law of Attraction and the many labels that are used to describe it.

The Law of Attraction Isn’t Anything New

First of all I think it’s important to understand that the Law of Attraction isn’t anything new. It’s existed since time itself began and was only recently given a “new label.”

The sages, mystics and masters since antiquity have taught countless numbers about the Law of Attraction's realness and power although they referred to it as something else. One of those names that a number of these teachers referred to was sowing and reaping.

Many scientists refer to it as cause and effect which in a much larger context is governed by The Law of Attraction. There are many more "labels" although aside from the many used to define and/or describe it, they refer to one and the same thing.

But the Law of Attraction, as many names as it's been labeled with, can be and has been substantiated in ways that further support the timeless and many times seemingly esoteric nature of many spiritual teachings that the sages, mystics and masters of the past have conveyed for thousands of years.

Today we have tangible and physical proof that we CAN study, sink our teeth into and wrap our "logical minds" around. Validated research conducted by some of the most brilliant scientific minds in the history of the world in fact, regarding the realness of The Law of Attraction (or whatever other label you might choose) and the essential role it plays in our lives.

Albert Einstein is one of many.

Albert Einstein on Energy, Physics and The Law of Attraction
Albert Einstein on energy, physics and what has been recently labeled as The Law of Attraction
Developing an understanding of how The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration as well as Law of Resonance consistently work in harmony could, as it has for countless millions of others completely transform your life.

Just like The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration and The Law of Resonance are NOT "Newfound Secrets" by any means.

In fact even science discovered, has known about and even documented what’s now being referred to as the Law of Attraction nearly a hundred years ago!! Most mainstream scientists, just as the masters of the past, just don’t refer to it as The Law of Attraction.

For the sake of simplification, let’s focus specifically on the science behind the Law of Attraction as well as what scientists have discovered regarding energy and frequency which is the essence that allows the Law of Attraction to work or exist at all.

Although science discovered many years ago that everything in existence is comprised of energy and all energy exists as and emits a frequency, there are far too few who understand at the depth necessary, that they can use what science has validated in a way that will dramatically enhance the quality of their life.

What even fewer understand is the fact that they ARE using the Law of Attraction, vibration and frequency already, every second of every minute of every day whether they’re aware of it or “believe” in it’s existence or not.

In fact the Law of Attraction combined with the energy and frequency that you emit and project which is determined by tour choices and your chosen way of BEING in the world, determines how each and every event, condition and circumstance in your life comes to be. And yes, it does so in each and every aspect of your life whether physically, financially, relationally, emotionally or spiritually.

With that being the case, I think you'll agree this is REALLY important stuff to know!!

So, because of it’s importance and the tremendous impact it has on your individual as well our collective outcomes, let’s simplify this energy and frequency thing so you can begin “consciously and consistently” using it to your advantage and begin experiencing more of the results that you desire in the physical, financial, relational, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.

I promise…it’s REALLY simple.

Simplifying The “Perceived” Complexity of Energy, Frequency and The Law Of Attraction

I know first hand how complex things can seem when you first begin exploring, researching and attempting to get to the core of what drives The Law of Attraction.

When scientists attempt to explain how this energy and these frequencies work in relation to creating the events, conditions and circumstances that show up in your life, admittedly and understandably, it can seem a bit (and perhaps even VERY) complex and mind bending.

In fact, the way that scientists attempt to explain it, it not only CAN but DOES “seem” impossible to translate it into layman's terms let alone figure out how to use it in a conscious, intentional and purposeful way.

But it doesn’t have to be. In fact it’s quite simple once you break it down. The reason so many “perceive” it to be complex, complicated and mind bending, if their even aware of it’s existence at all, is simply because they haven’t had it explained to them in a way that they can relate to and easily understand.

Why does it seem so complex if it truly is so simple?

Let’s use the following analogy to clarify…

When you were first learning to tie your shoe that seemed a bit complicated, complex and mind bending too, didn't it? But now it isn’t right? Why? Because someone showed you HOW to do it, worked with you a bit until you got the hang of it and the seemingly complex became quite simple.

It’s the same with energy, frequency and the Law of Attraction or anything else for that matter. If we don’t know about something, if we're unaware of it and/or HOW to use our inherent skills to use it in a conscious and intentional kind of way to attract and create (or if you prefer co-create) the desired result, until someone shows us and explains it to us in a way that we can relate to, it can “seem” really really complex, hard…impossible even. But once we do know…once someone shows us and we do it a few times, it becomes second nature too…it becomes easy.

It’s no different with the Law of Attraction, energy and frequency. It's a fact of life that is FAR MORE important to understand and master than tying your shoe I can assure you.

How so?

Because, as mentioned, energy and frequency combined with the Law of Attraction, determine what we attract and experience in EVERY aspect of our lives. Depending on how we choose to use it as individuals, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously, they do, without fail and with unerring and unwavering certainty determine what kind of results we experience in life. In EVERY aspect of life.

But again, as important as having at least a basic understanding of energy, frequency and The Law of Attraction are, and as powerful they are in determining what you attract into your life, they truly are VERY simple.

As an example…

Just to show and prove to you just how “simple” it all is, the equation that Albert Einstein came up with in 1924 to explain this energy frequency thing is e=mc2.

Sound complicated? As simple as this equation is, it may, until you know what E=MC2 means and what it stands for.

The e in Einstein’s equation simply stands for energy and mc2 (mc “squared”) is a really really BIG number that represents what makes up 99.99999% of everything in the Universe. So, in simplified terms it means that Energy = Everything. Well 99.99999% of everything that is.

It’s also been discovered that this energy vibrates and due to the high intensity of it's vibratory output, it creates, emits and projects a measurable frequency.

What exactly does that mean in layman’s terms? It means that we are ALL made of the same stuff and everything that exists in the entire Universe, both human and non-human, seen and unseen are made up of this same energy too.

In other words EVERYTHING in it’s purest and most basic form is comprised of energy that constantly emits a frequency.

See, I told you it was simple. Things just don’t “seem” simple until we’re made aware of them.

So, what does this frequency thing have to do with you and the results you experience in the various areas of your life individually?

Since energy and frequency are such an important aspect of our lives and determines the kind and quality of lives we lead, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of how it works and how it is that you are producing whatever outcomes you might be experiencing, if you ever hope to experience more of the “good stuff”, wouldn’t you agree?

Those who are in the know and who consciously utilize the energy and frequency that they themselves project in a conscious and intentional way are one and the same “in the know people” who consistently create and experience “desired outcomes” in life.

How so? Simply because energy and frequency are to a degree, predictable when we understand that they respond to our individual observation of them. They don’t waver. They’re governed by an immutable and unwavering set of laws known as Universal Laws or what some refer to as Laws of Nature, which make them not only immutable and unwavering but quite predictable.

The Law of Attraction is only one of those laws.

Another example of one of the more “well known” Universal Laws or Laws of Nature the law of gravity. Like the Law of Attraction and all the other Universal Laws it’s immutable and unwavering, meaning it’s always in operation 24/7/365 and never rests. Once we know that the law of gravity exists, what it's purpose is, what it does and why it does it, you could say that it becomes predictable.

It’s the very same with the Law of Attraction as well as the other Universal Laws that work in harmony with it to keep the Universe in harmony. They’re “predictable” as well.

Since they’re immutable, unwavering and predictable, scientists can measure and observe them and know to an extent how they work as well as how they respond and react during certain experiments.

Although the science behind it may be informative, that’s NOT the exciting part…

Here's The REALLY Exciting Part About Energy,
Frequency and The Law of Attraction

What’s better and more exciting than that, once we have a basic understanding of how they all work, we can begin to utilize them individually and “consciously” to create whatever results that we desire for ourselves and do so without fail.

In other words, our outcomes in life just as the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws that govern the process become predictable too!!

If you can predict that doing certain things in a certain way produces a specific outcome...that the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws govern this process and create consistent and predictable results, you can begin to "consciously and consistently" create "desired results" in your life...namely harmony and fulfillment.

That’s what everybody wants isn’t it? Everybody wants to experience a life of harmony and fulfillment yet few understand that they can, simply because they aren’t aware that they can and as a result never learn how to harmonize with the Law of Attraction as well as other Universal Laws in a way that enables them to do so.

Well…let’s change that shall we? Let's begin to change that right here...right now.

Using Energy, Frequency and The Law of Attraction
To "Consciously Create" Your World

Over the next few paragraphs you’ll become one of those in the know. You’ll “know” how and why things work as they do, how and why your results in life turn out as they do and once you “get it” you’ll become enabled and empowered to use what you discover in whatever way you choose.

It will be the equivalent of laying an unshakable foundation and put you well on your way to receiving your “conscious creator” diploma.

That's pretty exciting don't you think?

Again though…don‘t let the diploma thing fool you…”getting it” is really simple.

To really “get it” is really as simple as understanding that there is nothing that energy is not. Everything...literally EVERYTHING is. Everything physical and observable as well as those things that aren’t.

It’s a bit easier to grasp the “unseen” things as being comprised of energy simply because you can’t observe them with the limitations of the 5 physical senses. This "unseen" form of energy you can't see or hear or smell or touch or taste so it's a bit easier to grasp it as being energy.

But here's something that may be a bit more difficult to imagine that could make all the difference in the "tangible results" that you experience in your life...

Even the physical things…things that we CAN see, hear, feel, touch and taste…they’re energy too!!


Yea, I know how crazy that sounds but it's true!! Quantum Physics and quantum mechanics shows just how TRUE it is.

Even though all these physical things that “appear“ to be solid and stable when looked at with the naked eye they‘re nothing more than a vibrating mass of energy (molecules, atoms and subatomic particles)….every bit as much as the unseen things.

In other words they're NOT really solid at all. They are nothing more or nothing less than a vibrating mass of energy packets collectively formed giving them the "appearance of solidity" to the naked eye.

Should you take anything physical and place it under a powerful microscope, it’s quite easy to see that it’s not solid at all. It looks solid when you’re looking at it simply because our eyes aren’t capable of seeing the movement that the molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that make up solid physical things engage in. That is without the help of technology like powerful microscopes that enable us to examine all this solid physical stuff more closely.

But when you put something solid under a powerful microscope it becomes obvious and creates a whole new perception regarding what physical things are. When you think more deeply about it, it gives you a whole new perspective regarding what "reality itself" is!!

More specifically it enables you to see the difference between what we "perceive" as being so real and right and true, enabling you to grasp and understand that a "Higher Truth" exists. You become enabled and empowered to grasp the fact that Reality and Actuality are 2 very different things.

The fact is and the point being, what we see and perceive as being physical and solid things aren't REALLY physical and solid things at all. There is consistent movement in what we observed and “thought“ was solid.

This movement is called vibration created because of the constant motion of of the subatomic particles that make up atoms...more specifically the consistent vibratory nature of the subatomic particles that make up the atoms that make up molecules and all this "solid physical stuff" which scientists refer to as energy, all of which consistently vibrates at varying intensities and always emits a frequency.

You could say that attempting to make our judgments and assumptions about reality and what's going on in the world "out there" based on only what we can see from a physical perspective is a very limited perspective about life and can, will and does DRAMATICALLY limit our outcomes in life...the desired one's that is.

We go against some of the most profound wisdom shared by one of the masters more than 2000 years ago and "Judge by appearances."

That’s why there aren’t more conscious creators in the world. That's why so many struggle and work so hard to create only limited and "hard earned results" at best. People just don’t “get that.” They have a difficult time grasping the fact that things that they see and perceive as being real and solid is really nothing more than vibrating "energy packets" aka subatomic particles that collectively make up everything in the entire Universe that we perceive as being solid which although "perceived" by most as being real is only made real due to the quality of consciousness that we hold regarding whatever it might be.

Our individual quality of consciousness is determined by the beliefs and perceptions we hold. Energy is infused with consciousness and like energy, this consciousness is everywhere and in everything. There's NOTHING that it's not. Your individual consciousness, which is determined by your individually chosen beliefs and perceptions (which determines your way of BEING) activates the Law of Attraction and draws to you a mirrored reflection of that choice or choices.

Yet it’s so fundamental and simple, that’s amazing to me especially given how science has proven it and freely shares what they've found with anyone willing to explore it, combined with the fact of how important it is in creating individual outcomes and results in life that we truly do desire.

People hear the words “vibration and frequency” and the law that governs how vibration and frequency take form which is the Law of Attraction and they’ll immediately go cross eyed on you. Some will think you've lost your marbles even. But it’s real and it's SO simple.

Here’s how simple and “real” frequency is…

What do you think enables you to unlock your car door when you push the button on your remote? It’s nothing more or nothing less than a projected frequency that communicates with the unlock mechanism in the cars door.

So how does that work?

The remote control is encoded with a number that matches (aligned and harmonized with) the number encoded on the lock mechanism in the car door and when you push the button, Viola, the frequencies harmonize, the unlock mechanism is triggered and the door unlocks.

If you were to deprogram the remote and eliminate the code that harmonizes with the unlock mechanism, you can push the unlock button all you want, but it won’t unlock the door. Why? Simply because the frequency that’s projected is no longer harmonized with the unlock mechanism.

It’s the same with cell phones, automatic garage door openers, wireless internet and a number of other modern day technologies. They all work due to frequency...more specifically a "harmonized frequency."

So what’s that got to do with creating “desired results” in your life?

Well…that’s the REALLY exciting part!! More than that it's the part that may just make the hairs on your neck stand straight up...that is if you have some.

It’s no different with you and life. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions like everything else are energy and project a frequency as well. Remember we said EVERYTHING is comprised of energy and frequency? Your thoughts, feelings and emotions aren’t excluded. They are as well just as EVERYTHING else is.

When you think thoughts and experience emotions that these predominant thoughts create, you are in essence consistently emitting and projecting a frequency that is consistently attracting harmonious frequencies to you that DO always in ALL WAYS harmonize and attract whatever it might be that you are thinking and feeling.

In fact the air around you is nothing more than an unseen field of energy and within this unseen field exist an infinite number of “frequencies” of every conceivable as well as NON-conceivable intensity. In other words there are “high frequency” energies…“low frequency” energies and every conceivable frequency in between.

When you think a thought, depending on the kind and quality of the thought, it determines the frequency and vibrational output of that thought. Once thought of and intensified with strong emotion attached, it is projected into the infinite field of energy which in turn attracts and draws harmonious energy frequencies to it.

Which brings us into REALLY IMPORTANT territory...

Let's Look At The Significance Of The Quality Of Your Individual Thoughts and Emotions and How Energy, Frequency and The Law of Attraction Determine What Is Created that "we get" how energy, frequency and the Law of Attraction let's look at how and why they work for you individually in a bit more detail.

More importantly let's look at why we get what we want sometimes and what we DON'T want other times.

Let's look specifically at the emotions that are ignited based on the quality of your beliefs which determine, because of the unwavering and unerring nature of The Law of Attraction, the various events, conditions and circumstances experienced in your life that so many "believe and perceive" as being so real, physical and solid.

Let's look specifically at the way most people in today's world respond and/or react to the external events, conditions and circumstances that are always going on around us. It really doesn't matter which, since we understand that they are all nothing more than energy, but for the sake of appealing to the vast majority, let's use money as an example so we can begin to see and understand how to attract more of it into our lives.

Let's face it, when it comes to money, the vast majority have fear based feelings and beliefs about it. Not everybody granted, but the vast majority does at varying degrees.

Let's look at why this is counter productive to attracting and getting more of it.

Remember when we said that everything consists of a frequency and all frequencies attract harmonious frequencies to it?

Here's where the rubber meets the road...

First and foremost every thought we think, every belief we hold, every emotion we experience stems from one of two "ways of BEING."

These chosen ways of BEING are determined by our beliefs, our thoughts and the resulting emotions that are ignited as a result. All of those fall under the heading of either Love or fear.

What does that have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Fear emits a frequency and Love emits a frequency. Although they are both nothing more or less than projected frequencies of energy, one emits a different frequency than the other. In other words love's vibrational intensity is different than the vibrational intensity of fear.

For the sake of brevity and simplicity, let's call love a high frequency vibration and fear a low frequency vibration.

Now let's go back to how most people think about and feel about money which at varying degrees (some recognizable and some very subtle) is, for the most part "fear based." Although we're using money as an example it's the same with anything and everything in your life.

A choice to focus on fear, doubt and worry regarding money creates anxiety, which is in a non-verbal kind of way, in essence emitting, projecting into and communicating with “the field” of energy; where EVERY conceivable (and currently non-conceivable) frequency exists your "intention." This non-verbal (and often times unconscious) intention determines what you are asking for. Put simply, your chosen frequency and vibrational intensity at this "energetic level" is, in essence communicating and asking for whatever it might be that you are having fear, doubt and worry about.

In other words a low vibrational frequency of fear about money emits and projects a frequency that can only align, harmonize and attract additional low vibrational frequencies that harmonize with it to create what?

MORE lack of money!!

The frequency that YOU are choosing to project harmonizes with frequencies that exist at the same vibrational intensity and these two harmonious frequencies gravitate toward one another consistently gathering and joining with additional frequencies that also harmonize. Once the cycle is complete, they show up in “physical form” as the physical reality that you experience...

In this case a lack of money!!

It’s all nothing more or nothing less than harmonious frequencies joining together and it NEVER misses. The REALLY COOL thing is, it’s you that is determining which frequency you send out based on your "chosen beliefs" which determines the kind and quality of your predominant thought processes and the emotions that are ignited "within you" due to these consistent thought processes that YOU are choosing for yourself.

You can’t expect to receive those things that you truly desire, whether money or otherwise by projecting and communicating fear, doubt and worry anymore than you can expect the car door to open if the codes in the remote aren’t set to the same harmonious frequency.

To change (elevate and enhance) your frequency regarding whatever it might be that you do desire can, will and does draw that thing to you.

How do you do that? Change your beliefs; meaning enhance and elevate those beliefs to align and harmonize with the thing desired, essentially eliminating what you may be having fear, doubt and worry about. The reality is that "You have nothing to fear except fear itself" as Franklin D. Roosevelt can be quoted as saying in his 1933 inaugural address to the nation.

I can assure you that he "knew" what he was talking about. As true as that is, like everything in life, there is an exception to the you "attract what you fear" rule.

The One Exception to The Law of Attraction Rule is Love

Not to complicate things, but this is VITALLY important to understand. There ARE exceptions; or should I say there is ONE exception to the attraction "rule." That exception has to do with "attracting" what is feared. That exception is this. When Love underlies the intention; meaning when your intention, attention and focus is aligned and harmonized with Love, whether consciously or unconsciously; REGARDLESS of how much "fear" may be present in ANY given circumstance, the vibrational intensity of Love overpowers and eliminates the attraction of what is feared.

Since the various scenarios which determine when, why and how Love overwrites fear and why Love is the dominant vibration and frequency, combined with the fact that only so much can be covered in a single article, for a FULL and comprehensive understanding, you may find The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation to be an invaluable resource for enhancing your understanding.

The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation can serve as a helpful tool to elevate your beliefs and assist you in utilizing the Law of Attraction in a more conscious, intentional and desirable kind of way to attract to yourself those events, conditions, circumstances, people, etc that you "truly desire" (love) to become a part of your journey as you go through life.

There you have it. It’s as simple and complex as that. To get what you truly desire (love) it’s only necessary to align and harmonize your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions with what you DO desire and you’ll be communicating or asking for that thing, whatever it might be. As the ancient text makes so clear…”As you ask you shall receive.”

All that’s necessary for you to do to begin "asking" in a conscious and intentional kind of way, is to understand how you’re doing the asking, align and harmonize that non-verbal form of asking with what you "truly desire" and the Law of Attraction as well as the other Universal Laws in their unfailing, unwavering and unerring nature will deliver them to you with unerring and unwavering certainty just as you’re asking.

That’s the simplified "Readers Digest" version regarding what energy, frequency and the Law of Attraction is all about, how it works and the role YOU play in the process.

See…I told you it was simple. Now it’s simply a matter of keeping conscious focus on what you desire (love), instead of what you fear and the frequency you consistently project will enact the Law of Attraction in a conscious, intentional and desirable kind of way, enabling and empowering you to draw it to you just as you yourself choose.

Now that you know how energy, frequency and the Law of Attraction works, go change your world.

You already have EVERYTHING you need to do so and you do have the ability. Now it’s simply a matter of choosing to “consciously” utilize the tools and ability you were "freely provided" and already possess.

Are You Attracting and Experiencing Desired Results In EVERY Area Of Your Life?

The Money...The Health...The Relationships?

Did You Even Know You Could?...Well, You Can!

'The 7 Hidden Keys to Conscious Creation Provides the Very Simple Foundational Understanding Which Clearly Reveals Why and How That's True

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What Would THAT Be Worth?

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I'm Finished With The Law of Attraction
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